The Chattel Girl

BY : tooshoes
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What is a chattel girl?

Thousands of years ago, Kryptonian scientists discovered genetic engineering, and they went a little mad. They wanted to make perfect people of every type. Some were meant to be leaders. Some were meant to be the perfect followers. Some were meant to be geniuses. And some were meant to be perfectly desirable.

Every one of these goals was controversial -- especially the last.

Ideas of beauty and desirability vary greatly, but to say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is naïve. There is a kind of beauty that was not meant to exist.  Beauty is like a missing puzzle piece that connects the heart and the mind, and many pieces will fit it adequately, but only a few pieces will fit perfectly. Kryptonian scientists dared to engineer a perfectly desirable woman. Every aspect of her from her appearance, attitude, emotions, the sound of her voice, and even her scent would be matched to a receptor in the brain. Many people thought the endeavor was foolish and even immoral. Even so, prospective parents across the planet lined up to parent such perfect babies, and when they were eventually born, they were indeed beautiful.

But when these hotties grew up, Krypton finally saw their folly. Such allure was poison and tore the fabric of society apart, but by then, the dangerous genes had spread throughout society, leading to a millenniums-long dark age. Over that time, these accursed girls were mostly weeded out of the gene pool, but every once in awhile, another would be born and would quickly be separated from the rest of society.

These unwanted children were known as chattel girls. 


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