Episodes Of Minneapolis: Peppermint Patty

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Disclaimer: I'm obviously not the ghost of Charles Shultz, or have any legal tides to the current ownership of Peanuts to recieve monetary gain...

Peppermint Patty has had a crush on Charlie Brown for as long as she could remember, despite everything, she couldn’t see too much wrong with the round-headed kid, either he had to screw up real bad, or she thought he screwed up real bad, for her to get mad at him. She never stays too mad, though, and tries her best to keep his back when everybody else is against him, or tired of his shit. Despite Marcie having a crush on him, it’s never torn their friendship apart, probably because it’s not as strong a desire as hers.

She’s always trying to give him hints, and they seem to go right over his head, and today was one of those days…

Charlie walked through the hall worried about his writing portfolio assignment he just got in English class, too busy reading the paper to see where he was going, “oomfgh!”

“Hey, why don’t you watch where you’re,” Patricia turned around, “Chuck, it’s you!”

“Sorry, Peppermint Patty,” he sighed.

“If ya wanted to run in my arms, ya at least coulda waited till I turned around… or at least paid attention. Wait, were you trying to hug me from behind, you sly dog, did somebody trip you, is that what it was,” she held out a hand.

“Um no, I just… I’m sorry, I’m just…”

“Don’t worry about it, you can run in to me anytime,” she winked.

“Yeah, thanks, excuse me,” he hurried off.

She blushed, watching him run off.

“He is cute, isn’t he,” Marcie walked up.

“Chucks going to be mine one day,” she sighed.

“Sure, if you ever tell him how you feel, and he feels the same.”

“Of course he does, he’ll come around!”

“You still have to tell him, Sir.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“I’m trying not to. Old habits die hard.”

“Whatever,” she walked away.

Later on at lunch, Patricia once again had to deal with what she saw was one of Charlie’s faults, one that irritated her the most.

“Patricia, what is it now?”

“He’s doing it again,” she sneered.

“Just look at her, she’s so beautiful, and has much better red hair, than Frieda,” Charlie ogled.

 “Then why don’t you say something to her?”

“I can’t! I don’t even know her name. How can I even think to do that without her name,” he cried out.

“Somebody knows her name, just ask somebody,” Linus suggested.

“Right, so then word gets out that I like her, and next thing I know; people are going to sabotage me.”

“Listen to that, he’s chasin’ some girl who probably ain’t even interested,” she grimaced.

“It’s not like he knows you like him.”

“Well that’s his fault for being a fucking blockhead.”

“Dude, you just have to,” Schroeder started. “Peppermint Patty, are you okay?”

“I’m fine!”

“That’s good. You have any advice on finding out the little red-headed girls name?”

“Really?! You barely even know her, how can you like somebody and you don’t even know her name? I don’t have any classes with her, I never see her with anybody we know. All you do is expect her to just walk in your life again, don’t you think she’d do that already? Men are supposed to come to us!”

“Yeah, that’s what-”

“You’re so wishy-washy, you keep waiting for her to come to you, and you can’t even go to her,” she jumped up.

“Peppermint Patty, if you’d just listen.”

“I’ve heard enough! Oh and her name is Heather, so go be happy with her,” she stormed off.

“What was that all about,” Schroeder asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Charlie replied.

“That was harsh! Marcie what’s gotten in to her,” Linus asked.

Marcie just sighed, rubbing her temples.


Patricia was still mad at Charlie at gym class, venting to Marcie.

“Right in my face he talks about that girl, Chuck can be so rude!”

“No, you were rude treating him like that, letting your jealousy getting the best of you.”

“He should know how I feel!”

“You haven’t told him! How is he supposed to know?!”

“Is Charlie still fawning over Heather,” Violet asked.

“He really thinks she’d ever date him,” Lucy laughed, “he’s such a loser!”

“She’s a nice girl, but not that nice. I guess she might give him a pity date… might.”

“Wait! How you feel? You like Charlie, don’t you?”

“What’s it to ya, huh?”

“If we tell Heather that Charlie likes her, she might get a kick out of it,” Violet laughed, “or we can tell him your secret, he’s so in to her, I’d love to see him turn you down, just to get turned down.”

“Don’t you dare,” Patricia fumed.

“Yeah, like we’re going to do him any favors. Or you. I can’t believe you have a crush on that asshole, I guess the both of you would make a dumb loser couple; a raving cunt, and a pathetic dick. This is so way more entertaining, watching you cry over a boy you can’t have, drool over a girl he’ll never get!”

“Calm down, Patricia, you know how they get,” Marcie demanded.

“I’m so tired of you, Lucille! Charlie is a great guy you’re too stupid to see!”

“Great?! You’re more dense than he is,” she laughed.

“Doesn’t she only call you that when she’s mad?”

“I’m warning you, Lucille, you’re going too far,” Patricia approached.

“Fuck you Peppermint Patty, and Fuck Charlie Brown,” she leered.

Patricia gave her a haymaker right in the stomach, walking out the locker room. Lucy dropped to her knees, Violet was frozen, watching Marcie chase after.

The class was playing kickball, Lucy of course sat it out, for a stomach ache, Charlie was put on Patricia’s team with Linus, Franklin, Schroeder, Marcie, Frieda, versus Shermy, Tapioca, Patty, Molly, Pig Pen, Thibault, and Royanne. They had bases loaded, if they got at least two people to home base, they’d win. Charlie was up to kick.

“I can’t believe you lost us the game,” Patricia punched him in the arm, “on a roll from Tapioca!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kick it right back at her,” he rubbed his arm.

“You’re always sorry, Chuck!”

“It was just a game, it’s not like we’re going to get an F.”

“Oh! Just a game, a game our grades depend on!”

“Our grade depends on participation, not winning.”

“That’s what it is, you don’t like winning, is that what it is, or… of course! You just wanted to see me lose for once!”


“I get it, I thought we were friends, I see how it is!”

“You don’t get-”

“No, no, I get it! I oughta slug ya again,” she walked away.

Charlie watched her walk away speechless.

“She’s just going through something, you know how it is,” Marcie explained.

“Yeah, but, she’s never been this mad in a long time,” he slumped away.

Patricia changed clothes, making her way to a bathroom, Marcie doing her best to tail her, hearing a familiar cry.



She found the stall she was crying in.

“Why does he do that to me? Why can’t he see I’m in love with him,” she cried.

“You did it to yourself, Sir.”

“What, he’s the one who sabotaged the game to see me lose!”

“You yelled at him while he was making his kick. It’s your fault.”

“He’s always talking about that Heather girl… she is beautiful, real beautiful… not like me, that’s why he’ll never like me.”

“Sir, listen to somebody else for once in your life,” she shook her by her collar.

Patricia looked at her.

“It’s your fault! Charles is rather dense, but your piss-poor flirting us not getting the message across! He’s too timid and bashful to approach a girl he likes, or he’d have been asked Heather out, you have to tell him cut and dry how you feel. But first, you need to stop treating him the way you do, you’re too pushy and brash, and you don’t fucking listen, sir!”


“Yes! Be a friend, tell him how you feel… directly! If you really love him; act like it!”

She thought about calling Charlie like she normally does, but decided to actually go over, and that night, not days later.

Sally opened the door to Patricia’s police knock, “what do you want?”

“Is Chuck here?”

She sighed, “big brother! Door!”

Charlie came downstairs to see Patricia at the door.

“You come to finish the job?”

“Yes, but no.”

He rose an eyebrow.

“Just… come here,” she hugged him, “I’m sorry for everything, Marcie set me straight.”


“Yep. I… I… should be a better friend, I will be,” she started crying, “listen more, stop being so bossy. Please forgive me.”

“Of course, Peppermint Patty,” she hugged back.

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