Harem Heroines

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One Day Ago…

The woman woke up in intense pleasure. She could see the smirking faces of Donna and Karen, and her new god’s hard cock pounding her tight asshole. Cries of pleasure sang into the room as her body was used like a fucksleeve for the man’s amusement.

But fucking her for pleasure was only part of the reason why. It was to mold the women into his obedient, loyal pets. He commands and they obey. Wonder Woman had the right idea before she eventually succumbed to the powerful liquid. His cum was the root but it was not a drug. It was entirely natural.

Current Day…

A tall, muscular man walked alone into a small café. Calm jazz music gave it an aire of relaxation. Inside, the bartender cleaned glasses while a lone woman sat at the back. The bartender nodded towards the new guest before the lady sat up and approached. Taking the woman’s hand, the guest kissed it before they sat down.

“My handsome son, so sweet to visit his mother so soon. It must mean good news?”

The woman was tall, blonde, and had a rack that defied gravity. Her waist was slender but still had motherly curves that drove all the men wild. Long, luscious legs in red stockings rubbed up against her son’s legs, while a naughty foot sought out to rub his cock.

“Are your new whores enjoying godly perfection?” she teased.

“My wife is enjoying them now as we speak. I’ve awakened Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Oracle before the first portal opens in two days.”

“Hera must be furious right now. The look on that whore’s face should be priceless. Her handpicked champion, fallen to the perversions of men and lust. Aphrodite must have heard the news now. I’d expect a response soon.”

“She will not defeat us, mother. I’ve taken their prized champion and two of the Earth’s legendary defenders of this realm. Soon, the portals will open and I’ll only add to my ranks.”

“Don’t get cocky, son. You might literally be a god’s gift to women, but Aphrodite will have her own personal champion to confront you. You need those girls to milk you dry. Don’t relax until Aphrodite herself is sucking your cock and praising the son of Venus.”

“Their pantheon is weak and ours is strong, mother. The Roman god’s infused me with their powers. I will defeat whatever champion they send my way. My wife will see to that.”

“Yes, it was a stroke of genius to marry her. When are you going to tell mommy how you seduced the darling?”

During the entire conversation, the lusty MILF kept stroking her son’s engorged cock with her foot. She was not the goddess of love and passion for nothing. She birthed the perfect man so it would be foolish not to indulge in kinky, taboo desires. But this was only to tease her son, to keep him on his toes for the potent seed churned in his superior balls was more valuable in the wombs of other women than hers. The price of conquest.

“I’ll visit you again next week, mother. I’ll bring good news of more converts to my temple.”

Venus licked her puffy lips at the sight of her boy, all grown up and a stud of a man. Once the war was over she’d find a way to monopolize his time and quench her own desires.

One Day Ago…

“Fuck, stupid bitch gassed me. I can’t believe I fell for such a stupid trap,” Power Girl commented, gasping for air.

Smoke filled the sealed room. Donna pounded on the door. It was tough. Each punch barely put a dent into it. Ramming her shoulder into the unknown metal didn’t do any better.

“I don’t know what is wrong with you girls but this will put you on ice for a while.”

Oracle put out a distress call asking any of the JLA members for help. Since the assault into her fortress began there was no answer, only deathly silence.

“Wonder Woman here. What is the emergency, Barbara?”

“I’ve got Power Girl and Wonder Girl going berserk over here at my sanctuary. I need some muscle. They’ll eventually break through. You’re the only one who replied.”

“I’ll be there soon, Barbara. Hold them off until I arrive.”

Oracle sighed, relieved she’d be getting backup. The gas would knock the two women out for a short period of time. The genius could only hope Wonder Woman arrived in time before it wore off.

“Barbara, I’m here. Where are they now?” Diana asked through a special ear piece.

“They are both unconscious. I’m giving your HUD the coordinates.”

It was a new device Oracle worked on as a pet project, something to help coordinate the Justice League more efficiently with their offshoots and affiliates around the world. One connected hive HUD that would signal any member if help was needed, where, when, and any special conditions. It fit snuggly in the ear, staying in place through a set of automated wires that fused itself to the user. Diana was given the prototype a week ago to put through its paces.

“Got it, I’m at your front door.”

Oracle looked at the computer screen and could see Wonder Woman walk through the sanctuary to the area where their friends laid unconscious.

“Thank goodness you were around, Diana. I don’t know what came over them,” Oracle said through the mic. “I’ll open the door for you. I’ll give them another injection to keep them asleep until we know how to deal with them.”

With both women on her shoulders, Diana gracefully strode into the inner sanctum. It cost Barbara a fortune to create. Technically, it cost Bruce a fortune to create.

“Are you okay, Diana? There is something wrong with your...Wait, we have another visitor.”

The silent alarm triggered whenever an unknown or unauthorized guest entered the mansion. It was why Power Girl and Wonder Girl caught her off guard.

“I don’t know but I’ll take care of him,” Diana growled, tossing the two women on the floor in a heap.

Confronting the man, Diana stood in his way from walking further into the house. He was bigger than her and Oracle never saw the man in her life. Was he a new villain or some passerby who got lost and heard the commotion?

“Diana, if he is a lost driver, just tell him JLA business and point him to safety. You know the drill…Diana?”

Turning her face to the camera, Barbara saw the woman’s eyes again. It was not a trick or disorientation due to the stressful situation. Her corneas were shaped like hearts.

“Ow, my skull feels like my husband fucked it,” Donna said, regaining consciousness.

Taking a small canister from her belt, Barbara aimed and fired it at Wonder Girl but the smoke did not go in the intended direction. Karen had woken up as well, blowing the smoke back into Oracle’s face. The cripple coughed and wheezed, trying desperately to stay conscious.

“Wh…why?” she gasped out, eyes shut, and slumped over the expensive wheelchair.


Diana kissed the unconscious lips of her long-time friend and teammate. The Amazon princess’ pussy instantly dripped. A pleasurable side effect from her god filling her with so much cum the past night. In a show of grand extravagance, Power Girl began undressing the man. With each piece of clothing removed, more and more of his superior, ivory body was put on display.

Oracle was a key piece of his master plan. The two women he conquered and converted were strong, tactically gifted, but not book smart in the same way Oracle was. They would be his generals in the field, but he needed a gifted advisor from afar to coordinate all their efforts in the coming battles ahead. The wheelchair bound woman was also a gifted tinkerer, as proven by Diana’s prototype. A device like that would prove invaluable in linking his harem together, inside and outside of combat.

The man walked behind Barbara’s prone body on the table. Bent over, skirt up, still unconscious, he slipped his cock into her pussy. He thrust into the woman, using her body like a fleshlight, grunting with each movement. The table was solid, not feeling like it would collapse from the combined bodyweight and fucking. Diana continued to keep kissing Oracle, tonguing her, licking her face. Wonder Slut would be a new, better pseudonym for the awakened heroine.

“Make her one of us, my lord,” Karen said.

She fondled Diana’s tits through the costume, putting on a show for their god. All they did was for his will and entertainment. Donna looked on perversely, happy to sit back and watch the performance. One more friend turned subordinate meant one more step closer to eternal glory.

A flood of sperm shot out like a cannon, filling the useless hole. It soaked into each inch of her womb, being absorbed by the body to give it nourishment. Even as he came, he kept thrusting like a beast as pleasure took control. It was a blessing and a curse being the son of Venus. He was a god of sex, literally. The pleasures of the flesh consumed him, made up his entire world, and was why their plan was unique and ingenious.

Since the dawn of time, the Roman and Greek pantheon fought each other for domination in the minds of mortals. They sent champions to spread knowledge and teachings to the people. Some believed it, some didn’t, but it was all a power game. More followers meant more belief in them, and so their power grew.

Wonder Woman was the first to break the stalemate and change momentum to the Greek side. For decades the Roman gods devised schemes and sent champions to defeat her and switch the balance of power. But each time it resulted in their defeat. That was until Venus’ plan came to fruition. All the others chose brute force to conquer, forgetting that a soothing word from a lover can be just as powerful, enticing and deadly. They forgot their history, forgetting how a lone woman’s beauty brought down the fall of Troy. Sex was as powerful as any sword.

Oracle began to wake up in pleasure, a hot desire filling her body. For the first time in years she could feel pleasure down below. Each thrust, each smack, each drop of sperm sent shockwaves of carnal delight up her spine. Her tiny, tight asshole was on fire in passion. More, she wanted more. She wanted to be a woman again, a full, whole woman that could enjoy being with a man.

“Looks like our sister woke up, my lord,” Karen said, breaking her kiss with Oracle.

Donna walked up in front, hands on her hips, displaying pride and glory for winning. Oracle could only look up in depraved lust as the fucking consumed her brain entirely. Little hearts grew on her corneas. Donna cupped Barbara’s chin and forced the woman to look up in awe as if she were a goddess herself.

“You’re going to be very valuable to us, my old friend. Complete your duty to our god and I’m sure he’ll be happy to keep fucking you. I know you’ve been lonely for a long time. No one wants to fuck a cripple, and even if they did, how would you feel it?”

A tear of joy streaked down Barbara’s cheek. She did not know how but she could feel her legs again. She couldn’t move them but at least she could feel each action done to her. It was a dream come true. A hot salvo of delicious sperm flooded her asshole. Pulling out, all of the creamy fluid ran down her cunt lips. It was kinky, lewd, but Oracle wanted more. She needed this man in her.

“Please…please, don’t stop. Fuck me more, my lord. Use me. Don’t stop using me. I can feel again. I can feel again!”

Over and over she repeated the same sentence. For the next few hours he didn’t stop, not once. The trio of ladies had to settle for making out with their god, sucking on the exposed shaft that kept sliding into Barbara’s holes, or performing other lewd acts on the man like cleaning out his asshole. This did not stop Diana from sneaking in to slurp up some piss as he sprayed it all over Barbara’s face.

Barbara was given all his attention to make sure her conversion was quick and successful. With every drop of sperm that invaded her holes, the hearts on her eyes grew bigger and bigger. Pulling out from her ass, he waved his cock in front of her face. Greedy lips tried to suck on it but the fat piece of manmeat was out of reach. Donna stood near, forcing Oracle’s eyes open as their god shot cum directly on the eyeballs.

Instead of hurting or stinging, it only sent more waves of pleasure down her broken spine. Whatever the sperm was made of, it let her feel every sensation. Donna leaned in and licked the cream from the woman’s eyes, slowly, testing her resolve. No flinch, no trying to push Donna away, just panting and moaning as an orgasmic high rocked the tired heroine’s broken body.

“You never came on my eyes,” Karen pouted.

“I’ll do it next time,” he replied, rubbing his shaft along Barbara’s mouth. “But tomorrow we have to prepare for our next target. ‘She’ won’t be an easy woman to defeat with brute force. It was one of the many reasons I needed Oracle here to join my personal alter of worship.”

“Do you have a plan already, my lord?” Diana asked, now kneeling behind the man to eat out his dirty shithole.

“Tomorrow you’re all going to milk me dry.”

“We do that anyways,” Karen said.

“We’re going to weaponize my cum, Power Girl. Not every heroine will fall victim to surprise, or subtle tricks. Soon the world will know about our new organization and will become wiser. You’ll need every trick in the book possible, especially when dealing with her in two days.” He turned to his new bitch and stroked her cum drenched hair. “Now, my genius girl, time to have you earn your keep.”


Thankfully there was little damage done to the overall structure of Oracle’s mansion. The girls put the door back on its hinges but the dents and dings would have to be fixed at a later date. Either way, it gave them a secure base of operations. Oracle changed all the passwords and identifications. Now anyone that was not the five of them would be viewed as an intruder and dealt with by the automated security systems.

Donna snuggled up to her husband as they commandeered Oracle’s master bedroom. Small, soft kisses touched his chest muscles as he stroked her hair. After all the depravity the past few days, it was a softer side of the power couple.

“One heroine at a time, my love,” he said. “You’ll be the Queen of the new world once this is finished, bearing my child in your womb. Your birthright will be given back to you.”

“With you as my King, I’ll be the happiest woman in the world. Earth will be ours to rule until the end of time. No hero, villain, or intergalactic figure will match the army at our disposal. All will bow before us.”

She slid a leg over his, rubbing it up and down sensually. Their body heat kept them warm as the blankets were thrown away.

“Do you remember the first night we spent together?” Donna asked.

“Of course. It was if fate guided her hand and pushed us together. It was as if the cosmos planned this out in advance, crafting us for each other.”

“You sure know how to sweet talk a girl and make her feel special,” she giggled.

“Only cause it is true. The others are simply a means to an end. You’re the only one I love and hold dear to me.” He paused a moment before continuing. “Do you remember the night in the library? How deviant we were in the stacks, so passionate but so quiet at the same time?”

“How can I forget? You gave me the best fuck of my life, and we almost got caught three times. It was naughty fucking while searching for that dusty, old tome. It is a good thing I’m a girl with a high sex drive or else I might not be able to handle your libido, husband. I cringe to think of how other girls would waste this gift you’ve been blessed with.”

Donna moved on top, moving her hips so the tip of his cock could enter her pussy sheath. She didn’t fuck him, only using her body as storage. Resting on top, they kissed and caressed, igniting the flames of romance in their dark, perverted world.

“How long were you searching for me, my love?” she asked.

“A long time, Donna, a long, long time. You’re a special girl because you can handle being with one man, and only one man. You lust for the romance of one. Many other girls need to be whores, want to be whores that need dozens of cocks in them at once on a nightly basis. But you, my sweet Queen, only need me. And this is why you’ll bear my child when this is over.”

“I wonder how the others are doing right now,” Donna mused, running a slow finger across the muscular chest of her King.

“I’m sure they are happy lezzing out with each other in their quarters. Housing them all in the same room is going to make it convenient for me to know who is around and who is gone on a daily basis. Less doors to open,” he joked.

“My King is a naughty pervert. All these hot heroines for you to fuck senseless. I can only imagine how hard it will become when three become three dozen. You’re not going to forget about your Queen, will you?” she said with a sly smile.

“You’ll be right there, slapping the girls around and keeping them in line. If I can only fuck one girl a day, you’ll always be number one, Donna.”

Donna’s hips moved slowly, letting each centimeter and each inch slide in and out of her cunt. She couldn’t help but bite her lip seductively and dig her nails into the flawless ivory skin that she laid on.

“You’re my Roman Queen, Donna. I shudder to think what would be if I did not happen upon you by chance.”

“I’d still be in my sister’s shadow and you’d have a worse harem army, if any,” she gasped out.

Even though only a few inches invaded her pussy, it was powerful enough to make her body shake. She wanted his cock in her all the time. She wanted to be bent over any piece of furniture, dressed up in any kinky clothing, to become a fleshlight for his desires. She’d even play the happy housewife, hair style and all, to keep him inside her.

They interlocked fingers as Donna rode on top of him sensually. Her hips moved in slight, controlled movements designed to tease his cock and senses. Her breasts didn’t wiggle or jiggle, staying firm with each breath. Their eyes remained locked, hearts beating in unison, and hips moving in tandem with the other. This wasn’t depraved sex but passionate, emotional love making.

They spent the next hour in the same position, never moving, never getting bored, simply existing for the other. They never felt more pleasure than when they threw aside all the depravity, lewdness and smut for something so carnal for the modern nights. It was the opposite extreme of the pendulum. Modern society saw the rise of hardcore pornography, where anyone can see or read about any crazy sexual escapade. It sharpened the edge to its finest point for people to reach the same sexual high.

But for Donna and her husband, they fell over the edge where a simple caress, the slight rolling of the hips and a hot breath got the senses more excited than a hardcore fuckfest that left holes gaped and balls drained. Less became more and more became less.

Light kisses caressed their skin. Intertwined bodied rolled back and forth on the giant bed. Matted, wet hair stuck to their faces. They reveled in their mate’s sensual sexuality. No one would believe these two would be satisfied, fulfilled with such mundane erotic stimulation after what they unleashed on the trio of Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and Oracle, but here they were in marital bliss.

When the man finally came inside Donna, she could feel each blast slosh around inside her womb and pussy. The superheroine could only feel it in this type of act because her senses were not overloaded from all the gaping and physical masochism. Every action was so light, so soft, that when the first blast rammed her womb, it lit her up like fireworks.

Purring like a kitten, Donna nestled her cheek into her husband’s muscular chest and drifted off to sleep. He held her tightly, letting his cock remain inside her pussy, feeling warm and comfy as if she were a cock warmer. Soon, he too fell asleep, together in each other’s arms.


“Ouch…my skull. Where am I?” the green girl said as she woke up in the middle of an abandoned park.

A white and purple spandex outfit snugged a highly muscular, but feminine physique. Long dark hair fluttered in the wind around her shoulders.

“Damn aliens. Every time we fight some new batch we always end up with problems. It looks like Earth but I don’t know the city.”

Walking around hesitantly, the green woman rubbed her head. It was aching a lot, throbbing as if a baseball bat got cracked against her skull. Whatever had zapped her had done a number on her in the process.

“At least the signs are in English, that’s a start. New York, Toronto, London?” she mused out loud.

The area she was located was nearly empty. It had been deemed uninhabitable and only a few hobos and thugs walked the streets this late at night, if at all. They gave the woman a wide birth, knowing trouble when they saw it walking in high heeled boots. None of them answered her questions about where they were at, preferring not to get involved with super beings.

“Dammit, why couldn’t I have flight skills or at least a web slinger?”

From high above, the three awakened heroines looked down at their prey. They found their newest convert to their holy cause, waiting only for the right moment to strike.

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