Love or Munny

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.


“The Setup”


Gloria Glad walked side by side with Reggie van Dough through the Richville public park. It was early in the afternoon, and passersby were scarce, leaving the two kids to talk in private as the walked along the trail.

“Well, this is kinda nice!” Gloria smiled, “But I still don’t know why you invited me here, Reggie! We’ve never been very close friends.”

“Yeah, I know.” Reggie smiled, “That’s what I’m hoping to change!”

Gloria looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean how’d you like to be my girlfriend, Gloria?” Reggie asked.

“Reggie!” Gloria laughed, “I’ve already got a boyfriend! Richie! You know that!”

“Well, why don’t you dump him and get with me instead?” Reggie asked with a grin, “It’s not like you’re married to him or anything!”

Gloria crossed her arms defiantly across her chest and frowned. “Absolutely not!” she said harshly, “Richie is my boyfriend and that’s that!”

“Well, geez!” Reggie scowled, “What’s he got that I haven’t got? A big dick?”

“Don’t be crude, Reggie!” Gloria scowled, “It’s not the size of Richie’s dick that I’m attracted to! He’s a very sweet boy, and we love each other!”

Reggie grinned, “So he’s got a small cock then?”, he teased.

“He does not!” Gloria retorted angrily, “His cock is plenty big! Bigger than a lot of boys his age! Bigger than yours I’ll bet!”

Reggie had her exactly where he wanted her. “I’ll bet mine’s as big as his!” he smirked, “Maybe even bigger! It’s certainly better than that little pipsqueak’s!”

Gloria scowled. “Oh yeah?” she challenged him, “Put your cock where your mouth is, Reggie!”

“What?” Reggie replied, confused, “How can I do that?”

“You know what I mean!” Gloria said angrily, “Prove it! Show me your cock!”

“Right here?” Reggie asked.

“Why not?” Gloria replied with a sly smile, “Embarrassed?”

“Okay then!” Reggie agreed, “But let’s get off the path somewhere where nobody will walk by and see us. Last thing I need is a public sex scandal!”

Reggie escorted Gloria to a nearby row of bushes. The walk along the path had been carefully contrived to lead the little girl to this exact spot in accordance with Mayda’s plan. He glanced around to insure no one was nearby.

He suppressed a smile as he unzipped his fly. His pants fell around his knees, exposing his flaccid cock. Everything was going exactly as Mayda had expected it would!

Gloria knelt down and examined Reggie’s cock. The pendulous organ hung down about four inches in its limp state, about the same length as Richie’s when unexcited. She grasped the drooping dick and began stroking the rapidly stiffening organ until it swelled to its fully engorged length. She eyed it critically.

“Seven and a half inches of hot thick cock meat!” Reggie announced proudly, “Bigger than Richie’s, I’ll bet!”

“Eh…” Gloria replied, unimpressed, “By half an inch maybe. Still about the same as Richie’s!”

“Go ahead…” Reggie offered with a sly smile, “Try it! I’m telling you it’s vastly superior to Richie’s cock!”

Gloria sneered at Reggie. “I doubt it!” she said, opening her mouth. She wrapped her lush lips around the boy’s rock hard cock and began sucking up and down the veiny shaft.

Reggie shuddered as Gloria’s soft lips slid along the length of his throbbing cock. Her cocksucking skills were incredible! Richie was certainly lucky to get his cock sucked regularly by these amazing lips!

Gloria relaxed her throat and plunged her head down onto Reggie’s hard cock, driving the entire seven and a half inch shaft of his masculine organ down her throat until her nose bumped against the boy’s hairless groin.

“Aw, gee!” Reggie exclaimed through clenched teeth. “You took it all the way down your throat!” He gripped Gloria’s coppery hair as her head shuttled rapidly back and forth along his tortured cock.

Gloria sped up her pace. She reached up and grasped Reggie’s ball sac in one hand. She gently massaged the simmering orbs inside as she reached around with her other hand and inserted two fingers inside Reggie’s tightly puckered asshole.

“Cripes!” Reggie exclaimed, “Where’d you learn that?”

Gloria started to slide her mouth from his cock to answer, but Reggie shoved her face back onto his swollen dick. “Never mind!” he grunted, “I don’t care where you got it from! Just keep doing it! My gosh! It feels fantastic!”

Gloria smiled around Reggie’s cock as her salivating mouth flew up and down the slippery shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked greedily at the boy’s pulsing organ, eager to bring it to a juicy spurting climax.

Her fingers twisted around in his asshole as the lascivious little red-haired moppet sucked hard on his bloated dick, her tongue swirling around the shaft and over the engorged head of his pulsating prick.

“Keep it up, Gloria!” Reggie encouraged, “I’m about to blow!”

Gloria could feel Reggie’s testicles begin to twitch inside the sweaty sac of his scrotum. She could tell that a few more deft strokes of her talented lips along his sensitive shaft, and a few deep probes at his prostate would soon bring the egotistic young rogue to a rousing climax.

With a sudden howl of delight, Reggie’s cock erupted, spewing a glutinous geyser of hot pungent cum into Gloria’s sucking mouth.

“Oh, geez!” Reggie screeched, “Swallow, Gloria, swallow! Here it comes!”

Gloria swallowed as fast as the gooey fluid filled her cheeks. The blistering white slime kept coming, overflowing her lips and trickling from the corners in a pearly white rivulet of sperm. Some of the briny goo even backed up into her sinuses and began oozing from her nose.

Blasts of hot white sperm filled Gloria’s mouth, and she drank it down hungrily. She found the thick tangy slime of Reggie’s semen just as delicious as that served up by Richie’s young testicles, but then again, she’d never encountered a mouthful of cum that she didn’t enjoy!

As soon as Reggie’s furiously spurting cock had slowed to a dribble, Gloria withdrew the depleted member from her mouth and wiped the globs of cum from her chin and nose. She gulped down the last mouthful of Reggie’s tasty semen and smirked.

“Pretty good!” she remarked, licking her lips seductively “But it tastes about the same as Richie’s! I still say Richie is better!”

Reggie glanced surreptitiously toward the bushes. Mayda would be coming along soon with Richie, and he had to be caught in the act with Gloria for the plan to work.

“Well…” he said, “That’s because we haven’t fucked yet! I bet I’m a better fucker than he is!”

“I doubt it!” Gloria frowned. “Richie really knows how to give my pussy a good pounding!” She stripped off her red plaid skirt and removed her white cotton panties. Kneeling down on all fours, she presented her upraised ass toward Reggie. “But go ahead…” she invited, “Fuck me! Show me what you’ve got!”

Reggie kicked off his shoes and removed his pants and underwear. “All right!” he grinned, “But I’ll bet once your little pussy’s had some Reggie van Dough dick, it’ll forget all about Richie’s second-rate cock!”

“No way!” Gloria smirked as she felt Reggie’s cock head wedge open the satiny slit of her juicy young cunt. Her pussy juiced as the spongy glans popped inside.

With a swift plunge, Reggie’s steely phallus slammed inside her pussy, temporarily knocking the breath out of the precocious preteen.

Gloria smiled as Reggie began pounding away at her tight pink pussy. “Okay…” she said with a grin, “So far so good! But I still like Richie’s cock better!”

As expected, her words served to encourage a more vicious assault by Reggie’s ravaging cock. The young lad began hammering away at Gloria’s sizzling wet twat with a fury, eliciting squeals and moans of delight from the salacious little girl.

“Fuck me harder!” Gloria screamed, “Hard and fast! Like Richie does!”

Reggie gleefully obliged, slamming his cock in and out of Gloria’s dribbling twat with a vengeance. The young girl’s cunt tightened around his cock shaft, forcing him to fight against its powerful grip in order to keep up his manic rhythm.

Glancing up from his furious fuck, Reggie scanned the bushes. Through a gap in the greenery he spotted Mayda walking side-by-side with Richie. The young lad was totally oblivious to the fact that he was about to witness his best girlfriend fucking his cousin like a cat in heat! Reggie grinned as he redoubled his efforts, preparing to discharge another wad of hot viscous sperm right inside Gloria’s luscious cunt!

“Yeah, Reggie!” Gloria wailed, “Keep fucking me just like that! I’m gonna cum any second now!”

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