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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“Handy Household Gadgets”


The gold limousine pulled up in front of the Rich Mansion and the Rich family chauffeur, Bascomb, exited the vehicle. He walked around to the rear door and opened it, extending a hand to his red haired passenger.

“Thank you, Bascomb!” Gloria smiled sweetly as she disembarked from the vehicle. She hurried up the steps and knocked on the door.

Moments later, the door opened and Richie ushered her inside. “Come on, Gloria!” he smiled, “You’re just in time to see the new Irona!”

Gloria walked over and stood between Regina and Cadbury. Richard and Richie stood across from them, flanking the archway that led into the next room. “Is she really that different, Richie?” Gloria asked excitedly, “What did Professor Keenbean upgrade her with?”

“Oh, you’ll see!” Richie grinned, exchanging a sly glance with his father.

“We’re ready when you are, Irona!” Richard called out.

Irona stepped thru the archway, stark naked, her shining metal skin glistening as she entered the room.

“My word!” Regina gasped, “She’s beautiful!” Her eyes roved over the shapely figure of the robotic maid’s anatomically correct body. A pair of perky nipples capped each curvaceous breast and a flawless silver snatch peeked from between her gleaming thighs.

“Indeed, Madam!” Cadbury agreed.

“Oh, my!” Gloria exclaimed happily, “She’s got real nipples… and a pussy!”

“And an asshole too!” Richie added, “And they’re all perfectly functional!”

“We verified that earlier today, didn’t we, son?” Richard asked Richie with a wink.

“Sure did, Dad!” Richie grinned.

“Cadbury,” Richard addressed the butler, “How would you like to give Irona’s new pussy a spin?”

“I’d be delighted!” Cadbury smiled, loosening his bowtie and unbuttoning his shirt. Within moments, he was naked, his pendulous cock hanging temptingly between his thighs.

Irona was on her knees in a flash in front of Cadbury’s meaty member. She grasped the base of his flaccid cock and began stroking it gently until the limp organ began to inflate.

Irona fastened her lips around Cadbury’s swelling dick, sucking at the pulsing shaft until it had reached its proper nine-inch proportion. She began slurping on the massive hunk of cock meat, enjoying the taste and feel of Cadbury’s throbbing phallus inside her salivating mouth.

She slid the enormous organ from her mouth and smiled. “Goodness!” she said, “What a whopper!”

“Thank you, Miss Irona!” Cadbury replied politely, tipping his derby with a smile, “And may I say, you have very admirable cocksucking skills! Professor Keenbean did a fine job!”

Irona smiled shyly. “Thank you, Cadbury!” she giggled demurely.

Cadbury couldn’t help but think that if robots could blush, Irona’s face would be bright red by now!

Irona turned around and knelt down on her hands and knees, presenting her shiny metallic ass to Cadbury.

“Go ahead!” Irona invited, “Fuck my pussy!”

“Oh, yes!” Gloria cheered excitedly, “Please do! I so want to see your gigantic cock sliding inside that gorgeous silver cunt!”

“Me too, my dear!” Regina concurred, “My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it!” Regina tugged uncomfortably at the crotch of her dress. “It seems to be getting hot in here, dear!” she smiled at Gloria, “Perhaps we should undress!”

Gloria followed Mrs. Rich’s cue, and soon the woman and girl were both standing naked, their clothing scattered on the floor. They watched intently as Cadbury knelt behind Irona and placed the bloated purple head of his cock against the silvery plastic folds of her pussy lips.

Cadbury shoved his hips forward, sliding the gnarled shaft of his lengthy penis into the tight slippery channel of Irona’s succulent synthetic snatch.

“I say!” Cadbury exclaimed, raising an eyebrow in surprise, “It certainly feels like the real thing!” He started pumping his enormous cock back and forth, delighting in the hot juicy embrace of Irona’s snug robotic cunt.

Regina and Gloria watched with lecherous interest as Cadbury pounded his massive member into the swampy recesses of Irona’s artificial pussy. Their fingers migrated to their own sopping wet cunts and began to twiddle their swollen pink clits.

“Irona,” Regina asked with a sly smile, “I suppose Professor Keenbean programmed you to take care of pussies as well as you take care of cocks, right?”

“Certainly, Madam!” Irona grinned.

“Oh! Please show us what you can do, Irona!” Gloria begged.

Irona thought for a moment, searching her memory banks for an appropriate program. “Ah!” she said, “I see that Professor Keenbean has outfitted me with a miniature matter transmogrifier!”

“What does that mean?” Regina asked, puzzled.

“It means I can do this!” Irona raised her hands off the ground, her upper body still locked at a right angle while Cadbury hammered away at her cunt from behind. The silver skin of her hands fractured into a tessellated pattern of polygons that rearranged themselves, forming a pair of shiny metallic dildos!

“Fantastic!” Gloria cheered.

Regina and Gloria scrambled to their knees, presenting their upturned asses to Irona’s mechanically modified hands. “Go ahead, Irona!” Regina instructed, “Show us what you’ve got!”

Irona placed the left dildo at the moist entrance to Regina’s matronly pussy and the right against the dainty orifice of Gloria’s juvenile cunt. Both dildos activated, vibrating as they slid inside the two simmering twats.

“Oh, golly!” Gloria wailed, “This is amazing!”

“Indeed!” Regina agreed. Her cunt exuded a fragrant trickle of juice around Irona’s plunging dildo-hands, “I simply must find a way to reward Professor Keenbean for his work!”

Richard grinned as he watched Regina’s twat swallow up the humming sex toy. “I’m sure you’ll think of some way!” he said.

“Oh, me too!” Gloria squealed as the buzzing tool began sliding in and out of her tightly stretched snatch. “The man’s a genius!”

“Watch this!” Irona grinned. She withdrew the left-hand vibrator from Mrs. Rich’s sweltering cunt and reshaped it back into a hand, but of smaller size than normal. Irona balled the miniature hand into a fist, then twisted it into the sloppy pink cavern of Regina’s pussy.

Regina wailed in ecstasy as the hand expanded to normal size inside her overstretched vagina. Microscopic pores in Irona’s metallic skin exuded a thin lubricant, which, combined with Regina’s already slippery cunt juices, enabled the maid to begin forcefully fucking her fist in and out of her mistress’s tight wet pussy.

Irona retracted the right-hand vibrator from Gloria’s tender snatch and morphed it into a silvery buttplug. She placed the tapered tip of the anal toy against Gloria’s pink puckered asshole and, with a drizzle of lubricant from the hidden pores, plunged the bulging buttplug deep inside the precocious preteen’s squirming rectum.

Gloria screamed with surprise and delight as the plug slammed into her asshole. The ass-filling toy began to vibrate, causing the excited little girl to moan with pleasure.

Beads of sweat began to form on the ordinarily imperturbable Cadbury’s forehead. His hips rocked back and forth, slamming his monumental cock to the hilt inside Irona’s hot gripping cunt. “I say, my dear Irona!” he said with a slight quiver in his voice, “I do believe I’m about to ejaculate!”

“Oh, yes!” Irona chirped with glee, “Cum in my pussy, Cadbury! Fill me up with hot sperm!”

“As you wish, Miss Irona!” Cadbury replied, his teeth clenching and his eyes squeezing shut as he rammed his nine-inch cock to the hilt inside Irona’s magnificent pussy. The engorged head of his cock butted against the rubbery ring of Irona’s cervix, which opened to allow the imminent gush of Cadbury’s cum inside the reservoir of her womb.

Cadbury let out a suppressed grunt as his testicles contracted within his swinging scrotum, sending a fountain of scorching semen into Irona’s artificial uterus. His body shuddered as several more viscous jets of hot pearly cum flooded Irona’s cunt, backing up and oozing past his cock shaft to seep from the edges of her silvered pussy lips.

Irona’s eyes lit up—quite literally—as her body wracked with orgasm. The energy of her climax surged thru the vibrating toys she held inside Regina and Gloria’s fuck holes, sending the woman and girl into their own bone-rattling climaxes.

Richard and Richie watched approvingly as Irona brought the lusty trio to a series of earth-shaking orgasms until the human participants were finally exhausted.

Cadbury stood up and staggered backward, weak-kneed, his wilting cock slithering from Irona’s steaming cunt hole. A pearlescent string of cum bridged his cum-clotted cock head and Irona’s gaping cunt, sagging until it snapped from its own weight.

Irona withdrew the buzzing sex toys from Regina and Gloria’s smoldering holes and reformed her hands back to normal. She caught a glimpse of Cadbury’s sagging cock, oozing with a coating of congealed semen, and she rushed to his aid, engulfing his slimy cock shaft with her mouth and slurping off the creamy white layer of glutinous sperm.

“So, what do you think about Irona’s new upgrades?” Richard asked.

“I must say I approve!” Cadbury responded with a weak grin.

“Stupendous!” Regina panted breathlessly.

Gloria could only manage a salacious grin and a thumbs-up gesture. She sighed blissfully as she reclined on the floor, her arms folded behind her head and drifted off into a well-deserved nap.


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