Episodes Of Minneapolis: Empowered

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Disclaimer: Not my shit. The unoriginal plot... sure, not the rest, though, so no, no money here

“Thanks for staying with me to watch and record this meteor shower, Patricia,” Marcie thanked.

“No problem, I need to stay up for my dad, anyway!”

“Looks like they’re starting,” Marcie excitedly said, finishing up her equipment adjustments.

“This is pretty cool, watching all these meteors.”

“It is,” she stood up, unconsciously holding Patricia’s hand.

Patricia stared a moment at Marcie’s fingers intertwined with hers, before a bright pink light flashed the corner of her eye.

“What is that?!”

“Oh wow,” Marcie pulled away, going to her telescope.

A large asteroid bathed in pink flames came streaking across the sky, parts started breaking up and exploding, Marcie was recording it all. The whole thing exploded, save for a few pieces being launched off.

“Hey… it blew up, pieces are flying off everywhere,” Patricia looked shocked.

“Uh-oh,” Marcie looked up.

One piece shot right towards them, as they backed away, sliding towards them on the ground to a halt, she followed it’s path with her camera, it didn’t seem as hot as they’d thought  but the area around them grew hazy. They looked it over, burning pink, looking at each other as it crackles green electricity, exploding, knocking them out.  Lucy is banging on the bathroom door, demanding Linus return her comic book, or else  whilst he laughed at her, a piece flew through the exterior wall, hitting him in the back, cracking in two, triggering one piece to explode, sending him through the door, Lucy jumped aside to see him hurling, catching the other piece coming right next to her, exploding  before she could make a sound, pink smoke stained the walls. One hurdles towards Lamar, while he was finishing up work on his Crown Victoria, exploding just above him, leaving him slumped over his engine. Schroeder just finished up playing his piano as one bangs against the front door, he wondered if it was Lucy for a split second before it crashed through, bouncing  leaving pink flames behind it. He cringed, when the green electricity frizzed his hair, exploding before he could run. Charlie found Sally arguing with Snoopy about eating her snacks in the kitchen, he grabbed the dog, tossing him out the back door  just as a piece hit him in the head, tumbling him in place, knocking his clothes off, landing on his chest.

“Serves you right,” Snoopy laughed back to his dog house.

“Good grief.”

“You have the worst luck, big bro,” Sally sighed, right before it exploded.


Every ones parents but Marcie and Patricia’s found them where they laid, remnants of the pieces long gone. They all made their way to school, still pretty dazed after last night.

“Did that really happen last night,” Sally stepped out of Charlie’s car

“Sure felt like it,” he groaned.

“Was somebody throwing rocks?”

“If they were; they had a good arm; one of those rocks came clear through the bathroom wall,” Linus complained from Lucy’s passenger seat.

“And blew up in our faces after blasting him through the door,” Lucy added.

“I thought we had explaining to do,” Sally sighed.

Lamar pulled in the lot, getting out, “man… something hit me hard last night, I thought I got robbed.”

“It was somebody throwing rocks,” Sally blurted.

“Musta been a gang, then. We don’t even live in the same hood.”

“Where’s Schroeder,” Lucy asked.

“What are the odds we all got hit with these rocks,” Linus asked, “wait… what if they weren’t rocks; Marcie said she and Trish were going to be watching a meteor shower last night.”

“There goes Schroeder, but no Trish in sight,” Lamar said.

They watched Schroeder stumble a little, getting off his scooter.

“Looks like the odds are high,” Charlie said. “Was it a rock, Schroeder?”

“Came through the front door like Lucy,” he answered, giving everybody much needed laughter.

“It’s not that funny,” she tried to argue, but she couldn’t stop laughing.

“You seem to be getting a kick out of it,” Sally laughed.

“It’s… it’s not funny, I just can’t… stop laughing!”

Just then Patricia came zooming in the parking lot, distracting everybody from Lucy.

“I thought we were gonna be late,” she jumped out the car.

“I knew you’d get us here on time, Patricia.”

“Damn…. I can breath now,” Lucy gasped.

“So what’s new,” Patricia asked.

“We all got blown up by rocks,” Lamar answered.

“The shower! So did we; one landed right by us and blew up. We woke up in the park.”

“So how’d it get you, Chuck? Boy it got us good, was all pink and green sparks.”

“Me and Sally were in the kitchen,” Charlie started.

Lucy has this strange feeling watching him explain what happened, “why am I getting these weird vibes from Charlie,” she thought to herself, “so strong… and Trish, this… attraction?”

“That’s hilarious,” Patricia laughed, “knocked your clothes off like one of your pitches being hit back at’cha!”

“One blew me through the bathroom door… and busted in Schroeder’s,” Linus added.

“My head feels strange,” she looked at everybody, their emotions mixing in her head.

“Hey, you okay, Lucy,” Charlie asked.

So close, she started feeling his worry, “I’ll be fine if you just get out of my face, with your pathetic ass worrying about me, like I’m beneath you!”

“I was just concerned.”

“I don’t care, I don’t need it,” she walked away feeling too much anger.

“Let’s go, before we miss breakfast,” Marcie said.


“I thought we were getting passed that,” Charlie sighed.

“Well… we all did get hit by space rocks, you can’t blame her,” Linus said.

“Oh look… it’s bad luck Chuck,” Violet walked by, “don’t know why you started hanging with him and your weirdo brother again.”

“Tell me about it,” she felt Violet and Frieda’s vibes.

Charlie groaned, looking at the two, suddenly Violet tripped over Frieda’s foot, spilling her breakfast on herself, and Frieda, she tried to stop her fall, knocking Lucy’s tray on Lucy, crashing to the ground.

“Looks like somebody else got the bad luck,” Lamar laughed.

A wash of emotions overcame Lucy, she held her head, running off. Patricia laughed, still with Lamar, slamming her hand on the table, taking a chunk out. Violet and Frieda rushed out behind Lucy.

“Whoa Trish, how’d you do that,” Lamar said, the whole thing catching their attention.

“Applied force overwhelming material density,” Marcie said.

They just looked at her.

“Umm… she hit it hard,” Marcie blinked.

“Yeaaaah… I see that, but I’m stronger than her, and I don’t think I could do that with a fist,” Lamar stated.

“I guess both of us don’t know my own strength,” she shrugged.


Later on in the music room, Schroeder was still not completely in the zone, having trouble concentrating on the piano, missing notes, during his free period. The sounds of the piano bouncing off the walls is throwing him off key, even further. He slammed his fingers on the keys, the horrible notes attacked his ears, with a growl, he slammed the cover down, resulting in an even painful reverb, holding his head, he screamed, shattering the windows. He faintly heard the music teacher curse to himself behind his office door, looking at what happened, Schroeder grabbed his backpack, and ran out the room.

Marcie’s asked to write a math problem on the whiteboard, and solve it. Something in her clicked while writing it out, taking it further. The teacher was astonished as she broke down the problem, carrying it in to a more advanced equation, explaining it all. Her teacher finally had to pull her away from the board, instructing her to take her seat. Then threatening to give her detention if she didn’t stop interrupting class with math far more advanced than the class. Charlie isn’t having a good time at gym class getting teased by other students, and pressed by the coach, next thing he knows; Franklin’s she came untied as he went for a layup, tripping, the ball bounces off the rim of the goal, hitting the coach in the back of the head. After yelling at Franklin, he tossed the ball back towards Shermy, who tripped over Franklin trying to tie his shoe. Charlie had a small laugh, watching it all go down. After class, in the hallway Molly confronted him trying to convince him to make Snoopy play with her, saying how crashing the racket around his neck was an accident. He still refused, she threatened him, punching a locker, triggering it to fall on her, as he backed away. Dazed, she stumbled and bumped in to the two next to the fallen, prompting both of those to fall on her.

Lucy spent most of the day trying to drown out everybody. In English class, they were watching a movie based on a book they were reading, to write a comparison,  it was like she could group peoples emotions together through the pain, but not specifically person to person in such large numbers. Enough people seemed to calm down for her relief, until one scene she found extremely sorrowful, fighting back her own emotions to keep from looking weak. One by one she heard sniffling, everybody else was slowly feeling what she thought she felt, the teacher started passing around a tissue box, Lucy held steadfast until she got overwhelmed, giving in. The hallways were the worst for her, she would quickly try to make her next class.

“What is that feeling,” she shouted to herself, watching something run by nearly a blur, knocking people here and there, “was that Trish?!”

 Charlie walked down the hall causing all sorts of locker problems for people, incidents with people being injured by swung backpacks, elbowed, knocked down, general inconveniences, fallen ceiling tiles and lights. He has this strong feeling he’s causing the fate of these innocent students, and it’s got him down. Unknown to him, he’s causing Lucy great pain, spotting her a little ways down.

“Lucy, what’s wrong,” he spotted her crouched on the ground.

Somehow his emotions drown out everybody else’s, she stands weakly, “there’s too much… emotions, and you, I need you to get away from me.”

“I think I’m causing everybody bad luck, Lucy. It’s really bothering me.”

“I know… you’re drowning out everybody else’s… please go away.”

“We have the same class, c’mon, let me help!”

She grabbed him to steady herself, to get in his face, then her whole body went in to shock, “oh my god… I’ve never felt this much pain in my life! Is this how you feel every day,” she gasped for air.

“C’mon  we’re already late,” he gently removed her hands.


They had art class together, it was quite the reprieve for her, since all she really felt was a variety of positive vibes, even Charlie to a degree. She used that to work on her project and stay calm as she could, aside from being effected by everybody else. She of course had always been curious, and it was most easy to focus on him and his latent depression. Their teacher praised her for her painting, claiming she was hiding the skill.

“Charlie,” she caught him after class.

“I’m sorry Lucy; I tried to cheer up best I could, so I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“I could feel it, and I appreciate the effort. I’m not worried about that, I could still feel that sadness and depression… and I’m so sorry, I know I’m a big factor in it,” she hugged tight.

“Is it even safe to do that?”

“No, it physically hurts, but until I can control it; I’ll be stuck sharing it with you… I deserve it,” she started to cry, “there’s so much. I wish I could make it all go away… I didn’t know you hurt this bad. Charlie I’m so, so sorry.”

“You should let go, before something bad happens.”

“Let it happen! I’ve been feeling so much today, I realized how much pain, joy, excitement… horniness people go through. Nobody stands out, like you. I noticed how many people really don’t like me. I feel every time I’ve hurt you, embarrassed you, every time I took your trust for granted… and that you still like me, and call me a friend, despite it all.”

“That’s love, Lucy.”

“How could you love me, how is that even possible,” she wailed.

“Because I know you’re better than who you are.”

“Well, well, well… this answers everything,” Violet walked around the corner, “you’re in love with Charlie!”

“Now’s not a good time, Vee,” he snapped.

“Am I interrupting your make out session, loser-boy?!”

“Look at him defending his girlfriend,” Patty sneered, “can’t believe we thought she was cool.”

“She is cool, and better than you bitches, now beat it,” he started getting angry.

“Like we’re gonna listen to some wishy-washy, can’t do shit right, failure of a…,” Violet trailed off.

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