Episodes Of Minneapolis: Empowered

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Disclaimer: Not my shit. The unoriginal plot... sure, not the rest, though, so no, no money here

“What is this reading, this brain scan is…,” Marcie trailed off.

They saw Charlie engulfed in darkness, what looked like black smoke reaching out, shadows crawl on the ground, and every near surface. They saw things. Things grabbed at them. Their worst fears and insecurities started to consume them. Charlie opened his eyes, snapping out if it.

“Did I do it,” he looked at everybody, “are you all okay?”

They all cowered in fear, not quickly registering that it was all over.

“Hey Sally, are you okay,” he grabbed her shoulders.

She screamed, snapping out if it, knocking everybody else out of it.

“What the fuck was that,” Lamar blurted out.

“It seems that Charlie’s abilities focus on negative emotions, and can bring things like fear and misfortune,” Marcie explained.

“Lucy,” Linus yelled.

Lamar rushed to her side with Linus, trying to get her out of her catatonic state.

“That’s a crazy power you got, Chuck, creepy, too,” Patricia said.

Somehow Linus could feel what Lamar felt, as if Lucy was transferring his emotions, as they both touched her. Linus looked at Lamar, sensing his desperation, love, and anger, noticing fangs in his mouth.

“Don’t be mad at Charlie, it’s not like he or any of us knew this would happen.”

“I guess you’re right,” Lamar started to calm down,” he picked her up, holding her tight.

“Is she okay,” Schroeder asked.

“What happened to her,” Sally asked.

“I’d say it was emotional overload from Charlie, since she’s an empath,” Marcie deduced.

“Shit… I screwed up again, didn’t I,” Charlie said.

“Nobody knew this would happen, Charles.”

“We just need to get her home, c’mon Linus,” Lamar ran off.

Lamar carried Lucy to where their cars were parked, Linus flew to keep up.

“I’ll get you over the fence,” Linus said before Lamar leaped over it, “maybe not.”


Linus let Lamar in the house, he soaked a washcloth in cold water while Lamar laid her in her bed.

“Come back to me, Lucy, it’s okay now, you’re safe,” he held her hand.

Linus walked in with the washcloth, placing it on her forehead, “she can probably still sense us, getting too excited isn’t going to help.”

“Yeah, but…”

“I know how you feel Lamar… it’s like I could feel you through her, earlier.”

“Then she knows how I feel,” he kissed her cheek. “She doesn’t think she can function in life like this, be around people. She just has to learn to control it, and she can be happy.”

“She’s not really a walk in the park,” he smirked.

“I’ve heard the stories… I’ve seen things. She’s not going to be the same girl she has been. One has to be worthy of her heart, nothing worth having comes easy.”

“And you’re worthy?”

“Only a beast like me, would be,” Lamar smiled.

Lamar went to get up from the bed  when Lucy grabbed his hand.

“L-Lucy,” Linus gasped.

“Why Lamar,” she whispered.

“The heart wants what it wants… you know that as much as I do… you feel it,” he squeezed her hand, “you just gotta let it happen.”

“Lucy, you need rest,” Linus said.

“Right. Rest up,” he kissed her hand.

They both walked downstairs.

“What if she doesn’t feel the same for you?”

“Then she doesn’t. I can’t make her. I’ll just hafta deal with the pain… I’m used  to it, anyway.”

Linus grimaced at that thought.

“I’m not the only one who wears my heart on my sleeve in this group. Maybe you don’t get it, because you’ve never really loved anybody. I can’t imagine something that hurts more.”

Linus started to speak.

“There’s a girl out there you wouldn’t give the time of day to. She ain’t really a kid no more, how do you know it won’t be fun, just for a little while? Why care about me pouring my heart, and you can’t even care about her,” he lit a cigarette, walking out the door.


“So I’ve gotten this under control  with the amount of bad luck I’ve been dealing out,” Charlie said, days later at lunch.

“If everyone wants to call  you ‘Bad Luck Chuck’, you’ll just show them how bad luck you are, huh, big brother?”

“How are you holding up, Lucy,” Schroeder asked.

“I’m… okay, kinda.”

“Oh? How’s it going,” Patricia added.

“I’m getting it under control, but popping pills helps drown it all out.”

“You’re popping pills, that can’t be healthy,” Marcie gasped.

“Healthier than the crippling waves of high school emotion.”

Lamar is walking to the table when Franklin and his friends decided to mess with him, tripping him.

“Watch where you’re goin, Lamar,” he laughed.

“Watch your feet, before they get stepped on, bruh,” he snapped back.

“Yeah… see what happens, do it!”

“You lucky I’m in a good mood,” Lamar went to walk away.

“It’s because you’re bitch,” Shermy threw some mashed potatoes at his back.

“If that shit got in my dreads, I’m going to bust somebodies face open,” he growled, turning around.

“Looks like they’re causing trouble again over there,” Linus noticed.

“I hope he can keep his cool,” Charlie hoped.

“If you want it there, lemme help you out,” Franklin went to dump his lunch tray.

Lamar knocked it out of his hand, spilling it all on Franklin, pushing him back.

“You did not just do that,” Franklin pushed him.

“You fucking started it, now piss off!”

“You just messed up my fit, my dude!”

“Well you were gonna mess mine up, so?” Don’t dish shit out, you can’t take.”

Franklin swung at him, hitting him in the jaw, swinging again hitting him in the side of the head, the next punch thrown, Lamar caught, following with a haymaker to Franklin’s stomach and a punch to his chest, knocking him back. Shermy grabbed him from behind, while Franklin got in some good hits in.

“Maybe it’s time for us to step in,” Patricia suggested.

Lamar broke free slashing at Shermy and Franklin, catching Shermy in the face, and Franklin across the chest, growling, kicking Franklin, Joe and Thibault jumped in, Lamar picked up Thibault, baring fangs, with a hiss, throwing him at Shermy. Joe and Franklin tackle him down, he sunk his teeth in Joes shoulder, making him cry out, they both started punching him, while he dodged most of the punches, throwing Joe off, knocking Franklin aside, jumping up on the table.

“What’s with this guy… is he turning in to a werewolf,” Joe cried.

“Die,” Lamar hollered.

“Maybe we should run, Frank,” Shermy suggested.

Lamar jumped down, grabbing Shermy, slamming him on the table, breaking it under him, tackling Franklin with rapid punches, knocking him out, throwing him at another table. By this point, most of the students gave the fight more space. Joe and Thibault try to make a break for it, but Lamar chases them, knocking away anybody between them, jumping tables to catch them, slashing their backs, tackling them in to a wall, knocking out Thibault, throwing Joe in to a vending machine.

“He’s on a rampage,” Marcie yelled.

Lamar turned to other students, spotting Violet and her friends, rushing towards them, roaring. Frozen with fear, she braced herself for what might happen next. He back-handed Frieda to the floor, choking Violet, raising his claw, just then, something hit him.

“We can’t just sit here,” Sally shot another beam at him.

He tossed Violet down, turning to where the blast came from, going after other students trying to get away. Sally shot at him again, knocking him down.

“I got him,” Patricia jumped up.

Lamar got up, throwing a table towards them, Linus stopped it in midair, Patricia tried to grab him, he went to slash at her, and she caught his hand, and his other hand. Still yet students watched their clash. Lamar relented enough to unsteady her, to throw her. Sally shot at him again, Patricia jumped back up, rushing him.

“You’ve gotta call down, Lamar,” she yelled, throwing punches, which he dodged.

Lamar back flipped, sliding across a table  Patricia took chase after him, faster she is, but not as agile, she grabbed a vending machine, throwing it at him, he barely caught it, before she jumped on it, knocking him down.

“Lamar, calm down,” Patricia ordered.

He roared, getting madder, trying to push the vending machine off of himself.

“You won, they won’t fuck with you anymore, relax!”

Lamar managed to get the vending machine off of him, jumping over it, Schroeder decided to step in with a sonic scream, dazing him.

“I think he’s too angry and feral for Tricia to fight on her on,” Marcie said.

Sally shot off a large blast at his legs, knocking him down, Linus tried to hold him down, while Patricia slammed the vending machine on him a few times.

“Lucy,” Linus struggled, “I think only you can stop him.”

“Me?! What can I do, get angry because he’s angry?”

Lamar stood up.

“I can’t hold him back anymore,” Patricia yelled.

“Show him you care… you can do it,” Linus nose started to bleed, “show him you love him, I can’t hold him still much longer, Lucy.”

“He’s going to rampage through the whole school,” Schroeder added before attacking with another sonic scream.

“Nothing I or Marcie can do, will help here at all,” Charlie said.

“Everything they do makes him madder, and they’re going to exhaust themselves before he runs out of adrenaline,” Marcie explained.

“You might not love him, but he loves you, get your ass over there,” Linus demanded.

“Fine,” Lucy marched over to where he and Patricia was.

“Well do something,” Patricia cried, trying to hold him.

“Focus on what you feel, don’t let his anger consume you,” Marcie yelled out.

“Umm…,” she closed her eyes  hugging him tight.

Lamar growled, dropping to his knees, Patricia let him go, he seemed to be calming down, resting his head on her shoulder, holding her back.

“Looks like Lucy calmed the savage beast,” Linus joked.

Lamar held up a middle finger.

“So much for staying under wraps… kinda hard when you’ve got a rage monster being shot at with laser beams and strong girl throwing vending machines,” Schroeder complained.

“I think we’re fucked,” Charlie sighed.

“For once I agree with Charlie here,” Linus added.

“We can leave. Certainly the cafeteria staff has called the police, or something. I’m sure one of these kids has us on video. Best we can do is leave,” Lamar explained.

“I just don’t know about that… all of this was your fault, and you drug us in to it. As far as everybody else knows; it’s just you and Trisha that caused the mayhem,” Charlie explained.

“What are you saying, Charlie,” Linus asked.

“I’m saying; why should we all run? They’re the ones who’re mostly responsible.”

“Don’t forget your sister… she helped,” Lucy snapped.

“What did Sally do,” Lamar asked.

“You don’t remember her shooting at you,” Lucy asked.

“No… not really. I remember the beginning of the fight, and you hugging me.”

“I brought you back, with everybody’s help.”

“Charlie, I never thought I’d see you turn your back on a friend… never thought I’d be loved either,” he looked at Lucy, “but I guess through the shock maybe nobody noticed the rest of you doing anything. I don’t know what’s going to happen, if I can take the heat off… I’ll go.”

“Now let’s not jump to conclusions,” Marcie said.

“Nobody wants to be a lab rat. No clue who seen what, so I’m just gonna go to class like nothing happened, and see what happens,” Patricia said.

“Maybe they’ll be too scared to do anything, and we won’t have to worry,” Sally claimed.

“Hey! That’s the spirit,” Patricia cheered, “if anything I’ll play stupid to what happened… shut up.”

“Fuck it, I’m going to class. Let’s just go to class, whatever happens, happens,” Schroeder said.

People did question what happened, taking Patricia’s approach, they played stupid, Marcie developed a program to scrub any footage from online, so far so good, no authorities have been around. Franklin and his friends got suspended, since the only thing anybody could agree with, is they started the fight. Most students who knew anything either left them alone, or didn’t stray on their bad side.

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