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BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“The Surprise”


“So what are we doing walking way over here?” Richie asked Mayda as the two wandered away from the pathway.

“Oh, I just thought we might go over here behind these bushes…” Mayda suggested with a coquettish smile, “Maybe we could… you know… fool around a little?”

Richie glanced sidelong at Mayda. She’d always had a crush on him—even to the point of obsession at times—but she’d never made an overt pass at him before. She knew that he and Gloria were romantically involved, and he supposed that was what kept her from being too forward before, but now she seemed certain that Richie would agree to a tryst in the bushes!

What on earth was this little minx up to?

Mayda parted the branches of the bushes and stepped through the gap, with Richie in tow.

Before them stood Reggie van Dough, his iron-hard phallus hammering like a battering ram inside the squishing pussy of Richie’s kneeling girlfriend, Gloria!

The randy redhead was squirming in ecstasy, impaled on Reggie’s spearing cock. Her body quivered as a succession of shuddering orgasms shot through her from head to toe.

“Oh my goodness!” Mayda exclaimed in mock surprise, “What’s going on here?”

Richie giggled at the salacious sight. “It looks like Reggie’s fucking Gloria” he said, “He’s really giving it to that pussy, too! Hard and fast, just the way Gloria likes it!”

“Wh…what?” Mayda said, astonished at Richie’s casual response, “Gloria is fucking your cousin, Reggie! Aren’t you the least bit jealous?”

“Shucks, no!” Richie laughed.

Mayda was infuriated. “But, Richie! She’s fucking Reggie right in front of you like a common tramp! Doesn’t that make you wanna dump her for somebody more classy, more sophisticated, more wealthy? Somebody like… me?”

Richie chuckled again. “Gosh, Mayda!” he explained, “Gloria’s my best girlfriend, but we fuck other people all the time!”

“You… you do?” Mayda replied in shock.

“Sure!” Richie said, “I fuck Lotta and Dot and Audrey sometimes… and Gloria’s fucked my dad and Cadbury! She’s even fucked Freckles and Peewee!”

“Those little low-class bumpkins?” Mayda asked incredulously.

“Hey!” Richie scowled, “Those are our friends!”

“B…b-but Richie!” Mayda stammered.

“Wanna join them?” Richie asked.

“What?” Mayda answered with surprise.

Richie approached the fucking couple, tugging Mayda along with him.

“Hi, Richie!” Gloria greeted him, her face flushed with lust as Reggie continued plunging his cock in and out of her simmering pussy.

“Hi, Gloria!” Richie responded, stripping off his clothes as he watched her rock her hips back onto Reggie’s skewering rod.

“C’mon, Mayda!” Richie smiled invitingly, “Take your clothes off and let’s get busy!”

Mayda shrugged as she began to disrobe. She stared at Reggie and smirked. “I guess my big plan backfired, huh?” she said.

“I don’t really care anymore!” Reggie grinned, his forehead beaded with sweat, “This pussy is too hot and tight for me to concentrate on any plan! I just wanna shoot a load inside Gloria’s sweet magnificent cunt!”

With a ferocious howl, Reggie gritted his teeth and slammed his hips forward, burying his cock to the hilt inside Gloria’s blistering wet cunt. His balls contracted, sending a lava-like surge of thick glutinous cum gushing inside the young girl’s tightly clenching twat.

Richie lay down on the grass beside Gloria and Reggie. He gripped his cock by the base, the oversized organ having already grown to its full seven-inch length. “C’mon, Mayda!” he urged, “Hop on!”

Mayda gladly accepted the invitation. She straddled Richie’s groin, guiding the plump purple head of his cock in between the dewy petals of her juicy pink pussy and into her tight seething vagina.

Gloria had meanwhile disengaged her dribbling cunt from Reggie’s cock and was busily slurping the last vestiges of his steaming semen from his cum-slathered shaft. She glanced over at Mayda, who was now happily bobbing up and down on Richie’s massive stone-hard member. “That looks like a fun ride!” she giggled.

Gloria gave Reggie a playful push. “Lie down!” she ordered with a salacious grin. “I’m gonna ride your cock!”

“O-okay!” Reggie stuttered, lying supine on the ground.

Gloria squatted over Reggie’s still-hard cock, positioning her puckered asshole directly above the boy’s slippery plum-colored cock head. “I want this thing up my ass!” she said lewdly.

“Omigosh!” Reggie exclaimed as Gloria screwed her tight pink asshole down onto the bulbous head of his stiff cock. With a sudden pop, the flared glans disappeared into the tiny puckered orifice and began burrowing deep inside the raunchy redhead’s rectum as she wiggled her ass down onto his prick.

Soon Gloria was hopping merrily up and down on the firm fleshy pole, enjoying every plunge of Reggie’s cock as it delved into her churning bowels. “Oh yeah!” she moaned, “I love getting assfucked!”

Mayda, meanwhile, was bouncing energetically atop Richie’s throbbing cock, taking the young boy’s prodigious pole to the root inside her tight juicy cunt with each downward stroke. She looked over at Gloria and smiled, “Gee! What a slut!” she remarked, “She really likes having a big dick up her ass, doesn’t she?”

“You bet she does!” Richie agreed as he humped his hips upward, burying every inch of his swollen member inside Mayda’s hot clenching cunt. He gripped the raven-haired minx’s hips, pulling her down hard onto his skewering cock.

“Oh, geez!” Mayda exclaimed, gritting her teeth, “Keep it up, Richie! You’re gonna make me cum!”

“Me too, Mayda!” Richie replied, “That tight pussy of yours is gonna make me shoot off like a rocket!”

“Cum in my pussy, Richie!” Mayda shrieked, “Fill my cunt up with your hot sticky jizz!”

A sudden shrill scream from Gloria caught the fucking couple’s attention. They turned their heads to witness Reggie thrust his spearing cock deep up inside the sexy little redhead’s tight hot anus and unleash a gusher of white-hot testicle goo deep inside the youngster’s cum-hungry colon.

Gloria convulsed in orgasm as her bowels filled with Reggie’s scalding hot sperm. She bucked up and down on his cock, pearly globs of semen squishing from her overfilled asshole as she slammed down onto his hairless groin.

“Oh, gosh!” Mayda screamed, “I’m cumming! Richie! Fuck me harder! Shoot me full of cum!”

The vise-like grip of Mayda’s spasming cunt on Richie’s cock was all his overtaxed testicles needed to release their pent-up payload of cum into the young girl’s pussy. With a vicious grunt, Richie lunged his cock upward into Mayda’s succulent snatch and unloaded, pouring a gluey blast of hot semen through the satiny pink channel of her vagina and into her womb.

The girls continued to ride their phallic mounts to exhaustion, finally disengaging from the boy’s spent pricks once the last spurts of cum had ceased.

Gloria turned her attention to Reggie’s cock, sliding the sperm-coated member into her mouth and stripping the glutinous goo from its shaft with her lips.

“Wow!” Mayda said with a grin, “You go ass-to-mouth too, huh?”

“Sure!” Gloria replied, slurping up a stringy strand of sperm, “Don’t you?”

“Well, gee…” Mayda blushed slightly, “I’d never been assfucked before yesterday! But I did lick Reggie’s dick after he buggered me!”

“It’s fun, isn’t it!” Gloria giggled, “It makes you feel a little bit naughty!”

Mayda began tending to Richie’s goo-covered cock, sucking off the pearly white clots of cum that clung to his smoldering prick. She licked the last traces of the alabaster slime from his shaft, then placed her hands beneath Richie’s hips.

“Ass up, mister!” she ordered, lifting Richie’s buttocks off the ground.

Richie raised his legs, presenting his rump to Mayda. She spread his buttocks apart, exposing his pinkish-tan bunghole. Extending her tongue, she dove into Richie’s asshole, driving the eely organ deep inside his simmering rectum.

“Hey!” Reggie exclaimed with a scowl, “I thought you didn’t like licking asshole!”

“I lied!” Mayda grinned mischievously, removing her plundering tongue from Richie’s ass for a moment, “I love licking ass! Especially Richie’s sweet asshole!” She resumed devouring the young tyke’s butthole with gluttonous gusto.

“All right then!” Reggie grinned, “If you like licking ass so much, how about eating my cum outta Gloria’s asshole?”

“With pleasure!” Mayda laughed, extracting her tongue from Richie’s ass. She came around to Gloria’s upraised rump and pried apart the little girl’s buttocks, driving her tongue inside the gooey pink burl of her cum-filled asshole.

Reggie’s sat beside Richie, watching Mayda slurp his semen from Gloria’s steaming rectum. Soon the two girls were locked in a squirming sixty-nine, both munching at each other’s succulent pussies and asses.

“That Mayda is such a liar!” Reggie chuckled, “Pretending she doesn’t like rimming assholes! She can really be a bitch sometimes! You know she was trying to break you and Gloria up, right?”

“Yeah.” Richie laughed, “She always is! But you went along with it though!”

“Just for a prank!” Reggie replied, “Besides, she agreed to let me pop her ass-cherry! And get me a three-way with her mom! I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!”

“Hm…” Richie said, “I guess not! Say… I wonder if I could get a shot at Mayda’s mom too?”

“Probably.” Reggie shrugged. “Y’know what, Richie? I say we teach Mayda a lesson about interfering in people’s relationships! I say we both fuck her at the same time! Ass and cunt!”

“A double penetration?” Richie grinned, “Sounds like a good idea!”

Mayda’s eyes widened as she overheard the boy’s plan. She’d never had a cock in her ass before yesterday and now they were talking about two cocks inside her at once! The thought was both frightening and thrilling, but right now, the delicious taste of Gloria’s asshole spiced with Reggie’s sperm was all she was interested in.

Gloria felt Mayda’s pussy tense around her tongue. She extracted it from her cunt and smiled, “Don’t worry! You’ll love it!” she reassured her with a whisper, “I do DPs all the time! It’s fantastic!”

Mayda removed her own tongue from Gloria’s ass to reply, “Gee, I hope so!” She smiled wryly as she thought to herself, ‘Geez, Mayda! What have you gotten yourself into this time! I don’t know why I bother trying to break these two up! It’s hopeless!’

She grinned devilishly as she slid her tongue down in between Gloria’s delicate pink pussy lips. ‘Oh, well!’ she thought to herself, ‘It may seem hopeless… but you know I’m gonna keep trying anyway!’



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