At the Motel With The Mitchells

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dennis The Menace, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dennis The Menace, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I do not condone underage sex in any way, shape or form. A few years ago, I saw some Dennis The Menace sex stories and a number of parody strips and thought I could add to the lore.


Dennis was quiet in his safety seat, for a change. I glanced back. He was drowsily staring out the window. His eyes closed. Good.

His mom took her right hand off the wheel and reached for my left. I couldn’t see her eyes behind the oversized sunglasses, but she was smiling that smile I had come to recognize. Cruise control on. She put my hand on her knee. She kept her hand on top of mine. After a moment I squeezed gently. She guided my hand up her smooth, warm leg. Up to the pretty yellow skirt she was wearing for our day’s outing. And beneath it. I explored her thigh.  She guided me. Soft silk, her panties. I could feel the muscles under her skin. She had been a dancer before she had married. She let go of my hand, leaving me to explore her mound on my own. She then placed her hand on my knee. She ran her manicured nails up the length of my leg, tickling. Squeezing.

My fingers. Soft pubic hair. I knew there were brown curls beneath my fingertips. Warmth. I felt moistness.

Her hand was on my zipper.

“Whatcha’ doing, Davy?” a voice screamed in our ears as we nearly swerved nearly into the next lane. Dennis’ face popped up between our seats.

“Dennis!” she said between gritted teeth. I guess we’re not going to the amusement park, after all. I’m turning the car around. ‘Empty threat’ I knew. It worked. Dennis went back to his safety seat, mumbling.

“I didn’t hear the belt lock, Dennis. Look, there’s the exit to turn around.” She put the turn signal on for emphasis. We were nowhere near an exit.

Click. Click. Alice glanced at me.

“He needs a padlock on that safety seat,” I told her. We shared a laugh.

“We’ll have plenty of time later,” she promised.

In the distance I could see a sign for the amusement park.

It was getting late.

We passed a few motels. She chose one off the side of the highway.

Mrs. Mitchell had asked for a room near the back, away from other guests because of her young child. The motel manager was happy to oblige. Keeping noisy children away from tired guests was always a good thing. The motel was mostly empty anyway, being late in the season.

“Alice.” No, back then she was still “Mrs. Mitchell” to me (would I ever become used to calling or even thinking of this beautiful adult woman by her first name?), opened one of the suitcases. It was filled with bed linen. She smiled at me as we quickly stripped the two double beds of the hotel linens. I looked at her, puzzled.

She smiled. Dennis ran into the bathroom, giggling, shedding clothing as he ran. I sat on the edge of a bed, she whispered, “I registered us as a family. A mother and two children. No one will question a family sleeping together in two double beds.” She kissed me deeply. I understood now why we would want the motel linens to be clean the next morning. Leave no trace. Yes, I understood.

Dennis jumped on my lap, nearly knocking me over. “Hey, no fair starting without me!” He was already naked, his impossibly big cock poking against my chest. Trying to turn serious he lectured me about the need to keep quiet so we could remain “amonynmous”. I stifled a laugh and he looked crestfallen. I tickled him under the ribs and the mood broke.

Mrs. Mitchell smiled as Dennis began to pull off her blouse, exposing her soft white breasts. I was getting over my discomfort with watching him and his mother like this. I knew she was pleased with me and accepting her and her son drew me closer to their world.

Dennis climbed over onto the second bed and as if well-rehearsed, he quickly & efficiently stripped me in moments. Dennis pushed me down, jumped on my chest and said, “I want a “blowgie”.

Mrs. Mitchell stretched out on her side beside us, one long fingered hand running firmly down my shaft, the other stroking my cheek sending both chills and hot flashes through my body. Her breath was warm and sweet. I closed my eyes, the tip of Dennis’ impossibly big cock rubbing against my lips. He wants a “blowgie”, I thought. Mrs. Mitchell’s soft tongue now licking at my balls. Flicking them. Teasing, exploring.

Tomorrow was Dennis’ 6th birthday… my birthday the day after. This was a dual birthday present and a thank you to me for being her son’s friend and babysitter. She’d arranged the trip with my mom. The amusement park Dennis wanted to go was several hours away. Who was I to say no to ‘Dennis The Menace’ or his lovely, sexy mother?

I felt her cheek pressed against mine. “Mommy gives the best blowgies” Dennis said proudly for the thousandth time. Moving his dick from my mouth to hers. “Yes” I thought. She does. I felt her hand again on my dick again, rubbing the tip gently against her damp folds. So warm and wet, I slipped inside her. Moaning. Deeply. Dennis & I shared her warmth. Her wetness. Her love.

In two days, I would be 15

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