Episodes Of Minneapolis: New Kid

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Lamar Jackson is the new kid in town, enrolled in Shultz High with the rest of the crew, trying to get lay of the land, with his fresh start, and hopefully better life, than what he had back home. Not exactly your typical black teen, in to mostly rock music, cars, he has a goth, or grunge aesthetic most of the time. Six foot four, shoulder length dreadlocks, always in sunglasses. We take you to his first day of junior year.

“Now I need to find these classes,” he thinks to himself, walking through the hall, “maybe I should ask somebody.”

He walked through the hall, finding some kid in a yellow shirt, tapping on his shoulder.

“Hey man…”

The kid turned around, looking at Lamar’s combat boots, tucked in Tripps, chains, spiked gauntlets, black button-down with rolled sleeves and black t-shirt with a large red pentacle logo, then the grimace on his face. The kid backed slowly and ran away. Lamar rolled his eyes.

“Yo,” he walked up to another kid, “aye bruh, can you tell me where Mr. Robertson’s room is, I tried asking this one kid, and he ran off… probably a skinhead by the looks of him, scared his ass, I guess.”

“Up on the second floor, four doors down that hall,” he pointed at the ceiling. I’ve never seen skinheads in this school, though.”

“I’ve heard things about certain midwest cities, so I don’t know. Thanks man.”

“Names Franklin.”

“Lamar,” he fist bumped, “keep an eye on that dude in the yellow an black shirt,” he walked off.


“What are you freaking out about now, you blockhead,” Lucy watched Charlie run up.

“What worries you, friend,” Linus asked.

“This kid I’ve never seen before, real tall, looking like he’s from a metal video, walked up to me, looking like he had a problem with me! I don’t need anymore bullies, and he looks like the physical type, so I ran.”

“We have a new student, and he’s trying to bully people already,” Linus wondered.

“Good grief… well he picked the right one,” Lucy walked away.

“Don’t worry, Charlie; I’ve got your back.”


First period  let out, it was time for him to find his next class.

“…ah, thanks sir, this school is confusing… I’m trying to get the hang of it,” Lamar left.

“The new guy, he sure doesn’t seem to talk much, kinda cute, though,” Molly said.

“He looks like a freak, rock reject. Might be a good match for your loser ass, Fat Legs. If he doesn’t have standards,” Violet left.

“You better watch who you’re talking to!”


“Yeah, there’s a new guy, I met him last class. He said he heard bad things about the midwest, and called Charlie a skinhead,” Franklin explained.

“Well that sounds like he’s not much for first impressions,” Schroeder scoffed.

“Tell me about it, another brother here, and he already has a chip on his shoulder,” Franklin shook his head, “he was covered in chains and spikes, and shit.”


Lamar walking to his next class, rather swiftly, chains jingling, walking towards Lucy and Frieda, they watch him walk past.

“Well, somebody is in a hurry,” Frieda noticed.

“Must be the guy Charlie was talking about,” Lucy replied.

“He’s kinda cute… in a dangerous way.”

“Cute,” she scoffed, “have some standards, girl,” she walked away


He walked in the English class, finding a seat.

“Oh look… there’s the rock reject,” Violet teased.

He gave her the side-eye, as some other students laughed.

“You’d think somebody would want to look presentable on their first day of school, what even is that, did you fall through a hardware store, or something on the way here?

“Great… just like my old school,” Lamar sighed.


Not a very fun first day so far, but it’ll be over, soon. He ran in to Linus, Schroeder, and Shermy in the hallway.

“And so Peppermint Patty wants to drop the ‘peppermint’ part, said it was childish,” Shermy was explaining.

“You guys know where the lunchroom is,” Lamar asked.

They just glared at him.

“Yeah, we’re headed that way, just go down that way, and through those double doors,” Shermy spoke up.

“Thanks, dude, appreciate it,” he walked off.

“That’s the way to the back of the stage,” Linus said.

“Yeah… serves him right for calling Charlie a skin head,” Schroeder laughed.

“And trying to bully him,” Linus added.

Lamar stepped through the doors, standing around the backstage with a sigh.

“God damn… so much for new beginnings.”

He walked  back out the doors, running in to Patty and Lucy.

“What were you doing in the auditorium,” Patty asked.

“I was uh… trying to-”

“Up to no good, probably. You look like a criminal! C’mon Patty,” Lucy strutted off.

“Um… sorry,” Patty ran off.

Lamar looked around  incredulously. Restarted his search for the cafeteria, he spots two other girls walking.

“…just Patty or something! I’m telling you for the last fucking time; call me sir again, and I’ll slug you,” Patricia came around the corner, bumping in to Lamar.

“Excuse me, my bad,” he apologized.

“Why don’t you… whoa, nice fit,” she looked him up and down.


“This is my friend, Marcie, and I’m-”

“Peppermint Patty?”

“How’d you know,” she looked surprised.

“Well, I already saw one Patty, walking with this cute black haired girl, and you said something about call you Patty, and you smell like peppermints,” he deduced.

“I really don’t want to be called that, anymore. You’re a smart kid. What’s your name?”

“Lamar. I’m trying to find the lunchroom.”

“Follow us, that’s where we’re headed,” she marched off.

“Nice to meet you, Lamar.”

“Nice to meet you too. So far everybody been rude.”

“Well, you can sit with our friends, none of them are mean. By chance, this black haired girl, which one?

“She had on a blue halter top…?”

“Lucy. Stay away from her, she’s one of the mean teens, her and her friends.”


They walk in the lunchroom.

“Finally,” he said joyously, “Thanks… Trish.”

“Trish…? I like the sound of that!”

“Our friends are over there,” Marcie pointed.

He looked and saw Charlie, and the ones who sent him backstage.

“I think I’ll pass, I already met some of them,” he walked to the lunch line.


“Hey guys, I just met the new kid, over there,” Patricia plopped down.

They all looked at Lamar in the line, giving him dirty looks.

“What gives, he seems cool,” she asked.

“I thought he was gonna beat me up,” Charlie admitted.

“He called you a skinhead, too,” Franklin snapped.

“We heard, so I sent him to the stage, when he was looking for the lunchroom,” Shermy said from the next table.

“So that’s why he didn’t want to sit here,” Marcie said.

“Jeeze… I thought he was cool,” Patricia thought aloud.


Lamar walked past their table, catching death stares from Charlie and the boys. He noticed that girl, Lucy, he was advised to avoid, with the other girls he had classes with. Violet tripped him, and he fell.

“You’re as clumsy as Charlie, hope you didn’t stab yourself on those ugly bracelets,” she laughed.

“Damn… he’s already a target for them,” Schroeder shook his head.

“Serves him right, calling my Chuck a skinhead,” Patricia blurted.

“What the fuck was that for,” Lamar got up.

“Don’t ask me, you’re the one that fell,” Violet sneered.

He looked at his food, nothing was ruined, “you’re lucky that shits still good,” he picked up the tray.

She just laughed as he went to sit alone.


The next day wasn’t any better, rumors started spreading about him, he had no hopes of finally having a decent school year at all. Time to start again with the relief.

“Damn you’re still a fucking loser outcast, even halfway across the country,” he told himself in front of a sink mirror in a bathroom, “I haven’t even done anything and they already hate me.”

Suddenly a stall door opened, startling him. He dropped a razorblade rushing out.

Linus caught a glimpse of him rushing out, walking to the sink still running, seeing blood being rinsed away, and the razorblade, “oh… no,” he turned the sink off, throwing the razorblade in the trash, after washing his hands.

Linus walked out to a crowd.

“Don’t lie to me! I’ve heard about you, thinking your shit don’t stink! I didn’t think I’d meet somebody more arrogant than Charlie Brown,” Thibault argued.

“Man… I don’t know this Charlie people keep comparing me too, but I ain’t him!”

“Oh! Oh! You do think you’re all high and mighty!”

“Not even what I said, bruh!”

“I hear ya! Guess I gotta knock you down a few pegs! See you after school in the student parking lot… teach you a thing or two, new kid,” Thibault walked away.

Lamar just sighed. Linus looked down and saw where blood was dripping on the floor, “oh no.”


Lamar was on his way to lunch, running in to Patricia and Marcie again.

“Hey, Marcie, Trish, what’s up,” he greeted.

They just glared at him, she walked up to Charlie, giving him a kiss, Lamar just stared, shaking his head.

“You know what.. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind,” Patricia snapped.

“That’s not necessary, Trish,” Charlie pleaded, “no need to get on his bad side.”

“Nobody is going to disrespect my boyfriend, I’m nipping this in the bud, real quick,” she marched off.

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