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Yolanda Montez had pretty much been staring at Courtney Whitmore since she had been recruited by the tiny blonde to be the new Wildcat. Hell, she had been staring at her before that, but that was a lifetime ago now, and she could barely remember it. She did remember trying to convince herself she wasn't pining for the self-proclaimed Stargirl, but she had never truly believed it, and now they were actually dating Yolanda was struggling to keep her staring in check. But today was different. Today she was genuinely concerned about her friend turned so much more, given the way she was acting in class. And more accurately, and more embarrassingly, the way she was sitting. The poor blonde was shifting from side to side, and looking very uncomfortable, and the brunette knew why, which was making her die on the inside.

After what felt like an eternity of biting her lip, Yolanda asked softly, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Courtney said dismissively, although it was obviously a lie.

"I have eyes, you know?" Yolanda grumbled.

Which caused Courtney to blush furiously, then point out, "We... we can't talk about this here."

"Agreed." Yolanda blushed, looking around nervously, and then taking Courtney's hand, "Come with me."

"Okay." Courtney blushed.

Girls held hands in public all the time, especially teenaged 'girlfriends', so this shouldn't be a big deal. But Yolanda was pulling Courtney away from a study session in the library, and taking her towards the back, where students have been known to make out. Also, there was a little blushing, and nervous looks. That made it a big deal. Luckily, everyone else seemed to preoccupied with what they were doing to notice, which was a great relief for them both. Although Yolanda still need to psych herself up, so they could this conversation. She wasn't sure she could have it, as it was so embarrassing. But she really cared about Courtney Whitmore, so she psyched herself up, and just did it. So soon as she reached her destination, she was in and out.

"Seriously, are you okay?" Yolanda hissed softly.

"Yes!" Courtney insisted in the same soft tone.

"Court?" Yolanda groaned, and blushed, hating that she was going to have to actually say it out loud, "I've been watching you, okay? And you're clearly not okay."

"I am." Courtney insisted again.

"You're not!" Yolanda countered childishly, before finally saying it, "It's your butt! You know it is. I... I hurt you, and now you can't sit down properly."

Courtney blushed, before checking they weren't being watched, and then admitting, "Okay, I might be a little sore back there."

"Might be?" Yolanda shot back sarcastically.

"Okay, definitely sore. Like, a lot." Courtney blushed, and then quickly added, "But I... I kinda like it. Like a lot, actually."

"How?" Yolanda frowned, "Why?"

"I don't know..." Courtney shot back defensively, before admitting, "Okay, you know what? I'm lying. I love it! It makes me feel like such a slut, and... and I..."

There was a brief pause, then Yolanda cautiously asked, "And what?"

"And, I want you to do it again." Courtney admitted, leaning in and whispering as seductively as she could, "I want you to do this all the time, so I can feel this way all the time. That I forget what it's like to sit down properly, because you’re fucking me in the ass every day. That every time I have to sit down, I think about how I'm a slut. Your... your slut."

There was another pause, this one longer, and then Yolanda simply replied, "Oh?"

"Too much?" Courtney questioned, "It was too much, wasn't it? Oh my God, I'm so stupid. Just forget I said anything. Too much porn, I guess, and I just-"

Yolanda quickly kissed her spiralling girlfriend, and then softly reassured her, "It's okay?"

"It is?" Courtney questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah... I, I think so..." Yolanda stammered, which even she had to admit, wasn't very reassuring, so she quickly added, "I mean, I just want to make you happy. So, if you like it, great."

"And you liked it, right?" Courtney asked hopefully.

"Yeah." Yolanda replied, this time without hesitation, and then added with a smile, "Like, a lot."

The two girls exchanged a smile, then Courtney frowned, "Wait, would you tell me, if you didn't like it?"

"Probably." Yolanda shrugged, before quickly adding, "If it was something unbearable, definitely. But it wasn't. It was weird, and kind of gross, but in like a good way. And as always, you know, you liked it, and the aftermath to it, so we can definitely do it again. We, we can do it whenever you want. I promise."

Yolanda should probably have known better than to be careful what she wished for, Courtney proving her right when she leaned in and whispered, "How about right here, right now?"

"No!" Yolanda hissed, blushing furiously, and again, looking around just in case, "We can't! Not here! No!"

"Why not?" Courtney grinned mischievously, "This place is pretty empty, especially this part. And why wouldn't it be? I mean, what's the point of libraries in this day and age? I mean, hello, everyone has a phone?"

"I guess..." Yolanda wasn't so sure about that, but she didn't want to get distracted from the point, "But people come here all the time to make out, so it would probably be one of the worst places we could do it."

"We haven't got caught so far." Courtney pointed out.

"That doesn't mean we should push our luck." Yolanda grumbled, and then quickly added, "Besides, I didn't bring, you know, the thing."

"We don't need it for that kind of fun." Courtney grinned, slowly turning around and beginning to undo her belt.

"Courtney!" Yolanda hissed, blushing furiously, "We can't!"

"We can!" Courtney insisted, pulling her jeans and panties down to just below her butt, and then spreading her legs wide apart to keep them there, as she pointed out, "What? You're going to bring me to the school's make out spot, and not kiss me? That would be so rude of you. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, kiss me Yolanda. Kiss your favourite spot on me."

Maybe Courtney was just being playful here, and she didn't actually expect Yolanda to do it. Given the way too loud gasp she then let out, that was highly likely, making Yolanda feel even more embarrassed about the whole thing. But mostly, the fact that she just hadn't been able to resist doing as she was told. She just couldn't help it. Courtney Whitmore's drool inducing bubble butt was a trigger for her at this point. Something she couldn't stop thinking about, especially after she had been the first one, and hopefully the only one, to fuck it. And Courtney had not only casually pulled it out, but waved it in front of her like a red flag in front of a bull. What was Yolanda supposed to do? Not dropped down to her knees and press her lips to it?

That would have been even more absurd than doing this. And this was all Courtney's fault, anyway. She knew what kind of affect her butt had on Yolanda. This so wasn't fair. None of this was. Then again, what was Courtney supposed to think, with Yolanda dragging her over to the school's make out spot? Or just about anywhere they could be alone? She should've known better. Known where that would lead. And oh God, and what would the librarian, and/or anyone else could see them, think when they saw two girls heading in this direction? Oh God, they were playing a very dangerous game here. And yet, it was not one Yolanda could stop. Or one that she even tried to stop.

Courtney hadn't really known what she was thinking. She wanted to believe it was just some kind of bad joke gone wrong, but that became increasingly hard to believe, as the seconds, and then the minutes, ticked by, and she did nothing to try and stop this. Oh God, maybe she really did want to take this risk? Then again, it wasn't all her fault. It wasn't like she asked for a body which responded so positively to this treatment, or even for a lover who was so willing to give it to her. Both of these things just kind of happened. Besides, she was a teenager. How could she possibly be expected to turn down any form of sex, even if it was really weird, and in an unfortunate place? Besides, as long as she was able to keep a lookout, they would be fine.

Which was easy enough in the beginning, as it wasn't much of anything. Just a pair of lips literally on her right butt cheek. Hell, if anything, it was kind of funny. Someone was literally kissing her ass. It was just the timing, and the person, which was shocking enough to make her gasp out loudly, and then stay frozen in place out of shock. Then, after what felt like an eternity, Yolanda moved her lips over to Courtney's left cheek for another lingering kiss. Although this one wasn't nearly as long, and the following ones were increasingly shorter, until Yolanda was just going back and forth, giving quick kisses to seemingly every inch of her little booty. Which actually made Courtney moan more than anything. So much so, that she covered her mouth to try and silence herself.

It was a very, very good thing she did that when she did, because it wasn't long after that Courtney found herself letting out another loud gasp as Yolanda pushed her face in between her butt cheeks so the brunette could press a kiss to the blonde's most private hole. Yolanda then just kept her face in between the cheeks for a few long seconds, practically suffocating herself in booty. She then pulled back to breathe for a few long seconds, and then repeated the process over and over again, only with the added twist of rubbing her face in it like she was motor-boating a pair of tits. In fact, that was exactly what she was doing, which was so, so very twisted. And so, so very hot. It was another thing which they shouldn't enjoy, but they clearly did.

Not nearly as much as when Yolanda used both hands to grab hold of those meaty cheeks, and spread them as wide as part as possible, exposing Courtney's by now extremely wet pussy, and the ass hole which had so recently been used as a fuck hole. Oh shit, Courtney was left feeling so exposed, and slutty, and God help her, she loved it. And for her, it only got better, when Yolanda leaned forwards, and stuck out her tongue. For a few wonderful seconds, she thought another girl was going to lick her pussy for the very first time, although it turned out to be almost just as good, with Yolanda pressing her tongue just below her pussy, and then slid it all the way upwards, through her ass crack.

Yolanda repeated that lick a few times as a way to tease the little blonde slut, but it was not long before she began slowly decreasing the amount she was licking, until she was just focused on Courtney's cute little butt hole. Well admittedly, after she started to just lick that incredibly private hole, she gave it about a minute before she pulled back again, and further teased Courtney by just staring at the other girl's ass hole, now wet with her saliva. That had the bonus of making it even better than before, which was really saying something, because Yolanda couldn't have ever imagined herself being fascinated by such a thing, but she was. She just couldn't help it, as Stargirl just had the cutest little back door, which at times like this seemed designed to be licked. And teased. And fucked. And just... violated as much, and in as many ways, as possible.

Something which would happen again soon, Yolanda promised herself that, but for now, she had to concentrate on making that fuck hole feel better by returning to massaging it with her tongue. Which she did, albeit after spitting on it, to make the rim job even nastier, which was really saying something. Besides, this way, she could rub that saliva in with her tongue. Something she did over, and over, and over again, while really picking up the pace of the licking. She also swirled her tongue all around that back door, instead of just up and down. Hell, she even tried pushing it inside again, and Yolanda swore that she got much further than before. And if that was true, she had a pretty good idea of why, which again made her blush furiously.

Despite the embarrassment she felt, a twisted part of Yolanda like the idea of Courtney being loose back there because of how hard she had butt fucked her. Maybe so hard, that the other girl would never truly recover. Or maybe she would just make sure she never truly recovered. Fuck Courtney Whitmore in the ass over, and over, and over again, so that the poor girl could never, ever sit down properly. And oh, maybe she could get Stargirl to wear a butt-plug everywhere she went, even out on patrol, so that her ass hole would never truly close. That she would be a loose little anal whore forever. Yolanda's loose little anal whore, who just couldn't get enough of having her perfect little bubble butt played with.

Those thoughts should have disgusted Yolanda, and to some extent they did. Just not as much as they excited her. Oh God, what had Courtney Whitmore done to her? And how had she ended up here, in the back row of the public library, doing this to another girl's ass? Oh God, this was so wrong, although so fucking hot. But it wasn't enough. Yolanda wanted more. Oh God, she wished she had her strap-on, and was extremely tempted to run home and get it. Then again, maybe there was something else she could shove up Courtney Whitmore's perfect little bubble butt? Like a book, maybe? It wouldn't be enough, but then again, neither would be a whole book case. But then, Yolanda had other, more practical ideas.

Courtney suddenly found herself flashing back to having her back hole and back passage widely stretched and filled with big dick as it was entered by something much smaller, and wetter. Of course, there was definitely something to be said for a tongue, especially as Yolanda seemed to be naturally good at using it, but it couldn't quite compare to the feeling of something pounding her so deeply, in the place which she never thought she'd be pounded before meeting this girl. Touching places inside of her she hadn't known could feel good. But they had. Yolanda had made them feel amazing, and if Courtney concentrated real hard, it was almost like she was being butt fucked with that strap-on again.

Unfortunately she couldn't really concentrate on that wonderful thought, and had to fight herself from closing her eyes and just enjoying the ride, because she had to focus on their surroundings to prevent them from getting caught. Because there could be no doubt that Yolanda's attention was 100% on what she was doing, given that the other female superhero gave her what had to be the longest, most thorough rim job, like ever. Which got really, really close to making her cum, and if it had lasted any longer than it did, it might have just succeeded. However, the girls had pushed their luck enough for one day, and at that point Courtney was beyond tired of waiting for her orgasm.

So Courtney cautiously removed the hand from her mouth, and then moaned as softly as possible, "More, mmmmmmmm fuck, more! Make me, ah fuck, make me cum, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmm, make me fucking cum! Please? Oh my God, please Yolanda, fuck me! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh God! I don't care how. Do whatever you need to do, just ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

Thankfully it wasn't long before Yolanda gave her what she wanted, and maybe even what she needed. And even though it was just pressing her fingertips against Courtney's needy little pussy and rubbing it gently, it was enough to make Courtney quickly place her hand over her mouth again. She would have probably been too lost in pleasure anyway to really be coherent. Also, she was nearly wet enough, given that once again they were having sex in public. Which was why Courtney really, really needed to keep a lookout, but at that point, she just couldn't help herself. Her eyes closed and the other hand went around her mouth, preparing for the inevitable, while she pushed her butt more firmly back against the other girl's knowing tongue and fingertips.

Sure enough, Yolanda eventually started pushing a finger into Courtney's aching pussy, 'Kitty' causing 'Twinkle' to cry out loudly into her hands, which sounded deafening in the otherwise quiet room. Thankfully that wasn't enough for Yolanda, and she slowly but surely buried that finger inside of Courtney, and then fucked her with it. Another girl pumped her finger in and out of her twat, more or less at the same pace that she tongue fucked her butt. Oh God, it was heaven. More importantly, it was more than enough to make Courtney cum. Like, a lot. She wasn't even sure when it started, but that didn't matter. No, all that mattered was that she was getting the attention she craved. Or at least, some version of it.

Yolanda loved making Courtney Whitmore cum for her. It was truly becoming her favourite thing in the world, maybe especially in a public place like this. Because the reality would be unbearable, but for this brief moment, just the idea of someone discovering her like this was enough to almost make her cum. Especially as she wasn't just making out with another girl, she was making out with a girl's butt hole, her face buried in between those meaty cheeks, and having her slamming in and out of her. Oh God, it made Yolanda want to reach down, and give herself the same treatment, at least when it came to the fingering. But no, she wanted to use every ounce of energy to make her precious Courtney cum as much as possible.

As always, Yolanda could take pride in the fact that she did just that. Oh yes, her precious Courtney Whitmore, AKA Stargirl, came over and over again, just from a finger in her twat, and a tongue up her butt. Of course, just to make sure she got more than one orgasm out of the other girl, Yolanda was sure to add a second finger, and even later a third, while she used her thumb to rub Courtney's clit. She also eventually replaced her tongue with a finger from her other hand, briefly sucking on it, so it would be nice and wet, before pushing it inside that back door, treating this little slut to double penetration, which unsurprisingly, really set her off like a rocket. Which was enough to make Yolanda think about using toys on her secret girlfriend again.

Pacifically, two handheld toys, so that she could really give these two hot little fuck holes the double pounding they deserved. Of course, first she would have to officially take Courtney Whitmore's virginity, something she found herself hoping that she would do real soon. In the meantime, she could definitely be satisfied with using a toy on the back door, while fingering the front door. DP her girl that way. Because she wasn't sharing Courtney with anyone, that was for sure. No, Courtney Whitmore was hers. All hers. Stargirl belonged to the new Wildcat, something Yolanda made crystal clear by making her girl cum for her on a regular basis. It was something that Yolanda wished she could do forever, but sadly she couldn't, especially in the way she currently was.

Something she had forgotten for a while, but then the bell rang, informing her that it was the end of the study session they had, and they had to get to their next class. It also meant that the students would be moving around, perhaps even heading in this direction, meaning that she really needed to put a stop to this. However, she just couldn't resist bringing Courtney slowly down from her high, and even when she finally pulled her fingers all the way out, she couldn't resist sucking them clean. Yolanda's eyelids fluttering closed, as she lingered her lips on those fingers, moaning happily. Then she pulled Courtney's pants and panties up, secure them tightly, then slowly stood up, and gave her girl a firm look.

"We need to go, Court." Yolanda said softly, but firmly.

"Not yet." Courtney grinned immediately, "We need to make you cum first."

"There isn't time." Yolanda insisted.

"There's always time to make you cum." Courtney countered, with a wicked grin, while flipping their positions.

Yolanda opened her mouth to protest, but she was silenced by Courtney's lips crashing against her own, and whenever that happened she was helpless to resist. Especially now, because as irresistible as the chance was to kiss Courtney Whitmore normally, now the incredibly hot blonde was tasting her perfect little bubble butt on the brunette's lips and tongue, and even inside of her mouth. Oh yes, that wicked little tongue probe deep into Yolanda's mouth, and for once Wildcat completely gave up control to Stargirl. Something that the usually submissive blonde took full advantage of, by pressing their bodies firmly together, and then grinding up against the brunette while continuing the passionate kiss.

Honestly Yolanda was so wound up at this point that rubbing alone could have probably made her cum, given enough time. Thankfully, instead of relying on that, Courtney slipped a hand in between their bodies, pushing it straight into Yolanda's panties. She then felt Courtney grinning against her lips, while she discovered just how wet and, and almost certainly ruined, those panties were. Which made the poor brunette blush with embarrassment, although that feeling was fleeting, as one girl started to rub the other's pussy, first through the ruined fabric of her panties, and then pushing them aside so they could have the added benefit of skin on skin.

That really had Yolanda moaning loudly into Courtney's mouth. She had been moaning, whimpering and gasping before, probably a lot, but she hadn't really been aware of it. After her panties were pushed aside, she became extremely aware of it, especially when the other girl broke the kiss, and move back to stare into her eyes with a wicked grin on her face. That grin telegraphed what was going to happen next, which was no doubt the whole point, as it gave Yolanda just enough time to cover her mouth before a finger was shoved inside her needy little cunt. Which, for better or for worse, that didn't make her cum. At least not right away. No, for that, Courtney needed to pick up her game. Something that she was only too happy to do.

It was hard to tell whether Yolanda was holding back out of instinct at this point, or whether Courtney was trying to drag this out to make it better for her, or just because she was in a playful mood. Whatever the case, it lasted way longer than it should do, considering just how long they had been here, and they were already late for their next class. However, Yolanda just couldn't risk saying anything, as she didn't trust her own voice right now. Hell, she had been way too loud, as it was. Luckily, the blonde did eventually take pity on her, not only adding an extra finger, but using her thumb to rub the brunette's clit, which was more than enough to send her over the edge.

Courtney loved staring into Yolanda's eyes as she came. Selfishly, she kind of wished that the other girl's fingers were inside of her as well, so they could be cumming at the same time, but mostly it was be just to enhance the romance between them. Overall, she definitely liked being in this position. Totally. Okay, being in control kind of felt wrong for her, but if it meant making sure her girlfriend came, that was a small sacrifice to pay. And there was definitely something to be said for the feeling of another girl's pussy quivering around her fingers, and covering them in delicious girl cum. Oh God, it was a wonderful feeling, but it also made her mouth water, and feel very jealous of those fingers.

So much so that eventually she dropped to her knees, and replaced these fingers with her cum hungry mouth. Well, she had a little bit of transition, first wrapping her lips around Yolanda's clit, and then switching between licking and sucking it real hard, while still hammering that hot little fuck hole with her fingers. But in a way, that was even worse for her, or better, as the case maybe, as it resulted in her inevitably tasting the other girl's cum. After that she had no choice but to pull out her fingers, and glue her lips back to that tasty treat. Oh yes, she wrapped her lips around that entrance, and sucked out as much cum as she could, before ramming her tongue inside it, and using it to fuck some more yummy liquid out of Yolanda.

Unsurprisingly, given everything they had been through, she wasn't waiting long, and soon Courtney was once again swallowing a fresh batch of Yolanda Montez's girl cum. Normally this process was repeated as many times as they could stand, but all too soon Courtney found herself being pushed away from that tasty treat. For a few long seconds she resisted, but then she realized what she was doing, and well, no means no. So, she reluctantly pulled away, and admired her handiwork. She wasn't sure when it happened exactly, but Yolanda's pants and panties were down around her knees, something she had probably done during her lust fuelled haze. More importantly, Wildcat was looking thoroughly dishevelled, and well fucked, making Stargirl feel very proud of herself.

It was more than likely she had a similar look on her face, given the way that Yolanda blushed at her. Especially because her face was probably once again covered in girl cum, marking her as the little pussy slut she was. And more importantly, Yolanda Montez's pussy slut. Something that the other girl was probably thinking, given the way that she was blushing. Then Courtney gave her another reason to blush, by popping the fingers which had recently been inside her pussy into her mouth, the mischievous blonde closing her eyes and moaning loudly and happily as she tasted the brunette's girl cum. Something she savoured for a few long seconds, before she heard the tell-tale signs of someone coming. Thinking on her feet, she grabbed the nearest book, while thankfully Yolanda had the presence of mind of pulling up her pants and panties.

"Got it!" Courtney announced, holding the book up to Yolanda, as newcomers came around the corner, and frowned at them in confusion.

"Great, let's go." Yolanda blushed, before the two girls dashed to the class they were already late for.

"That was close." Courtney breathed a sigh of relief as they reached the door.

"Uh-huh." Yolanda hummed sceptically, trying not to the notice odd looks they were getting. Even though she had to admit, that these looks, and being late, was kind of worth it for that experience.

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