Twinkle Kitty

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"How about now?" Yolanda asked again, beyond tired of waiting.

"Just a little longer." Courtney pleated, and then when she got a look from the other girl she gave her best puppy dog expression, and pushed, "Please, baby, for me?"

"Your manipulation is pretty transparent." Yolanda grumbled.

"Subtlety is overrated." Courtney quipped.

"Clearly." Yolanda teased, looking Courtney up and down in that incredibly tight fitting and bright blue costume, which wasn't exactly built for stealth. Which provided a decent distraction for a little while, but ultimately it only reminded her that she'd rather be somewhere else, doing something else, "Seriously Court, we've been wandering around for a hour, and nothing."

"I know, but we haven't patrolled in a week." Courtney whined, lowering her voice even more than before as she added with a blush, "We're supposed to be superheroes. You know, patrolling the streets and keeping people safe from crime. And stopping the Injustice Society. And not just... you know... staying inside and having amazing sex."

Which also caused Yolanda to blush, and point out, "I agree. That's why I want to take you out on our first real date."

Which admittedly got to Courtney, and she smiled goofily, "Really?"

"Yeah." Yolanda said softly, "And we've hit all the major spots already, so can we please just go? I have something waiting for us."

"You do?" Courtney beamed, then bit her lip, "Well, I guess we technically did our part."

"And this stuff isn't all excitement, all the time." Yolanda pointed out, not for the first time, before holding out her hand and gently pushing, "Now, let's go. Please, baby, for me?"

"It's not fair to use my own words against me." Courtney pouted, even as she took Yolanda's hand and allowed herself to be guided down the street.

"Uh-huh." Yolanda hummed dismissively, wanting to point out that it wasn't fair that Courtney used her feelings for her against her, but not wanting to ruin the moment.

There was a brief pause, and then Courtney asked, "Do I get a hint of where we're going?"

"No." Yolanda said dismissively, before quickly adding, "It's a surprise."


They had this exchange a few times, and then eventually Courtney realized something, "Are, are you taking us back to that sex store?"

Yolanda raised an eyebrow, "You can tell that from where we are?"

"Well, something significant happened there." Courtney pointed out softly, quickly adding, "Which is why I think it's a great idea."

"I didn't know..." Yolanda sighed, letting go of Courtney's hand and lowering her head in shame as she explained, "I... I wish I could just take you to a movie, or to dinner, and for it to be no big deal. To kiss you, to touch you, God Court, just to hold your hand in public. But we can't. I can't. I just... I just can't."

"It's okay." Courtney insisted softly, walking around so that she was in front of the other girl, and gently lifting her chin up to look at her, "I'd rather be in a sex store with you, than with anyone else, anywhere else."

"Yeah?" Yolanda questioned softly in disbelief.

"Yeah." Courtney confirmed with a soft smile.

The two girls stared at each other for a few long seconds, and then Yolanda closed the short distance between herself and her destination, sticking out an index finger and allowing a claw to pop out, "Hey, check this out. I was testing out what else I could do, and found this..."

She then turned her finger until she heard a click, and then to the blonde's amazement, the brunette effortlessly opened the door, causing Courtney to let out, "Shut the front door. Or I guess in this case, the back."

"I thought you liked it when I played with a back door?" Yolanda quipped, immediately blushing furiously, "I'm... I'm sorry. It just kind of came out."

"It's okay... you're right. I do." Courtney admitted bashfully, and then tried to defuse the tension by adding in the most light-hearted and jokey tone possible, "And that's not the only thing that came out."

It took a few seconds for Yolanda to even get the bad joke, and then she groaned, "You're such a dork."

"I'm your dork." Courtney quickly added, and began to close the distance between them.

"Yeah?" Yolanda questioned softly.

"Yeah." Courtney confirmed with a soft smile.

Courtney then kissed Yolanda Montez right on the mouth. Or to put it another way, Stargirl kissed the new and female version of Wildcat, right there, in the middle of an alley. Okay, so it wasn't exactly super public, as no one else could see them, but it was still pretty big for two teenage girls. Especially as Stargirl lingered on Wildcat's lips longer than she should have, Yolanda being the one to break the kiss, grabbed Courtney's hand, and pull her into the store. She then held out her hand, silently telling her to wait, before disappearing into the store. Which wasn't exactly what Courtney had been hoping for, but it was a nice start. In fact, Courtney shouldn't be thinking about the other girl pinning her against the wall and having her way with her, she couldn't help it, her hormones were just going crazy lately.

"Okay, you can come in now." Yolanda called out.

"Okay." Courtney replied softly, then uncertainly moving forwards.

She very nearly reached for a light switch, as she didn't want to trip over like Yolanda had done last time they were here. Because sure, that resulted in something good, even amazing, but Courtney didn't want to embarrass herself in front of her new girlfriend. Especially when she actually got to the main part of the store, and saw that her girlfriend was sitting on a blanket, surrounded by candles, and with a basket to her left. Oh God, a candlelight dinner on the spot they had their first kiss! Courtney had the best girlfriend ever. That thought, and the sight in front of her, made her beam happily. She still couldn't get over having a girlfriend, and she wouldn't be getting over this gesture anytime soon.

"Awww, baby. That's so sweet." Courtney beamed, "I love it."

"Good." Yolanda smiled shyly, lowering her head, "I... I knew our options were limited, so... I..."

"It's perfect." Courtney insisted, quickly sitting down next to the other girl, and first thanking her with a quick kiss, and then saying it, "Thank you."

Yolanda smiled softly, and then quickly explained, opening the basket, "I figured you'd have already eaten, so I got this instead."

"Oh, candy!" Courtney exclaimed, reaching in and grabbing some, "My favourite."

"I know." Yolanda said, and then when Courtney gave her a look she shrugged, "What? You told me."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you were listening." Courtney said.

"I listen to everything you say." Yolanda admitted, again feeling bashful.

There was a brief pause, then Courtney noticed a flask, "Is that?"

"Coffee." Yolanda admitted, quickly adding, "I was going to take something from my parents's wine collection, but... I chickened out."

"And you figured, coffee is a date thing?" Courtney offered, "Clever."

Another brief pause, and then Yolanda asked softly, "You, you want me to feed you some of the candy?"

"What?" Courtney frowned.

"Nothing." Yolanda blushed, before admitting, "It's... it's stupid. Just something I saw in a Rom Com, or something. it's... stupid."

Yet another pause, this one the shortest, and then Courtney grinned wickedly, "We can do anything you want, baby."

Which of course made Yolanda blush, which was becoming one of Courtney's most favourite things in the entire world. Luckily, it was easy to make Yolanda Montez smile. At least for her. And she was determined to do it as much as possible tonight. But for now, she concentrated on trying Yolanda's thing, lying down next to her girlfriend as they took turns feeding each other. Honestly, it felt more silly than sexy, especially given their surroundings, but Courtney wouldn't trade it for the world. No, she was perfectly content to share this strange moment with her girlfriend, surrounded by sex toys and dirty videos. Although part of that was because she was sure that, given the surroundings, the night wouldn't stay innocent.

Sure enough, Yolanda eventually admitted, "There... there was another reason I thought it would be fun to come back here."

"Oh?" Courtney grinned mischievously, "And what's that?"

Taking her purse out from the basket Yolanda explained, "Whoever owns this place isn't going to sell anything to us, but if we leave the money, it's not stealing, right?"

"Right." Courtney happily agreed, before asking, "Soooooooo, are we thinking of taking home a dirty video, or?"

"Or. Definitely or." Yolanda blushed, taking a deep and calming breath before adding, "I... I was thinking more along the lines of a toy. Like, you pick one out, and I'll use it on you. Then maybe vice versa? I don't know."

"Cool, I've got just the thing." Courtney beamed, jumping up and heading straight for the toy section, having anticipated something like this.

"Really? What... oh." Yolanda's eyes went wide when she saw what her girl picked out, "Erm, Court? Isn't that a little, big? And, you know?"

"I think it'll be hot." Courtney grinned, taking the strap-on out of it's box and placing it against her own crotch, "It gives it that personal touch, you know? And I'm sure it'll be fine with lube."

Yolanda was sure it would be painful regardless, but instead she admitted, "I... I was more thinking a vibrator. Or maybe a butt-plug."

"Oh, we should totally pick up a butt-plug." Courtney grinned, "And funny you should mention that, because I was thinking you could use this thing on my butt?"

Yolanda's eyes went even wider than before, "Seriously?"

"Well, I do wanna give you my official virginity, but not in a place like this." Courtney explained, almost casually, "And I just figure up the butt is more appropriate for a place like this."

There was a long pause, then Yolanda gulped, "I... I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff."

"Neither did I." Courtney shrugged, "But then I spent a week with this girl obsessed with my ass. I mean, she just wouldn't leave it alone. She was constantly squeezing and pinching it, and she even stuck a finger up there! Can you imagine? And then, just when I didn't think it could get any more twisted, she started licking it, Like, literally her tongue on my ass hole. She didn't even ask first."

"Sorry." Yolanda muttered, even though she was currently dying from embarrassment.

"Don't be. I loved every second of it. Mmmmmmmm, it felt so good. And it made me wonder what it would be like to do it that way." Courtney admitted shamelessly, then realized the kind of effect this was having on Yolanda, and then backtracked, "I mean... of course, we don't have too if you don't want too. I just-"

"If you want to do it, we can do it." Yolanda blurted out, "It's just..."

"You want to ease into it? That's fair." Courtney quickly agreed, then after biting her lip for a few long seconds offered, "Want me to go down on you? That always seems to relax you."

"I'm not sure anything could relax me right now." Yolanda quipped, quickly adding, "I mean, always."

Yet another pause, then Courtney gave her girl a little push, "Well then, what are you waiting for?"

"Huh?" Yolanda frowned, before realization hit, "Oh, right."

To their credit, they had already taken off their masks and gloves, meaning that all Yolanda had to do was get out of her suit. Which was easier said than done, but there was something so cute about scrambling to do it, especially when she was desperate to get to the fun. Courtney tried not to laugh, but she couldn't help it, which unsurprisingly got a glaring look from her girlfriend. Hopefully she then made it up to her by slowly removing her own costume, and then allowing them both a few long seconds to admire each other by the candlelight. Then to make sure there were no unfortunate accidents Courtney blew out the candles, and then turned on the lights, so they would be able to see what happened next in all it's glory.

Yolanda and Courtney stared at each other for a few long seconds, then the blonde closed the distance between them and kissed the brunette. Oh God, another girl kissed her! Right on the lips. And not a quick sign of affection, but a long, lingering kiss, the two wannabe superheroes opening their mouths to allow their tongues to touch. To do that with a girl was still pretty overwhelming for Yolanda, especially in moments like this, when their naked bodies were pressed against each other. It was pretty overwhelming when they had their clothes on, but like this it was out of this world, especially as every little movement seemed to rub their most intimate places against the other's. And in this case, she was still buzzing from what Courtney had agreed to do.

Luckily Yolanda couldn't really concentrate on that right now, as that would be just too overwhelming. Oh yes, whenever she kissed Courtney Whitmore it was so overwhelming everything else fell away, and she just concentrated on the moment. Unless of course, they were fucking, but even then, her body switch to autopilot. Which to a certain extent, it did now, her hands greedily groping the beautiful little body on top of hers, while the other girl's hands did the same. Sometimes they would both make sure they would avoid the fun places, if they were taking it slow, but not now. No, now they greedily groped the other's boobs and butt. At least until Courtney pinned her down and took complete control with a wicked grin.

That grin had Yolanda whimpering softly, as Courtney was literally pinning down her hands with her own, and pressing down onto her more firmly than before. Then she let go of her hands, slowly sliding them down her arms, over her chest, and cupping her boobs, while supporting herself on her elbows. While she was doing this Courtney kissed up and down Yolanda's neck, sucking and even nibbling on it which had to leave a mark, something that Yolanda promised herself she would get revenge for later. But, much later. Right now, she was content to let the other girl work, especially when the blonde squeezed and pinched the brunette's nipples, so that by the time she bought her mouth down to them, they were almost painfully hard.

It didn't take long to reach that point with that hot little mouth going back and forth between her nipples, especially as she kissed the soft skin in between them, and used her hot little tongue to swirl around those nipples, and gently flick them. Oh yes, it felt unbearably good, and already Yolanda was aching for more. Aching for those hands to slide down lower, and touch her needy little cunt. Or better yet, that mouth. Oh God, Yolanda wanted to feel Courtney's mouth on her twat. And while she would normally hold off so that she could enjoy this for a little bit longer, considering where they were, a long foreplay didn't seem like a good idea. So it wasn't that long after Stargirl started licking and sucking her nipples that Wildcat pushed down gently on her head, silently encouraging her to go lower.

When that didn't work soon enough for Yolanda's liking, she whimpered, "Please Courtney, ohhhhhhhhhh, lower. I need you lower. That hot little mouth, lower, OH GOD! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, lower, baby! Eat my pussy! Oh my God Court, lick my pussy, please? Please? Oh please, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddd!"

Courtney wanted to spend longer on those perky little boobs, but she wanted to go 'lower' just as bad, so it didn't take much encouragement to make her go downwards. Although she tried to compromise by continuing to give a bit of foreplay in the form of kissing her way down Yolanda's stomach. She also paused once she reached her destination, to build anticipation for them both, and to savour the smell of her lover's arousal. And the sight of it! Oh God, this was so hot. Especially as Courtney knew just how good it tasted, to the point where her mouth was literally watering at the thought. So much so, when she finally leaned forwards to deliver the first lick, it was nice and slow.

To Courtney's credit, not only was the first lick nice and slow, but she dished out several more, just like that, for what felt like an eternity. Of course, each one started at the bottom of Yolanda's pussy, and slowly pushed it up to the top. And she mostly avoided the other girl's clit, at least at first. Attention to that would come later, when she wanted to make Yolanda cum. Or more accurately, when she was ready too. Because she always wanted to make Yolanda Montez cum for her, but she also wanted to lick this pussy forever, and just make her girlfriend feel good. Girlfriend. She had a girlfriend, Courtney thought with a smile. She wasn't sure she would ever get used to that, or that it would ever stop making her smile with blissful happiness.

She was also sure that she would never get tired of the taste of Yolanda Montez's pussy. Tasting her lips came close, as did tasting just about every other part of her body, which Courtney had eagerly explored with her lips and tongue, but this? Oh, this was perfection. No wait, there was something even more yummy than this, but Courtney was trying not to think about that right now, and she needed to focus on continuing her gentle licks. Which was actually fairly easy, as her tongue was pretty much able to work on autopilot, while first her mind went blissfully blank, and then slowly wandered, before finally listening out for signs that she should bring this to a crescendo.

Of course, she tried to listen out during the entire pussy licking, but it was unlikely that Yolanda would want to cum right after they started, and over the last week, she had done this more than enough times to prove that her girlfriend would like what she was doing. Also, it was pretty distracting during this early stage, as Courtney was pretty overwhelmed with happiness getting to taste pussy again, and the other girl's constant whimpers, gasps and moans of pure pleasure only pushed her onwards. Unsurprisingly, this was no exception, and even when she focused up Yolanda only gave her more sounds of encouragement. Then it became a case of waiting for her girl to ask for more.

Yolanda had been a little frustrated when Courtney lingered on her tits, but she pretty much did that every time, so it wasn't exactly a surprise. More importantly, it was not long before she got exactly what she wanted, and after that Yolanda was so blissfully happy her mind went blank for a few blissful minutes, or however long it was. Especially as she kept her eyes locked to where Courtney Whitmore was lying in between her legs, her long blonde hair and feminine body making it very clear that she was once again indulging in gay sex. Lesbian sex. Girl on girl sex, with the best female friend she'd ever had, those thoughts echoing in her mind, and making those precious minutes even more heavenly.

Whenever they were apart Yolanda would have second thoughts, and even guilt, for indulging in feelings which she had been taught was a sin. She even felt that way sometimes with Courtney, although it was fleeting, especially when the other girl was going down on her. Because seriously, how could anything that felt so right, and so natural, and so good, be wrong? And if it was, did Yolanda even ever want to be right? Which was a cliché, but it was true. No, she told herself, the act itself couldn't be wrong, as what kind of God would care about who did this to her, and at what age, as long as she consented? And, you know, wasn't like, ridiculously young.

Of course, while she just had to believe this act wasn't wrong, the place they were doing it was. And to her shame, that added a certain level of fun, same as when they had sex in the girl's locker room at school. Which was pretty shameful, especially as Yolanda had loved that first taste of public sex so much, she had been the one to suggest this location. After all, they could have taken the toy, and left. Going back to Courtney's house, or even her own, and probably got away with whatever, as long as they made sure they were nice and quiet. But no, here they were, breaking the law on so many levels. And it was only going to get worse. Or better, depending how you looked at it.

It definitely got better and worse as the minutes ticked by, and Yolanda's body began craving an orgasm. Or more accurately, the kind of multiple orgasms she could have whenever Courtney Whitmore had her face buried in her crotch. Which was a good thing, because again, they were in a public place, and couldn't spend too long doing it. And duh, orgasms were always a plus. Of course, she also wanted to resisted it, so she could enjoy the heaven of Courtney Whitmore licking her pussy. Which was an extremely tough decision for her, but ultimately, she went for a middle ground. Namely to ask for more, without the other wannabe superhero making her cum too soon.

"More." Yolanda moaned, before quickly clarifying, "Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, give me more, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, but don't make me cum. Not yet. Just, ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's it! That's exactly it! Oh Courtney! Courtney! You're so good to me. Sooooooooooo goooooooooooodddddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmm, ah fuck yes, oh shit!"

Thankfully Courtney was quick to oblige, Yolanda not even needing to go into detail about what she wanted before she got exactly that. Oh yes, Courtney eagerly started to slide her tongue over her clit with every other lick, then with almost every lick, and then finally every single lick. Then she started to linger on it, first with her tongue, then with her lips. Oh God, the other girl took her clit into her mouth so that she could suck on it as well as lick it. Something she maybe did too soon, as it pushed Yolanda to return to the edge of cumming, but it was kind of hard to complain at the moment. Mostly because the new Wildcat was not sure she could get out a coherent sentence, but also, she was trying to be good, and hold back, even as her girlfriend made it so very hard for her.

All her usual tricks holding herself back weren't working, because it was hard to concentrate on anything outside of the perfect girl in between her legs, doing wonderful things to her. Not thinking about her family, or someone who could expose her school, or even just caught by a stranger could put her off. Hell, the idea of getting caught was beginning to have a certain appeal, even if it resulted in getting arrested, for breaking and entering. The only thing that worked for a little bit was how creepy this place was, especially at night, but even then, she was focusing on the videos of naked women surrounding her, and the suddenly inviting sex toys. Especially if she thought about using them on Courtney Whitmore. Which got her thinking about what Courtney had asked her to do, which was just too much for her.

Make me cum!" Yolanda whimpered softly, reaching her limit, "Oh please, please, pleassssssssseeeeeeee Courtney, make me cum. Make me cum with your hot little mouth! Make me cum in your hot little mouth! Oooooooooooh yessssssssss, fuck me, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue! Tongue me, ah fuck! Ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, just like that, oh Courtney! COURTNEY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Unfortunately, this time it took longer, Yolanda having to go into more detail this time. Well honestly, she did that straightaway, just to try and get Courtney to give her what she wanted. She also wrapped her legs more tightly around that pretty little head, and shoved both hands into that hair, so she could push that beautiful little face deeper into her cunt. But ironically that seemed to backfire, as Courtney seemed contented on leaving her as close to the edge as possible without letting her go over it. Which also had the unfortunate side effect of rendering her in coherent, and way too loud, considering where they currently were. But poor Yolanda could not help it anymore. She just couldn't.

Fortunately, it was only a matter of time before she got what she desperately needed, and she now knew from experience that extra build up like this made sure she came nice and hard. And as pretty much always with Courtney Whitmore, she was given those multiple orgasms she was craving, Yolanda barely having time to recover from one before being pushed to another, to the point where she could no longer even think coherently. Her last coherent thought being of course, was exactly how she was going to return the favour. Something which would have disgusted her before, but now for some weird reason she was looking forward to it. Oh God, exactly what was this twisted little slut doing to her? Apart from the obvious, of course.

Courtney was getting good at this, she thought with a proud smile. And not just making Yolanda cum. In fact, that part always seemed to come easier to her, she thought with another proud smile. But what was almost just as important, was that she was being able to swallow even more of that precious liquid which was her reward. She was also able to swallow more of the regular pussy cream, but more importantly, she almost got all of the girl cum that time. She was not so lucky with the following climaxes, mostly because she was distracted with the whole struggling to breathe thing, given that Yolanda was now using both her legs and her hands to shove her as deep into that tasty treat as possible. Which do not get her wrong, Courtney loved, but it kind of made her current job a little more difficult.

In fact, a lot more difficult, as Yolanda started grinding herself against her face. Oh God, she was rubbing her pussy all over her face! Which definitely made swallowing all that yummy liquid impossible, but it was totally worth it for the feeling of the other girl literally fucking her face. Something she had done before now, but this was way harder, so much so that Courtney could not shove her tongue back into Yolanda's cunt and tongue fuck her girlfriend like she normally would at this stage, and had been doing just before this addition. However, it did allow her to stick out her tongue, and allow Yolanda to bash her clit against it, which more or less had the same wonderful results.

Then, just as Courtney was seriously worrying that one of them was going to lose consciousness, probably her, Yolanda loosened her grip around her head with her thighs, letting go of either side of her, and then let go of her head, collapsing down onto the floor. Honestly, she was not sure whether this was because Yolanda had cum so hard that she could not keep up, or whether she was just trying to save some energy for returning the favour. Which reminded Courtney of exactly what that was, causing her to blush, and wondered whether she had got in over her head. Then again, that was part of the charm, wasn't it? And the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to do it, to the point that she resisted returning to tongue fucking her lover, even though that seemed like the perfect opportunity too.

Instead, she slowly crawled her way up the body of her exhausted lover, until they were once again face to face, and then just took a few seconds to admire how beautiful Yolanda looked as she basked in the afterglow of her pleasure. Especially as the other girl had her eyes closed at the time, just taking it all in. Then she opened her eyes, and the two girls stared at each other for a few long seconds, before falling into a passionate kiss, allowing Yolanda to taste herself on Courtney's lips and tongue, and in her mouth. Oh yes, one girl was tasting her own cum and pussy cream. God, this was so hot and twisted. And it was about to get even more hot and twisted.

"Sooooooo..." Courtney questioned when she broke the kiss, trying to make herself sound cute and seductive, although she was not sure how much she was pulling it off, "Are you ready to take my anal cherry?"

Which of course made Yolanda blush fiercely, and questioned, "If... if you are ready?"

"As I'll ever be." Courtney replied as confidently as she could, which wasn't very, but tried to push through it as she asked, "So, where do you want me?"

Yolanda shrugged, "Where do you want to be?"

"Noooooo!" Courtney whined, "You have to tell me what to do. Be forceful. It's part of the appeal."

"O... K..." Yolanda replied cautiously, and then after biting her lip for a few long seconds she replied as a question more than anything else, "Classic doggy style, maybe? I mean, if it's your ass that's getting fucked-"

"Great idea!" Courtney beamed, before her lover could second-guess herself even more, before flipping over and questioning, "Like this?"

"Perfect..." Yolanda said softly, which really was the correct description of Courtney Whitmore's backside.

Yolanda seriously felt that she could stare at that perfection for hours, which was embarrassing, as she could have sworn she did not have a thing for asses of any kind before she met Courtney, but now she was practically obsessed. So much so that she retrieved the strap-on her girlfriend had picked out earlier, strapped it onto herself, and then covered it in lube, all without looking away from the beautiful booty presented to her. Then she got down behind the other girl, and eventually pressed her lips to that ass. Which was ridiculous, but in a weird way, it felt right. Like Yolanda was thanking Courtney for giving her this precious gift. And if she had to become an ass kisser in the process, so be it.

Arguably, she was that already, given that she had spent a significant amount of time in between the cheeks of Courtney Whitmore, lapping away at the other girl's ass hole, like it was the most natural thing in the world. It wasn't long before she was doing that again, Yolanda not even spreading the cheeks at first, just so she could to get the joy of smothering herself in that bubble butt, just like she had smothered Courtney with her pussy. Then she grabbed two handfuls of those meaty cheeks and spread them wide apart, so she could have as much access to that forbidden hole as possible. Something she took full advantage of by spending the next few minutes dishing out a long, passionate rim job.

That of course involved sliding her tongue up and down Courtney's ass hole, but she also swirled her tongue around it, and eventually even tried to literally fuck it. As in, push her tongue inside that forbidden hole, and thrust it in and out. What was even more absurd was that she succeeded, sort of. She didn't get much of her tongue inside that super tight orifice, but it was probably more than she should have been able to get. And throughout the passionate butt munching, she loved the added bonus of this perfect girl moaning happily with pleasure and anticipation. God, it was almost like Courtney wasn't afraid of what was about to happen to her, but Yolanda was? WTF, how was Yolanda the nervous one right now? Oh yeah, she didn't want to hurt her girlfriend. Her girlfriend, who had a tendency to jump head first into something without thinking it through.

"Are, are you sure about this?" Yolanda asked nervously.

"Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, oh God, please keep going. Keep eating my ass! Please? Oh please, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck." Courtney moaned shamelessly, then after a few moments of rimming cautiously pushed, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, stick your finger in there! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, stick your finger in my tight little virgin ass hole, and get it nice and ready for you to fuck."

She was pretty sure that Courtney was only being that nasty with her words to push her to do what she wanted, and it was working, Yolanda slowly pushing a lubed up finger into the incredibly private hole. Which bizarrely only had Courtney crying out in pure pleasure, perhaps suggesting that she was a natural anal slut. And with an ass like that, it wasn't hard to believe. In fact, nothing had ever seemed more right. Oh yes, Courtney Whitmore had a big juicy ass, which was literally made to be fucked. Something which seemed obvious as Yolanda pushed that finger inside the other girl's butt, and then she fingered her back there for a few long minutes, both of them crying out with pure pleasure the entire time.

"You like that?" Yolanda moaned smugly.

"Yes, but I need more." Courtney replied with a moan of her own, then quickly clarified, "Oh God, please Yolanda, give me your cock!"

"Already? Are you sure?" Yolanda asked cautiously,

"Yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, give it to me!" Courtney eagerly pushed.

There was a brief pause, then Yolanda blushed, "Maybe I should add another finger first?"

"No, do it now!" Courtney snapped impatiently, before softening her tone, "I'm sorry, I just... I wanna do this before I lose my nerve, you know?"

"Yeah, I got it." Yolanda said softly, before taking a deep breath, and pushing forwards, "And I got you."

Courtney felt bad for telling Yolanda that, as it was a lie. But it was a little white lie, right? Something to make someone else feel better, so it couldn't be bad. Not really. Because strangely enough it was Yolanda who was the nervous one here, and she just wanted to put her at ease. And admittedly, get that cock in her ass. Because the truth was, Courtney had been thinking about doing this ever since this girl had first pushed a finger into her butt. She wasn't sure she could do it with just anyone, but with Yolanda Montez? Yeah, she could do it with her. In fact, she might want Yolanda Montez to take her anal cherry more than she'd ever wanted anything, ever. Which included following in her father's footsteps.

Becoming a superhero like her father was a working progress, but the time had finally come for the other thing. Oh yes, Yolanda pulled her finger out of Courtney's butt, took a deep breath, and then grabbed hold of her strap-on, so she could press the head against that forbidden hole. Wanting to help out, Courtney to reach back and spread her open her ass cheeks, although that kind of backfired, as it caused Yolanda just to stare at her for a few long seconds. Although she was staring at her ass hole, so it was probably better in the long run, which was why Courtney kept doing it. Which paid off, as her ass hole began stretching for an invading object for the very first time. And it just kept stretching, and stretching, and stretching, until the head of that dildo slid through her anal ring, and into her virgin ass.

"Are you okay?" Yolanda questioned when the other girl cried out loudly, and then hated herself for it, "I know, I know, stupid question, but should I-"

"Don't stop!" Courtney quickly snapped, before softening her tone, "I'm fine. Just... go slow, okay?"

I don't know Court..." Yolanda bit her lip, "Maybe we should-"

"Please?" Courtney pushed, "For me?"

There was a brief pause as Yolanda clearly thought about it, and then probably against her better judgment she began slowly pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of that big dildo to slide through Courtney's back door and deep into her back passage. Which was one of the weirdest things she'd ever experienced, including experimenting with that magical staff, and losing her anal cherry. Unsurprisingly, the latter had been extremely painful, so much so that Courtney just couldn't resist crying out in pain, which clearly spooked Yolanda. But even though it had, the thrill of what they were doing made up for it, which continued to be the case as the other girl continued on stuffing her butt full of cock.

As Yolanda Montez continued on stuffing her butt full of cock! Oh God, Yolanda Montez, another girl, her freaking girlfriend had just taken her butt cherry, and was now stuffing a strap-on up her ass. Some combination of those words echoed in Courtney's mind for what seemed like an eternity, and then even during the very proud moment that the ass stuffing was complete. The combination of those thoughts, and the sheer nastiness of the act, made her enjoy every moment of it. Sure, it was getting to be painful, but somehow that pain only added to her pleasure. So much so that she was pretty sure she moaned in pleasure, just from getting her big booty filled with cock for the first time. The first of many, Courtney hoped.

Yolanda thought she might have heard Courtney moan in pleasure, but dismissed it as impossible. Of course, she was terrified she was going to miss a cry of agony, and the other girl begging her to stop. Or worse, Courtney was in agony, and was simply ignoring it, and was doing an excellent job at hiding it, simply because she stubbornly wanted to go through with this. Which was why Yolanda should have probably been checking in constantly. After all, it was better to be annoying than to actually hurt the girl she... cared for deeply. But Yolanda just couldn't help herself, as she couldn't stop staring at the twisted sight in front of her. Which again, should have disgusted her, but she just couldn't look away from it.

There was just something so thrilling about it. Of watching inch after inch of that big strap-on dildo slowly sliding into Courtney Whitmore's ass. Courtney's ass had always been a thing of beauty in Yolanda's opinion, but it never looked better than during the anal penetration and butt stuffing. Especially as Courtney continued spreading her ass cheeks as wide as possible, providing the best look possible at her most private hole stretching obscenely wide around that invading object. In fact, it was so captivating, Yolanda almost didn't notice when she began to run out of dildo to give, her hips coming closer and closer, until it was resting against those meaty cheeks, announcing the full length of that strap-on dildo was buried deep within this perfect ass.

Which was so overwhelming that Yolanda just stared, completely dumbfounded, at where their hips met, until Courtney whimpered, "Yolanda please, fuck me. Fuck my ass, fuck it, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me! Oooooooooooh fuck, keep going. It feels so good, soooooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmmmmmm Goooooooooodddddddddd, fuck me!"

It seemed like Courtney was really struggling to say those words, which was a red flag that she should rethink her decision to do this. Hell, it wasn't even the first red flag she'd had tonight, when the last few minutes, and she got another when she started the sodomy, as it made Stargirl sound like a fish which was being gutted. Unfortunately she once again found herself just too distracted, this time by the sight of that big dick pumping in and out of Courtney Whitmore's butt hole, and the overwhelming thought that she was now officially fucking another girl in the ass. Some form of this echoed in her mind over and over again, making it hard for her to think coherently for what felt like an eternity.

She honestly wasn't sure how long it was before she was snapped out of her thoughts, but it probably wasn't long enough considering the thing which awoke her was the sound of an extra loud moan of pure pleasure. Because for some twisted reason Courtney was making happy sounds before that, but that particular moan was deafening, and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Courtney Whitmore was just a natural anal whore. Which made a lot of sense, considering Courtney had the kind of ass that looked like it was designed to be fucked. Which was a thought which would normally be ridiculous, but under these circumstances, it seemed like the gospel truth. And Yolanda was glad that Courtney seemed to realize that, as surely it would be a tragedy if she didn't?

Courtney very much realized that this was the true purpose for her ass. Or at least, the main purpose. Definitely what she should be using it for most, and she was so grateful for Yolanda for helping her realize that. And she was hoping that Yolanda would do her another favour, namely butt fuck her as much as she possibly could. Ideally forever. Sadly even in her blissfully happy state, Courtney knew that was impossible. But a girl could dream. And oh, what a wonderful dream it was, her girlfriend treating her back door as the slutty little fuck hole it was always meant to be, taking it in every position, and making it very clear that Courtney was her anal slut now. That Stargirl was her personal anal whore, and she owned her ass.

Unfortunately Yolanda was way too nice for that. At least without a push. But could Courtney really do that? She had already pushed Yolanda's so much, and the last thing she wanted to do was push her too far. Especially now, as it might risk a stop to this heavenly ass fucking, and that was the very last thing that Courtney wanted. No, she wanted this to last as long as possible, so she kept her mouth shut, and just tried to enjoy the heaven that she was experiencing. Which wasn't easy, especially after whatever pain or discomfort there had been initially faded away completely, and she was left with overwhelming pleasure. Which sounds like a good thing, but soon left her desperate for more.

She prayed that Yolanda would just give her what she wanted, and quite frankly what she needed, without needing to be further pushed. There was definitely a good chance of that, given that Yolanda had done that before, when fingering her. However, it seemed that the other girl was being overly cautious, and while on some level Courtney could appreciate that, and even kind of loved her girlfriend for it, mostly she was just increasingly frustrated. Especially as now she had to find a way to push Yolanda into giving her more, without saying anything which would freak her out. Which in her current state of mind, was kind of hard to do. But what other choice did she have?

"Harder! Fuck me harder, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddd Yolanda, fuck me!" Courtney cried out desperately, quickly interrupting her girlfriend before she could speak, "NO! Don't ask me if I'm sure, or second guess this. I need you! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, I need you to fucking wreck my ass hole! Pound me, fuck me, ruin me! Spank me, pull my hair, call me your bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, say I'm your anal bitch, your ass whore, mmmmmmmmm, your butt slut, I'm your butt slut, I'm oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Just words! There only words. So just, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, DESTROY MY BUTT, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Even though Courtney probably went too far with her words, she was rewarded for it by Yolanda beginning to increase the speed of her thrusts, the new Wildcat seemingly making Stargirl cum in a matter of seconds. Oh God, it was embarrassing how quickly Courtney came from getting her ass fucked. Although honestly, that embarrassment just added to the ecstasy she was feeling, and ended up helping her cum quickly, again. This process was then repeated over and over again, completely robbing Courtney of the ability to think. Although she was dully aware when Yolanda did other things she so desperately wanted her to do, making this incredible experience even more heavenly.

Yolanda couldn't believe how hard and frequently Courtney Whitmore came from getting her big jiggly butt fucked. She wasn't even touching this girl's pussy, meaning that these were purely anally induced orgasms. Oh God, Courtney was such an anal slut, she could cum from anal alone. And it wasn't like she was so much better, as Yolanda found herself cumming from the sheer mental stimulation of all of this. Well that, and the fact that the other end of the harness was bashing against her clit. But it was definitely mostly the mental stimulation. Although at least her cum wasn't squirting out of her, like this twisted little anal ho. Of course, that fact just made Yolanda cum again, which wasn't much better.

For God sakes, she was supposed to be a good Christian girl, and here she was sodomizing another girl through multiple climaxes for them both. And doing it in a sex shop, but honestly, that was hardly a factor anymore, as the entire world fell away, and there was only Courtney and Yolanda. Then there was only a cock and a big fat ass. A big fat ass, which desperately needed to be fucked. Her cock. Oh God, she knew it wasn't flesh and blood, but in that moment it felt like truly part of her, violating the most forbidden part of another girl's body. Which pushed her into doing the things that Courtney had said she wanted, by pulling her hair, smacking that big fat booty, and calling her names. Or at least Yolanda tried.


Honestly Yolanda wasn't sure what she even said, and that was probably for the best. She just hoped that Courtney didn't really hear her words either, as the last thing she wanted to do was insult this perfect girl, with the perfect ass, which felt custom-made for her. Which was the last coherent thought she had for quite a while, until their bodies collapsed in a sweaty heap, and they were both desperately gasping to get their breath back. Oh God, Yolanda needed to move, to get out of here, and most importantly of all, to check Courtney was okay. Or more likely, take her girlfriend to the doctors. Which would most likely be the most embarrassing doctors visit ever, as Courtney's ass had to be ruined, and it was completely Yolanda's fault. Unfortunately Yolanda was more exhausted than she'd ever been, and too embarrassed to think of the words to even start to apologize.

"Mmmmmmmm, that was amazing." Courtney moaned happily, taking Yolanda by surprise.

"It was?" Yolanda questioned softly.

"You were there, weren't you?" Courtney teased, "Or did you somehow miss how hard I was cumming?"

"No, I mean, yes, I mean..." Yolanda stammered, before pushing, "Are... are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes." Courtney smiled dreamily.

"You're sure?" Yolanda pushed.

"Yes!" Courtney insisted with an annoyed huff, although did admit with a blush of her own, "Just, just give me a minute, okay?"

"Uh-huh?" Yolanda hummed suspiciously.

Although, she supposed that was understandable, as Courtney had to be even more exhausted than she was. Also, there was something to be said for the position they were in, namely the spooning position. Honestly she couldn't remember whether they had landed in this position, or whether they had rolled into it after the fact, but it didn't matter. No, all that mattered was that she found herself with Courtney Whitmore and her arms, and there was no other place she'd rather be. Except maybe in the safety of her bed, or Courtney's, but whatever. The point was, she seriously doubted that Courtney was completely fine, but if she could... walk off whatever pain Yolanda had caused her, it would be great if they could do this again. Really great, actually.

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