At the Motel With The Mitchells

BY : Wendell Urth
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Chapter 7: Confession

My phone had something that wasn’t that common back then. Mom didn’t have it on hers. A tiny port that fit a micro USB card. I had learned how to move files onto the card without leaving a trace on the phone, then pop the card out.

I was right, that was the night mom decided to check my phone and files. The tiny card was in my sneaker. Safe

Did I do anything with that wonderful pic? Did I send it to my friends to prove what I had seen? No. Did I make a dozen copies in hidden places? No. Did I try to send a copy in secret to blackmail Mrs. Mitchell? No, of course not. I wasn’t that kind of kid.

Did I sneak into the bathroom with the card & phone to jerk off to that pic? To the naked pic of the woman I had a huge crush on? What do you think?

The third or fourth time, mom called up to me to ask if I was feeling OK. Oh, I was feeling great.

Then I was feeling terrible.


Jerking off always felt great, but there was a guilty pleasure to it. It was still a new experience for me. Did mom know? Not sure, she probably did… I didn’t think about it, but she grew up with 2 brothers. I was always so careful to do it when & where she couldn’t know, flush the tissues, air spray. I was so careful... Thinking about it now, that probably gave it away.

I felt terrible about jerking off to this woman who always treated me so well. It didn’t stop me, but I felt bad.

What I saw her doing with her son was wrong. I knew that.

God, I was so jealous.

I wasn’t stupid. Sooner or later I’d make a mistake, get careless and someone (mom) would find out. I couldn’t take the chance. It would be so easy to delete the file, overwrite it so it would disappear forever. Never tell anyone.

Maybe I am stupid, that wasn’t what I did. (My wives insist that I am stupid, no maybe)

Saturday, Marie would watch him a couple hours. I would watch him a couple more until his mom came home from work. I usually took him to the park on Saturday. But today was heavy rain off & on so the park was out. Evidently Marie spent the morning chasing him and his dog in & out of puddles. She looked exhausted. We spoke for a few minutes in the hallway. Then I noticed something, a whitish trail on her cheek? I was about to say something when her tongue flicked out. Licked it. A smile? She turned away then left.

It was impossible… wasn’t it? My cousin. A “blowgie”? No. Not possible. Would Dennis tell me if I asked?

I had turned my back too long. Dennis & his mutt were gone.

It was an easy trail to follow, just check every mud puddle and follow the tracks. He was always two or three puddles ahead of me.

Finally caught up to them, dragged him home squaking. Couldn’t find a clean spot to grab him by. Then it started to pour again and I tripped over his damn dog.

I kicked off my shoes & socks outside the door, they were hopelessly soaked.

God, what a mess!

I parked him in the bathroom and called for him to pass me his clothes. I sternly insisted he take a shower by himself while I got him clean clothes from his bedroom. Bad idea! I came back. I could hear no water was running.

He was sitting in the empty tub, playing with some drydocked toy boats, looking at me all innocent as if the idea of running water never occurred to him. His huge cock hanging down. I turned on the shower. “Too hot, Im burning, BURNING!” Then “Too cold, Frezin’ FREEZIN’ ta’ death. Too hot! Too cold. Too not much of anything at all.” I chose a temperature that I thought reasonable. (I was pretty well soaked by this point).

I heard the dog bark. Somehow, he had gotten in.

Now I was chasing the damn muddy dog from room to room, trying to clean up the muddy paw prints on the way. Finally caught the damn beast, locked it out of the house again, then needed to find the wet naked Dennis who had escaped the shower and was now playing hide and seek. Not actually hard to find, given the only slightly muddy footprints he was leaving.

He let the dog back in.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to leave this kid and his mutt and pretend I’d never heard of “The Menace”.

The heck with my cousin Marie and his Mom… “OMG, The Phone????” I checked my back pocket. It was OK. Then I remembered the Micro card I kept hidden in my sneaker. I ran to the back door where I had left it. It seemed OK, I was just putting the card in the phone to check it when Mrs. Mitchell drove up. And I had no idea where Dennis was at this moment.

She looked at me, she sighed and smiled. I guess she had a pretty good idea of what had gone on. I could understand now why she had always looked so exhausted back then. But why was she so relaxed (and pretty!) now? She’d had babysitters before.

She laughed, I guess I was a pretty pathetic sight.

Dennis was in his bedroom, somewhat clean, somewhat dry, jumping up and down on the bed… so happy to see his mom and me. His huge cock flapping in the wind.

Looking at him I understood a word I’d heard before, but never used. “Inadequate”. No one could measure up to that monster between his legs.

“Dennis Mitchell!” she commanded. “You march straight to the bathroom and wait for me inside, mister.”

“Yesum” his tiniest voice. He looked woebegone.

Turning to me, “You too young man. Take off all your clothes, I’ll find something that fits.” I hesitated. “Move” she was not to be disobeyed.

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