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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Irona’s Upgrade”


It was the following day, and Richard and Richie had gathered in the laboratory of Professor Keenbean. The balding bespectacled scientist stood next to a cloth-draped figure in the center of the room.

“I worked on her most of the night!” the Professor said with a smile, “And I believe I did a remarkable job, if I do say so myself!”

“Okay!” Richie replied, “Can we see the new Irona now?”

“Certainly!” Professor Keenbean replied. He grasped the edge of the sheet and pulled it from the standing figure, revealing a naked inert Irona, her power currently turned off.

Richard examined the robot. Superficially she had the same face and build as before, with a few important details. Perched in the center of each silvery breast was a perfectly molded nipple, and between her legs, a cleft parted her formerly smooth crotch.

Richard peered at the metallic slit between her legs, “So her pussy really works, huh?”

“Ah, yes!” Professor Keenbean smiled, “You see, I simply switched her body with that of an old sex robot I had lying around! I made a few improvements of course, added a few things!”

“Is she still made of metal?” Richard asked, uncertain about the prospect of sticking his warm dick into a cold steel pussy.

“Well, she has a metal skeleton covered with a metallized plastic polymer that feels similar to human skin!” the Professor explained.

Richie reached out and squeezed Irona’s arm. The surface looked metallic but felt remarkably supple. “Gosh!” he said, “It sure does!”

“I suppose that applies, er… inside… as well? Richard grinned.

“Electric heating and synthetic fluids make her feminine organs almost indistinguishable from a real live woman!” Professor Keenbean said proudly.

“Have you tested her out yet?” Richard asked the Professor with a sly wink.

“Well, no,” the Professor replied, “Not the finished product anyway. I can assure you the body works perfectly tho!” he said with a grin.

“Gee!” Richie said excitedly, “Let’s try her out, Dad! Power her on, Professor!”

Professor Keenbean reached behind Irona’s neck and pressed a hidden switch.

Irona sprang to life. She looked down at her body with surprise. “Oh, my!” she said, reaching up to feel the springy buds on her breasts. “Are these nipples? I have actual nipples!”

She squeezed one of the silver nubs and a stream of white fluid ejected from the center.

“Is that… milk?” Richard asked incredulously.

“Soy based, of course.” Professor Keenbean replied, “In the interest of thoroughness, I just couldn’t resist giving her working tits as well!”

“I appreciate a man with attention to detail!” Richard smiled approvingly.

Professor Keenbean ushered Irona over to a full length mirror against the wall. “Here! Have a look!” he smiled.

Irona smiled broadly as she scrutinized her new body. She inserted a finger between her legs, prying apart the silvery lips of her new plastic pussy and inserting the digit into her vagina. “A working pussy!” she exclaimed happily.

“Complete with heater and automatic lubricator!” Professor Keenbean explained, “Just like a real pussy!”

“I even have an asshole too!” she said excitedly, reaching behind her and spreading her buttocks. She inserted a finger into the puckered orifice and giggled with delight.

“Indeed!” Professor Keenbean replied, “For fucking only, of course… and unlike a human asshole, it’s self-lubricating as well!”

Richie peered closer at Irona’s meticulously sculpted fuck holes. “Gee! When you shoot inside her, where does all the cum go?”

“Excellent question, Master Richie! That’s the beauty of it!” Professor Keenbean grinned, “Irona’s artificial womb, bowel and belly all pipe the semen to a central power converter where it’s used for fuel!”

“She runs on cum?” Richard asked, surprised.

“She can still recharge normally, of course,” the Professor explained, “but she can also recharge by converting sperm into electrical energy!”

“So the more cum we pump into her, the more energy we save?” Richie asked.

“Indeed!” Professor Keenbean nodded, “I always try my best to be environmentally conscious!”

Irona inspected the contours of her new sexual organs in the mirror. “Oh joy!” She cheered, jumping happily and clapping her hands “I simply must try out these new upgrades!”

Richie and Richard had started undressing the moment Irona had begun posing in front of the mirror. By the time she turned around, father and son were both stark naked, sporting raging hard-ons and ready for action.

“I call pussy, Dad!” Richie said with a grin, running over to Irona.

“All right!” Richard chuckled, “I guess I get to see how good a cocksucker she is! C’mon, Irona, get down there and show us what you can do!”

Irona got down on her hands and knees, eagerly awaiting Richard and Richie to take their places.

Richie stepped behind Irona, admiring the curves of her shiny buttocks. Her silvery pussy lips peeked out from the slit underneath and Richie couldn’t resist leaning over to have a taste of her robotic cunt.

He stuck out his tongue and slithered it into the pliable plastic channel of Iron’s hot moist snatch. Her lifelike artificial vagina responded to Richie’s invading tongue by secreting a stream of synthetic cunt juice that the young boy eagerly lapped up.

Richie licked the briny nectar from his lips. The flavor of the feminine fluid was quite lifelike, he thought… and somehow familiar. He drove his tongue into the musky bog of Irona’s humid cunt for another taste of the delicious juice, and suddenly he recognized it…

“Gee!” Richie exclaimed with a grin, “Irona’s pussy tastes just like Mom’s!”

“Ah, yes!” Professor Keenbean explained, “I used some of Mrs. Rich’s feminine fluids to synthesize Irona’s vaginal lubrication!”

“You just happened to have some of my wife’s pussy juice in your lab?” Richard asked with a curious smirk.

“Well…” Professor Keenbean grinned sheepishly, “I took the liberty of obtaining a sample the last time she tested one of my custom-made high-powered vibrators. She squirted quite a copious amount of fluid and I just couldn’t let it go to waste!”

“Of course not!” Richard grinned, “Anything to further scientific research!”

Richie grasped the base of his cock and nudged the bulbous head in between Irona’s glistening cunt lips. The flared glans parted the silvery petals and slid easily inside the wet heated sheath.

Shoving steadily forward, Richie’s cock burrowed inside the hot moist tunnel of Irona’s artificial cunt. “Gosh, Dad!” he grinned, “It feels just like a real pussy!”

Irona beamed with delight. A real pussy! She finally had a real pussy! Now she would be able to fuck just like the rest of the horny Rich family!

Richard pressed his pulsing nine-inch cock against Irona’s lips. She opened her mouth, eager for her first taste of cock. She wrapped her flexible plastic lips around the huge member and began sucking ravenously at the hot veiny shaft.

Richard could feel Irona’s lively tongue wriggling underneath his throbbing cock. Her mouth was hot and wet just like a human woman’s! It was hard for Richard to believe that his cock was roasting inside a mouth made of silvered plastic rather than real live flesh! “Looks like you’ve outdone yourself, Professor Keenbean!” Richard said, “She’s got an amazing mouth! It feels so real!”

“Thank you!” the Professor said with a modest smile, “Wait till she starts sucking!”

Irona smiled around Richard’s cock. Following Professor Keenbean’s suggestion, she began sucking at the fat juicy prick in her mouth. She was surprised to find that the sagacious scientist had programmed her memory circuits with the blowjob techniques of several major porn stars, and she selected a pattern she thought Mr. Rich was likely to enjoy.

“Amazing!” Richard exclaimed, his eyes widening in surprise as Irona switched from one method of fellatio to another. Her magnificent mechanical mouth sucked, slurped and even vibrated around his engorged organ in a way he had never experienced before.

Irona increased the intensity of her sucking, gently at first, then more powerful. She bobbed her head back and forth as her tongue twirled expertly around Mr. Rich’s throbbing phallus. Richard felt as if his poor balls were going to be sucked up thru his swollen cock shaft.

“My goodness!” Richard grinned, “It’s like fucking a vacuum cleaner! She’s incredible!” He gripped the sides of Irona’s metallic head and began furiously fucking into her face. The insides of her mouth began exuding a slippery liquid that served to lubricate his rapidly shuttling cock and the synthetic saliva spattered against Richard’s balls with each brutal inward stroke.

Meanwhile, Richie was admiring the magnificent grip of Irona’s silvery snatch around his pummeling cock. He fucked hard into the robot maid’s hot plastic pussy, each inward thrust producing a delightfully obscene squish as it impacted inside her cunt.

Irona’s cunt alternately squeezed and released Richie’s cock, milking at the rock-hard shaft. The tightness and juiciness of Irona’s hot cunt rivaled his girlfriend, Gloria’s, prepubescent pussy, although he certainly wouldn’t dream of mentioning the comparison to young Gloria!

Richie humped harder, his balls tingling as he felt his orgasm approach. “Aw, gee! I’m gonna cum, Irona!” he announced, “Get ready for it!”

Irona was more than ready. She tightened the grip of her artificial vagina around Richie’s cock and exuded another gush of synthetic cunt juice.

She could feel Richie’s groin slapping at her metallic buttocks and his swinging, cum-laden balls smack against her cunt lips. Any moment now her sparkling new cunt would be flooded with Master Richie’s thick scalding semen!

Richie grunted as he slammed his cock to the hilt inside Irona’s sweltering pussy. His face contorted in a grimace of lust as his cock erupted, spewing a volcanic load of hot gooey sperm inside the robot’s silver snatch.

Triggered by the blast of Richie’s blistering jism, Irona’s mechanical body began to shake and quiver. A hot spray of lubricating liquid gushed from the lining of Irona’s pussy and an unfamiliar electric jolt of intense ecstasy shot throughout her body. For a moment the robotic maid thought her circuits were overloading.

“She’s cumming, Dad!” Richie exclaimed as his churning testicles pumped another volley of hot viscous cum inside her seething twat, “She’s juicing all over my cock!”

“Ah!” Professor Keenbean grinned, “Her orgasm circuits work perfectly, just as I had hoped! You know, programming an electronic clitoris is no easy task!”

Richard grimaced as he sped up his rhythm, pounding his cock in and out of Irona’s silky throat. His balls roiled and twitched inside his wrinkled scrotum, preparing to fire a barrage of blistering goo into Irona’s cocksucking mouth.

His testicles discharged suddenly, spewing a torrent of glutinous jizz directly down Irona’s vacuuming gullet. He let out a passionate howl as his balls emptied their scorching payload into the robot maid’s mouth.

Irona’s body shuddered again at the tangy taste of Richard Rich’s hot salty cum load. She swallowed down the gelatinous goo, savoring the flavor and feel of hot sperm as it poured into her mechanical innards.

Richie and his father stepped back, leaving Irona quivering on all fours. The randy robot finally regained her composure, standing up and rushing toward Professor Keenbean. She wrapped her arms around him in a herculean hug that threatened to crush the Professor’s ribs.

“Easy, Irona!” the Professor chuckled.

“Sorry, Professor!” she said, releasing her grip, “I’m just so happy! I had a real orgasm! And I could taste Mr. Rich’s cum!”

“Well, I’m glad you like the new you!” the Professor grinned.

“Hey, Dad!” Richie suggested, “Why don’t we do a double penetration? I’m just itching to try out Irona’s new asshole!”

“Sounds like a good idea to me!” Richard agreed, “How about it, Irona? You wanna break in that black cherry?”

“Black cherry, sir?” Irona asked, puzzled, “My butthole is silver, not black!”

Richard and Richie laughed.

“Robots can be so literal sometimes!” Professor Keenbean chuckled.

“It’s a figure of speech, Irona!” Richie explained, “He means do you wanna get fucked in the ass!”

“Oh, indeed, sir!” Irona smiled, “It’s the one fuck hole I haven’t tried out yet!”

Richard lay down on the floor, stroking his wilting cock back to its rightful nine-inch length. “Hop on board, Irona!” he instructed, “I’ll fuck your pussy while Richie buggers your shiny new asshole!”

Irona straddled Richard’s hips, poising her cunt above his rigid cock pole. She squatted down onto his throbbing dick, sliding the nine-inch tool inside her simmering silver pussy. “Oh! That feels wonderful, Mr. Rich!” she grinned.

Richie stepped between his father’s outstretched legs and pried apart the pliable metallic cheeks of Irona’s buttocks to reveal the perfectly sculpted pucker of her artificial anus. He placed the head of his cock against the glistening orifice pushed inward.

Irona’s asshole opened easily for Richie’s intruding cock. As Professor Keenbean had mentioned, the inner walls of Irona’s ass channel was well lubricated, and his swollen cock slid effortlessly into the deliciously hot oven of the maid’s synthetic rectum.

“You were right, Richie!” Richard smiled as his cock basked in the swampy heat of Irona’s juicy cunt. “Her pussy feels just like the real thing!”

“Oh, gosh!” Richie exclaimed, “Her asshole does too! It’s as hot and tight as Gloria’s little butthole!”

Richard began to hump upward, drilling his cock up inside Irona’s simmering plastic pussy while Richie pounded his rock-hard phallus into her artificial asshole. She sighed blissfully as she crouched over Richard’s supine form, sandwiched between the hard pulsing cocks of father and son.

“I feel so magnificently full of cock!” Irona exclaimed with delight, “Fuck me hard, both of you! Fuck me till you shoot all your delicious sperm into my shiny new cunt and ass! Make me cum!”

Richard and Richie both intended to do just that. They accelerated their pace, hammering their rigid cocks into Irona’s seething fuck holes with a fury. The grip of the synthetic muscles that lined the robot’s cunt and ass channels was intense, clutching the two cocks tightly as they struggled to piston in and out.

Irona’s fuck holes squirted a fresh coating of lubricant around the pummeling pricks, aiding in their savage assault upon her ass and pussy. She could feel her orgasm building like an electric charge deep within her mechanical womb. “Omigosh!” she wailed, “I’m gonna cum! Keep fucking! I’m almost there!”

Suddenly Irona’s entire body quivered from head to toe as a current of electronic bliss coursed thru every wire. “Yaagh!” she screamed, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Her pussy clamped down around Richard’s rapidly pistoning cock, squeezing the searing shaft as it slid in and out of her cunt. The clenching sheath pumped at his member like a milking machine, igniting the elder Rich’s own climax and sending a geyser of thick scalding sperm into Iron’s churning cunt.

Simultaneously, her equally powerful ass channel constricted around Richie’s buggering cock. The boy fought against the incredible pulsing action of Irona’s spasming rectum to no avail, ultimately spewing a voluminous load of hot gluey semen deep inside the plastic plumbing of the robot maid’s artificial ass.

Richie stumbled back, tugging his still rigid cock from the stranglehold of Irona’s vise-like asshole. Irona trembled for a few moments more before finally dismounting Richard’s groin, allowing his massive member to slither free of her sloppy metallic cunt.

Irona pounced on Richie’s slimy cock. She sucked the cum-slathered organ into her mouth and began slurping the clots of creamy white goo from his simmering shaft. Once finished cleaning the dregs of sperm from Richie’s slowly deflating phallus, she turned her attention to the boy’s father, sucking off the gluey ropes of cum that clung to his cock until no more of the tasty scum remained.

“Professor Keenbean!” Richard announced proudly, “You’re a real genius!”

“Why thank you, Mr. Rich!” the Professor said humbly, “I put a lot into this particular project!”

“And it sure took a lot out of us!” Richie laughed as he watched Irona lick the traces of cum from her fingers.

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