The Chattel Girl

BY : tooshoes
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Eliza leads thirteen-year-old Kara Danvers into the living room.

“Stand up straight,” Eliza instructs Kara, who hunches defensively under her foster mom and fidgets her fingers.

The girl nervously obeys. She is nursing a black eye and clinging to a stuffed unicorn. She feels ashamed.

“Go sit with Alex,” Eliza says and snatches the cotton comfort from Kara's breast. She then nudges the tiny girl towards her big sister, who is hogging the couch near the television. “We are going to watch a movie.”

Kara slowly approaches the couch. She doesn’t say anything or even look at Alex. Kara can barely speak English yet, and she’s afraid that if she tries, Alex will make fun of her.

Alex glares at Kara for a moment, but then Alex sighs and makes room for Kara beside her.

Kara meekly sits to Alex’s right on the love seat, and Alex puts two pillows between them.

Jeremiah inserts the DVD under the TV, and the family settles down to watch The Lion King.

Kara quickly tunes out all of the drama of her life and escapes into the cartoon drama shining in her face.

She doesn’t need to understand English well to follow the story. Mustafa is a good king, and Simba is a good but spoiled prince. Soon Kara is smiling, watching the mischievous prince pushing boundaries. But she shivers when she sees Scar, Mustafa’s brother, who is jealous of Simba and Mustafa. She leans over the pillows, close to Alex, whenever the hyenas invade the screen.

Kara gasps when Simba breaks Mustafa’s rules. She covers her eyes when Mustafa faces danger to save his son, and she cries when Mustafa falls to his death.

Then Kara detaches herself, thinking this story is too close to her own. She watches Simba’s exile, Scar’s reign of terror, and eventually Simba’s redemption. But Kara looks depressed. When the movie is over, Kara says simply, “I don’t like this movie.”

Alex laughs.

Eliza looks at Kara gently and asks, “Do you understand what happened.”

Kara shakes her head. She could barely pay attention after Mustafa died. She’s not sure she even wants to understand.

But Eliza had shown her this movie for a reason, and she won’t let Kara miss the significance of it.

“This story is about destiny and character,” Eliza says. “Mustafa was a wise king. Simba was destined to be a king one day, and Scar was destined to serve. But Scar refused his destiny. He wanted to be king himself. He tricked Simba into betraying Mustafa and causing misery to the whole pride. But destiny cannot be cheated. Do you understand?”

Kara shakes her head nervously.

“It’s simple,” Eliza continues. “It’s just like how things were on Krypton. Simba was born to be a king. He was like your cousin, destined for greatness and possessing great courage and virtue and worthy of redemption after making mistakes.  Scar was more like Krypton’s chattel. When the chattel reject their destiny, they turn evil. They are lost, and nothing can redeem them.”

Kara’s face breaks as though Eliza slapped her. Tears flood her eyes, and she wails in agony.

Eliza, Jeremiah, and even Alex hold Kara tightly in an embrace.

“Don’t worry, Kara,” Eliza reassures. “We will never let that happen to you.”


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