Episodes Of Minneapolis: Dirty Little Secret

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Disclaimer: Nothing here is mine, but the plot- I ain't making no money.

“This should help me relax, some,” she thinks, sitting one cup in front of the other, going back to get her sandwich.

Charlie picked a cup to drink from, opening his other bag of chips. They sat for a while, finding something they both liked.

“I don’t feel any different, I hope it was enough to get me going quick, I was hoping to tell him my real feelings,” she thought. “Hey, I wanted to um… apologize for my outburst the other day.”


“The truth is… the truth is… are you okay?”

“I feel fine, great even,” he looked at her with a goofy smile, drooling.

“That’s great,” she smiled. “Oh no!”

“All’s forgiven… pretty Patty,” he laid his head in her lap.

“Oh baby, you drunk the wrong cup,” she quickly covered her mouth.

He rubbed her thigh, “niiiice.”

She watched him, having a thought, “I couldn’t, no, it’d be wrong,” she said aloud.

“But you can do anything, with these legs, they feel nice.”

With wide eyes and a grin,” Charlie… you wanna rub my thighs?”

“Yeah,” he sat up.

“My legs have been kinda sore…”

He went right to rubbing her leg, it actually felt good.

“Take these off,” he slurred.


“Take them off… they’re in the way.”

“You sure?”

“Yes! Pretty Patty.”

“Oookay,” she eased her shorts off.

“Much better,” he started rubbing again.

“I might be going to hell, but at least I’m kinda getting what I want… and I won’t die a virgin. Fuck it “ she thought. “Maybe you should take yours off, too.”

“Good idea,” he cursed and fought with his shoes, pulling his shorts off too.

“Don’t forget those,” she smiled, “I’m not wearing any.”

He sat back down next to her.

“This spot right here, will really make me feel good,” she placed his hand in her crotch. “No farther than this, Patricia, no farther.

Her head was back, she held the couch, ten minutes and a few orgasms later, due to his drugged diligence, she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chuck… Chuck, I want more,” she pulled her shirt off, “look at me.”

He looked up, trying to focus, she kissed him.

“I can never explain my emotions, but I love you, you might not remember in the morning, but… why’s it so much easier this way?”

“Don’t know,” he kissed her.

She kept kissing him, stopping just to pull his shirt off, his skin on hers was driving her wild, she started stroking him, his hand wandered to her chest, making her moan, when he was nice and hard, she broke the kiss, pushing him on the couch. She climbed on top of him, pushing him inside her.

“Chuck… you’re in me… my virginity is yours! Oh god, forgive me,” she worked her hips.

She rode him hard and slow, lost in her lust, he stared at her breast, lost in trance.

“You don’t hafta just look at them,” she huffed.

“They… they’re niice.”

“I know… thank you… Baby, I’m yours, sooo… you can do more than look.”

Charlie grabbed them, pulling his face in her cleavage, kissing and sucking, eventually finding his way to one of her nipples.

“Oh! That feels great,” she cried out.

His free hand was all over her, squeezing, both hands  had a firm grip on her waist.

“Ssssomethings… somethings happening, he moaned.

“Let it! It’s ‘posed to, Baby, it’ll feel good,” she lifted hid head, kissing him.

Charlie moaned in their kiss, reaching climax.

“I think I felt it. Did it feel good.”

“Felt good,” his hands dropped.

“Can I get one more, just one more, please, don’t go down, yet.”

She rode him faster, pushing another orgasm out, collapsing on top of him.

“My legs,” she rolled off of him, “so worth it, but we’ve got to get our clothes back on, Chuck.”

She looked at him slumped over, sleeping.

“I guess I’ve got to get our clothes on,” she sighed.


The next morning, Charlie went in her room to wake her up.

“Hey… Trish… get up, your dads home,” he shook her.

“G’morning Baby… I mean Chuck,” she rolled over.

“Afternoon, actually. My head kinda hurts.”

“Probably hungry,” she sat up, “want breakfast?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Well… scoot  get out, so I can put clothes on… or don’t.”

“Umm… sorry,” he took leave.

She sighed, getting out of bed. Putting clothes on, “I wish it was just us, and I was cooking in nothing but your shirt, or nothing,” she thought. Going downstairs, preparing to cook them both a small breakfast.

“Did anything happen last night,” he wondered.

“No, why?”

“I feel like it did.”

“Like what,” she smiled, facing the stove.

“I remember talking, and watching tv, we were having fun… I feel like something else happened.”

“Duh… you fell asleep, silly,” she sat his plate down, giving him a side hug.

“I didn’t know you could cook. This isn’t bad.”

“I wouldn’t be eating all that well, if I didn’t. I’m not that great,” she sat a glass of orange juice down.

“Practice makes perfect… for everybody but me. This food is on par with my moms.”

“I appreciate that, Chuck, they say the way to a mans stomach is his heart,” she sat down with her food, looking at him, “I’m not great at being girly… but I can at least cook.”

“Wanna see what the rest of the gang is up to?”



Lucy is hanging out with them at the ice cream shop with them, trying to retain her excitement, only Charlie seen the fire in her eye, while her composure held.

“Hey, Charlie, you okay,” Linus asked.

“Oh yeah… just uh… thinking about something.”

“About what, Charlie,” Lucy wondered.

“Mmmm… it’s trivial.

“Oh he’s always worried about something,” Sally dismissed.

“Right, just enjoy the ice cream, Chuck,” Patricia added.

“You’re right, today’s been great; good breakfast, good friends, ice cream.”

“And Lucy hadn’t bothered you, or me,” Schroeder lamented.

“Both of you made it loud and clear… besides; you boys are getting older, I can’t beat up on you like I used to.”

“Time for you to take a hint from a smarter woman, Sally,” Linus suggested.

“Oh screw you, just take my love already!”

“This is nice… like old times,” Lucy mused. “I gotta get you asap tomorrow, god am I getting wet just thinking about it?”

“He looks so happy, I love it, and look how he eats the ice cream, if I could get him to do that to me,” Patricia thought.

“My Sweet Babboo,” Sally thought.

“They all look happy,” Schroeder noticed.

“Yeah, I mean it’s good ice cream, but not that good,” Charlie replied.

“Girls are weird,” Linus shook his head.


“See…  it’s not bad spending a day not being some fussbudget,” Patricia teased.

“I can be nice… ish!”

“Amazing isn’t it? I never thought I’d see a day where my sister didn’t take a dig at you, Charlie.”

“Right,” he chuckled.

“Okay… I had fun, I did, okay.”

“Good! Give my brother a break sometimes,” Sally added.

“I am giving him a break. I’ll see you guys later,” Lucy walked off.

“It has been a good day “ Charlie smiled.


Until the next day. Lucy couldn’t wait, snatching him from the lunchroom that morning.

“I need you to come with me,” she drug him off.

“Where’re we going?”

“I need it,” she whispered.


“Keep your voice down… I can’t wait.”

They rounded a corner.

“Act natural,” she opened a janitors closet.

“There’s people everywhere,” he stepped in.

“I know that dumba- I know, just one, real quick,” she sat on the sink.


“At least it’s just one, and not me riding your face for ten minutes.”


“Good, now show me what you can do,” she lifted her skirt, pushing his head down, and you get two more days.”

She did all the work the first time, so he did his best, sucking on her labia, getting her started, hearing her breath get heavy, his tongue brushed her clit a few times.

“Right there… stay right there, that spot  yes.”


“That’s it, Charlie.”

He licked her clit over and over, flicking his tongue, she swiped at a shelf, knocking a cleaning bottle on his head.

“Close… so close,” she gasped.

Charlie carried on quicker, she covered her mouth, tapping her foot, as she climaxed. Pushing him away, adjusting herself.

“Thank you Charlie,” she left, shutting the door.

“Where were you,” Charlie,” Linus asked at his arrival.

“Bathroom,” he sat down.


Once again, even as the other girls would lay in on him, Lucy would ignore the whole thing, other than a chuckle here or there. That was fine for Charlie; she promised not to make fun of him, not, not laugh at him.

“How come you aren’t making of Charlie, like you normally do,” Violet confronted her in the hallway.


“You heard me,” Violet snapped.

“Yeah, that’s like your favorite thing,” Patty said.

“I uhh lost a bet, that’s why.”

“What kinda bet,” she raised an eyebrow.

“Peppermint Patty bet me forty bucks I couldn’t go a week without making fun of him.”

She just stared at her a moment, “good luck,” she shrugged.


“Hey Chuck, how ya doing, buddy,” Patricia greeted him the next day.

“Oh I’m doing fine, and you?”

“Good, but I was wondering if you could come over and help me with my english work, now you don’t hafta stay all night, like last time.”

“Sure I could do that.”

“Thanks a bunch,” she hugged him.

“I’ll see you later,” he walked away.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get you in me again,” she thought to herself.

Later on after baseball practice, she hurried home, to take a shower, forgoing underwear, waiting for Charlie to come over, crushing up a few more of her dads pills, watching tv, doing her homework.

“I don’t know how long I can pull this off, but I’m gonna get it, while the getting’s good. Oh but if he was mine,” she said to herself.

She jumped up to a knock on the door, opening to see Charlie standing there, she couldn’t hold back the smile.

“Hiya Chuck, c’mon in!”

“So you wanna get started?”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

She paid close attention, actually needing help in the class, Charlie stopped thirty minutes in, asking for something to drink.

“Sure, you want a snack, or something, too?”

“Umm… if it isn’t too much to ask.”

“Of course not, Chuck! I’ll do anything for you,” she jumped up.

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