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Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Alex Danvers was taken aback when she woke up to find herself in a strange place. It happened to pretty much everyone, but it was rare to happen to her. Although when it did, it was circumstances like this. And despite it wasn't the first time she blushed. Because to be fair, it wasn't every day she woke up in a friend's bed, completely naked, and bombarded by memories of having sex with that friend. Very pleasant memories, but they were somewhat soured by the fact that she'd woken up alone. Which didn't necessarily mean that Sam was freaking out, and regretting what they had done last night, but it wasn't necessarily a good thing either, and well, Alex just couldn't live with the uncertainty.

She knew better than this, had been trained better, but it wasn't long before she was slipping into last night's clothes and going looking for her friend. There were sounds coming from downstairs, so that was where Alex headed, moving as softly and slowly as possible. Mostly because she had been trained to do so, but also, she was hoping not to wake up Ruby. Unfortunately, instead of sleeping in on a Saturday, like Alex used to do when she was Ruby's age it was clear that Ruby took after Kara, and was currently in the kitchen talking to her Mom. Alex silently cursed her luck, and briefly wondered whether she could sneak out the front door without being noticed, only for a creaky step to give her away.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye Ruby was poking her head around the corner, and then grinning, "Alex, hey, great to see you, so early in the morning."

"Ruby, hey..." Alex turned and gave her best 'nothing happened' smile, something which Kara and her Mom told her that despite her training she sucked at.

Given the way she looked at her Ruby clearly agreed, "Mom made pancakes, you want some?"

"Oh, thanks, but I should actually be going." Alex tried to protest, only for Ruby to grab her hand and pull her into the kitchen.

"Ah come on, it's breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day." Ruby insisted, before calling out, "Look Mom, it's Alex!"

"I can see that honey." Sam said flatly, glaring at her daughter, pleading with her to drop it.

Ignoring the look Ruby turned to Alex and shamelessly continued her investigation, "It's so great Mom let you sleepover, isn't it Alex?"

"Ruby." Sam warned.

"I love sleepovers." Ruby grinned, "They're great, aren't they Alex?"

"Do you want these pancakes, or not?" Sam threatened, glaring at her daughter.

"Sorry." Ruby lowered her head dejectedly, and then when her mother cautiously placed the pancakes down in front of her she quickly nabbed a few and tried to begin, "It's just-"

"I told you, nothing happened!" Sam snapped, before quickly softening her tone, but still insisting, "Honey, I swear, if it did, I'd tell you. I tell you everything. But there's nothing to tell. Really."

"Uh-huh." Ruby hummed unconvincingly while drowning her pancakes in chocolate sauce, before grabbing it, and her orange juice and heading towards the TV. Then once she was at the door she quickly pointed out, "It's just, you have lied to me before, and Alex wasn't just sleeping on the couch, she was-"

"Ruby!" Sam warned again.

"You should totally date her!" Ruby blurted out after turning to Alex, "You two are like, in love with each other."

"I will take your breakfast, and throw it in the trash." Sam threatened as she slowly moved towards her daughter, "Followed by the TV."

"I'm just trying to help!" Ruby protested, even as she made a hasty retreat, "You have zero game."

"Hey, I don't have..." Sam started to protest, only to trail off, then turned to her guest, lowered her head and trying to explain awkwardly, "I'm sorry you had to see that. She's not normally that rude, and I wouldn't normally let her get away with it, but... she came into my room, wanting to talk, and... well..."

Alex paled, "She found me."

"Right." Sam sighed, collapsing into the nearest chair, "And she's been pestering me about it all morning. You'd think she be grossed out. Not because you're a girl, but you know?"

"I know." Alex said softly.

"But somehow she went straight from grossed out, to full on AgentReign shipping mode." Sam groaned.

"Agent... Reign?" Alex frowned in confusion, "Who the hell would make Reign an Agent?"

"No... erm..." Sam blushed, not wanting to explain this.

"What?" Alex pushed, still failing to understanding the situation, "Seriously, what?"

"It's... a couple name." Sam gulped, quickly adding, "You know, combine two names together? Which is really insensitive, considering Reign was a completely different person, but Ruby thought it was cooler than Agent Sam, or Danvarias. It's... it's stupid."

There was a brief pause, then Alex sat down next to Sam and admitted, "I like Agent Sam."

"Yeah?" Sam said softly.

"Yeah. It's simple and to the point. Well, maybe that, or just Sam Danvers." Alex said, both women blushing given what that could imply, so the Agent quickly added, "I just meant-"

"I know." Sam reassured.

There was an awkward silence, and then Alex softly said, "Well, it's nice to have a fan."

More silence, and then Sam softly admitted, "I think love is a bit strong. Just a case of a teenager being overdramatic. But I really like you. Like, like-like you, and... now I sound like a teenager."

Cautiously placing her hand down on her friend's hand, Alex softly asked, "Sam, do you want to do this again sometime? Like, go on a proper date?"

Another awkward silence, in which Alex thought she'd made a mistake, and then Sam smiled, and let out a sound of relief, "Wow, at least one of us has game."

"You were fine." Alex reassured, before adding, "Better than Ruby gave you credit for, at least."

"Yeah?" Sam grinned.

"Yeah." Alex confirmed, taking some pancakes off of the plate in front of her, covering them with syrup, and then starting to eat.

Sam just watched this for a few long seconds, and then blurted out, "That was a yes, by the way. We can do whatever you want."

Alex raised an eyebrow as those words hung in the air, causing Sam to blush, and then the director of the DEO swallowed her latest mouthful of pancakes and then cockily replied, "I know."

"Oh." Sam blushed again.

"Great pancakes, by the way. You should totally have one, while they last." Alex added.

"Thanks." Sam beamed, before laughing, "I'll try."

They then ate in a comfortable silence for a minute or two, before Alex apologized, "I hate to eat and run, but the DEO doesn't really have days off, especially not The Director."

"Me too." Sam admitted, quickly adding, "I'm sure you have it way worse, but Saturday mornings is a good time to dump Ruby in front of the TV, and just catch up on work. I don't actually have to go in today, but I like to shower and get dressed anyway. Makes me feel nice. Also I have a video chat later, so...

"I get it." Alex reassured, before asking, "But can I go first? I really have to go."

"You could do that, or..." Sam blurted out, before blushing.

"Or what?" Alex frowned.

"We could share?" Sam offered softly, trying not to blush, "You know, to save water?"

"Well..." Alex smiled, trying and failing to sound innocent, "Anything to save water."


There was certainly nothing innocent about their journey to the shower, as they were looking at each other in a way which made it clear what was exactly on their minds. And why wouldn't they, considering it involved taking off their clothes and dressing gown respectively, before wrapping a towel around themselves. God, it was hard for Alex not to jump Sam right there. Hell, it was hard to keep her hands to herself just when they were walking up the stairs, Sam going first and thus giving Alex a great look at her cute little ass. Which now she thought about it, Sam might have been trying to do last night, but now Alex was actually paying attention. Or more accurately, allowing herself to linger her eyes on Sam and her assets, now that she knew her friend wanted her to look.

Of course, they were still very much in the early stages of whatever this was between them, so Alex figured it was important to let Sam make the first move. And simply offering shower sex wasn't enough, like it would've been for her more experienced lovers. No, she needed Sam to prove that she really was ready for this. Again. Luckily she wasn't waiting long, Sam pressing up against the nearest wall as soon as the bathroom door was closed, and pressing her lips to hers. Alex eagerly kissed back, the two women getting really lost in it for a few long seconds, especially as their bodies were pressed firmly against each other, first through the towels they were wearing, and then there was just bare flesh against bare flesh.

Sam almost felt the need to apologize. This wasn't her. She wasn't some sex addict, who had morning sex in the shower, while her kid innocently watched TV. Hell, it'd been a long time since she'd had sex more than once, and that had been an obligation. This was something that she actually wanted. Oh God, Alex had just made her cum so hard and frequently that she already wanted more. And if she wasn't careful, she would become addicted to it. And she didn't know whether that was because she was gay all along, without realizing it, or she had just fell hopelessly in love with Alex Danvers in the middle of the whole Reign situation. And Alex seemed willing, unsurprisingly. Sam just hoped she wasn't making a mistake already by pushing things too fast, again.

Or at least, she did worry about that stuff during the few minutes that felt like hours, in which it took them to make it to the shower. To be fair, they had to finish their breakfast, clear up, retrieved two towels and then change before finally making it to their final destination. It was especially the changing part which had been tough, as Sam was also tempted to just jump Alex. So much so that she hadn't been able to wait anymore when they finally got through the door of the bathroom. Hell, Sam barely had the presence of mind of shutting and locking the door behind them, before pressing herself up against Alex and kissing her. Then her mind became wonderfully blank for a few long minutes, especially as without thinking she dropped the towel she had been holding, Alex then doing the same, so their bodies were directly touching.

Unfortunately then Alex just had to break the kiss, and questioned, "Ruby?"

Sam groaned, and scolded, "For future reference, if you have questions about my kid, please ask them before I start kissing you."

"I know, I'm sorry, I was just a bit, distracted." Alex said bashfully.

"I know what you mean." Sam also said bashfully, before explaining, "Ruby is dead to the world when she is in front of a TV, especially on Saturday mornings. I could probably scream your name at the top of my lungs, and she wouldn't hear me. Not that I want to test that theory, of course. And she might go back for seconds during a break, and wonder where we are, so we need to make this quick."

"Roger that." Alex nodded, before pointing out, "I could seriously do with a shower though, so can we do the technical stuff first?"

"Why? What else would we be here for?" Sam teased.

In response Alex gave her a brief look, then smiled widely and gave her another kiss. This one was brief, way too brief for Sam's liking, but it was impossible to complain when Alex then guided them into the shower by taking her hand in hers. God, it was such a small sign of affection, which could be even platonic at times, and yet holding this woman's hand made Sam's heart beat faster. But then, that was just the effect that Alex Danvers had on her. And she continued experiencing it when it was Alex's turn to wash Sam's hair, and then her body. When Sam did it, nothing. Possibly because she did it like a Mom, and it just reminded her of washing Ruby off when she was younger, and she been playing in the dirt too long. But when it was Alex, it was different, and somehow even the smallest touch felt like a erotic massage.

Then, of course, came the touches that were more directly erotic, like Alex suddenly grabbing her butt and squeezing it, the latter of which definitely had nothing to do with washing. Then after a few long seconds of massaging that area, she slid her hands upwards and around to Sam's tits. Now there was an area she really lingered on, especially as she pressed her lips to Sam's neck, and her front against the other woman's back. God, that combination made Sam feel so God damn we get the knees, especially as those lips travelled all over her neck and shoulders, while those hands cupped her breasts, and her fingertips played with her nipples. And Alex's nipples were pressed into her back. Oh God, they were so hard. And she could feel wetness against her butt which had nothing to do with running water. Oh God, this was already so overwhelming.

"Oh God." Sam found herself whimpering already, which was embarrassing.

Despite this Alex put her at ease by simply whispering into her ear, "Shhhhhhhhh, I got you."

Alex loved how responsive Sam's body was to her. It had also felt incredibly thrilling with Maggie and Sara, but it hadn't felt like such a big deal, because again they had so much experience with lesbian sex, so it almost felt like an after thought. Because of course, even Alex could make them feel good. And there was always a chance they would take it easy on her, and emphasizing their pleasure. Not that she seriously thought the other women were faking it, but there was an annoying voice in the back of her head, trying to convince her otherwise. But that voice was silent now Samantha Arias was in her arms, and practically melting under her touch. Oh yes, she was making this inexperienced woman feel good, which really made Alex feel very proud of herself.

She continued making herself proud with every little whimper, gasp, and especially moan that she squeezed out of the other woman, just from a little foreplay. Just from holding Sam tightly against her own body, while massaging those cute little nipples nice and hard, and of course kissing the dark-haired woman's neck. Something Alex would like to have done for hours, but again, they really did need to make this a quickie. Although she did make sure to spend a few long minutes of the foreplay. Enough to greatly increase the intensity of the groping, and particularly the attention to Sam's neck, and even biting down at one point, so that she could mark Sam as hers. Which was a little possessive, but she couldn't help it in that moment.

Then Alex kissed her way down Sam's spine, building anticipation for what she was about to do, even as she debated exactly what that would be. She then lingered on Sam's lower back, before pulling back to admire the sight before her. God, Sam had such a cute little ass. Which kind of made up Alex's mind for her. So with a wicked grin she grabbed those cute little ass cheeks, spread them wide apart with both hands, and then pressed her tongue to the other woman's clit. She then slid her tongue upwards. As in, all the way up, far further than she originally planned when she began to kiss her way downwards. Which arguably she shouldn't be doing during their second time together, but for better or for worse Alex just couldn't resist.

Initially Sam closed her eyes and let out a long, loud moan as Alex's tongue slid over her pussy, but then she opened her eyes wide and cried out even louder when that tongue moved over her ass hole, "Alex!"

Which should've been Alex's cue to ask Sam if this was okay, and point out that she could just eat her pussy if that's what she would prefer. And that was what she was planning to do, it really was. However, for better or for worse, in that moment, her body went into business for itself, or at least, her tongue did. Oh yes, her tongue slid right back down Sam's ass crack, pausing only to linger over the other woman's butt hole on her way to Sam's pussy. However, just before she reached her destination she went right back up again, and then repeated the process, constantly sliding her tongue over the other girl's butt crack, listening out for a sign that she should stop, and getting none.

Sam felt like her face was frozen in place. Namely, eyes wide, mouth slightly open and her face either ghostly pale, or bright red. It was honestly hard to tell, given the reflection in the tiles she was facing. But either way, the point was that she couldn't believe what Alex was doing to her. What another woman was doing to her, no less. And it felt good, which was the weirdest part of all. Of course, it wasn't nearly as good as Alex's tongue sliding over her pussy, but it was the most unique pleasure she had ever felt. Especially when those licks began focusing up on her back door. Oh God! Sam actually liked getting her ass licked. Oh fuck, this was so weird, and yet Sam just couldn't get enough of it.

The feelings became so overwhelming that Sam found herself leaning forwards, grabbing onto the wall in front of her, and eventually even leaning her head down to it. Or was that so she could stick her ass out, and directly into Alex's face? Maybe a mixture of both? Oh yes, it definitely felt like both, even if the latter thing was unconsciously. Alex definitely took it as encouragement, as she began swirling her tongue around Sam's back hole, instead of just sliding her tongue up and down. Then just as she thought Alex was moving onto something else by pulling her face back again her eyes went wide in shock, as the other woman spat onto her butt hole, and then rubbed that saliva in with her tongue.

"Oh God!" Sam gasped loudly, unable to believe what was happening to her.

Over and over again, she repeated those words, or something like them, but never actually told Alex to stop. And honestly, if she had taken any of these reactions in a negative way, she may have asked her to continue if Alex actually tried to stop. Then again, would she actually be able to say it? Because she probably had too, to get what she wanted? That was totally Alex. And part of Sam might actually enjoy having these words forced out of her. However, for better or for worse she didn't have too, Alex proving that she knew her body better than she did, as she introduced her to a pleasure she had never even imagined before. Hell, no man had even bothered to ask. Not that she had dated that many of them, but still. If they were interested in that, they automatically knew she was too tightly wound to say yes.

But Alex had just done it, and that shouldn't be appealing, but it was. And honestly at that moment it felt like Sam would let Alex do anything she wanted to her, as she had more than proven she could make just about anything feel good. Oh God, after who knows how long eating Sam's ass Alex actually pushed her tongue inside her! Inside Sam's ass hole! And even that felt good. She didn't get very far, which might be the main reason it felt good, but still. Then again, it actually had Sam wondering what it would feel like taking something deep in there. Like a finger, or... or something. Not that she wanted to dwell on that too much right now, and thankfully she didn't have too, as all of a sudden the pleasure was increased tenfold, simply by one of Alex's talented little hands rejoining the party.

When she kneeled down behind her. Alex concentrated on spreading Sam's ass cheeks wide apart, and there it stayed for like an eternity. Then all of a sudden one of those hands traveled around her body. She gently cupped her pussy, causing Sam to let out a loud cry, which could be heard over the sound of the running water, and maybe all the way downstairs to Ruby. Oh God, it had never been more important for Ruby not to hear her, and especially not to disturb her, so Sam placed a hand over her mouth to try and prevent any more sounds like that. It might not have been necessary though, as while her sounds of enjoyment went back to being soft, despite the incredible increase in pleasure.

At first that just involved Alex rubbing her pussy with her fingertips, but unsurprisingly it was not long before a finger was slowly pushed inside that welcoming hole. Which was maybe more often than ever before, as Sam suddenly realized how jealous it was of her back hole. Oh fuck, what an embarrassing thought, but it was true. And what was worse, her back hole might just be jealous of her front hole. Just a little bit. Although she was sure that this was a preferable arrangement, and Sam was doing the exact opposite to complaining. In fact, she eventually had to bite down on her hand to keep herself reasonably quiet when a second finger was added into her needy pussy, and Alex started rubbing her equally needy clit with her thumb.

The combination of those things was easily enough to make Sam cum. Or would've done, given a little more time, and/or an increase in the pace of the movements of the thumb, fingers, or even the tongue. But then all of a sudden the tongue was removed from the equation, at least momentarily, as Alex suddenly jumped up onto her feet, without removing her hand from Sam's twat. However, apparently that wasn't impressive enough for Alex Danvers, and she just had to follow it up by whispering words of encouragement into Sam's ear, which just like last night was more than enough to push her over the edge of an incredible climax. Especially because at the exact same time Alex increased the speed of her thumb rubbing her clit, and the fingers fucking her cunt.

"It's okay, I got you. Just let go." Alex softly encouraged, while masterfully playing Sam's body like a musical instrument, "Just let go, and cum for me baby, mmmmmmmmm, please? Please, just cum for me. Cum like a good girl. Oh yes, that's it, oh baby, you're doing so good. So good for me, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddddd, you feel so amazing! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, you feel so amazing for me when you cum, ooooooooooooh, cumming on my fingers. Oh baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, Sam! Oh Sam! ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm fuck!"

If that wasn't amazing enough, Alex fucked her through the first orgasm and onto a second, and then finally a third, with the third being her favourite. Why? Because she was pretty sure Alex came at the same time. Okay, it was kind of hard for her to tell for sure, given her delirious state, but once she was back in the position they had started all of this Alex began to rub herself against Sam's ass, just like she had the night before, and Sam was pretty sure that she came then too, although she needed to confirm that. Having Alex cumming that way wasn't ideal, simply because Sam should be much more involved, but there was something undeniably primal about it, which for better or for worse Sam found herself loving.

Alex had been really tempted to continue the rim job as she made Sam cum, but she had probably already spent too long licking that area considering she hadn't asked first. More importantly, she was worried about the other woman losing her balance from a distracting climax, something that unfortunately Alex had first-hand experience in, thanks to Maggie doing the exact same thing to her. Also she just really liked having Samantha Arias in her arms. Especially in this moment, as both that feeling, and just being solely focused on making Sam cum, banished painful memories of losing Maggie and allowed her to concentrate on the wonderful woman in her arms, allowing her to be happy in that blissful moment.

Because again, this felt like a much bigger achievement to making Maggie or Sara cum. And unlike those times, Alex felt 100% in control. Maggie and Sara let her be in control, but it felt like any moment they could take it back. But Sam surrendered to her completely, and that was more intoxicating than Alex could have ever imagined. It brought out a primal need in her she had never experienced before. One that wanted to take care of this wonderful woman, but also to fuck her hard. To dominate her. To... top her. To be her top, and for Sam to be her bottom. And for Alex to top her bottom in every possible way, and make her beg for more. Or at least scream, cry and whimper and moan into her hand, just like she was making the other woman do now.

Those thoughts, combined with grinding her body into the soft yet toned flesh of Sam's back, and more importantly her ass, and the sheer joy of making Samantha Arias cum for her was enough to make Alex cum too. Which was similar to last night, but sadly Alex couldn't keep going as long as she wanted. For one thing they were both somehow still on their feet, and it would be embarrassing, especially for The Director Of The DEO to collapse from a combination of mind-numbing pleasure and exhaustion. Especially first thing in the morning. But more importantly, Alex was now late for work, something which was unacceptable when she was an agent, but now? Now she was risking the safety of the world, just for morning sex. Worth it? Not really, even though in that moment it felt like it.

So Alex literally brought them down from their highs by increasing the pace of both her hand and her own hips, until she came to a complete stop. Although even then she couldn't resist basking in the afterglow for a few long seconds, especially as it involved holding this wonderful woman tightly to her body. Then she gently turned Sam around, pressed her up against the wall, turned off the shower and kissed her again. It was meant to be just one slow, soft kiss goodbye, however, while it was slow and soft, it wasn't the last. No, because Alex just had to suck her fingers clean right in front of Sam's face, which was cruel, considering they had to stop now. Something which Sam knew, but that didn't stop her from switching their positions and starting another kiss, this one long and passionate.

Which Alex never wanted to break away from, but unfortunately she had too, insisting, "Babe, I have to go."

Even though she was disappointed with most of those words Sam felt warm and fuzzy inside from hearing Alex calling her that term of endearment, which distracted her momentarily, but when the other woman tried to push her away she insisted in a far more whiny tone than she intended, "No, please stay. Stay and... and I'll do anything. We can do anything you want..."

Alex gulped, and then after a brief pause confessed, "I really wish I could, but I can't."

"You can." Sam pushed.

"I told you, I have work." Alex insisted.

"Call in sick." Sam insisted, "Leave the heroics to Supergirl."

"Okay, now I know I have to leave." Alex chuckled, "Supergirl is hot, but unreliable."

Sam knew Alex was right, but she couldn't resist trying one more time, "Are you sure there's nothing I can say to change your mind?"

"Well..." Alex bit her lip, "There probably is, but I still need to go. But..."

"But..." Sam questioned.

"Let me make it up to you." Alex pleaded softly, and then rested her forehead against Sam's and stroked her face gently as she continued, "Let me take you out tonight on a proper date. You know, the one we talked about before? I'll wine and dine you, and then I'll take you back here, and then... we can do whatever you want, as long as you want."

There was a brief pause, then Sam smiled dreamily, "Our first proper date."

"Yeah." Alex grinned, enjoying the irony of having sex before even the first date.

"Deal." Sam grinned back.

"Good." Alex gently kissed Sam one last time, and then because the last time seemed to have a positive effect, she pulled away with, "See you tonight, babe."

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