Lighting up Starlight

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Ashley Barrett tried to open the door to Queen Maeve's trailer, groaned as she found it was locked, and started banging on it desperately, "Maeve! Are you in there?"

Maeve groaned in frustration, and then yelled out, "Leave me alone, I'm relaxing."

"Have you seen Starlight?" Ashley asked, "She's supposed to be on set in 5, and no one knows where she is."

There was movement behind Maeve, but she quickly put a stop to that, and then whined, "No, sorry, haven't seen her."

There was a brief pause, as Ashley wasn't sure if she wanted to push the Super, but ultimately went for it, "Are, are you sure you don't know where she is?"

"Why would I?" Maeve smirked.

"Well, aren't you two... you know?" Ashley gulped hesitantly, after another brief pause.

"Aren't we what?" Maeve pushed.

"Never mind..." Ashley lowered her head, backing down, again, "Just, just let her know we're looking for her. If, if you see her."

"Will do." Maeve promised.

Maeve struggled not to laugh, because clearly Starlight heard that, given that she had the audacity to try and lift her head up and talk, in the middle of her very important duties as Royal Butt Muncher. Oh yes, Maeve couldn't care less about the stupid movie they were currently filming. None of The Seven did, so she had no idea why Starlight did, other than the fact that Annie January was the sweetest girl ever. But Annie needed to stop worrying about everything else, and concentrate on what was important, namely sliding her talented little tongue over her Queen's ass hole, while Maggie tried to relax and memorize these stupid and clichéd lines. And not think about what she was going to do to the other girl, after the 'relaxing' was done.

Admittedly, she couldn't truly relax with her hand on the back of Annie's head, and now that sweet little Starlight was done trying to pull her face out of her ass, Maeve really should ease up. However, there was definitely a thrill to shoving the younger, inexperienced, and cute girl's face so deep in between her butt cheeks that the little bitch couldn't breathe properly. Of course, she had to be careful not to use too much pressure, or did this for too long, as she had heard horror stories with sex involving Supers ending badly. Luckily Maeve had plenty of experience with this. And being a Super herself, Starlight could take a lot more abuse than the average submissive slut. But most of all, this was Annie's first time doing this.

Which told Maeve she needed to ease up, because even the surprisingly durable Annie January was struggling. And she did ease up, somewhat reluctantly. And to her credit, Starlight only took a few long seconds to catch her breath, then went right back to licking her Queen's ass hole, like the good little butt muncher that Maggie had turned her into. And well, she had been so good, that it seemed only right to reward her. But before Maggie had the chance to give her permission to pick things up a notch, sweet little Starlight did it herself. Which honestly, was impressive. Oh yes, Maeve loved it. And why wouldn't she, when it meant more pleasure for her? And surely a mutual understanding that Annie was about to get her ass violated.

The reward that Starlight had taken without permission was of course to pick up the pace of the ass eating. She'd already been permitted to slide her tongue around Maeve's butt hole, as well as simply lick up and down, but oh, now it was a whirlwind, Starlight using her enhanced speed and strength to her advantage. Hell, she was even able to push a bit of her tongue into her Queen's derrière. Not much, but it was enough for Maggie to finally let go of Annie's hair and slowly going back to relaxing. Sadly, that only lasted a few long seconds as Annie waited until her hand was out of reach, and then finally pulled her face away from that ass, even having the audacity to get up and reach for her costume.

"I have to go." Annie said apologetically.

"No, you don't." Maeve insisted firmly, quickly getting to her feet and blocking the only exit.

"Maggie!" Annie whined.

"Annie!" Maeve returned in an equally whiny tone, clearly designed to mock. And then when her lover gave her a look, she pointed out the obvious, "What? This isn't your first day. You have to know by now, that nobody else in The Seven gives a shit. About anything. And we get away with it, as long as it's not too heinous."

"And no one can prove anything." Annie grumbled, then quickly tried to mask it by adding, "Do you?"

"Give a shit? Not about this movie, or any other Vought propaganda." Maeve shrugged, before softly adding, "But you? Yeah... I give a shit about you."

"Then let me go." Annie pleaded, "Seriously Maggie, I'm new here. You might be able to get away with this crap, but I can't."

"You get away with more than you might think." Maeve said dryly, before quickly adding, "I'm doing you a favour. The sooner you realize you can do what you want, the sooner you'll be truly one of us."

"Yeah because that's what I want." Annie grumbled, before quickly offering, "Please Maggie, this stupid scene should only take an hour or two. If I can remember my lines. Then I'll let the stand-ins and stunt-doubles take over, and I'm yours. We can do whatever you want. I swear. Just please, give me this one?"

Maeve briefly pretended to think about it, before counter offering, "Or I could fuck you in the ass. Right here, right now."

"But that..." Annie blushed furiously, unable to even get the words out, "You know what that will do."

"Fry everything in like a mile? Cost thousands, maybe millions, in property damage?" Maeve offered, then reassured "Yeah, and we'll get away with it, just like we have before. Partly because all the footage already filmed today is automatically backed up at Vought HQ, but also, what are they gonna do? We're the stars of the show."

"They'll kill me!" Annie hissed, admittedly over dramatically, and then corrected herself, "Or fire me, at the very least."

"Oh honey, you'll have to do a lot more than that." Maggie said dryly, reminding her lover, "You're an investment. A product that they're selling. And everything you've done so far? That's well within the estimated damage of having you on the team. Or did you really think they wouldn't plan for this?"

"They, they did?" Annie again blushed furiously.

"Well, Vought probably didn't predict you blowing things up from cumming so hard whenever I fuck you in the ass, but yeah, they thought you might lose control once in a while. If anything, they're happy that it's mostly happening in a controlled environment." Maeve explained, rather casually under these circumstances, "Or do you seriously think we've been so sneaky, that they didn't realize why the equipment in The Seven Tower kept failing? Huh? Oh, that's adorable, you really didn't figure it out, did you? Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Mmmmmmmmm, and you've never had problems fucking up Vought equipment before, so why start now? Oh yeah, come on Annie, just be a good girl and bend over for me. Bend over and give me that big fat ass!"

Maggie was sure that Annie was going to insist on wasting more time trying to talk her way out of this, but to her delight, after staring at each other for a few long minutes, the seemingly pure and innocent Starlight lowered her head in submission, and did as she was told. Did she do this because Maeve successfully made her see reason, or did she just not want to argue anymore? Or did she really just want to get this over with? Or, most likely of all, did sweet little Annie January just want to get her juicy little ass fucked? It was hard to tell for sure without asking, while Maggie had her suspicions. Not that she could complain. How could she, when she had Starlight bending over the table Maeve had just been resting on, and sticking out that big booty of hers?

Generous top that she was, Maeve had allowed Starlight to keep her underwear on, just in case someone broke in, or used x-ray vision to look in on them while Annie was busy being a royal butt muncher. Which was a decision Maggie regretted, as it meant while retrieving her strap-on, putting it on, and covering it in lube, she didn't admire Starlight in all her glory. However, she knew once she removed that underwear, she would want to go straight into violating that fat ass. Especially given what those panties were hiding. Or at least, they better be, otherwise Annie would be in trouble. Then again, it would be fun to have an excuse to spank that big bubble butt. Although for better or for worse, that wasn't the case, something which was revealed when the older and stronger woman literally tore the bra, then the panties off of the weaker and younger woman in quick succession.

"Hey!" Annie protested, before sighing in defeat, "Again? Really? Really?"

"I can ask the same thing." Maeve quipped, holding out the ruined undergarments and glaring at them, "I've told you a million times, a slut like you shouldn't be wearing underwear. It's unnatural, and blocks access to the holes I've claimed."

"Like underwear can even slow you down." Annie grumbled, "And I've told you a million times, this attitude is not endearing."

"And yet, it has you ruining your panties." Maeve pointed out with a wicked smirk, briefly pausing to sniff, and even lick that ruined fabric, before stuffing it into her bra, and then arguing, "And we both know how wet your little cunt is right now. I can see it, smell it, mmmmmmmmm fuck, I can practically taste it. So, either you like this attitude, or you're just such a anal slut that you're this turned on by just the idea of getting fucked in the ass. Or is it both? Mmmmmmmmm, it is, isn't it? Oh yeah, I knew it. My little Annie is a total slut! Well don't worry slut, because I got what you need right here. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, so just relax, and give me that ass! Oh yes, spread those cheeks, and give that whore hole to me."

Annie whimpered, and then slowly did as she was told, reaching back, grabbing onto her ass cheeks, and spreading them wide apart, even as she grumbled, "Just get it over with."

"I don't think so. Not yet. No, I'm not done playing with you yet." Maeve admitted, grabbing hold of her phone, and taking a quick picture of the present in front of her, "Mmmmmmmm no, I'm not. I'm playing with this cute ass. And fuck, I didn't think it was possible for it to get cuter, but God Annie, you should see your butt hole. Oooooooooooh yessssssssss, sweet little Starlight's shit hole looks sooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddd, stretching around a nice big butt-plug. I bet it feels good, huh? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I could tell the whole time that my little anal whore was eating my ass, she loved having hers stuffed. And when she was practicing her lines, and trying to act, and whatever other bull-shit Vought had her doing today. Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, she loved it. Especially as she was thinking about this the whole time."

As she spoke, Maeve grabbed hold of that plug, and started playing with it, instantly making Annie moan softly, and then prove once again what a total anal slut Starlight was. God, it was just so easy. All she had to do was push the plug more firmly into Annie's butt. That was all it took to get a positive reaction out of this little butt sex loving whore. And of course, she got even more of a reaction when she grabbed it more firmly, and slowly began turning it around inside the other girl's ass, and then finally starting to pull it out of that back hole. Of course, she only pulled it out to the widest part of it, pushed it back in again, and then repeated the process, maximizing the teasing, before eventually doing what they both really wanted.

"Here, clean this for me. It will help keep you quiet." Maeve offered helpfully, pulling the butt-plug straight out of Starlight's ass, and then shoving it into her mouth.

She held it against her lips for a few long seconds as Starlight whimpered pathetically, but ultimately the other superhero parted her lips, and allow this humiliation. Aloud Queen Maeve to shove a butt-plug straight from her ass into her mouth, and then start gently sucking on it. Which of course, made this little anal whore moan happily, which in turn made the superior superhero chuckle wickedly. Maeve then grabbed a firm hold of her strap-on cock, and then slid the tip of it up and down Annie's ass crack in one final tease, before pressing firmly against her target, namely Annie January's sweet little ass hole. Then she savoured the moment before pushing forwards, and taking what was hers.

"Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, I know you've been thinking about this, and so have I..." Maeve murmured softly, "So just relax, and enjoy."

Annie tried to do as she was told, but even after weeks of what seemed like non-stop butt sex the initial anal penetration still hurt like a mother-fucker. Probably because her stupid enhanced healing slowly but surely returned her ass hole to virgin tightness, and while the butt-plug helped, there was only so much it could do. Although to her shame, that pain was overwhelmed, at least for the most part, by the anticipation of the pleasure to come. And even the pleasure she initially felt. Oh God, Annie hated herself for it, but she felt pleasure throughout anal sex, even during this stage. Even during the stage where Maeve's big cock stretched her poor little ass hole wider, and wider, and wider, until it allowed the head of that dildo to slide through her back door and into her back passage.

To her credit, Maeve always paused for a few long seconds, giving Annie some much-needed time to adjust to this weird and unnatural sensation, before beginning to push forwards again, sliding inch after inch of that big strap-on dildo deep into Annie's bowels. Queen Maeve! Queen Maeve was anally defiling her with her big strap-on dildo. Oh God, it was like the woman she always remembered idolizing was now truly inside of her most intimate orifice, like one of her super powers was growing a cock, and using it to anally violate wide-eyed fan girls, like Annie January used to be. And like she still felt, whenever she was being anally dominated by this goddess of a woman.

Luckily those overwhelming thoughts and feelings made it easier for Annie to relax away the pain, and even for a few brief moments, forget about exactly what was happening to her at that moment. At least when she concentrated on her admiration, and even love, for her Queen. However, it was hard to forget about the big dick stretching and filling her rectum, and her mind kept returning to that, and every time it did, the powerful Starlight whimpered pathetically like the little anal bitch Queen Maeve had turned her into. And of course, she let out an extra loud whimper when she felt Maeve's thighs coming to rest against her ass cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dick was buried in her butt. Oh God, without having to look behind her, Annie could see the wide grin on Maggie's face. Fuck, she could practically taste it.

Surprisingly, the perverted bitch didn't gloat about how this made Annie her bitch. Her anal loving bitch. Something Annie was grateful for, even if it didn't matter. No, Maeve didn't need to say it, as that big dick in Annie's ass made that loud and clear. As did the fact that after a few long seconds of savouring the moment Queen Maeve began pumping her hips back and forth, which in turn caused the strap-on to slide in and out of Starlight's shit hole, officially beginning the sodomy. And almost immediately, Annie moaned in pure pleasure. Oh God, the pain hadn't even completely faded yet, and already, she was moaning like a shameless ass whore. Maeve was right, about everything she said. Everything she called her. Starlight was born to be this superior woman's butt slut. Her ass whore. Her anal loving bitch.

Maeve chuckled wickedly as sweet little Starlight cried out loudly, and then even moaned in pure pleasure from just the beginning of the ass fucking. God, it was so sweet. The whole time she had been stuffing her girl's shit-pipe those exact thoughts which Annie was thinking echoed through her head. How this proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that good and wholesome little Starlight was indeed born to be her butt slut, her ass whore, her anal loving bitch. Something that she wanted to say out loud, but she was too lost in the moment. And more importantly, was trying to avoid giving this weak little piece of ass everything she had right from the get go. The other superhero could probably take it, but she might not enjoy it. Besides, Maeve had other plans.

Namely, switching their positions, so that sweet little Annie January was anally riding her again. That had become one of Maeve's very favourite things, but as amazing as it was to sodomize prim and proper Starlight, it was even better watching the seemingly innocent girl sodomizing herself. Besides, if someone forced their way in here, or used x-ray vision, she wanted them to get a good look at pure, wholesome Starlight bouncing up and down her cock. As long as they didn't linger on it, of course. No, this body was hers alone to enjoy. Although she did Annie the courtesy of stretching her out back there, before tightening her grip on her waist, and then abruptly moving back, and sitting down on a nearby chair, ensuring the other girl came with her, so she ended up impaled on her big dick.

"Ride me Annie! Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, ride Mama's big dick!" Maeve ordered huskily, briefly pushing Annie's hands out of the way so she could smack that ass to emphasize her words, was towards the beginning, and then right at the end of her little speech, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, bounce that booty. Bounce it up and down my big dick. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, that's it, good little butt slut. Ride your Queen's cock. No, keep spreading those cheeks. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, let's see Starlight's shit hole riding my big dick! Oh fuck yeah, ride it! Ride it good, oh yes, ride me Annie, ah fuck, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

Like the well-trained anal whore that she now was Annie quickly did as she was told, pushing herself up nice and slowly, then back down on that big dick. Then she repeated that process over and over again, slowly but surely impaling her pretty little butt hole on her Queen's cock, and thus fucking herself in the ass. She even made sure to lean forward and go back to spreading her cheeks, so that once again Queen Maeve got the best look at her strap-on sliding in and out of Starlight's most private hole. God, what a sight. Maybe the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. Maybe second only to those big juicy cheeks jiggling for her when they inevitably moved from the gentle butt pumping to brutal anal pounding.

Most girls, and even Supers for that matter, would have complained, but not natural anal whore Annie January. No, the only form of protest she gave was a soft whimper of pain and humiliation, both of which she knew her little up the butt girl enjoyed. And it was also clear that whatever pain there was initially faded away, leaving this slut with just pure, overwhelming pleasure. Which from the sounds of it, became increasingly overwhelming, and given that this trailer wasn't soundproof, soon everyone on set would know where Starlight was, and have some idea of what she was doing. Which was just fine with Maeve, even if it did mean Annie was more likely to beg to cum sooner. And she supposed, given where they were, she would take pity on her, and let her.

Annie tried to keep herself reasonably quiet, but at this point, it was a lost cause, as was pretending she had even a shred of dignity. Everyone in Vought had to know that Starlight was Queen Maeve's bitch, and probably the majority of them knew she was her anal bitch. Hell, at this rate, the whole world would know that. Annie wasn't so sure she could live with that, but she knew she couldn't live without this. No, it was almost unbearably humiliating, but Annie knew she couldn't live without a big dick regularly violating her most private hole, and she needed it from this goddess of a woman. No one else could butt fuck her this good.  not with this combination of skill, speed and power. And of course, it wouldn't be the same, because she couldn't imagine loving anyone like she loved Maggie Shaw.

Thinking that name, Maeve's real name, made Annie smile dreamily. Well, just the thought of her woman by any name made her smile. Or thinking about how much she had grown to care for her. The point was, the combination of those powerful emotional feelings, combined with the mental high of getting fucked in the ass, and the increasing physical pleasure of it, pushed her to continue, regardless of the increasing chance of discovery, or the fact that everyone that heard her knew that something was going on. In fact, it even pushed her closer and closer to cumming. Of course to do that, she needed permission first, and given where they were, Annie tried her luck at begging and what felt like record time.

"Can I cum? Ooooooooooooh pleassssssssseeeeeeeeee, please my Queen, let me cum!" Annie cried out desperately, "I know, it's early, but please give me the honour of cumming for you. Cumming on your big dick! Cumming while your big dick is buried deep within my butt. My big fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, give me the privilege of cumming like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Please? Oh please, mmmmmmmmmmm, let me prove that I'm your anal bitch! That you own my butt! You own me! I'm yours, mmmmmmmmm, my ass is yours, make me cum, oh God, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddd, ah fuck, please?"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Maeve chuckled, before quickly adding, "Go on then, cum. Cum for me! Cum like a bitch. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, cum like the anal bitch you are, Annie January. Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, fuck yeah, proved that Starlight is nothing but Queen Maeve's anal loving bitch."

Once she had permission Annie let go of her butt cheeks, straightened herself up, and then slowly but surely picked up the pace of the sodomy. In what felt like only seconds she was on the edge of orgasm, and then all of a sudden Maeve was thrusting upwards into her butt hole, pushing her crashing over that edge. Which honestly, Annie had been expecting, as at this point it was something Maeve did almost every time, like she didn't even like to leave poor little Starlight with the power to make herself cum. Although sometimes it was strategic, the older woman picking her spot, and then hammering down into Annie's ass when the time was right. This wasn't the one of those times.

Instead, the mighty Queen Maeve showed off her power and strength, by grabbing a firm hold of poor little Starlight, and then lifting her up into the air like she was nothing. Then she stood up, savouring the moment, and then hammered Annie's poor little butt hole with every ounce of that power and strength. The power and strength, which was maybe second only to Homelander, making it a miracle that even with her enhanced healing Annie could take this without an embarrassing trip to the doctor. And the most humiliating part? How much it made her cum. Oh God, all the strong and powerful role-model for girls known as Starlight could do was flail around in the air, and cum over, and over, and over again, completely losing the ability to think, as she was bombarded with climaxes, which made her more Queen Maeve's bitch than words ever could.

Maeve had to use every ounce of restraint she had not to cum immediately from this. She just loved every part of it so much, but maybe especially how violently sweet little Starlight's cum was squirting across the room, and covering the door. Hell, she strategically turned around, so that she could pretty much mark the entire trailer in Annie January's cum. And of course, her girl squirmed in her arms, and screamed her head off from the ecstasy she was feeling. But most uniquely to her of course, Starlight's eyes, hands, and her entire body for that matter was becoming a blinding light bulb, forcing Maeve to close her eyes to save them from permanent damage. All of which was physical proof that she was making this girly girl, her girly girl, feel good.

Combined all of that with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of fucking Starlight in the ass, and it was any matter of time before Maeve came too. But she did her best to hold out for as long as possible. To make sure that Annie came as hard and as frequently as possible? Of course, that was always her priority. However, she just really, really wanted to screw over Vought. She was beyond tired of those bastards, and had recently been using Annie to 'accidentally' fuck up their shit by lighting up Starlight around their most important facilities. Also, this piece of crap film shoot, just for fun. Although, that meant playing a dangerous game, and Maeve was just about done with it.

She was also just about done with this butt fucking, as even her incredible powers were beginning to become strained. Normally, this would be the point that she would bend Starlight over something, and finish the job, but not this time. No, instead, she briefly pulled out of her bitch's whore ass, turned her around, and anally skewered her again, only this time face to face. It wasn't long before she built the anal pounding back up again, pushing her girl to another climax, and this time she squirted all over her stomach, which was the final straw for Maeve. Oh yes, combined with everything else she got to cum nice and hard, and to her credit, push herself through that orgasm, and onto several more.

If things had been different, she could be looking into her eyes right now, and staring deep into the eyes of her lover, as they rode out the most of their climaxes, then came down from their high together. But as her girl was literally shining like the sun right now, she certainly couldn't do that. At least, not while making her cum. But it was totally worth it to feel Annie cumming against her stomach. Also, trembling in her arms, and she desperately clung onto her, especially as she brought them down from their highs. That was the moment that Maeve did open her eyes again, and she was right. Oh yes, she opened her eyes to see Annie January staring up at her sheepishly, looking incredibly dishevelled, and looking sweet and cute as a little rabbit, instead of the nasty anal whore she truly was.

Maeve then leaned her forehead against the other girl's, and whispered, "I know what you're doing."

"Wha, what?" Annie mumbled dreamily, before becoming wide-awake and scared by the next words out of her lover's mouth.

"I know you're trying to destroy Vought from the inside." Maeve revealed softly, then quickly added when she saw the fear on her girl's face, "And I'm going to help you. Just tell me what you need from me, and I'll do it."

"Oh Maggie, I..." Annie beamed, overwhelmed with relief, and then crying out as she was suddenly dropped.

"Now clean my cock, you little slut!" Maeve ordered loudly, "Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, clean it of all your butt cream!"

"Yes, my Queen." Annie whimpered and obeyed.

Annie's reaction time could have been a lot faster if she wasn't just dropped on her incredibly sore ass, the tiny blonde crying out initially and clutching her poor behind. But of course, her Queen wasn't interested in giving her time to recover, and to avoid having her hair pulled and an ass flavoured cock shoved down her throat, Annie lifted herself up onto her knees, bringing her lips inches away from that big dildo. Not because she was trying to avoid that rough treatment, but just so that she could savour this moment. Savour the moment of taking the cock which had just been buried deep within her bowels into her mouth. And worse, she actually wanted to savour the flavour. The flavour of the deepest part of her butt. Oh God, she really had been turned into a twisted little slut. Or Maeve was right again, and she always was one.

Whatever the case Annie did eventually start bobbing her head up and down after a few very long minutes of thoroughly cleaning the head of the cock. At first she was only bobbing up and down the first few inches, but eventually she took more and more, until the dildo was hitting the back of her mouth. Normally she'd go lower right away, but instead she chose to tease her Queen for a bit by lingering on the first half of the dildo, before inevitably taking the rest into her by now well-trained throat. Of course, the mighty Queen Maeve did not take kindly to pathetic little Starlight trying to top from the bottom, so she put her in her place. Initially just with words, and then with more violent actions.

"Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck my cock. Suck it, cock sucker! Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, get every drop of that butt cream." Maeve moaned words like that initially, and then when Starlight dared to hesitate, she quickly growled, "I said every drop! That means get that fucking cock down your whore throat! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, that's better. Ah fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, that's so much better. Oh yes, take it! Take every single inch. Oh yeah, that's my girl, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, take it all, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, take it!"

Those words would've been more than enough encouragement for Annie, as to her shame, she absolutely loved them. But Maeve wasn't simply content with that. No, she insisted on grabbing hold of that long blonde hair, and yanking it back and forth, gently at first, but eventually it was like she was using Annie's mouth, and her throat, like a Flashlight. Which made it extremely hard to breathe, but Annie was a good girl, and didn't complain. No, she just allowed her Queen to fuck her face, happy that she was able to get all of her butt cream in the process. And more importantly, to please her Queen. Although, this also had the side effect of making sure that once again poor little Starlight couldn't speak up when someone arrived, presumably looking for her.

"Maeve? Are you okay?" Ashley knocked on the door, which was now hanging on by a thread, "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Maeve grinned wickedly, grabbing the back of Annie's head with both hands now.

"Okay, you're fine, that's great, have you..." Ashley quickly entered the room via the busted up door, which promptly fell off it's hinges, but she abruptly stopped her rambling when she noticed the blonde on her knees in front of the redhead, getting brutally face fucked.

"Ashley, will you be a dear and take a nice couple photo with me and Starlight?" Maeve asked almost sweetly, before her tone turned threatening, "Now!"

"Yeah. Sure." Ashley said weakly, quickly doing as she was told, and then quickly running off.

All of that pretty much happened in about 60 seconds, but it felt more like an hour to Annie, who was blushing bright red. It would've been embarrassing enough before, but this was almost unbearable, especially considering her ass hole was so gaping wide open after the pounding she'd received. Something that would most likely be in the photo, and proved to Ashley, and anyone else who saw it, exactly what had happened to the 'pure and wholesome' Starlight. And it wasn't even the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to her. Or that Maeve had done to her. And yet, again to her incredible shame, Annie just couldn't get enough of it. She would never get enough of this treatment, especially now it seemed that Maeve was actually on her side in the battle against Vought, meaning that this twisted relationship wouldn't end any time soon.

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