Harem Heroines

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The wind blew through Donna’s hair. Inside her body the seed of life spread, feeding it supernatural strength. Master blessed her with power beyond limits, giving the boon to cut out the resentfulness festering inside her soul. Too many years went by in the shadows of Wonder Woman, playing second string. All the others in the Teen Titans harbored the same thoughts and feelings but they could outgrow them because they were unique, original. She was a copy, literally, and so the shame would always remain.

Master, her god, required only two requests in exchange for the new power. The first was marriage, and a loving wife to bear his progeny once the dark days past. The second, a harem army to fight a holy war against the world. It was an easy choice for the former Teen Titan.

The cool wind felt nice nipping at exposed skin. It helped cool her down from the intense fuck Master had blessed her with. Now, speeding through the sky, the first general in the rising army would be conscripted. It is an obvious, clichéd choice, but those are always the smart ones.

The woman floated in the sky ahead, over the ocean, away from any pesky buildings or collateral damage. Arms crossed underneath her massive chest, she looked pissed.

“Diana, do you know how late it is?” Power Girl said, unhappy. “I’m tired, cranky, and need my beauty sleep.  I just went 12 rounds with some new alien invader, and this one actually put up a fight.”

“I’m not Diana, Karen. Of course you’d think I’m her first…” Donna said in contempt.

“Donna! You’re alive! We were all worried about you after we heard you went missing months ago. Why are you dressed like that? Wait, it doesn’t matter. Diana will be happy to see you again.”

Power Girl floated forward, hugging her friend. It quickly dawned that something was wrong though. Donna did not hug her back, and her body felt tense, defensive.

“Is something wrong?” Karen asked, confused.

Just like with Wonder Woman, Donna struck without warning. Forehead met nose with a sickening crunch, debilitating the superheroine immediately. Blood gushed out rapidly. Power Girl backed off immediately, holding her broken nose.

“Bitch! What the fuck are you doing? What is wrong with you? You broke my nose.”

Donna sped forward like a bullet, arm cocked back. Power Girl got into a defensive stance and swung at the approaching enemy. However, Donna was too quick, swerving to the side of the punch and countering with her own. The force of the hit sent Karen flying backwards into the air.

“Damn you, whoever you are. You’re dead,” Karen yelled out.

Speeding forward, Power Girl anticipated the next attack and finally struck home with her own. Donna’s neck snapped back but she still had the sense to dodge the incoming eye-beam.

“Going to kill me, Karen? Poor form for a hero. This isn’t a cartoon. Those laser eyes do kill, don’t you know?”

Ignoring the taunts, Power Girl continued with the plan. Donna nimbly flew around the beams like a fighter jet, maneuvering around to find an opening, a chink in the armor. Water blew up in the sky as the beams harmlessly pierced the sea water.

“Stand still, damn you,” Karen screamed out. “I don’t know who you are but I’ll zap you sooner or later.”

Donna did a barrel-roll, barely dodging the laser beam. It singed the reinforced skirt, burning the metal like a foundry. It left an opening to exploit though. Getting in closer, juking more lasers, one powerful fist connected into Power Girl’s cunt. It was a low blow, and while there were no balls to rupture like on a man, it still hurt like hell on Earth for the Kryptonian beauty.

“I wanted to cunt punt you, but you’re too damn quick for my foot to reach. Take it as a complement Master believes in your ability.”

Power Girl toppled over, clutching her private area, stunned from the blow. She had taken low blows before, but never as painful. The entire situation was confusing. Wonder Girl never showed the same combat acumen as Wonder Woman. It was humbling to be caught off-guard like an amateur.

All this took place in the sky, away from the eyes of innocent civilians or causing any unnecessary damage. Hovering, arms crossed, Donna smirked in arrogance. Floating in closer, the smirk grew wider as she gloated in silence. Those believed to be more powerful were falling quickly like dominoes.

“Gotcha!” Power Girl called out, grabbing Wonder Girl by the throat.

In her arrogance, Donna got too close without dealing the finishing blow. Now she felt powerful fingers try to squeeze all the air out. She tried to go for the cunt punt but Power Girl crossed her legs quickly, taunting her for being so simplistic.

“I don’t know who you are, or what happened to you, but I’ll end you here and now before you trick anyone else.”

Eyes turned a dark red, building up immense energy for one concentrated burst.

“You can’t kill me, Karen. I have a mission to fulfill,” Wonder Girl gasped out.

“Gah!” Power Girl gasped out.

The red light faded, replaced with pain and fear. Feeling up her stomach, she could feel hot waves of blood gushing out of the blade-sized hole.

“Shhhh, I won’t kill you,” Donna whispered in Power Girl’s ear.

The heroine screamed out again in dire pain, now clutching her foe as a brace. Blood stained the white costume. More holes were stabbed through a muscular stomach. Donna stopped, waving the blade at Karen. It was hidden under the sleeve of her armor, a special surprise.

“My god gave me many blessings, but in this instance, this was the most useful. He never told me where it was crafted, but you don’t look your husband in the eyes and ask silly questions. Magical was all I needed to know.”

“You…bitch…I’ll kill…you…” Power Girl slurred out, fading into unconsciousness.

“No, not today, or ever. Master should be done having fun with his new slave by the time we get back. He’ll heal you, and then you’ll join us. I don’t break Master’s toys.”

The last thing Karen saw before passing out from blood loss was the arrogant smile on Donna’s face. The last thought wondering what corrupted her.


“No, please, no more. I can’t handle it,” Wonder Woman screamed out in pain.

The heroine let out involuntary moans as the man fucked her from behind, hard, and without mercy. Still tied up to the desk, she laid on top of the hard wood defenceless to the raping. His cock was too big to fit fully, poking against the walls of her womb with lots of shaft remaining. Blood flowed out of the gaping hole, her precious virginity taken away in an act of barbarism.

“I want to know what you did to corrupt Donna,” she demanded.

“Did anyone ever say you talk too much?” he replied, pulling out slowly.

Each centimetre of cock glued itself to needy vaginal walls, refusing to leave voluntarily. Diana could feel her pussy contort to the size. It hurt and she hated it, but her traitorous body gave up from the past hour of being raped. Her pussy quivered, lonely, when the cock finally pulled free. Cum leaked out, mixed with the blood of a virgin.

The man kneeled down to give the hole a long sniff. An eager tongue lapped up all of the divine mixture. It was a symbol of his conquest. Not every heroine he captured would start off as pure so he had to take the time to smell the roses, so to speak.

“No, don’t do that…please…stop,” she begged, sobbing from the pleasure and humiliation.

The man’s tongue slithered in deep, drinking up as much of her virginal honey as possible. Pleasure lit up inside of Wonder Woman. She couldn’t believe he was more skilled in the art of cunnilingus than her Amazon sisters. More insults. Would the torment never end?

“You taste good, Diana. Not as good as my wife, but you’ll do while she takes care of important matters.”

“Never, I don’t care what kind of humiliation you put me through, I won’t submit to you. I don’t believe that is my sister. It has to be a doppelganger!”

“Believe what you want. I think it is time I tasted more of your mouth though,” he said, walking in front of the woman.

For the first time she got to see his body on full, naked display. Ivory muscles glistened under the bright lights, caused by all the sweaty sex. Broad shoulders set the tone for the man’s tank-like frame. Thick quads and thighs carried the structure with ease. A piece of Diana’s mind wanted to kiss them, lick them, but she quickly shook such disgusting thoughts aside.

The smell of fresh cum infiltrated clogged up nostrils as the man rubbed his large, male organ on her face. Earlier, he had shot it all over while Donna watched on in glee. Some of the erotic fluids were forcefully sniffed like cocaine. Now he was rubbing a fresh smattering along the nose’s tip, teasing and taunting the woman.

“If you use your teeth, Donna will be very unhappy,” he said, perversely smiling at the slave.

“Big man, threatening me with a woman. I thought you were a man, but you’re hiding behind a woman’s skirt,” Diana said, trying to insult his ego.

“Equal rights mean equal lefts. No shame in having a woman as a bodyguard if she is a superior being. Besides, that insult hurts you more than me because you’re admitting your inherent female weakness.”

“At least I’m not a cheat, using mind control on my sister. I can feel it inside me. I’m stronger than her. I always have been, and I’ll fight your control.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” The man began slapping Wonder Woman’s face with his mighty shaft. The thickness made it feel like a club against the heroine’s cheek. “Pot calling the kettle. Even if I do have mind control skills, you’re just a hypocrite. Superman is only super because of the sun. You’re a product of the Greek god’s powers. Captain Atom uses technology. Do I need to go on?”

Diana tried to look away but he forced her to look straight ahead at the tip of his cock. It rubbed against stained lips, and she tried with every ounce of might to resist, but being slapped around forced her to open up wide for the monstrous meatshaft.

Two strong hands kept the head focused, unable to breakaway, as he rammed into her mouth without any regard to safety. Every thrust attempted to shove down as much cock as possible. Saliva and other fluids coated the sexual muscle, leading to a lewd, sloshing hymn to fill the air beautifully.

“Your will is impressive, princess, but that is why I picked you for my army. I don’t have time for weak soldiers. I want the best. It might take a few days but you’ll break. You’ll beg, you’ll crawl on your hands and knees needing me. And when you do, my ass will be ready for you to clean out like a good whore. You might look the same as my beloved but your personalities are different…so, so different.”

He said all those words while facefucking the Amazon. Wonder Woman tried to bite down and tear into the cock but it had little effect. All it did was anger the man, giving him an excuse to apply a fresh coat of makeup with his hand.

“I see you need to break the bitch in, Master,” Donna said, gliding through the window with Power Girl in tow. “My sister has always been headstrong.”

Ignoring Diana, she walked up to her god and kissed him passionately. The depravity was casual, and the brutality repulsed the princess. Power Girl hung unconscious over Donna’s shoulder and yet they could kiss romantically.

“Don’t worry, Master, she is alive. Karen will need your special medicine to heal her though.”

“You’ll have to jerk it out of me, Donna. Your sister is beginning to bore me.”

“I’m not boring!” Wonder Woman screamed.

Immediately the brunette stopped in shock, perplexed at her own reaction. Why did she care about being boring?

“My sister can’t help but be jealous. She has no self-esteem and is full of vanity. The first moment he rejects you, you care. Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Donna taunted.

Tugging on her god’s cock, she led him to a corner with a view and some maneuvering room. Laying Karen down on her back, wounds exposed, Wonder Girl started jerking off her Master.

“Give the ungrateful bitch the gift of life, Master. Cover her in your blessing so that she may join us in our holy crusade. Bring her into our glorious harem,” she said.

Each word came out as if she were giving a sermon. Each word was gracious, glorified, even if the acts were not. Both hands stroked off the long cock, fast, rough, milking it for all its glorious seed. Dirty words sailed from wanton lips. They longed to reach out, to suck on the tip and drink down every drop of semen, but she knew her duty. Master was building an army. This bounty was for Power Girl.

“You two are sick. You’re not my sister, you can’t be,” Diana screamed at them. “Why am I so wet?” she thought to herself. “Why does my body ache for him? He must have drugged me. That must be it. He cheated. This isn’t real.”

Donna kissed the air towards Diana, licking at the shaft of the man’s cock. From Diana’s viewpoint it was long enough to fit two or three girls on one side.

“Karen was angry with me, Master. She might want to do bad things to me. Are you going to get hard and shoot your load watching her rape me? Maybe she’ll spank me or slap me like a sadistic Domme? But we both know you love me the best. I’m your queen, your superior, Roman, Amazon Queen.”

Even though her body kept up its traitorous behavior, filling Diana full of hormones and pheromones to mate with the man, one word stuck out from Donna’s speech. It was a piece of the puzzle that explained why she turned on them. Before the line of thought could be processed further, the man grunted as an explosion of jizz covered Power Girl’s defeated, bloody body. Donna aimed the cock like a fire hose, the pair acting more like the Joker and Haley Quinn in their casual depravity.

Immediately, all the knife wounds healed. Karen’s body quivered and spasmed. It looked like the girl was orgasming from being covered in spunk. Subconsciously, Power Girl began to grope herself, feeling up her tight, hot body. Fingers danced along enormous tits, glided over a wet pussy, and slipped in and out of a greedy mouth. Diana looked on in horror at how easily her friend started acting like a cheap whore.

“I just love how you have this effect on women, Master. I knew I fell in love with a real man who’d bring out the best in me.”

He groped Donna’s ass, holding the young woman tightly. Even in the armor her body felt needy. With the task finished, Donna took the initiative to continue stroking off her husband, preparing him to take her holes again. Their eyes looked into each other’s. If someone took a picture of the scene, and cut out the background, onlookers would think it was a normal couple in the throngs of love.

Power Girl moaned like a whore in heat, fingers digging deep into her wet pussy. The office room again filled with the smell of sex and lust, transformed into a den of debauchery. Karen opened her eyes. They were red, glossed over, and betrayed her mind. Immediately she saw the man, reaching out to him, unable to do more in order to orgasm.

“Look at her, Master, your first convert. Once we bring more into the fold we’ll have to ration your cum supply,” Donna purred. “And I know you’ll put a #1 on my collar, won’t you, husband.”

The man replied with a hard spank to her ass, eliciting a sensual growl. Donna was not a weak-willed, boring submissive who just laid on her back like a dead fish. That was her sister. No, she took charge in her own, feminine way. With every spank, every slap, every finger in an orifice, Donna purred louder. Her hands reached out to stroke his body, feel every muscle, give them the attention a god deserves. It was a two-way street after all. Each stroke of a finger was enticing, every brush of the hair was compassionate, and every kiss along bare skin evoked passion.

“I think Power Girl wants you, Master.”

“I think so too, Donna. I think she is craving to join us.”

Power Girl’s willpower was a fraction of Wonder Woman’s. It only took being jizzed on to become a willing fucktoy.

“Donna, why didn’t you tell me you had a hunk like that? I would have eagerly come along without a fight,” Power Girl said.

The superheroine didn’t care that Wonder Woman was tied up, beaten, bloody, and cum on. All she wanted was that hung cock Donna was waving around like a club.

“Are you going to give it a kiss, Karen? I don’t like to share my man too much so I hope you’ll be grateful.”

Power Girl nodded, crawling over to the long, thick piece of manmeat. Opening up wide, she could barely take the cockhead into her mouth. Nothing she ever experienced was that thick. Only a few inches got spit shined, her face bobbing up and down, trying to take even a millimeter more with each pass.

“No one has a body to handle our Master…well, there is one girl but ‘She’ hasn’t arrived yet. That only means there is more room for us to share,” Donna commented, squatting down behind the man.

A dutiful tongue slithered out, reaching into the orifice of his muscular butt. Donna could taste the nastiness that was inside, but servicing her man sent tingles up her spine. Nose deep, and both hands stroking the base of his cock, she helped DP their god, so to speak. Wonder Woman looked on with tears in her eyes at the degrading sight. The pair looked so happy, so needy to service the man. Power Girl already had her costume top ripped open, using her giant tits to paizuri him. And still, there was more than enough room for Diana to join in.

Loneliness crept into the woman’s mind. She was being excluded from worshiping that superior being, and that thick, pulsating, powerful cock. This time the thoughts of sex remained a few moments longer before willpower kicked in and pushed them aside. Still, there was no denying her pussy lips quivering for release, and juices dripping on the floor.

“Your cock is amazing. You need a real woman with real tits, don’t you?” Power Girl lewdly commented, stroking him off with her huge balloon tits. “Is that why you had that bitch Donna play chauffeur?”

“Fuck you, Karen. My husband will always choose me over you,” Donna replied between slurps of the man’s asshole.

The scent got the powerful Amazon hot in her box. Female juices flowed consistently, pooling just like her sister. But the orgy was just heating up as their god tired of the current position.

“Both of you lay on top of the desk, and open your mouths,” he commanded them.

Without an argument, they snuggled up next to Diana. Standing next to his beloved, he grabbed the base of his mighty fuckclub and smacked their faces with it. With mouths open, the pair tried to grab hold like bobbing for apples, leaving Diana to turn her cheek to feel as little of the cock as possible.

“Harder, Master, make my face bruise with your cock,” Donna said commandingly, tongue out to lick at the base.

“Diana is such a prude, Donna. I think you’re a bitch for knifing me, but we can both agree getting this cock in our holes is heaven. You really are a dyke, aren’t you, Diana?”

“I am not…I just like women more,” Diana weakly replied.

With every question, every sexual conflict, more and more of her willpower ebbed away. It was hard to concentrate on anything with the heat between her legs needing to be quenched.

“I’ll make you a deal, Diana. Have you ever had fantasies about me?”

“Dammit, not that question!” she thought. “Yes, I have,” she plainly replied, giving only what the lasso compelled her to answer.

“I tied up my sister with her own lasso, Karen. She’ll tell you all her deepest, darkest, sick secrets.”

“Oh, kinky. I knew you liked it rough, carrying around that rope all the time, Diana.”

“Yes, I do,” Wonder Woman replied.

“I’ll make you a deal. If I eat you out and make you orgasm, you have to help us suck off our Master’s cock. How about it?”

Wonder Woman’s mind screamed out in horror. It was a setup. So many fantasies were dreamed up while fingering herself on lonely nights at home, with Power Girl at the centre of them. Under any circumstance she’d say yes immediately, but not with him as the price.

“Nnnoooo…yyyeeessss…” she answered, each word elongated as willpower fought and lost.

“Easy. If you were not such a bitch, Donna, you’d know it is easier to bribe a person with some love than beat them senseless.”

Donna ignored the comment, choosing to suck on her god’s balls. A dutiful tongue licked each orb with glee, warming up the milk inside that she desperately wanted to feel inside herself again. Each ball received the royal Amazonian treatment, VIP access to her mouth. In return, the man shoved two fingers into Wonder Girl’s tight asshole, fucking her roughly, wanting to hear the Amazon moan out in pleasure as she performed her womanly duties.

If he acted cold, uninterested, almost boring, it was to put Diana off-guard. She was target #1 in the plan. Her downfall and rebirth as his bitch would strike a significant blow to the enemy. Their champion defeated in such a perverse way would not only cause shame to Athena’s pantheon, but also bring much prestige to his own. It was champion vs. champion. He had a wife who he loved without reproach, but he also had a duty to carry out. Wonder Woman must break completely.

Power Girl got on her knees and sniffed the wet snatch in front of her eager lips.

“Shit, you’ve been dripping a lot, Diana. My knees are soaked from your juices,” Power Girl teased.

Just as eager as Donna was to eat out their Master’s asshole, Karen began eating out the repressed whore. Both hands opened up the woman as wide as possible, giving more than enough room for her magic tongue to dance and commit sweet romance. Diana couldn’t help but moan, eyes rolling in the back of her head, and fingernails digging into the desk.

“Yes, yes, right there, Karen, right there. It feels so good. Don’t stop, please, keep going!”

Instead of continuing, Karen stopped with devious intent.

“Why did you stop, I was so close!” Wonder Woman panted.

“I know. But give Master’s cockhead a taste first, make him happy.”

“Dammit, that wasn’t our deal!”

“I’m changing it. Take it or leave it.”

“No, fuck you, Karen. We had a deal.”

“Fine, I’ll just spread my legs for Master and rub it in your face,” Karen retorted.

Licking her lips clean of the delicious nectar, Karen roughly sat on top of Diana and did as she said. Ass on the woman’s head, legs spread wide, she gave the man a fuck me look that would set sail a thousand ships to sea. Diana was strong enough that the weight of Karen’s body on top of her skull and back did little physical strain.

The man just smiled, grabbing Donna by the hair to keep her face planted on his giant balls. Even though her body fell off the desk with a thud, those needy lips never failed in their duty for a second. Lipstick smeared the ivory globes, looking like a cheap whore had married them.

Lining up his cock, he thrust forward into Karen’s wet, tight cunt. The position made him think Power Girl read his mind, instantly knowing that humiliating Wonder Woman was the priority with their depraved harem orgy. His balls slapped into the fallen heroine’s face with every thrust, and juices dripped from Karen’s cunt down onto Diana’s head.

“Stop it! Please!” Diana pleaded.

The assault on her face was humiliating and degrading. Juices from Power Girl’s cunt flowed down her matted hair and got into her eye socket. To make matters worse, Donna was so close, worshiping the man’s giant balls. Diana wanted to reach out and kiss her sister. Something inside began breaking, slowly. Was it the narcissist in her that made latent feelings of lust bubble over?

“Master’s cock feels so good,” Karen moaned. “It is filling me up so much. How am I going to live without you, Master?”

It only turned the man on more to see Diana being used as a chair. It is one of the many advantages of having a superheroine harem, they all have the strength and toughness to be literally objectified in whatever fantastical ways he could think up. A normal girl would have collapsed instantly.

“Take it all now, Power Girl, for soon you’re going to have more than Donna sharing it with you.”

“I will never suck off your bull cock!” Diana blurted out.

The comment got the girls giggling.

“Who said he was talking about you, Diana?” Karen said.

“Always about me, me, me. That is my sister. Master is building an army of dozens of women. You’re no one special to him until you earn his praise and attention.”

Diana blushed. “It had to be the mind control,” she thought. “There is no way I’d want to touch that hung manmeat…so thick…so delicious…”

Her tongue started to escape its cage, but Diana’s willpower kicked in and stopped it.

“Someone is no longer being shy. Go ahead, suck on the tip, dear sister,” Donna said.

Wonder Girl took her god’s cock and rubbed it up against her sister’s face. All of Karen’s cunt juices seeped into her skin like beauty cream. Karen shifted position to lay on top, getting a front row view. Her own tongue slithered out to reach the tip of his pisshole, teasing the sensitive part.

“He tastes so good, Diana. Why be a lesbian prude. Cock is what these bodies were made for. Don’t fight it, join us. Your bitch sister stabbed me half a dozen times but I’ll gladly suck this cock with her. What greater purpose do we have in life than to find a superior man to serve in all ways?”

Karen’s words battered the defeated heroine’s psyche. It stung to hear her proud friend fall from grace so easily.

“He must have strong mind control powers, sick ones, linked to his genital fluids. I can’t keep snorting and licking up his cum,” she thought. “But it did make my nostrils feel like they orgasmed…maybe one more sniff wouldn’t hurt?”

There was no consent as Karen helped force feed Diana on the thick shaft. Donna used both hands to jerk off her god, wanting him to cum as quickly as possible down her sister’s throat. She wanted her to completely fall from grace, and to be nothing more than a trumped up stripper.

“Darling, cum for me. Cum down my ungrateful sister’s mouth. Give her your boon and blessing like you’ve done for Karen,” Donna said, lapping at his balls some more. “Make her eyes turn to hearts. Turn her into one of us. She doesn’t deserve it but it must be done.”

Karen pushed Diana’s head harder and harder onto the long, thick piece of ivory manmeat. Diana slurped and gulped, desperately trying to suck in air instead of the delicious cock. Slowly, her mind starting breaking, her willpower cracking. Instead of getting repulsed, her body and mind began to crave it. Without being told, she slid her tongue out, not far, but enough to make the intent clear. The action caused the man to smile down upon the beaten heroine.

“Look Donna, your bitch of a sister is getting into it. Maybe all she needed was a good, rough raping to melt her heart,” Power Girl commented.

“Master has this effect on all women. Are you going to be his good toy now, sister?” Donna asked, spitting on Wonder Woman’s face.

The cock was pulled away but greedy lips kept sucking at the air.

“More…please…I’m so close…”

“There is a pool between her legs,” Power Girl said. “But I don’t know, does she deserve him?”

The man didn’t allow any of the women to answer the question. With a strong grip, he pulled Karen over to his cock and pushed both her and Donna’s mouths onto his shaft. He made sure to stand just far enough away to be out of reach of Diana, who was now looking in sexual pain. She needed release, badly, and she’d even suck on the man’s cock if it meant feeling pleasure.

He used the girl’s hair like reins, rubbing their faces all over his towering shaft. So much territory was left to be worshipped but they did their job with glee, slobbering and licking all over where he wanted. The floor beneath them was pooling as much saliva and precum as Wonder Woman’s pussy juices.

“Aim me to the floor,” he said.

Both girls did as they were told. Their gloved fingers sending shockwaves of pleasure up his spine, jerking him off. Blasts of sperm hit the floor, splattering the heroine’s legs. The man’s knees buckled at the intensity of the orgasm he felt.

“So much cum. I need to taste it,” Karen purred.

Before she had a chance, her god snapped her head back to rest it along his pelvis.

“It is not for you, my dear Power Girl. It is for your ungrateful harem sister. If she wants a taste, she is going to have to sniff it up off the floor. Isn’t that what you want, Wonder Woman?”

Diana looked up at the man. Her willpower was shattered, her pussy on fire, and being tied down kept the powerful superheroine from doing anything about it. But she could remember the wonderful, orgasmic feeling of sniffing his cum before.

“Surely just once to take the edge off,” she thought. “I’m not a whore. I just have needs. I’m still Wonder Woman.”

“Ladies, untie her,” he said.

They did as they were told, obedient and without hesitation. Donna smirked at how easily Power Girl joined their harem. Immediately after untying the knots, Wonder Woman tried to desperately finger herself only for Karen to grab her wrists.

“No way are you getting the easy way out.”

Diana looked into Karen’s eyes. She could see something different about her corneas. They was absent in Donna’s eyes though. Little hearts grew, filling the black void. Would she meet the same fate?

“You want to orgasm, do as our god said,” Donna berated her sister, giving that firm, bikini clad bottom a hard smack.

Looking down at the cum pool then looking into the man’s eyes, Diana slowly crawled to the floor. The smell was intoxicating, and even the scent acted like a powerful aphrodisiac. She made no attempt to touch her dripping, gushing cunt as she knew Karen would just stop her again.

Leaning over, nose lined up, she snorted. The godly fluid entered her nose and immediately worked its magic in her brain.

“FUCK!” she screamed. “My pussy is on fire. It feels so good.”

This time Karen didn’t stop Diana as she vigorously fingered herself. Cunt juice splattered everywhere and ejaculate splashed the floor, mixing in with the already powerful cum pool. Face on the hard floor, her tongue slithered out for a taste of the divine potion.

“More…please…I need more…Hera forgive me…I need this…”

“You serve only one god, sister, so show him the proper respect.”

“Yes, please, give me more, my god. Splash my face with your divine potion.”

The man kept smiling, now sitting in his chair as he was flanked by his two bitches. Wonder Woman snorted up more and more of the cum, her mind going blank as her body shook in an orgasmic heaven. Tiny hearts began to form on her corneas.

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