Episodes Of Minneapolis: New Kid

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Lamar heard somebody calling his name, turning around to see Patricia.

“Oh great.”

“Lamar, I need to speak with you! I heard what you said about Charlie, and that other stuff!”

“Who is this Charlie, yall keep talking about?!”

“My boyfriend! Now if you don’t leave him alone, I’m gonna clobber you, only warning,” she threatened.

“Okay, first off; I ain’t did shit to your boyfriend, all I did was try and ask him where one of my classes was, and he ran away, so I thought he was racist. Secondly; I’m the last dude you wanna fight.”

“He’s not racist! Franklin is his best friend.”

“That black dude? No wonder he was avoiding me.”

“Yeah… him. So you weren’t trying to bully Charlie?”

“Naw, for what?”

“Oh. Then it was all a mistake, then.”

“Duh! I’m not a bully, I dealt with enough of that shit in my old school.”

Charlie and Marcie walked up to try and diffuse the situation.

“So you’re Charlie, huh? I’m sorry I thought you were racist, my bad, bruh. With that buzzcut, and running away; I thought you were.”

“My dad owns a barbershop. I accept your apology.”

“You got a good girlfriend, man, and she’s  a hottie.”

“What a charmer you are,” she blushed.

“I’ll catch yall later,” he walked away.

“See… I told you, you’re not Plain Jane,” Charlie kissed her.

They watched Lamar sit by himself again.

“Guys, we talked to Lamar, it was all a misunderstanding,” Patricia started.

“Really,” Schroeder asked.

“He thought I was racist because I ran from him, he didn’t even want to bully me.”

“He was just trying to find his class,” Patricia added.

“You guys sure he’s being honest,” Franklin asked.

“Anybody who thinks I’m a hottie, can’t be bad.”

“I didn’t want to say anything, but I did catch him cutting himself earlier,” Linus chimed in, “then Thibault challenged him to a fight. I think he’s just had a bad start.”

“He was cutting, that’s not good. We’ve been giving him quite the hard time,” Schroeder said.

“Charlie never even got that far,” Linus said.

Charlie got up, walking over to Lamar.

“What’s up, Charlie,” Lamar looked up.

“You can sit with us, if you want. Seems like you’ve had a shitty start, and we didn’t make it any better.”

“For real?”

“If you want to.”

“Yeah bruh, I never had friends in my old school,” he got up.

Lamar sat down with Charlie and his crew.

“We want to apologize for how we treated you,” Linus started, “our friend here has had enough strife in his life, so we’re pretty protective. I’m Linus.

“Strife is my middle name, man.”

“I’m Schroeder.”

“You met me, already,” Franklin said.

“You said you didn’t have friends at your old school, where are you from,” Charlie asked.

“From middle school until I left high school. I’m from Kentucky.”

“Ooo… did you own a horse,” Patricia asked.

“Uhh… no. I’m from Louisville- the biggest city in the state. My dad got an engineering job here with Gray Industries.”

“Working for Violet’s dad,” Franklin gasped.

“Who’s that?”

“That black haired girl over there,” Franklin pointed.

“The cute one I was asking about yesterday?”

“No, the one that tripped you yesterday,” Marcie corrected.

“Lucy is my sister… she’s kinda a bitch.”

“And you wouldn’t have a chance, since she’s always after me.”

“Get at that, dawg,” Lamar yelled.

“You’ll learn, man. You’ll learn.”

“That little red-headed girl over there, looks fine, too.”

They started laughing.


“Lamar… Charlie here used to pine for a girl he called ‘the little red-headed girl’, for years,” Linus explained.

“She’s Frieda. She’s not as bad as the others, I guess, but she’s still their friend… speak of the devil,” Charlie groaned.

“I see you found the loser table,” Violet sneered.

“Associating with criminals, that’s a new low for you people,” Lucy added.

“I ain’t no criminal, I wasn’t doing shit, but trying to find this place,” Lamar snapped, “piss off on the stereotypes.”

“That was our fault, we made assumptions and tricked him,” Schroeder admitted.

“Looks like I’m rubbing off on you,” Lucy smiled.

“It was Shermy’s idea,” he rolled his eyes.

“So… who’s your quiet friend over there,” Lamar asked.

“Don’t you worry about her, you’re not good enough to date her,” Lucy snapped.

“You don’t even know me.”

“And we don’t want to,” Violet lead them away.



After school Lamar was walking to the student parking lot with them, chatting.

“Looks like dude didn’t really wanna fight,” Lamar said.

“Thibault? I saw him threaten you when I came out the bathroom, Linus said.

“You were in the bathroom… fuck.”

“I kinda saw what you were doing, and it’s not healthy “

“Linus told us what you were doing, don’cha know that can be dangerous,” Patricia stated.

“I don’t go super deep, or nothing. It just makes me feel good. Dealing with being treated like shit, never having a girlfriend, for the most part… I needed something. Nobody cares, and the people I tried to talk to, thought it was all trivial.”

“We can be friends, I don’t think I can help you with a girlfriend, I’m surprised I even have one,” Charlie said.

“Hey, Hollywood! Thought I forgot, didn’t ya,” Thibault walked up.

“Why don’t you go home Thibault,” Patricia yelled.

“There’s no need to fight, man, let it go,” Franklin added.

“Stay in a woman’s place, Patricia,” he snapped.

“You don’t have to fight him,” Charlie pleaded.

“Nah, it’s fine, I might be depressed and all that shit, but I got anger to release, plus I fucking hate misogynistic assholes.”

“They’re going to jump you,” Marcie said.

Lamar shrugged, walking up to them.

“Show you, you ain’t so big and bad!”

Lamar socked him in the mouth, left cross to head, right cross to the jaw, staying close to him. Joe Agate grabbed him from behind, holding him, so Thibault could get some hits in, cracking Lamar across the jaw, and hitting him in the stomach. Lamar kicked him away, flipping Joe over knocking them both down. The rest just look on, Violet  Lucy, Frieda, and Patty walk up on the fight. Thibault rushed back, just to get punched in the temple and knocked out, as Lamar was getting up. Joe tried to get in Lamars face, he choked him, kneeing him in the stomach, giving him a left, right combo, staggering him, picking up Joe, body slamming him on the concrete, knocking him out. The girls had never seen such a brutal fight, Lamar glared at them as he turned back to his new friends.

“I don’t think they wanna fuck with me again,” he panted.

“I’ve never seen a fight like that, no way I could do that,” Charlie exclaimed.

“I could show you a few things, my dude. You got a chick to look out for.”

“I’m usually the one looking after him,” Patricia laughed.

“Aye… yall gotta be a team.”


“He just beat both of them,” Frieda blurted out.

“He’s not like Charlie at all,” Violet gasped.

“I don’t think any of the boys could take them both on,” Patty said.

“He’s a real tough guy… what a hunk,” Frieda cooed.

Violet slapped her arm.


“Do you want to join us getting something to eat,” Charlie asked.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Lamar walked to his bike.

“Dude! You have a motorcycle,” Patricia asked.

“It’s my dads. He lets me use it sometimes. Might be mine when he gets a new one.”

“I’d love to ride on it!”

“As long as Charlie is okay with it.”


“I guess, it’ll be okay,” Charlie smiled.


“He has a motorcycle,” Frieda squealed, watching Lamar leave with the others.

“Oh my god, Frieda, what’s with you,” Lucy was exasperated.


“Shit, I think this might actually be a good school year, and maybe I’ll get a girlfriend, I don’t think it’s going to happen soon, though,” Lamar said.

“I’m sure somebody will wanna date you,” Linus said.

“I really think that Frieda chick is cute, but yall know her better than me.”

“All you can do is try, my man,” Franklin smiled.

“So do you always wear sunglasses,” Schroeder wondered.

“It’s a genetic trait of the men in my family,” he smirked.

“Do you play any sports,” Patricia asked.

“When I was a kid. If it’s not racing, I don’t care too much about it.”

“What do you think about Beethoven,” Schroeder asked.

“Not super in to classical, more in to like rock genres, but… I have hit up some orchestras before, and the man was a marvel, mad respect.”

“He’s got my seal if approval,” he held his thumbs up, as the rest laughed.

“Do you play any instruments, “Charlie wondered.

“I’m a lute guy; guitars, bass, banjo, sitar, kinda decent with cellos  never tried an harpsichord.”

“Isn’t that like a piano,” Franklin asked.

“Yes, but instead of hammers, the strings are plucked,” Schroeder explained.

“I got a set of turntables, too.”

“You seem like a nice guy, why were you so disliked,” Marcie asked.

“Because of how I dress, and the music I listen to, I just wasn’t hood enough… then… people somehow found out I wasn’t straight. That… that made everything worse.”

“That’s horrible,” Marcie gasped.

“Well we won’t tell anybody, and if it gets out; I’ll slug them,” Patricia blurted

“Me too,” Franklin agreed.

“So will I. I refuse to be a victim and weak. I just ain’t got a chip on my shoulder, ya know?”

“You’ve got us, we just met officially  but we tend not to judge, I know I wouldn’t mind being your friend,” Linus stated.

Aye, that’s cool.”

They enjoyed their night before having to part. Lamar went home, telling his parents how he thinks he made some friends, they were glad. The next day somebody stopped him between classes.

“Hey… Lamar right?”

“Yeah,” he turned, “Frieda?”

“That’s me. Can I talk to you?”

“Depends if this is some crackpot scheme you and your friends are doing- I don’t play that shit  I almost backhanded your friend for tripping me.”

“Wow… okay, it’s not some plan.”

“I don’t typically hit chicks, but I don’t tolerate bullies, or assault,” he said sternly.

“I just kinda think you’re cute- don’t wanna hurt you, just get to know you better. Maybe we could date if it works out,” she nervously looked at her shoes.

“I heard you’re like a narcissist about your hair?”

“No, not really. Not anymore,” she looked up at him.

“I guess if you’re sincere, we could try. What about your friends?”

“It’s not their business what I’m trying to do- want to do. If we end up dating… then they’ll just need to deal with it.”

“Be sincere, now,” he raised an eyebrow.

“I swear… Beagle Scouts honor! I thought it was kinda amazing how you took out Joe and Thibault, I’d be lying if I weren’t intrigued, plus I like your style,” she blushed.

“What about my friends?”

“Hopefully I can prove to them I’m not that bad, they do, or did like me more than Lucy and Violet.”

“Okay,” he nodded, “I think you’re cute, too, Frieda. I really like redheads, too,” he smiled.

“Meet you after school  and we can hang somewhere?”

“I’d love to.”

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