Twinkle Kitty

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Yolanda Montez wasn't staring at Courtney Whitmore's ass. And if she was, she was just admiring the other girl in a totally platonic way. Or at least, that was what she was going to say if she got caught. Or maybe accuse Courtney of having some kind of weird seduction powers. Or blame it on the costume. Because seriously, she had known Courtney was cute from the start, but she hadn't given her a second look at first. Not until she came out of that closet, oh ha ha, in her Stargirl costume, looking like some superhero nerd's fantasy, and all of a sudden Yolanda was a wreck. Gay Panic? No, she wasn't gay! She just... she was just lucky that she had a lot of practice keeping her face cold and blank. But she been desperately trying to hold onto that week ever since, and even then she couldn't stop the occasional complement from slipping out.

Then it had been her turn to go in the closet and then come out of it, but this wasn't a metaphor or anything, looking absolutely ridiculous in a frumpy costume, made for a man. The helmet had somehow taken care of the measurements, if not the smell, but she didn't really think of any of that, she was too busy running after a girl she barely knew, and trying and failing not to stare at her. Luckily Courtney was preoccupied looking for non-existent crime, in a town which probably had never seen any. At least not anything really bad. Something which she would never consider before, but apparently Courtney Whitmore could talk her into anything. And it was impossible to complain, given that they mostly stuck to rooftops so as not to be seen, meaning that Courtney was constantly leaning over the side of one to get a better look, like right now.

Each time she did that, it made Courtney's ass practically burst out of the spandex, Yolanda so lost in staring at it she almost didn't hear her new friend sighing, "I'm sorry, I was so sure there would be more action than this."

Luckily Yolanda lifted her eyes just in time for Courtney to turn to her, at which point she shrugged it off, partly to try and hide her blush, "It's okay, it's been nice just to hang out."

"It is?" Courtney grinned widely, now giving Yolanda her full and undivided attention.

"Well, yeah..." Yolanda said, beginning to hate when Courtney looked at her with puppy dog eyes, "What?"

"Nothing." Courtney lied with a happy grin, closing the distance between them, "It's just, we've come a long way, that's all. You know, from you wanting nothing to do with me, to now always finding a seat next to me in class, or at lunch, and walking home together, and the texting, and just, you know, the whole superhero thing."

"Yeah, I was there." Yolanda quipped, "What's with the recap?"

"I know... I just..." Courtney stammered, "I know we haven't been doing this for very long, but I just wanted to say I'm so, so grateful for you coming out with me. It means a lot."

"No problem." Yolanda smiled softly, trying not to think about how Courtney's last words could have a double meaning.

"And, and I just want to say..." Courtney continued softly, when suddenly she heard a weird sound, "Wait, what was that?"

"It's probably nothing." Yolanda said dismissively, before gently pushing, "What were you going to say?"

But Courtney was already leaning over the side of the building again, at which point she softly but enthusiastically exclaimed, "Oh my God!"

Which made Yolanda sigh, once again reluctantly following the other girl. even leaning over the building this time and then sigh again, and with more frustration than before, when she saw a man trying to break into the ATM below, "Oh God!"

"I knew it!" Courtney softly exclaimed, "I knew all we had to do was wait in the sketchy part of town long enough, and we'd get one!"

"So what do you want to do?" Yolanda questioned cautiously.

"You jumped down to the left, I'll jumped down to the right, and we'll corner him." Courtney said brightly, thinking on her feet.

Given that Yolanda didn't have a better idea, and it was probably a bad idea to hang out here and strategize, giving him time to get away she simply nodded. Then started slowly climbing down the side of the building with her claws while her friend used her magic staff to float down. God, Yolanda's life had got so weird lately. Especially as this stuff was like second nature to her already. Further proof of the weirdness came when she then found herself on one side of the inspiring criminal, and Courtney on the other. Yolanda tried approaching slowly and carefully to take him out, and she almost got there, only for Courtney to ruin it by giving him a warning.

"Hey, stop!" Courtney called out, prompting him to break the glass of a nearby door, and ran into the store, "Hey, no fair."

"Yeah, it's like he doesn't even want to get caught." Yolanda quipped dryly, before reassuring her friend, "It's okay, I got him."

Only that wasn't true, Yolanda didn't have him. She didn't have him at all, given that the store was very dark. Surely she should have some kind of enhanced vision, or something? But no, she ran after him, and she tripped over something and landed in a pile of boxes. God, it was so embarrassing. Some superhero she was. Oh well, at least it couldn't get any worse. Only it could, because Courtney helpfully found the light switch, turning it on to reveal Yolanda was sitting in a pile of dildos, in the lesbian section of a sex store. Almost like the universe was trying to tell her something. Although at least the sex toys were all in boxes, although that was little comfort, given that both girls were so embarrassed it gave the would-be thief plenty of time to get the hell out of dodge.

"Damn it, he got away." Courtney whined after what felt like an hour of staring, finally realizing it was just them now.

"How rude of him." Yolanda grumbled.

"It's probably for the best. I mean, what are we going to do, charge him with almost breaking into a ATM? Well, I guess he did commit a crime while trying to get away, but... you know, it's not much to go on." Courtney rambled weakly, desperately trying to fill the awkward silence, "And, how weak is this place's security? I mean, there was a break-in, and nothing. I thought everyone had security nowadays."

"Maybe they can't afford it." Yolanda finally said something, her voice just as weak, "Or they didn't care. I mean, hello, everyone has the Internet now."

"Only in a town like this, right?" Courtney scoffed, realizing to late that she'd just insulted her friend's hometown, so she quickly picked up one of the boxes which were surrounding Yolanda, and scoffed, "And God, just look at this thing? How could it possibly go, anywhere?"

"It could be fun to try." Yolanda said without thinking, as she imagined pushing it into Courtney's little pussy, her cute mouth, or even her perfect ass. Then she realized what she said, blushed furiously, and then stammered, "I mean, if I had a hell of a lot more experience, you know?"

"I, I guess..." Courtney stammered, before pointing out, "We, we should put everything back the way it was, right?"

"Yeah, let's do that." Yolanda quickly agreed, the two girls quickly picking up the sex toys and putting them back on the shelf.

Although that wasn't the only thing which had falled down, Courtney reluctantly picking up a DVD, and then reading the title allowed in disbelief, "Sorority Sisters Part 14? That doesn’t sound so bad."

"Wanna bet?" Yolanda grumbled.

"I'm sure it's..." Courtney said while turning the DVD over, and then she quickly turned it over again, "Oh."

"At least that one looks like it has a plot. This one just as Lesbian Lovers 69." Yolanda scoffed, picking another DVD off of the floor.

"Wow, that's a lot of Lesbian Lovers." Courtney quipped, before blushing.

"I think it means..." Yolanda hesitantly began pointing out.

"No, I got it." Courtney snapped, hating the fact that it took her a second, making her look like a dumb blonde.

The two girls just stood there, DVDs in hand for several long minutes, before simultaneously turning them over and looking at the backs, in Courtney's case again. Yolanda knew that would be a mistake, but she just couldn't resist looking. What she found there was no big surprise, but it still made her blush. What was actually surprising, was that Courtney had done the same. Admittedly, that was probably out of morbid curiosity, and she was half expecting her friend to exclaim, 'ewww, gross'. But she didn't. No, the two of them just continued staring at the backs of those DVDs, before abruptly putting them back on the shelf, and picking up the rest without looking, and putting them back where they belonged.

"Right, I... I guess we should be going now." Courtney said awkwardly, although it was telling that she didn't move away from the DVDs, and just stared at them, while waiting for Yolanda to say something.

"I guess." Yolanda said weakly, and maybe in some other universe that was it. But in this one she chose to be brave, and asked, "Wha, what did you mean?"

"When?" Courtney frowned, finally turning to her friend.

"On the roof." Yolanda gently pushed, after taking a calming breath.

"Which part?" Courtney quipped, "I talk a lot, especially when I'm nervous."

"I make you nervous?" Yolanda joked, although she was emboldened by the reaction she got.

"No!" Courtney protested a little too sharply, and then quickly added, "Well, I'm nervous I'm going to get hurt, or worse, you're going to get hurt, and I'm the one who dragged you into this. But it's a good kind of nervous. Not that I want us to get hurt, it's just, it's a rush, you know? Because I love this, I really do. I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed too, you know? But it's-"

"Nerve-racking. Yeah, I know." Yolanda smiled softly, Courtney smiling back which melted her insides, and left her speechless for a few long seconds. Then Yolanda broke the silence by reminding her friend, "You were saying, you were grateful for me coming out with you. It meant a lot. you just wanted to say, something..."

"Oh that." Courtney mumbled.

"Yes, that." Yolanda said softly.

There was a long pause, then Courtney softly said, "Thank you. I wanted to say thank you."

"Oh..." Yolanda murmured, unable to hide her disappointment.

"Why?" Courtney gulped, "What did you think I was going to say?"

She really, really should dismiss that as nothing, but Courtney was just staring at her with this look on her face, and in her eyes, and it suddenly felt like they were close to almost touching, and Yolanda could have sworn that the other girl looked down at her lips. Or did she? No, it had to be a trick of the light or something, but all of a sudden Yolanda just couldn't stop herself. She had to kiss Courtney Whitmore. She needed it like oxygen. But sadly it suddenly felt like they were a million miles apart, like she was going to trip over again on her way to those lips, and when she finally made contact, she moved so fast that she smashed their teeth together. What was worse, was that Courtney didn't kiss her back, just remained frozen, obviously hating every second of it.

Amazingly when Yolanda pulled away and tried to apologize without completely breaking down all she got out was, "I'm sorry, I-"

When Courtney grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into another kiss. Honestly it was just as awkward as the first, because now it was Yolanda's turn to freeze up, but as she had been the one to start this Courtney didn't seem to find that off-putting. No, she just moved her lips against those frozen ones for a few long seconds, before pulling away and giggling adorably, which actually pushed Yolanda into giggling. Her version was more nervous than Courtney's, but then the other girl gave her a soft look, which made Yolanda feel a lot better about herself, and at ease with the situation. Which had to be one of Stargirl's powers, or something. Then, finally, Stargirl and Wildcat both leaned forward to kiss each other.

That made all the difference in the world, and Yolanda found herself melting into the kiss. All her fears and doubts, the bad things that had happen to her, and even the ability to think pretty much melted away, and all that mattered was kissing this ridiculously perfect girl. Because of course, Courtney Whitmore was just as good at kissing, as she seemed to be at everything else. And okay, maybe it was a weird place to have a first kiss, but Yolanda couldn't care less, especially because she didn't think about that until much later. Admittedly, it also wasn't the place to have a second or third kiss, and who knows how many more after that. But that didn't stop them. No, they just got completely lost in each other, and it was amazing.

After what felt like an eternity Courtney broke that kiss and pointed out softly, "We can't stay here."

"I know." Yolanda said defensively, unsure what to say after that.

There was another pause and, and then Courtney asked softly, "Walk me home?"

"Sure." Yolanda smiled softly.

"Great." Courtney smiled softly, taking Yolanda's hand in hers, and pulled her out of the store.


Courtney loved holding hands with Yolanda. She did it all the time with her best friend in her hometown, and even a few other friends, so it was no big deal. Right? Or at least, that's what she kept telling herself, even though she knew it was a lie. Because it had never quite felt this electric before, and was even more charged now, they had kissed. God, Courtney felt like her hand was tingling, and so was her lips. It left her feeling guilty, and stupid, the two of them walking hand-in-hand to her home, without even bothering to stay in the shadows, despite the fact they were in their superhero costumes. There were only a few cars which past them in the process, and no people, meaning that no one got a good look at them, but it must've seemed like a strange sight to glance.

Neither of them seemed to care though, as they were too busy reliving those kisses, and the relief that their crush wasn't unrequited. Or at least, Courtney was. It was always hard for her to tell what Yolanda was thinking, but never more so than now. She was more than half expecting the other girl to freak out, tell her that she wasn't gay and that kiss was a mistake which only happened because she got caught up in the moment. Mostly because a big part of Courtney wanted to say the same thing, because she was scared and confused. But she was also excited, and happier than she'd ever been. So she just kept her mouth shut, and hope that the other girl wanted her, as much as she wanted her.

"So, we're here." Courtney announced awkwardly and unnecessarily once they reached their destination.

"Yeah." Yolanda said awkwardly.

Courtney took a deep and calming breath, and then asked, "So, do you want to come in for a bit? You know, just to talk? Because... we should... you know, talk?"

"Yeah." Yolanda awkwardly repeated.

The two girls then made their way up to Courtney's bedroom window, the blonde on her flying staff, while the brunette simply used her claws to climb up and into the open window. Courtney followed her in, close the window behind them, and then they just stood there for a few long seconds in an awkward silence. Or should that be another one? Courtney had been understandably distracted on her way back home, but the closer she got the more aware she was that they weren't saying anything to each other, and that it felt increasingly awkward, and even more so now. But Courtney wasn't sure how to start, or even what to say. Or even what she wanted to say. Although at least it seemed that Yolanda was in the same boat.

"So..." Courtney finally started.

"So?" Yolanda gulped, and then because there was more silence panicked, "Please don't take the suit away!"

"What?" Courtney frowned.

"Don't take the suit." Yolanda repeated, "This is like the only good thing to happen to me in a long time. The best thing! And if I made a mistake, I'm sorry. Just please don't-"

"I'm not going to take the suit." Courtney interrupted softly.

"Oh." Yolanda said softly, "Good."

"This is the best thing that ever happened to me too." Courtney smiled.

"Oh?" Yolanda smiled softly.

"Yeah, it just feels natural, you know? Like... it was meant to be?" Courtney said.

"I know..." Yolanda softly agreed, before taking a calming breath, and telling herself to be brave as she cautiously added, "We're... we're still talking about the suits, right?"

"Maybe." Courtney hummed dismissively, now feeling emboldened enough to start closing the distance between them, even if it was only by a few steps at first. Then her eyes lit up and she gasped, "Oh, I just got the best idea. How about we call you Kitty-Cat?"

"What?" Yolanda frowned, more confused than ever at the sudden change in conversation.

"You know, as a codename?" Courtney explained, taking a few more steps forwards, "I'm Stargirl, because my Dad was Starman, but we can't just switch the gender on your codename, and just calling you Wildcat would be lazy. Besides, you're not very wild. More like a domesticated Kitty-Cat. So how about we use that as your codename? Genius, right?"

For a horrifying moment Yolanda thought Courtney was serious, but then the other girl started giggling, and had a goofy smile on her face, which gave her hope, but she had to check, "You're joking, right?"

"Duh." Courtney laughed, and then more when Yolanda breathed a sigh of relief, "God, you should see your face?"

"It's not funny!" Yolanda pouted.

"It's pretty funny." Courtney disagreed, "And I thought things were getting a bit heavy, so we could do with a laugh."

"Well  I've had enough 'jokes' at my expense." Yolanda grumbled.

"I know, I'm sorry... I didn't think about that." Courtney said apologetically, taking a few more steps forwards until she was right in front of the other girl, and then after a brief pause offered, "You, you could come up with a silly nickname for me, if you like? Like, how about Twinkle? You know, like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

"I get it." Yolanda smiled.

"Or should that be, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stargirl?" Courtney offered with a chuckle.

"God, that's terrible." Yolanda protested, but she couldn't help chuckling too.

"And our team name can be Twinkle Kitty!" Courtney grinned.

Suddenly stepping into the other girl's personal space Yolanda growled, "You talk too much."

It was cowardly, but Courtney was actually hoping that if she talked enough, Yolanda would make a move, one way or another. She wanted to make the move herself, but was too afraid that Yolanda would freak out on her. Then she was worried that she had ruined the mood by trying to make jokes, and she probably had, but luckily for them both Yolanda was willing to be more bold than she was, at least when it came to bringing their bodies closer together. However, there was then a long pause as they both seemed unsure what to do next, before simultaneously moving to press their lips together. It wasn't exactly in one fluid motion, and again, it was awkward at the start, but they got themselves where they needed to be, and then they just relaxed and melted into the kiss.

Yolanda Montez wasn't gay, but she kind of wished she could kiss Courtney Whitmore forever. Her lips were just so soft, and her body felt so good pressed against her own. So right. So, natural. And oh God, that was a tongue! That was a girl's tongue sliding across her lips, asking to be let in. Which was a wish Yolanda didn't hesitate to grant, and the next thing she knew she was teasing Courtney Whitmore with tongue. Something she had done with her ex-boyfriend, but this was like, way better. For some reason. Probably because Courtney Whitmore was just so amazing. And God, why hadn't they done this before, back in the sex shop? Or like, when they first met? Okay, maybe not when they first met, because that would be weird, but soon thereafter, like maybe on their first mission?

Luckily they were getting to make up for lost time now, the two girls making out for what felt like hours. In the process Yolanda was vaguely aware of them moving to the bed, although she honestly wasn't sure whose idea that was. She was definitely the one to pin Courtney to the bed, but that wasn't so much a conscious decision, as it was some kind of instinct. Not that she was complaining, given that meant their bodies were pressed even more firmly against each other. Although it was a reminder that they were still wearing their superhero costumes. Yolanda should probably take off her helmet, as it was kind of heavy, but honestly, she had got so used to it, it felt like part of her, as did the suit. And there was a certain thrill for this being Stargirl and Wildcat making out.

Of course, part of her wanted to ditch the costumes, and see this beautiful blonde in all her glory. But she wasn't so sure she could handle that, or anything more than making out. She definitely couldn't handle a serious conversation about what this was, or what this meant for their partnership. The superhero partnership, not... anything else. Which was why she was so glad to come in talk had been code for make out, just like she hoped it would be. Because they really, really, really couldn't do more than this... but for better or worse, Yolanda just couldn't resist pushing her luck. And it wasn't even her fault, Courtney Whitmore just looked ridiculously good in that superhero costume, very much enhancing her natural assets.

So during the passionate making out Yolanda started sliding her hands over Courtney's perfect little body, and although initially she was able to touch nonthreatening places, she just couldn't resist sliding her hand downwards and underneath the other girl's body so she could grab Courtney's perfect little butt. Or more accurately, that perfect big butt. Which was even more round and juicy than it looked, and after touching it once she just couldn't stop. Thankfully her friend didn't protest, even though she was well within her rights to do so. No, Courtney Whitmore just moaned into her mouth, and returned the favour, making Yolanda push things even further. Maybe too far.

Courtney never wanted to stop kissing Yolanda Montez, but she did when the other girl cupped one of her boobs. She did it as gentle as possible, and there had been warning in the form of Yolanda sliding a hand over the side of her boobs, but this was the first direct contact. One she wasn't even sure her friend made a conscious decision to do, given that as soon as the kiss was broken, Yolanda froze like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She certainly had the expression to go with it, which was honestly really cute. So much so that Courtney wanted to kiss her again, and she did. Which thankfully, Yolanda took as her cue to continue. Just like she was supposed too.

It probably wasn't something that Courtney would've put up with from a guy, especially on a first date. But this wasn't a first date, or a make out session with someone she just met. Well, it was, but they hadn't technically met today. No, they had known each other for a few weeks, and as soon as Courtney recruited Yolanda they had been extremely fast friends, even forming a bond which, if they were being honest, probably went beyond friendship. Like, way beyond. Or at least, that's how it felt to Courtney. Although she wasn't sure Yolanda felt that way too. And Courtney should be shutting this down by now. Instead she allowed herself to be groped, and did her best to return the favour. Although it was kind of hard, given that Yolanda's costume seemed to be made of thicker stuff than her own, and her friend was really pushing them forwards.

After a while Yolanda even took advantage of the fact that her stomach was exposed, as the other hand slid up through her top to cup a bra covered breast. To her credit, Yolanda broke the kiss just before that, and moved her lips down to Courtney's neck, giving her the chance to protest. She also just left her hand on that breast, waiting to see what the other girl would do. Which ultimately was nothing, Courtney telling herself she was to overwhelm to say no, but in reality she didn't want too. It felt too good, and she was just caught up in the moment as the other girl. Which was also the case a short time later when, after just a few minutes of gently caressing that breast through the bra, Yolanda pushed the bra out of the way.

Although a short time later Yolanda did softly whisper, "Can I?"

Honestly, Courtney was so delirious at that point, it took her a few long seconds to realize what that even meant, before she was blushing furiously. Because over the last few minutes that first hand had been joined by a second, which massaged her tits better than she ever had massaged them herself. But now Yolanda's right hand was lingering over her belt, making it very clear what she was asking for. And God, Courtney wanted to give it to her, she really did, but she couldn't. She shouldn't. Hell, she wasn't sure Yolanda wanted her to say yes, given that she looked so nervous right now, biting her lip, while staring at Courtney expectantly. Yes, she should turn this down... but she didn't.

"Take off the gloves first." Courtney whispered softly.

"Huh?" Yolanda frowned, before realization hit, "Oh, right."

Yolanda felt stupid. Of course, Courtney wanted her to take off the gloves, because what if one of the claws popped out when... well, Yolanda was too embarrassed to even think it. Or what she was asking to do. Because if she thought about it, she would totally break down, and she really didn't want to think right now, just go with the flow. So she scrambled to take off those gloves, and then noticed that Courtney was pulling her gloves off, and then her top, pulling it over her hand while somehow keeping her mask on. Then the boots, the belt, and the ridiculously tight shorts were all pulled off, leaving the blonde in just her underwear, and staring nervously at the brunette.

The two girls stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, but eventually Yolanda took off her helmet, causing the costume to become bulky again, allowing her to slip out of it, and thus leaving both of them in their underwear. Which was another thing Yolanda was desperately trying not to think about, and the only way she could stop herself from panicking at this point was to kiss Courtney Whitmore right on the mouth. Especially because if she closed her eyes, then she could no longer see Courtney Whitmore in just her bra and panties. Or more accurately, just her panties, as she didn't move her bra back into place, meaning that her big, perfect boobs were just there, available for Yolanda to look at, but she was scared if she did, if she looked at them directly, she would freak out. Hence the staring at the other girl's eyes, before kissing her.

Of course, it meant that this time when their bodies were pressed against each other there was a lot of bare flesh touching bare flesh, and whatever was covered it was only with a very little amount of fabric. Especially when it came to Yolanda's bra, because even as the kiss pushed most of her thoughts into her rearview mirror, the fact that Courtney Whitmore's big tits were exposed and waiting for her to play with them just wouldn't go away. So after only about a minute of kissing she had to reach down and touch them, gently at first, but with increasing force, especially as it made Courtney moan into her mouth. And, she wasn't proud of it, but Yolanda started to... to hump Courtney, like some sort of animal, desperate to get off. It was truly pathetic, but Courtney moaned even louder into her mouth, and then did the same thing.

Which was all wonderful, but it wasn't enough. Yolanda wanted more. She needed more. And Courtney seemed willing enough, so she just continued going with the flow, which in this case meant sliding her hand back down the other girl's stomach until she was lingering on the waistband of her panties. She then broke the kiss to try and ask permission to move forward, but she couldn't get the words out, and just stared dumbly at the little goddess in front of her. Luckily, the goddess gave a little nod, which was good enough for Yolanda, who immediately slid her hand underneath that fabric, meaning that she was touching another girl's pussy. For the very first time in her life Yolanda was directly touching another girl's pussy, Courtney Whitmore's pussy, and again, she pretty much lost the ability to think.

Courtney didn't think much for the next few minutes either. Hell, she was barely aware of the soft whimper she let out when fingertips slid over her pussy lips, seemingly honing in on her entrance, Yolanda pressing her fingers against it, but then not moving. Which was a little infuriating, but honestly for the best, as there was no way she could handle more at that point. At first Courtney wasn't sure she would ever be able to handle more, only for her rub herself against those fingertips the second she felt the need too. It wasn't a conscious decision, but it happened all the same. Which turned out to be a good thing, as Yolanda didn't hesitate to give her what she wanted. Namely, rubbing her fingers up and down her pussy, making Courtney cry out in pleasure.

Honestly, it was way too loudly, which Yolanda must have realized, because she then silenced Courtney with another kiss. Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was a conscious decision, Courtney didn't know and honestly, she didn't care. Well, she kind of hoped it was a conscious decision, because that meant one of them would be in control here, but honestly it didn't matter. All that mattered was Yolanda Montez was making her feel incredibly good. And technically, this was all just build-up. They were seconds away from crossing the line into... not build-up. And Courtney wanted to ask for it, but she wasn't sure she could get the words out, even if her mouth was free, which it very much wasn't.

She'd never been kissed like this before. God, it was wonderful. She'd had a few passionate make outs before, but never like this. This was needy, desperate, and consuming. Which didn't sound like positives, but in that moment they were. Oh yes, she needed to kiss Yolanda. She needed it more than anything, and not just because she needed to silence her thoughts. No, she was desperate to kiss this girl, the experience consuming her, like they were seemingly trying to consume each other. And oh God, Yolanda was humping herself against Courtney's thigh, and in return Courtney was pushing herself into those fingertips, making things so intense, she thought she was going to cum before she could even receive anything else.

For better or for worse, that wasn't the case, and after what felt like an eternity and yet only a few minutes of this frantic kissing and humping, a finger was pushed inside her. Pushed inside her pussy! Oh God! A finger was pushed inside her pussy! Another girl! Another girl was inside her. Inside her pussy! Yolanda! Yolanda Montez was inside her. Yolanda Montez's finger was inside her pussy, that finger slowly entering that needy little hole, overwhelming Courtney so much that she actually broke the kiss to let out a sharp cry. Luckily she only got about half of it before she was kissed again, which also muffled a little whimper she let out as that finger was pushed all the way inside of her, and was then left there for a few long seconds.

Yolanda's poor brain was pretty much short-circuiting in the same way that Courtney's was, and as a result it took a few long seconds for her to push her finger into the other girl, and then the few seconds she left it there felt like an eternity. And then she just started sliding that finger in and out of that needy little fuck hole. It wasn't even a conscious decision, just something she was doing automatically. Like it was instinct or something. Something she would probably be freaking out about later, but for now, all that mattered was that it felt good, and more importantly Courtney loved it, which was proven by the chorus of whimpers, gasps, cries, and even moans of pure pleasure the blonde was letting out.

Technically Courtney had been making those sounds pretty much since they started, but now they seemed deafening, even though they were muffled by Yolanda's lips. Which was a shame, because Yolanda really, really wanted to just pull back and let Courtney make any sound that she wanted too, as loudly as she wanted too. Ideally while Yolanda kissed her neck, ear and maybe even that pretty little face of hers. Or maybe just stare into Courtney's eyes? But the last thing they wanted was to have Courtney's family discover them. So for better or for worse, the brunette insisted on continuing the kiss, even as the blonde made a few attempts to break it. Then she had to break it herself when she felt a hand sliding down her stomach.

"No!" Yolanda protested firmly, grabbing that hand and holding it in place.

"But I want to touch you." Courtney whined softly, then pleaded, thankfully just as softly, "Please? Let me make you feel good. We can do anything you want. I just, I just don't want to be the only one to, you know..."

Which made Yolanda blush furiously, and then bite her lip thoughtfully. She still couldn't believe what they were doing, and if anything, this little interruption should finally put a stop to it. And for a few long seconds, it did, Yolanda's finger staying perfectly still for a few long seconds, neither continuing... what they were doing before, or stopping it. She got very close to the latter, but then, Courtney Whitmore gave her those damn puppy eyes again, pleading her to do something for her, and poor Yolanda was helpless to resist. Which first meant continuing the movement of her finger, and then she gave Courtney Whitmore the other thing she wanted, in a way which surprised them both.

Namely by turning her body around on top of Courtney, so that her crotch was directly over her face. Which was implying something even more overwhelming than if Courtney simply return the favour, but Yolanda just couldn't help herself. Again, it was instinct, and before she could apologize and take it back, or even figure out why she had done it, Courtney was grabbing her ass and pulling her down on top of her. Pulling her pantie covered pussy down onto her face. Then, Courtney Whitmore was licking her pussy through the thoroughly ruined fabric, forcing Yolanda to let out a very pathetic sound, which was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as she tried to stay quiet, and continue the fingering.

Courtney was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. She had thought for sure that the most she'd be able to do was rub Yolanda's pussy a little bit. Which was arguably what they should've done, as they had already gone way further than they should have. Or Courtney had intended, when she had invited her friend to come in and talk. So, so much further. God, she'd only plan to make out with her a little, and now she was losing her virginity to Yolanda Montez . And yet, she couldn't ever imagine regretting this, as it just felt so right, and wonderful. And she really, really wanted to return some of the amazing pleasure she was feeling. And this was better than she could possibly imagine.

Theoretically, she could have still slipped her fingers into Yolanda's panties, and then into her pussy, from the position that her friend was currently in. But that definitely wasn't what her friend had been hinting at when she made the movement, and she certainly offered up no new form of complaint, telling her to do otherwise. No, Yolanda just continue to let out beautiful sounding moans, gasps, whimpers and cries. Which was amusing to Courtney's ears. They were also kind of dangerous, given their environment, but she was so lost in the moment, and the flavour, that she didn't honestly care. Especially when she finally pushed the panties aside and tasted that heavenly liquid that was Yolanda Montez straight from the source.

She'd had a crush on Yolanda since, well, pretty much ever since they met, but Courtney had been pretty sure nothing would ever come of it, and she hadn't been even sure that she wanted it too. It wasn't like she had dreamt of licking pussy, or even really thought about it, even after kissing Yolanda for the first time, but apparently she should have, because she instantly loved it. Oh God, she loved the taste of pussy! Maybe that was just because it was the pussy of a girl she had an instant connection with, but either way she was internally freaking out. Something she would probably do a lot more of later on, but for now, thankfully she had something to distract her, especially when she moved those panties aside.

Because it had been intense enough tasting the flavour indirectly, but to actually get to slide her tongue directly over Yolanda's pussy lips was indescribable. Like, Courtney literally wasn't sure she could do justice to the experience, other than simply her whole world became nothing but Yolanda Montez. All she could see, smell and taste was pure Yolanda Montez, her friend and another girl, and it was so freaking overwhelming. So much so that she would've probably cum even without the finger inside her. But with that she wasn't sure how long she could keep herself from going over the edge, and at this point she was just desperately trying to make Yolanda cum first, which was more important to her in that moment than even her own pleasure.

Yolanda was selfishly lost in her own pleasure for quite a while, but thankfully her finger continued to fuck Stargirl of it's own accord. Which ironically at this point just increased the amount of pleasure she was receiving. That had been the case when Courtney had been moaning into her mouth, but this was even better, because the vibration of every little sound of pleasure she made against her cunt pushed her ever closer to climax. Meanwhile, she was struggling to keep herself silent by pressing herself into Courtney's thigh to muffle her sounds of pleasure. Something she was worried that wasn't having as much effect as it should do, and that was definitely the case for Courtney's cries, but somehow no one was hearing this, and she wasn't about to complain.

Maybe those sounds weren't as loud as they seemed or the walls were just thick, or even Courtney's family were deep sleepers. Whatever the case Yolanda was extremely grateful they weren't disturbed, and she was sure that Courtney felt the same way. Of course, if she was really worried there was possibly a way she could muffle her cries more than she was already, namely by returning the favour. Doing the exact same thing Courtney Whitmore was doing to her now. But she couldn't. She just couldn't. She wasn't ready for that. Hell, she didn't think Courtney was ready for that, which made her feel really guilty, but not enough to stop what they were doing. Especially when the other girl found her clit.

Just that first little lick, caused Yolanda to let out a loud, sharp cry, causing Courtney to grin wickedly against her sensitive bundle of nerves. Yolanda knew she was in trouble, which was really saying something, considering everything that had come before. Even before the sex, but specifically the fact that she was about to cum at any moment. Something she tried to make up for by shoving a finger into Courtney's cunt, and using the thumb of that hand to rub the other girl's clit. Which got a satisfying sound out of the other girl, but of course, Stargirl took this personally, and then zoomed in on Yolanda's clit, making it a real race to the finish to see who would make the other cum first.

Desperately trying to think of a way to get an edge Yolanda's naughty little mind drifted back to something she had been thinking about ever since seeing Courtney Whitmore's perfect little ass practically bursting out of her Stargirl outfit. Something which was honestly kind of weird and gross, and something she was sure she could ask for, but in the moment, she just did it. Namely, taking the index finger of her free hand to collect some escaped pussy cream, and then slowly pushed her finger into Courtney's ass hole. Something both girls should have absolutely hated, and it should have totally ruined the mood, but it didn't. In fact, it did the other thing. The most embarrassing thing possible.

It made them both cum. There were other factors for both of them, but at least for Yolanda, getting to push her finger into that tiny little forbidden hole gave her the most powerful climax of her life, and she found herself burying her face into Courtney's thigh to try and muffle the cry of pleasure this caused her to let out. She also helpfully rubbed her pussy down onto Courtney's pretty little face, to try and make sure that any sound that her friend made was also muffled. Although she couldn't deny the fact that it increased her own pleasure, especially because she wasn't just holding still, but rubbing herself into that beautiful face, even though it probably meant that her friend couldn't breathe properly.

She then lazily pulled her fingers out of the other girl's pussy, and without even thinking about it pushed them into her mouth, and then moaned happily at the taste. It actually made her cum again, or at least gave her an incredibly powerful aftershock. Either way, she continued sucking those fingers until that yummy flavour was gone, and then she switched fingers. Or at least, she tried, but when she was about to push the other finger into her mouth, she remembered where it had been. And she remembered what she just done. What they had just done. What she was continuing to do. And, better late than never, Yolanda freaked the fuck out, quickly jumping off of Courtney, and then scrambling off of the bed.

"Oh my God!" Yolanda exclaimed way too loudly, and then repeated those words over and over again for the next few minutes.

"It's... it's okay." Courtney tried to reassure softly, but by the time she got those words out Yolanda was already gone.

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