Lobo Rapes The Titans

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"Come back here!" Lobo yelled out, Blackfire was quickly gaining top speed ahead of him. There was only one way she was heading, as it was the only out of this dump: the port for docking ships. His bike was there. She had a head start, but there was no way she was gonna fly past his neubian thrusters. He cocked his bike back, revving it up not once, not twice but three times. He shot up, lights in the hangar passing him by as the sunlight broke in through the exit, his rocket engines really giving it their all, his body all too used to the rapid g-force. Emerging, he used every muscle in him for proper re-entry down below, his bike just barely scraping the side of the academy in a nose dive. As if on a ramp, his bike made the leap to a more stabilized position in the air. The empowered flames from the bike skimmed along the water, shooting up sprays of it. "I'm gonna get ya! Just you wait!"

Clearing the water, the expulsion of his engine sent trees whipping and swaying. He saw her now. As he thought, she didn't get far enough.


He wanted the number of that frackin bus that just hit him.

Oh. He was falling. His bike was going down too. He didn't have much to say besides the fact that this wasn't his worst fall. His ride crashed face first in the dirt, just like him. He hated getting reacquainted with nature like this.  Those little specks of dirt were killer to get out of your teeth. "If I find the bastich or flyin' goose that did this..."

"Sorry to disappoint. I'm neither." Landing in front of him was a young blonde with short hair parting perfectly in the middle, almost coming down around her head like a helmet. She sported white tights with long sleeves and a red cape with blue gloves, it was similar to Raven's outfit, in that her lovely gams were on display as it mainly hugged her body between the pelvis. Although there was an anomoly about her outfit. He raised an eyebrow. Why was there a square on her chest? It just showed how flat she was.

"I appreciate the view, but call me in a few years when you got somethin' to show." He laughed. She was appalled, and with a humph, she turned her face, lower lip raised as she folded her hands over her chest.  "That little stunt in the air was real cute babe. Normally I'd stick around, but I got quarry to catch. I'll let it slide if you get out of my face." He tried to head towards his bike but she quickly got in his path.

She stood firm. "I'm Powergirl and I'm here to stop you. Whoever you are."

"Look flat chest, I've fried bigger fish and I've tried bigger tits. Don't make things difficult for yourself." She gave him a thundering slap.

Alright. Can't say he didn't warn her. "Since we're getting the pleasantries out of the way, I'm Lobo. L as in lacerator, and OBO as in, OBLITERATE BITCH ONSITE." He quick drew his unshapely pistol and fired into her chest, sending her flying into tree behind her. He twirled it into his holster, and ran to her, before she could get her bearings, he threw a big fist into her pretty face, sending her back into it. It did little damage to her but gave him the opening he needed. "This all could have been avoided if you had just let the main man do his thing." Staring at the mark on her chest, instead of an entry wound, there was a bruise, he realised the window box on her outfit finally did serve a purpose. A perfect target. Unsheathing one of his hook blades, he sliced it across her pelvis, which, to no surprise, didn't leave a mark on her teflon skin, but did open up her outfit for easy access to her pussy.

"Dang. Was hoping to see a blonde garden." Realising what he meant, her gloved hand pressed against his face, trying to force him off. She wasn't able to get any momentum as she was caught between a tree and a hard place.

He fished out his rod, and grabbed her silky smooth thighs and pressed the head against her slit. Her hands balled up and banged on his head, but she froze up when she felt it get past her tight lips. As he snaked more and more in, her hands fell onto his shoulders and Lobo could feel her squeeze around his girth and see her face freaking out. "Ah. Are you likin' it blondie?"

Lobo's question got him a punch to the face for his answer.

He continued regardless, and when she wrapped her arms and legs around him, he knew she was done. So he stopped.

"What are you doing?" She stammered out.

He checked a nonexistant watch on his wrist. "Oh look at the time. It's time for you to tell me where Blackfire is."

She bit her lower lip, scrambling for a way to get Lobo to continue or try to get out of it, but the pleasure she got trying to escape had her desperate. "Blackfire's held up in a Metropolis League safe house." She admitted coldly.

"Metropolis?" Of all the lame and sewer suckin places he could be, he had to go to Metropolis... well she gave him what he needed, so she deserved something. He shoved deep into her and she squealed like a pig. "Have some dignity Power Slut." He muttered, still giving her the business. As he began his final thrusting, her legs bounced in tandem, her face was like an absolute whore who couldn't get enough. He was pretty apt at that kind of thing. Wrapping his arms around the tree, he drove into her one last time, shooting her up with his boys. He pulled out of her and she fell, completely dishevelled, her intimate area leaking his juices. The tree they had been using now had a huge sunken in indent from their session. "Get my bike out of the dirt Power Bitch."

"Wait. Aren't you going to finish me?" She said, her hand hovering over her gaping and still hungry pussy, Powergirl used any will power she could to hold off from going crazy and shoving them in and just doing it in front of him like a wild animal.

"You've wasted too much of my goddamn time here already. I've got places to be." He gave her the evil eye, and she relented to him by doing as he commanded.

He took stead of his bike, the engines shotgunned, and he was off again. He looked back, only to see her having fallen on her knees in the dirt, stabbing her fingers harshly in between her legs.

His riding took him to the heart of the City of Tomorrow, knowing full well where it was thanks to some very lonely Kansas farm maidens willing to give him the advice in exchange for a quick ride. Landing out front, he made his intentions known when it powered down. "Alright you buncha alien sympathizers! You got ten seconds to send out the criminal scum or be vaporized off this Earth like you should have been a long time ago!" His eyes blinked rapidly, nobody seemed to respond.

"ONE!" Nothing. His voice counted down. He primed his death blaster, turning it on, the center began rotating, even more and more rapidly. Beeps started and as they got whinier, he steadied it on his shoulder, almost ready to fire. "TEN!"

His gun fired, but not at his intended target. It shot wildly into the air and was further yanked out of his grip and it took a tumble to the ground, shattering it to bits. Wonder Woman... or more approrpriately, Wonder Loli, had appeared at the scene, and if not for her, he would have wiped out more than the front door.  "What the frickin frackin crap are you doin'? I'm tryin' ta work here!" He hopped off his bike, staring down the pre-teen girl with the lasso and shoulder length black hair. He wasn't exactly a patriot of this stinkin' planet, but seeing the red white and blue colors flown on a hot little firecracker like her made him salute in his shorts.

"This isn't your jurisdiction or anybody elses. It's a foreign nations government to decide on this matter now, Lobo." She was tough, for a little lady, her hands on her sides, standing firm and proud despite being so young.

When she started talking, he couldn't have been more disinterested. He instead focussed on his shoulder mounted laser cannon as she flapped her gums. "This thing cost me 1 million drokkens, and I'm gonna see you make a down payment on it one way or another."

Wonder Woman smiled at this as she pulled the lasso tightly between her two fists. "Good. Make your fight with me."

"Oh I'll make my fight with you, and a whole lot worse." Lobo cracked his knuckles, his usual attitude out the window. The strong and serious Wonder Woman did little waiting as she launched herself with an amazonian battle cry. It would almost be threatening if her voice was a pitch deeper, a little taller... oh who was he kidding.

Despite her tiny arms, she still packed a wallop. The punch he felt would have killed a normal man. Too bad for her, he was anything but.

As she attempted to reel back, Lobo just shook his head in disapointment. He grabbed her by her nice long hair and smashed her face against his bike. "I don't normally like doing this, but I think my girl here will understand."

"Oh great Hera..." The look on Wonder Woman's face in her dazed and confused state of pain said enough, her fingers only grazed the sore forehead of her tiara before she was brought down for another blow on the metal hood of the interstellar traveling bike. She slid into a crumpled mess on the ground beside it, which Lobo took the oppurtunity to drive his boot into her spine, then grinding her like one of his tossed cigars. She let out a groan of pain and with his boot firmly planted, he grabbed her arms, twisting them, exposing her armpits inwards to Lobo. They were just on the cusp of their breaking point.

Lifting her face off the street, her legs now struggling against the pavement, Lobo pushed and pulled all at once. She was starting to beg and plead for him to stop. Even she had her limits and he was gonna find out how high. This was a struggle and probably the most sweat he'd ever poured. Even if that was just a droplet down the side of his forehead. He tried revving her arms like his bike, hoping it would give him an edge.

When he thought he was gonna break before her, she let out a deafening screech as her arms popped out of their sockets.

He wiped his hands, flexing for a second, even surprised at his own strength. "Tch... even Plastic Man was harder to break."

With her arms out of commission, Lobo felt confident enough to grab her heardy ass with both hands before tossing her on top of his bike. He got himself out like usual, while placing a hand on her lower back, inferring to her what was about to happen and when he was about to get to work, he heard something.


She was crying.

The great warrior woman from the amazon was crying like a scared little girl. Maybe she was sad she had been defeated by Lobo of all people. She had to have known about this kind of outcome that would fall her way eventually. Maybe cause of her young age, she still hadn't given herself to Supes. Too bad for her. Bitch should have known to put out.

His hand grazed through her hair, pawing at her scalp before grabbing it up and yanking her up with the ease of a hand puppet. Her weakness now hidden by welled up tears as she locked eyes with him, fierceness on display in her burning blues. Yet he wasn't scared. That hood ornament she wore with the red star on it was heavily dented in and her face was dirtied with a bit of street muck. "You must feel privileged to have your first time be taken by tha main man."

"If you go through with this, I promise Lobo, you will know what it's like to wish for death like I do now." Despite her defeatist tone, she seemed to believe it.

He let go, dropping her face from view. "Yeah yeah..." He grabbed the back of her star spangled underwear, wrenching it up, as he placed his hard self in between, letting it snap down on his prick. As he slithered up her backside like a snake, there was a change in her demeanor at the feeling of his size. She was not prepared. Now he normally didn't need a reason to get down to it, but sensing her fear had him legitimately excited. Before freeing himself, Lobo ripped the lower part of her outfit in one fell swoop. She bucked against the vehicle, her legs flailing, which he grabbed onto, spread eagling her atop his mode of transportation, then reacquainting himself with a striff prod of her ass. "Now I know what yer thinkin'. You think I'm gonna stick it where the sun don't shine." He said, circling his leaking head around her cute and pink star, that was straining to desperately seal itself away from him. "But I got an eye for yer Wondercunt, Wonder Cunt." Wonder Woman's fight was locked inside her throat when she felt one of his bloated fingers tracing an outline around her sensitive petals, loving the hairless feeling she had down there. Not even a sprout had bud on her field.

Lobo made sure to use his middle one.

"Ah, you like that huh?" Her growl of disgust made him smile from ear to ear. He pushed into her until he was knuckle deep, he surprisingly had little room for movement. He'd have to change that. He pulled it out suddenly, staring at his slick blue finger. "Hmmm, no sand in here." He sniggered down at her.

A single hand of his was able to wrap around her skinny hourglass waistline, hold her in place for his elephant trunk of a cock, giving her pussy some once over swipes. "HHHRAAAUGH! NO! YOU MONSTER!" She gave him the last bit of fight she had, her little booties kicking about. He smacked her peachy buns to get her to calm down, but she was a fighter - and he was gonna change that. He laid over her, applying pressure with his tip even to a point where he had to grimace - was she gonna break first or was he?

What a stupid question. She split open like a bride on her wedding night, a cherry red bursting forth from her hymen's destruction. Wonder Woman's eyes went blank, face frozen into pure direness, her mouth aghast. She fell forward, but he caught her, and he was back to pulling her hair like a six year old, as he wrenched her back, feeding more of himself into her, to the point where a bulge on her neck formed and looked like it was gonna tear in half. If this were anybody but Wonder Woman, not only would that happen, the scalp of her head would have been long gone by now. That was the great thing about her: she would remain beautiful no matter the abuse you heaped on her.

He reared back, delivering one final burial of his dong into her uterus, as he made sure no inner wall of hers wasn't drowning in his stuff. Wonder Woman's form gave up the ghost, collapsing forward, her body becoming braindead putty in his hands, as he let go of her now greasy feeling hair without ceremony. Lobo stepped back, wishing he had a camera to snapshot this momentous sight. She looked perfect, dangling off his bike like a centerfold in one of his sleazy magazines, as gobs of his spunk rained down from her reddened and abused lips, landing in smashing splatters on the cement. After this, her reputation as the greatest and most famous super heroine would be down the drain. Heck, he might even visit her again after he's done with Blackfire - she'd need the work, afterall.

He grabbed her, now holding her lifeless form up, Wonder Woman hung, body slouched with no give on her part, turning clockwise in the breeze, her hair knotting everytime she twisted. Lobo couldn't help but admire his work. The once prim and proper leader of the amazons that had embarassed him with the help of Superman, was nothing more than a rescepticle for his seed. She had proven without a shadow of a doubt how useless she was without big blue.

She finally came to a stop, her bruised face matted with wisps of her hair. "I know you can hear me in there, and I wanted ta grind your failure into your head." He held her close to his face, making sure she felt every bit of his cigar throated and beer blasted breath. "And because of this little stunt of yours, I'm gonna make Blackfire suffer ." He slithered his tongue up her face, tasting her defeat once more. "As for you... I'll be back for you on one of my personal days." Lobo hurled her back like a ragdoll and proceeded to launch her up the street in one motion.


Bodies of heroes laid everywhere, people too stupid to have just fled in the first place. Lobo was busy flipping hole filled desks and tables left and right, looking for his intended target. "Little piggy, little piggy..." Just as he had said that, the girl he had chased halfway across the galaxy, Blackfire, cowered against the floor of the one he had flipped.

She attempted to get away on her knees. "Please. No. I don't want to go back!"

"That's a real shame cause I gotta take you back." He reached for her.

She crawled back, holding up a hand partially across her face. "Is there nothing I can offer? I am a princess of a planet! There must be something."

Lobo was about to give her the shpiel about the fact that you can't bargain wit da main man, but then something ticked for him. "Yeah... there's something." He crossed his arms. "Too bad not even your whore of a sister could do it though."

Her eyes lit up. "My... my sister?" She was intrigued. "Well I am the superior sister Mr..."


"Yes... Mr. Lobo. I am sure we can come to... some kind of arrangement." She rubbed her hands sensually across his skull jock.

He grinned. "Now you're speaking my language." Taking a rest in the big seat, no doubt for some loser like Plastic Man, he took out another stogie and flipped it into his mouth. He pointed to it, which Blackfire leaned over the desk, making sure he saw how her breasts hung, and lithely wavered up a black bolt, firing it up with a spark. Chewing it from side to side, he pulled it out for a second to blow in her flirtatious face. She seemed unphased by it. He swivelled in his chair, out of her view. "If you think you can take the plunge, I'd be willing to let you go. Capiche?" He unleashed his leviathan from its prison, and turned back to see a fearful Blackfire who clearly wasn't ready to see it and let out a quite audible gasp.

"Oh... no problem. We girls on Tamaran handle beasts like this all the time." She was lying. There was nobody on her home planet like this. Except her father...

He handled his cigar again, dumping ash into a cup that said "best dad ever", doubtful of her claim, but willing to play along. There was a lull, as Blackfire seemed to be delaying the inevitable. "Come on babe, I don't got all day. It's either this or the pokey, and you know them alien chicks got bigger pleasure wands than me."

She quickly reached unerneath her skirt before tossing her underwear to the side. Both her hands ran through her straight black hair, flipping it out before she floated up and down, straddling his body. She toyed with him at first. Using his prick like a pole, teasing a tit job by placing it between the gap of them, her face with that look like she had everything under control.

He was about to comment on the foreplay and that she should just get to the good stuff, when she floated up and then landed, her body against his, prone like a cat on high alert, hands on his chest, cold metal boots on his stomach, her back arched, her young alien booty pressed against his precum enflamed dick.

The nail of her finger traced the middle of his chest, then scratching off his hairy chin like a match box, peering down into his eyes like a lecherous cat. "Is this what you want big boy?"

Lobo looked neutral. "I want yer ass in jail and my money."

"Let me convince you otherwise..." Hotly whispering into Lobo's ear before finally pushing herself backwards. The head began prying and spreading her. Blackfire wasn't even done with the first part and she looked like she wanted to tap out.

She strained, her face contorting, her body trying to shimmy backwards. He was about to call it a day when he popped in, and he almost relaxed if not for her serious concentration. Blackfire closed her eyes, seemingly entering a zone. Not like what Raven did to try and escape him mentally, but something more akin to what a weight lifter might do. More of him seemed to get into her quicker than he realised and she seemed to be nonplussed about the whole thing.

His meaty palms flew onto her buttocks, steadying her. "Maybe I just want that ass o'yers..." That seemed to inspire new life in Blackfires efforts, as she pushed down again. The rush of wanting to get down his flag pole and possibly the change in feeling when he clapped down on her ass caused her to slip, sending him spearing upwards into her.

When she came to a stop from her pole slide, she may as well have been a girl forced down onto a piece of sharp metal, a single tear streaming down her face and an uncharacteristic twitch. Although she tried to sniffle it back and hide it through some heavy breathing, it finally seemed like she was at peace with the proceedings.

"Oh and Blackfire." He said nonchalantly.

She opened one of her closed eyes.

"I lied."

"You what!?" Blackfire was beside herself in anger, her eyes flared with violet energy.

"Don't worry. I got you a new deal and you have my word on this'un." He took his hands off both her ass cheeks, and put them behind his head. "If you can get yourself off my rod o' fun, I'll let you go." Lobo kicked back.

Blackfire's face was flush with pleasure, but she thought her will was mighty enough to do the deed. Placing her hands on his hairy but rippling form, her eyes closed, as she pushed up, her face twitched at the feeling. For every inch she raised, was like a million daggers of orgasms being pushed inside her system. This was it. All or nothing. She'd have to try harder. Blackfire raised herself inch by inch, then doubled that, then tripled that. She was almost home free despite every point she stopped at seeming even slicker than the last. Even Lobo was impressed.

Then something snapped before the home stretch. Blackfires head began to shake, her eyes hit the back of her head. She had crossed a threshold of pleasure she never even knew she had. Lobo had covered every inch of her insides and she couldn't stand it any longer.

Lobo waited expectantly, maybe this was just part of her plan, but when she started swaying on top of him crazily, he knew he'd won. "That's what I thought." He ripped her top in half, exposing her dark pink areolas, which Lobo manhandled as soon as they had stopped jiggling. When he pressed his thumbs into both sharp points, Blackfire threw her hair back in pleasure, laughing at nothing, her voice still with the twinge of that royal dignity that comes from her lineage whenever she breathed a gutteral moan of pleasure through her teeth. She was now truly lost, not even caring that her freedom was null and void. She drove herself down, taking most of him inside her before riding him back and forth, her vagina trying desperately to milk his cock with an iron like clamp restriction. He could force her off... with a lot of difficulty, but he certainly wasn't complaining about this development. Girls like her were a lot more fun in the sack. Fucking this alien princess gave him pause to think though. The way he was handling it, Lobo considered getting into politics. Space babes would be all over him as he pictured himself as head honcho with his cabinet o'fine ladies.

He pinched her nipples as hard as he could, and that still didn't seem to phase her. In fact, Lobo was sure she liked it as she squeezed on him again. He couldn't believe he thought of recoiling from the feeling. She was going ape spit on his junk.

Enough was enough for him. He locked his arms around her and began jackhammering her in response. "YES! OH YES!" She was right there in his ear, shouting rapidly. When did she stop being hot and start being annoying?

"Here it comes you wacked out bitch!" He let go of her, as she waited in anticipation, like a fiend addicted to a drug wanting more. Blackfire rocketted off him in a fountain of ejaculate, and collided face first with the ground. Her ass stood in the air while she was face down, his juice seeping out of her.

Another satisfied customer.

Speaking of which...

He raised his arm, staring into a slightly cracked glass panel. Pressing a button, the hologram screen came to life, showing a strange looking lime green alien creature on the other side. "DID YEW GETHEEEER???" it blathered out as best it could in English, slobbering all over itself from its many grotesque tubes. He hated when they did that. Lobo understood an almost universal amount of languages, he didn't need alien scum to dumb it down just because he kind of resembled meat sacks from Earth.

Looking to the wreck of a girl she now was, Blackfire had shifted from her position; now he could see her mumbling incoherently, her arms and wrists held tightly to her chest, convulsing in his semen like a bitch in heat, and with eyes that couldn't see straight. Lobo looked back down to his comm. device. "Glgrdsklechhh, I have your wife secured. I'll be dropping her off with one of your planets patrols. I expect a big payout for this one." As he pressed the button to cut communication, he couldn't help but think that at least if she went to a female space prison, she could have gotten all the dick she'd need to forget ol' Lobo. Business is business though.

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