Sex Machine

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: When Richie spots their robotic maid, Irona, spying on a family orgy, he discovers that Professor Keenbean neglected to provide her with sex organs! An oversight that he and his father seek to correct, much to everyone’s delight!

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal Anthro(Robot) DP F/F Fist Inc M/F Minor1 Oral Rim Toys


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue #8

Featuring: Richie Rich, Irona the Robot Maid & Friends

Sex Machine



“The Family Orgy”


It was another leisurely weekend at the Rich Mansion and the entire Rich family, along with their faithful butler, Cadbury, and Richie’s girlfriend, Gloria Glad, had gathered in one of the vast estate’s bedrooms for a festive family orgy.

Young Richie Rich knelt behind his mother on the enormous round bed, his hands gripping his mother’s lush ass cheeks as he pounded his oversized cock in and out of her simmering cunt. Regina Rich squealed with delight as her son pummeled her pussy mercilessly, “Oh my!” she wailed, “Harder, Richie! That’s it! Make me cum!”

“Way to go, son!” Richard Rich encouraged his son. He knelt on the bed near Richie, his own nine-inch member plowing the tender young pussy of Richie’s girlfriend, Gloria.

The nine-year-old redhead crouched on all fours between Richard and Cadbury, her mouth sucking at the British butler’s massive prick while Richard fucked her from behind.

Gloria swirled her tongue playfully around the thick gnarled shaft of Cadbury’s cock. The imperturbable manservant’s cock rivaled Richard Rich’s own impressive member and the young girl was delighted to have two sizeable cocks to play with.

She bobbed her head back and forth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked at Cadbury’s pulsing cock. Gloria suppressed a gag as the engorged head of his penis nudged against the back of her throat. She expertly relaxed the muscles of her esophagus, allowing the thick veiny shaft to slither effortlessly down her gullet.

She steadily thrust her head forward burying Cadbury’s cock inch by inch down her throat until the butler’s pendulous ball sac pressed against her chin.

“My word, Miss Gloria!” Cadbury exclaimed, “I do believe you’ve taken the entire thing!”

“Mm-hm!” Gloria smiled proudly around Cadbury’s mouth-filling member.

“I must say, sir…” Cadbury said, “Miss Gloria certainly has a magnificent mouth for such a young lass!”

“Her pussy is pretty amazing too, Cadbury!” Richard admitted, “I suppose she gets plenty of practice from Richie here, right son?”

“I suppose so, Dad!” Richie grinned. He continued hammering away at his mother’s sweltering pussy, his balls twitching as his orgasm approached. “Aw, gee, Mom!” he grimaced, “I’m about to cum any minute now!”

“Oh, yes!” Regina screamed, “Cum inside me, Richie! Fill me up with your hot sperm!”

Richie accelerated his tempo, his fingers digging into the ample flesh of his mother’s pliable buttocks as he humped furiously into her clenching cunt. His face contorted into a grimace of lust as his cock roasted inside Regina’s hot swampy cunt, struggling against the vise-like grip of her tightly clenching pussy.

“I daresay I’m about to unload myself, Miss Gloria!” Cadbury said stoically. Gripping the back of the little girl’s head, he humped back and forth into Gloria’s salivating mouth, fucking at her pretty face as his testicles tightened inside his scrotum.

“Way ahead of you both!” Richard groaned as he shoved his hips forward, burying his cock to the hilt inside the Gloria’s tightly gripping cunt. The rubbery bulb of his cock head butted against the young moppet’s cervix as his cock erupted, spewing a lava-like burst of slimy semen deep inside the little tyke’s churning womb.

Gloria let out a muffled shriek around Cadbury’s cock as the boiling gusher of sperm detonated her own orgasm. She trembled between the two nine-inch cocks as Richard emptied his roiling balls into her spasming young cunt.

Cadbury grunted as he drove his cock into Gloria’s mouth. His swinging balls slapped against her chin and his cock throbbed as it began to discharge staccato bursts of hot gooey semen inside her slobbering mouth.

“I say!” he exclaimed, “Swallow, my dear! I seem to have quite a load to dispense!”

Gloria’s cheeks swelled as her mouth filled with Cadbury’s bittersweet sperm. She swallowed quickly, trying her best to gulp down the globs of gooey cum as fast as the salacious butler’s balls could produce it.

Nevertheless, a few dribbles of the viscous slime managed to escape the edges of her mouth and the pearlescent sludge oozed over her lower lip and down her chin to spatter onto the red velvet bedspread.

Nearby, Regina’s luscious cunt was being pushed to the limit by her sons relentlessly pounding cock. “Gosh, Mom!” Richie howled, “Get ready! Here it comes!”

With a final mighty lunge, young Richie slammed his cock to the root inside Regina’s simmering twat and came, releasing a fountain of hot gluey cum deep inside the inner recesses of his mother’s torrid snatch.

Regina’s voluptuous body convulsed in ecstasy atop the bed as her cunt exploded in orgasm. The whole bed shook as Regina came, knocking Cadbury’s derby slightly askew on his head. The unflappable butler reached up and adjusted the hat perfectly as his cock fired a final gelatinous glob of sperm down Gloria’s gulping gullet.

“My word!” Regina exclaimed, “What an orgasm! You really know how to use that magnificent cock of yours, Richie!”

“Thanks, Mom!” Richie replied humbly, “But I owe it all to Gloria! She keeps my cock in pretty good shape with that sweet pussy of hers!”

“Aw! Richie!” Gloria blushed bashfully. She had extracted the two gentlemen’s cocks from her mouth and pussy and was currently occupied in slurping the last traces of congealed cum from their swollen shafts.

Richie glanced up to see that the family’s robotic maid, Irona, had surreptitiously entered the room at some point, and was occupied with picking up the discarded clothing that littered the bedroom floor.

“Oh, hi, Irona!” Richie grinned, “I didn’t hear you come in!”

“I was trying to be quiet, Master Richie!” Irona explained, “So as not to disturb the ongoing family orgy!”

“Well, that was nice of you, Irona!” Richard remarked with a smile, “But why don’t you join us! After all, it is a family orgy, and you’re just like one of the family!”

Irona wheezed a mechanical sigh. “I wish I could, Mr. Rich!” she said sadly, “But when Professor Keenbean built me… he neglected to provide me with any genitals!”

“Oh no!” Gloria gasped.

“You poor dear!” Regina exclaimed sympathetically.

Richie and his father simply looked at each other in surprise.

“Gee!” Richie exclaimed, “What an oversight! Dad, we have to correct this! Let’s get Professor Keenbean to give Irona an upgrade! Then she can fuck just like everybody else!”

“Of course!” Richard agreed, “It’s the only decent thing to do!” He climbed off the bed and glanced around for his clothing.

“Here, sir!” Irona said, handing Richard his neatly folded clothes.

“Come on, Richie!” Richard said, “Let’s get dressed and take Irona to see Professor Keenbean! He’ll rectify this situation!”

Richie and his father quickly donned their clothing. “Come with us, Irona.” Richard smiled at the robot maid, “Let’s go get you upgraded!”

“Do you really think Professor Keenbean can give me a working pussy?” Irona asked hopefully.

“I have no doubt!” Richard assured her, “He’s the smartest guy I know! If anyone can give you a working pussy, he can!”


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