Harem Heroines

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The man held the book in his dirty hands. Inside the bowels of the library, the ancient tome gathered dust for an untold number of years. Blowing it off still left more caked on. There was trepidation holding the tome. He wanted to open it but hesitated. For years, the lady called to him, whispered to him, seduced and encouraged him in his dreams. Teachers and case workers thought he was crazy as picture and prose of the lady conquered all action. Bedroom walls were plastered in amateur drawings, and creative essay assignments all featured her: the pale woman.

As he got older, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, she called out to him more frequently, more vivaciously. He never felt afraid in her presence, as intimidating a sight the pale woman was. Instead, he saw her as a protector and savior; a guardian angel smiling down from the heavens. Every time trouble reared its head, it would soon disappear. School bullies, gone, vanished, alive only on a milk carton. Gang members roughing him up on a street corner, never to be heard from again. Where he walked, peace spread. Where his natural abilities faltered, she swooped in to right every wrong.

One grisly incident sent him away for a year in a psychiatric hospital. Standing up for a friend on the playground, he beat off an older bully. The thug was all brawn and zero brain, someone who liked picking on weaker schoolmates. As a kid, the man watched a lot of martial arts movies, happily copying what he saw on the screen. In the fight, he tried out a movie move or two. The bully took a spill to someone much smaller. All the other kids laughed, pointed, and called the bully names.

This schoolyard thug wasn’t to be deterred though. While walking home alone, the kid got surprised by the bully, who brought along a pack of his own friends. Face smashed in, arm broken, and a half-dead mess on the normally peaceful street, beat down was too tame a word for the incident. Out of nowhere, fresh crimson splashed the kid’s face. Bodies severed in half, heads rolled along the ground, intestines plopped out. A massacre exploded the group of bullies.

The kid could only see flashes, half in and out of consciousness. He saw her, the pale woman, swinging a sword around with strength and grace. Anger betrayed attractive features, and a scowl flashed the group. It was the only humane image they saw before their demise. They were savagely mutilated with glee, in ways that would make guro fans throw in the towel.

The leader suffered the worst, for he broke the kid’s arm. The pale woman’s first swing had chopped a leg off through the middle of the knee cap, clean and precise. Writhing in pain, and screaming out in horror, the pale woman pressed a pointed heel into the elbow joint of one arm. Screams got louder, more frantic, and sometimes caught in the throat from shock. The point dug in slowly, making each centimeter be felt without remorse. Taking the sadism to eleven, the other foot’s heel lifted into the air, putting all her weight on the joint. Down it came, just as slow, piercing into an eyeball. Centimeter by centimeter, directly into the brain. Limbs flailed about, sputtered, and then he died.

The pale woman knelt down over the kid, placing a hand on his chest. He could see her smile warmly, tenderly, as his body heated up. Eyes began to grow tired, and even though they fluttered to stay awake, it was a losing battle.

An unknown time later he woke up in the hospital, surrounded by a couple detectives. They asked many questions about the who, what, where, when and why the attack occurred. They wanted to know where he got the weapons to cause the massacre, and who was with him. He explained he saw the pale woman attack them. But they didn’t believe a word he said. Every time he tried to explain her, explain the voices, it only got murmurs from the attending hospital staff. The police didn’t have a witness to the crime, and didn’t have evidence to pin it on him, so they left the kid in the hands of the doctors.

But he learned quickly from the incident that his imaginary friend did not reveal herself to others. Like any TV show or movie, the pale woman disappeared in front of company. Unlike those TV shows, he learned not to talk to or about her in front of others again. She warned him others would not understand, that her love would be considered twisted and get him put away in the deepest, darkest insane asylum forever. The sands of time spent with real loons and psychotics. She killed for him, happily and gleefully. So as the pale woman hovered nearby, floated in the sky, or smiled from a distance, he ignored her for their sake when around others.

Today the search finished. The pale woman asked only one price for a lifetime of protection and affection. Destroy the book that trapped her corporal form from setting foot on the Earth, and set her soul free. She would answer his questions if he could accomplish the task. Voices led the man to this dark and deserted library. Locked down, door padlocked. He had to bust open a window and climb in over sharp glass. Blood gushed from jagged wounds.  Still, the price meant nothing to him. Blood could be recouped.

The library’s inside displayed gothic architecture not seen for five hundred years. Large looming columns, gargoyle statues, armored knights, all cut from harsh, dark onyx. Giant bookcases fused into the walls, all half filled with books. Columns stacked in rows. Books scattered across the granite floor. Each step in the right direction amplified the voices. More specifically, amplified her voice. There was ever only one voice but it sung like a chorus.

A tall bookcase loomed over the young adult like a monolith. The voices sang, cooed at his soul. Looking around, there were no stairs or elevator nearby, only the dead end. Still, the voices didn’t diminish. Seeing a small space to fit his fingers into, he pulled the bookcase out of the wall. It stunk. A great odor burst into the library’s main hall. Stairs led down into the earth, dark and foreboding.

The stairs spiraled into dark depths. Torches remained lit on the walls. It didn’t make any sense why they remained lit after untold years, but there they glowed, leading the way. The staircase led to a great open room. One room, with a singular bookshelf. The voices got louder. He could feel the pale woman’s presence, invisible but there. Each book bathed in dust and cobwebs. He could not read the lettering because of dirt and being written in a foreign language. Senses guided a steady hand over the scriptures, using the voices to pinpoint the right book.

He felt like a long journey ended. Today felt right to end it. Something inside his brain spoke out, moved reluctant limbs, and pushed towards entering the building. The foreboding building sang sweet words every day. Each step past meant fighting the siren’s call. It was not an evil song but every day he fought the allure, subdued it in his psyche.

But today changed. There wasn’t a specific, life-altering action or comment in life that pushed his hand. It just felt right, and he felt brave enough to face his guardian angel. A piece of his mind previously gave him the strength of fear to resist the siren’s call. It is a powerful strength for it makes people perform actions they never thought they could do, or actions unbeneficial to their situation. He was afraid the voices would turn out to be a lie, that she was a figment of his imagination and that he truly was insane. Now the fear dissipated, let go, because he needed to know the truth.

Once opened, the book crackled. It hovered in the air. A bolt of lightning struck upon the pages, filling the room with electricity and flashes of light. After a moment, the tome disappeared, burnt to cinder, and a tall woman stood there. Skin as pale as a ghost, with matching hair. Long, spiky, thigh-high black boots adorned her legs. Spiked armor covered her arms and shoulders. A long red cape fluttered behind, and a hardened, metal bikini finished the ravishing look she cut. One hand held a long sword, dripping blood onto the centuries old floor. The other turned upright, a ball of energy radiating from it.

“Master, you have fulfilled your destiny,” she cooed, kneeling in front of the man.

The energy dispersed and she dropped the sword onto the dirty floor.

“You’re actually real!?”

“Of course I am, Master. I protected you since birth so you could claim your birthright.”

“What is my birthright? What is this place? I didn’t think a secret room like this existed in the city. It is like out of a comic book.”

“You are the son of Venus, Master, the one true savior to win the war of the pantheons. I’ve shielded you from rivals hoping to end your life before it came to maturity.”

Although speaking English, her voice had a heavy Nordic accent. She looked up at him with lust and deference, waiting for his first command.

“You’ve got to be kidding? Me? A Savior? Scratch that. You’re here. I’m not crazy. It has to be true, but Venus? She is a lover. Why am I not the son of Mars, if I’m to be winning a war?”

The pale woman licked her lips, smiling naughtily.

“I can’t give you all the details yet, Master. I know I whispered and led on over the years that I’d explain everything, but that was not the agreement Venus and I struck. If you want the truth, you’ll need to seek the parallel woman. Find her and you’ll find all the answers.”

“What was the deal you struck with Venus?” he asked, playing along.

“For unrivaled power, I would be your watcher and consort until our deaths.”

“And you easily agreed?”

“There was no choice. A deity of untold power gave an offer to allow me to rule Hell with an iron fist. Would you not make the same choice, Master?”

“I’m confused right now, to be honest,” he said, pacing around. “You’re real. That is insane in itself that I’m not certified crazy, but now you’re telling me I’m the son of Venus on top of that. It is a lot to take in, you know.”

“I understand, Master. You were kept in the dark so not to alert enemy agents. Who would think a person hearing voices would be the greatest weapon soon to be unleashed in the war?”

“Are you okay?” he asked, staring down at the kneeling pale woman.

“I am, Master, thank you for asking.”

“Why haven’t you moved then?”

“You did not order me to. It is part of the blood pact. I am yours, in all ways. Once we evoked our passions on your age of ascension, the pact finalized.”

“My age of ascension? You mean my eighteenth birthday? You mean that was real? Of course it was real. You’re here.”

“Yes, Master. While my corporal body remained in a meditative state in my castle in Hell, my ethereal form could still function for brief moments of time on Earth.”

“I thought that was all a dream then. I actually made love to you. I got a woman of your stature for my first time.”

“You’re a natural, Master. You were bred for the purpose. My body continuously aches for your touch again. I know you’re confused. It is normal. Soon, Master, your powers will grow and you’ll sit atop the throne of your enemies. Venus made the bargain with me, but my loyalty is to you.”

“Stand up. I don’t like you kneeling down at my feet. I don’t even know your name. You’ve been in my thoughts since I can remember thinking, and I’ve only named you the ‘Pale Woman’.”

“They call me Lady Death, Master,” she replied, standing up in front of her lord.

He noticed the same smile never left her face. For a woman in servitude, it seemed to him that she enjoyed every second of it so far.

“That…is a very ominous name.”

“I thought so when I chose it.”

“So you’ll do anything I tell you to do?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Kiss me.”

The smile on her face grew brighter.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she purred.

She stepped forward, placing both hands on his upper body. Leaning in, lips touched powerfully, fighting each other for top spot. A tongue slipped out, striking into his mouth. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it was a strong show of sexual power.

“Wow…that was good.”

“I’ve been lusting for you, Master. My body is yours. It is your power. Venus is a shrewd tactician, more than others give her credit for.”

“You said for me to find the parallel woman but it sounds like you know more than you’re letting on.”

“I know enough to understand your powers, but I’m not allowed to say. It is a test. Until you pass the test and also find the parallel woman, I must leave you in the dark. Now that you unlocked my corporal form, I can take care of your other needs as well as protect you.”

“I command and you obey?”

“Yes, Master.”

A combination of a sexual fantasy come to life, the sudden thirst of sexual power coursing through his veins, and the odd basement amplifying the kinkiness of the setting, made the young man drop his pants. The large, ivory cock stood at full attention, rubbing up against Lady Death’s thighs.

“Then suck me off. Submit to me properly, not as some wet dream, but with me knowing this is real.”

Squatting down, but still smiling, she rubbed the hot, meaty organ against her cheek. Hands free and not breaking eye contact, she used her soft cheek to make sure that cock was one hundred percent hard. She could feel it grow more along the contours of her cheeks, turning her on. Wet drops leaked out the sides of the metal panties, dripping onto the dirty floor.

Lips opened wide, and like a vacuum, sucked hard on the cockhead. A wet, slippery tongue lathered up the piss hole, making a sloppy mess. Lady Death moaned the moment his cock touched her lips. Hands gracefully sat on her knees, with her body balanced perfectly as she sucked on the tip.

“You don’t know how many nights I thought about you. So many nights I dreamed of you,” he groaned.

“I know. I can’t read thoughts but I could still see the look in your eyes when I appeared,” she replied.

Both hands stroked off the base of his thick cock as her lips continued to pamper the head. The lovey-dovey treatment contrasted with her lewd, military look.

“I want your cum, Master. Please feed it to me. I yearn for it. I need it. My body is yours to use for your pleasure,” she encouraged him.

Both hands stroked hard, testing the cock, prepping it. He reached out to grab a tuft of hair. Courage flowed in his veins. Lady Death could snap a finger and make him poof out of existence, yet he had the steel to grab her hair like she was his bitch. The grab made her purr, and she rubbed her cheek against his hand.

“Hope, Master.”


“Call me Hope. When I’m with you like this, call me Hope, please,” she asked.

“Okay, Hope. If this is my birthright, I’m going to embrace it.”

The more she stroked his cock and sucked him off, the more he felt his body tingle. Not in a sexual way, but something different, something he couldn’t put words to. He used the tuft of hair to push her face onto his thick cock, all the way to the gagging point. He kept Hope there, letting her gag and drool all over the shaft. Teeth dug into the tough skin. It wasn’t a defensive reflex but an act of intimacy, raking along the thick skin to get Master’s blood pumping.

Hips bucked forward, trying to push even half an inch more cock down her throat. She was the only woman he experienced sex with. Even if he were attracted to other women, he lusted only for Hope. All his sexual dreams revolved around her. A cornucopia of lewdness and depravity he enjoyed in dream land. Now that she was here in the flesh, he intended to throw caution into the wind and enact them.

Hope spurted out saliva with every thrust of the cock. It lathered up the dusty floor underneath them. Unbeknownst to the man, a faint glow lit up underneath their feet.

“Your mouth feels so good, Hope. I want you so bad,” he cried out.

Cum shot out, filling up the woman’s mouth and stomach. It kept coming, so much more than a normal human male could produce. Every blast of sperm made the glowing underneath them brighten. He could feel a heat rise inside his body. The light didn’t die down, even when he stopped pumping Hope full of cum. Copious amounts fell to the floor, as she was incapable of drinking it all down in a dignified manner. Dutiful hands rubbed the excess sperm into her skin like beauty cream.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Hope,” he told her, lifting the woman up in his arms.

He ignored the light completely, focused on satiating his lust with her sexy body. Strong fingers ripped off the bikini bottoms, exposing a dripping cunt that thirst for its mate. Earlier in the day he had a difficult time breaking into a window and climbing in without serious injury. He wasn’t without muscles but with the glowing light, power erupted inside like a tidal wave crashing through a broken dam. Now, new veiny, Olympian muscles grew like an untapped reservoir of testosterone injected directly into his body with instantaneous effect.

“Master!” Hope screamed out in lust.

He thrust inside her, reclaiming her pussy as his property. It had been one year since she took his virginity. One year she teased him, not with malicious intent, but preparing his lust for the moment he took his birthright.

“It is filling me up fully, Master,’ she cried out, sinking her nails into his ivory skin.

Blood seeped out, streaming down growing muscles. The pain didn’t affect him. All it did was make the man kiss her, bite into her lip to reciprocate the sadomasochistic carnality. Hard thrusts pumped into Hope’s tight pussy. It clamped down on the sword like a natural sheath. It fed her. Blood snowballed between their mouths, and leaked down their chins as if they were vampires.

“You’re mine, Hope. All these years,” he grunted, “all these years to make up for.”

“Yes, Master, use me. Feed off me. I’ll give you strength,” she purred, unhooking her bra.

Hungry lips feasted on the oversized tits. They were the perfect size to feed off of, like a son to a mother. Lady Death acted like a surrogate mother, in body and spirit. During those many years, she didn’t just protect him but also nurtured his psyche, encouraging him.

The man grew up in the foster system. A parentless child brought to the altar of a church one stormy night. The priest took him to a foster home run by the church. He would always wind up back in that group home though, as multiple families did not want to take care of an insane child.

Her protection caused him hardship, something she wanted to repent for when given the chance. The curse on her soul blocked her corporal body from setting foot on Earth. Her magical powers allowed Lady Death to ghost into the world for limited periods of time, but it always drained her energy greatly. Voices took less energy, making the child seem schizophrenic to the outside world.

But now, after years of caring for the man, he would take care of her. Every thrust lit a match inside Hope’s soul. It thirst for more of him. Eager for any touch of his flesh, Hope kissed him, raked his skin, tried to rub every inch of flesh together. Their juices mixed like a potion, dripping out of her pussy and onto the glowing light.

The light cracked the layer of dirt, wiping it clean to reveal an ancient symbol. The ground pulsed with vibrant energy. The more sexual juices covering the symbol, the more it gleamed. Whoever designed the library, intentionally cut the symbol into the floor. This was not a magic spell cast by Lady Death. It was the Venus symbol on a shield, with a sword sticking horizontally through the middle.

When the man finally shot his first deposit of cum inside Lady Death’s womb, the symbol electrified. Bolts of lightning arced out. Fire burned inside the dark basement. Bolts struck him square on multiple points of his body. He screamed out, not because the lightning bolt hurt him physically, but because of the rush of knowledge that cascaded into his brain.

Lady Death held him tightly, allowing him to bite into the soft flesh of her shoulder to bear the pain.

“Endure, Master, endure. It’ll be okay,” she spoke, tenderly like a mother.

Light fingers caressed his hair and body, helping to sooth his nerves and senses. Lady Death bore the pain well, as teeth cut deep into her porcelain white skin. Red blood left invaded areas crimson. All the pain did was prove her sexual masochistic desires, as her pussy moistened more from the bite.

“It is your birthright. I called you here to reclaim it, Master. You must bear it or all hope is lost,” she spoke softly.

All knowledge of the war flooded his brain. He understood it all, his role, and the mission he was bred for. The only missing part was finding the parallel woman Lady Death spoke of. It was the final test of conviction and willpower.

“I know it all, Hope, I know everything now. I can see it. You helped me unlock it.”

“Yes, Master, remember it all. Remember all that Venus wants you to. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you. You had to unlock the power yourself by embracing your dominant side. I could only be your guide.”

He still held Hope in his arms. The fire burned brightly in the background as they kept their embrace. The heat did not bother either one.

“Ice it,” he said, palm extended at the fire.

A cold beam of energy hit the fire, snuffing it out instantly.

“So this is the birthright you spoke of. I absorbed your power, Hope, and made it my own. I feel different. Not just physically, but inside as well. Power, real power, and the corruption that seeps inside it.”

She nodded.

With ease and might, he twisted Hope around so her back rubbed against his muscular chest. The cock slipped out of her used pussy and pushed into her tighter asshole. Cum drooled out and slopped onto the floor.

“Yes, keep taking me, Master. Sate your sexual thirst. Take advantage of my body. Use me like a bitch,” she encouraged him.

Arms underhooked both legs, bouncing the woman up and down his cock. She reached back, rubbing his face, while the other hand fingered her lonely pussy. Sexual energy filled the air. It crackled and intensified. All the lube from her cunt helped him fuck that tight ass into submission.

“I want all your holes, Hope. I want you to feel me inside you, long after I’ve pulled out. I want your body to ache for me like how I’ve ached for you over the years,” he grunted.

“Yes, Master, do that to me. Take out your sexual frustrations on my body. Use it, embrace it. I’m your bitch.”

“That’s right, Hope, you’re my bitch. I’m going to toss you on a bed, give your face a slap, and see you purr for me to use you. My dreams are not only romantic but depraved, Hope. I’ve longed for this day. I’m going to make your body pay for the years of teasing. All the years of appearing before me, tantalizing my sexual senses, and being so naughty without putting out.”

“Yes, yes! Harder! Do it, Master. I need to be punished for being a bad girl. Punish me for not taking care of my man’s sexual desires. Punish the Queen of Hell like a good king should.”

He put the woman on the floor, grabbing onto her hair to yank it back. Lady Death cooed in support and approval, pushing her ass back against the thick cock without needing to be told. She fucked him back, wanting to milk his cock dry again in her dirty butt. The man’s other hand reached around to choke her, control her, dominate her to show who was in command now.

“Years inside my head I dressed you up, controlled you, and made you my toy as I stroked off. Years of sexual chastity gave me a naughty imagination, Hope. I’d leash and collar you to show off, to show the world I wasn’t crazy and insane.”

“My sweet Master, knowing how to treat his woman. I longed for your touch, Master. Lonely nights in my castle, watching you, seeing you jerk off your strong cock. I’m happy to know those nights were spent thinking of me,” she replied, suddenly squirting on the floor.

Lady Death gave out a loud howl of pleasure. Female jizz cleaned up the floor as the intense ass fucking, and fingering, sent her body over the edge. It all came out hard, splashing the granite. Still, he continued to fuck her ass. The hole dried up enough that each thrust began prolapsing the hole. He could see the skin and flesh pull out with his cock. It turned him on to no end, seeing how her body did not want him to leave.

“You’re such a hot stud, Master, a proper bull. Fuck, I came like nothing before. Own me, Master, dominate my holes so I become asexual except in the presence of you. Make it so my holes dry up when I’m not in your presence. You’re making my eyes roll into the back of my skull. I’m getting fucked so good. Am I pleasing you, Master?”

Giving the long locks one final, firm tug, and still inside her, he lifted Lady Death back up into the air by hair alone. But to show off the newfound strength gained, he twisted her around to face him while still impaled by the fat cock.

“Please, Master, finish off inside my ass. You’ve already came twice in me. Finish the trilogy,” she purred, playfully biting his strong jawline.

A long nail traced the outline of his jawbone, prepping for the skin to be bitten into. Even though she was the bitch, his bitch, she was far from a passive weakling. Teeth raked the white skin, opening up small tears for her to lick delicious blood out of. Again, like earlier, she snowballed the powerful liquid with him, sharing her passion and depravity.

Hard thrusts, slow thrusts, jackhammer thrusts, any and all to conquer that hole permanently. He was already on edge, already so close because of realizing his sexual dream. Hearing her want him, desire him, lust for him, made the man shoot more fertile seed into the tight butthole. So much got shot inside it forced the cock out. It couldn’t handle the capacity, essentially becoming a cum enema.

But once some syphoned onto the floor, he pushed back in to knot her. He wanted to wilt inside his long awaited love.

“I know the plan. I know what must be done. I can see the parallel woman in my mind, Hope. Bitter, angry, divided. She thirsts for power. Venus…Mother wants me to take her.”

“No, Master, not take her, love her. It sounds like semantics, but there is a difference,” she said, stepping down from his cock.

Goo slithered down her inner thighs, but didn’t fall to the floor.

“She cannot be taken for her heart is ice, frozen from the cold of living in her sister’s shadow. She seeks a companion, an infuser, someone to stoke her flames for personal glory.”

“You know a lot about her, Hope.”

“I was tasked with observing her. Watching her life unfold. Venus knows envy and jealousy is a natural enemy for mankind. How many people have killed for those emotions and feelings, Master? When Venus learned of the parallel woman’s creation, she knew those emotions would consume an innocent soul.”

“I think I understand, Hope. But what will happen to you? I don’t want you to leave me, not after I’ve finally learned you’re real.”

Hope cupped her Master’s face in her soft hands, tenderly stroking it. She placed a motherly kiss on his forehead.

“I will never leave you, but I cannot help you in that way. I am your protector, a shield, not your sword, Master. I’ve fulfilled my duty and helped unlock your birthright, but I cannot use it for you. Search the knowledge Venus gave you. I know it’ll hurt your heart initially, but it must be done. I will not become jealous because it is for the greater good.”

Tears streaked down his face, but he nodded. A single, bloody tear shed down the corners of Lady Death’s eyes as well.

“All I wanted was you, Hope.”

“For a man who is about to build a harem, you’re a romantic after a girl’s heart, Master. I’ll be watching, protecting you always, Master, so wipe those tears away.”

He nodded, doing as she asked.

Lady Death blew him a kiss and then vanished into thin air, leaving the transformed man alone in the dark library basement. Kneeling down, he wiped the accumulated sex fluids along the indents of the symbol’s carving. He knew what the symbol meant. It was more than a reference to being Venus’ son. He smirked at the sword and symbolism, quite poetic from Hope’s words.

“Watch me, Hope, as I embrace this gift.”

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