Reliving Doomworld

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Doomworld. That's what Nate had called it, and God bless him it seemed like everything he named became it's universal designation, no matter how hard Sara tried to resist it. Maybe it was some kind of secondary superpower? If it was it was a pretty useless one, like getting a free gift when purchasing an item you actually want. Of course, it wasn't the name that bothered Sara, it was the fact that she had initially screwed up and allowed that dark reality to be created in the first place. And she would have hated it, even if she couldn't remember it, but the problem was she did. She remembered every single thing.

Not at first, but gradually she got flashes of her life in that other world, the things she had done. Like killing her friends for the man who killed her sister, collecting their masks as trophies for him to display in his sick collection. It made her sick just to think of it. The memories of that other her making the ultimate sacrifice to try and fix her mistake wasn't even that much of a comfort, because of it, and the actions of Eobard Thawne, they had screwed up time and now Sara and the rest of the Legends were stuck dealing with the repercussions of their actions. And through it all, she was haunted by nightmares of Doomworld. Both good and bad.

They were mostly all bad, but there was one thing that Sara didn't mind so much remembering, although that's mostly because at first she didn't realise they were memories. She thought they were fantasies, probably as a result of her mind trying to deal with the atrocities she had been forced to commit while under the influence of that damn spear. But then suddenly she noticed the way Amaya was looking at her, and suddenly Sara realised exactly what they were, and that delighted her a great deal. Letting Amaya know that she knew the truth Sara started shooting her the occasional flirtatious smile, at first just to tease her. But when Amaya stopped blushing and started smiling shyly back it became increasingly hard for Sara to get those memories out of her mind.

The next thing Sara knew she was putting her hair in a ponytail, throwing on a black jacket and then examining herself in the mirror. It was by no means identical to her look from Doomworld, but it was just passable enough without raising too much suspicion. Indeed, to her great relief Sara didn't get any comments about her choice in clothing, even though it seemed she passed everyone on her way to her friend's quarters. Well, maybe a brief look from Mick, but she'd almost expected that. For all his many, many faults he was weirdly observant. Although Sara barely noticed as she was so busy debating whether this was the worst idea ever, or genius. There was no in between.

Still, she was used to making questionable decisions, so with a deep breath Sara softly murmured, "Gideon, opened the door."

"But Captain-" Gideon began.

"That's an order!" Sara demanded firmly, then walking into the open door and twirling her ponytail as she greeted her friend, "What's up Dollface."

"Oh my God! Sara! I, I can explain." Amaya stammered, never more grateful for the invention of bedsheets, some of which were covering her right now.

There was a long pause, and then Sara grinned, "Well, I don't think an explanation is necessary."

"I was just..." Amaya protested, although she honestly didn't know what she was going to say.

"Masturbating? Yeah, I can see that." Sara grinned, "The question is, which ex were you thinking about? Nate? Or me?"

Amaya opened her mouth to answer automatically, but her mouth just stayed open like some kind of goldfish because she just didn't know what to say. More importantly she was left speechless by the sight of what Sara Lance was wearing, and the fact her Captain was slowly crawling onto the bed and up her body. The entire time their eyes were locked together, Amaya desperately wanting to look away, but it felt like if she did she would die of embarrassment. After all, the only thing that could keep her calm in Doomworld was those eyes, or this woman in some way, and despite this mortifying situation she found herself calmed by Sara's presence. Or maybe she was just hoping if she stayed perfectly still Sara would do what Amaya was hoping she would do ever since she started remembering the other world.

"I'm guessing it's the latter." Sara announced when she was almost on top of the other girl, "I'm guessing you're remembering the same things I'm remembering from Doomworld, and like me you just can't take it anymore. That's it, huh? Are you suddenly remembering what I can do to that body, sweetie-pie? Huh? Cause I'm guessing-"

Before Sara could say anything else Amaya jerked her head forward and pressed her lips against her Captain's. This initially took Sara off-guard, but then Amaya could feel a smile against her lips and then suddenly they were kissing frantically. When she had jerked forward Amaya had grabbed Sara's head with both hands and she left them there for quite a while, but as Sara's hands seemed to be just about everywhere, and it kind of felt like she had grown a few extra ones. So after a while Amaya moved her hands down to the back of the blonde's neck so she could play with Sara's ponytail, the very first thing she'd had a flashback too.

Touching it again gave her a bunch of old and new flashbacks, all involving playing with Sara's hair. Mostly while kissing, or during sex, but there were a few memories of after sex cuddling, and one precious memory she treasured over all others, waking up in a bed, their bed, and gently trying to wake up her lover so they could start their day. It almost made up for the memories of doing this after a fresh kill, or all the other horrible things they had done within that dark world. Amaya always trying to concentrate on the nice memories, especially now as she was finally getting to enjoy Sara's soft lips again, and after a while her tongue.

Although to the surprise of probably both of them it was Amaya who initially pushed her tongue into Sara's mouth. Then again from what Amaya could remember she was often the aggressor in that relationship. In fact she was the primary aggressor, initiating sex with the kind of confidence and aggression that Amaya could have never imagined before finding herself in that world. Or at least aboard the ship. God, did it feel good to be this aggressive again. And to kiss Sara again. And to feel the other girl on top of her, Amaya firmly pulling Sara into her lap where they continued kissing for what felt like hours. Glorious, wonderful hours Amaya never wanted to end. Sara on the other hand had other ideas.

"Really baby? All alone here touching that yummy little black pussy of yours?" Sara teased breathlessly when she finally broke the kiss, "You know I can do it better than you. Or anybody else."

"Then shut up and prove it." Amaya demanded, quickly adding, "And leave the jacket on! And everything else. Mmmmm, you don't need to concentrate on anything right now except my pleasure."

Grinning happily Sara teased, "Yes Mistress."

Sara had been on the verge of pulling her jacket off, but she was so glad that Amaya had insisted she left it on, because it and everything else she was wearing was so appropriate for what they were doing. After all, Sara could remember being on her knees in plenty of public places eating Amaya out while she was fully dressed, and since they were obviously trying to relive those memories, so it was pretty much perfect. Plus it meant there was less time to waste, Sara only having to throw the duvet out of the way and off the bed so she could get straight to the wonderful task of worshipping the beautiful dark body beneath her.

She tried to pace herself by giving Amaya another kiss or two, and lingering on her neck, but it really wasn't that long before Sara was making her way down the other girl's body, kissing the soft flesh as she went. In what felt like no time at all she was kissing her way up one boob so she can take a nipple into her mouth and suck on it. Sara then did the same to the other, kissing her way down that breast and up the other, the only difference being that she made sure to kiss the area surrounding the nipple instead of going right for it like last time. Then of course she repeated the process again as Amaya let out such wonderfully soft little moans for her, and continued playing with her ponytail.

Whether it was her mouth around Amaya's nipple, or the playing with her hair, or a combination of both Sara was suddenly hit by the memory of doing something extra wicket, which always made her lover arch her back when doing it. It was something she might have done anyway without the memory, but recalling it caused her to grin upwards at Amaya first, giving her some warning on what she was doing. Namely to bite down roughly on one of Amaya's nipples, her teammate crying out in mostly pleasure, and sure enough arching her back at the touch. She also pushed Sara's head more firmly into her chest, Sara only too happy to take that nipple into her mouth and bite down harder, before moving to the other and again repeat the process.

After that she briefly sucked those nipples better, but it wasn't long before Sara found herself kissing her way down Amaya's flat stomach so she could get to her ultimate prize. Before Doomworld she would have suspected Amaya to insist on more foreplay, or more likely insist they were moving too fast. Or maybe even this was wrong, and they couldn't do this. She was from the 1940s after all. But since they were seemingly in a relationship in a nightmare world it was hardly surprising that Amaya not only didn't protest, but tried to push down on her head to make her get to her destination faster, followed by equally obvious encouragement.

"Yes, that's it baby! Make my pussy feel good like only you can!" Amaya shamelessly pleaded as Sara's lips got closer and closer to where she really wanted them, "Yes... yes... yes, oh God Sara! Sara! Lick me, lick my yummy little pussy, mmmmm, lick it now! You promised me that you'd, oooooooooh Gooooooodddddddd yessssssssss, oh yes, oh Sara!"

Amaya trailed off as Sara finally gave her what she wanted, her words dissolving into a series of long moans, groans and whimpers as she became lost in the heaven of another woman licking her pussy. As far as she can recall the Legion of Doom hadn't suddenly turned her gay in their world, they had simply put her in a partnership with Sara Lance, and nature had taken it's course. Because that's what Sara Lance was, a force of nature which could not be denied anything when she put her mind to it, Amaya barely putting up a fight before succumbing to Sara's advances, and then never once regretting it as the other girl effortlessly redefined her understanding of pleasure.

Although she would never know for sure, or at least she hoped she wouldn't but Amaya highly doubted that the Legion of Doom would have given her any kind of happiness, and it was truly just a byproduct of pairing her with Sara, although now ironically she would be forever grateful to them in a weird way, because although she had horrific memories she also had ones which was so sweet and loving. Memories she could have never imagined having otherwise, as although Sara was persuasive Amaya couldn't have imagine succumbing to this in the time she was from, and right now the idea of never even having any memory of it was unbearable.

What was almost just as unbearable was the slow and gentle licking Sara started out with, but while the version of her from Doomworld would have quickly protested this treatment Amaya was more hesitant to complain. After all, just because it couldn't compare to what she needed Sara was capable of didn't mean it was unpleasant in its own right. In fact there was something so sweet and tender about it that Amaya found it intoxicating. Also given a natural relationship between them would be at best tricky it was likely this was a one time thing. Just a way to get rid of their lingering feelings for each other. If that was the case Amaya wanted to savour every precious moment of it.

So even though it was practically painful Amaya held her tongue, as Sara used her tongue to tease her, touching her pussy so gently it was almost like being caressed by a feather. And she completely ignored her clit for what felt an eternity, before eventually getting really cute with it by getting her tongue as close to that sensitive bundle of nerves as possible without actually touching it. Of course Amaya couldn't resist forever, and if anything she was very impressed with herself for resisting as long as she did. Also she was curious, but there's no doubt Sara could have pushed her over the edge if she wanted too and made her beg. Could it be Sara Lance was enjoying this gentle pussy licking as much as her?

Sara liked variety. Her preference might have been for hard and fast fucking, but on occasion she liked it slow and gentle, so this was no big deal. Or at least that's what the other her used to tell herself. Now Sara wasn't so sure, which could be really bad, as the last thing she should do is fall in love with one of her crew, especially not one from the past who would ultimately have to return there. But that could be future Sara's problem. For now Sara just wanted to enjoying going down on Amaya. Savour it like it would be her last time doing it. Which it very well could be, which was all the more reason to make it count. That way at least Sara would have a memory of being with Amaya that was hers and not some evil version of her.

Luckily Nyssa al Ghul had taught her a great many things during her time at the League of Assassins, and by far Sara's favourite lessons were on pleasing women. Yes, mostly on Nyssa, but after a lot of practice with her girlfriend Sara got a chance to fuck the other women of the League. By the time she left she'd fucked almost every girl, almost always with Nyssa either joining in or watching. Nyssa also took Sara 'hunting' in random bars across the world, slowly teaching her the art of seduction, although Sara still prefered the upfront method to the subtlety that Nyssa used as easily as a physical weapon. So yeah, Sara had plenty of practice with this.

She also had plenty of practice with Amaya's body. Or at least the other version of it, and while that did make Sara hesitate for a moment nearly every time she considered using a trick she was remembering from another world she went ahead and used it, because every time it obviously had a very, very positive effect on Amaya, especially when it came to eating her pussy. Oh yes, Amaya moaned, groaned, whimpered and cried out extra loudly from Sara's tongue easily finding the most sensitive parts of her and giving them the precise amount of pressure and attention that she knew Amaya wanted, and perhaps even needed given just how wet she was.

Of course Sara touched those spots sparingly for quite a long time, and even did her best to ignore them completely so she could just concentrate on gently licking Amaya's pussy. Again she did this to savour the moment and draw out the pleasure for them both, but just as importantly just to savour one of her favourite flavours ever. Pussy! And not only that, Amaya's pussy. Oh yes, Sara loved the taste of pussy, and Amaya had one of the best tasting pussies she'd ever had the pleasure of licking in her completely biased opinion, and again she'd licked a lot of pussy. Which again was partly because of false memories, but that didn't matter now. All that mattered was indulging in her desires, and perhaps more importantly of all making Amaya feel good.

Amaya felt good for a very long time, then she started feeling too good. Torturously good. It just became too much. Or more accurately not enough. Amaya needed more, thanks to the other world she knew exactly how to get it. However that all involved things which made her blush just to think of them. Doing them was surely out of the question. Or at least all of them. Amaya just couldn't stop herself from crying out with pure joy, and she didn't even try, silently hoping that no one else would hear them, although if they did that wouldn't stop her. Then eventually she reached down to stroke Sara's hair, which wasn't too bad, and earned her a few more extra licks to her clit. But it still wasn't enough, and Sara silently made it clear that's all caressing would get her.

So eventually a frustrated Amaya cried out, "More! I need more. Ohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, please Sara, mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuckkkkkkk meeeeee oooooooh yesssssssss!"

Fortunately it really didn't take much verbal encouragement for Sara to really start going to work on Amaya's clit, not only lingering on it with her tongue but taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. For a while it was more than enough to satisfy Amaya, but then she found herself on the edge of orgasm with Sara keeping her there with practised ease. She tried a little more, and even grabbed onto Sara's ponytail and yanking on it roughly which she remembered the other Sara liking so much. But it wasn't enough, and Amaya knew exactly what Sara wanted to do, and despite her embarrassment her desire to cum became overwhelming and she gave her lover what she truly wanted.

"Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!" Amaya whimpered, her words becoming more graphic as her need became increasingly overwhelming, "Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd Sara, mmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue! Please, oh please, tongue fuck me! Please? Stick your tongue inside me and make me cum like a little lesbian slut! Ooooooooh, fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me Sara, fuck my queer little cunt with your beautiful girl tongue! Fuck me like only you can, ohhhhhhh Gooooddddd, oooooooh yesssssss, that feels so good. Soooooooo goooooooodddddddd, mmmmmm, oh Sara! Oh fuck! Oh yes! Yes! YESSSSSSS OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, OOOOOOOOOOH SARA!"

Once she finally said the words in graphic detail Sara finally gave Amaya what she wanted. Well, she did tease her for a little bit by lingering her tongue against her entrance for a few long seconds, but then finally Sara pushed it inside, turning Amaya into a screaming wreck. The White Canary did this slowly, maybe even as slowly as possible, but this just allowed Vixen to savour the wonderful feelings, and anticipate what she was sure was about to come. Sure enough Sara then started thrusting her tongue in and out of her, triggering the kind of outstandingly powerful climax that Amaya had only ever experienced before in the hands, and/or the tongue, of Sara Lance. Only again, that was the other her, so now she truly was experiencing it, and it was even better than she remembered.

Almost instantly Amaya lost the ability to think coherently, let alone speak, her words quickly dissolving into mindless gibberish, cries of Sara's name and just joyful screaming. It was soon the same story inside of her head, although she had to get a few blissful moments of awareness as her first orgasm washed over her, and thanks to Sara it was quickly followed by her second, third and so on. Then Amaya looked down and saw the beautiful long blonde hair in between her legs, and Sara looking up at her with wicked glee, and she just completely lost it. Mostly because she was struck by a feeling which was completely inappropriate, which was hopefully just an echo of Doomworld.

Sara was feeling the same echo, or at least that's what she told herself. Whatever the reason for that feeling it momentarily knocked the smirk off of her face, and worse caused her to miss some cum. It ended up covering her face which was always an acceptable consolation prize for it not ending up in her belly were it belonged, but Sara prided herself on being an experienced pussy licker, one who could easily swallow at least the majority of another girl's cum. For her to just miss some like that was sloppy and unacceptable. So partly to make up for it, and partly to distract herself from that feeling, Sara refocused all her attention on getting as much cum out of Amaya's cunt and into her stomach as possible.

Which turned out to work very well as a distraction as Sara's entire world became Amaya's pussy, just as it should be, and as it had been before. As a result of this devotion Sara was able to swallow every drop of Amaya's next climax, and most of the ones that followed right afterwards. Then she replaced her tongue with her fingers, pushing two immediately into Amaya's cunt while moving her mouth to concentrate on her friend's clit, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it while beginning to thrust her fingers in and out. Then after making the mighty Vixen cum on her fingers a few times Sara switched back so she could swallow more of Amaya's cum.

For a while Sara went back and forth, until Amaya round them over so she was riding her face. It was a move Sara could never have imagined Amaya doing before Doomworld, but now it felt so natural for the more innocent women to take control like that. To just suddenly flipped them and start rubbing her cunt against Sara's mouth, and eventually just over her face, the displaced superhero simply known as Vixen using the master assassin and vigilante known as The White Canary as a fuck pad. And Sara loved it. She loved making Amaya cum. She loved Amaya fucking her face like it was a toy to be used. She loved... well, she just loved this.

If Amaya had fucked herself, or at least allowed Sara to fuck her, into unconsciousness right there Sara would have been fine with it. It would be them working as a team to get Amaya off, and hopefully work through whatever lingering feelings they had for each other. But honestly, and selfishly, Sara wanted some attention herself. Which was why she was so glad Amaya dismounted her face, collapse on top of her body, but then heavily implied she was up for more from the way that she kissed Sara. Besides, Sara had always liked making out with beautiful women, especially when they were tasting their own cum in her mouth. That it was Amaya doing it was a plus.

Amaya remembered loving the taste of her own cum and pussy cream, especially when it was on Sara's lips and tongue. In reality she had never done this before, and never would have if it wasn't for Doomworld, yet when the moment came she didn't hesitate to kiss Sara, because if nothing else she wanted to show her gratitude for the most incredible orgasms she'd ever received in this life. She put that passion into the kiss and was rewarded for it by instantly loving the taste of her own cum and cunt juices, Amaya hungrily getting as much as she could from Sara's mouth and tongue, and even from the other woman's face. Of course that was mostly for her, not truly to reward Sara. But that was okay, because Amaya knew just how to do that. Or at the very least, she had several ideas.

Remembering the most effective way made Amaya blush, but she still broke the kiss and as boldly as she could ordered, "Bend over!"

For a second Sara looked taken aback, then she cautiously asked, "Are you sure you're up for this?"

"Are you?" Amaya asked forcefully, although her nervousness clearly crept into her tone.

Sara beamed, "You have no idea."

Summoning all her boldness Amaya questioned, "Then what are you waiting for?"

As she spoke Amaya slowly crawled off of Sara, allowing the grinning captain to flip over onto her stomach and then push herself up onto all fours, and as Amaya had been steadily moving backwards this allowed Sara to almost literally stick her perfect ass in her face. Oh God, that ass was beautiful. Round and curvy, but not too big. It was the kind of bottom Amaya had been envious of in the past, but now she just wanted to make it hers. Or hers again, because suddenly Amaya was flooded with memories of doing so many wicked and wonderful things to that ass which in that moment felt as real as any other memory had. Those memories, and the sight of that amazing ass being presented to her, left Amaya just staring at it dumbly for a few long seconds, which was clearly too long for the impatient captain.

"I said, what are you waiting for?" Sara cheeked while wiggling her beautiful butt.

This caused Amaya to glare, smacked Sara's ass roughly and quipped, "When I'm good and ready. I want to enjoy this."

The smack just caused Sara to giggle with delight, and her ass cheeks to jiggle slightly, tempting Amaya to just abandon her original plan, at least for now, in favour of giving Sara a nice hard spanking. But she was determined to do the thing that she knew would make Sara cum the hardest. So she got off of the bed and walked over to the panel in the corner of the room. Not wanting to ask the ships computer about this Amaya briefly typed some instructions into the control panel and then before her a large black strap-on dildo appeared, something she remembered using on Sara so many times. She then grabbed it, turned to Sara who of course grinned wickedly, and then she slowly strapped it onto herself.

Then Amaya moved round so she was behind Sara again, pulled down her captain's pants and underwear and then briefly admired that ass again before burying her face in between those pale cheeks, causing Sara to cry out with pure joy. It was just another thing Amaya couldn't imagine doing before Doomworld, and yet again she loved it right from the start. She loved licking another woman's ass hole! Sticking her tongue in such an absurd place. And not just because the perverted captain liked it, which she clearly did given the way that Sara continued moaning and crying out with pure pleasure. No, Amaya loved this, and she loved what she was going to do next, which was truly mind blowing for a girl from the 1940s.

"Oh fuck yeah, eat my ass! Mmmmmm yessssss, eat it!" Sara moaned, "Oooooooh, good girl, that's it, eat my fucking butt, ohhhhhhh fuck! Lick my slutty little back door and get it nice and ready for your cock."

Sara had always loved dirty talk, and really wanted to be more graphic with her words, just like she had in Doomworld. But this wasn't Doomworld. More to the point, this wasn't the Amaya of Doomworld. Sara had been extremely lucky that Amaya had even let her go down on her, but now not only was she licking her ass hole, she was promising to fuck it. There was a very good chance that promise would not be kept, but now it had been made Sara really wanted it. She also wanted to say the kind of things she'd said in Doomworld, but Sara was worried about pushing Amaya too far when she was so close to getting her butt fucked, so she held back. At least, by her standards.

"Yesssssssss, lick my fucking butt hole! Oh Amaya, your tongue feels so good on my butt." Sara continued moaning between her words, "Mmmmm, but I want more. I want your tongue IN my butt! Ooooooh yeahhhhh, I want you to tongue fuck my butt. Come on Amaya, you know what I want. Stick your tongue in my butt baby! Please just ohhhhhhh fuck! Fuck yes, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue!"

It was a surprisingly short amount of time for Amaya to grant that request as she switched from just gently licking Sara's ass hole to pressing her tongue against it and trying to force it open. The fact that she didn't get far was a testament to just how long it had been since Sara had received a good, hard ass fucking. Which was weird, because it felt like only a few days ago Amaya was pounding her forbidden hole with a huge strap-on cock, but in reality it had been years since her last proper butt fucking, making Sara even more determined to take it up the ass for Amaya. Fortunately for her Amaya seemed just as determined, given the way she was passionately rimming her while wearing a big dick that Sara was confident that her friend remembered how to use.

Growing impatient to feel that big dick inside her ass Sara practically growled, "More! Mmmmmm, give me more. Please Amaya, fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass. Mmmmm, I NEED IT! Do it now! Come on Amaya, give me what I want! Mmmmm, give me what I need. Give me your cock! Mmmmm yesssss, shove your big hard cock up my slutty little ass and butt fuck me! Oh Amaya, butt fuck me! I need to be butt fucked! Please? Oh please, give me your cock! Give me your fingers! Just fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me please, mmmmmm ohhhhhh fuck, ah God!"

Cutting off Sara with a hard slap to her ass Amaya then briefly pulled her face out of that ass to growl, "Shut up and let me fuck you!"

With that Amaya shoved her face back in between Sara's butt cheeks and began rimming her even more passionately than before, switching back and forth between frantically licking Sara's ass hole to push as much of her tongue as she could through it and fuck it. Amaya also wrapped her mouth tightly around it and began occasionally sucking on it, driving Sara crazy. It was all driving her crazy. And she loved it. She wanted more, but it had been so long since another woman took complete control of her like this. And yet, it felt like only days ago. Which was totally a mind fuck. Almost as much as the relentless teasing she enjoyed for the next few minutes.

Just as Sara was considering speaking up again Amaya suddenly replaced her tongue with a finger, barely pausing to suck on a couple of digits before pushing one inside Sara's ass, causing The White Canary to cry out with pure joy. Vixen pushed that finger into her butt as slowly as possible, left it there for a few long seconds, before beginning to butt fuck Sara, causing her to let out other sounds of pure joy. Of course Sara wanted more, but she patiently waited for Amaya to give it to her, and she was soon rewarded with another finger, and then after some more amazingly skilful preparation Sara finally got what she really wanted. Namely a nice big strap-on cock up her ass.

"You wanna be butt fucked?" Amaya purred softly.

"Mmmmmm, you know I do." Sara grinned.

"Well spread those pretty cheeks and beg for it, and I might just consider it." Amaya said.

Doing what she was told without hesitation Sara reached back, slowly pulled her ass cheeks apart and immediately began begging before her face was even pressed against the bed sheets, "Fuck me! Fuck my butt. Mmmmmm, butt fuck me! Fuck me up the butt like the anal slut I am! Please Amaya? I need it! Please? Please fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God no, don't tease me. Fuck me! Pound my fucking butt hole! Destroy it! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, destroy my fucking ass! OH FUCK! Oh God yes, stretch that ass hole, ooooooh yesssssss, mmmmmm, AH FUCK!"

Amaya just stared lustfully at the sight in front of her for a few long seconds, then slid the strap-on up and down Sara's ass crack, making her lover whimper in such a familiar mixture of frustration and anticipation. Even though this was the first time they were doing this Amaya could remember teasing Sara like this for minutes that felt like hours, but right now she could only wait a few seconds before firmly pressing the tip of the dildo against Sara's ass hole and pushing forwards. She wanted to go slow, both to tease Sara and to savour the moment like she remembered doing in Doomworld, but again Amaya just didn't have the patience, causing Sara to cry out loudly. This made Amaya feel guilty, and she stopped for a few long seconds, although that was met with extreme disapproval from Sara.

"More." Sara whimpered softly, before adding more firmly, "Give me that dick! Mmmmm, I want every single inch of it in my ass. Oh God yes Amaya, stuff my butt! Oh baby, just give me more of that big cock of yours."

Hearing Sara talk like that gave Amaya more flashbacks, but this time she could barely concentrate on them because she was overwhelmed by her lust, causing her to roughly thrust forwards like she had during the anal penetration. As a result Sara cried out again, although unlike before which had been a mixture of pain and pleasure this was mostly pleasure, causing Amaya to give another forceful thrust, and then another. And through it all Sara kept her cheeks spread wide open, allowing Amaya to watch her strap-on disappearing into her friend's forbidden hole, which had to be the most amazing, and perverted sight ever.

She thought the same thing a few long seconds later when her thighs crashed against Sara's butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of that big cock was buried within her friend's backside. Her cock! Oh God yes, Amaya could remember thinking that's what it was in Doomworld, and in this moment she was in total agreement with her dark self, because while it might not have been flesh and blood she knew a lot about feeling something which wasn't really there from her totem. In fact it almost felt like she was using it now, because she could swear she could feel just how wonderfully tight Sara's ass was. Or maybe she was just overwhelmed by the mental heaven of burying the dick deep into Sara's forbidden hole, and the beautiful contrast of their skin as they were pressed together.

As Amaya was feeling so overwhelmed there was a long pause, which soon prompted Sara to moan, "Oh baby, that feels sooooo gooooddddd. Mmmmm, I love your dick in my ass. I love it! Ooooooh fuck me, fuck my ass, ohhhhhh yesssssssss, that's it Amaya, fuck my ass! Fucking fuck my ass! Yesssss, fuck my slutty little ass! Fuck it! Fuck my tight little white ass with your big black cock."

It didn't take much encouragement for Amaya to slowly pull her hips back, push them forwards and then repeat the process to officially start sodomising Sara. To officially start ass fucking her superior officer. Her captain. Oh God, she was butt fucking her captain, and another woman at that, yet more things she could never have imagined doing. And through it all Sara continued spreading her cheeks, giving Amaya a perfect view of her cock pumping in and out of the most private hole on the other woman's body. Sara also continued talking dirty, saying things which would normally make Amaya blush, and if it had been anyone else this would have totally put her off, but instead it just added gasoline to the flames of her overwhelming lust for Sara and her amazing ass.

Sara prided herself on not only being bisexual, but being a switch, being there was a lot of different ways which could get her off. But gun to her head, this was her favourite, and perhaps what she so excelled at the most. Which was probably because her first girlfriend Nyssa al Ghul had been a total top, and a very kinky one att that, Sara able to recall a thousand different nights she was in this exact position being anally taken by her first woman. The woman who had popped her anal cherry. But that wasn't how it had been in Doomworld. No, there it was a surprisingly dominant Amaya who had taken her anal virginity and, in her words, forever made Sara's perfect ass hers.

Right now, that memory felt more vivid and real than the truth. Although there was something to be said for the truth, which was that this was their first time together. Amaya was butt fucking a woman for the first time in her life, and thanks to her false memories she was doing it like a pro, effortlessly loosening Sara's rectum and making the captain of the ship desperate for more. Oh yes, Sara was giving up her most private hole to a member of her crew, totally submitting to them and at least in this moment becoming their bitch. God, it wasn't long before Sara had to concentrate on the lie just to take the edge off the wonderful truth.

One truth however she very much remembered throughout was how thanks to Nyssa, and according to her vivid memories Amaya, was that Sara very much knew how to please a top, and right now Sara was revelling in being the perfect little bitch for the other woman. The perfect little butt slut for this dominant butt fucker. The perfect bottom for her top. Oh God yes, Sara could remember Amaya being her top so vividly, along with a desperate desire to please her in every way, whether that meant continuing to spread her cheeks, or shamelessly beg for more and tell her top just how much she loved everything she was doing to her.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh baby, fuck my ass! Mmmmm fuck that feels so good!" Sara moaned shamelessly, "That feel soooooo goooooooddddddd, mmmmmm God, but I want more. I want you to fuck my ass like only you can. Please? Oooooooh baby, you know I love it when you fuck my ass slow and gentle like this, mmmmm, makin' love to my little white booty, mmmmm yeah, but I want more. I need more. You know me baby, you know that I crave a deep, hard anal pounding I'll be feeling for a week. Or whenever I walk. Mmmmm, or whenever I'm in the captain's chair. Oh yeah Amaya, make me squirm uncomfortably in my captain's chair when I'm piloting our time ship, oooooooh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, every time you see it, ohhhhhhh, knowing that it's because of you. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, it's because you wrecked my ass! Wreck my ass Amaya! Please? Wreck my ass with your big black dick so good I remember it forever, but especially when I'm in my captain's chair. Oh fuck, just fuck me harder!"

Suddenly Amaya buried every inch of her cock inside Sara's ass, and then left it there for a few long seconds while stroking her back and cooing softly. Which of course made Sara whimper in disappointment and frustration, but just as she opened her mouth again to complain she found herself yelping in surprise as Amaya started slowly rolling them back. Sara scolded herself for being caught off-guard, her teachers in the League of Assassins, including Nyssa, inwardly scolding her and telling her to do something. She could have, but as she realised what Amaya was doing Sara simply grinned happily and rolled with her, moaning happily as she found herself sitting on the other woman's lap, which made it feel like the dildo was even deeper inside her ass.

"You want your ass fucked hard?" Amaya taunted, slapping Sara's ass, "You do it!"

"Gladly." Sara grinned.

Sara hadn't needed a little prompting, but she still enjoyed receiving it. Although not as much as she enjoyed begining to slowly bouncing her butt up and down that cock, riding it with her most intimate hole and making herself feel so very good. Sara knew perfectly well that Amaya wanted her to go slowly, and to be fair she did. At first. However Sara was feeling cheeky, and as good as the slow sodomy felt it had nothing on a nice hard butt fucking, so after a few long minutes of bouncing up and down Sara began increasing her pace. To her delight Amaya waited until she was just about to reach the edge of orgasm before delivering a series of rough smacks, which had Sara crying out in legitimate pain and stopping her actions.

"Stop!" Amaya growled a few times, just to make it crystal clear what she wanted, then when Sara was sitting still in her lap again softly murmured in her ear, "Did I give you permission to make yourself cum?"

"No." Sara grinned, giving Amaya a look to make it very clear she wasn't remotely sorry.

"Well I suggest you slow your roll." Amaya ordered, "And spread your cheeks. I didn't tell you to stop doing that either."

"Sorry." Sara scoffed, but did as she was told.

As she was in a playful mood, just as her evil self always seemed to be, Sara considered arguing since it was just a suggestion she should speed up her roll, but that would have been a waste of time and energy. All that really mattered to her now was restarting the sodomy, and while it couldn't compare to using every ounce of her strength there was something to be said for bending over slightly and awkwardly reaching back to spread her cheeks while she began bouncing up and down again. Oh yes, Sara loved degrading herself during the already shameful act of anal sex, and Amaya clearly remembered that and was using it to her advantage.

Perhaps she was abusing those memories a little too much, as Amaya made Sara slowly bounce up and down for what felt like hours, perhaps just so she could stare lustfully at Sara's obscenely stretched ass hole. Then again despite vivid memories of being Amaya's butt slut for years in reality Sara hadn't had anal sex since her last time with Nyssa, and that was literally a few years ago. Hell, she'd been dead for most of the time, and while her body hadn't been restored to be completely virginal state her ass did seem tighter than she remembered it, so perhaps all this stretching was a good thing. Although it did test even the patients which was beaten into her in the League of Assassins, and as Amaya seemed content to watch the show all night Sara further degraded herself by breaking and begging again for what she wanted.

"Please Amaya, please make me cum!" Sara whimpered, before really getting into the begging, "Oooooooh please, please sweetie baby, pound my butt! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, pound my fucking butt and make me cum! Ohhhhhh fuck pound me, pound my butt, ooooooh, pound it! Pound my bitch butt, ohhhhhhh Amaya, butt fuck me! Fuck me in the butt and make me cum like a little butt slut! Please? I need it so bad! Please let me cum! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, let me cum let me cum let me cum aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd, oooooooooh shit, please Amaya, let me cum! Let your bitch cum! Let me cum like a bitch. Let-"

"Shut up and do it." Amaya suddenly said, "Make yourself cum."

The second she had permission Sara took her hands off her cheeks and started jack-hammering herself up and down. She barely allowed any time to build up steam, because it just wasn't necessary as her rectum felt more loose than she could ever remember it being. That combined with the fact that she was more desperate for an orgasm than she could ever remember meant that Sara came in what felt like no time at all, her experience and her training somehow allowing her to power through it even though despite her memories it was easily the most powerful climax she had received in years. Of course it was quickly followed by ones just like it, which reduced the master assassin and captain of this team to a mindless anal whore relentlessly trying to destroy her own butt hole if it meant just one more climax.

Amaya hadn't been able to stop thinking about this, or to avoid masturbating to it, but all her memories couldn't do justice to seeing her captain, Sara Lance, relentlessly hammering her own ass up and down a cock strapped around her own waist. Maybe it was because those memories weren't real, or they hadn't been allowed the full enjoyment in that other world, but it was most likely that nothing could compare with the real thing. Which was exactly why Amaya wanted to do this again, and again, and again. Screw how she was raised, and what she was taught to believe was right. She wanted Sara, and her perfect ass.

To get what she wanted Amaya knew she would have to be as devious and as dominant as her evil self, and so far during this hellacious ass fucking she felt she had done a pretty good job. But now was the moment of truth. The moment which would decide whether she could make Sara and her amazing ass hers forever, or whether Sara would acknowledge that this was a mistake and they would go back to the way things were before Doomworld. Because Sara Lance might be a master assassin, the captain of this ship and a total bad ass, but she didn't have unlimited stamina, and ultimately she collapsed down on top of Amaya. Leaving it to Amaya to continue the sodomy, and prove she was worthy of being Sara's top.

She started off by cautiously rolling them into the spooning position and gently beginning to pump Sara's ass, just to make sure that Sara was still conscious. When she got the positive sounding groans she wanted Amaya rolled her over onto her stomach and started gradually picking up the pace of the butt fucking until the sound of their flesh smacking off each other echoed throughout the room along with Sara's squeals of pleasure, and the other woman's meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust. Most importantly she was making Sara cum over and over again from taking it up the ass, easily as hard and frequently as when Sara was doing it.

Like when Sara was in complete control there was something inside Amaya's harness which was constantly bashing against her clit. That combined with the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, especially this woman, sent Amaya over the edge of several climaxes herself. However whether she was just so determined to make Sara hers or whether she was using memories of pushing through this before it didn't matter, Amaya wouldn't allow herself to stop until every ounce of her energy was gone and she was lying still on top of Sara's equally exhausted body. Which of course happened eventually, but not before Amaya did her best to make Sara, and that amazing ass, hers.

They then lay there panting for a few long minutes, before Sara groaned, "We probably shouldn't do that again."

"You're right, we probably shouldn't." Amaya reluctantly agreed, although after all that she wasn't really interested in resisting the urge to do this again, and given her tone, neither was Sara.

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