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BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“A Robot’s Work”


Irona lay draped over the edge of the bed, face down as Richie’s iron-hard cock furiously pummeled her pussy. With a final brutal lunge, Richie thrust his seven-inch phallus to the root inside Irona’s blistering wet pussy and released a gelatinous jet of scalding sperm inside the robot maid’s clenching cunt.

Richie shuddered as his balls emptied their gluey payload into Irona’s simulated snatch. He withdrew his slimy cock from her cunt and stepped aside to allow his father to take his place behind Irona’s deliciously displayed rump.

Richard Rich grinned a satyric grin as he plunged his throbbing cock inside Irona’s sloppy pussy. He gripped the shiny silver buns of her ass as he began humping his hips, plunging his raging cock deep inside the robot’s tightly gripping pussy.

Richie clambered up onto the bed and nudged the mauve head of his swollen cock in between Irona’s lips. Irona extended her tongue, licking and slurping at the gooey strands of cum that clung to the young boy’s oversized cock. She opened her mouth wide, swallowing down the entire length of Richie’s prodigious member.

Richie’s cock had begun to soften slightly since his ejaculation, but now Irona’s expertly programmed mouth was swiftly bringing it back to its former steely rigidity. “Gee, Irona!” he grimaced, “Your mouth is just as amazing as your pussy!”

Richie plunged his cock into Irona’s mouth. He felt the⁠ head of his cock bump against the back of her throat and slide effortlessly down into her gullet with no resistance. “Gosh!” Richie smiled, “You don’t even choke or gag on my cock! It took Gloria quite a while to learn how to deep throat like that!”

Irona slid the seven-inch cock from her throat and smiled, “I don’t have a gag reflex, and I don’t have to breathe!” she explained, “I’m the perfect cocksucker!”

“In that case,” Richie grinned lasciviously, “I think I’ll fuck you down the throat!”

“Be my guest!” Irona grinned. She shoved her mouth back onto Richie’s pulsating prick, driving the thick hot shaft down her throat until the boy’s hairless balls slapped against her chin.

Richie grasped the sides of Irona’s silvery head and began savagely face-fucking the robot maid. He could feel her hot slippery tongue dance along the length of his cock as he pumped it back and forth inside the lifelike plastic tube of her esophagus.

Meanwhile, nearby on the spacious bed, a naked Professor Keenbean knelt behind Regina Rich, his cock buried inside the wealthy woman’s searing hot asshole.

The salacious scientist held onto her hips, pummeling her clenching ass with his rock-hard cock. “Thanks again, Mrs. Rich,” he said, “for inviting me to the family orgy!”

“Oh, Professor!” Regina replied with a blissful smile, “It’s the least I could do after your brilliant upgrades to Irona!”

Professor Keenbean glanced over at the threesome nearby. Irona was getting royally hammered with hard cock from both ends, and obviously enjoying every minute of it. “Glad to oblige!” he smiled, “I’m sure Irona will get a lot of use out of her new improvements!”

Richard continued to pound his cock in and out of Irona’s simmering cunt, eager to add his load to his son’s inside the cum-reservoir of Irona’s ersatz womb. He plunged his nine-inch phallus deep inside, feeling the spongy head of his cock bump against the rubbery ring of her cervix.

At the other end, Richie’s cock was mercilessly pounding away at Irona’s cocksucking face. Synthetic spittle sprayed from the corners of her mouth as the young boy slammed his cock to the root down the robotic woman’s silken throat.

“Here it comes, Irona!” Richard wailed as he slammed his hips against her shiny silver ass cheeks. His immense cock hit bottom, butting against the rubbery entrance to her replica womb and fired a fiery blast of viscous cum into the robot’s cum container.

Irona climaxed as her artificial uterus flooded with sperm. Her body shook, and her eyes rolled like the wheels on a slot machine before finally settling back into place. Suddenly her mouth was full of thick scalding sperm as young Richie’s cock erupted, spewing a gusher of coagulated cum down her throat and into her synthetic belly.

Meanwhile, Professor Keenbean continued slamming his eight-inch rod into Regina’s ass in a frenzy. His balls churned and twitched inside their wrinkled sac as his orgasm threatened to explode.

Regina’s ass tightened around the Professor’s cock, coaxing the ass-stuffing organ to the edge of a volcanic climax.

Suddenly the Professor let out a primal roar. Slamming his cock to the root inside Regina’s torrid asshole, he came, spewing a glutinous surge of semen into the woman’s seething bowels.

“Oh my!” Regina yelled, “Keep fucking, Professor! Fill me up with that hot cum!”

A rapid volley of searing sperm gushed into Regina’s asshole, blasting its way into her colon. Her entire body convulsed in a mind-blowing orgasm as her rectum filled with Professor Keenbean’s blistering goo.

Professor Keenbean humped his spurting cock into Regina’s ass until his balls were empty. He extracted his expended dick from her ass, releasing a gush of thick pearly cum from the slack gaping hole. “My goodness!” he chuckled, “You milked quite a load out of my poor cock, Mrs. Rich!”

Regina turned around, grasping the Professor’s cum-basted cock and slurping off the thick globs of semen that entwined the shaft. “Mmm!” she moaned, “Hot, thick and tangy!” She smiled, “Just the way I like it!”

Regina and the Professor looked across the bed to see Richard and Richie kneeling over a supine Irona, furiously jerking at their cocks as they watched the naked robot work her fingers into her moist sizzling cunt.

“Better get ready, Irona!” Richie grinned, “You’re about to get your first facial cum shot!”

“Oh, yes!” Irona said excitedly, “Cum on my face!”

Richard aimed the bloated purple head of his pulsing cock at Irona’s cheek, his hand a blur as it sped up and down his gnarled cock shaft. Richard let out a primal grunt as his cock discharged, spouting a blistering jet of creamy white cum all over Irona’s smiling metallic face.

“Good shot, Dad!” Richie said with a grimace, “Here comes another one, Irona!”

Richie pointed his swollen cock head at Irona’s face, firing a gooey blast of hot sperm onto her forehead and cheek. Irona opened her mouth wide, catching the next few bursts of cum from the two spurting cocks on her shiny tongue.

“Oh my goodness!” Irona exclaimed with a grin, “My first facial!” She sat up on the bed, raking her fingers thru the coating of semen that clung to her face. She licked the strings of pearly sludge from her fingers, sucking down every glob of the salty-sweet sperm.

Irona glanced over at Mrs. Rich, who lay face down on the bed with her smiling face turned to one side, her ample rump still raised temptingly in the air. Thick gouts of pearly cum oozed from her gaping asshole and Irona shook her head reprovingly, “What a mess, Madam!” She crawled over to Regina’s upraised ass and spread apart her butt cheeks.

Irona’s flexible tongue telescoped inside the gooey canyon of Regina’s cream-filled rectum, cleaning out the clots of slimy sperm and sucking them hungrily down her gullet.

“So, Irona…” Richard smiled, “How are you enjoying the new upgrades?”

Irona retracted her silvery tongue from Regina’s steaming asshole, grinning happily, “I love them, Mr. Rich!” she said, “I thank you all so much for the anatomical improvements!”

“Well, Professor Keenbean is the real hero there!” Richie admitted.

“Oh, I’ll make sure he’s thanked properly!” Irona smiled impishly, “Every chance I get!”

Having sucked the last traces of Professor Keenbean’s cum from Mrs. Rich’s asshole, Irona climbed off the bed and gathered up her maid’s uniform from the floor. She wiped off a strand of cum that had oozed from her brow down over her eye, “Oh my! Looks like I’ll have to shower before I resume my cleaning duties!”

“Yes, of course!” Regina said, “I’m sorry! I suppose you do have some work to catch up on. I’m afraid we’ve interrupted your cleaning schedule!”

“Gee, Mom!” Richie said, “Couldn’t we let Irona rest up a bit before going back to work! All this fucking must have worn her out!”

“On the contrary, Master Richie!” Irona smiled, “All that nice gooey cum has recharged my main power supply and my backup battery as well! I’m feeling stronger than ever!”

Richie watched Irona’s silvery ass wiggle as she exited the room. “Golly!” he said with a smile, “It’s a good thing Irona is a robot, huh? Otherwise, with all the fucking going on around here, she’d never get any work done!



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