Episodes Of Minneapolis: Peppermint Patty

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Days later, she kept her promise and despite the risk; encouraged him to try and talk to Heather, like their friends. It was hard, but she tried.

“Hey, Peppermint Patty,” Schroeder greeted in the hallway.

“Hiya, Schroeder, how’s stuff?”

“Good. I’ve been curious; you’ve been acting different lately, everything good with you?”

“Yeah, yeah, I just want to be a better friend to Chuck, Marcie pointed it out, and I gave it some thought; sometimes I’m just as bad as Lucy and Violet.”

“I don’t think you’re that bad, but you do like to, take charge, so to speak, and a good leader has to listen to those they want to lead.”

“Right. I’m trying. If I can get better at school, I can be a better friend to Chuck, show him I really care.”

“Schroeder bae,” Lucy walked up.

“Oh no,” he moaned.

Patricia stepped in front of him, “keep walking, girlie!”

A small look of fear, Lucy walked briskly past the two.

“Thanks Peppermint Patty.”

“Any time,” she smiled, “I’d better get to class.”

She walked past Heather and her friends, with a sigh, then running in to Charlie and Linus.

“Man, you just gotta talk to her, sometimes you have to take the initiative, Charlie.”

“I just get so nervous talking to girls.”

“You talk to me and Marcie. You even talk to Lucy, Frieda, Patty, and Violet. Why is Heather so different than us, huh,” Patricia walked up.

“I don’t know.”

“Are the rest of us not pretty, Chuck?”

“Peppermint Patty,” Linus gave a warned tone.

“No, I want an answer, are the rest of us not pretty? I know there are girls that bully you, and that’s pretty ugly of them, but if you can talk to the rest of us, does that mean we’re ugly, or something, am I ugly to you?”

“N-no, it’s not like that!”

“I’m just trying to help, not jump on your case, calm down, man.”

With a deep breath, “Lucy and Patty, and Frieda, and Violet are ugly on the inside, but they aren’t that bad looking, especially Patty, because she’s the nicest. You and Marcie are my friends.”

“But Marcie and me aren’t ugly, right?”

“No, not at all.”

“Be honest, do you think we’re cute, or pretty?”

“Yes, I promise. Marcie is cute, and you’re cute, Peppermint Patty.”

She tried her hardest to hold back her excitement, taking a breath, “well… if you think I’m nice and pretty, and so is Marcie- even if you think Heather is hotter’n the rest of us, even though you said Lucy is kinda cute, you talk to us, so why is Heather different.”

“Right… I talk to you girls all the time, why shouldn’t I be able to talk to Heather? She’s just as cute as you and Marcie, and she seems to be just as nice, I shouldn’t be scared of her!”


“Oh thank you, Peppermint Patty,” he hugged her.

Linus watched her face melt in that hug.

“I’m going to toughen up and ask her out,” he ran off.

She watched him leave, “what a man.”

“I think you just performed a miracle, Peppermint Patty. I’m curious why you would help him?”

“He said I was cute,” she sang.

“Why would you help him, I know you have a crush on him.”

“Because… he really likes her… and he wouldn’t wanna be with me the way I am. He said I was cute, but I’m not as cute as Heather, he always goes after the prettiest, nicest girls. How do you know I have a crush on him?”

“Because your poor attempts to flirt with him are obvious- to me, anyway. What have you planned?”

“Nothing! I want him to be happy… even if it isn’t me,” she lowered her head.

“Maybe you should take your own advice, stop acting dumb and tell him how you rightly feel about him.”

He flinched when she looked up, waiting to get slugged.

“It won’t matter, once he tells her, and they’re going steady,” she walked away.

“Even Charlie is capable of going after what he wants, even if it fails, keep trying to fly that kite,” he yelled at her.


It’s last period, Friday afternoon, Patricia is walking with Franklin to class, her often second voice of reason, one that doesn’t give in as easy as Marcie.

“You’ve been acting strange these past two weeks, what’s with you?”

“I’m trying to be a better person, is that a problem?”

“Naw, just… you helping Charlie, you pay attention to other peoples opinions and thoughts… you helping Charlie land his crush.  We just used to you being you, and I know you have a crush on him, so what gives?”

“I want to be a better person, okay? A real team player. We’re all a team, and Marcie made me realize that I’m Chuck’s worst friend, I needed to change that. Shit, I think this is it,” she elbowed Franklin.

They watched Charlie slowly walk up to Heather.

“Bruh, you really want to watch this, see Charlie with another girl, or are you hoping it’s another failure on his part?”


They got close enough to hear, but he wouldn’t notice them.

“Make your move, Chuck, be brave,” she clasped her hands.

“Charlie Brown?! You want to take me out on a date? Of course I remember you, and you’re a nice guy, but you’re a bit too wishy-washy for my liking.”


“You’re sweet, but no, sorry, I don’t think we’re that compatible, but good luck, Charlie.”

The teens all laughed at him as he slumped away, Patricia was upset for him, Franklin saw a fire ignite in her eyes, when she started her approach.

“What are you going to do,” he followed.


“Please don’t beat her up,” Franklin begged.

“Why would you turn him down, he’s a good guy!”

“I know he is, but I just don’t think-”

“Of course you don’t! You just let down the guy who’s been crushing on you since elementary school! Chuck is a great guy, a standup guy, he’s brave and makes a great leader, and, and no matter what happens, he never gives up! Yeah sure he has shit ass luck, but one day he’s going to be somebody, and you’re going to miss out!”

“Sounds like you really like him.”

“Well I am his friend,” she glared.

“No. I mean you like-like him. I think if I said yes, you’d be just as hurt if I took your guy, no matter how happy I made him. I’m not a bitch like that Violet girl, I wouldn’t mind being his friend, I knew he liked me, I just don’t feel the same.”

“But that isn’t fair to him!”

“Yes it is, because you still have a chance to tell him how you feel, I see it in your eyes, he’s more than just a friend to you. Come clean, be honest with me.”

“I… I do love him.”

“Lemme guess… all of his friends supported and helped him ask me out? Now I’m being your support,” she held Patricia’s shoulders, “now you go tell him how you feel. Don’t be like Charlie, you’re braver than he is. He needs you more than me.”

“You think so?”

“Yes, girl! That’s your man! Get him, and I want to know how it goes on Monday, if he turns you down, I’ll set him straight.”

“Really? Okay… I’ll do it. You really are a nice person,” she hugged her.

Heather and Franklin watched her run off.

“That was nice of you, Heather.”

“Franklin, you’re the guy I like.”


Later on that evening Charlie and Linus were talking at the big old tree, Charlie lamenting on another failure.

“I thought if I just was brave enough, she would say yes. I listened to you, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty. I walked up to her, I didn’t stutter and stammer, I was straight forward.”

“It happens… wait… Peppermint Patty gave you advice?!”

“Yeah, she said if I can talk to her and the other girls, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to talk to Heather.”

“Peppermint Patty?”

“Yep. She’s changed, I noticed it. Don’t know why, but she has.”

“People do that sometimes. Not Lucy, but people. Maybe there’s a good reason, a goal she might be after,” Linus looked and saw her walking up, “speak of the devil.”

“Hey fellas! Charlie I’m sorry about Heather.”

“Yeah, but I tried, like you said.”

Linus got up and stretched, “well I think I might get going,” he looked at her, stabbing his eyes at Charlie.

“Catch ya later, Linus.”

“Tell him how you feel,” he whispered through gritted teeth, walking away.

“So,” she sat next to him, “she might have turned you down, but everything will be okay, there are other girls, Chuck.”

“I guess. Most girls don’t like me.”

“Sure they do!”

“Not enough to date. I had a nice date planned out, nothing too fancy. I was sure she’d say yes, now I have nothing to do tomorrow.”

“I betcha there’s a girl who’d go on that date! I’m sure I know a girl that likes you, you didn’t even know.”

“Really? You know somebody who likes me?”

“Yeah, they’re pretty close, too, so cheer up.”

“Like in you’re neighborhood, who?”

“I meant close to you, uhm us… not Marcie, another girl.”

“Wow, who is she?”

“She’s…. well….”

Linus still just out of earshot, tossed a small rock at her head, she glared, and he glared back.

“How would you feel if-”

“If we called her, no wait, let’s go over there!”

“Chuck, listen! You can be a blockhead sometimes, I swear. I…,” she looked and saw Linus bouncing a rock in his hand, “how would you feel if it was me?”


“I know I’m not the prettiest girl in school, and I really have been trying to show you I can be better… an… an… I’ll even call you ‘Charlie’ if you prefer! I’m just not good at expressing my feelings.”

“You like me,” he raised an eyebrow.

“You’re a great guy in my book, I lo-love… I… I… l-love you Charlie Brown! I admit it!”

“Why’d you push me to ask Heather out?”

“Because it’d make you happy to be with her,” she glanced at Linus, holding two thumbs up.

“I don’t know what to say, Peppermint Patty.”

“I get it, if you don’t like me back, I know I can be annoying, I’m trying. I just, you make me so happy, I don’t care if you fail, I shouldn’t be so hard on you, like I do. I don’t know… I just had to come clean about it all, and…”

Charlie turned her head, brushing her hair behind her ear, giving her a deep kiss on the lips.

“I could get used to it, do you wanna go on a date with me Saturday?”

“Chuck, you sly dog,” she blushed, glancing back where Linus was, he’d started walking away, holding a thumbs up.

“Is that a yes?”

“Hell yeah, but you know I don’t like wearing dresses.”

“Have I ever complained? You’re you, cute just how you are… actually. I was just too stupid to see it, you really are more than cute,” he blushed.

He made her blush even harder.

You know what the best thing is; we can just be ourselves.”

“You don’t have to try and impress me, Chuck, I already know you’re a swell guy,” she leaned over to kiss him. “I don’t need nothin’ fancy. Nothing has to be different.”

“I think I love you, too… Trisha.”

“I knew you would,” she rested her head on his shoulder, “I always hoped you would.”

She holds his hand, while they watch the sunset.

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