Lighting up Starlight

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"For more on this devastating news, we're joined by Starlight."

"Hello, nice to meet you." Starlight greeted the reporter and his camera crew with the widest smile possible, just like she'd been told to do in these situations.

"You too." The reporter said dismissively, before asking, "Can you tell us more about this terrible tragedy?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it a tragedy, but..." Starlight said hesitantly, trying to downplay it.

"You wouldn't?" The reporter frowned, "We have several homes still without working electricity, and crashed cars all around us. What exactly would you call it?"

For a moment Starlight's smile slipped, before it came right back with a vengeance as she explained, "Yes, but thankfully myself and Queen Maeve were here to take everyone who needed medical attention to the hospital, and the blast was restricted to just a few blocks. No one was seriously hurt, thank God, so there's no real need to blow this out of proportion."

"What do you mean exactly the blast was restricted?" The reporter quickly asked with a frown, "Are you saying you know what caused this?"

"Well, I..." Starlight froze like a deer caught in headlights, desperately trying to come up with an excuse, but instead her mind went straight back to a few hours ago, causing her to blush furiously...


A few hours ago...

"I'm... I'm really not sure about this." Annie stammered nervously.

"Relax, everything is going to be fine." Maggie reassured, "Hey, do you trust me?"

"It's not fair to use Disney references against me." Annie grumbled, and then after a long pause softly added, "Yes."

"Well then..." Maggie grinned wickedly, "Bend over."

Annie took a deep and calming breath, and then psyched herself up, "Okay, I can do this... I can do this..."

Maggie Shaw, AKA, Queen Maeve couldn't help but smile, and hated herself for it. Annie January, AKA, Starlight was just too cute for her own good. She had thought for sure that would have been both physically and mentally beaten out of her by now, but while she wasn't the naïve girl she'd first met, becoming a lot tougher and bad ass, she managed to keep a surprising amount of cuteness. It was a serious problem, because Maggie was terrified that Homelander would find out the relationship between them had, evolved. But Maggie forgot all about that when the mighty Starlight bent over in front of her, showing off that deceptively juicy little booty of hers, and giving it to Queen Maeve. Specifically Annie crawled into the centre of the cheap hotel room bed, her cute butt pointed directly at Maggie, offering it to her as a gift.

One Maggie had talked her into giving her, but it still counted. Although she should probably hurry up before Annie lost her nerve. Luckily she was already equipped with her strap-on, and was rubbing lube into it as she positioned herself behind the younger woman, admiring Starlight in her costume for a few more long seconds before she had to move it out of the way. Of course, this was Starlight's OG costume, as removing the strip of cloth that Vought gave her to wear would pretty much leave her with nothing, and part of the thrill of this was that it was Queen Maeve doing such an unspeakable things to sweet little OG Starlight. Oh yes, this was sweet little OG Starlight looking dishevelled, and even violated already, simply by having her cute little skirt and cape pushed upwards, and then her panties pulled downwards, revealing that ass in all it's glory.

Again, she just had to admire that work of art for a few long seconds, and then again when she spread those cheeks to reveal her target. She then licked her lips, spat onto Annie's ass hole, and then started rubbing that saliva in with her tongue. Or to put it another way, Queen Maeve started to give sweet little OG Starlight a rim job. And even that was just a warm-up for the main event. Admittedly a very pleasant warm-up, one which had sweet little Annie January gasping, whimpering, crying out and even moaning in pure pleasure, and maybe in anticipation of what was to come, showing just how much the older woman had corrupted the younger one. God, Maggie loved it. And she loved this ass.

Ever since they had started this whole affair, shortly after Starlight had been angry enough with her lying boyfriend to drink with her, and then do so much more, Queen Maeve had been obsessed with this perfect little booty. And tonight it would finally be hers, in every single way. So it only seemed right to start off with a nice, long, drawn-out rim job. After all, this was the very first thing Maggie had done to Annie's ass, and it was the perfect preparation for more. And it was just incredibly tasty. Not quite as heavenly as Annie's pussy, or her cum, but still pretty amazing. Also, with any luck, it could help her girl relax, which was really necessary right now, as she was understandably very tense.

Annie couldn't believe she agreed to do this. Any of it really. Nothing in The Seven was like she imagined it. Hell, she had been in Capes For Christ, for God sakes, and now she was bent over in a cheap hotel room, about to get fucked in the ass like a common whore. And God help her, she actually wanted it. It felt like she would do anything to please her Queen. Even this. Because everything they had done so far was amazing, and she truly believed if anyone could make her like this, it was... Maggie. This woman, who she used to idolized, had taught her more about pleasing her body than she thought possible, and she wanted to give her this, her last cherry.

While she was determined to go through with this Annie was extremely nervous, and was sure that she was going to break Maggie's strap-on with her insides if she tried to stick it in now. Hopefully her insides didn't have the same enhanced strength and healing that the outside did, otherwise this was going to be very embarrassing. Or more accurately, even more so. But Starlight was doing her best not to think about that right now, and instead concentrated on the tongue massaging her ass hole. Well, she tried, but it was hard to get out of her own head and relax, even when the mighty Queen Maeve swirled her tongue around her back door, as well as up and down it. Which normally relaxed her, but this time it didn't do the trick, which was even more frustrating.

It was all very pleasurable though, which was a very good sign. Not as good as getting her pussy licked, fingered, or fucked with a toy, but enough that she wouldn't absolutely hate this. At least not all of it. Hell, She didn't even mind when the tongue was exchanged for a finger, which Maggie very slowly pushed inside her most private hole. Annie couldn't resist letting out a sharp cry at the initial penetration, although it didn't really hurt, she was just a little overwhelmed by the sensation, and the one which followed it. Namely, that finger slowly slid up to the knuckle into her butt hole, and then after a brief pause, beginning to slide in and out of her back door.

"Oooooooooh fuck, this is a tight little hole." Maggie moaned, mostly to herself.

"I'm glad I please you, my Queen." Annie replied, trying to make it sound sarcastic, but it was clear that she meant it.

"Oh, you do honey, mmmmmmm, you always do."  Maggie grinned, "And I'm going to please you, too."

"I, I hope so." Annie grumbled, although again she meant it.

"I will, I promise." Maggie swore, before pressing a kiss to Annie's lower back, "Now just relax and give me that ass."

"Yes my Queen." Annie tried for sarcasm again, but was severely undermined by a moan escaping her lips, which caused the other woman to chuckle wickedly.

This really took Annie by surprise, while Maggie had fingered her ass before, and it was always to push the blonde over the edge of orgasm, or while she was cumming, and Annie had always thought that had a lot more to do with what was going on with her pussy. But for better or for worse, she found herself actually enjoying it. So much so it didn't take long for her to start moaning in almost pure pleasure. They went through the same thing after Queen Maeve pushed another finger into Starlight's ass hole. Which she was thankfully lost in for quite a while, Maggie twirling and curling her fingers around inside Annie's ass, making sure she was nice and stretched out for what was to come, and maybe ready as she was ever going to be.

Then finally Queen Maeve pulled her finger out of Starlight's butt and firmly ordered, "Spread your cheeks for me, sweetie. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, I want to see sweet little Starlight spreading her cheeks nice and wide, and offering up her virgin ass hole as a gift to her Queen."

"Yes my Queen." Annie replied and obeyed softly and without a hint of sarcasm, although she couldn't help but hesitate nervously while doing so.

Queen Maeve only found that more endearing, and it added to the fantasy, and honestly, the reality, that she was further corrupting the once innocent Starlight. After all, if someone with premonition powers told them that this was where they would end up just a few months after originally meeting each other Maeve would most likely laugh, or more likely 'shoot the messenger', maybe literally, while sweet little Starlight would have been just disgusted. But here they were, Annie January slowly reaching back, grabbing hold of her meaty cheeks, and then spreading them wide apart so that Maggie Shaw could take her anal virginity. Which was something that once again Maeve had to savour again, before she did the one thing she had wanted the most ever since she got a good look at this girl's booty.

Namely pressing the tip of her lubed up cock against that forbidden hole and slowly beginning to push forwards, causing innocent little Starlight to cry out loudly, as her most intimate hole began stretching for a toy for the very first time. Oh yes, she was stretching Annie's ass, and it wasn't long before she was stretching it wider than ever before. Wider, and wider, and wider, until the head of the cock slid through it and into Annie's cute little ass. Her cock! Oh yes, Queen Maeve's cock was the first to violate Starlight's butt hole, meaning that in that moment she had taken this sweet girl's anal cherry. It was hers! Just like Annie's ass would be when Maggie was finished with it.

This was something Maeve very much wanted to share with the class, but given that unsurprisingly Starlight had just cried out in pain from being anally violated for the first time, it seemed like a bad time. Besides, Annie was only hers for as long as she wanted to be, something Maggie made very clear on a regular basis, given what both women had gone through. Of course, it was hard to stay focused on that when they were indulging in such a twisted act, one which Maggie savoured for a few long seconds. Which more importantly gave sweet and innocent little Starlight a chance to relax, and get used to the sensation of having her ass hole stretched wide open for an invading force. Or at least, as used to it as she could do at this point.

Of course, inevitably Queen Maeve pushed forwards, causing her big dick to slide through Starlight's tight little back hole and deeper into her back passage. To make this moment perfect, sweet little Starlight continued spreading her cheeks to give her Queen the best possible look at that big cock disappearing into her widely stretched butt hole. Which probably wasn't a conscious decision, Annie probably just too lost in the sensations to do anything but stay perfectly still, but Maggie still appreciated it. And she showed that appreciation by moving as slowly as she possibly could, to make sure she did minimize the pain for poor sweet Annie. Although admittedly her enjoyment was a big factor, as Maeve gleefully savoured every moment of fucking Starlight in the ass.

Annie whimpered, gasped and cried out in pain throughout the butt stuffing. It wasn't quite as bad as she imagined it would be, especially considering the pain she'd experienced 'on the job', but it was certainly the most unique pain she had ever experienced. Thankfully she'd never been attacked in that area before, and this was something she'd actually consented too. Something that maybe even she wanted. Not before she started dating Queen Maeve, but after she realized just how fixated Maggie was on her butt, and how much she wanted to fuck it, the idea became increasingly appealing. And while the initial pain of the anal penetration had been just as bad as she thought it would be, the rest of losing her back door cherry was surprisingly bearable. Especially given the happy look on the face of her lover.

She looked even happier after those thighs came to rest against Annie's juicy ass cheeks, announcing every inch of that big strap-on dildo was buried deep within Starlight's butt. This initially surprised her, as she had begun to think this would never happen, but then when she did it, took every inch of that big dick up her butt, Annie was almost overwhelmed with a weird sense of pride. Especially as, in her current position, it was easy to look over her shoulder, meaning that she got to see the happy look on Queen Maeve's face throughout the butt stuffing, then turn into a wide grin and chuckle of delight when the older woman finished burying her cock into the younger one's bottom. Which then led to some words of encouragement.

"Good girl, ooooooooooh, that's a very, very good girl. Just a little more, just a little more, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk, ah fuck, oh baby, you did it!" Maggie tried to encourage softly towards the end, but then completely lost it when the butt fucking was finally completed and she was all the way inside the, maybe formally, innocent girl's rectum, "Oh fuck baby, you just took it all! Every single inch all the way up your perfect little butt! Oh God, I'm so proud of you! Mmmmmmmmm, Queen Maeve is so proud of Starlight for taking every single inch of this big dick all the way up her tight little ass. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, I used to think there was a stick up here, mmmmmmmm, and maybe there was, but we replaced it with a nice big cock, didn't we baby? Yes we did, mmmmmmmm, and now? Now you're going to let me fuck this perfect little fat ass, like a good little anal whore."

Those words made Annie blush furiously, but she didn't reply, because what could she possibly say? It wasn't like Maeve said anything that wasn't true, and she probably wasn't even aware of what she was saying she was so lost in her lust, so it would just be more embarrassing for them both, if she called her out on it. Besides, by pausing to gloat, Maeve was actually giving her a chance to relax and get used to this weird sensation. Or at least, as used to it as she was likely to get. Which was surprisingly effective, as Annie's rectum slowly relaxed and accepted it was going to be used as a cock depository. Then her poor butt hole, which had barely had a chance to get used to being a cock pocket, had to get use to officially being used as a fuck hole.

Inevitably the other woman pulled her hips back, causing inch after inch of dildo to slowly slide out of Annie's ass hole. Then when it was about half way out, she slid right back in again, and then repeated the process over and over again. Oh God, a cock was sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of her back door, making it official. She, Annie January, was getting butt fucked. Butt fucked by Queen Maeve! Oh God, Starlight, who was supposed to be an inspiration to women everywhere, and of all ages, was bent over and spreading her cheeks and allowing the legendary Queen Maeve to use her most private hole as a fuck hole for her pleasure. Oh God, Annie couldn't believe this was happening to her.

Some combination of those words echoed in her mind over and over again for the next few minutes, which felt more like hours, as the other woman used her for her pleasure. Which should have been horrifying, especially given exactly what part of her the legendary Queen Maeve was using. But it was, somehow, not enough to be off-putting. And while she was lost in her thoughts the pain slowly faded away to simple discomfort, and then nothing at all. Nothing but pleasure. Oh God, before Annie could realize what was going on she found herself letting out a moan of pure pleasure. Something which made her blush furiously, and then an even deeper shade of red as this of course led to the older woman laughing in delight, and taunting her.

"I knew it!" Maggie chuckled with delight, after getting over the initial shock herself, "I fucking knew it, mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, it's always the quiet ones. Oh fuck yes, the good little Christian girl loves it up the ass. What a fucking cliché. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've known girls like you, my entire life. So prim and proper, but once my girl cock is in their asses they're total anal whores. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, it's always the same. Except maybe, you. And that's just because I don't think I've ever had a girl moaning for me so soon. Mmmmmmmm, makes me wonder how quickly I can make you cum for me. And you know what? I can't wait to find out! Oooooooooh, fuck yeah, moan for me little Starlight, moan for me!"

If it was possible to die from embarrassment Annie would have definitely done so in that moment. Which somehow only added to her enjoyment, as did the fact that Maggie pushed her hands off of her cheeks, and slapped them hard enough to make them jiggle. To make matters even worse, that gentle spanking actually had her crying out, whimpering and even moaning in pleasure, just like the sadistic bitch wanted. Oh God, why had Annie ever agreed to this in the first place? She must of been out of her mind. This was gross, and disgusting, and weird, and only total sluts liked it up the butt. Annie had never in a million years thought that she would be one of them, so why had she agreed to this? And why was she continuing to let it happen?

Of course she knew the answer to both these questions, and that it was simply that she had feelings for Queen Maeve. Deep, overwhelming feelings, which had somehow led her to being bent over like a little bitch, and getting fucked like one. And even now, those stupid feelings were keeping her in place, and allowing Maeve to do whatever she wanted to her, no matter how twisted and perverted it was. How humiliating. How horribly good it felt. Oh God, it might be simultaneously the best and the worst thing that ever happened to her, which was really saying something, especially when it came to the worst. And the worst part? She was going to cum. Nothing could stop that now.

Especially with Queen Maeve continuing to smack her ass, and encouraging her, "Yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, that's it, moan for me little bitch! Moan and cum! Oh yes, cum for me! Cum while my dick is in your fat ass! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, cum like a bitch! An anal bitch! Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, that's what you are, Starlight. Oh yes, sweet little Starlight is my anal bitch. I took your back door cherry, and now? Now your ass is mine! Literally! Yeahhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, your ass is mine! I own it! And now you're gonna cum like the bitch you are! Yes, yes, oh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, cum for me! Cum, fucking cum! Cum now! Cum, oh fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

She tried to stop this, but it was no use. She tried to stop herself from moaning, but she couldn't do that either. All poor Annie could do was stop herself from cumming as soon as she was ordered to do so. Even then she came incredibly quickly in the grand scheme of things, and what was worse she then came over and over again, each climax more powerful than the last. And in the process Annie felt her powers activate. At that point, she didn't even try to stop it. No, there was barely even any warning, as one moment her eyes were flickering, and then they glowed a blinding white, the entire room seemingly filling up with it. And yet, Queen Maeve continued brutalizing Starlight's poor little butt hole, truly turning innocent little Annie January into her fuck hole.

Queen Maeve was stronger than Starlight. She was stronger then pretty much everybody, with one terrifying exception, that she didn't like to think about at times like this. The point was, Maeve was strong, and normally had to be very careful with the people around her, especially her lovers. But not Starlight. No, this prim and proper Christian girl could take everything Maeve could give her, which was also part of the appeal. That was certainly the case now, as Maeve slowly worked up to giving her full speed and strength to what was truly becoming a rectum wrecking, and no doubt it was only Starlight's enhanced healing which would allow her to ever sit right again. Among other things.

It wasn't something Maeve even planned on doing, it just kind of happened. One minute she was carefully thrusting as slow and gentle as possible to give her girl a chance to adjust to having her ass obscenely violated, the next she was pounding so hard and deep her hips were literally a blur. Better yet so were Starlight's big juicy butt cheeks, which Maeve wouldn't have been able to even see if it wasn't for her enhanced senses. She would however hear the deafening sound of flesh on flesh, and Starlight's screams of pleasure, which had to be echoing throughout the whole city. Which was thankfully drowning out Maeve's ramblings, as she just couldn't help but get completely carried away with the dirty talk.


She would probably have to apologize later for some of the things she said, but it would totally be worth it, given that those words combined with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of sodomizing sweet little Starlight gave Maeve maybe the most satisfying climax of her life. Which was really saying something, considering all the other naughty things she had done to this woman, and this woman had done for her. But it was true, her favourite thing ever was fucking this perfect ass. And thankfully it seemed that Starlight felt the same way, given just how hard she was screaming and cumming for her. Although the most impressive thing was yet to come.

Firstly Starlight started hammering backwards against her thrusts, almost making Maeve lose her balance. Because apparently Queen Maeve was stronger than Starlight under normal circumstances, but when there was a cock in her ass sweet little Annie January went supernova. Apparently literally, as all of a sudden the room was filled with bright yellow and then white light, which left the 'Queen' blind for several long minutes after the fact. Of course she didn't need her eyes to continue destroying that perfect ass, but it was the devastation she was hearing around them which caused the older superhero to groan with displeasure, and then pull herself away from the younger one. Which involved pulling her cock out of Starlight's ass with a wonderfully obscene sound, and then moving back to admire her handiwork.

Of course, she was still having trouble seeing at first, even as thankfully light was fading away, now she wasn't lighting up Starlight like a Christmas tree with orgasms. She could just about make out the shape of the other woman, collapsing face down as she tried to recover from her climaxes, accidentally perfectly presenting herself for a little photo shoot. Which Maggie took advantage of with an evil smile, quickly retrieving her phone, and then when her vision had returned enough, she took a picture of that widely stretched crater which had only a few minutes ago been a virgin rosebud. Admittedly, it felt more like hours, but still the devastation was impressive, and again, it didn't look like Starlight would ever recover if it wasn't for her enhanced healing.

With her vision now fully restored Maeve smiled wickedly at her magnificent handiwork. It was something she dearly wished she could spend much longer admiring, but sadly it seems their little tripped down Hershey highway had some unintended consequences. One which even a weary cynic like Queen Maeve had to do something about. Or maybe that was Starlight being a bad influence on her? Either way, Starlight certainly wouldn't let it go, quickly collecting her clothes and putting them back on as she quickly hopped over to the window and witnessed the devastation she had caused. Which actually caused the blonde to cover her face in gasp with horror, which would've been cute, if it wasn't for the reason behind it.

Actually, it was still cute, but Maeve's heart broke when sweet little Annie gasped, "Oh my God! Did, did I do that?"

"Yeah." Maggie admitted, for better or for worse, and then she tried to make the other woman feel better, "But I'm pretty sure no one was hurt."

"You're pretty sure?" Annie snapped, and then grumbled, "But you don't know, do you? Unless you have a secret power no one knows about, or something."

"No, but if I listened carefully, I can tell if a nearby heart stops beating. And none of them did." Maggie said firmly, even though by her own admission, she wasn't 100% sure. Then when she got a look in response she insisted, "It will be fine. We'll just get out there, and save the day. We're The Seven, it's what we do."

Annie initially just grunted in response, heading towards the door, only to stop and question, "Wait, you're not... you're not going out there like that, are you?"

"Well, it could be a fun new look." Maggie teased with a wicked grin.

"I'm sure Vought would love that." Annie grumbled, "And it wouldn't have questioning implications on the whole, empowering women thing, you're supposed to be all about."

"Perhaps you're right." Maggie admitted, before grinning wickedly, "But before I put it away, it has to be cleaned properly."

"So get a cloth or something." Annie said dismissively.

"I was more thinking something along the lines of your hot little mouth." Maggie said, deadly seriously.

Which of course caused Annie to blush furiously, and adorably, and then stammered, "Wha, what?"

"You heard." Maggie said firmly, taking a few menacing steps forward.

For some insane reason Annie actually considered this for a few long seconds, before dismissing it, "No."

"No?" Maggie questioned.

"No." Annie said more firmly, "I've tried enough new, and weird, stuff for you today."

"Are you sure?" Maggie pushed, taking a big risk in the process, "Because you just lit up soooooooooo bright because you were cumming so hard with a cock in your ass. Mmmmmmmm, in fact, you came so hard from being fucked in the ass, I really don't think I should waste time fucking you any other way from now on. Oh yes, you should just be my little anal bitch, cumming nice and hard every time I stick my dick up your perfect little butt. And afterwards you should show me the proper respect, by being my ass to mouth whore. I mean, I think I'm reading the room, but maybe I'm wrong, huh? Am I? Just tell me, and I swear I'll never fuck your ass again."

There was a long pause, then Annie whimpered, "Please don't."

"Don't what?" Maggie pushed.

"Don't, not fuck me like that." Annie blushed, "Just please, don't make me, you know?"

There was another pause, then Maggie shrugged, "Okay, I'll let you off just this once. But this does need cleaning..."

With that Maggie took off the strap-on, and pushed it into her own mouth. Which certainly wasn't Maggie's preference, but it was worth it to see the look on Annie's face. Especially when she moaned in pleasure. Admittedly, that was a little forced, because again, this wasn't really her thing, but the truth was Annie January did have one tasty little booty, and it was a pleasure to slowly clean that cock right in front of Annie's face. More importantly, it planted the idea that this really wasn't so bad, and maybe this was yet another thing this sweet little church girl wouldn't have thought she would've liked, but actually would, as long as it was for her Queen.

"Twisted bitch." Annie grumbled.

"Actually." Maggie grinned wickedly, as she took the cock out of her mouth, "I think we just proved once and for all that you're the bitch in this relationship."

In response Annie just rolled her eyes, and then just jumped out the window as she began to help the innocent lives which she accidentally put in danger. Queen Maeve was quick to follow Starlight, and as they told the reporters who would later arrive, no one was seriously hurt. There was probably a couple millions worth of property damage, and Maeve wasn't sure that Starlight would ever stop blushing, which could be a serious problem when the cameras were rolling. But it was worth it, even if she only got to fuck Starlight in the ass that one time. Which certainly wouldn't be the case if Maeve had anything to say about it. Oh yes, lighting up Starlight with butt sex would now be a more regular thing than any actual type of heroics, something that she dearly wanted to tell the whole world about.

Instead, she reassured the public, "Don't worry, with me and Starlight here, everything will work out, in the end."

Annie yelped and blushed, first when Maggie seem to appear out of nowhere, and then when she playfully slapped her sore ass, leaving her to rush off after stammering, "R, right... in, in the end."

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