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Alex Danvers wasn't a big fan of parties. Loud, obnoxious music which was more to her sister's tastes, large crowds full of people, random guys hitting on her, and worst of all, it was so freaking difficult to get a drink. She much preferred a small gathering between friends, where it was easy to have a nice conversation and a nice bottle of wine. Maybe a game or two. Which was pretty much a tradition, but this Lena Luthor was throwing a big charity costume party, and after a lot of pestering from Kara, Alex was making an appearance. Which at least made Kara smiled widely when she saw her approaching, reminding Alex she would probably do anything for that smile, even this.

"Alex!" Kara exclaimed, running up and hugging her, "You made it, you made it."

"Like I had a choice." Alex grumbled.

"Oh, don't be like that..." Kara parroted pulling back and then hesitating as she looked Alex up and down, "Hey, where's your costume?"

"I'm wearing it." Alex said, and then when her sister gave her a look she quickly added, "I'm a FBI Agent."

"Boo." Kara booed.

"What?" Alex protested, "This way I didn't have to go home and change, or whatever. I could come straight here."

"Boooooooooo!" Kara repeated.

"I use to pretend to be FBI, you know? I even have a badge that says so and everything." Alex huffed.

"That badge can change to say whatever you want it to say. And you carry it with you wherever you go. So, it doesn't count." Kara argued, "So again, I boo you. Boo, boo, boooooooooo! Bad Alex, bad. F for effort."

"That's not how the saying goes." Alex grumbled, "And what are you supposed to be, exactly? Apart from racially insensitive, I mean? An Arabian hooker, maybe?"

Kara opened her mouth wide in offense, and then huffed, "I'm Princess Jasmine, duh!"

"Why?" Alex frowned, "I thought you were going as Arial?"

"I was, but then Lena told me she was going as Aladdin, because she identifies with his struggles with power, and it meant so much to her, that I wanted to surprise her with this." Kara exclaimed with a beaming smile.

Alex raised an eyebrow, "By wearing a couples costume?"

Kara blushed, "It's not a couples costume."

"Uh-huh." Alex smirked.

"It's not!" Kara insisted, "It's a nice, sweet, friendly gesture between... friends. Best friends. And I will not have you sully it with your crazy, and totally off the mark innuendos."

"Uh-huh." Alex replied.

"Hey, don't give me that." Kara protested, before again insisting, "This is a thoughtful gift, and Lena is going to love it."

"Uh-huh." Alex replied.

"You know what I mean." Kara folded up her arms and pouted.

Honestly Alex hadn't been really paying attention to any of that, as Sam Arias suddenly appeared from out of the crowd. Thankfully she was heading to the bar, the same place that Alex had been heading before she spotted Kara. This meant that Sam didn't spot them, and more importantly, didn't spot Alex staring at her. Because, wow. Don't get her wrong, she always thought Sam was gorgeous, but... wow. Just wow. She looked better as Supergirl than Supergirl did, and that was really saying something. God, she even had the walk down perfectly. The one which says, 'I'm powerful and self-righteous, but somehow also adorable, and so pretty that it should be obnoxious, but somehow it just means you want me even more.'

"I, I just don't get why anyone would think me and Lena are more than friends." Kara protested, at this point, annoyed at her own inability to stop speaking, even though the only response she got the last couple of minutes was 'uh-huh'.

Although that was preferable to the next response Alex gave, namely, "Do you think Supergirl is hot?"

Kara let out an unintelligible sound, followed by choking out, "Wha, what?"

"Do you think Supergirl is hot?" Alex repeated without missing a beat, then rolled her eyes, "Fine, hypothetically, if you like girls, would you think she is hot?"

"Well... I... I guess, I mean, I hadn't thought about it, I mean..." Kara stammered, before cautiously asking, "Do you?

"Duh. I mean, have you seen her?" Alex scoffed, as if the question should be obvious, "But, I don't know, I just feel like I know her or something. Which is weird, because as far as I can remember we've never spoken."

"There's a reason for that." Kara grumbled softly, looking over to her friend J'ohn.

"What was that?" Alex frowned, finally looking away from Sam.

"Nothing." Kara squeaked, quickly changing the subject as she was the next one to spot Sam, "Oh! Oooooooooooh. Are you sure you're not projecting? Like, getting your feelings all confused, and you're not sure what to do? Because I thought that all the time. Not about Lena! Or any other girl. I just..."

"I don't know..." Alex admitted, "I just feel like there is something between us. Or maybe I just want there to be? Oh, who am I kidding, I totally am."

There's a few brief seconds of silence, and then Kara cautiously added, "Between you and Sam, or you and, and..."

"I don't know." Alex repeated with a sigh, "Both? Maybe? Probably?"

"But Sam's the one who's here?" Kara offered, taking a moment to acknowledge the irony of that, even if Alex was no longer aware of it, and then adding, "Maybe you should go for it? With Sam I mean! Definitely with Sam."

"You don't think Supergirl would be into me?" Alex questioned self-deprecatingly.

"What, I..." Kara stammered, before desperately trying to calm herself down, then pointed out, "Sam's the one who's here."

"How is that fair on her?" Alex questioned, before adding, "If, if the only reason something happens, it's because she's dressed like that?"

"Well..." Kara scoffed, desperately wanting to spill the beans at this point, to tell her sister about wiping her memory, and begging for her forgiveness, but instead she pointed out, "You've had a thing for Sam since you met her. Don't even try to pretend otherwise. Who cares what exactly gets you off your butt to tell her? Just tell her, and see what happens."

"Like things become super awkward, and losing her as a friend?" Alex quipped dryly.

"You might be surprised." Kara said softly, before quickly adding, "Or you can spend years flirting with her, and then do nothing about it. Your choice. Now excuse me, I'm going to find my Aladdin. Not that she's my Aladdin, it's just that... just go talk to her! Now Alex!"

As Kara stormed off in a huff, looking for her 'friend', Alex took a deep and calming breath, and began moving towards Sam. Then she saw a guy walk up to 'Super Sam' and obviously start chatting her up, causing Alex to go to the other end of the bar to get a drink or two. Of course it took like an hour to get one, but admittedly Alex felt better once she had downed a couple of shots and got herself a beer. Not her favourite, but it would do. Especially if she had to watch Sam making out with some random dude. However instead when she saw her friend again Sam was talking to a completely different man, and it didn't seem to be going well. Alex tried to intervene, but before she could get through this infuriating crowd, he was gone. Weirdly after Super Sam spotted her, and then pointed her out with a beaming smile.

"Alex! You made it! Thank God!" Sam exclaimed loudly over the music when Alex finally closed the distance between them.

"Thanks, I guess." Alex replied, and hating herself for it. She then quickly responded with a better greeting, "Good to see you too. Not that it isn't always, I just..."

"I get it." Sam smiled, looking Alex up and down, and pointed to her friend's 'costume', or lack thereof, "So, secret agent?"

"You know me." Alex joked, before lowering her head, "It's super lame, isn't it?"

"No, it's smart." Sam reassured, lowering her voice, "This way you don't need to change from work."

"I know, thank you. Finally, someone who gets it." Alex exclaimed, before quickly adding, "Not that there is something wrong with going home and changing. Or whatever. You look amazing. Easily just as good as Supergirl."

"You think?" Sam smiled bashfully.

"I know." Alex insisted, before cautiously adding, "But isn't it weird. Because... you know?"

"It's not really my colour?" Sam question dryly, and then when Alex gave her a look she quickly explained, "Yeah, it's a little weird. But Ruby thought it would be funny, and you know I would do anything for that kid. Especially after, everything that happened... and, and Reign would absolutely hate it. You know, seeing me dress this way. Which kind of sealed the deal, because screw that bitch."

There was a brief pause, and then Alex softly said, "I think it is."

"Huh?" Sam frowned.

"Your colour." Alex said softly, then blushed, and then continuously made it worse for herself, "I mean, you could wear anything. Red, white and blue, or black, or whatever. Whatever you want, and you'd look great. Guaranteed."

"Thanks." Sam beamed, then looking around and sighing, "Oh God, another one?"

"Another what?" Alex frowned, becoming even more confused as Sam took her hand in hers.

"Just follow my lead." Sam pleaded almost too softly to be heard, before turning towards the man who was now approaching them, "Hi."

The man was a little startled, but he smiled and offered, "Hi, can I buy you a drink?"

"Thanks, but my girlfriend already got me one." Sam said, indicating to Alex.

The man nodded, "Oh... right, couples costume?"

"Yeah..." Sam nodded, "Because..."

"Supergirl works with the government." The man nodded, before shrugging it off, "Well, have a good night."

"You too." Sam smiled, and then when he was out of ear shot she let go of Alex's hand and explained, "Sorry about that. There's probably nothing worse than a girl using you like that to get out of being hit on, but I totally didn't realize how much of a dick magnet this thing would be. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, as I've seen girls dress this way all the time, but since I got here guys just haven't left me alone."

"Not looking for love tonight, huh?" Alex question, trying not to sound too disappointed.

Sam shrugged, "I came here to support Lena. And whatever charity this is for. And to make sure Ruby has a good time. And doesn't get into too much trouble."

Sam then indicated to her daughter, who was over in the corner with Kara and Lena, proudly showing off her costume, which made Alex smile, and then nodded, "I get it. And it's okay. I can be your fake girlfriend, if you want. You know, just to keep the drunk guys away who can't take no for an answer."

"You will? Oh, thanks Alex, you're the best." Sam beamed, hugging her friend.

"Yeah, I am, aren't I?" Alex tried to sound smug, not sad, and then when Sam pulled back she asked, "So do you have a place to sit?"

"No, but I'm sure we can find somewhere." Sam said, offering her hand.

"Okay." Alex took the hand, and they started to make their way through the crowded room. As they went Alex grumbled, "And this is not a couples costume."

"Sure it isn't." Sam said play kiddingly, although it was undermined by the smile on her face.


In a way Alex was glad that Sam had taken romance off of the table tonight, as it meant that she could just relax and have a fun time with her friend. At first it was friends, as they joined Kara, Lena and Ruby all at one table, but all three of them eventually left to go dance, once again leaving Alex and Sam to themselves. Ruby had to stay where Sam could see her the whole time, but she seemed perfectly content with getting her groove on, probably because Sam was mostly focused on Alex, the two of them talking for hours about everything and nothing. Which would've been great, but Kara had managed to get into Alex's head, and she found herself over-analysing everything from the way the other woman laughed at her jokes, to every soft little smile or touch she gave her.

That was only intensified tenfold later on, when they joined Ruby on the dance floor. It wasn't so bad at first, the three of them goofing around to the loud music, while Alex wondered exactly where Kara and Lena had gone. But then the music became slower, Ruby went to sit back down, and next thing she knew Sam was dancing close to her. Which Alex was 99% sure was all about keeping up the charade of being a couple, but, a small part of her couldn't help hope it was something else. Especially given that the entire time they spend together no men came up to them, suggesting that either they had got the message earlier in the night, or they were just totally buying this performance. The question was, was Alex reading something into it, or did it actually mean something?

All Alex knew for sure was that time just seemed to fly by, and her original intention of sticking around about an hour tops was completely blown out of the water, and the next thing she knew it was after midnight, Ruby was pretty much a sleep, resting against her mother's shoulder, and yet Sam and Alex were still deep in discussion. Which made Alex feel a little guilty, but it was really hard to mention that they should be both heading home. Sure, it was a Friday night, so Ruby didn't have school tomorrow, and Sam didn't have work, but Alex did. After all, she was the director of the DEO, and therefore didn't really have time off. Admittedly she could take some if she wanted to, but she was a workaholic. But then, she was used to working on only a few hours of sleep, so it seemed worth it to stay as long as possible, to make this last.

"Anyway..." Sam sighed sadly, indicating to her daughter, "I really should get this one home. I promised her if she was good she could stay up late, but this is way later than I intended."

"Yes, absolutely. You should go." Alex agreed, before cautiously adding, "Erm, how are you getting home, exactly? Because, no offense, but you seem a little..."

"Tipsy?" Sam offered, before grinning, "Yeah, a bit. But it's okay, we'll just get an Uber. Or maybe I can fly us home?"

Alex smiled at what was hopefully a joke, and then offered, "You know, I have a really high tolerance, and I didn't have that much, not by my standards, so I could maybe drive you. If you want? You know, free ride? I could tell you the alphabet backwards. If that would help?"

"No, it's okay, I trust you." Sam softly reassured, before quickly adding, "But if were going to go, we should tell Lena."

"Agreed." Alex nodded, getting up. They weren't looking for long before they ran into a familiar face, which made Alex beam, "Hey Kara, have you seen Lena?"

"Lena? No, why? Why would I have seen her? Why?" Kara babbled unconvincingly.

Just then Lena came out of the bathroom a short distance away, and Alex could have sworn that Kara wiped her face nervously, like she was worried something was on it, but before she could comment Sam called out to her approaching boss, "Lena, we're off now, okay? It was great to see you. Great party. We had a lot of fun."

"Me too." Lena beamed, before clarifying, "It's always great to see you all, and Sam, we'll talk more Monday."

"Absolutely, see you then." Sam returned with a smile of her own.

There was a few more exchanges of pleasantries, and then they slowly made their way out and to Alex's car. It was a lot easier now, as a great deal of the guests had either gone home or gone looking for an all-night party, but they still moved slowly because they had to practically carry Ruby, which quickly sobered up the older brunettes. But it was not long before they were on their way, and while it could be Alex's imagination, she felt like Sam was watching her nearly the entire drive. Which was distracting, but Alex had been trained to stay sharp in much worse conditions, and eventually she got them to their destination alright. Although she drove slowly, just in case, and also because she didn't want the night to end. Which was why she went against her better judgment during the next offer she got.

"Do you want to come in?" Sam offered once they'd arrived, quickly adding, "Because I could do with the help to get Ruby inside, and you look like you could do with a cup of coffee. Especially if you're going to drive some more tonight."

"Coffee would be great, thanks." Alex smiled, barely giving it a second thought.

They then wordlessly carried Ruby inside, and pretty much had to wake her up to make her go to bed. That was maybe Alex's favourite part of the night, because as much as she cherished her time with her friends, and the chance to get to know Sam a little better, it was so wonderful to watch Sam be a Mom, and the exact type of Mom Alex wanted to be. Loving and affectionate, but also stern when she needed to be. It reminded Alex how badly she wanted a kid. Especially one like Ruby. Hell, a small part of her wished Ruby was her kid. Which made a voice in her head remind her that could be possible, in a way which would hopefully be very pleasant for all involved, but she quickly stamped out that thought.

Once Ruby was tucked up in bed she was out like a light almost the second her head hit the pillow, and then the two older brunettes were sneaking downstairs for the coffee Alex had been promised. Coffee which Alex managed to make last for a change. Normally she drank it quickly, because she liked it hot, but this time both women seem to be taking their time. Almost like they didn't want the night to end. But it had to eventually, and Alex was feeling it even more sooner than she did when she left the party. So with a wistful sigh, she finished the last of her drink and then reluctantly started heading towards the door while thanking Sam for a wonderful evening.

"Well, I guess it's time to go." Alex said sadly while she got up, "Thanks for everything... tonight has been, well..."

"Wait!" Sam said softly, before quickly adding, "It's... it's really late, and... and you could stay the night, if you want."

There was a brief pause, then Alex said softly, "I wouldn't want to put you out."

"You wouldn't be." Sam insisted.

Another brief pause, then Alex relented, "Well, if you're sure."

"I, I am." Sam stammered.

Which caused Alex to frown, "Really? Because you don't sound sure, and the last thing I want to do is-"

"I'm sure!" Sam said firmly this time.

Yet another pause, then Alex nodded, "Okay."

"Okay?" Sam smiled.

"So... can I have a blanket or something?" Alex asked.

"Why?" Sam frowned, before realization hit, "Oh, you don't want to sleep on that couch. It's a piece of crap. My bed is big enough for two. You should sleep there."

Again this caused Alex to frown, as she'd been sitting on that couch for a while, and it felt perfectly decent. But she simply shrugged and allowed Sam to lead her upstairs to her bedroom, grateful for the fact that she had such a great friend that would do something like this for her. Later she would realize that, in hindsight, she was being a little bit naïve. But in her defence, it was late, and she was tired and tipsy. However, she wasn't so out of it that she didn't notice that Sam suddenly seemed nervous, for some reason, and while she had shrugged it off at first it was clear that by the time they reached her friend's bedroom, she really was going to have to say something, as Sam seemed to be freaking out.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked shortly after the door was closed behind them.

"Nothing." Sam tried to protest, and amazingly, all it took was a look from the other woman to have her answering truthfully, "I'm sorry, I just... I... I don't normally do this. Heck, I never do this. Like I said, I had Ruby in high school, and after that... well, I was so focused on her, and my career, that I didn't have time for anything else. But now..."

"Now what?" Alex frowned.

"Now, I'm ready." Sam said firmly, psyching herself up, "I want to do this."

"Do what?" Alex questioned, with another frown.

For a moment Sam was more nervous and apprehensive than she'd ever been, but she quickly realized something from the look her friend was giving her, so she cautiously explained, "Alex... I... I invited you in for coffee."

Embarrassingly, it took a few long seconds, but then those words hit Alex like a freight train, and all she responded with was, "Oh..."

"If, if I'm totally off base, that's fine." Sam quickly added, barely pausing to breathe as she continued, "I know you wouldn't automatically like me just because you're gay, I just thought there was something, a spark, as cliché as it sounds, but... that's how it felt, to me, and... I... I haven't felt that way before. About anyone. Definitely not Ruby's father, or any of the guys in high school. And I thought maybe, that meant something."

"Wow." Alex laughed after about maybe a minute of silence, immediately feeling bad about it and quickly explaining when she saw the hurt look on Sam's face, "You're me. Or at least, me two years ago."

"Maybe." Sam smiled bashfully, "Gotta love irony, huh?"

"I guess." Alex said softly, moving closer, "You're sure?"

"That I'm a lesbian?" Sam laughed softly, "No. The truth is I don't know what I am, but I know I like you. And I want you. And I'd hate to make you feel like I'm using you to experiment, but... I haven't had sex in five years, and I've never had an orgasm that I didn't give myself. So please believe me, I really, really want to do this, if you're okay with it."

Which was something Alex should have debated for hours, because there was a lot to consider here, and probably the worst thing she could do right now was to just give into her primal urges and do something maybe Sam wasn't entirely ready for. But she couldn't stop thinking about how much it had hurt to be initially rejected by Maggie, and how hard it had been to get over, and while it was wrong to compare the two situations she just couldn't help it. And God, she just wanted to kiss Sam so badly throughout that little speech of hers, and pretty much the entire night, if she was honest with herself. So for better or for worse, almost as soon as Sam was done speaking, Alex closed the distance between them and did the thing she most wanted to do all night long, namely kiss Samantha Arias.

She tried to do it in the nicest way possible, gently taking Sam's face into her hands and gently caressing it, before just as gently pulling it towards her own while leaning in as slowly as possible. Sam seem to appreciate this, as the nervousness was still pretty much radiating off of her, which almost made Alex second-guess this decision. Almost. But thankfully when their lips touched Sam didn't hesitate to kiss back, and even pulled Alex close to her by grabbing onto her waist, vindicating her choice. At least as far as the kissing was concerned. Should they stop it here? Maybe, but that was a concern for another time. Right now Alex just wanted to concentrate on kissing the beautiful woman in front of her.

Which was exactly what she did for a few long seconds, before Sam broke the kiss and asked, "Do you want me to take it off?"

"What?" Alex frowned with confusion.

"You know, the outfit?" Sam pushed.

"Oh... that..." Alex murmured, hating how slow she was off the drawer today, before asking cautiously, "Do you want to take it off?"

"I don't know." Sam lied, before cautiously adding, "Is, is it okay if I leave it on? It makes me feel strong."

"It's very okay." Alex grinned, moving in for another kiss.

Sam had spent a lot of time over the past year or so wondering about what it would be like to kiss Alex Danvers. Predictably the reality was so much better than she'd ever imagined, and she hoped that it would be the same for the sex. Because for years she had told herself she was happy to go without it, and it was mostly true, as she had so many things to be thankful for in her life, all of which made that life fulfilling. However, never in that life, not even when she was a hormonal teenager, had she ever felt this... needy. Which she hated, but in that moment, she just couldn't help it. So she was very much the one to push things forwards, starting with Alex's tongue, which she practically begged to come and play with her own.

Fortunately it didn't take much to get what she wanted, maybe especially at that point. Unfortunately it was so overwhelming that it caused Sam to freeze up a bit, which in turn had Alex trying to pull away, clearly thinking she'd done something wrong. Desperate to prove that she hadn't Sam grabbed on to the other woman more tightly, and kissed her more firmly, which after a few long seconds caused Alex to relax and melt into the kiss again. They then went through the same process when Alex started cautiously sliding her hands over her body, Sam literally having to grab those hands and pull them back to her body when they pulled away, just because the touch initially took her off-guard.

Maybe it was too much too soon, but for better or for worse while initially Alex had just moved her hands from the other brunette's waist to her sides and down her back, Sam pushed those hands directly onto her boobs. But again Sam was just so needy in those moments, but she also was silently begging Alex not to be afraid to touch her. There was a longer pause than before, but the result was the same, the other woman blowing her mind with just the simplest of touches. Although to be fair, this was the first thing combined with something else. Something which really made her worry that she wouldn't be ready for anything else. And wonder about her sexuality.

Either Alex was just incredible at sex, or Sam had been super gay her whole life, and simply hadn't been aware of it. The latter would be embarrassing, but either way the latter didn't cancel out the former, which really had to be true. Oh yes, most likely both were true, but the only thing that really mattered in that moment was that Alex Danvers was just ridiculously good at sex. Or at least, touching other women. Sam was very much looking forward to finding out how good she was at the actual sex part, especially considering she just made touching her boobs to be a highlight of Sam's life. Because these weren't the awkward and unsure fumbling of a drunk guy, or a horny teenager. This was someone who knew what they were doing, and it made all the difference.

Alex really didn't feel like she knew what she was doing in that moment. If this was someone like Maggie or Sara, someone who was experienced and comfortable with their sexuality, she would know exactly the right time to touch, and where, but this was someone who might only be curious about girl on girl fun, making this a totally different ballgame. This was her having to take the Maggie role, or even the Sara role, and she wasn't sure that she was ready for that. What if she sucked? Or moved too fast, or too slow? She didn't want to ruin this experience for Sam, just in case her friend really was like her, and in desperate need of some guidance from an experienced pro, and somehow mistook Alex for that.

She was definitely off to a bad start, Sam making it clear every step of the way that she was moving too slowly, and treating her too delicately, which was a dangerous message to send, because every time Alex tried something new the inexperienced woman would freeze up. Besides, despite how much she didn't want to it really felt like she should remove at least the top half of the Supergirl costume so she could get her mouth onto Sam's tits. Or maybe even strategically cut the costume so she could get to them. Sure, it would be a shame to ruin such a fine replica of the original, but it would be worth it to make Sam feel good. And honestly, she just wanted to be able to touch those titties directly. Even though there was definitely something to be said for feeling them up like this.

"Alex please... I... I need more!" Sam whimpered softly, struggling for words, "I need..."

Whether she was overwhelmed by what she was feeling, or she was embarrassed, or maybe both, Sam gave up on trying to tell Alex what she wanted, and instead showed her. Namely by grabbing one of her hands again, and pushing it downwards. All that Sam needed to do was push it down her stomach, and Alex would have got the message, but she pushed it down further to those smooth, creamy, well toned legs of hers. Specifically her inner thighs. Only then did she stop, and then both women looked at each other, after a few long seconds of watching that hand descend. But despite the very clear greenlight, Alex felt unsure, as things just seem to be moving so fast.

Something she almost said, but instead Alex just asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Sam gasped softly, and without hesitation.

Against her better judgment Alex complied, sliding her hand slowly upwards into that skirt and over Sam's panties, making both women whimper softly. Sam was so fucking wet for her, maybe more than Maggie ever was, at least in the beginning, which was really saying something. Which was incredibly thrilling, but also made Alex incredibly... hungry. And if they were moving faster, maybe she could get away with it? So she gave Sam a final kiss, slid down her body, and then pushed that skirt up and out of the way, revealing her prize. She then rubbed it through those panties for a few long minutes, deliberately making sure Sam would be as eager and relaxed as possible, before asking her a question. Hopefully it wouldn't ruin things, but in that moment Alex had to ask it.

Can I taste you?" Alex asked softly "Please?"

Sam closed her eyes, threw her head back, and let out a soft whine. Just the idea was almost too much to handle, as she really just thought they would finger each other. But this? Was this going all the way for lesbians? It seemed like it should be, and yet somehow she hadn't expected Alex to actually offer this. Which she should probably refuse, given that it was definitely something Sam wasn't ready to do herself, making this incredibly unfair. But it was something she really, really wanted, especially given the fact that Alex stopped rubbing her pussy, obviously really worried that she had done something wrong, when it was totally the opposite.

"Sam?" Alex softly pushed.

"Hang on." Sam pleaded, quickly grabbing a pillow and pulling it close to her face, before whimpering, "Do it! Please? I want you too. I want you to... oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Thankfully Sam was quick off the drawer, shoving that pillow directly over her face and at least somewhat muffling her cries as... as Alex tasted her. As the other woman tasted her pussy for the very first time. As a girl tongue was pressed against the bottom of her twat, and slowly made it's way upwards, over the lips of her pussy, and then even lingering on her clit. Oh God, that lick was so long and slow, Alex was clearly savouring every second of sliding her tongue over Sam's cunt. The thought of which was almost more overwhelming than the lick itself, which was really saying something. But both were so very welcome, because now finally another woman was going down on her. Alex! Alex was going down on her! Oh God!

For a few long minutes, some variation of those words echoed in Sam's head, and she was pretty much unable to think of anything else. Which honestly, was a relieve. Because as she said, she was very grateful for her life, but it could be very stressful, and it was truly wonderful to unwind. In a way she had been doing that all night long, but this was by far the most effective thing, as she became truly lost in the sex like never before. Which certainly made it seem more likely that she was gay all along, but again, Sam couldn't worry about that right now, or anything. No, she just enjoyed the wonderfully long, drawn-out pussy licking she received from her lesbian friend.

Even as she got used to this treatment, and began thinking coherently again, Sam didn't truly worry about her sexuality. Mostly because she was sure that everyone in her life would be more than okay with it, but also, she just wanted more of this heaven in that wonderful moment. Which she tried to make clear by reaching down with the hand which wasn't holding a pillow over her face to stroke Alex's short hair. Admittedly that could be seen as simple encouragement, and in a way it was, but Sam was hoping Alex would understand it meant more than that. Because she didn't want to have to trust herself to take that pillow off her face and keep reasonably quiet. Hell, she was probably too noisy throughout as it was.

Alex loved getting those sounds out of another woman. Pleasing a man had always seem easy, effortless, and even boring to her, but the first time she got those sounds out of super experienced lesbian Maggie Sawyer, and a time traveling assassin who maybe had even more experience in Sara Lance, had been truly life-changing, at least when it came to her sex life. If it hadn't been for those experiences she wasn't so sure she be able to go through with this one, but she had, and she did. Oh God, she got those sounds out of the inexperienced and possible closeted Samantha Arias! Which in a way, was more of an achievement, as it showed just how far Alex had come over the last few years.

Of course, the feeling of pride came a little later, while initially she was just overwhelmed with the joy and the sweet flavour she was treated with as soon as her tongue touched Sam's cunt. Oh yes, the second her tongue touched that pretty little pussy her taste-buds were hit with pure Sam Arias. Something which of course she instantly loved, and couldn't get enough of. But still, thanks to her training with Maggie, and Sara, she was able to do the mature thing. The right thing. The thing that was best for both of them. Namely, complete that long, slow lick from the bottom of Sam's twat and slid her tongue all the way up to the top, even lingering on the other woman's clit for a few long seconds, before repeating the process.

This allowed both women to savour that wonderful process, which meant incredible pleasure for Sam, and that Alex got to swallow even more heavenly cream. Especially later, when she increased her attention to Sam's clit, and began wrapping her mouth around the entrance to Sam's pussy. Not much at first, but enough to make a difference. And not just give her more yummy liquid to swallow. No, Sam also reached down to stroke the back of her head, further rewarding her for a job well done, other than the constant cries, whimpers and moans that kept escaping her lips, of course. Well, it was either that, or Sam wanted more, and if that was the case she was out of luck, because she had been taught by both Maggie and Sara to wait until she was actually asked. And she really wanted to hear Sam Arias ask her.

More accurately Alex Danvers wanted to hear Sam Arias beg her to make her cum. For another woman to make her cum for the very first time. To cum for Alex. Something Alex had fantasized about plenty of times, but never thought she'd actually get until this moment. Although maybe it would be better just to give Sam what she wanted without another word? Alex really, really didn't want to do that, but Sam was being plenty loud already. So cautiously, and a little reluctantly, Alex increased her attention to Sam's clit even more, going so far as to forget everything else, and just concentrate on swirling her tongue around that sensitive bundle of nerves, which really made Sam squirm.

Sam was so wonderfully close to cumming she could practically taste it, just from that slight increase, which both made her want to go over the edge of orgasm as soon as possible, and spend the rest of her life feeling this intense pleasure with a promise of more to come. Eventually she had to make a choice of course, and while Sam wasn't sure she was strong enough to resist at least the former, she feared both outcomes would leave her completely unable to return the favour, and that wasn't fair on Alex. Or herself, for that matter. Because Sam might still be hesitant to go all the way, to actually try eating pussy, but she really should do something for both of their benefits.

After all, it felt like she was on the edge of a breakthrough, if she wasn't there already, and it felt like she should just swallow her fear, and go all the way. Besides, Alex deserved to feel at least a half as good as Sam felt right now. And perhaps most importantly, Sam wanted too. Deep down she wanted to satisfy her curiosity, and see if she really was gay after all. It was just that, again, she didn't trust her own voice at that moment. Also, she wasn't sure she could let the pillow off her face, looked downwards, and see Alex Danvers in between her legs, eating her pussy. Just the feeling was overwhelmingly intense. But it was far from the first time she'd forced herself to do something difficult, so eventually Sam somehow found the strength to remove the pillow and say a few words without screaming the house down.

"Come here." Sam gasped in between moans.

"Why?" Alex questioned, immediately removing her tongue from Sam's cunt, even though she really, really didn't wanted too. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No... I, I... I want to return the favour." Sam confessed.

"Oh." Alex murmured, studying Sam's face carefully, and then shrugging it off, "Later."

"Tonight?" Sam pleaded.

"Tonight." Alex agreed, "I promise. For now, just let me make you cum. Please, baby... let me make you cum!"

Just hearing that was pretty overwhelming, especially because Alex had used the term of affection 'baby', which normally wouldn't turn Sam too mush, but it was Alex. Also, the other woman started licking her clit pretty much straight afterwards, so that had a lot to do with it. Which would've probably made her cum straight away, if Sam wasn't so busy scolding herself for her failure. After all, Alex's tone had seemed so, placating. It was the same one she used on Ruby to shut her up, while having no intention of following through on giving her what she wanted. And no wonder, as Alex probably took one look at the hot mess that was Samantha Arias and figured she had to do everything herself. Sam would probably think the same thing, if she could see herself right now.

She was just so afraid she wouldn't have the ability to return the favour, and therefore blow it with this incredible woman, which for better or for worse, held her back from cumming for a few long minutes. Or was that just Alex continuing to show off? Whatever the case, all Sam really knew was one minute she was wallowing in her failure, and the next she was crashing over the edge of easily the most powerful climax of her whole life. Especially as it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. God, and she thought Alex fucked her into being nothing but a big mess before. Now the only thing she was mildly good at was muffling her cries, whimpers and screams as she came over and over again. Then to her delight, Alex found a way to make Sam make her cum. Sort of.

Alex was very tempted by Sam's offer, and if this had been Maggie or Sara, or anyone with the slightest bit of experience, she would very happily turned this into a 69 to provide some relief to her aching pussy. However she wasn't convinced Sam was ready for that, and even if she was Alex didn't want the first time her friend tasted pussy to be while she was about to cum, and feeling indebted to her. No, she wanted her to make that decision for herself, and take the time to enjoy it. Besides, thanks to Sara, Alex had a plan for some satisfaction of her own. But first, she planned to be the first to give Samantha Arias an orgasm. And even if it ended up being a one time thing, to make that orgasm truly unforgettable.

So she focused on that clit, pushing her friend as close to orgasm as she could go, and then holding her there for a few long seconds, and shoving her tongue deep inside of her. Just like Maggie had taught her. Which was a thought which would have been devastating not so long ago, and it still hurt, but even more than with Sara, it was manageable. Especially as she was rewarded with some incredibly tasty girl cum, Alex quickly removing her tongue from Sam's cunt and sealing her mouth around it so she could swallow at least the majority of that heavenly liquid. She then shoved her tongue back inside that welcoming hole then repeated the process, except she was able to tongue fuck Sam a lot longer before she had to stop.

This was arguably a position Alex shouldn't have left until she made Sam unconscious, and she would have gone that far for sure if she hadn't felt her friend try weakly to push her away from her cunt. Alex then looked upwards, and she was sure as she could be that Sam was simply silently pleading to return the favour, instead of telling her just to stop. So taking a risk she replaced her tongue with two fingers, shoved them straight away into Sam's pussy, while moving upwards to kiss the other woman. As Sam immediately kissed her back it was pretty clear that she made the right choice, so she put her little plan into motion. Namely gently pushing the other brunette onto her side, and getting behind her, making sure to keep their lips connected, and her fingers buried inside of her.

What did this accomplish? Simple, Alex's achingly hard nipples were now pressing into Sam's back, which at this point felt like it just may make her cum on it's own. And more importantly, her pussy was pressed against Sam's well toned and yet soft backside, allowing Alex to hump the other girl to orgasm. It was far from the most dignified orgasm she'd ever had, or the most effective, but in that moment it was satisfying, and all she really needed. Especially when she was still making the other woman cum all over her fingers, and squirm within her grip. She then broke the kiss, covered Sam's mouth with her free hand, and then started growling things into her ear which helped make them both cum again.

"Cum for me Supergirl! Cum!" Alex growled into Sam's ear, occasionally pausing to nibble and lick it, "Cum like a good girl! Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, a good little Supergirl. My Supergirl. My Super Sam. Yesssssssssssss, oh fuck, cum like a lesbian. Be my lesbian, Super Sam. My good little lesbian slut, who loves my fingers. Who loves cumming on my fingers! Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, cum for me Sam, mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, fucking cum all over my fingers! Cum! Fucking cum! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fucking cum for me! Oh fuck!"

For better or for worse Alex kept this up until Sam passed out in her arms. Something which took an impressively, and somewhat frustratingly, long time. Apparently there was some Kryptonian left in her after all. Which implied wonderful possibilities, Alex briefly becoming lost in the idea of making the woman who had once been the super villain known as Reign, sort of, where herself out on her fingers, tongue, or a toy. To ride one of those things, or maybe all of them, one after the other, until her enhanced stamina ran out. Just like this really, except Sam would do all the work. Or maybe she could use some of that stamina on Alex. Which was intriguing, but right now Alex was focused on topping the hell out of her friend.

That included continuing to fuck her, maybe even when she shouldn't. When Sam seemed to collapse in a whimpering heap, but she was still conscious, so Alex didn't stop. Maybe if she tapped out or something. But even then, maybe Alex wouldn't have noticed, because she was just so lost in the moment. So lost in making Sam cum at any cost. To make Sam hers at any cost. Oh yes, in that moment Alex wanted that more than anything. For Samantha Arias to be her girlfriend. Her slutty little bottom at that, let her top do whatever she wanted to her. The thought of which of course made Alex cum again. Well, that and grinding her needy cunt against the cute little ass in front of her.

Ironically, she might actually be ruining her chances with Sam by getting carried away, but by the time Alex came to her senses it was too late for that. Sam was out like a light, and Alex was just left to second-guess every decision that she had made tonight. Which meant getting to sleep was very hard, especially given her fingers were still inside her friend, and she was spooning her. For better or for worse Alex couldn't seem to let go of the other woman, but she was able to remove her fingers from her, if only to bring them up to her mouth and suck them clean. God, it was a miracle she didn't wake Sam up with all her happy moaning as she slowly cleaned that hand, savouring every drop of Sam's girl cum.

She then collected some of her own cum from Sam's ass, but it just wasn't the same. And she kind of liked leaving it there, as it was almost like she had marked Sam as hers. Which was really unhelpful of course, but it was hard for her to stop thinking that way. Especially when she was still cradling Sam tightly to her, allowing her to look down to see how beautiful Super Sam looked. Her costume completely dishevelled, and a peaceful look on her face which Alex wasn't sure she'd ever seen before. Well, she was sleeping, but still. God, Alex's mind just wouldn't shut up. At this rate, she would spend all night staring creepily at the other woman, and completely freak her out in the morning. So she was just lucky this wasn't the real Supergirl.

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