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Courtney Whitmore was totally staring at Yolanda Montez. She was sitting right behind her in class, and she just, she just couldn't stop staring. She tried to look away as much as she could, but even then she was pretty sure everyone had to know. Or at least Yolanda had to know. But she just couldn't help it. She also couldn't help thinking about it constantly, like from when she first woke up to the time she went to sleep, but especially when Yolanda was right in front of her, and she didn't say anything, like when they were close together. Which had been increasingly the case ever since she recruited her to be the new Wildcat, but it was pretty much tenfold now, given last night they'd had sex. Like, with each other. And it didn't feel like two girls just fooling around fun, but like it could be the start of something special.

It had been so beyond amazing, the entire night replaying in Courtney's mind over and over again, leaving her feeling lovesick, and horny, but also scared. Because instead of snuggling with her after the sex, and ideally staying the night, so she could wake her up with soft kisses, and maybe even another powerful orgasm, Yolanda had scrambled to collect her costume, put it on and jump out the window before Courtney regained the ability to think coherently, let alone speak. Which she could kind of understand, this was new and scary, but she just wanted Yolanda so badly. That had never been more clear, and when Courtney Whitmore wanted something, she went after it full force.

Admittedly she hadn't before, but that was only because she wasn't sure if Yolanda wanted this two. And okay, she was still adjusting to having her world turned upside down by falling for a girl, but now she wasn't scared or confused anymore, she was determined. Or at least, she was more determined than she was scared and confused. But it had been going exactly well so far. She'd tried to give Yolanda some space, a little time apart to figure out what she wanted, but that had lasted about an hour. Ever since then, she had been texting her nearly non-stop, and God help them both, she probably sent like a gazillion messages, and got none back. God, she was pathetic. Why did she always have to push? Why did she always have to ruin things? Why, oh, a text!

Meet me after school? In the gym?


YES! See you then.



Maybe she shouldn't have replied right away, or left quite so many kisses at the end of the text. To be fair, they had been doing that before, but Courtney had been telling herself that was just a friend thing, while deep down knowing it wasn't. But on this occasion, she couldn't help it, as she was just so excited. Although should she be? This could basically be a version of 'we need to talk', and although Yolanda hadn't used those words exactly, it didn't mean that Yolanda would admit that they were more to each other than friends. Or at least, they wanted to be. Courtney was sure of that, but she also knew that admitting it would be a big step for anyone, especially someone who had gone through what Yolanda had.

Not wanting to push her luck Courtney managed to avoid sending out another message until the end of the day. It was only an hour, but it seemed like an eternity, especially as she played out pretty much every possible scenario in her head, and obsessed over every little part of that text, or movements that Yolanda made. God, it took everything she had not to grab Yolanda's hand and make her stay behind in the class, or drag her into a closet, ha ha, and have 'the talk' with her right there. However, to her credit, Courtney managed to wait a good half an hour after the final belt, giving the rest of the students time to leave, and more importantly for the other girl to hit the gym.

As it turned out, this meant kind of literally, as Courtney once again found Yolanda going to town on a punching bag. On the surface, this really, really didn't seem like a good sign, but she knew this was basically Yolanda's happy place. Or at least, the place she came to work out her frustrations, which was very understandable in that moment. So much so that Courtney was tempted to find a spare pair of boxing gloves, if the school even had such a thing, and get to work on the other side of the punching bag. Hell, maybe they should just go a few rounds? That had to be like, foreplay for superheroes. Which was probably a little screwed up, but the idea of circling Yolanda Montez, looking for an opening, their bodies both hot and sweaty, and pressing against each other, battling for dominance... God, she could so see the appeal.

For a few long minutes Courtney allowed herself to get lost in that fantasy, then with a deep and calming breath she entered the gym and then quickly greeted, "Hey."

Which immediately caused Yolanda to freeze, look up, and then she quickly greeted back, "Hey."

They then stood there awkwardly for a few long moments, and then talked over each other, "I really..."

"It's just..." Yolanda and Courtney then paused, before the brunette told the blonde, "You go first?"

"No, it's okay, if you want to-" Courtney began, only to be swiftly interrupted.

"I don't." Yolanda insisted, before softening her tone, "I... I mean, you go first. Please?"

"Sure." Courtney smiled softly, then after another awkward pause took a deep breath and admitted, "I... I like you... I like... like-like you."

The two girls exchanged a smile, and then Yolanda cautiously added, "But?"

"No but." Courtney insisted quickly, "Unless you had a but."

"I didn't have a but." Yolanda insisted quickly, then closed her eyes and had a moment of self-hatred given how that sounded. Then she took a deep and calming breath, and then admitted, "I just thought, you know... that... that you'd be all like... we can't! It would be wrong, because it would jeopardize the team, or whatever."

"Seriously?" Courtney raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you said this whole, superhero thing." Yolanda whispered that last part, after looking around cautiously, "Was the most important thing to you right now."

"It is."  Courtney insisted sharply, then worried that the other girl would take it the wrong way, quickly added, "But, have you seen superheroes? It's all hot men and women in tight fitting clothing. And like, everything written about them seems to have some speculation about who's dating who. It's like, worse than a reality show. And I'm sure at least some of the gossip is true, and some of them have to be... you know, doing it. But... well, there's normally like only one girl, who is accused of dating everyone, because she was seen alone with each male member at least once. And hello, teenagers. It would be weird if we weren't dating each other."

Most of those comments had both girls giggling, but the last few words seemed loaded, and hung in the air for a few long seconds, before Yolanda questioned, "Yeah."

"Yeah." Courtney confirmed, before clarifying, "I mean, I... I meant in general... but, if you wanted too..."

There was a long pause, and then Yolanda took a deep, calming breath, and forced herself to be brave, "I want too."

"Yeah?" Courtney beamed brightly.

"Yeah." Yolanda admitted, the other girl's smile lighting up the whole room, and taking a big weight off of Yolanda's shoulders in the process. Then, because she felt the need to clarify, just in case it was a deal breaker, "Just so you know, I'm not gay. I never even thought about girls before... but... it's just that... I don't know..."

"You met someone who took you by surprise?" Courtney offered softly, cautiously stepping forward so she was almost, but not quite in Yolanda's personal space, "You weren't even looking for... anything like that, and then BAM! Suddenly it's all you can think about. And it's new and exciting, but also super scary? And you don't know what you're doing, but you want more?"

"God yes." Yolanda mumbled softly, almost embarrassed by how much Courtney was nailing it. Unless of course, she thought with a frown, "Wait, are you talking about the whole superhero thing?"

"No..." Courtney protested, before realizing, "Well, yes... I guess most of that applies there too, but I, I was talking about how I feel about you."

"Oh..." Yolanda said with a soft smile.

"And you?" Courtney gently pushed.

"Yes." Yolanda nodded, "Yes, yes, oh my God yes."

The two girls exchanged a smile, and then for better or for worse Courtney further pushed, "Wait, then why did you run?"

"Erm, I was freaking out? Duh." Yolanda said, as it was obvious, before realizing maybe it wasn't, and then clarifying, "Look, you may be super comfortable with this... whole thing, but I'm not. And I didn't mean to go that far. And I can't stop thinking about how you didn't ask for that. Any of it. I just... did it. And I thought, wow... I'm like, Henry now."

"Henry? As in, your ass hole ex-boyfriend, who..." Courtney was too mad to complete the sentence, which was for the best, as Yolanda didn't need reminding of that. So instead she started again, "What... he did, and what you did, are totally different. I was part of that decision, and consented to it every step of the way. Or do you not remember how... enthusiastic, I was to kiss you back. And, you know..."

"Yeah..." Yolanda blushed, grateful that Courtney didn't go into detail.

"And for the record, I'm not super comfortable with this whole thing." Courtney continued, "I just... I'm not ashamed of what I want. Not that I'm saying you are, I just... I won't apologize for wanting you."

"Oh..." Yolanda blushed, before forcing herself to admit, "I'm, I'm not ashamed. I just... I've been bullied just for a few photos, and if anyone found out how I feel about you? God, the things they'd write on my locker... on your locker. God Court, I can't stand the thought of them doing that to you. To us. You know?"

"I know." Courtney said softly, already reaching out and taking Yolanda's hand.

There was a long pause, and then against her better judgment Yolanda admitted, "And... and that was, you know... my first time."

"Really?" Courtney beamed, "That's so great."

"It is?" Yolanda questioned cautiously.

"Yes." Courtney replied, still beaming, "Because it was mine too."

"Really?" Yolanda raised an eyebrow, and then questioned, "And you're not... mad?"

"Why?" Courtney frowned, "Because it didn't involve rose petals, and love songs? Unless, you wanted that stuff? Oh God, did you?"

"No." Yolanda protested, "But, I... I assumed you would."

"Well, you know what happens when you assume." Courtney said brightly, barely resisting going through the joke, simply from the look on the other girl's face, "Would that stuff have been nice? Sure, but I wasn't going to wait until marriage. And my first time was this spontaneous burst of passion, with someone I trusted, and felt deeply for. And I still do."

"Yeah?" Yolanda smiled softly.

"Yeah." Courtney confirmed, before pointing out, "And besides, I came. I came like, really, really hard. How many girls can say that the first time?"

Yolanda blushed, but then admitted, "Me too."

"I know." Courtney grinned through a blush, refusing to be embarrassed, "It was kind of hard not to notice, given where my face was."

"Oh, right." Yolanda blushed, unable to be anything but embarrassed.

"And, and I'd love to do it again, if that's okay?" Courtney stammered.

"What? Here?" Yolanda questioned in disbelief, her eyes darting around the empty room, "Now? Really?"

"Well..." Courtney began, considering her next words carefully, "That... that wasn't the plan, but you know, everyone ran out of here like a bat out of hell. At least, everyone our age. And I don't know where teachers go after school, but it isn't here. Hell, no one will probably come here. Except maybe Artemis, but I'm pretty sure she has detention. Again. So... if you wanted too... I mean, I know this place means a lot to you..."

When Courtney trailed off a deafening silence fell over the room. Oh God, what was she thinking? Of course Yolanda wasn't ready for that. It was written all over her face, even before Courtney suggested it, and it was even more obvious now. Stupid, stupid, stupid! She just had to push her luck. God, she'd just got Yolanda to admit she liked her, and maybe they could even give this a shot, and now she had ruined it by putting her foot in her big mouth, and thinking with her hormones instead of her head. But she just couldn't help it. Ever since she met Yolanda, or ever since she saw her in that Wildcat costume, her hormones had been going crazy, and now she was going have to deal with consequences of it.

"Yeah... it, it does." Yolanda stammered a response after a long, deafening sounds, and then took a deep breath, and pointed out, "But this is... a little bit too out in the open."

"Oh, right." Courtney murmured softly, trying not to sound disappointed, and failing.

"But..." Yolanda added cautiously, and against her better judgment she couldn't help but continue, mostly because of the happy look on the other girl's face, "But maybe, the girl's locker room? It's pretty funky in there, but maybe if we went in the showers, or whatever. Or like... maybe there is a closet around here? I mean, apparently I'm in one already. So... we might as well make it literal."

"Let's go with the locker room." Courtney beamed, taking Yolanda's hand in hers, then admitting with a wicked little chuckle, "It's closer."

Was this reckless and stupid? Pushing her luck? Endangering what was probably her one-shot with this amazing girl? Yes to all, but Courtney just couldn't help herself. She was just so happy in that moment, and wanted to celebrate that. Specifically, by kissing Yolanda Montez, a lot, and... other stuff. God, it kind of made her brain overload thinking about everything she wanted to do to this girl. Or was that just the fact that pretty much the moment they got through the door of the locker room, she pushed Yolanda roughly up against the nearest wall and kissed her? Well, it was probably a combination of both, but it was hard to remember that, and everything, given that she was kissing Yolanda Montez again.

Yolanda was having trouble thinking coherently too because of the other girl, which pretty much got her into trouble last time. Not as much as she thought she had, but she had still crossed the line. A lot of lines actually, most of which she wasn't sure she was ready for. Or even if she ever would be. But it felt too late to try and stop, especially now during the kissing. More to the point, she didn't want too. Oh God, she didn't ever want to stop kissing Courtney Whitmore. Except maybe to fuck her pretty little brains out. But right now kissing was good. She just didn't like the fact that she wasn't in control of it. Well, it felt really good, but there was something she wanted even more. Namely, switching their positions, and making sure Courtney was the one pinned against the wall.

That sudden change had Courtney breaking the kiss and gasping softly. Or maybe Yolanda was too hard, and she hurt the other girl? Which was of course, the last thing she wanted to do, but if she did hurt her, it certainly wasn't badly, given that Courtney then gave her a wicked grin. Then the tiny terror took advantage of Yolanda's hesitance, and switched their positions again, probably using about the same amount of force, and in turn, the brunette grinned at the blonde. She could definitely see the appeal of this. Because it did hurt, but not a lot, and there was a certain thrill to that rough treatment. One they indulged in over and over again throughout the next few minutes, as the two superheroes in training started flipping each other over and over again, this time with their lips locked together in a frantic kiss which seemed never-ending.

Just like the first few kisses that they'd had the other night, it was a little awkward, as while Yolanda had made out a few times with Henry, that had been soft and sweet, while this was desperate and needy. God, it would probably be pathetic, and embarrassing, given the way that their teeth bashed together a few times, if Courtney wasn't giving it right back to her, which was just making this whole thing worse. Or better, depending how you looked at it. Because, holy shit, Yolanda never wanted anything as badly as she wanted Courtney Whitmore. She wanted her lips, her tongue, her body, everything! Just... everything, all at once. Although for a few long minutes, she settled for just her tongue, which she was pretty much attacking with her own.

Of course, eventually she just couldn't resist allowing her hands to wander. Especially because what Courtney was wearing was ridiculous. Like, it was ridiculous that her parents let her leave the house like that. Or the school allowed it for that matter. She would never get away with it. Not with that little crop top and booty shorts, which was more appropriate for the beach than for school. God, it exposed so much skin, practically screaming for Yolanda to touch it. And now she was pressed up against it, she had no idea how she resisted for so long. Especially given the fact that before now, she hadn't had Courtney's lips to distract her. Then she had a thought which completely fried her brain. Namely, what if the other girl, this girl, dressed this way for her. To get her attention. To get her to do... well, this...

Courtney's eyes had been closed throughout the latest kissing, even when she felt Yolanda's hands moving downwards. Mostly because they just touched nonthreatening areas, like her sides, back, and occasionally her arms. Admittedly, all those places were mostly bare and so were Yolanda's hands this time. Oh God, she wasn't wearing those dangerous gloves, that was part of her costume, so it was just bare flesh touching bare flesh. right from the beginning. However then Yolanda grabbed her butt. Holy shit, Yolanda Montez grabbed hold of her butt with both hands and squeezed it roughly, causing Courtney's eyes to go wide for a few long seconds, before she was making them relax into the kiss.

After all, Courtney wanted more, but she was just a little taken aback, as this was a reminder that Yolanda Montez had a thing for her ass. Which honestly, was the reason she had worn these booty shorts to school. Apparently that gamble had been very successful, as no one had said anything, and it was clearly encouraging Yolanda now. Maybe it worked a little too well, as her friend, hopefully turning more, lingered on that area for quite a few minutes, even after Courtney hinted she wanted more, by grabbing the other girl's butt. Although to be fair, it was her turn to make a move. So that's exactly what she did, while switching their positions again while sliding her hands up and around to cup the other girl's tits.

"No!" Yolanda protested, taking them both by surprise.

"No?" Courtney questioned, pulling her hands away like they'd been burned.

"I wanna do it." Yolanda quickly reassured, unable to stop herself from adding, "I... I want to... ravage you?"

"Ravage?" Courtney teased with a wide grin, loving how cute Yolanda's face was when it was screwed up like that.

"Can we forget I said that?" Yolanda groaned.

"Nope." Courtney popped the P, and then quickly added, "Besides, it's my turn."

"It is?" Yolanda raised an eyebrow.

"Uh-huh." Courtney insisted, "You, like... took over last time, so it's only fair."

"Life's not fair." Yolanda grumbled.

"Please?" Courtney whined, before softly admitting, "I... I wanna worship your body with my mouth."

There was a long pause, and just as Courtney was worrying she said the wrong thing Yolanda hoarsely replied, "Okay."

"Okay?" Courtney grinned happily.

"Yeah..." Yolanda confirmed, "But then we do what I want."

"Deal." Courtney grinned again.

"And you have to get naked first." Yolanda quickly added.

"Double deal." Courtney smirked.

Honestly, Courtney wasn't sure that responds worked, but Yolanda didn't seem to care, especially as Courtney then pulled off her top slowly and seductively. She had practiced in the mirror this morning, and apparently it had worked, given the look she got from Yolanda. She tried to do the same thing with her bra, with less success. God, some women made it look easy, but hers was fiddly. And true, there was no sexy way to take off one's shoes and socks. Luckily all she had to do was turn around and bend over slightly to get things back on track as she removed her booty shorts, and then her panties. Yeah, that was definitely successful. Then she looked at Yolanda, silently telling her that it was her turn, but the other girl just stared at her now naked body.

So Courtney asked, "Want some help with that?"

Which unsurprisingly made Yolanda blush, but then she nodded, and together they removed her far less flattering clothes. Seriously, Courtney knew that Yolanda had been through a bad experience, but it seemed criminal to hide her amazing body. And if her friend needed a pick me up, Courtney was happy to give it to her. Mostly in the form of kissing, as it always seemed to get the new Wildcat out of her head. Oh yes, the kissing helped the brunette relax, especially as it wasn't just her lips the blonde was kissing. No, Courtney started kissing Yolanda's neck, along the upper part of the chest, and even nibbling at her ears, anything to distract the other girl from the fact that she was now naked.

Yolanda couldn't forget that fact completely, especially given what they were doing, but Courtney's lips were definitely helping. And she wanted this, she really did. So she pushed herself through whatever concerns she had and just tried to enjoy this moment. Which was surprisingly easy at first, especially as just when the brunette was getting frustrated that the blonde was taking too long she began kissing downwards, her lips, gradually traveling up one breast and taking a nipple into her mouth. Oh God, someone was sucking on her tits! Another girl! Another girl was sucking her tits for the very first time, and it was the most important girl in the entire world to her, the little goddess known as Courtney Whitmore. Oh fuck, Yolanda felt so overwhelmed.

"You need to be quiet, baby, or we're going to get caught?" Courtney whispered softly, only briefly pausing the nipple sucking to do so.

Initially this caused Yolanda to frown, then she realized just how loud she was being. Oh God, she was moaning loudly, without anything covering her face! Oh fuck, those sounds were echoing throughout the room, and maybe throughout the whole school. Oh shit, she needed to shut up, and she needed to do it now. So Yolanda quickly covered her hand with her mouth, while blushing furiously. Which annoyingly caused Courtney to giggle with delight. Well, the brunette was glad that the blonde was having fun, but if they actually got caught she'd die of embarrassment. They both would. Something she reminded the other girl by glaring down at her, but this just got another happy, and infuriating, giggle.

Which in turn caused Yolanda to groan, and she opened her mouth to complain, but unfortunately she then found herself letting out a loud cry, as whether by accident, or on purpose, Courtney chose that moment to swirl her tongue around one of her nipples. Whatever the intent behind it, Courtney was right to glare up at her, causing Yolanda to whimper, and then cover her mouth with her hand to stop anymore sounds like that. It was extremely hard though, because this perfect girl insisted on going back and forth between her tits for what felt like an eternity, constantly licking and sucking her nipples to the point of madness. Because it felt so good, but selfishly, Yolanda wanted more. And one way or another, they should probably stop soon.

Thankfully before it became too overwhelming Courtney finally moved away from her boobs and slowly kissed her way downwards. Which of course had it's own challenges, given that the other girl's lips, this girl's lips, was getting closer and closer to where Yolanda wanted them the most. Something which became increasingly overwhelming, the closer that Courtney got to her final destination. Which took a frustratingly long time, but eventually she got there, and Yolanda could feel the other girl's hot breath against her needy little pussy. Which caused her to take a calming breath, close her eyes, and get ready to be reintroduced to her favourite sensation in the whole wide world. Only nothing could truly prepare her for it, and when she did finally get it she lost the ability to think coherently for a few long seconds, maybe even a few minutes.

Courtney had never found her own vagina all that interesting, or felt the urge to go online and search other ones out. Meeting Yolanda had awakened something inside of her, but she still hadn't been brave enough to research this particular area. Even after they'd had sex she hadn't really been brave enough. Although to be fair, she had less than 24 hours, and her priority was obviously how Yolanda was feeling. especially given how things had ended. But now she found herself wishing she'd done the research, as the closer she got to her destination, and especially when she was hovering right over it, the more nervous she got. Which was kind of crazy, given that she had done this before now, but she was hardly a veteran of it, and the circumstances were different.

Last time, it had just kind of happened. Everything had just happened so fast that she hadn't had a chance to get into her own head about it, but now it was a struggle to turn off her brain and just do it. Mostly because she was worried about disappointing Yolanda, or she already was, or the last thing time had been a fluke, and that somehow she wouldn't like it the second time. Or it would just be weird. Or any number of things really. But luckily that wasn't the case. No, when she finally leaned her head down, stuck out her tongue, and slid it over the other girl's pussy caused both of them to let out a loud cry of pleasure. And mostly Yolanda's cry totally drowned out Courtney's, but honestly, that was probably a good thing, as it just provided more encouragement.

Encouragement was something that Courtney definitely needed in that moment, as she was still overwhelmed with nervousness. Or maybe just whelmed, because hearing Yolanda let out a loud cry, followed by a soft whimper, was incredibly erotic. And she continued to let out wonderful sounds like that, as the blonde continued the process, licking the brunette's pussy lips with long, slow strokes. Oh yes, Yolanda Montez continued crying out, whimpering, and even moaning as Courtney Whitmore licked her pussy. Those last words echoed in her mind over and over again, in some form or another, which again provided wonderful encouragement. And then there was the taste. Oh God, the taste! Not as good as girl cum, but again, that was another thing which pushed Courtney to continue.

Most of all though, the longer she did this, the more comfortable she felt, as she was bombarded by all that encouragement. Which was just all different forms of proof that she was pleasing Yolanda Montez, which was the main priority right now. It also mostly proved that Courtney wasn't straight. She might not be 100% gay, but she definitely wasn't 100% straight either. Unsurprisingly she hadn't picked a label in less than 24 hours, and this wasn't exactly the time to think about it, but she did, and for better or worse it echoed in her mind throughout the pussy licking. Luckily, whatever she was thinking, she continued working over her friend, doing everything she could to make the other girl feel good.

Yolanda wasn't even sure where to start labelling herself, or if she'd even want too. Luckily she didn't have to decide that now, or anything for that matter. No, all she had to do was lay back and enjoy, which was pretty much what she did, at least at first. Oh yes, Courtney Whitmore's tongue was a gift from God, just for her. Or at least that's how it felt like and as it turned out, Courtney's mouth was also a gift, something she proved, simply by wrapping her mouth around her entrance, and gently sucking some of Yolanda's pussy cream pretty much straight down her throat and into her belly. God, that felt amazing too. Everything was amazing. Courtney was amazing. Oh God.

Then Yolanda accidentally allowed her hands to wander away from her face, and she was reminded why that was such a bad thing, as almost immediately she let out a loud cry of pleasure, which sounded deafening in the otherwise silent room. Flushing with embarrassment she quickly covered her mouth again, and pretended not to notice Courtney giving her a look. As if this was entirely her fault? Please, if anything, this was all Courtney's fault, for making her feel so damn good. And being so hot. And freaking perfect, annoyingly so. And, well, everything really. Although it was very noticeable Yolanda wasn't exactly asking her to stop. In fact, she was doing the exact opposite, grabbing a handful of that pretty hair and pushing that pretty little face more firmly against her needy centre.

It was just something she couldn't stop herself from doing in that moment, along with offering a few bad words. They were mostly in Spanish so that Courtney wouldn't understand them, but they would definitely get her into trouble with her family. Or more accurately, more in trouble. Especially if they knew the circumstances. Oh God, were they homophobic? Yolanda didn't know for sure, but they were extremely religious, so probably. And this wouldn't exactly be a good way for them to find out. Hell, they already thought she was a shameless slut just for a few photos, and finding that she had any type of sex in the locker room of the school wouldn't help, even if she was pretty sure they were alone.

Of course, there was always the chance that the janitor would come in here to clean, or someone had detention, or some other reason for staying late, and heard something. For that reason she tried to keep a lookout for any signs that they had been discovered, but it was hard to concentrate on that when Courtney Whitmore was licking her pussy. Especially when the loudest sounds around were still coming from her. And she was beginning to think that even if they were discovered, she wouldn't let Courtney up. No, she would pin the white girl down, and order her to keep licking, and tell the other person to fuck off, even if it was a member of her own family, or all of them, because it just felt so amazing.

That thought should be really off-putting, and at first it was, especially when she thought about the possibility of her family being the ones who discovered them. Or Courtney's. Either way, they wouldn't take fuck off as an answer, and would punish her for it. Of course, the worst possibility of all was that it would be her ex-boyfriend, or his new girlfriend, or anyone in their friend group. The ones who had taken great pleasure in humiliating her by sharing those photos around, and would probably take some pictures of her with Courtney's head in between her legs, and show them around. Courtney might be okay, as no one could see her face, but Yolanda would be outed as gay, and before she could even try and explain away that label horrible things would appear on her locker again, even worse than before.

Admittedly, these were the worst possible scenarios, but after what Yolanda had experienced, how could she not linger on those thoughts? Which bizarrely turned out to be a good thing, as it allowed her to just lay there for what felt like an eternity with Courtney Whitmore gently licking her pussy. Which should be the opposite of what she wanted to achieve, given their surroundings, but she just couldn't help it. This was heaven, and she wanted it to last forever. No matter what the cost. But eventually even the worst case scenario couldn't put her off from wanting more. Needing more. And willing to do anything, or say anything, to get it. Even if it did take a long time to be able to say anything. Or more accurately, saying anything coherent, which wouldn't echo throughout the school.

But eventually Yolanda just had to take her hand away from her mouth, and desperately plead, "More! Oh God Courtney, please... give me more. Oh fuck! Oh Courtney! Oh my God, that's so good, soooooooooo goooooooooddddddddddd, mmmmmmmm, but I need more. Please? Oooooooooooh please, oh God, mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Courtney! COURTNEY! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooddddddddddd, fuck me! Oh Courtney! Oh my God, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!"

Fortunately, Courtney was quick to give her what she wanted, without Yolanda needing to be specific. Unfortunately, once she started that encouragement Yolanda struggled to stop, and more importantly keep her voice down. Especially as Courtney was done warning her against it, and even made it worse by giving her that more that she had been begging for. And really, how was Yolanda supposed to be responsible for her actions when Courtney Whitmore was starting to focus on her clit, at first hitting it with every other lick, and then just flat out concentrating on it alone. Oh God, she even took it into her mouth, so she could start sucking on it. As well as licking it, bringing poor Yolanda to the edge of orgasm and what felt like seconds.

Honestly it felt like she'd been on that edge for like hours, but whatever the case when she was finally pushed over that edge, it provided the hardest climax of her life. That included the other ones which this tiny goddess had given her, most likely because all of the build-up had resulted in the orgasm being supersized. For better or for worse, it was the exact same thing with the following orgasms, which bombarded her with so much ecstasy she lost the ability to think coherently. That amount of pleasure was obviously the good part, but even as she became deliriously blissful she was worried that she would lose control over her mouth, and despite desperately holding both hands now over her face she was probably making enough noise to at least be heard outside the room.

Courtney was dully aware of that, and deep down she knew that was a problem which should be addressed, but she couldn't think of anything right now which didn't involve something fucking Yolanda Montez, and that was just completely unacceptable to her right now. Especially when she was getting such a wonderful reward for all her hard work. After all, the whole point of this was so that Yolanda would cum nice and hard for her. Also, to make sure that Yolanda Montez was worshiped as she deserved to be, but mostly so she would make her cum hard, and receive a reward for it. Namely, girl cum squirting all over her face, and directly down her throat.

Back when Yolanda had been riding her face, most of that heavenly liquid had ended up covering Courtney's face, and inevitably a large portion ended up there again, and that was fine. Courtney liked it, because it marked her as what she was in that moment, a pussy slut. Or at least, a slut for this pussy. And better yet, a slut for Yolanda Montez. Oh yes, Courtney Whitmore was a slut for Yolanda Montez, and this proved it. But another thing that proved that was just how much of that precious liquid she was greedily swallowing. And God, it was so tasty. Somehow, even tastier than regular pussy cream, which was really saying something, as far as she was concerned.

So as soon as she got the chance Courtney wrapped her mouth around Yolanda's entrance, and swallowed as much of that yummy liquid as she could. Then when it started to run out, she did the one thing she had been avoiding throughout the pussy licking, but really wanted to do. Namely shove her tongue into the other girl's pussy as deep as it would go, and fuck her with it. Which of course, soon had Yolanda cumming again, wonderfully hard, providing more yummy girl cum to try to swallow, and then mostly end up on her face. Which was a process which was repeated over and over again, until she had to be stopped. Something that she resisted at first, as she honestly never wanted to stop, but then she realized the implications of that, and abruptly stopped.

Terrified they had been caught, Courtney quickly looked over her shoulder, and then sighed in relief when she saw that no one was there. She then looked upwards and frowned, only for realization to finally hit. Her friend was looking absolutely exhausted, and while Courtney really love the idea of fucking Yolanda Montez into unconsciousness, once her mouth was away from the tasty treat in front of her she was over come by need radiating from her own body. Luckily, she wouldn't have to wait long for her friend to return the favour, as the next thing she knew she was being pulled upwards into a passionate kiss. One which involved the other girl tasting herself on her lips and tongue, and in her mouth, which only added to both of their enjoyment.

Yolanda hadn't really thought about that when the kissing started, it had just been something she needed to do in the moment, and she wasn't about to let that realization stop her from kissing Courtney Whitmore. And honestly, it wasn't even that bad. In fact, she wanted it more than she was maybe comfortable admitting, even to herself. Luckily she had a great distraction, in the form of kissing Courtney Whitmore. Oh yes, she was consumed by that kiss, so much so that she completely forgot the other things she was supposed to be doing for a few long seconds. That was until this cute little blonde girl humped herself against Yolanda's thigh, which was a reminded of what she was doing.

For a second she froze, unable to believe what she was feeling, and then she slid her right hand straight down in between Courtney's legs, needing to touch the proof directly. And oh God, it was true! Courtney Whitmore was wet for her! Which wasn't exactly a surprise, given what else they had gone through, but it drove her crazy. Especially when the other hand moved down to squeeze that heavenly ass. Then the next thing Yolanda knew, she was breaking the kiss, and forcefully turning the other girl onto her stomach, and then sliding herself downwards. The entire time she gently played with the blonde's pussy, which gave her a few long seconds just to stare at the amazing prize in front of her.

Then a soft voice protested the pause, "Yolanda... please?"

Before Courtney could utter another word, Yolanda buried her face in between those cheeks. It was weird, embarrassing, and ridiculous, but Yolanda just couldn't help herself. She had no idea what she was doing, all she knew was that she wanted... no, she needed to do this. Honestly, she wasn't even sure what this was, especially given she just left her face there for a few long seconds. Then she started rubbing her face back and forth, as if she was motor-boating the blonde girl's big booty. Oh God, that was exactly what she was doing! Oh God, this was so humiliating. And yet, she just couldn't seem to stop. And when she finally did, it was just to cover those meaty cheeks in kisses.

She had no idea what she could possibly say to justify this later, but thankfully Courtney was too distracted to say anything right now, as the entire time that Yolanda was doing that ridiculous shit, she was shoving two fingers into the other girl's pussy and then fucking her with them. Oh God, that was definitely Little Miss Perfect's main focus right now. Well that, and keeping herself nice and quiet. Or at least, as quiet as she could be, Yolanda taking way too much satisfaction out of making this girl squirm after everything she had done to her. Hell, maybe she was distracting her so much that she didn't even realize just how weird Yolanda was being.

Courtney was hyperaware of everything Yolanda was doing to her, and the last thing she wanted was for it to stop. Any of it really. Even the butt stuff. Maybe especially the butt stuff as it felt way better than she thought it would. Not that she had really thought about it much before Yolanda started doing this, but she was thinking about it now. And thinking about Yolanda shoving a finger up her ass last time they had sex, and just how hard that had made her cum. Admittedly, just like then her pussy had been under attack, but those things definitely added to her enjoyment, which made her curious about other things, one of which she eventually got without even having to ask for it, although she got close.

Just as she was about to ask if Yolanda was going to kiss another part of her butt, she did. Oh God, the other girl actually pushed her face in between her ass cheeks and kissed her forbidden hole. Which was gross and disgusting, but it was also really exciting. Especially as it was followed up with a cautious lick, which was followed by another, and another, and another. Oh God yes, Yolanda Montez was licking her most private hole, rimming her, eating her ass out! Oh God, another girl was eating her ass! Oh God! This was so wrong. And so hot! Courtney loved every second of it, something she made clear with her constant moans, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure.

She desperately tried to muffle them by holding both of her hands over her face, but this double attack was just so overwhelming. Especially after everything she'd gone through. Also her rock hard nipples were digging into the hard floor, and they were still in danger of getting caught having sex on school property. And, not to be outdone by Yolanda's tongue, Yolanda's fingers were curling inside of her pussy, attacking the wonderful specials spot inside of her, while the brunette's thumb rubbed the blonde's clit. And yet, she still wasn't cumming, because weather it was on purpose or not the other girl was keeping her agonizingly close to climax, without getting her to go over that edge.

Initially Courtney was reluctant to say another word, because she couldn't trust her own voice at this point, but eventually she cautiously pulled her hand away from her mouth and whimpered, "Please Yolanda, make me cum! Fuck me baby, mmmmmmmm, fuck me hard. Fuck Twinkle! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, fuck me Kitty, tongue fuck my ass and finger my pussy, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me fuck me fuck me oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss, make me cum make me cum make me cum, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh God, oh Kitty!"

For better or for worse, it wasn't long before Courtney got what she wanted, desperately trying to cover her mouth again in the process, although even then she couldn't stop herself from babbling encouragement mindlessly. She just couldn't help it, not when Yolanda Montez was making her cum. Gosh, she didn't even have to try that hard. No, all it took after all that build-up was a slight increase in the fingering to make her go crashing over the edge of a nice hard orgasm. Although that wasn't all she got, as Yolanda started to literally try and tongue her butt. She didn't get very far, but it was far enough to intensify the pleasure Courtney was feeling, which was really saying something.

Yolanda was the one making Courtney cum, and yet Yolanda felt like she was the one acting like a mindless slut. It was something that she would no doubt hate herself for later, but for now she was too overwhelmed by lust to really concentrate on that feeling of shame. Which was definitely a good thing, as she spent what felt like an eternity attacking Courtney Whitmore's perfect little bubble butt with her mouth and tongue. Oh God, how could a girl this tiny, and a white girl at that, have a booty this big and juicy? And why did it drive Yolanda crazy? Why did she want to do unspeakable things to it, to the point that she completely lost control over her own body, and indulged in a few of those desires?

Thankfully Courtney didn't seem to mind. In fact, given her little outburst she was very much in favour of it, which was very much a relief for Yolanda. Well, she could have done without those stupid pet names that Courtney came up with, but she was too preoccupied at the moment to truly be bothered by them. Too lost in the heaven that was Courtney Whitmore's perfect little fat ass. Too lost in kissing it, licking it, and eventually even fucking it. Well, sort of. She tried pushing her tongue into it, and although she unsurprisingly didn't get very far, she was able to hammer her tongue against that incredibly tight back door, and in that moment it was enough for her. Also apparently enough for Courtney, as it made her cum again.

Considering just how many times Courtney had made her cum Yolanda was more than ready to return the favour, but for better or for worse the other girl pushed back against her, silently telling her she had to stop. For a horrifying moment Yolanda worried that she had taken things too far or something, only for the other girl to roll over and give her a smile which lit up the whole room. It was a smile which Yolanda automatically returned, and even though her own smile probably wasn't nearly as wide, it was a reminder that she had smiled more with Courtney Whitmore in a week or so, then she had over the last six months. The smile faded into an awkward silence, and then Courtney was cautiously moving downwards so she could press her lips against Yolanda's.

Wildcat and Stargirl then made out for several long minutes, Yolanda hyperaware that her naked body was pressed against the equally naked body of another girl's, and despite the fact that she was exhausted and satisfied in a way masturbation never left her, she craved more. Oh God, It felt like she could never get enough of Courtney Whitmore. Plus this moment had the added bonus of Yolanda getting to taste her own cum and pussy cream on Courtney's lips and tongue again, while Stargirl was tasting her own ass hole on hers, making this kiss their most perverted yet. Then when the blonde finally broke it, she smiled softly at the brunette, and then snuggled into her body. Something that Wildcat had no problem with.

"Don't run." Courtney then whispered into her friend's shoulder, "Please? I understand, this is scary, but-"

"I'm not going anywhere." Yolanda promised abruptly, and unfortunately sounding less sure than she intended.

"Yeah?" Courtney cautiously checked.

"Yeah." Yolanda confirmed softly, before smiling, and distracting the other girl with something that she knew would make her happy, "Why would I? We're Twinkle Kitty."

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