Lobo Rapes The Titans

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Starfire floated through the halls of the tower. Searching for one of her teammates. "Friend Beast Boy? Friend Cyborg? Friend Robin? Friend Raven?" She called out, each name laced with more and more trepidation. There was an explosion that rocked even her, and she wasn't even on the ground. She dashed through the hall to the living room. There, she found the boy wonder, the changeling and the robot boy all in pieces. Piles of gore laid everywhere. A ghostly white skinned man with razzled black hair was holding a smoking gun. He turned to see a gasping Starfire.

"Ah finally. The entertainments here. Fraggin' these punks was too easy." The young man disregarded his weapon and drew the final smoke out of his cigar before tossing it.

"You will pay for what you have done!" Her eyes shimmered with jade. Very serious. Very angry. He cracked his knuckles in return. Her fist formed a green power ball, clutching it, she drove it at ramming speed, aiming towards his head. He dodged it easily. Grabbing her ankle, he smashed her to the ground. Like his favorite cartoon character, he started smashing her back and forth yelling "bam" with a baby like voice that fooled no one considering how deep it was. That seemed to take the fight out of her as he let her go and she began crawling.

"I thought you Tamarians were tough. I've fought tougher slugs at the bottoms of my boots." Speaking of which, he snaked a knife out of the side of his boot. He flipped up that skirt of hers and he took the blade to the underwear, cutting it off easily. "Now that's what I came for." The young red hair had already sprouted above her pussy. He licked his chops before strapping her on like a feed bag. Grabbing her plump ass, he threw her legs over his shoulders and dug in. Starfire had been out of it after the lashing she got, but she was now twisting and turning as she held on tightly to his head, receiving a different kind of lashing from the stranger.

Starfire's instincts were taking over, revelling in the feeling as she wound her legs around him like a vice. Even he had his limits and wanted off the ride, his arms flying about, first trying to push her off and then trying to unstrap her legs, her pussy bombarding him with unimagineable heat.

He eventually slammed her down in a powerbomb, her back breaking a table. She finally relented, but only because she was sure she had a piece of splintered wood in her.

He saw the blood letting and couldn't help but comment. "That's not the only piece of wood you're getting..." With a mean chuckle, he patted down his skull belt buckle. Pressing his two fingers into the eyes of it, it began to disengage. Starfire stared at it in confusion the beast emerged, and her eyes almost popped out of her head. Not that he could blame her.

"Sorry 'bout tha sixteen inches." He shoved into that red hot fire crotch without any thought. Starfire's insides could already not handle it and it was just the head of the snake. Hitting past a barrier, Starfire screamed, her eyes glowing green again, her hands falling upon his pecs, and unleashing another wave of energy into his chest . Anything in hopes of getting him off and away from her.

Lobo shook a little but didn't move away from her. His nose sniffed, smelling something freshly burnt. Starfire had left black hand prints on him. "Ooooh. Thanks for the rays babe, I always thought I needed a tan there." She powered down, her best shot and it barely phased him. Her head flew back, that cock of his getting further inside her. There was no way that whole thing could get into her. Could it?

Starfire got her answer when it felt like she could feel every inch of it travelling inside her, and it still wasn't the full thing. Her mind went completely blank, unable to comprehend what was going on.

His body rocked into hers as she remained mostly lifeless. "Come on. I know you were enjoying it before." Another inch into her and unexpectently, she started screaming and thrashing about. Bout time. He never took this long with any other chick. He throttled his hands around her throat, wanting her to shut up. It was great to hear her pain, but the only thing that should puncture his ear drums is speed metal.

There was an eruption from both sides. Her exploding juices shot first as she let out a choked gargle before clamping around him in a seal.

Big mistake.

As he let loose, he could see her reaction to her being filled up. Not for long however, as his boys sent her flying off his dick and into the wall. Starfire remained up, almost a trophy of his accomplishment, before naturally unpeeling and falling to the floor.

Lobo figured with the fun he had with her, he could get some mileage out of the other freak that lived here. After all, she is aiding and abetting...

Raven was in her room praying to an eldritch god or two, when an explosion blew her door frame open, sending the metal flying like a projectile towards Raven, who only narrowly dodged it. She floated in the middle of the air, awe struck, waiting for whoever did it to barge in. She may have been a little spooked, but she was ready.

With two firm steps into her room, Lobo stood with his arms stretched, then focused himself on Raven. "I'm here to frag punks and screw alien chicks, and I'm all outta punks." He said with a lick of his blade.

She didn't hesitate with this joker. "Azarath metrion zin-" Raven couldn't get the words out in time. She had a knife thrown at her. She fell down instinctively and her hands scrambled, searching for the freshly created wound. What she found was no cut or blood or even a scrape at all.

"Sorry to scare ya darlin', but you ain't cut. That just disables your freaky alien powers." Raven was angry, but remembered his threat from earlier.

"I am not an alien!" Picking her up, she twisted and turned in his grip, until he tossed her onto her bed without much effort.

"Alien enough to me. Besides. You got a body like a model and legs that don't quit." She tried to scramble up and away, but he caught her by her cape and whipped her back. "Flip over. I want a piece of your ass girlie. I already got me a slice of cherry pie."

It only took Raven a moment to realise who he meant. "You raped her?"

"Nah she was plenty enjoying it. I think. Does screaming violently count as enjoying it?" He rhetorically questioned as he rubbed his heavily shadowed chin. "Enough of your gabbin' already." He took a seat on her bed before throwing her on his knee. He only needed one hand to hold her into place. As she fought once more to get away, grabbing her by her outfit gave him an idea. He pulled it into a twist, scrunching it up really good before he rung the back of her tights like floss between those grey butt cheeks.

It wasn't the worst pain she'd been through - despite the skin of that area being incredibly sensitive - it only began to chafe at worst, but Raven just didn't understand. "Uhn! What are you doing!?"

"I've been down the milky way plenty of times, but have you ever been taken down the hershey highway?" He asked, revelling in her nervousness.

Her fear was intoxicating. Like a cold one behind the seven suns of Vega VI. A good way to start a morning. She called out for somebody, anybody, to help her.

"They're dead, sweetheart." He said, matter of factly.

"You're lying!" As she called out another name, he snapped her makeshift g-string in two.

"Just reportin' the facts." He stood, her little body against his, as he collapsed with her against the bed, smooshing her body against it and him. He pressed her hands down, locking them far and away from her body. He slid his cock right between her cheeks, hotdogging her rump like a two man saw. He leant in right near her ear and whispered "You feel that? That's going to go inside your ass."

"Please! Stop!" Raven squirmed in any which way she could.

As he teased her her tensed up hole, he was only just slightly turned off by her reaction. "Have some dignity. Even Blackfire did." He was going to mention that it would hurt less if she calmed down, but...

"Wait. WAIT! You didn't rape St-" She couldn't finish. He had pushed past her defenses and her vocal pitched shifted down as she groaned deeply in pain. She screamed out, near incomprehensible, as she began kicking her legs, which did little to ease off his forced entry.

Lobo's head pulled back, letting out an 'ooooh' at the feeling. "How do ya like sixteen inches up the ass, ya witch?" He couldn't remember the last time he had done it like this. He fed it into her, and it just kept disappearing between her derriere. Where it would stop, he didn't know. It was hard not to keep going, as he expected that small body beneath his to have its limits - even so, the tight grey hole Raven had made him feel like he could snap off any second if he stopped. He sped up, making those bouncy grey cheeks of hers begin to meatily whap back into him. "Fuuuuuck, here it cuuuums!"

"NOOOOO!" Her shriek reverberated through him, though it didn't waver him in the least as he fired load after load inside Raven's asshole. Uncorking her with a squelch, he looked down at the cum oozing, blown out ring of hers. Lobo had to laugh, his complaint before about that tight hole wasn't true anymore.

Lobo lifted her by the hood of her cloak to get a look at her, which revealed a wet stain in the vague shape of a face in her sheets. Her actual face was a whole other story. The lights were on but nobody was home. He let her drop.

Raven's face was vacant as it hung off the side of the bed, barely a sign of life in her. Not even her eyes blinked as they stared mindlessly, her mouth hanging open as well. "I see you're already inviting me for round two. Ain't that shweet?" Lobo said sarcastically. He slipped it past her mouth, her jaw distending around it, and that seemed to wake her up as her throat convulsed around his member. He tore open her top, exposing her silvers tits with hard dark grey areola nipples and gave them a squeezing; leaving purple bruises along her floppy breasts.

Then everything changed. A reddish landscape surrounded him as he stood empty on a rock. This was starting to look familiar in fact. Like Hell... Hell didn't like him. Oh well, he'd keep fuckin- hey. Where'd the goth bitch go?

A dark figure rose, with four crimson eyes underneath the cloak. "YOU HAVE DRIVEN ME TO AN EXTREME, LOBO." He wondered how she knew his name, but remembered this was the girl he was givin' his brand of lovin' not too long ago. "I HAVE TO UNLEASH MY FATHER."

Much like that wimp who couldn't handle him down below, a similarly red bodied and giant monster with horns sprouting from the top of his head emerged from her shrouded figure with eyes akin to Raven, but with a burning yellow instead. It snarled loudly, sending waves, knocking debris into the infinite space behind him. Lobo just lit another cigar in return. "So you got daddy issues. No wonder you liked getting raped." He took a drag. "If I didn't care about th' rich daddies of intergalactic princesses I've fucked coming after me, what's big red and ugly gonna do? Bad breath me to death?"


He stepped up, cricking his neck from side to side.


A fallen collosus of biblical proportions lay in a large stretch of wasteland, head laying atop a bedrock of stone, its four eyes perfectly penetrated by one of the reindeer looking antlers that had atop its skull, the blood having dried, it no longer moving.

Ravens of varying colors faced the wall, lined up like prisoners of war. Not to kill them mind you. Oh he still shot em alright, white cum visibly dripping from the hole of his preference. The ones that hadn't, still spread their leotards in frightened anticipation.

He was disapointed to learn that they weren't differently flavoured like their outfits would lead him to believe.

One wearing a grey cloak, stood up from her position, right as he was working on a yellow colored one wearing glasses. She seemed smart so  he figured she'd like it up the ass. According to her pained squeals, Lobo had guessed wrong.

She stuttered. "Mr Lobo... don't you think you've had enough?"

"Gee... maybe you're right... after all that senseless sex and violence, I never realised that those I'm hurting are still people and..." He raised his hand to her, threatening violence, she cowered  as expected. "Get back in line." She scurried back to her place without much more provocation.


He sat like a king in their living room, both girls polishing his protruding pole.
"Alright Blackfire. Enough fun." He whipped out a massive six shooter from his belt, pointing at the sucking red haired girl.

She seemed confused as she removed him from her mouth with a pop. "I'm not my sister Blackfire. I am Starfire." She seemed earnest about it. Lobo looked at her trashed teammates, then back to her, as now Raven bobbed her head on his cock.


Ah frack it.

"So where the heck would your sister be?" He asked with a furrowed brow, eyes firmly locked on the nude red head.

"I am sorry I do not know, but I heard friend Terra talking about her in this closet." The tanned skin beauty took flight over to a wall with what appeared to be a miscolored section. Lobo was intrigued and followed her. Raven reached for him but he paid her no mind. When Lobo was closer to Starfire, she pressed a button and it gasped open.

"Star what are you do- whWHAAAAAAA!" The petite girl weighed nothing as he held her upside down by her ankle, blonde hair loose and dangling.

"What have we got here." The round device she held fell to the ground. He placed his foot on it, his weight all in, crushing it. "Now little girl. You have ten seconds to tell me where she is..." He pulled her up and got into her face, his crimson orbs glowing. "Or you're gonna end up on the pike. And I don't mean the wooden kind either."

She didn't quesiton the threat, and with a stutter, she told him. "I was contacting Titan's East. They've been watching her since she got to Earth. Now they're held up at Hive Academy with her."

"Hive Academy huh?" Placing her upright, he slapped the noodley blonde girls ass. His hand was big enough to cover around the whole thing. "Get me the coordinates fuck slut." Terra ran to the living rooms computer and displayed it for him.

He didn't even give them the time of day before getting out of there. The last thing he heard was that blonde blubbering about some lamewad named "Beast Boy".

As he rode off into the horizon, he looked back to see that once giant T in the skyline crumbling into the Earth. Bummer.


His bike cooled as it settled into the hangar. Plenty of other vehicles here. None of them worth a crap. One was marked with a Titans East logo. Just as the little welp told him. Two sides coming together for one goal. Except there was only side that mattered.


He cocked dual rounded machine guns. They were big and heavy and full of lead. He knew he was ready.

Pressing the button of a door, a hallway with teenagers in costumes of all shapes and sizes stood in his way. There was a rip and he cut them down like they were nothing, not even taking aim while doing it. After the turning them into minced meat, he began running. Everything seemed quiet. Then all the metal doors surrounding him down this long stretch opened and out came nerd after nerd after nerd with a division symbol on their chests.  "Howdy!" They all said in unison. He let loose and didn't stop. Frackin' losers can go to hell! There were moments he felt like they wouldn't stop emerging from their respective rooms. His guns eventually started cocking, smoke billowing out, blue LEDs that once said 999 now read 000. He dropped them to the ground without a second thought, thankful there weren't more.

From an unknown location, some herculean beast of a man came charging out. Whipping out his blade, Lobo plunged to one knee in anticipation, his body stiff and ready to strike. The behemoth continued to charge at him, and Lobo rolled swiftly, lashing out with the blade. Standing up, the ugly bastard behind him turned to give chase again, but came to a stop as blood poured from his mouth. He didn't realise he had been gutted before collapsing. Metal as fuck hair though, had to give him that.

When nobody was coming out, he started breaking into rooms and shooting any occupant. Of course, one room did catch him off guard. A grey skinned girl was shaking her ass directly at the door. No. She was doing more than that. She had her fingers between her legs and she was giving herself the business pretty insistently. Her head popped up, her ridiculous pink hair now obvious. Although...

He threw up the devil horns in return.

"What are you doing over there? Get over here and fuck me!" With pleasure. Slipping the gun to his side, he made his walk to her slow and precise, watching her fruitlessly dig in herself, clearly wanting more.

"Wait a minute... this ain't a trick is it?" He made sure his leg was out of her view when he started carressing the weapon attached to his hip.

She seemed frustrated now. "Does this look like a trick? I just want something long and hard inside me!"

"Works for me." His paranoia now diminished, he strode over to her.

Her tiny slit was a misnolmer as he slipped inside her easily. She took hold of a pillow and began mewling like a cat in heat. As more and more seemed to sink inside of her without a problem, he almost had to stop and scratch his head. "How does a tiny teen like you get used to a cock like this?" He grunted out

"Ungh... you should see my boyfriend Mammoth." She made her point by thrusting back at him.

Even Jinx could hardly stop him when they got going, she finally put her hands on his stomach before finally pulling off him. "Mmmm... I wanna get a taste of that thing you have..." Her face was cat-like and lusty. He welcomed the challenge of her trying to swallow twenty pounds of his steak.

"Now Speedy!" What the-

A different voice out of nowhere. Before he could turn, he felt the shot rip through his middle. Lobo looked down to see a ticking timer. He didn't move as he saw the girl he'd be screwin' make a run for it.

There was an explosion. Puffs of smoke wafted in a cloud, covering most of the room.

Bumblebee hugged the red bowman known as Speedy saying 'we did it', joyous in their victory.

Jinx walked up to them, naked as a jay bird, raising an eye brow, hands at her sides. "Hey! I helped too." Speedy pulled at his collar seeing the pink haired girl like this.

The celebration was cut short as a chain rattled out from the soot and cinder, hooking into the back of Speedy's head, hurling his body into the smog. There was a gory rip as the socketed piece of steel was pulled out, the young archer's body tossed towards them. That had the girls react in fright and distracted, allowing Lobo to leap out at them, grabbing Bumblebee in a headlock and Jinx by her midsection.

"That wasn't the kind of explosion I was hoping for. Ready for round two?" Bumblebee was prying at the fist attached to her face, while Jinx was beating his chest and kicking his back, yelling.

"Hey ya horny minx." He held up that thin little body with that flat chest above his head with one hand. "Go get me Blackfire while I have some quality one on one time with your leader."

"Oh yeah? Make me!" She strained in his grasp, her teeth on display. "And she's not my leader!"

Bringing her downwards, he stuck out his elongated purple tongue in the kind of manner a rock star would, her legs kicked as her little body descended towards his ugly face.

There was a jolt of electricity when it tickled her cunny, and Jinx threw back her head in response. When she was about to get lost in it and truly enjoy the feeling, she was thrown down. Lobo threw a stern finger at the door. Her naked feet pitter pattered out of the room, leaving him to chew the fat.

Grabbing both her arms, he twisted them in place and brought her down face first into the same bed he had to used to fuck Jinx. "Bet this isn't the first time you've been bent over by a man with a gun." He chuckled.

"Fuck you!"

"You sure got a mouth on ya, but I'm not interested in it." He was all confident smiles until he saw it. His red eyes almost bulged out of his sockets. The contour of her ass in her black tights had him out of his mind. It was bigger than any of the girls he'd been fuckin' so far. Even Starfires didn't compare.

"You'll hold still if you know whats good for ya." He pulled out a knife from its pouch before placing it between her legs. She gasped, feeling the cold of the steel. Her outfiit was skin tight and there would be little resistance if he pressed it in any further against her.

Like a surgeon, Lobo worked his way up, Bumblebee cooed as she felt the point of the blade dance dangerously close on the edge of splitting her open rather than just splitting her outfit.

Like a child getting a gun on christmas, he grabbed her ebony globes with wonderment. "Ooooooh. Look at this jungle booty..." As he kneaded both, he figured that she should be ready for a nice thick Lobo injection. He then heard the exasperated breath of that girl he had fucked earlier. He was hoping she'd be longer so he could give this one underneath him the feeling of a true sting.

"Back already?" He said, squeezing down on Bumblebee.

She was trying to say something in between inhales.



Lobo was livid. He let go of Bumblebee and he knocked down the nude Jinx that couldn't deliver the goods. He should have had her lead him to her rather than try and indulge himself. As he stood out in the hall, she zoomed past the top of his head, and Lobo ran like only a lead footed biker could.

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