The Chattel Girl

BY : tooshoes
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My life flashes before my eyes.

Maybe I’m dying, or maybe I’m dreaming.

Maybe I’m not even me, anymore.

I see myself back in my home on Krypton.

I am furious. I am heartbroken. I am without hope.

Every day I am told that I am worthless, and I agree. What good can come from a chattel girl?

Meanwhile, my infant cousin wears a crown.

Krypton crushes my spirit. I cry, but I never complain.

Then I am uprooted, ripped from the dry ground of Krypton, and cast into space.

When I land, my cousin wears a crown on Earth as he did on Krypton.

Earth crushes my spirit. I cry, but I never complain.

Then I have a moment in the sun. I am accepted for who I am. I think I have value. My life has meaning.

But it is all a trick. I am like a pig released from its cage, thinking it will taste freedom, but instead is led to slaughter.

My cousin rapes me and leaves the scraps behind.

It is a fitting end to my life.


I wake up on a bed of bricks in a damp room lit only by a digital clock on the bricks beside me.

A blanket is double folded beneath me, protecting my body from the rough bricks, but my back and shoulders feel sore when I try to move.

I don’t feel like a super-girl. I don’t feel like a super-slut, either. I just feel frightened and lost.

I sit up on the bed of bricks, and something falls off my chest and arms.

The digital clock suddenly reads 0:00 and makes beeping sounds, and I realize that it’s not a clock at all. It was timing my heartbeats, and now that I have knocked the sensors from my body, it makes alarm sounds.

I am definitely not in a hospital, so what is going on?

I don’t like the sound, but I don’t know how to stop it, so I climb out of the bed, wanting to get away from whatever hell I’ve awakened to.

I wince when my feet touch the ground, which feels like rough stone and is covered in dust.

Only then do I realize that I’m wearing something, though it doesn’t feel like any kind of clothes I’m familiar with. And some things are stuck in my hair. I try to shake them off, creeped out that maybe they are bugs. But then I realize they are soft and tied into my hair delicately, so I leave them alone.

I stumble around the room, and tiny pebbles press into my heel and scrap my toes. Not only am I without any powers, but my feet have not grown calluses for months, so they are very sensitive.

I bump into a wall, which is as rough as the floor. I must be in a cave. I wander around carefully, holding out my hands, trying to feel my way, hoping that I’m moving closer to the exit rather than descending deeper into the cave.

The grey blur in front of me is lighter than the blur behind me, so I press on.

After a half-minute of tip-toeing, the blur morphs into shapes, and I can see the entrance of the cave a short walk ahead of me, and I see that the sky is dim outside. I wasn’t as deep inside the cave as I had thought.

My vision improves as I near the mouth of the cave, and I’m shocked to find Winn’s black VW bug parked inside, as though the cave was a garage.

Winn is here somewhere! Was he the man who rescued me from the ballpark?

I feel hopeful for the first time since I awoke, knowing that I’m not in a hellish afterlife.

I stumble outside, and I can see everything clearly, now.

It is not nighttime as I had thought, but rather it is dawn. The sun shines behind the cave and a canopy of trees, lighting the sky but leaving the cave entrance in shadow.

I can finally look at myself, and I'm surprised by what I see. I'm naked except for a few cotton strips that are wrapped around my body like I'm being turned into a mummy. And the stuff in my hair are daffodils and pansies, delicately attached throughout the length of my hair. I laugh and almost cry at the absurdity of it all.

I need answers. I walk quickly on a wide dirt path, seeking the light.

Suddenly, three women run around from beyond a huge rock, and they nearly collide with me.

I jump back in surprise.

They fall to their knees at my feet, sounding giddy and joyous. They speak to each other in a foreign language. Spanish, I think. They are dressed in white robes with floral designs and crowns of flowers on their heads, just like the flowers in my hair.

“What is happening?” I ask. “Where am I?”

They both stand up and signal with their hands that I should follow them.

So, I do.

We walk up a small hill, and now I am bathed in blinding sunlight. The rising sun is red like Krypton’s sun from long ago. But my skin tingles when touched by the Earth’s sun, even so early in the morning.

Once atop the hill, the world opens up in front of me. The skyline of National City is visible several miles away, beyond a patch of desert.  But I am in a kind of oasis. Just down the bright side of the hill, I see Winn sitting on a rock over a stream like he was fishing, but he’s more likely working on his laptop.

The three women call out, “Senior Schott!”

He looks back, and then he jumps to his feet and drops whatever he’s holding onto the rock.

I stumble towards him, and he runs up to me at full speed and nearly plows me over with his enthusiastic embrace.

“Oh, Kara, you had me so worried! The doctors assured me that you’d be fine, but you were hurt and unconscious for so long…”

“I was?” I ask, pulling at the bandages which are starting to itch. “What doctors? How long was I asleep?”

“They are doctors,” he says, pointing at the women wearing floral crowns. “And you were asleep for just two days, but it feels like forever to me. You can’t imagine all that happened since then!”

“What?” I ask, still anxiously pulling at my bandages. “What happened?”

One of the women holds my hands, preventing me from tearing my only clothing away. But the other two women slowly unwrap me. I see a scar in my inner elbow and a dot of blood and some tape where an IV was attached. Then the women reveal a deep scrape on my ribs, but it looks like it’s been healing for weeks. It might have healed in just the last minute since I’ve been in the sunlight. I sigh in relief.

Then, as if embarrassed by my scar, one of the doctors removes her robe and drapes it over my body, hiding the injury.

“Why was I in that cave?” I ask, thinking that I would have healed much faster had I been in the sunlight.

“Whatever they did to you on that stage really messed up your powers, making you easy to injure but difficult to treat, so the doctors had to remove your powers completely,” Winn explains. “We also needed a place to hide, where no x-ray vision or government surveillance can find you.  Cat had this place prepared last week before we rescued you from the DEO, thinking we might need it.”

“Cat predicted this would happen?” I ask. She never ceases to amaze me.

Winn nods. “She might have even made it happen.”

“What?” I respond too surprised to even register shock.

“I don’t know for sure, but she always thinks of the big picture first. She has to put her paws into everything. I remember her and James plotting, and everyone knew he was loyal to Superman,” Winn explains angrily. “It seemed strange at the time. I think she knew what was going to happen, all of it, and I’m sorry, but I didn’t have a clue.”

My mouth drops, barely able to believe that Cat would let me be abused and raped for any reason, but she had proven time and again that anybody can be sacrificed for whatever good she deemed greater. At least she cared enough to protect me after Winn saved me.

Winn must see the hurt in my eyes because he’s quick to add, “I know it was beyond horrible, but so much good came out of it, too. You can't imagine how much people love you now!”

I lose my balance, but the women catch me before I can fall. “How is that possible! I couldn’t possibly have been less heroic! I was so disgraceful!”

Winn caresses my cheek, which makes me melt, but it doesn’t make me feel any better about myself.

“You don't need to be a hero. That was never very important once people understood that you were so much more than that," Winn comforts me with a riddle.

I shake my head, frustrated and confused. "Then what am I? Why do they care about me at all?"

It’s a long story,” he says gently. “A few days ago, you told me all about your life on Earth, and I realized how much your adoptive family kept from you for so long. They controlled your education. You never learned anything about Earth’s history before Superman changed everything. Some very powerful people wanted the world to forget that history. Now that Superman is gone, maybe everything will go back to the way it was before, and at least here in National City, we couldn’t be happier.”

“Superman is … gone?” I ask, afraid and excited and confused. Kal-El had been like a shadow, following me around my whole life, and I can’t even imagine him being gone.

“He’s imprisoned at the DEO, now, along with Vartox and all of the Fort Rozz prisoners,” Winn says, nodding. “You are the only ‘super’ free in the world, now, but you don’t know the significance of that. So, I’ll give you the education that the Danvers and the schools have been keeping from you for years. You should probably sit down.”

I nod. The sunlight is restoring my strength quickly, but even at my strongest, I don’t know if I could handle what Winn will tell me.

He helps me sit on the rock by the stream, and he sits beside me and puts his arm around me.  I lean into him.

“I’m not sure where to begin,” Winn says. “Before Superman arrived on Earth as a baby, before this country was even formed, Earth believed in many gods with scattered religions around the world. These religions all came together in this country. Two hundred years ago, America was populated by Europeans facing religious intolerance, and they came to America to find freedom. The first pilgrims were disciples of Osiris, and they settled in Plymouth. Soon after, disciples of Odin and Krishna moved into Virginia and New York.  Then immigration really took off. Followers of Asha and Zeus founded Metropolis. Followers of Aries and Loki founded Gotham. And here in National City, we worshiped Aphrodite, Eos, and Eostre.

“It was a bit of a mess. Some people adapted well, worshiping one god in one city then another when traveling. But many people fought over their beliefs. For a long time, people imagined how much better it would be if we had just one god to unite around.

“Then they got their chance.

“About forty years ago, Earth first learned about extraterrestrial life. They found Superman’s spacecraft in a town outside of Metropolis called Smallville. The occupant was nowhere to be seen, but scientists learned an enormous amount about Krypton from what was left behind. They found many strange media devices, samples of language, and something called “The Book of Rao.”  That book changed the planet even before Superman revealed himself sixteen years later.

“Because in that book, we learned that all of Earth's religions came from Krypton millennia ago. Our early gods were actually pioneers from Krypton, and the greatest god of them all was Rao, who even the gods worshiped.

"The cult of Rao swept the country, and temples were set up in every major city. America was very open to new religions back then, even sexually-repressed religions like Raoism, so the new religion mixed comfortably in with all the others.

“And then Superman arrived, and everything got much worse. He wowed people with acts of heroism and the revelation that he was the last son of Krypton. That might sound great, but everyone went nuts, especially in Metropolis where he set up roots. They saw him as a god incarnate and royalty.

“Since then, Raoism became the official religion almost everywhere, and those of us born since then never knew anything else. Most places didn’t even allow disciples of other gods to practice their religion, so devotees needed to find secret places to gather, like this cave over there. People rarely even mentioned the name of Rao anymore, because they thought Superman and Rao were basically the same being. The power went to Superman’s head, and whenever he found anyone worshiping any other god, he raised hell against them. When prophets stepped into the light and foretold the return of the gods of old, spreading their message on the street or on social media, Superman and the corrupt justice system swiftly put them in prison.

“Then ten years ago, around when you were adopted by the Danvers, other super-powered beings started turning up. Superman didn’t seem quite as special anymore, but the new ‘supers’ weren’t nice at all. Superman fought with the aliens if they created a problem for Metropolis, and that's when they started calling him a superhero. But he rarely protected the people outside of Metropolis. Without his protection, crime became a big problem for other cities, and human heroes emerged. While the rest of the world was protected by demi-gods, Metropolis was protected by the only actual god. For many years, there was only one super-powered hero in the world.

“Until you came along, that is. When you saved that plane, you changed the social order around the world. But more than that, you could not have picked a better city to show up in. National City was founded by disciples of Aphrodite and Eostra. We longed for a goddess, not a god, and not just any kind of goddess, but one of sexuality, love and beauty.  When Superman tried to belittle you by calling you a chattel girl, he was actually making you more popular here. To the older residents of National City, you are more than a superhero; you are our goddesses incarnated. In a very real way, you are a direct descendant of Aphrodite and Eostra, who were almost certainly chattel girls.

“When you went on that stage in the ballpark, the world was re-evaluating Superman and trying to get a sense of you. They were eager to love you, so they embraced everything you did on that stage. You gave all the men hard-ons and made all of the women wet and envious. Even the kids were not immune. The feelings are not appropriate in our normal lives, but they are celebrated when worshiping the goddess of love and desire. They believe there is a time and a place for every kind of passion.

“Then Superman and Vartox came and tried to ruin the show. Earth laws don’t apply to them, but they broke the very worst of them: assault, rape, abuse and attempted kidnapping. They thought the world would react favorably to their treatment of you. Instead, the world had had enough of their abuses of power. They imprisoned Superman and Vartox. They would have imprisoned you, too, not because you did anything wrong but because the city of Metropolis would have demanded it. All of the stuff you did on stage was fine in National City, but you committed great crimes according to their laws.”

“That's why I brought you are here. The tension out there is out of control. National City and Metropolis are at war with each other, with riots and accusations flying everywhere. But that is what life was like 40 years ago, too.  The fake peace that Superman brought is over, and cities are free to fight among themselves again.”

“So … I messed everything up?” I ask, trying to understand where we are now.

“In a good way,” he corrects. “You put the world back the way it was supposed to be, and now we have a real goddess to worship again.”

I wince every time to calls me a goddess. “So, what do I do now?”

Winn smiles. “You should fly over National City as soon as you’ve got your wings again. You need to let them know their goddess is alive.”

“Stop calling me that,” I say, feeling confused. “First I was a chattel girl, then a superhero, and now I’m a goddess?”

“Don’t let it go to your head,” Winn warns. “That’s what ruined Superman. They want you to be their hero and their sex symbol. They will follow every public act you do and tweet about it. No part of your life, your thoughts or your body will be off-limits.”

“Yeesh!” I say, intimidated. “Why would I want this?”

“I don’t know,” Winn replies. “But I think I know you well enough now to know that such exposure is exactly what you want. I'll bet you are already getting wet under that gown thinking about it.”

I give him an annoyed nudge, and reply, “No, nothing at all.  … that’s weird, huh? Maybe they knocked something loose inside of me on that stage.”

Winn wrinkles his brow, thinking. “Or maybe it will come back with your powers.”

“I guess I’d better learn to fake it, because I won’t be much of a sex goddess without my grool, huh?” I say, laughing.

Winn recoils from the word; he prefers the word nectar which appeals to his love of hentai. But he smiles, “You won’t need to fake it. I have faith in you.”

I laugh hard, now. “Nobody has ever said that to me before!” I say.

“I say that as a friend,” he continues, laughing, too. "And your most eager follower."

“Well, if I’m a goddess now, won’t I need a new costume, too?” I ask, playing along. “What do goddesses wear?”

“Typically, very little. Eostre wore flowers," he says softly while touching the flowers in my hair. "And Venus often wore nothing at all."

“Then I have the right tailor,” I say, half-serious. “You are the master of barely-there costumes.”

“I’ll get on it later. But first we’ve got to get your nectar to flow again. I accept this task as my sacred duty,” he says while caressing my thigh. “Are you sure this isn’t doing anything for you?”

I giggle. “You are free to try. Move your hand a little higher and you’ll be the first to know.”

Then we spend the next ten minutes with Winn resurrecting my passion, and then the next half hour making love on the sand by the stream.

And then the whole day planning the rest of my life as an actual goddess.

I wonder what Alex thinks of me now?


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