A Super Apology

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When Kara arrived home, she was at full strength again, however, she needed to take a shower and wash her suit as her hair and most of her clothing were now soaked in Lena's pee. As she was undressing, she took a long look at herself in the mirror. She still couldn't believe what she had done in the past few days, it was all so surreal. Slowly moving her hands around her body, she had goosebumps, hair all messy and wet. She also checked her butt, it was now markless, not a single bruise. With a sigh, she moved to the bathroom. Kara took a long, relaxing, and warm shower while thinking about everything. She believed she could still back out, but wasn't sure if that's what she wanted. And Lena would most likely find the correct words to get Kara back into it again. Kara was rethinking all of her choices and she hoped that Lena would at least treat her better if she was a really good girl because she didn't like the punishments at all, it was all so extreme and brutal. Eventually, Kara's thought shifted to different things, like the next day evening when Alex was supposed to spend an evening with her. She looked forward to that.

Kara desperately needed to talk to someone about this relationship she had with Lena, but this was something she was too ashamed to talk about even with Alex, but it was so hard to not express herself, it made everything even harder. There was no one she could talk to. She didn't know anyone else who would do similar things. Maybe someone she knew did this, but they were as ashamed as Kara herself, so she couldn't possibly know. She quickly realized, that there just wasn't anyone she could open up to, not even her sister.

After Kara finished showering, she got dressed in her pyjamas and jumped into the bed, even though, all effects of the Kryptonite were now gone, she could still feel them mentally, and because of that, the bed was now extra comfy and warm. She tucked herself in the blanket and quickly fell asleep.

**Next Day**

Kara woke up pretty early, still feeling somehow like she was sore, even though she wasn't, it just felt like she could still feel the Kryptonite. After spending a few more minutes in bed, she finally got out of bed, made herself breakfast, got prepared for work, dressed in her now washed and dry clothes, and headed out.

"Hello, Alex so how was the date?" Kara started the comms with Alex, with a small sign of a cheeky tone to her voice, but she was really hoping everything went great for her sister.

"Hi, Kara, everything went so well! I was so excited, that I couldn't fall asleep back at home." And it was true, even now Kara heard that there was new energy and excitement in Alex's voice.

"That's great! Alex, I'm really glad it worked out for you!" Kara answered with a bit of a forced happy tone. It's not like she wasn't happy for Alex or that she didn't wish her happiness, but she was just so distracted and agitated that she couldn't really be in a true happy mood right now. Luckily Alex didn't really pick up on that.

"Ohh, but I'm also really sorry that I couldn't spend the evening with you Kara, as I said I will make it up to you tonight, I hope you are still up for it?" Alex tried to apologize to Kara for letting her down, with a bit of an uncertain voice, but she really had no idea what Kara had to go through because of Lena.

"Of course Alex, I'm so excited for today's evening ever since you mentioned it yesterday!" Kara didn't have to force anything now, just the mention and an image in her head of Alex and her spending an evening together filled her body with joy, she really needed that.

** a Few Hours Later**

Today wasn't exactly easy for Kara, even without Lena. She had to stop a bunch of criminals as Supergirl from robbing a bank, which normally wouldn't be much of a problem, but these outlaws had military-grade weapons. And while they still couldn't really hurt Kara, they could hurt a lot of people around them and she had to watch out for that. Luckily when she was in a fight mode, she didn't think about Lena at all, so she couldn't have been distracted by that. She also had to do lots of investigative work as Kara as well. However, Lena didn't contact her throughout the entire day and now the evening was closing in...

"Kara, I'm on my way to your flat, I hope you already ordered some food and got everything ready!" Alex called Kara, as she was heading to her flat and obvious excitement was heard from her voice.

"Of course Alex, who do you take me for, I had everything ready since forever!" Kara responded jokingly as she was still getting ready all the pillows and blankets and picking movies. She ordered some food, but also had some biscuits and sweets in the kitchen, which she made sure to take as well.

"Oh my god, of course, you had, I'll be there soon!" Alex answered with a laugh and then their comms ended.

Kara's heart was pounding with excitement as if this was something new or unusual. But it actually wasn't, She spent lots of evening and nights like this with Alex, however, she was never in such a situation before and since it all started, she couldn't find anyone to comfort her and while she couldn't tell Alex the truth, it would still give her chance to take her mind off of the stressful things.

Suddenly, Kara heard a voice in her ear.

"Kara, I want you, now." It was Lena. Kara felt her heart and her mood slowly drop. Kara really didn't want to meet Lena today, she couldn't. She already had plans with Alex.

"Umm, Ms. Luthor, I can't," Kara answered with an uncertain, trembling voice.

"Why not? Is there an emergency?" Lena responded with a curious tone.

Kara wanted to lie and say yes, but considering it was Lena, she had the resources to find out the truth, so Kara decided it would be better to just tell the truth.

"No.. no, Ms. Luthor, but I already have plans with Alex, we are supposed to spend this evening together, just the two us, movies and food, I'm sorry, but I really can't." Kara tried to laugh it off a little bit, attempting for her words to sounds jokingly, but it just turned into a cry out for mercy.

While now, even Lena felt a bit bad for Kara, they had a clear agreement that Kara would always come when she wanted her, no matter the situation, excluding emergencies.

"Kara, you know under what conditions you can refuse me and this isn't one of them," Lena said with a firm tone.

"Ms. Luthor, but... I can't! This is our night, I can't just cancel it, Alex is already on her way!" Kara had tears coming down her face, but she was trying hard to contain her emotions.

"Tell Alex that there's an emergency and that you need to leave and you will make it up to her some other day." Lena wasn't backing down.

"Ms. Luthor, pleeease I swear I will make it up to you in any way you will like, but please let me have this, let me have this evening! Just this one!" Kara was practically begging.

"Oh, my sweet Kara I can already make you do anything I want, what difference does it make, when you say that you will do anything, to make it up to me?" Lena let out a small laugh, which indicated how pathetic Kara sounded to her.

Kara had no answer to that, it was true, but she just couldn't leave. She just couldn't.

"Ms. Luthor, I'm really, really sorry, and I expect punishment the next time we meet, but I can't. I won't meet you tonight." Kara tried to state her stance with a firm voice, but it broke apart.

Lena realized that she couldn't force Kara to meet her tonight, the evening with Alex just meant too much to her, but Kara would pay for that the next time around.

"Alright, fine, but you will regret it." Lena wasn't angry, she just said that with a cold tone and then the comms cut out.

Kara couldn't believe it. She actually made a stance against Lena and it worked out. However, she wasn't as excited or happy as she probably should have been, if anything it made her more anxious and nervous about her next meeting with Lena. She said it herself that she would regret it and Lena will definitely go through with her words. Kara had to quickly wipe the tears off of her face, so it wouldn't be suspicious to Alex.

As Kara was calming herself down, tidying her messy face, Alex arrived at the door, and Kara quickly opened them. Kara was so happy to see her, she didn't wait a second to give her sister a big and warm hug. And Alex returned the gesture, patting Kara on the back.

"I'm so glad that you are here!" Kara let out these words with a sigh and a huge relief.

"Me too, Kara, I can feel that you needed it, I'm sorry." Alex could feel just from the tone of her sister's voice and the hug that she had a very stressful day. Alex could always tell these things immediately, she was good at reading people. She also felt the need to apologize to Kara again, especially now when she realized how much she needed this.

"Oh, it's okay, it was just one evening missed, I'm fine." Kara tried to brush it all off, but she clearly wasn't fine.

"Well come on in, there's the food on the counter and some of it on the table as well." Kara continued, inviting Alex in.

Alex entered Kara's flat and immediately made herself comfortable on the sofa.

"So what do you want to watch today?" Alex curiously asked.

"You know, I'm just in the mood for some big romance," Kara responded with a content tone as she was walking around the kitchen, taking all the food and drinks to the table in front of the sofa.

"Ohh, alright, I'm guessing you want to cry tonight." Alex laughed.

Kara didn't really know how to respond to that, because in the past few days she wanted to cry so many times, even just a few minutes ago, she was crying, so she just skipped the remark.

"I don't really care what do we watch, I just want to spend some amazing time with the best person on this earth." Eventually, Kara decided to go with this answer, as it was true, but also she could avoid talking about movies.

"Aww, come here Kara." Alex hugged Kara tightly.

Kara hugged Alex as well.

"Come on, let's sit and watch," said Kara after a few more seconds of hugging.

"And eat!" Alex added jokingly.

For the next few hours, Alex and Kara were just watching movies. They didn't stick just to movies about romance, they were good with just about anything. They were tucked under the warm blankets, hugging each other tightly. Exactly what both of them needed, especially Kara.

They also talked a lot.

"Kara, I can clearly see that something is troubling you, what is it? Is it about Lena?" Alex suddenly asked in between movies.

While Alex guessed right that it was about Lena, she didn't know precisely why.

"Yes, it's just so exhausting. I'm still getting through to her. I'm on a good path, but she still feels betrayed. And I get her. I knew gaining her trust back wouldn't be easy." Kara knew that what she was saying was a huge understatement, but she couldn't really tell the truth. 

"Oh, Kara, you shouldn't beat yourself down, because of Lena. Yes, she was a great friend, but she has to get over it. She has to realize that you only didn't tell her to protect her. Everyone who knows your true identity gets put in danger and you just wanted to protect her from that." Alex tried to cheer Kara up and also gave her some advice.

"I know, I know, but she just means so much to me... And she probably knows that I did it just to protect her, but she probably feels like she didn't need the protection, which may also be true." Kara responded with a sad tone.

"I'm sure Lena will eventually come to her senses and she will forgive you, especially if you are already on a good path with her, it will come soon. But as I said, don't go over your limits, just for her. You will seem desperate." Alex continued.

This hurt Kara a little, as desperation was exactly what Kara felt that time in Lena's base and what spiraled her into all of this, but she didn't show anything.

"I really hope so..." Kara whispered, mostly to herself.

After that, they continued to watch movies with some chit chat here and there, until they eventually fell asleep in each other arms.

**The Next Morning**

Kara woke up first, with Alex still tightly entangled around her. She didn't want to move at all, she loved this feeling. She just put her head on Alex's shoulder and patiently waited until Alex woke up, she didn't want to move before that. Kara was in bliss for the next 30 minutes, when her sister finally woke up.

"Hello sleepy." Kara welcomed her with a smile.

"Uhum." Alex didn't say anything, she was too sleepy and instead cuddled up to Kara.

"Umm, Alex I think we have to get up eventually." Kara tried to slowly get up, as they were in this position for good 7-8 minutes.

"But why?" Alex responded with a tired tone.

"Because the world needs us!" Kara said jokingly, even though it was the truth.

"Oh come on, the world can wait 5 more minutes!" Alex answered with a cheeky tone.

"Suree, and then it will another 5 minutes, wake up Alex!" Kara laughed and started nudging Alex.

"Oh my god, Kara, alright, I'm waking up." Alex sounded a bit annoyed, but that was just because she was still sleepy and tired.

Alex slowly started getting up and Kara followed her soon after. Alex then went to take a shower, while Kara prepared some breakfast for both of them. Kara hoped to spend some more time with Alex, but when she returned from the shower, the reality already kicked back in.

"I'm sorry, Kara, but I can't stay for the breakfast, I have to be back at DEO, but I enjoyed this dearly, we have to do this again, very soon!" Alex apologized as she was already walking directly to the door, but gave Kara a big smile.

"Oh yea, I get it, I will have to head out soon as well," Kara responded with an understanding tone.

"See you soon, Kara!" Alex said as she was closing the door behind her."

"See you soon," Kara muttered, but Alex couldn't even hear it.

This event with Alex was so refreshing for Kara, she didn't think about Lena for one second, which was even more surprising, considering that she refused to obey Lena's orders that evening. But as soon as Alex closed the door, all the nervosity and anxiousness and all the negative thoughts came right back. She was already considering all the worst scenarios where Lena will punish her for disobeying her. Last time, she only forgot to call her "Ms. Luthor" in a time of a heated argument, and the punishment was so painful, she couldn't handle it. Now she just directly disobeyed and refuse to do what Lena told her, she was really scared of what was to come.

Throughout the entire day, Kara either had her mind full of thoughts about Lena or about Alex, which she desperately tried to keep in there, while pushing everything about Lena out, but it wasn't as easy as one would describe it.

**Several Hours Later**

The evening was already very near and Kara was waiting for the inevitable, she knew that Lena's voice would sound in her ear sooner or later. She had naive hopes, that it wouldn't, but she knew the reality. She was just flying around the city, trying to clear her head, but nothing was helping, her heart was pounding with stress.

And eventually, the inevitable came.

"Hello, my little Kara, you know what I want." Kara heard Lena's cold voice, in her ear.

Of course, she knew, "Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'll be there immediately!" Kara forced a firm tone.

Kara arrived at Lena's office and this time, immediately dropped on all fours, looking at the floor.

Lena simply said, "Good girl." As she was slowly moving closer to Kara.

Kara could hear that Lena was closing in, but didn't know what to expect. But as soon as Lena got close enough that she could see her feet and felt Lena's hand moving hair away from her neck, she realized.

Her first instinct was to pull away, but she learned not to do that, so she used all her will to stay put.

Then, Lena collared Kara once again, locking the collar with the magic word, which was still set as "Release".

None of the Kryptonite options were toggled just yet, so right now it was just a regular collar. Kara decided not to move and wait for further instructions from Lena.

"You know how much you messed up, right, Kara?" Lena questioned her with a cold tone.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm so sorry. It won't happen again." Kara responded with a desperate tone, tears were already running down her face, she was in terror of what Lena had in store for her.

"You see Kara, I was always so nice to you, even when you disobeyed me, I only gave you a small punishment or none at all." Lena made a pause and took a look at Kara, then continued.

"But yesterday. You directly disobeyed my orders and went against my will, we had a clear agreement on when you can refuse to meet me, and you agreed to it, Kara." Lena once again made a pause, but this time she wanted to hear what Kara had to say.

"I know, Ms. Luthor, I know I messed up badly, but please don't punish me, I beg you, I don't want to be punished, it hurts soo much!! I won't be able to handle it, please..." Kara begged, she was now crying, and whimpering, tears falling down on the floor.

"Oh, sweet Kara, Do you think that if you will look desperate and pathetic enough, and you will beg hard enough, that maybe I will spare you?" Lena ridiculed Kara's behavior.

"B-but, but Ms. Luthor, I beg you, I mean it, I can't handle another punishment! I swear, I will do absolutely anything to avoid another punishment, please, Ms. Luthor!!" Kara cried out. She was visibly trembling as she was scared so much.

"Oh, Kara I can't get enough of seeing you like this, maybe if you give some attention to my boots, then I will spare you of your punishment?" Lena had no interest or plans of sparing Kara, but she wanted to see, how eager was Kara to avoid it.

As Lena was basically already at Kara's touch, she just moved her head downwards at lighting speed and started tending to Lena's boots. Kissing them and licking them eagerly for about 3 to 4 minutes.

"Kara, stop and lay your head on the floor, cheek down," Lena ordered and Kara immediately obeyed.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara uttered.

After that, Lena slowly put her foot on Kara's cheek and pressed a little bit. Before Kara's punishment, Lena wanted to torture her mind first.

"Kara, how do you feel right now? How do you feel when a human, has you at their mercy? Did you ever think that you would kneel before a Luthor? That you would willingly let a Luthor step on your face? Humiliate you? Come on Kara, tell me... And don't lie." Lena's voice was very confident and a little bit smug, she was eagerly awaiting Kara's answer.

Kara didn't understand why was Lena doing this. She already had everything she wanted from her, why did she have to remind her all these things? It made everything ten times worse. Every word like a knife directed at her heart.

It took Kara about a minute to gather the courage to finally speak up between cries, "I-I... don't know, I'm so confused, Ms. Luthor you are so cruel and I don't know what to do to please you! I know I said that I liked it, but it wasn't so extreme before, I won't be able to handle this, I really won't, Ms. Luthor... I'm not built for this, I'm so sorry..."

Lena decided to completely ignore her, "I asked... how do you feel?" Lena emphasized her last words.

Kara was hurt that her words didn't move Lena at all, that she completely ignored them.

"... Broken..." Kara softly cried out.

That one single word filled Lena's heart with satisfaction, which only proved more how sadistic she was. She then let a sigh out with a smile on her face, which Kara couldn't see.

"Oh, Kara that's exactly what I wanted to hear! Now stand up!" Lena ordered.

Kara was slowly getting up, her face was all messy as she was still crying.

"Kara, I know this won't please you, but I have to do it, so you know that the thing that happened yesterday was simply unacceptable. And I need to make more than sure than it won't ever happen again and I can't simply just take your begging words for it." Lena surprised Kara as she revealed that she never had the intention of sparing Kara of her punishment.

Lena didn't wait for Kara's reaction and immediately took out the remote controller from her pocket and toggled the Kryptonite output, setting it to the second-worst option. Kara instantly fell back on her knees, grabbing the collar and instinctively tried to pull it off, but there was no use in trying. She screamed out in pain as veins around her neck, extending to her chest and face were turning dark and green.

"Please, Lena, stop!! It hurts so much!" Kara was breathing heavily as she was trying to recover from the shock that just hit her.

"You know more than well, that I won't stop" Lena simply replied with a merciless tone.

Kara knew that talking to Lena would lead nowhere and she simply couldn't do anything else to convince Lena to give her mercy, deep down, she knew there was no mercy coming, she knew she was to push through this and hope that it won't last long, so she decided to just stay silent, well silent to her capabilities and wait for Lena to do as she wished.

Lena stood there for a few more seconds, waiting if Kara had any more complaints, she would be able to just brush off and when there were none, she continued.

She simply pushed Kara with one hand and she fell over on her back. She now admired her for a bit longer. She could see the fear in Kara's eyes. She was breathing heavily as she was trying to overcome the pain caused by Kryptonite, Then Lena slowly started pulling down Kara's pants. Kara almost didn't react to it, she just moaned a little in surprise, but her concentration was on the Kryptonite.

Lena admired Kara's cute white underwear for a bit and then slowly started pulling them down as well... As she was pulling them, she was expecting some kind of reaction from Kara, but she really was too preoccupied with the pain, but she wasn't surprised. When the underwear was all the way down, Lena finally gave her the next order.

"Kara spread your legs," Lena said with a calm tone. No need for a snippy or angry tone, she was thriving in the condition that Kara was in.

Kara started slowly spreading her legs, without a word, just whimpers, and cries. When she was done, Lena kneeled in front of her cute completely shaved pussy. It honestly surprised Lena, that Kara was shaved, she imagined the complete opposite.

"I see someone has been looking forward to this." Lena laughed out about the state of Kara's crotch.

Kara didn't know to respond, but she didn't have almost anything in her head, the Kryptonite was absolutely overwhelming her. She felt like it was worse than what Lena said before. She just remained silent.

"Listen now, Kara. I will play with you. But if you want to be a good girl, you must, I repeat, you must tell me when you are about to orgasm. If I find out that you climaxed without my knowledge or permission, I swear I will leave you tied up here until the morning!" Lena threatened Kara with a very serious tone as this part was essential to Kara's punishment." Lena was awaiting Kara's response but received none.

"Did you understand, Kara?" Lena pushed with an insistent voice.

"Uhum... Y-y-yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara almost whispered these words as she was stuttering and crying. Lena almost didn't understand her.

"Alright, then let's get started." Lena happily uttered.

First Lena started with soft fondling. Kara wasn't as wet as she expected, but that was understandable. Nonetheless, there was something and that made Lena extremely happy. There were no moans of pleasure coming from Kara just yet, mostly because Lena wasn't doing something that would bring great pleasures as of right now, and also the Kryptonite pain was way more intense. After about 10 minutes of simple strokes and fondles, Lana started focusing on Kara's clit. First slowly rubbing it and then hastening her pace.

Kara now felt the pleasure that Lena was giving her, but still, the Kryptonite was more intense, so whenever she moaned out of pleasure, it turned into a moan of suffering instead. But she was now way wetter than at the start.

"Ohh, Kara I'm glad that your cute pussy is so happy to see me, we might become friends." Lena expressed jokingly as she continued to just rub Kara's clit.

Kara finally moaned out of pleasure for the first time.

"Ohh, wow Kara, finally! I already thought it would never come! Now tell me, do you want me to continue?" Lena exclaimed happily as she heard Kara's first moan.

"Uhuh, yes, please... Please continue." Kara pleaded.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear, see how easily I can turn you into an orgasm hungry slut?" Lena reacted to Kara's words. For the first time calling her a derogatory word, until now she always called Kara by her name, or just adding some adjectives to it, but never a slut or anything similar.

Kara noticed that as well and it made her sigh in shock. No one ever called her that. She almost wanted to protest and tell Lena to never call her like that, but she simply couldn't. So once again, she just remained silent but hurt by Lena's words.

Lena then continued to rub Kara's clit, but slowly moved downwards, teasing Kara's hole with one of her fingers. Kara was wet enough for Lena to just enter her, but decided to use some of her salivae as well and spitted on Kara's pussy, smearing it all over with her palm. The finally after a bit more of teasing, Lena finally pushed one of her fingers through.

Kara moaned, but more out of surprise than pleasure. She also hated that Lena was teasing her so much. Not only that she was so horny right now, but she also wanted the torture to stop.

Lena first only played around with just one finger, pushing it in and then pulling it out again, very slowly.

"Do you like it, Kara?" Lena asked out of curiosity, but she knew the answer.

"Ohh, y-yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara stuttered.

"Well then, isn't there something you should do?" Lena continued.

"Uhh, Yes, Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara corrected herself.

That made Lena smile and then she happily continued pleasing Kara. Now she was picking up the pace and decided to finally insert a second finger. But she wasn't going slowly now, after putting in the second finger, she picked up the speed instantly, putting Kara in constant moans mixed with pleasure and pain.

"Come on Kara, are you close??" Lena questioned. Not that she was impatient, but she wanted to make absolutely sure Kara wasn't climaxing without her permission.

"Uhuh, Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara answered in between moans.

"Tell me, when you are just about to orgasm!" Lena ordered while still using two fingers and now also using her second hand, rubbing Kara's clit.

"Oh my... ohh, ohhh, Lena please, continue!!" Kara now screamed out in pleasure, clenching her fists.

Lena just smiled and continued.

"Ahhh, I'm almost there, please Ms. Luthor, continue, Ohhh! I'm near the climax... oh Rao!!" Kara begged Lena to continue.

But suddenly... Lena stopped. Completely. Then she just stooped up and waited for Kara's reaction.

"uhh? Ms. Luthor? Please continue, please!" Kara tried to wiggle her butt a bit but didn't manage to move that much.

"No, Kara. This is a part of your punishment. Did you really think that I was going to let you climax as a punishment? You naive little girl. I didn't want to tell you in the beginning but...," As Lena was slowly revealing Kara her plan, she walked over behind her desk and reached for something out of the drawer, "I'm actually not gonna let you orgasm. Not even once. And we will do this repeatedly. And every time you are about to orgasm I'm instead going to hit you with this whip. Lovely, isn't it?" Lena walked over to Kara so that she should see the whip in Lena's hands. Kara was now once again exhaling moans of pain, as her horniness was slowly fading away.

"Please, Ms. Luthor don't do this, I beg you!!" Kara's eyes once again filled with tears, which were running down her face.

"Oh, but I will do it, and I will enjoy every second of it." Lena was still standing in Kara's line of sight, playing with the whip, while having a devilish smile on her face.

"But Ms. Luthor, you can't do this to me, please, I beg you! You can do anything else to me, but I can't endure this, please!!" Kara didn't back down on her begging.

Lena decided to ignore Kara and instead comment on the effects of Kryptonite, "I see that Kryptonite suits you well, it enhanced your pretty face nicely."

Lena kneeled down to Kara and stroked her face, which was now full of green and blackish veins. She could feel how much Kara was suffering.

Kara now decided to beg for something completely different, "Yes, but it hurts so much Ms. Luthor, please if you still respect me or like me as a friend even a little bit, please turn it down, I beg you, please, I can't handle these levels of pain!" Kara tried to remind Lena of the old times when they were just regular friends and was hoping that it would work because she never really felt this kind of sensation. Of course, she was exposed to Kryptonite before, but never in such a way.

While it was true, that this kind of reminded Lena of the old times and had a quick smile about it, that was gone now. And she didn't plan to back down. Lena actually now considered an extra punishment, for trying to beg her way out of the predicament like this.

Kara was still staring down Lena with hopeful eyes, while Lena was now looking straight ahead, thinking. Eventually, Lena walked over to the desk again, picking up the remote.

"You know what Kara? I will have to teach you that once I set my mind to something, you can't talk yourself out of it. No matter how much you beg, how much you cry, or how much you degrade yourself with your own words. If I wanted you to beg, I would tell you to beg." Lena made a pause and took a look at Kara to see if any reaction would come from her but Kara remained silent, all that was heard was soft cries.

After a few seconds, Lena decided to give Kara the extra punishment that she was considering, toggling the last and highest dosage of Kryptonite on the remote controller.

Just in a second, a whole new level of pain emerged, it came in waves, coming from the collar up to her head and down to her whole body, in the first few seconds Kara's eyesight darkened, she was sure that she was going to pass out. Her whole body tensed up, making Kara arch her back in pain. Kara desperately wanted to say something, she wanted to scream at Lena to make it stop, but instead, she just made inaudible screams as she was squirming on the ground. She couldn't control a single part of her body.

Lena herself was looking at this in shock, she didn't want to make it that strong, at first, she wanted to turn it down immediately, but then left it on this setting for at least half a minute out of curiosity. Hope must have made some mistake in her calculations when designing this Collar as this option was supposed to be nowhere that strong. Even the second-highest option that she was using Kara this entire time was stronger than expected, but not on this scale.

Lena finally turned down the device to a lower option. Kara was now heavily shaking and panting, her whole body was sweaty, the upper part of her suit that she still had on, was soaked in sweat. Lena could see how far down and up Kara's belly was moving when she was breathing.

Even though now the Kryptonite output was on the second-highest option again, for Kara, it felt like a sweet release, it was almost nothing compared to the highest option, which was somehow at least 20 times worse. Kara now looked at Lena with a sad look in her eyes. This was for a first time that Kara actually felt hurt and betrayed, because even though Lena manipulated her and forced her into so many things, even the Kryptonite, all of it came with a level of pain or humiliation where she could guess how much of a problem it would be, but she didn't expect this. When Lena was describing all of the Collar features to her for the first time, she described this option as the most painful, however nowhere near as painful as it now was. That was a completely unbearable, unimaginable, uncontrollable pain. She never felt that amount of pain while fighting anyone. Not even Reign.

It had such an impact on Lena, that now for the first time she felt bad for Kara as well and when Kara looked at her, she had to look away from her stare as it was too hard to look into her eyes now. There was near complete silence in Lena's office for about 2 minutes. Nothing could be heard except Kara's heavy breathing and crying. Lena had to process and sort all of her thoughts.

With how much of a sadist Lena was, her bad feeling only lasted for a few minutes, however, she definitely didn't want to use this option again, only in the absolutely worst-case scenario. But it also served a good purpose. Now Kara knew what that last option was capable of and now she could just threaten her with that and Kara would probably comply with absolutely anything without complaining.

When Lena was finally ready to continue, she let out a deep sigh. "Umm, well that was something." Lena awkwardly laughed.

Kara didn't respond at all, she just kept looking at Lena with tears in her eyes.

"Now you know what happens when you don't do exactly as I say and if you question my methods and my punishments..." Lena said it with a level of uncertainty because she wasn't exactly sure what did she just do to Kara both mentally and physically. This was a huge mistake, her calculations should have been more precise.

"Are you listening to me, Kara?"  Lena wanted her to say just about anything, just to make sure that she was okay and capable of continuing.

After a small pause, "Yes, Ms. Luthor... I'm sorry." Kara softly whimpered, but the continued, "Please,  please, never let me go through that again..."

Lena once again kneeled down to Kara and stroked her hair and face for a bit, "Ohh, my poor little thing, unless you make me, I won't, I promise."

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor, I will never do anything to make you do that, I swear." Kara's voice was still very quiet and weak, but it was all just a temporary effect, soon all the effects that came with the strongest option would fade away since it was on just for about thirty seconds.

"I'm happy to hear that, Kara. Now please sit up for me." Lena ordered.

Kara tried to slowly push herself up to a sitting position, but her arms failed her and fell on her back again, so Lena decided to help her up.

"Now put your hands up" Lena continued and Kara complied.

Lena then proceeded to take off the rest of Kara's sweat-soaked suit and stood up after. Kara's whole body was so sweaty that she was gleaming in the light of Lena's office, which she found extremely arousing.

"Lie back down again and keep your legs spread." Kara once again complied with Lena's orders without hesitation.

Kara was now in the exact same position as she was at the start, except now completely naked. In the meantime her whole body calmed down, she was still panting, but not as heavily as before, however, that also meant, that her body started feeling the Kryptonite again and it was slowly becoming painful.

Lena was now admiring Kara's breasts. She already saw them before, in Kara's flat, but they were just so perfect, she couldn't get enough of them. They were more on the smaller side, but not too small, they were firm and that's exactly how Lena liked it.

After admiring her for a bit more, she got down to Kara again, and fondled her left breast, squeezing it, playing around with it. After that, she decided to lick Kara's nipple. First, she just toyed with it, with her tongue, but then decided to firmly bite it.

"Ouchh!" Kara screamed out. Lena didn't bite that hard, but her nipples were always sensitive and all her senses were also enhanced by the Kryptonite so it felt like if someone stuck a needle through her nipple.

After that reaction, Lena let out a small laugh and then moved downwards, back to Kara's pussy again. She now kept the whip by her thigh.

Lena was now slowly working up Kara's orgasm, first softly rubbing her clit, but slowly picking up the pace. Then, using her second her, inserting one finger and then a second one, slowly moving them in and out.

Kara was now constantly moaning, Lena saw that Kara was trying to hold onto something, desperately clenching her fists.

"Ohh, ohhh, Ms. Luthor, please, don't stop!" Kara begged.

"Oh, are you getting close, Kara?" Lena asked curiously with a smile on her face.

"Uhuh, yes, Ms. Luthor. I'm soo close!" Kara exhaled, while still clenching her fists and now slightly arching her back as well.

Lena greatly increased her pace, but only for about 10 seconds, then she stopped completely, once again watched Kara's frustration and her desperate wiggling.

"Please, Ms. Luthor continue, please I can't bear this, I need to orgasm! Please!!" Kara yelled out in frustration.

"Oh, don't be a naughty girl, Kara. You know you will only get it once I feel like it." Lena laughed and smiled upon the sight of Kara's desperation.

"Uhm, I'm sorry, Ms. Luthor." Kara quietly apologized.

Lena then stood up and picked up the whip and then she stepped over Kara with one leg so that she would be facing her pussy.

"Don't worry, Kara, I'm going to help you to get rid of that tenderness that my teasing has created between your legs." Lena laughed out as she said that.

"Uhuh??" Kara got confused and raised her head to see what was happening, but all she saw was Lena's butt. 

Lena then took the whip and swung with full force, directly hitting Kara's sweet spot. Kara instantly cried out in pain, crossing her legs in pain. She tried to roll over on the side in pain but was stopped by Lena's leg.

"No, Kara, stay on your back, we are not done yet. Be a nice girl and spread your legs again." Lena couldn't stop but chuckle over Kara's reaction.

"Ouch, it hurts so much!! My crotch is too sensitive!" Kara complained but didn't want to disobey again, so she was slowly and hesitantly spreading her legs again, which made Lena extremely happy, Kara was finally learning to overcome her pain and just accept it.

As Kara was opening her legs again, Lena could clearly see that Kara's already irritated pussy was now completely red. Lena had to stop and listen to Kara's whimpers for about half a minute, before going for a second swing.

As soon as the hit landed, Kara once again loudly screamed out and crossed her legs immediately. It's not like she wanted to disobey, but it was basically a reflex, she couldn't stop her legs crossing each other, after such terrible pain.

However, she wanted to be better than before and without being ordered from Lena, she was slowly spreading her trembling legs again. Lena watched that with a great smile on her face and decided to reward Kara with some sweet words, "Good girl, Kara, you are finally starting to understand!"

Kara couldn't keep her legs still, they were uncontrollably shaking, as her whole body was, but her legs were way worse. She also desperately wanted to ask Lena how many hits were remaining, but she knew that would be a bad idea.

Lena had about five hits in mind, so three were remaining, but Kara didn't know that. Once again, she couldn't stop herself and had to listen to Kara's muffled whimpers. She could hear that Kara wanted to cry loudly, but she was probably trying to be strong in front of Lena and tried to silence herself.

Lena went in for the third one.

Once again, upon the impact, Kara couldn't hold in her screams and cried out loudly, but this time, only her knees crossed slightly as she tried with all her might for her legs to stay spread.

Lena rewarded her with a quick fourth. Which was in a way a reward, it would be over for Kara sooner.

Kara once again screamed out, but now she couldn't stay silent anymore, "Please, Ms. Luthor I beg you to stop, I can't take it anymore, how many more will I have to endure, please, stop!!"

Kara continuously cried, she didn't try to hide it anymore. Lena could punish her for this kind of defiance again, but she was such a nice girl through this entire whipping, Lena just decided to gloss over it, but a subtle smile appeared on her face. Lena was rethinking her methods, as she kind of liked Kara's begging now, even though it was unasked for, so maybe she will stop punishing her for it, which only made her regret more, punishing Kara for it earlier with the Kryptonite.

"One, my sweet little girl," Lena said with a cheeky tone and turned her head so that Kara could see her smile.

Lena could then hear a sigh of relief from Kara, she must have been glad, that she would only have to endure one more hit.

Kara spread her legs once again, and Lena got ready to go in for the last hit, then she swung.

Kara screamed out for the last time and this time, she also covered her crotch with her hands, as she knew no more whips were coming. After that, Lena stepped away from Kara and allowed to roll over on her side, if it helped her, which she did.

Lena gave Kara a three-minute break, "Kara, you probably don't want to hear this, but we are still not done, not even close."

After Lena finished that sentence, Kara let out a louder cry of desperation but didn't say anything, instead she just rolled over back on her back and slowly spread her legs again.

"Good girl, Kara." Lena smiled and once again slowly walked over to Kara's crotch.

"Let's start all over again, shall we?" Lena continued, kneeling down to Kara's pussy, slowly starting to rub her clit again.

"That whip helped, getting rid of your horniness, right?" Lena asked provocatively with a devilish smile on her face.

"Uhh, Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara agreed, because it was true, the whip caused such a pain, that at first, she couldn't even feel Lena's touch.

This time, Lena pushed three fingers into Kara's pussy and picked up the pace very quickly. She also kept looking up to see Kara's face, her belly was moving up and down constantly because of her heavy breathing. She was moaning loudly just about after 30 seconds since Lena started.

"Do you like it, Kara?" Lena cheekily asked.

"Uhum, Yes, Ms. Luthor. Ahhh, very much!" Kara wanted to tell Lena to keep going but decided that it would be unwise, telling Lena what to do.

"Alright then, let's see if you like this." Lena moved upwards, but didn't stand up, she slid over Kara's naked and sweaty body, pressing her weight against Kara's, until she was face to face with her.

"Open your mouth," Lena commanded and Kara complied with a confused facial expression.

"Taste yourself." This time, Lena didn't wait for any reaction from Kara and stuck the three fingers that were inside of Kara's pussy just a few seconds ago, inside her mouth. She pushed them deep into Kara's throat, which made her immediately gag and cough. Then she backed away and just played with Kara's tongue.

"Is it tasty, do you like it?" Lena eagerly asked.

Kara couldn't speak with Lena's fingers inside her mouth, so she just nodded. Lena then put the fingers out of Kara's mouth, but ordered her, "Keep your mouth open."

Lena then proceeded to spit inside of Kara's mouth, which made her gag again, as it surprised her as well. But Kara didn't have much time to do anything else, because after that Lena immediately kissed Kara, biting her lips and also her tongue, whenever she got the chance, Kara's reaction to that were quiet moans.

After a few seconds, Lena moved away and sat on Kara's chest, watching Kara's messed up face and hair. Then she suddenly slapped Kara across the face, which made Kara exhale in surprise.

"Kara, I'm going to slap you across your cheeks several times and I want you to thank me for every slap, do you understand?" Lena firmly informed Kara about what's going to happen.

Kara was already scared, she knew it would hurt a lot, if not more than the pussy whipping, as she already knew Lena, she would not hold back with her slaps, and will probably slap with full force and her cheeks, especially now, were very sensitive... But what else could she say, except the thing Lena expected from her?

"Yes, Ms. Luthor. Thank you Ms. Luthor" Kara obediently answered and thanked for the first slap, but the tremble in her voice was evident.

Without any further words, Lena issued a second slap.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." A new wave of tears was emerging from Kara's eyes.

Another slap, "Thank you, Ms. Luthor."

Lena was picking up her pace, Kara's cheeks were completely red.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor."

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara just kept repeating herself over and over again in between her cries.

Near the end Lena was slapping Kara almost nonstop, Kara couldn't possibly keep track of each slap, so she just kept crying out "Thank you, Ms. Luthor." repeatedly without any order to it. Then Lena suddenly stop... But Kara didn't.

Kara had closed eyes and her whole face was tensed up and clenched, she just kept repeating the same words over and over again, like she was on a loop. It took her about 7 seconds before she realized that Lena wasn't slapping her anymore and she could stop.

"Ohh, Kara that was so cute!" Lena chuckled as a reaction to Kara's repeated Thank you's.

"Wow, your face is completely red, that's so hot," Lena continued and exclaimed with an energetic tone.

Lena was almost ready to move down to Kara's pussy again, but she had one more thing to do, "Kara open your mouth again."

Kara complied and received another spit that went straight into her mouth.

"To keep you hydrated." Lena chuckled. Obviously, salivae couldn't hydrate anyone, but she just wanted to have a reason to spit into Kara's mouth.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara thanked Lena.

"Alright then, let's continue!" Lena said happily.

Lena slowly moved downwards to Kara's pussy again and started repeating the whole process again, but she didn't want it to be all the same every time, "Kara I've done too much work that you should be doing, so this time, I want you to move your hips a bit, move your butt, I want you to push yourself on my fingers, up and down."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor" Kara tried to slowly move up and down, but it wasn't so easy, as her sweaty skin got stuck to Lena's floor.

Lena just kept her hand still, and let Kara impale herself on them, but she still moved her other hand, which was still rubbing Kara's clit.

"Kara, I don't think that you are working very hard, I mean you are barely moving, come on, are you that lazy?" Lena pretended to be annoyed, but in reality, she found all of this so cute and hot and she couldn't possibly be angry at Kara desperately trying to move her hips.

"I'm so sorry, Ms. Luthor, I'm really trying." Kara thought about making excuses, saying that the Kryptonite is weakening her too much, but that would lead nowhere but to trouble, so she made the wiser choice and just apologized.

"Try harder then," Lena responded with a pushy tone.

This time, getting Kara to the point of climax, took a lot more time as Kara had to do most of the work and she wasn't very good at it, however, she was slowly getting close.

As Kara was moaning louder and louder, she quietly asked Lena, "Can I please orgasm this time? Pretty please, I will do anything!"

"We shall see, Kara, just tell me when you are extremely close," Lena answered with a firm and cold tone.

While Kara's movements were still really slow, she picked up the pace a tiny bit as she was nearing the climax.

"I'm really, really close Ms. Luthor, can I plea-"

"No, you can't." Lena interrupted Kara in the middle of her sentence and pulled out her fingers out of Kara's pussy and stopped rubbing her clit as well. She took a quick look at Kara's trembling thighs and then took the whip again.

"Oh no, please Ms. Luthor I beg you... From the bottom of my heart..." Kara knew it wouldn't work ,that's why her voice sounded so broken and defeated, but she just couldn't stay silent when this was happening to her, and she was hoping that maybe, just maybe she would be able to convince Lena.

Lena couldn't do anything, but laugh, "Kara, don't worry, I'm not going to whip your crotch again, but I just thought that I haven't given your breasts all that much attention, what do you think?"

"Umm, You are right, Ms. Luthor," Kara replied with an uncertain tone.

"Of course, I am. This time I'm going to be nice, I don't want you to thank me for each whip, nor do you need to count or anything, I will just whip both of your breasts ten times and then it will be over, okay?" While Lena's voice made it sound like she was asking for confirmation from Kara, however, it was just a fact of what was going to happen.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, Thank you, Ms. Luthor," Kara answered.

"Alright then, get ready," Lena said as Kara closed her eyes and clenched her teeth and fists again, as that made it easier.

After the first whip, Kara let out just a louder moan. It wasn't nearly as bad as the pussy whipping or even the slapping, that was maybe even more painful, then the whipping, but it just happened more quickly.

"Ahh, I see I need to go harder," Lena said with a sigh as the first hit didn't cause nearly the reaction that she was expecting.

The second time, Lena hit harder. This time, Lena could clearly hear, muffled screams coming through Kara's closed mouth and clenched teeth.

After a few more hits, when Lena just whipped her for the 8th time, Kara couldn't contain the pain anymore and screamed out loud.

"Finally! There it is!" Lena expressed herself happily.

Lena then went in for the 9th hit, which made Kara scream in pain again and she instinctively wanted to cover her breasts with her hands but managed to keep them down. 

"One more Kara, you are such a good girl!" Lena praised her as she went for the last hit.

Upon the last hit, Kara once again screamed out and this time she covered her breasts and started stroking them, as she knew no more hits were coming.

"Ohh, are they hurt?? Poor little Kara." Lena chuckled with a pretend worried voice. Kara just looked at her with sad and teary eyes.

This time, Lena gave her only about a 1-minute break as this whipping wasn't nearly as painful as the pussy whipping, then she continued, "Kara, I will finally let you cum, but I will make it interesting for you. Well degrading for you and interesting for me."

Lena took a second to look at Kara's face and continued, "You are already very familiar with my boots and how much I enjoy using them as a tool for your humiliation. Well, stepping on you with them and making you kiss them and lick them aren't all the things they can be used for... If you don't understand yet, let me give you a hint."

Lena walked over and to Kara's crotch again, but stepped over between Kara's legs with just one leg and pushed it all the way against pussy, "What do you think will happen, Kara?" Lena was curious about what Kara's answer will be.

"Umm, you will grind your boot against my crotch, Ms. Luthor?" Kara uncertainly asked.

"Almost! But I already told you that I did way more work than I should have, so you will be the one doing the grinding!" Lena said with a laugh and then continued.

"Now before, I let you cum, I have a few rules that you need to know. Once you are close I want you to say it, but don't worry, this time I won't deny you. But I will start a countdown from ten. And once I start, you will only be allowed to finish once the countdown is finished! Not sooner and not even later! Once the countdown is done, I'm also done and I don't care if you will reach your sweet climax... Did you understand everything?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, clearly," Kara replied.

"Oh and if you fail to orgasm in time, don't waste your breath begging me to put my boot back against your pussy, you will only anger me." Lena coldly added.

"You can start." Lena invited Kara to start.

Even though Kara was very weak and honestly already felt like fainting because of the Kryptonite output, she moved her hips with all her might to reach the climax as soon as possible. Luckily today, Lena didn't have boots with a completely smooth surface, there were some buckles and shoelaces, which made the surface rough and easier to rub against. But even with these things making it a bit easier for Kara, with her slow movements, it took about 5 minutes of subtle moaning before Kara got close.

"Uhhh, I'm getting close, Ms. Luthor." Kara moaned.

"Okay, Kara, I'm starting the countdown. Don't worry I won't punish you, if you won't orgasm on time, you will punish yourself for that... Ten." Lara tried to say it with a cold tone but chuckled when she stopped at the fact that Kara was basically punishing herself if she missed the mark.

Kara tried to grind harder, but she couldn't move much faster, even though she wanted to.

Lena decided to help and encourage her a bit, "Come on Kara, grind harder, you have been waiting for this all night, don't let it slip away! Nine."

"Did you endure all of this, just to fail? I don't believe that you are a girl of steel, you don't give up, right? Eight."

"Uhhhh, ahhh, No, Ms. Luthor!" Kara uttered in between moans. 

"Then prove it to me, prove that you are competent at least in something! Seven." Lena continued to push.

"Prove to me that you are not completely useless, I know you can do it! Six."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I can, I'm trying my best!" Kara tried to sound energetic, but she was simply too tired for her to sound anything near like that.

"Come on, push yourself harder on my boot! Five."

"Am I supposed to kick you, for you to try harder or what?! Stop being lazy! Four." Lena was screaming at Kara, but it was just to make her try harder, she wasn't actually angry with her.

"Ohhhh, uhh I'm so close!" Kara exhaled.

"Don't you cum before the countdown! Three!" Lena warned Kara as she got worried, she might not last long enough.

"Uhhh, I can't hold it anymore, please!!" Kara begged as she was on the tip of her orgasm, but the countdown wasn't at its end. 

"I swear if you cum before the countdown ends, I will whip your useless cunt black and purple! Two!" Lena resorted to derogatory terms, but it all to push Kara to where she wanted.

"Uhhh, please, Ms. Luthor!!" Kara continued to beg.

"Hold it, you slut! Hold it! One!" Lena took a big breath, before finally letting  Kara climax. She was sure she was going to make it in time, as she was already so close, she couldn't hold it.

"Finish for me, Kara! Go on, cum! Release your juices all over my boot! You have been waiting for this all evening, cherish it!"

"Ohhhhhhh Raooo!! Thank youu! Thank you sooo much, Ms. Luthor!!"  Kara screamed and moaned in ecstasy as she arched her back and her whole body uncontrollably trembled on the ground, which made Lena do a subtle chuckle, and it kind of reminded her of a vibrator, but this would be a living Kryptonian vibrator.

Lena took some steps back and just stared at Kara's broken body. There was a big pool of all of her fluids under her, tears, sweat, and her juices. Whenever Kara took a big breath, she could clearly see the outline of Kara's ribs, which Lena also found hot.

However, after all of this, Lena still wasn't done with Kara. She had three tasks left for her, after all, she just let Kara orgasm, she wasn't going to let her go, before orgasming herself. She turned down the Kryptonite output to the middle option and then gave Kara about a ten-minute break.

"Kara, I want you to get on all fours again." Kara almost immediately complied.

"You made my boot all dirty and nasty and I think that only your mouth is good enough to clean it." Lena provocatively said to Kara.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara replied and started eagerly licking off her own juices from Lena's boot.

"Good girl." Lena praised Kara and bent over to stroke Kara's hair.

She let Kara lick her boot for about two minutes before ordering her to stop.

"Kara, I only want you to do two more things, but I will keep the latter secret, as it will be a small task anyway."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor" Kara answered and waited for more instructions.

"I brought you to an orgasm so I think it would definitely not be okay if you left without me getting one as well, right?" Lena teased Kara with a smile on her face.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, you are right," Kara answered.

"Of course, I'm right as always, you silly." Lena jokingly replied and then slowly started pulling off her jeans together with her underwear as well. The took both off over boots and she wanted to keep them on. She also noticed that her panties were completely soaked, but that wasn't a surprise, while she may have acted cold during most of the evening, her body sent off different signals.

"Kara, lie on your back again," Lena ordered and Kara obeyed without hesitation.

Once Kara was in position, Lena continued, "I will sit on your face and I don't really care if you will be able to breathe or not, but the sooner you make me cum, the sooner you will be able to smell anything else other than my pussy..." After seeing Kara's terrified face, she reassured her, "Of course, if I see you really struggling for breath, I will move a bit, but you will get to inhale once at maximum and then you will get back to work. Alright?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor," Kara replied with the obvious and the only correct answer.

Lena then proceeded to put one knee next to Kara's head and the second one on the other side, now kneeling over Kara's head which was a perfect position to lock Kara into, so she couldn't squirm her way out of it, she simply sat down and filled Kara's face with her pussy. Lena could immediately feel Kara's tongue working. She could also feel Kara's warm breath, which was blocked by her skin.

Soon after starting, Kara already began struggling for air, but Lena knew Kara could easily last longer.

"Come on Kara, don't pretend like you need to breathe, you can easily last longer."

"u-h, I c-n't!!" Kara tried to talk through Lena's pussy, but it was all muffled inaudible nonsense. However, Lena had a clear idea of what Kara said.

"Kara, if you want to breathe, make me cum, it's as simple as that." Lena left Kara without a single breath for about one more minute and she felt like Kara was slowing down and she wasn't anywhere near an orgasm, so she moved an inch back and let Kara have one huge breath, then she moved back, blocking Kara's nose.

Lena was now getting frustrated, "Kara, you are making it hard for both of us, work harder!" Lena grabbed her by her hair and pushed her even deeper into her pussy, which caused more muffled screams from Kara, but she was now working her tongue more efficiently.

"Ohh, Kara, continue! Don't you dare stop! Ahhh" Lena was finally getting close, as Kara's struggles actually helped, since her muffled screams and yells created vibrations which gave her arousal as well.

"Ahhh scream all you want, you are just giving me more pleasure! I won't let you breathe until I cum!" Lena continued with an energetic tone.

"ahhh, ahhhh I'm getting close Kara, don't stop!" Lena exhaled.

Lena was supporting herself with one hand while pushing Kara's head into her crotch with the other, "Ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhh, yessss, Kara, that's it, I'm cumming!!!" Lena now put up her second hand from the floor and grabbed Kara's hair with it as well and fully ground her pussy against Kara's face as she was moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

Then finally, Lena let go of Kara's hair and moved back, sitting on her chest, letting Kara finally breathe, even though it was still kind of difficult breathing with Lena sitting on her chest. Kar was taking very deep breaths and her face was returning to its original colors. Well, her face was still red, but that was the original color this evening.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor, for letting me breathe," Kara exclaimed after a minute of nothing but heavy breathing.

Lena looked at Kara in surprise as she was actually just going to ask Kara if she shouldn't thank her for something, she didn't expect this kind of initiative from Kara, just yet, "You are a very good girl, Kara."

Lena proceeded to take two towels out of one of the drawers, put one on the desk, and took the second one to clean herself with it. Kara looked at Lena with hopes that she would also get the luxury of cleaning herself.

Lena saw Kara's look and decided to utilize her soaked underwear together with Kara's last task, "Get on all fours again." Kara complied immediately.

Lena continued right after, "Don't worry Kara, I will let you clean up yourself as well, but once again, nothing will be that easy for you. First of all, you will have these panties in your mouth throughout the entire duration of this task," Lena bent down to Kara and stuck them directly in her half-open mouth.

"Don't you dare spit them out... You will be able to clean yourself, but only after you clean up all the mess that you have made. That means all the tears and sweat and fluids that you have left on the floor, will be clean before you. And you will use the same towel for the floor and your body." Lena made a pause and waited for Kara's reaction.

"B-t, th-t w-n't clean -e at -ll" Kara muffled some kind of nonsense through Lena's underwear, but Lena could guess what she meant.

"Well, if I gave you two towels, there wouldn't be any fun in that, would there? Well, it's really late now and I need to sleep and be productive tomorrow, so I will let you finish here alone, you can take as much time as you want, but I'm guessing you need sleep too. And if you think about cheating, or being lazy about the work, don't you even think about it, there are cameras in this room and I will see everything tomorrow. You are also not allowed to dress until you are done."

"Ther- a-e cam--as?!" Kara squeaked with a high pitched tone.

"Of course there are, silly. But don't worry, none of the recordings will be ever seen by anyone but me" Lena laughed about Kara's sudden reaction.

Lena then toggled the collar off and then took it off with the magic word, "Oh and you can keep my panties as a kind of souvenir." Lena chuckled as she was leaving the room.

And there she was, Kara on all fours, making more mess on the floor as she was once again crying, cleaning all of the mess with the only towel that she received, knowing that it won't clean her at all, it will just make her more soaked will all the sweat and her fluids. Underwear in her mouth made it hard to swallow and made her gag sometimes. She was done in about 35 minutes, and she was right, she didn't look sweaty now, however, she still felt like it and definitely smelled like it. She then took her pants which were actually in the best condition together with her boots. Her upper part of the suit was actually so sweat-soaked that she hesitated the putting it on, but of course, she couldn't fly bare-chested around the city, even though at her speed, no one would probably notice. So she dressed and in the meantime, her powers came back and she could finally fly off home, keeping Lena's underwear firmly clenched in her fist. As Kara arrived home, she broke down crying...

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