At the Motel With The Mitchells

BY : Wendell Urth
Category: Comics > Dennis the Menace
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dennis The Menace, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Chapter 9: Back To Her Bedroom

I was as confused a human being as ever existed. This was all wrong, wasn’t it? Mrs. Mitchell, Gina and now my cousin Marie. Marie? Marie who I’d known my entire life? At one time she was my best friend, at least until the age difference became a thing, then school. The divorce. Just because he had a big dick!?! A housewife & mother, a college student and a little girl!?! None of it made any sense.

 “Lets all go upstairs and discuss this, OK?”

“You realize by now that Dennis is a very special child, don’t you”?

“OK”, I thought not really sure where this was going.

“Davy, I don’t know if you can understand this, but I was unhappy for a very long time.” There were tears in the corner of her eyes, I didn’t for a moment think she was faking. “My husband… he’s a good man… in many ways. But… he just isn’t very interested in me or Dennis.”

I looked at her, puzzlement must have been obvious.

“I made some mistakes when I was younger. My family had just about given up on me, they said Henry could give me what I needed, stability. He was a nice man.” She looked at me for understanding. “After we were married… well, we only… only made love a half a dozen times.” I must have looked shocked. She went on. After I became pregnant with Dennis, he told me that we wouldn’t need to have sex any more. He had what he wanted, a wife to take care of the house, a child. That was all.”

She was crying softly now and I had no idea what to do. “He said, feel free to take as many lovers as you want, just don’t embarrass me… or bring home any more of your whore babies. One is all I’ll take care of.”

She closed her eyes. “Dennis is his, but he’ll never be convinced of that. I wasn’t with another man since I met Henry.” Softly, “Do you believe me?”

I did.

“Why… why don’t you… leave… leave him” The word “divorce” was still too painful for me to say.

“I’d lose Dennis. I told you I’d made some mistakes when I was younger. Henry’s family has influence… he doesn’t mistreat us; he never yells or hurts us. He just wants the image of the perfect suburban family. He has his work, his hobbies. His damn pipe…” We smiled at this.

She was stroking my face now, kissing me lightly. I wasn’t sure when we began laying down on the bed. It was nice. When I tried to ask “Why me?” she shushed me gently and began to remove my clothes.

I wasn’t thinking about Dennis or Marie anymore. She removed her housecoat. OMG, the photo I had taken did not do her any justice! She was a vision of soft shades of pink. Her breasts had never been exposed to the sun, her skin, her breasts… so pale, so warm, tipped by rose colored nipples. I buried my face between them, happy at last. She stroked my hair and asked me to kiss them, suck them. I was too gentle at first and she urged me on. She slipped out of my grasp and brought her head down to my erection. “Oh God, it was so wonderful, to feel her tongue everywhere at once.

She lay on her back, bringing her knees up to her chest, smiling wickedly at me. “Do you know what to do now Davy?” She was all coyness and invitation. “Did I know? Not a clue.” She showed me, she guided. For first time I was an A+ student. My subject? Fucking this sad, lonely housewife. Honor student. I don’t take any of the credit here, my mentor, my teacher did all the work.”

She took me to the edge two, three times and when I had brought her to the brink, we came within moments together.

There was a pressure on the bed. At some point Dennis had come into the room. He lay next to us (I was exhausted), his monstrous cock resting sideways on his mother’s lips and cheeks. She was kissing it and winked at me.

I rolled aside so he could mount her.

It all felt like a dream.

I could hear a noise downstairs. Her husband had come home and was yelling about the mess. Evidently the dog had gotten in again. I started to jump up. Panic. She pulled me back down and started to laugh. Dennis ran out to get his dog, huge cock waving back & forth.

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