Love or Munny

BY : HeadHunter
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Disclaimer: The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

The following is a not-for-profit fictional erotic parody of the Comic Books of "Harvey Comics" and the characters within, to which I make no claim of ownership.

SYNOPSIS: Richie’s cousin Reggie agrees to help Mayda Munny with a scheme to break up Richie and Gloria in exchange for anal sex.

CODES: 3Plus AFFO Anal DP F/F M/F Minor1 Oral Rim


Harvey Comics Parodies

Issue # 11

Featuring Richie Rich & Gloria, Mayda Munny,

Reggie van Dough


Love or Munny



“The Plan”


Mayda Munny lay naked on her lush pink bedspread as Richie Rich’s cousin, Reggie van Dough, pounded his rock-hard cock in and out of her tight squishy cunt.

Young Mayda was eleven years old, two years older than Richie Rich, and the raven-haired beauty had a passionate crush on the tow-haired trillionaire, Richie. Unfortunately for Mayda, Richie was madly in love with Gloria Glad, a situation which infuriated the jealous preteen to no end.

Today, she had been in dire need of a good hard fuck and decided to settle for the curly-haired Reggie van Dough. Richie’s ten-year-old cousin Reggie was a notorious prankster, and shared Mayda’s disdain for anyone who was perceived to be lower in status—especially their family servants—whom they both referred to condescendingly as “peasants”.

“Fuck me harder!” Mayda howled as Reggie speared his swollen cock deeply inside her wet gripping cunt. “That’s it! Really slam it in there!”

Reggie clenched his teeth as he bore down on Mayda’s seething pussy. His pulsing cock struggled against the tight grip of the young girl’s blistering hot twat and beads of sweat began to appear on his furrowed forehead. “Aw, geez!” he exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Then do it!” Mayda ordered, “Cum in my cunt! Fill me up with that nasty rich-boy jizz!”

Reggie reared his hips back, sliding his cock out until just the bulging head was nestled inside Mayda’s pulsating pussy, then plunging it deep inside with a single powerful stroke. He let out a yowl as his testicles erupted, spewing a geyser of hot gooey semen inside Mayda’s churning cunt.

Mayda wailed as her body convulsed in an explosive orgasm. Her cunt contracted around Reggie’s pummeling prick, milking thick hot blasts of sperm from the swollen organ and drawing it into her waiting womb.

The two kids thrashed in orgasm on the bed until their climaxes had subsided, then rolled over to lie side-by-side on the rumpled bedspread.

“Whew!” Mayda exhaled, “That was a passably good fuck, van Dough!” she smirked.

“Gosh!” Reggie panted breathlessly, “You sure cum loud! Aren’t you afraid your parents might hear us?”

“Nah!” Mayda said dismissively, “They know we’re up here fucking anyway! They’re pretty cool about sex and stuff! Especially my mom, she’s a pretty big slut herself!”

“Nice!” Reggie grinned, “So, whadda ya think?” he asked, “Best you ever had, right?”

“Eh!” Mayda sneered, “It was good. But I’d much rather have Richie’s dick!”

“Well, that’s not gonna happen!” Reggie smirked, “You know he’s only into Gloria!”

“Gloria!” Mayda yelled, picking up a pillow from the bed and hurling it across the room. Reggie ducked to avoid it.

“What does Richie see in that flat-chested little peasant girl!” She gripped one of her budding breasts in each hand, “Look at these tits! Gloria doesn’t have tits like these! These are nice, right?”

“Well, yeah… they’re not very big, but…” Reggie began.

Mayda hurled another pillow at Reggie’s head, barely missing him. “They’ll get bigger! Have you seen my mother’s knockers? They’re huge!”

“Not as closely as I’d like!” Reggie grinned. He suddenly wondered if a little mother-daughter threesome could be a possibility in the future, especially with Mayda’s mom being so permissive about her daughter’s sexual escapades!

“I’ll bet she doesn’t even have hair on her pussy yet!” Mayda grumbled, stroking the sparse black pelt of fur that had only recently begun to sprout from her pubescent cunt mound.

Reggie started to remark that Mayda’s own pubic bush was barely a patch, but—reckoning that the next missile aimed at his head might not be as soft as a pillow—thought better of it and held his tongue.

Mayda idly stroked Reggie’s gooey half-hard cock as she frowned, “Boy, would I love to break those two up for good, so I could have Richie’s trillion-dollar dick all to myself!”

Reggie raised an eyebrow. Mayda’s crush on Richie could work to his advantage, he thought. If he agreed to help her split up Richie and Gloria, not only would Mayda be willing to do anything he wanted, Gloria would then be free to become Reggie’s new girlfriend! ‘Everybody wins!’ he thought to himself, ‘Except Richie, of course… but the joke’s on him anyway, so he doesn’t count!’

Reggie turned toward Mayda, propping his chin on his hand. “Say…”, he grinned, “What if I helped you separate those two?”

Mayda raised an eyebrow, “You really wanna help? Because I’ve already got a plan!”

“I do.” Reggie replied, “What’s in it for me?”

“How about I give you a blowjob?” Mayda suggested with a seductive smile.

“The way you’ve been eyeing my cock, you were gonna do that anyway!” Reggie smirked, “You ever licked a guy’s asshole?”

Mayda made an expression of disgust. “No!” she replied, “I haven’t!”

“Well, no deal unless you get down there and rim my bunghole!” Reggie said with a devilish grin. “And I get to fuck you in the ass when you’re done!”

The thought of actually sticking her tongue in a boy’s asshole intrigued Mayda. She’d seen pictures of girls rimming guys—and other girls—but always considered it beneath her. And anal sex… that was something the commoners did! Not an act befitting a privileged rich girl like Mayda Munny! But still… maybe the commoners were onto something? Maybe it would be fun to get down and dirty like a slutty little peasant girl!”

“Anal?” Mayda frowned, “Hmm… Well, I suppose I could condescend to agree!” she smirked, “Who knows! It might even be fun!”

“Wait a minute!” Reggie held up a hand. It seemed too easy. He was sure if he pressed his luck he could get a little more out of the desperate girl. “That’s not all.” he said, “You arrange a threesome with you, me and your mom! I wanna get a close up look at those big tits you claim you’ll be inheriting! And that sweet pussy of hers too!”

Mayda frowned, “Now wait a minute! I can’t guarantee that Mom…”

“Oh come on!” Reggie grinned, “Sure you can! I have no doubt a spoiled brat like you can talk her mother into getting anything she wants!”

“Oh…” Mayda pouted, “Okay! I’ll convince Mom to have a threeway! Now turn around, if you want me to lick your asshole!”

Reggie turned over, kneeling down on all fours, his ass poised invitingly for Mayda’s tongue to explore.

Mayda crouched down behind him and pried apart his ass cheeks, revealing the tan pucker of his anus. She bit her lower lip tentatively, then extended her tongue, prying open the tight orifice of Reggie’s sphincter with the eely organ.

Reggie shuddered with delight as Mayda’s squirming tongue wriggled up inside his asshole. He could feel the serpentine organ licking at the smooth membranes of his rectum as his cock began to swell dramatically.

“Aw, geez!” Reggie exclaimed, “You sure know how to eat an asshole! You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Mm-mm!” Mayda mumbled negatively into Reggie’s asshole. She probed her tongue deeper inside the hot humid recesses of his rectum, sucking and drooling as she feasted on his butthole.

Mayda wiggled her tongue inside Reggie’s asshole, delighting in the flavor of raw man-ass. She burrowed her tongue deeper inside Reggie’s ass, enjoying the young boy’s reaction as the squirming organ swabbed inside his hot moist rectum.

Reggie sat up and turned toward Mayda, his cock was hard and pulsing from the excitement. “Gee!” he exclaimed, “Look what you did to my cock just from licking my ass! You’ve got a talented tongue, Mayda!”

“Of course I do!” Mayda replied.

Reggie grinned, “C’mon, admit it! You liked having your tongue up a guy’s asshole, right?”

“No!” Mayda lied, “I didn’t!”

“If you say so!” Reggie said, “But you really seemed to be getting into it! Now get that sexy ass over here! I’m about to give it a good hard pounding!”

Mayda turned her ass toward Reggie, who wasted no time in prying open the smooth cheeks to expose the pinkish-tan button of Mayda’s virgin asshole. He pressed his face in between Mayda’s hot buttocks and drove his tongue deep inside the simmering tunnel of her asshole.

Mayda let out a squeal of delight as Reggie slurped and slobbered at her puckered anus, his tongue slithering up inside her hot humid rectum. “Mmm! Tasty!” he grinned.

“Oh my goodness!” she said, “I thought you were gonna fuck my ass?”

“Gotta get it lubed up first!” Reggie said, “You really haven’t been assfucked before, have you?”

“No! I told you!” Mayda said, “Now hurry up and put it in there!” She suddenly realized she may have seemed too eager, and quickly corrected herself, “I mean if you’re gonna fuck my ass… be quick about it and get it over with!”

“Sure!” Reggie grinned, placing the swollen purple head of his cock against the puckered burl of Mayda’s tight asshole. Mayda was obviously hot for her first assfuck, and Reggie was intent on giving her a buggering she wouldn’t forget!

Mayda braced herself for her first anal experience. She’d had fingers up her little butthole before, but nothing as thick as a cock. She wondered if it would hurt, and tried her best to relax her sphincter so Reggie’s fat cock shaft could enter more easily.

The mauve head of Reggie’s cock popped inside Mayda’s puckered anus with little difficulty. Mayda let out a slight squeal at the suddenness of the entry, but found that there was hardly any discomfort at all. “Did that hurt?” Reggie asked.

“N…no…” Mayda stammered, “Not really. Wait a moment and let me relax my asshole, then you can start fucking!”

“Whenever you’re ready, your highness!” Reggie grinned, his rigid cock poised for action.

Mayda relaxed her asshole as much as she thought she could. ‘Well,’ she thought to herself, ‘It’s now or never!’

“Go ahead” she said nervously, “Fuck my ass!”

Reggie slammed his cock forward, eliciting a sharp yelp from Mayda as his steely shaft skewered her ass like a red hot poker.

Mayda felt a sharp sting as Reggie’s pulsing cock forced its way inside her virgin asshole. Her sphincter spasmed around his invading cock until it finally surrendered to the intrusion. The pain subsided and a warm pleasant feeling engulfed her as Reggie’s pummeling prick began pistoning back and forth inside her guts.

“Oh my!” Mayda giggled, “This is wonderful! Maybe the peasants know what they’re doing after all! I’m gonna be getting my ass reamed out on a regular basis from now on!”

“You like it, huh?” Reggie grinned, slamming his iron-hard cock in and out of Mayda’s churning cornhole.

“Shut up and fuck my ass harder!” Mayda replied with a sneer.

Taking that as a positive response, Reggie increased his pace, pounding away at Mayda’s gripping asshole. His cock roasted in the delicious heat of Mayda’s heretofore virginal asshole, and he was certain that before long he’d be filling her bowels with a copious load of thick scalding cum!

“Oh gosh!” Mayda exclaimed, “I think I’m gonna cum! I didn’t know I could cum just from being assfucked, but… but…” Her sentence was interrupted by a shriek as her entire body convulsed around Reggie’s brutally buggering cock. She was indeed cumming from the terrific pounding that her luscious ass was receiving from Reggie’s thick hard phallus!

Mayda let out a terrific shriek as a sudden torrent of boiling hot cum blasted into her bowels from Reggie’s climaxing cock. Her body wracked in orgasm as she felt the thick gooey sperm fill her rectum and ooze from the edges of her tightly stretched sphincter onto the sheets.

Reggie grinned with satisfaction as he slid his smoldering member from Mayda’s freshly fucked asshole. “How was your first assfuck, girlie?” he asked, “You liked it, didn’t you?”

Mayda turned around and grasped the cum-slimed shaft of Reggie’s cock. She licked the strands of jelled sperm from his throbbing phallus and shrugged, “It was okay, I guess.”

“Okay?” Reggie smirked, “I heard you screaming like a banshee when I unloaded in your ass! You loved it! Admit it!”

Mayda frowned. “Oh, all right!” she replied grudgingly, “I liked getting assfucked! So, are you gonna help me or what?” She inserted Reggie’s cock into her mouth and stripped the coating of cum from its length with her lips before swallowing the salty goo down in one gulp.

“Sure!” Reggie grinned mischievousy, “A deal’s a deal!”

“Good!” Mayda replied with an evil smile, “I’ll tell you my plan. All you’ve gotta do is just get Gloria down to the park tomorrow afternoon and get her to fuck you, I’ll handle Richie. Think you can do that?”

“No problem!” Reggie grinned. “Let’s hear the whole scheme, then we’ll have another fuck to seal the deal!”

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