A Super Apology

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The movie was done.

Lena made sure to wait until the credits were over before putting her legs off of Kara. She then proceeded to inspect Kara, her face was still facing down and she didn't move an inch. She also took a long look at Kara's nipple clamps. Lena originally wanted to take them off before the start of the movie, but forgot about them and then didn't want to interrupt the movie. It must've been so painful.

Lena purposefully just stared at Kara for a few minutes waiting if Kara would disobey her orders, but no. Kara was obediently waiting for Lena's command to be allowed to move. Lena then finally moved towards Kara and petted her. Then she untied her blindfold and started loosening her ballgag.

"What do you say, Kara?" Lena asked with a cold tone.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara quickly spouted out.

"That's a good girl, you can stand up now," Lena ordered Kara to stand up and watched Kara's facial expressions, as she expected to see pain in them.

And she was expecting correctly when Kara was standing up, her arms and legs were so sore, that it hurt her moving them, but eventually managed to stand up.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara thanked her again.

"Alright, now it's time for these to come off." Lena smiled at pointed at Kara's nipple clamps.

Kara was a bit scared because of Lena's earlier remark about it being more painful after being taken off, but she was also relieved that it was finally over.

When Lena started loosening one of the clamps, Kara realized what Lena was talking about, the pain was unimaginable, at this point, it was way worse than having them on. Kara was screaming and whimpering and had to try with all her might to stay in place and not push Lena away.

"Ohh, don't worry my sweetheart, it will hurt more now and your nipples will be sensitive, but it will fade." Lena wanted to comfort Kara, but she still liked the way Kara was screaming and squirming, it was so cute to her. She then proceeded to take off the second clamp, which made Kara squirm even more muffled screams were pushing through Kara's lips.

Kara's hands were trembling and she really wanted to stroke her nipples but wasn't sure if she was allowed to, so she just kept them at waist level.

After Lena was done, she just looked at Kara's nipples and decided to squeeze one of them.

"Ohhh, pleeease!!" Kara screamed, out of pure desperation, she begged  Lena to stop.

"Pleease, Ms. Luthor, stop, I beg you!" Kara was crying her eyes out.

Lena would normally squeeze just a little bit harder as a reaction to Kara's pleads, but this was basically the end of today's session, so she let go, with a smirk.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor!" Kara expressed with huge relief.

Lena then just walked over to her remote and turned off the Kryptonite output on Kara's collar and then also unlocked it.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara felt like she needed to thank again.

Lena walked over to Kara and lustfully kissed her and Kara returned the gesture. All of it ended when Lena firmly grabbed Kara's butt and slapped it. The session was over.

"Kara, I enjoyed our playtime thoroughly, I hope you did too..." Lena stopped and awaited Kara's reaction, knowing that she was basically forced into saying that she enjoyed it.

"I enjoyed it as well, very much, Ms. Luthor." Kara forced a smile.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara then quickly realized that she should also thank Lena for that.

"Oh, you are such a good girl." Lena let out one last smile, then she just made sure she didn't have her hair or clothes messed up, then turned around and left through Kara's doors.

"Goodbye, Ms. Luthor." Kara softly mumbled, so that only she could hear it.

Kara wasn't sure what to do next, she wanted to tidy herself up, she wanted to clothe herself, she wanted to take another shower, she wanted to cry, she wanted to sleep. All of those emotions as once were so overwhelming that she felt lost and was just standing in the middle of her apartment staring at the closed door which Lena left through just a few minutes ago.

Kara was just standing there for solid 5-8 minutes, staring blankly, before finally breaking down, sitting down on her couch, still naked and now also crying. Kara didn't want to do anything, she just wanted to cry herself to sleep on the couch, but she also knew she couldn't operate like this, she needed to move, she needed to be active, to forget about this. 

So after about 10 more minutes, she got up and decided to take a shower, this time she took a good, hot, long shower. It was so refreshing. She wasn't sure how long she would be able to handle it. She was very conflicted because on one hand, she liked serving Lena and at this point, she just admitted to herself that she was submissive and loved this kind of lifestyle, but she also felt that it wasn't right with Lena. Kara didn't know much about this lifestyle, but she felt like Lena was too brutal, unfair, and cruel. Kara didn't have the will to stop it, to end it, she knew that with Lena she would just keep on destroying herself, but Lena was too overwhelming, she couldn't argue with her, it would always end with Kara being on her knees in front of Lena, probably awaiting punishment for speaking up. Kara wished that there was someone else who was experienced in this kind of lifestyle, who would give a piece of proper advice to her, but there was no one.

Kara didn't want to get out of the shower, but she needed to, it was almost 4 AM, so she knew she would get only a few hours of sleep, but she still needed at least those few hours. So she lazily got out, dried herself, and equipped her pyjamas. Then without further hesitation, she fell into her bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

When Kara woke up, she didn't feel much better. Usually the next morning after her session with Lena, she felt much better and fresh, but not this time. She felt completely destroyed. That being mentally and not physically as Kryptonite was obviously no longer affecting her. And she knew that it's not going to get better, in fact, she knew that the further she goes down this spiral, the worse it will be but ironically she was too weak to resist Lena. Kara barely even got out of bed because of her mood and because she barely got any sleep, but there were things she needed to do.

Even with Kara's superspeed, she was late to work and very sleepy. And people were noticing. Luckily everyone was probably too polite to ask her about it and that worked out for Kara, she didn't want anyone asking as she didn't have a proper excuse. She just kept on doing her work as she was supposed to do, even though she was kind of sloppy with it. But everyone trusted in Kara's journalistic abilities and work ethics so luckily no one ever checked on her. Right before her lunch break, she got a call from Alex.

"Hi, Kara would you like to go out for a lunch today as well? I know you have a break soon and I also know that lately, you need my company more than ever." Alex said with a caring tone in her voice.

"Hi Alex, uhh... well... I'm not really sure, I thought that I would get along alone just fine today..." Kara tried to refuse as she didn't have to power to resist Alex's pressure that would probably happen during the lunch. She knew that Alex would ask her about her appearance and about the fact that she would probably fall asleep during the lunch.

"Oh, come on Kara, you know you need it, and don't try to act all tough on me, you may be the girl of steel, but your emotions are the same as mine or anyone else's in that matter. You need emotional support and you especially need it now, so don't try to push me away, because I won't back down." Alex attacked back with a firm voice.

Kara knew she couldn't argue with Alex, even if she wanted to, she was too tired to come up with arguments.

"Hello? Kara?" Alex called out for Kara as there was no answer from Kara for about 15 seconds.

"Uhuh, yes, right... I'm sorry Alex and you are right... as always... please pick a place for me, I will be happy with anything, just text it to me in about 10 minutes okay?" Kara answered with a defeated tone and the sleepiness in her voice was apparent.

"Got it, see you soon Kara." Alex hanged up, happy that she successfully convinced Kara to go out for a lunch.

Kara ran her fingers through her hair and laid down on her desk for a bit. She almost fell asleep but got interrupted by Alex's text message. So she got up and checked in her lunch break. In 5 minutes she was already on her way.

They arrived at the arranged place almost at the exact same time.

"Hello, Alex," Kara said in a low tone.

"Hi- oh you look terrible, what happened to you??" What Kara hoped that Alex wouldn't notice, she noticed immediately as the first thing in their conversation.

"Oh, it's nothing I just had a rough night..." Kara brushed off Alex's remarks.

"What do you mean rough night, there were no emergencies last night, right? Did you go into action on your own??" Kara didn't help herself with that answer as it only made Alex worried about multiple other things.

"Uhh, please don't worry about it, I'm fine, I will be fine tomorrow." Kara once again tried to brush off Alex's concerns.

"Okay then, let's just sit down and get something to eat." Alex wasn't giving up but realized that whatever is bothering her sister, wouldn't come out out of her like that, Kara needed to be more relaxed, maybe she would tell her over something delicious like some sweet dessert.

"That sounds good," Kara answered with a relieved sigh as she thought Alex wouldn't be asking more questions.

Their lunch was going on nicely, they were having a nice conversation as Alex was purposely avoiding asking Kara about her appearance and tiredness as she was preparing that for the dessert and didn't want Kara to get more stressed.

As they were waiting for the dessert, Kara almost fell asleep and knocked a fork off of the table.

Kara jumped and picked up the fork, "Oh, I'm really sorry, I was just thinking." More than to Alex, she was apologizing to the waitress that was just coming round the table, but Alex was very concerned.

Alex really wanted to start a conversation about that now but kept her mouth closed at least until the desserts came.

Now they were about halfway through the desserts, "Kara... I know you don't want to, but we HAVE to talk about the state that you are in right now." Alex tried to make her voice sound as soft and concerned as possible.

"Uhh, please Alex..." Kara really didn't want to deal with this, she just couldn't tell Alex the real reason, she couldn't.

"Come on Kara, what secret are you hiding from me? We are sisters for god's sake, you can tell me absolutely anything and I will always stay by your side, always!" Alex kept on pushing.

"Alex... I just can't tell you. I will tell you once it's all over, but I can't tell you, I just can't, please stop asking!"  Kara tried to sound firm, but her voice failed her.

"Once what is all over?! What are you doing Kara?? Who's doing this to you, is it Lena? Because if she's the one doing this, I won't care if you want to get on the good side with her, because I will put her down!" Alex's concerned and worried tone turned into a slightly angry tone as Kara was obviously indicating and finally admitting that someone was most likely doing this to her.

"No, no it has nothing to do with her, I-"

"You're lying Kara."


"You're lying." Alex interrupted Kara and called out her lies.

"In the last few days, you kept repeating yourself over and over again that all of this has something to do with Lena, that the reason why you are like this in the last few days is your effort to make it up to Lena, but suddenly when I ask about her, it's not about her? Tell me the truth Kara, NOW!" Luckily not many people were in the outdoor part of the restaurant, but there were still people turning around at them as Alex wasn't really keeping her voice down. She now also noticed that and knew she had to be more careful about this.

"Alex- I- Umm... I-" Kara tried to say something, but she couldn't, Alex was absolutely right. Her voice was also cracking and tears started coming down her face and were dropping down on the tablecloth.

"Kara, please you have to tell me what's happening." Alex realized that she was probably too harsh as she noticed Kara's tears and grabbed her hands tightly as a comforting act and she also softened her voice again, she was not going to allow herself to scream at Kara again.

Kara just started full-on crying, she couldn't keep it inside of her anymore, she thought that she was a terrible sister to Alex, lying to her face like this when the only thing that Alex wanted to do was to help her, nothing else. But Kara was so ashamed of the things she had done with Lena, she couldn't tell her.

"A-alex- I- I'm s-sorry... I can't tell you, please I-I beg you to stop asking, please..." Kara was sobbing and she was trying to hide her face in front of Alex.

"Oh my, Kara... what have you gotten yourself into... Okay, I will leave it alone, for now... But you will have to tell me eventually..." Even though Alex still wanted to know what was bothering and basically destroying Kara, she knew that at this point, pushing her would make Kara more of an uncontrollable crying mess and she wouldn't get anything out of her.

They were silent for the rest of the lunch and Kara was still red in the face and sobbing. But after a while, they were done.

"I'm sorry Kara for being that harsh on you, I just wanted to know, but if you want to keep it from me, it's your decision, but you also have to understand that I'm your sister and I just want to help you, so please think about it, okay?" Alex comforted and asked Kara to reconsider her decision as she hugged her tightly.

"No, I'm sorry Alex, I'm just terrible." Kara apologized to Alex as well, while still sobbing.

"It's absolutely fine Kara, I will see you later, I have to get back to work now." Alex let go of Kara and they said goodbye to each other.

"See you later Alex," Kara mumbled to herself but Alex couldn't hear it anymore.

However Alex still wasn't done, but she knew that talking it out of Kara wasn't going to work, so she needed to take action. Kara was already looking terrible and near unusable so what would she look like in a week? Or a month? She had no idea when this secret thing was going to be over, so she had to find out on her own. She decided to visit Kara tonight, without telling her, maybe then she will find out something more.

The night was nearing and Kara was now circling the city, looking for any trouble makers to take care of. She wasn't all that sleepy now as she was distracted enough and flying didn't really offer her any opportunities to close her eyes. It was also almost 8 PM and she still didn't get a call or message from Lena so she was hoping that she would be left in peace tonight and that she would get at least 10 beautiful hours of sleep.

However, Kara's hopes were in vain as it was nearing half-past eight, and Lena's voice was heard in Kara's comms.

"Hello, my sweet little Kara, I hope you didn't think I forgot about you." Lena mischievously said as she knew that Kara was almost heading home and was hoping for a calm night.

"Umm... no, of course not, Ms. Luthor." Kara got so thrown off by Lena's voice that she didn't know what to say at first.

"Good. Today, you will experience a new environment but don't be scared, it will be much more fun! And I'm not planning to keep you awake for so long as yesterday, so I bet you will be able to get more sleep tonight... That is if you're going to be a good girl." Lena informed Kara and added a playful tone in the end.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor" Kara didn't know what else to say, she didn't even know where should she head to, yet.

"Good girl, I will send you an address of the building where you will meet me. Feel free to come inside." With these words, Lena cut the comms.

Kara was purposefully flying slowly towards her destination, she wanted to have more time to think. Why did Lena want to meet there? She didn't even know the address or what building it was. The only thing that she knew, was that for whatever reason Lena wanted to meet exactly there, it wouldn't be good for her.

But no matter how slow Kara wanted to fly, she eventually ended up at the building. It was quite big, but not as big as a warehouse or supermarket. In size, it resembled some kind of office building, but it only had two stories, and that is unusual for such offices. it also looked abandoned, and the exterior didn't look appealing. 

Lena was nowhere to be found and earlier she said that she should just enter, so Kara tried the main door, which was unlocked. On the inside it looked much more inviting, the whole building seemed to be completely empty and everything was clean. Kara didn't know where to go at all. She tried using her x-ray vision but all the walls were enhanced with lead. It was very weird as to why would this building have such a feature.

Lena's voice suddenly sounded through the halls, "Over here, Kara hurry up." 

It came from upstairs, so Kara followed the voice, and eventually, she ended up in a huge room. Normally this would probably be one of the rooms full of computers and offices and employees running all around, but this room wasn't like that. Obviously, there were no employees or just anyone in that matter, except Lena, but there just wasn't anything. The room was completely empty, except for a few bags right next to Lena and a few more bags at one of the doors. She also noticed that there were several contraptions on pulleys and ropes hanging from the ceiling.

"Welcome, Kara! I know that you're probably wondering why are we here. You see, I bought this place like a month ago, but then realized that I had no real use for it, so I just paid people to come in daily and keep it clean, but other than that it was just useless and empty. But then you came along with your little submissive self and an idea struck me, that this could be the perfect place to teach you, to train you, to make you my obedient slave..." With those last words, she looked Kara straight into her eyes, and Kara couldn't keep the eye contact so she looked down on her feet.

Lena wasn't talking anymore and Kara realized that she was probably expecting an answer, "That sounds amazing, Ms. Luthor."

"I know it does... So in the last few days, I poured a lot of resources into this building to make it perfect. You probably already noticed the lead ceilings and walls and there's much more hidden in here, but you will find out about that eventually... There's no need to rush things."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara responded obediently.

"Good, girl... now take off your clothes Kara." Kara was ordered to take off her clothes and so she did and left her suit by her feet.

The place didn't look cozy or warm at all, it was also obvious by Lena¨' clothing; she had a furry coat and had her hands in her pockets, but Kara couldn't feel that cold because of her powers, but that would soon change.

Now that Kara took off clothes, Lena simply nodded at Kara and at one of the bags by her legs and said, "Go through that bag and pick up the first box that you feel with your hands."

Kara immediately bent down and reached into the bad, she felt the box almost instantly, so she took it out. And she already knew what kind of box it was... it was the box in which her collar was kept.

Lena knew that Kara knew, so she could go straight to the point, "Take our the collar and put it around your neck."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor" Kara answered as she took the collar out of the small box and held it around her neck, waiting for Lena to lock it, and soon it was locked.

As soon as it locked Kara thanked Lena, "Thank you, Ms. Luthor."

"Oh, you are so very welcome, my dear..." Lena took a step closer to Kara and stroked her hair while smiling. Kara's eyes were still pointing down.

"I see those lustful eyes looking at my feet Kara, I know what you want." Lena noticed that Kara was looking at her feet.

"Yes. Ms. Luthor." Kara said what Lena wanted to hear, even though she was just looking down because she knew that she wasn't allowed to look at Lena without permission.

"So why don't you kneel down and worship my boots, that sounds amazing, doesn't it?" Lena said with a mischievous tone.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." With those words, Kara started getting down on her knees. In the meantime, Lena turned on the lightest kryptonite output option on Kara's collar, which made Kara deeply exhale.

Kara started licking and kissing Lena's boots all over, eventually, Lena lifted up one of her feet so Kara instinctively licked and kissed her outsoles as well. Up until this point, Lena's boots were pretty clean, but on the bottom was a lot of dirt and that was unpleasant for Kara as she didn't want to spit it out, but she couldn't swallow it either, so she just had it in her mouth with lots of built-up saliva.

"Take off my boots, Kara," Lena ordered and Kara obeyed.

Kara did it slowly and carefully, she made sure that Lena wouldn't lose balance. Lena had nylons underneath and when she touched the floor with her bare feet, she shivered which gave Kara even more of an idea of how cold this place was.

This pause also gave Kara time, so swallow up everything she had in her mouth even though it was very hard and lots of dirt was still stuck in her mouth especially between her teeth.

"Continue." Lena simply said after both of her boots were off.

Kara continued to kiss Lena's feet for about 10 more minutes and then Lena told her to stop.

Kara was now kneeling and waiting for her next order. Lena in the meantime equipped her boots again.

"Stand up Kara," Lena ordered.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara stood up immediately.

Lena did a few circles around Kara as she was checking out her body. At this point, she saw it almost every day, but it was just so perfect that she couldn't get enough of it. She would probably be able to just stare at Kara's amazing body the entire day.

Then she started teasing Kara's pussy and gently spanking her butt, which invoked whimpers from Kara. Lena was playing with Kara's pussy with one hand and continuously spanking her butt with the other. Kara was now moaning loudly.

"Do you like it, huh?" Lena eagerly asked.

"Yes, yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara moaned out.

"Are you close?" Lena continued to tease her.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, can I orgasm, please?" Kara knew that Lena probably wouldn't allow it, but she was desperate.

"No, of course, you can't."  Lena then immediately took off her hand off of Kara's pussy and instead hugged her tightly with that hand and focused on spanking Kara's butt. Kara tried to hold in her muffled screams, but eventually, she let go. And started screaming, but Lena could only hit so hard with her bare hand, so it wasn't that painful, but still painful enough for Kara's eyes to fill with tears.

But just after two minutes, Lena stopped and laughed, "Oh come on now, don't cry, I don't want to break you right at the start."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Luthor" Kara was scared that she disappointed Lena, but that wasn't the case, she didn't actually mind that Kara was already crying.

"Now, stand still for a moment, I have to prepare," Lena ordered, but Kara didn't plan to move anyway.

Kara watched as Lena was pulling multiple ropes out of one of her bags and attaching them to the pulleys and contraptions attached to the ceiling.

"Now come here, sweetie." Lena invited Kara to come closer and she did.

Lena then started to make a complicated knot around Kara's breasts and with that she tied her hands behind her back. After her hands were tied up nice and night, she led the rope up to one of the pulleys and then pulled. That made Kara jump up and she was now able to only stand on her toes. Which was very uncomfortable and soon to be very painful. But Lena wasn't done yet. As Kara was trying to balance, she grabbed one of her legs and tied it her ankle to her thigh, so she was completely unable to move that leg, so now she ended up balancing on her toes on just one leg. Kara let out desperate whimpers as she was trying to balance. 

But Lena's reaction was just a laugh and she actually pushed Kara around so that she would lose balance and it also served as a knot check; once Kara lost balance and fell, she needed to know if the rope could hold her in the air. And luckily it was strong enough. Lena then pulled Kara down a bit so she could stand on her foot better, but she still couldn't put her heel down.

"Now, how does it feel Kara? Be honest."

Kara knew that Lena told her to be honest, but she wasn't sure if she really meant that. Because if she was to be honest, it wouldn't be that positive, so she tried a bit of both and tried to sound sweet, "It's very uncomfortable and painful, but it also feels great to be in this position in front of you, Ms. Luthor." 

"Ohh, that's so cute and nice of you, you are a very good girl!" Lena praised Kara and held her for a bit and kissed her passionately. But after a few seconds, she pushed her away again, which made Kara swing from side to side, as she wasn't able to balance that out.

Kara was also thinking about just lifting her untied leg so save herself from pain, but when she stopped supporting herself, the ropes cut into her skin even more and it was very painful, so she decided to take small breaks, but still tried to support herself.

Lena just stared as whimpering, desperate Kara, amazed at her own work, but then decided that it was time to play.

Lena took a strapon out of one of the bags. Kara saw that and whimpered.

"Oh, don't look at me with those sad puppy eyes, I won't force it up your butt tonight," Lena assured Kara as she was putting on the strapon and laughed out as she could clearly hear a sigh of relief coming from Kara.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara was really thankful for that.

"Now, let me grab you so that you don't run away from me." Lena grabbed one of the ropes that was running around Kara's breasts and pulled her tightly towards herself.

Without any further warning, Lena thrust her strapon inside of Kara's pussy. She didn't even need lube, Kara was completely wet. It didn't take long and Kara was moaning. Lena didn't put that much power behind her thrusts, just firm pushes. Kara was so easy to edge and tease. Lena also occasionally slapped Kara, but it was just for effect, it wasn't meant to be all that painful.

"Can I orgasm, Ms. Luthor? Pleasee." Kara was moaning louder and louder and was reaching her climax.

"Oh come on Kara, I barely just started, we will have to practice these because you obviously can't hold yourself." Lena scolded Kara.

"I'm sorry Ms. Luthor, but please I have to orgasm, I can't hold it!" Kara continued to beg Lena.

"Ahh, bad girl!" Lena exhaled as she pulled her strapon out of Kara's pussy and pushed her, which made Kara jump around trying to balance on her foot.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Luthor, I'm trying to be better, but I can't control it..." Kara was crying, that she was failing Lena.

"Of course you can control it, you just have to try harder, so try!" Lena wasn't having any of Kara's excuses and scolded her again.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm sorry..." Kara answered with a soft tone.

For the next 5 minutes, Lena instead just kept slapping Kara's face and butt to take her mind off of her pussy. Kara was squirming and screaming, but she couldn¨t do anything to hide, it only made Lena laugh as Kara was jumping around.

"Oh gosh, you are so funny, but back to your task." Lena was finished with Kara's little break and once again, pulled herself to Kara tightly and thrust her strapon inside of her.

"And try harder!" Lena reminded her right at the start.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara answered, but wasn't sure if she would be able to keep her word.

This time, Lena was thrusting more aggressively pushing Kara deep against her strapon, against her pelvis.

But even though Lena tried to distract Kara earlier with the slapping and spanking, just after 3 minutes, Kara was begging to cum again.

"Pleease, pleeease, Ms. Luthor, can I please orgasm, I'm sorry, but I can't!" It hurt Kara to say those words because she knew that she was disappointing Lena and that she would be angry, but she really couldn't control it and what else could she possibly do.

Lena did notice how close Kara was by how much she was trembling and knew that if she pushed her more, she would fail and she didn't want that just yet, so without any words, she just pulled out of Kara and left her hanging.

"Oh, I'm so disappointed in you Kara, I thought you would have more control over your body than this..." Lena did really sound disappointed, which only made Kara realize how real this was.

"I'm so sorry, Ms. Luhor I'm trying, but I can't control myself, I really can't." Kara was crying and apologizing, but for Lena, these were just excuses and dismissed Kara completely.

"I will give you 10 minutes to cool off, then we will continue and you WILL hold it for at least 6 minutes and if you won't, I will punish you, understood?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara obediently answered and Lena left the room.

Kara was hanging there completely alone, in complete silence, the cold was getting to her now as well. Her toes were hurting real bad. She was trying to collect herself and prepare herself for what was to come. She didn't believe in herself that she would hold out for 6 minutes, it was just too arousing to her, Lena made her reach climax too quickly.

After 10 minutes, Lena returned with a vibrator in hand. And Kara's heart dropped.

She knew that she couldn't hold it with Lena fucking her AND a vibrator. She already knew that she would be punished.

As Lena was closing in, Kara tried to beg her not to use the vibrator, "Ms. Luthor, please don't use the vibrator, please..."

Lena noticed how scared Kara was and that only meant that her training was working, but she was going to use it anyway, "Oh, my little Kara, I'm going to do whatever I want, you do not have a say, I think we made that clear a long time ago, right?"

"Uhuh, Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm sorry..." Kara quickly apologized for her stupid mistake.

"Good girl, now get ready." Lena took a stance in front of Kara and once again pushed her against herself, thrusting her strapon into Kara's pussy. Soon after the vibrator followed.

With both Lena's strapon and the vibrator, Kara came very close to her climax just after one minute and a half. She had to consider her options. She could beg and then fail and hope for a lighter punishment or she could try to fake not having an orgasm and hope that Lena wouldn't notice. The second option was very risky, but she was so scared of the punishment that she chose the latter.

The timer was at 2 minutes and Kara was just a few thrusts away from cumming, but she was trying to moan just subtly and tried to be mostly silent.

"You're doing so well Kara, I told you that you could control it." Lena praised Kara.

"Y-y-yes Ms. Luthor," Kara answered and her voice was massively trembling.

And then it came. The climax. Kara tried with all of her might to hide it, she couldn't keep her mouth shut completely, so she tried to hide all of her moans and turned them into deep inhaled and exhales.

"Are you getting close, Kara?" Lena eagerly asked, not knowing what's happening.

But Kara couldn't answer if she tried to say anything, she would definitely reveal herself as she was still orgasming.

"Huh, Kara? Answer!" Lena was getting pushy and a little bit suspicious.

Kara could now finally answer, "I'm sorry, Ms. Luthor, Yes, I'm getting closer, but I feel like I can hold it."

Lena wanted to praise Kara at first but then noticed a few weird things. Kara didn't mean nearly as loud as before and her voice was calmer, considering the situation, her body also wasn't nearly as tense as it was before. Lena was slowly connecting all the dots and then she realized.

Suddenly Lena stopped and moved a few steps away from Kara, "Kara, did you just fucking cum you bitch?!" She shouted at her.

Kara was struck, she completely froze. She didn't hide it well enough and got exposed. She had no idea what to say.

Lena was so furious with Kara, angrier than ever before, she kind of understood what Kara didn't have proper training just yet to endure tens of minutes of edging, but lying was her own choice, she decided to lie to her and that was one of the worst offenses in her book.

"Oh my god, Kara did you really think I wouldn't notice that you came?! What were you thinking?! I made tens of women orgasm in this exact position and countless more in every way you could imagine!" Lena kept shouting in anger.

"I-I I was afraid." Kara knew she crossed the line this time. She didn't even apologize or added: "Ms. Luthor" she knew words couldn't get her out of this situation, she took the riskier option and failed, and now she will have to face consequences.

"What?! You were afraid of what?? You were afraid of punishment, you stupid little coward?! Don't you realize that by doing this, your punishment will be ten times worse?! If you would have just told me that you came, admitted it, and apologized, yes, you would have punishment, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad as what's coming for you right now!" Lena was still very angry, but she needed to compose herself if she wanted to do the punishment correctly.

Kara was just silently crying, not saying a word.

"Lying to me was the biggest mistake you've ever made Kara, and I will make sure that you remember that... forever." Lena continued in a much calmer tone now.

Lena walked away from Kara, heading to one of the doors where the other bags were on the floor. Lena took something out of one of the bags, but Kara couldn't see it properly through her teary eyes, but she saw that it was something long that looked a bit like a fork, but it had just two tips and it was quite long.

"And I also think that it would be only appropriate to do this." Lena took out the controller to Kara's collar and turned it up to the middle option. For a brief moment, she considered the highest option, but after the last experience with it, she did not adjust it just yet and she wasn't sure what would it do to Kara in this position, so she abandoned that idea.

Upon turning up the output of Kryptonite, Kara almost immediately felt more pain from the ropes, her toes, her whole body.

Now that Lena was close to Kara again, she showed off what she brought, but Kara still had no idea what it was.

"Now, this, my stupid little thing, is Cattle prod." Lena explained, but Kara was still confused, so she continued, "In short, this will give you very powerful shocks, it will be very painful, most likely more painful than anything that we've ever done."

Lena didn't give Kara a chance for a reaction, "Now if you want to have a chance at redemption, you won't talk back, you won't try to beg yourself out of it, you will just stay put, you will cry and you will accept this punishment, understood?!" Lena's anger showed at the end of her sentence again.

"Y-yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara really wanted to protest, but this time she wanted to actually keep her word and not disappoint Lena, not ever again...

"Good. Let's get started then." Lena suddenly exclaimed with a surprisingly excited tone.

Lena was not lustfully and carefully picking a spot for her first shock. She planned to shock Kara's genitals as well, but that was definitely not her first target. Eventually, she chose Kara's left thigh.

When the shock happened, it went through Kara's entire body, she screamed but it was muffled by the shock and her screams turned into inaudible muffled noise. She also uncontrollably squirmed around, hanging as now she couldn't support herself with her leg at all...

But Lena's only reaction to that was a laugh.

Lena then searched for another spot. In the end, decided on Kara's left buttcheek.

Kara let out more choked screams as she was just squirming around, having no control over her body.

"I know that it is incredibly painful Kara, but it will teach you... never ever lie to me again. You will remember that now." Lena said with a cold tone.

Kara didn't react, she couldn't do anything, she couldn't even talk.

Lena then spent about two minutes picking another spot, but then just settled for Kara's left buttcheek. Kara's screams were surprisingly weaker and weaker with each shock and not stronger. She was so exhausted.

This continued for a few more shocks, mostly around Kara's thighs and butt, but then she wanted to finish off the punishment by shocking Kara's genitals just once. As the cattle prod was heading between Kara's legs, Kara still didn't react, she was just trembling and awaiting the inevitable pain.

And then it came, the shock. Even though at this point she was so exhausted that she couldn't scream, this one came through and she screamed so loud, that if the whole building wasn't sound-proof, her screams would probably be heard streets away.

**1 hour earlier, few blocks away**

Alex was checking on Kara via her tracker that she gave her earlier when they hugged after the lunch. She felt bad about it, but it was the only way if Kara wasn't going to talk. Kara wasn't doing anything suspicious, she was just circling the city as usual. But after about 10 minutes she headed to one of the buildings, which was according to her intel, abandoned. She expected Kara to just make a turn around there or something but no. She stayed there. For 10 minutes, 20 minutes. She tested Kara's comms... they were blocked. Something must have been going on there. She decided to get closer.

**20 minutes later**

Alex was right at the office building, the lights were off except in one room on the second floor. She saw the main entrance but presumed that it was locked, so she went around the building looking for an emergency door. And she found it. It was locked as well, but it was just a regular lock, nothing she couldn't lockpick or break, took her just a few seconds. However, when she entered she noticed that the door was made to be soundproof,  which she found very weird. She went through the hall, he weapon ready. According to the tracker, Kara was on the second floor. Suddenly she heard unrecognizable screams. They were too distant, but she heard them. She hastened up. As she was getting closer they became clearer and clearer. They were Kara's screams. Alex started sprinting up the stairs and as she closing in, to one of the doors, she heard one massive scream that was definitely Kara's. Alex was panicking, what was happening to Kara? What or who could make her scream in agony like this?! Without any further hesitation, she kicked out the door that was separating her from her sister. What she saw was something she never expected, it was an absolute shock. But what mattered was, that Lena had a weapon that was hurting Kara and she aimed at Lena's head.

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