A Super Apology

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Lena was considering all her options, and variables. She was in her base right now and she had a lot of time to think about her next steps with Kara. Lena, of course, knew how regular BDSM and similar relationships functioned, it was always all about the submissive being in power, about limits, about being caring, fair, and other things. But this was no regular relationship. She was a Luthor and she almost had Supergirl in her power. Lena didn't want to be fair to Supergirl, she didn't want her to have a say in anything, she wanted to bypass her limits and then go even further until Kara would beg using absolutely anything to satisfy her. However, she still had to find out a way of doing that. Kara, as Lena was constantly reminding herself, was still a Kryptonian and she was weaker and she couldn't whip her, slap her, hit her, and Lena honestly didn't even know if she could penetrate her butt which she predicted was tight. Basically, Lena had almost unlimited options when it came to psychological torture, but had almost no ways of using psychical torture and she desperately wanted to change that.

Lena was already considering Kryptonite, however, she was afraid that with Kryptonite, boundaries would be crossed and Kara would back out. She already knew the reaction Kara had when Kryptonite was in play, how defensive and betrayed she felt. If Lena showed her that she still had Kryptonite and now wanted to use it against her, it could easily push Kara away and it might cause even more unfortunate events. Also, another problem was the engineering and designing part. If she was to really make something out of Kryptonite to weaken Supergirl enough so that she could torture her, what would it be? A whip? Collar? Handcuffs? Ballgag? Or just some rock that she would put on a table during their plays? Everything had its pros and cons and Lena just couldn't decide what to do and if she should even proceed with any of these ideas.

Lena tried to drive away from the idea of using Kryptonite, but no matter what her brilliant mind came up with, she always came back to the conclusion, that Kara's only weakness is Kryptonite and only with that she can hurt her. So she started to drive more into the idea and various implementations of it. For example how much would she need to weaken Supergirl and not critically endanger her? While Lena wanted to hurt and torture Kara badly, she didn't want to kill her and didn't want to endanger Kara's life. She threw away the whip idea because Lena decided she wanted the Kryptonite object to be directly attached to Kara, however, she didn't discard the option completely as it may be useful in the future. Ballgag also wasn't Lena's favorite as she felt it would be harder to control, also exposing Kryptonite directly into Kara's mouth cavity could have some unwanted effects. Another problem would be speech, while Lena wanted to restrict Kara as much as possible, she wanted her to be able to communicate when being affected by Kryptonite. She also scrapped a strapon or a dildo idea for basically the same reason as the Ballgag, just different holes, of course. All that was left of her ideas were the handcuffs and collar. She thought about the handcuffs, however, concluded that collar is way sexier, and also if Kara wore a collar, she could just use normal handcuffs and they would have the same restricting effect.

So collar it was, but now for the design. Of course, it would require a lot of refining, cutting, grinding of Kryptonite with pinpoint accuracy to create a collar out of it, but she had the tools, personnel, and money to do anything she wanted, but more obstacles were coming up. Like, wouldn't a collar made entirely out of Kryptonite overwhelm Kara too much? Also, how would she even put it on and off, installing such a mechanism directly into the Kryptonite would be way too difficult even for Lena. She was smart and more and more possibilities were instantly popping up in Lena's mind, but she had to have the perfect solution, she wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than perfect. She could create the kryptonite collar, but cut it apart in one place and install a small steel cover where the unlocking mechanism would be, but there were still problems remaining, the amount of Kryptonite was a problem in more ways than one. One was already mentioned earlier and the second one was the fact that Lena may be interested in using different doses of Kryptonite to torture Kara in different scenarios. In some cases, she might just want it to be strong enough so that Kara would feel slaps on her cheeks and ass, other times she would want her ass covered bruises and blood. And sometimes even make the Kryptonite's power so strong that Kara wouldn't be able to stand up and all she would be able to do is beg. Lena kept drawing and creating blueprints and plans of the collar, she kept scrapping it over and over again, she was going mad with creating the perfect solution to her problem. Luckily Lena's brain wasn't the only one with ideas in her facility.

"Ms. Luthor, what are you doing?" Hope interrupted Lena's messy thoughts and found her a big pile of blueprints.

"Uhh, nothing Hope, I just need to design and invent this contraption.." Lena brushed off Hope's question.

Hope took a closer look, "Ms. Luthor why do you need a collar... made out of Kryptonite?" She was confused but only as much as her program allowed her to be.

"You wouldn't understand Hope, let it be." Lena didn't want to include Hope in this endeavor of hers, they had other, more important tasks that Hope needed to focus on.

"Ms. Luthor if you wish to subdue Supergirl, it's possible to send her an innocent gift with Kryptonite inside it and then you can proceed as you please." Hope, really didn't understand, she thought that all Lena wanted to do is to imprison or even kill Supergirl, but that was not the case.

"No, Hope I don't want to kill her, in fact, I already have Supergirl exactly where I want her and I want to convince her to use this Kryptonite on herself.. willingly. I just can't figure out the best solution to all my problems." Lena's tone for once sounded defeated, resigned. She was exhausted from all of this thinking.

Hope still didn't understand why and how would Lena convince a Kryptonian to use Kryptonite against herself, however, she wasn't the one to question Lena's motives and goals, "Maybe I can take a look, Ms. Luthor?"

"Yes, I would appreciate that Hope, thanks." At first, Lena didn't want to include Hope, but she was so tired that she realized that a fresh mind would come with new ideas and made the whole ordeal much easier.

Hope then went on to look into all the blueprints, all of Lena's ideas and drawings, she needed to gather all the information necessary to craft a solution. She was working very efficiently and quickly, and after a few minutes, Hope came up with a solution.

"Ms. Luthor, we are living in modern times, use technology." Hope was a little bit vague on her statement, which Lena pointed out.

"What do you mean Hope?" asked Lena wearily.

"There are so many possibilities, Ms. Luthor, these days everything is controlled by electricity, by remote controllers, by.. you know technology. I already came up with many gadgets that could be installed onto and into your collar to hopefully make it the perfect object that you envisioned. If you want to control the amount of kryptonite, simply don't make the entire collar out of Kryptonite, instead make a cover for the collar out of a strong alloy, and then you can insert small cylinder-like Kryptonite bits inside. The special alloy that I found in our database should be able to dampen the effects of the Kryptonite, it should be effective up to almost 95%. If we rig the entire collar with some microchips and wiring you can control the intensity of Kryptonite with a simple controller or even by voice recognition. The same thing goes for the opening mechanism. Why have a lock that can be broken, why have a mechanism that someone would be able to brute force? I should be able to engineer it, to be unlockable and lockable only from the inside, which would be impossible to do, however, you can always program it into a simple remote controller or your voice. All of this, of course, will require incredibly accurate and careful engineering because we are talking about devices so small that we can't see them with a naked eye, but Supergirl would have no chance of escaping this contraption without your will."

Lena was just amazed. She starred at Hope for a good few seconds before breaking out of the trance. Now she realized that she should have asked Hope for help way earlier, but she also cursed herself for not being smart enough, to think about this. She was just thinking about the old fashion way and totally forgot about what can be done with today's technology, which is ironic, considering her other projects.

"Hope, that is just amazing, I'm lost for words..." Lena was speechless.

"Don't worry, Ms. Luthor, this is my job.". Hope replied with a considerate smile.

Suddenly Lena had an urgent need to own this collar, so that she could introduce it to Kara, "Hope, can you start working on it right now and implement all the features that you mentioned? Install the chips for both the controller and voice recognition."

"Of course Ms. Luthor, already working on it." Hope obediently replied without much thought.

However, Lena had one more spicy idea, "Oh, Hope, I almost forgot. Could you make the collar to give electric shocks as well?"

"Of course Ms. Luthor, it will be done in 2 to 3 days." Hope quickly replied with a smile and went left the room.

Lena felt euphoric, finally, she would have the definite upper hand above Kara, but she still had worries in the back of her head, because there was a high chance that Kara would immediately back out upon seeing and feeling the Kryptonite and all of this would be over.

After about 10 minutes of going through her thoughts, Lena decided to give Kara a break until the collar was ready. After all, if Kara complied and agreed to wear it, she intended to test it out immediately the same day and she would need to be well-rested for that.

**Two days later**

Kara was just having lunch by herself with her thoughts lost completely somewhere else. She didn't understand why all of a sudden, Lena ignored her. She still met her like once or twice during the last two days, but Lena didn't show any interest in her specifically. It was all very confusing for her. Kara didn't actually mind it that much, because she was still very unsure about this whole thing with Lena, but it also made her very nervous, because Lena could have been preparing something big. After the lunch, Kara managed to get these thoughts out of her head as she was just taking strolls around the city, enjoying the scenery. Nothing unusual was happening, she had time to properly collect herself. While she enjoyed the adrenaline rush of when she had to save someone, she cherished moments like this very much.

As the evening was closing in, she asked Alex if she didn't want to spend an evening with her and have a nice dinner, "Hey, Alex, I-umm I feel very lonely lately, could you please spend the night with me today? We can order some food and watch TV as always." Kara said it with a little bit of a sad, but hopeful tone.

Unfortunately, Alex's reply wasn't what Kara wanted to hear, "I'm really sorry Kara that you feel down, but I actually have a date and this is super important to me, booked restaurant and all of that, I hope you understand..."

"Y-yes, of course, I understand Alex, I wish you the best and I want you to be happy." Kara tried to sound convincing but didn't really do a good job as her tone was even sadder than before.

"Ah, Kara I'm really so sorry, but I have to do this, I will make it up to you tomorrow, We will spend the entire evening on the couch with good food and good movies, alright? I promise!" Alex tried to comfort Kara as much as possible.

"Alright, Alex, I'm looking forward to it then!" Kara responded with a much happier note now.

With these words, their comms ended and Kara decided to make just a few more circles around the city before returning home. But exactly in these last few minutes of her duty, her comms were interrupted... by Lena.

"Kara, I want you in my office right now." Kara heard Lena's collected voice in her ear and her heart started racing.

"Uh, Lena, I mean Ms. Luthor, I'm really sorry, but it's late and I'm tired, can I come next morning?" Kara was hoping this would work out, but she was naive.

Lena decided not to call out Kara on calling her by her first name over the comms, but she was absolutely awaiting punishment and she also didn't like the fact that Kara was disobeying her at all, "Kara, did I stutter or something? I said that I want you in my office right now and you will do as I say."

Lena didn't sound angry at all, but that's what scared Kara, even more, when she was so cold and calm, Lena became even scarier, "Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm incredibly sorry I don't know what got into me, I'm on my way." Kara very quickly resigned and obeyed Lena's command and in a few seconds, she was in her office.

Upon entering Lena's office, Kara immediately looked down at the floor, she learned that much.

"Hmm, is this how you should greet me, Kara?" Lena teased her, she wanted to make her uncertain, unsure. She also had the very special collar in her handbag, but Hope did a good job and the alloy surrounding the Kryptonite was completely dampening it and at least right now, Kara could not feel any of it.

Kara hesitated but then decided to do the only thing she has learned so far, "umm, I'm sorry Ms. Luthor." As she said that, she tried to correct herself by going on all fours and slowly crawling towards Lena, her head still pointing downwards.

As Kara did that a big smile appeared on Lena's face as she saw Kara slowly crawling towards her feet. When she was closing it, Lena decided to take two steps back to tease Kara a little bit.

When Lena stepped back, it made Kara a bit confused, filling her with the impression that maybe Lena didn't want this, but since she didn't say anything, Kara decided to continue to crawl towards her feet. Then she finally reached Lena's boots and softly started kissing them. She was scared to stop on her own, so she would just let Lena stop her once she felt like it.

Lena looked down on Kara with pride of what she had made her do, the things she made her to just during this week were probably way more humiliating than anything else that ever happened in her life. She let Kara kiss her feet for about 5 minutes before stopping her.

"Kara, I want you to get up on your legs. And you can look at me if you want to." Said Lena with a more laid back tone now. She was about to introduce her to the collar and so she wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

Kara hesitated to look up into Lena's eyes, so she kept them down.

"Don't worry, I won't punish you," remarked Lena cheekily as she noticed Kara still looking at the floor.

Only after that, Kara got the courage and looked up.

"I have something very special for you Kara... but I want you to know that this will be the only thing that I won't be forcing onto you and you are completely free to refuse and just leave." This wasn't exactly true, because even if Kara refused, she was prepared to do her best and manipulate her into it.

Kara looked confused, to her it must have been something really serious and important if suddenly Lena wanted to ask her for permission, "What is it, Ms. Luthor?" Kara asked nervously.

Lena then without another word, took a box out of her handbag, it was a pretty box with a ribbon on top. Lena just kept looking at it for a few seconds and then handed it over to Kara.

Kara hesitantly took the box and looked at it, thinking about what it was. She didn't have to wait for long, because after a few seconds, Lena insisted that she opened it.

When she did it, all that Kara saw was an ordinary (if you could call it ordinary) steel collar, which looked very clean and professionally made. Kara realized what it was, but not to the entire extent.

"Now, Kara, I want you to give me the collar." Kara obeyed and handed it over to Lena.

"Will you put it on me, Ms. Luthor?" Kara asked with a rather eager tone.

"Well maybe I will collar you, Kara, that's actually up to you," Lena answered back with a serious voice.

"But why? It's just a regular steel collar, I didn't think you would ask for my permission about something like this, Ms. Luthor." Kara was very puzzled, she didn't understand this situation at all.

"Oh, my cute little Kara, it's because this isn't a regular collar... let me show you." Lena took a small remote controller out of her pocket and took one of the biggest risks of her life. Quickly showing the controller to Kara and then pressing one of the buttons on it.

Suddenly a very weak and green light started to emit through the alloy. While the effect was so small that it wouldn't affect Kara in strength at all, she immediately felt the effects and recognized what it was right away.

"W-what? Lena what is that??" Kara immediately took a few steps back, without even thinking about calling Lena as Ms. Luthor.

"What do you think Kara? It's Kryptonite." Lena tried to sound confident, but secretly, she was very nervous, Kara's first reaction already made her very worried.

"H-how, why?! How could you do this to me, Lena? How could you betray me like this??" Kara was now very defensive and was even starting to get a bit angry.

"I want to take our relationship a step further, Kara. I want to have full power over you, of course, I can make you lick my boots, pleasure me, and other things. But you are still Kryptonian and you do it because you like it, you even admitted it. If there was something that you wouldn't want to do, I couldn't stop you from leaving. I don't have anything to force you to do my bidding. I can't punish you psychically because you are invulnerable without this cute little rock." Lena kind of expected this reaction and she was scared of it, but now she couldn't show that and had to use all of her charisma to manipulate Kara into putting this collar around her neck.

"No! Just no! This is too much Lena, Kryptonite is my only weakness and you want me to put that around my neck?! I would be completely helpless!"

"But Kara I-"

"No!" Kara was getting so angry she even interrupted Lena.

"Listen, Lena, I can't do this, do you understand? Humiliating me was one thing, but using Kryptonite against me?! That's on a different scale! Even if I was to agree to it, what if something bad happened? Before you said that if there was an emergency I would be able to leave and do my duties immediately, how would I do that with that thing on?!" Kara was stepping back and forth around the room almost screaming in anger.

"Kara, I know how you feel about this, but trust me. You do trust me, right? I never betrayed you and I don't plan on doing that now either. This collar can recognize my voice and it can be both locked and unlocked by a simple word." Then Lena showed Kara how it functioned by setting up a simple word "release" and then parroting it twice, showing the collar locking and unlocking by itself.

"And can I unlock it?" Kara asked hesitantly.

"No, you can't Kara then there would be no point of this locking mechanism because when that collar is around your cute neck I want it to stay there until I say it can be removed. But our agreement is still valid. Whenever there's an emergency, I will immediately say the word needed for unlocking the collar and you can leave without any arguments." Lena kept her voice calm. The fact that Kara asked that one simple question was a victory because it meant that Kara was at least slightly considering it.

"But, the Kryptonite will still have an effect on me after the collar is down, how am I supposed to fly off to save a life when I will still be affected by Kryptonite?" Kara kept asking more and more questions.

"This remote controller..." Lena put her hand up with the controller in her hand, "I can control the amount of Kryptonite that will be affecting you, as I already showed you a few minutes ago. It has many different options, the first option is obviously completely disabling the Kryptonite output, which will turn the Kryptonite collar, into a regular collar.  The second one is the smallest dosage of Kryptonite, using that option, you will only feel very light effects, you will feel my slaps, my punches, and kicks, but I still wouldn't be able to make you bleed or penetrate your skin. Just a few bruises that would heal quite quickly anyways. Your flying, strength, and moving capabilities will be restricted, but only a little bit. With strength, you could probably still overpower me and you would be able to lift off the ground and fly for a little bit. You shouldn't feel pain, only slight discomfort, and tiredness. However, even with the lowest setting, you shouldn't be able to tear the collar off with brute force, if you would be thinking about that. Also, the effects will wear off very quickly after disabling the output. The third one will start to make you a bit more uncomfortable. You will start feeling light pain just from the effects of Kryptonite and all of your abilities will be restricted even more. You could still lift off the ground, but only for a few seconds, definitely wouldn't be flying anywhere. Your speed will also be dampened a lot, you could probably still beat the fastest person in the world on a 100-meter track like a cake, but you would probably faint from exhaustion." Lena couldn't help herself and laugh a little, but she didn't want Kara to have an opportunity to talk yet, so she immediately continued her speech.

"Anyways, your skin will bruise more easily and if I try hard enough, there will be blood." Lena couldn't stop a smirk escaping, "Once turning off this option, the effects should wear off within minutes, but it also depends on how long that option will be turned on, but I will talk about that later. The next, fourth option is like the middle. The pain will increase and even without any physical activity, you will be extremely tired within 30 to 45 minutes. For your flight, even now you will still be able to lift off, but you will drop almost immediately, it will be like a prolonged jump. With this setting, you will bruise like a regular human, so one strong whiplash will leave a nice bruise. Also, any kind of skin invulnerability that you have will be pretty much gone, so if I wanted to stab you, that absolutely regular kitchen blade, will go right through." Lena was getting excited and even a little bit wet as she was explaining all of this to Kara, however, she, on the other hand, looked frightened and in shock.

Nonetheless, Lena continued, "Don't be scared Kara, I don't plan on stabbing you." She reassured Kara as she saw her shocked face upon saying that sentence, "Upon disabling the option, the effects of Kryptonite should completely wear out in about 15 to 25 minutes. The next and penultimate option brings it out on the harsher side. The pain inflicted by Kryptonite will be on such a scale that you probably won't stay quiet for more than a few seconds at a time. All of your powers will be completely gone, no enhanced hearing, x-ray vision, laser eyes, or even flying, strength and speed. Actually now, you will be weaker than the average human, if you tried to punch me in this setting, I could probably easily defend myself with one hand and I'm not a physically strong person myself." Lena chuckled a bit, but then proceeded further with her explanations.

"You will also bruise more easily than a regular human, one hard slap on your pretty cheek will leave a nice bruise. Your skin will also tear more easily and a few semi-hard whiplashes will make the blood pour. Your healing speed will also be below average even for a human, but that doesn't really matter, because you will most likely never have this collar on for long enough for any healing to take effect anyways. And without any physical activity, you will most likely start getting tired as early as 15 minutes after turning the collar on. And if you tried doing any activity, like even regular running or boxing. You would faint in about 5 minutes. The effects will wear off in about 30 to 45 minutes after the collar is turned off. Now for the last and most extreme setting. This will basically make you my rag doll. Just after a few seconds, you will be so weak, you won't be able to stand your legs without support, the pain will be so great that you will be putting out constant screams, Not only that you obviously won't have any abilities, all of your functions will be way below human average. One hard slap will create purple and almost blackish bruises. One whiplash will cause blood and all your pain receptors will be enhanced, so all of this will also hurt more than it would an average person. Even while laying completely still you will start to faint in about 10 minutes and probably fall unconscious in 15. I couldn't properly calculate how long will it take for the effects to wear off, but my estimate is about 1 and a half to 2 hours." Lena stopped and looked at Kara. Her face showed absolute terror. She wanted to allow Kara to have some questions and more concerns now, but since she didn't say anything for about 10 seconds, she decided to continue, there wasn't that much left.

"I know you have some questions, Kara, however, I will finish what I want to say and maybe I will answer some of them already. You probably have some concerns about long term usage. Like how much will this option affect you if it will be forced on you for a said amount of time. The lowest setting can easily be used for several hours without any long term effects or life dangers. Even with a really long term usage, like a few weeks, it wouldn't be life-threatening, however, your powers could be possibly weakened permanently by that time or at least weakened for a very long time. The second option should also be completely safe for at least a few hours. You might faint after two or so hours with some physical activity, however, you should be able to wake up on your own even without turning the device off. It just wouldn't be a very pleasant hangover. It would also be possible to wear the collar with this option for at least a week, but you would feel tired all day and probably would fall asleep in many places where you wouldn't want that and the dampening effects would be much quicker and larger than on the lowest setting. And according to my calculations, if you were to wear this collar with this setting for at least a month and a half, you would fall into a coma and die a few days later. The middle option is getting more interesting as it's completely safe only for about 12 hours. I'm not saying there wouldn't be complications, but not permanent or life-threatening ones. After 24 hours of wearing the collar, you would be in constant pain what you wouldn't really be able to suppress, so definitely noticeable in public.  You would also probably look drunk, as you wouldn't be able to stand straight without support. And even though in the first few hours of using this setting, your powers might still work a bit, after 24 hours, they all disappear and after 3 days they would disappear either completely or at least for an extended period of time. And you would probably die 2 to 3 days later. However, all of this, are just my calculations, this has never been done before to anyone and thus I have nothing else to go off from. I hope you understand." Lena gave Kara an innocent smile like she was talking about not murdering her and then continued.

"Next option is the one that starts to really sting. Just after 4 hours, you would be unable to talk properly because most sounds coming from your mouth would be screams. You wouldn't be able to stand up, at least not for very long and you would be extra prone to any bruises and injuries. After 6 to 8 hours, you could do nothing, but lay on the ground and cry your eyes out. After 12 hours there would be the last chance to turn it off and save you from any permanent effects. Your powers would most likely be gone, however. After just 12 hours and 45 minutes, you wouldn't feel pain anymore. The Kryptonite would overload your sensor systems and your brain and even after turning it off, the effects would be permanent and you would most likely spend the rest of your life in a bed. After 13 hours and about 15 minutes, you would be dead. The last option is the most intense one, however, it doesn't differ that much from the previous one, except all the timestamps are shorter. Basically, imagine everything I told you about the previous option, but cut the times in half and you have the effects of this one. Of course, the pain guiding you through the experience would be greater. Ah, but don't worry Kara, as I already said many times, I don't plan to kill you or even cripple you permanently, I understand what you bring to the outside world and I don't want to take you away from them. Afterall if I want to have fun with you on one of the harsher settings for a longer period of time I can do an easy trick, by turning it on, but after a few minutes, I can turn it down to a lower setting and it will keep you on the same level of pain, however, I will be able to keep you like that for a longer period of time, isn't that clever? Now my mighty Supergirl, what do you have to say?" Lena finally ended her long speech which left her exhausted and it left Kara exhausted as well, all she had to do was listen to it and it was absolutely terrifying.

"L-lena, but how can I trust you? You said it yourself, you can kill me with that without much effort and I'm just supposed to give my life away to you? Am I supposed to believe that you will always hold back and that you will never snap and go over the boundaries? Also, you said that recovery from the regular usage of the last option is about 2-3 hours right? Well, if a situation emerges and I need to be somewhere in the city immediately, what am I supposed to do? I can't just wait for 2 hours to get back into my conditions, meanwhile, my friends and lots of citizens could get hurt or even killed! This is not a risk I'm willing to take, sorry Lena..." Kara's voice was still really scared and she was stuttering a bit.

"Kara you keep asking me how can you trust me, but that's the point. You just have to Kara. You just have to, otherwise, there's no point. I may be manipulative and sadistic, but I'm not stupid, I won't let emotions endanger your life, Kara. If I wanted to force this collar on you I could do it very easily, we both know that Kryptonite has to be just in your near surroundings to take effect. I could just turn this thing up on maximum and throw it towards you and then I could just put it around your neck without much effort. But if you can't trust me, you can just leave, I won't force you or try to convince you anymore. But if you trust me, then equip this collar. But if you don't, I will throw away this idea immediately and I will happily destroy this collar together with the kryptonite inside of it in front of you." Lena tried to make one last stand, intentionally ignoring Kara's last concern, because that was still an issue that needed to be solved, but she had no interest in caring about that at, in this exact moment. She tried to push just a bit more when she saw Kara's uncertain and hesitant face.

"Oh, my sweet Kara. I know you want it, you are just scared, but you don't have to be. I will take care of you, I will protect you while you have this collar on. You want it so much, I can feel it, you crave it. All your life you had to be dominant, never had the chance to be the one who surrenders. To be the one who's powerless, helpless. You always missed that even though you never wanted to admit that. I'm giving you that option right now. I'm giving you the choice to decide, but we both know which of the two you should choose." Lena ended on a decisive note and now all she had to do was wait. Now it was the time. Now it was either her victory or defeat.

"I-I don't know Lena, I just can't... It's Kryptonite..." Kara said with a resigned tone to her voice.

"But you can Kara, and you should. Overcome your fears, be stronger by being weaker." While Lena didn't want to convince Kara anymore, she knew she was on the edge of saying yes and she wouldn't give up when she recognized that.

"Lena.. please... stop." Kara was so close to saying yes, she knew that herself.

"Come on Kara, don't disappoint me now. Don't be a bad girl." Lena was so close, that she just decided to put her manipulative skills to work again.

Lena saw Kara's conflicted face after her last sentence. She knew she did the right thing calling her bad girl. There were tears on Kara's beautiful face, falling down on the floor.

"Lena... Yes... I accept. But please, please don't take advantage of that, in different situations, I beg you." Kara immediately started crying upon finishing that sentence like she was already regretting her decision.

"What do you mean Kara?" Lena responded with a smile on her face... She had won.

"I mean, don't hurt my friends, you can hurt me all you want, but please not them," Kara replied in between cries.

"Oh, Kara do you still think that I'm a villain? I want to hurt you, yes but that doesn't mean that I want to hurt anyone else or take over the world, or anything else you had in mind." Lena basically laughed off Kara's remark, which would make her extremely angry a few days ago, but now it didn't matter.

Kara was still crying, but a burden has fallen off of her heart. Meanwhile, Lena was ready to put on Kara's collar. Slowly moving towards her, "Kara, hold up your hair, so they don't get caught under the collar." Kara did as she was told and held up all of her pretty blond hair while still sobbing.

Lena softly laid the collar on her neck. Then using the word that was set in the very beginning, it locked itself around Kara's neck. At first, it felt a bit loose to Kara, but after a few seconds, the collar adjusted itself perfectly to fit Kara's throat. She could feel it on her neck while swallowing and it was so tight that she would have no chance sticking even a finger between that collar and her skin.

The entire time, the collar was set on the lowest settings, but since Kara didn't have it on her neck before, she didn't feel the effects even though she was practically exposed to it for almost an hour. But now she could already slightly feel it. It made her panic a bit, but she tried to collect herself.

On the other hand, Lena was once again filled with confidence. There was no going back for the Girl of Steel now. And she could stop pretending like she cared about what Kara had to say. She took a step back and admired Kara with pride. Then went back a step closer and swiftly slapped Kara across a cheek.

Kara cried out, but more out of shock than pain, because she didn't expect that. She knew what Kryptonite did to her, but she just somehow didn't acknowledge that fact. Kara was surprised and started to stroke her cheek.

"Put your hands down Kara." Kara quickly obeyed.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm sorry." Just now Kara finally addressed Lena as "Ms. Luthor" again and just now she also realized how much she messed up by calling her Lena the entire time, but she hoped, she wouldn't pick up on that.

"Good girl, Kara." Lena stroked Kara's cheek a bit, but then gave her another quick slap across the face.

"Do you feel that?" Lena was enjoying this moment greatly.

"Ouch, yes Ms, Luthor, it hurts." Kara's cheek already turned reddish.

"Well, that's the point, so I'm glad that it does." Lena thought about her next move and decided that she would just go straight for the punishment.

Lena once again calmed Kara down by stroking her a cheek for a little bit, but then suddenly grabbed her hair and started pulling her towards her big office desk.

For Kara, it was a shock and tried to pull away from Lena, tried to defend herself. Lena started to struggle, after all, she mentioned that in this setting, Kara would still be able to overpower her if she wanted to. So she decided to let her go and instead reached for the controller, turning up the settings to the second setting. Kara immediately felt the effect and reacted by trying to pull on her collar.

"Please Lena, it hurts, I'm sorry, please turn it off!" Kara begged Lena to turn the settings down again, this was just the second-lowest setting, and Kara already in a panic mode. She also forgot to call Lena "Ms. Luthor" again which she regretted already.

"No, Kara, you need to learn how to behave! Something like this can't ever happen, do you understand? If you ever fight back I will make you regret it!" Lena was now extremely angry because she was not willing to just let go such behavior.

"I'm really sorry Ms. Luthor, It won't happen again, I swear! Please turn the settings down, I beg you!" Kara sobbed and begged Lena to turn the device down.

"Kara, you misbehaved and you need to punished for that, I know you understand that. If I was to back down on every punishment just because of your cute little cries and pleads for forgiveness, I would be a terrible mistress. We will finish the rest of this session on this setting and don't argue with me anymore if you don't want me to turn it up even higher." Said Lena with a collected voice now and awaited Kara's response before continuing.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, I'm sorry," Kara responded and kept her head low in shame.

Lena then proceeded to grab Kara by her hair again and pulled her towards the table. Kara tried to follow the movements and pace of Lena's hand so it wouldn't hurt that much, but Lena was ruthless so it didn't help much.

"Bend over the table Kara and stick your cute butt out," Lena commanded her.

"Um, Yes Ms. Luthor." Kara hesitantly obeyed but was scared of what was to come.

Lena then moved directly behind Kara and admired her firm, perfect ass. After a minute she started groping it with her hand and then suddenly pulled Kara's pants down. Which made Kara quickly inhale as a wave of chills spread across her body. Then Lena proceeded to slap each of Kara's buttcheeks once, both slaps getting Kara to let out two moans.

Kara's heart was racing. She felt pain before. Kryptonite was used on her before and she also faced villains so strong that they didn't even need Kryptonite to hurt her, but this was different. She willingly let Lena restrain her with Kryptonite and was now bent over her desk getting humiliated and groped. It felt both terrible and freeing at once and these emotions were battling inside of her.

After checking out Kara some more, Lena decided to pull down her cute panties as well. Now completely revealing her already exposed butt completely.

"Oh, Kara your ass looks beautiful." Lena admired.

Kara wasn't sure if she was supposed to answer, but she did anyway, "Thank you, Ms. Luthor" while saying it, she also blushed.

"Too bad, I will have to ruin it." Lena finished with a sigh.

"Ms. Luthor?" Kara was confused about what Lena meant with that.

"I told you, Kara, that I will need to teach you how to behave and tonight you didn't behave at all, did you?" While talking, Lena was moving around the desk and reaching into one of the drawers.

"No, I wasn't, I'm sorry Ms. Luthor." Kara quickly responded with a sad tone.

"I'm glad that you realize that, however, I will still punish you, to teach you a lesson." Lena pulled out a cane from the drawer and made sure that Kara saw it. Kara wanted to say something but decided it would be best to stay quiet.

"I will cane you for every time that you called me by my first name in the last hour. Which was about 10 times, Kara." Lena was enjoying herself as she noticed that Kara was trembling.

"You counted, Ms. Luthor?" Kara softly asked with a trembling tone.

"Of course I did Kara, did you think I was gonna just let it go? You were very rude to me and you should be thankful that I'm only punishing you for this."

"You are right, Ms. Luthor I was very rude, I'm very sorry." Kara quickly responded and agreed with what Lena said.

Lena pretty much ignored what Kara said and instead went back behind Kara and got ready for the first swing, "Just so we make it clear, I will cane you 10 times and after each hit, you will count the number of hits. If you move away from the desk, we will start over. If you forget to count, we will start over and if you try to cover your butt with your hands or in any other way, we will start over. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara was incredibly scared, she had no idea how much this would hurt.

Lena finally swung for the first hit. Lena wasn't holding back and put all her power behind the hit, which echoed around the empty room and made Kara scream out in pain. Kara wanted to be strong, but tears immediately burst out.

"One." Kara tried to keep a collected voice, but she was crying and couldn't hide it.

Lena wanted to toy with Kara a little bit, "How did it feel, Kara?, Was it pleasant?"

"No, Ms. Luthor, it wasn't. I'm really sorry that I misbehaved today, I will never do it again, I don't want to get hit again, please!" Kara now didn't even try to hide the cries and terror in her voice.

"You are really sweet Kara, but I won't let you off the hook easy, I said I will cane you 10 times and I will go through with it." With these words, Lena swung for the second hit.

Kara cried out, "Two!"

Lena teased Kara a bit wit the cane by moving it on the skin of her butt a bit which made Kara whimper. After a few seconds, she swung for yet another hit.

Kara kept on crying and screaming, "Oh Rao, Three!!"

Lena moved a bit closer and stroked Kara's cheeks a bit, moving from one buttcheek to another, after she slapped them both very lightly. Then she moved away and swung for the fourth hit.

"Four!" Kara already made two small puddles of tears on the desk.

"Kara, you are doing great, your butt is already red, it looks much better like this!" Lena praised Kara for her behavior and then almost immediately swung for another hit.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor. Ahh, Five!" Kara wanted to grab something that she could crush because she couldn't handle the pain at all, but there wasn't anything nearby except some documents and papers and she wouldn't dare to destroy those, so all she could do was to clench her fists as much as possible.

Quickly after the fifth hit, Lena moved in for the sixth

"Please, Ms. Luthor it hurts... Six!" Kara really couldn't handle it anymore. She expected Lena to be at least a bit gentle during their first physical session like this, but she felt that Lena was swinging hard and she wasn't holding back at all.

"That's the point you silly." Lena moved in closer and lightly slapped one of Kara's buttcheek three times and Kara whimpered.

"Is it sensitive?" Lena knew the answer, but she just couldn't get enough of Kara being broken down like this.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor, please I have learned my lesson. I will be obedient from now on, please!" Kara tried to beg as much as she could, but it was to no use.

"You may have learned, but we have to make absolutely sure, don't we?" Lena didn't wait for an answer and swung yet another hit.

Instead of counting, Kara first let out a loud scream that ended in soft cries. Lena was waiting for Kara to count the hit. She could already start the whole countdown over, but she indeed didn't want to be that cruel during Kara's first caning.

Kara took some time, but eventually let out a whimper, "S-s-seven..." Kara was beaten down, she couldn't raise her voice for anything, but her screams.

Lena was happy that eventually Kara complied and proceeded to give her the eighth hit.

Kara once again let out a long scream, but now instead of saying the number, she begged, "Please, please, please Ms. Luthor, don't hit me anymore, I will do anything! Please it hurts so much, I can't hold it anymore, I will do anything you want, but please stop!" She was so desperate she didn't know what to say.

But Lena was definitely not gonna back down, "Kara, behave! You are saying that you will do anything, yet you are not doing what I told you to do, count, or I will start over!"

Kara was so desperate, Lena was right, but she wanted to avoid this so much, "Eight..." Kara mumbled, but Lena heard it.

For this little show of defiance, Lena decided to hit extra hard, since it was the penultimate hit as well.

"Ahhh! Nine!" Kara screamed out, crying almost uncontrollably.

Lena didn't want to wait for anything, so without any teasing around, she went straight for the last hit, and she made it count.

Kara was crying and it took her a while before she finally softly whimpered the number... "T-ten..." But it was finally over, Kara started to hyperventilate as a realization of that.

"Calm down Kara, you made it! You pulled through, I'm proud of you!" Lena awarded Kara with some sweet words and also started to gently stroke her completely red, marked butt. The hits were strong enough that bruises could have been felt by touch.

"Come on Kara, get up and touch your butt." Kara complied and gently touched her butt with her fingers, but quickly pulled away because of the stinging pain. Then Lena continued to stroke both of her buttcheeks.

"What do you say, Kara?" Lena cheekily asked Kara.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara swiftly responded.

"Thank you for what?" Lena wanted to toy with her for a bit.

"Umm, thank you for punishing me, I deserved all of it," Kara replied, still sobbing.

"Of course you did, but I'm still very proud of you!" With these words, Lena grabbed Kara by the hair again and puller her against her lips. Kara didn't protest or backed away. Lena gave her a long sweet kiss, playing with her tongue with her own. The kiss laster for about 20 seconds before Lena pulled away. It calmed down Kara a lot, but she didn't know that Lena had one more thing in store for her.

"Kara, before I will take off that collar and let you leave, I want you to do one more thing." Lena didn't specify what it was, so Kara got a bit confused, but she just awaited further instructions.

"Kneel down and slowly pull down my pants and after that my underwear," Lena instructed Kara and she did as she was told.

Slowly going down on her knees and then very gently pulling down Lena's pants, revealing her beautiful legs. After pulling down her panties, she wasn't sure if she was supposed to take them off completely or just pull them down, but Lena still had her boots on, so she suspected that she wanted it just like this.

Kara still wasn't exactly sure what Lena demanded of her, but she pretty much expected Lena to command her soon, to pleasure her, so she was getting mentally ready for that.

Lena then sat on her desk and spread her legs. Kara wanted to move closer, but Lena stopped her, "Don't move in too close, just stay right there." Kara was a bit puzzled as to why would Lena want her to stop, she couldn't satisfy her like this.

"Open your mouth Kara and stick out your tongue," Lena instructed her and she did so, but was now even more confused. Why would Lena want that from her?

Lena saw the confused look on Kara's face so she finally decided to explain what will be coming very soon, "Kara, I know you are probably very exhausted and probably in a need for a drink right?" Lena decided to not explain it directly, but in a way that it would be enough for Kara to figure it out on her own.

Suddenly the dots connected with Kara and immediately closed her mouth. She was disgusted, and almost gagged when she thought about the image in her head with Lena peeing inside of her mouth.

"Oh, oh, Kara don't misbehave, open your mouth again and stick your tongue, as I told you to do." Lena was expecting this reaction and was having fun, so she didn't want to punish Kara for this, but she needed to correct her.

"But Ms. Luthor... Do you want to pee inside of my mouth? I'm not thirsty..." Kara tried to refuse Lena's instructions even though she knew she was playing with fire and it wouldn't work anyway, but she really wanted to avoid this. Kara also was actually thirsty, but she had to pretend like she wasn't. 

"Kara, you should probably know that I don't care if you are thirsty or not, I will pee in your mouth and you will swallow all of it. And if you won't, if it lands anywhere on the floor, you will lick it up, or clean it with your hair. I can't have my office messy, do you understand?"

"B-but, Ms. Luthor-" Kara still tried to protest.

"Do you understand, Kara?! I swear, did you not learn anything today? Do you want to be caned again? Because I will do if it's required, and then I will make you drink my pee anyway, I will force it down your throat if I have to, so think of your next answer carefully!" Lena decided to push more, she wasn't going to force Kara to do this by being friendly.

Kara was hesitant about her next answer, but obviously, there was only one thing she could say, "Yes, Ms. Luthor, I would be honored to drink your pee." Kara replied with a resigned voice.

"Good girl, now open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Don't forget to gulp it down quickly, because I won't stop, until I'm done."

And so Kara patiently waited for Lena to start peeing. It was a terrible tension. Then finally after a few seconds, few drops dripped out of Lena's beautiful pussy. Kara quickly caught them. Already the few drops had a terrible taste, it was incredibly salty. Then a small stream appeared and Kara quickly moved to swallow it all down. It was terrible and disgusting, it was the worst thing that Kara had ever drunk. After about 15 seconds, Lena's stream strengthened and Kara was not able to keep up, some of it went on the ground, on her clothes and legs. Lena didn't aim perfectly, not that she cared. And some of it landed on Kara's face or hair instead. Kara wanted to vomit so much, it was so hard to keep it all down.

"You are doing good Kara, way better than I expected, you are a good girl!" Lena praised Kara for her obedience.

However, when Lena was almost done, Kara gagged and threw up some of the pee back out on the ground. That also made her look down which meant that all of Lena's pee was now landing on Kara's hair and on the floor. Kara was still gagging and coughing up pee.

Lena didn't force her to put her head back up, Kara will have to lick it off the floor anyway. When Lena finished peeing, Lena grabbed a few strains of Kara's hair and cleaned herself with them. Kara didn't protest, which was also because of that fact that she almost didn't notice at all. Then, Lena slowly pulled her underwear and pants back up, moved a bit to the side so she wouldn't step in the pee and then slid off the table.

"Kara, you know what you have to do, right." Lena stood with folded arms over Kara, who was still kneeling in Lena's piss.

Kara wanted to protest again, but for once she finally realized that arguing with Lena actually had no point, instead, it would lead to more trouble, so she complied without arguing.

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Defeat in Kara's voice was evident.

Lena was extremely happy when she saw Kara slurping the pee off of the floor she also noticed that she was also cleaning it with her hair as she was instructed, which made her just a bit happier. It was obvious that Kara didn't want to have that pee in her mouth at all, so she was utilizing her hair instead.

When Kara was done, she looked up at Lena looking for approval. And she got it

"You were a very good girl Kara, I honestly expected you to complain after I told you to get the rest of my pee off the floor, but you surprised me for once." Lena gave Kara a well deserved praise.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor." Kara's voice seemed happy, however, she still felt the terrible taste of pee in her mouth and still felt like throwing up, which was evident.

"Stand up Kara, you can also pull up your pants now" Lena instructed.

Kara stood up, clothed herself, and awaited what was next. Lena then said the magic word and suddenly, Kara's collar loosened up and Lena then took it without effort. Then she picked up the remote controller and turned off the Kryptonite output completely, which made Kara immediately sigh out of relief.

"Thank you, Ms. Luthor" Kara quickly thanked Lena for taking off the collar.

"You are learning very quickly my dear Kara, I hope you will continue to learn at the same pace and your life will be much easier."

"Yes, Ms. Luthor." Kara blushed.

"You can stay for a bit, for the Kryptonite to wear off and then you are free to leave and clean up yourself at home," Lena informed Kara as she was tidying up the place a bit.

"Thank you very much, Ms. Luthor," Kara replied and after a few minutes, Kara gained back her strength and was able to fly without much effort. And then she headed home. This was an unforgettable experience and it was definitely only one of many, the only thing that Kara was really scared of, was how sadistic Lena could get. She was worried that could be much worse, then those 10 cane hits, which already felt like hell. But she would soon find out.

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