Reliving Doomworld

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Amaya Jiwe was a black woman of the 1940s, meaning that there were certain, expectations of her. In her old life the thought of having sex with a woman wasn't something she could have ever have imagined, even if she wanted to, and it would be out of the question for her to act upon it. But she had. Not only that, but she had fucked her superior officer. Her Captain. Let her lick her pussy, and then Amaya had fucked her up the butt. Both of which had been a first for her, yet felt like she had done it a million times, thanks to memories from an alternate timeline they were referring to as Doomworld when she and her new time travelling friends initially failed to stop a group of super villains from changing time to their liking. So in short, her life had gotten completely crazy.

The craziest part of it was that while Amaya knew her captain was right, and that they shouldn't continue their affair, Amaya just couldn't stop thinking about her. After all, Sara Lance was beautiful and deadly, an incredibly skilled assassin from the future with her own time ship, and her body was just to die for. And those memories, both the real ones and the ones that happened to that other her, were just too much for Amaya to resist. She wanted, no, she needed to fuck Sara again. Which wasn't all she was craving, but it was what she was focusing on right now as she was stalking her pray like one of the animals whose abilities she summoned with her totem.

It was something she had been doing for the last few days, ever since their first real time together. Of course she was fairly certain that Sara was aware of it, which was good, because Amaya wanted her to be. If Sara had been truly angry or annoyed Amaya might have found the strength to stop, but all she sensed was that Sara wanted this as badly as she did, but in an ironic twist it was the 'sexually liberated' girl from the future who seemed unsure of herself, and was fighting to do what was right as far as her duty was concerned. But it probably wouldn't take much of a push to get Amaya what she so desperately wanted. In fact she was surprised that just following Sara and occasionally smiling at her didn't work. But that was okay, because Amaya quickly came up with a better plan.

She came up with it after finding Sara sitting in the captain's office, clearly pondering her next move. With a soft smile Amaya walked up to the door and for a few long seconds just stood there staring at the other woman. Then she smiled, turned around and walked across the room to the captain's chair and then casually sat down upon it. She didn't turn back while walking, but she could tell Sara was following her, the assassin not trying to hide her footsteps. Then, when she sat in the chair of her superior officer, yet another thing which was unthinkable in her old life, Amaya smirked at Sara, who blushed. She actually blushed! Amaya didn't even know it was possible to make Sara Lance blush.

"Gideon, lock all the doors. And do not allow them to be opened again for anyone except me." Sara commanded the ship's computer.

"Yes Captain." Gideon obeyed cheerfully.

"We can't do this." Sara said softly after a long pause, and then after a brief pause added, "We shouldn't do this."

"Who are you trying to convince? Me, or yourself?" Amaya asked.

"You know I'm right." Sara said as firmly as she could, which wasn't very.

"Do I?" Amaya laughed softly, a smile staying on her face for a few long seconds as she added, "Yes... I do. Or at least, the old me would have. Of course, the old me would have never given in to the urge to fuck you. It wouldn't have even crossed her mind. And she would have been so, so worse off for it."

"Amaya-" Sara began softly.

"I can't stop thinking about you." Amaya quickly admitted, adding softly, "About... us."

"There is no us." Sara protested softly, "There never was."

Standing up and looking Sara in the eye Amaya pushed, "Wasn't there?"

Sara gulped, then pointed out, "Those memories, they're just echoes of Doomworld. They didn't really happen. They're not real."

"Oh, but they did, and they are." Amaya corrected as she stepped into Sara's personal space, "I remember it all. And you do too. Why else would you have entered my room dressed like that?"

"I, I just wanted to get rid of the echo." Sara argued unconvincingly.

"Because the memories were just too strong." Amaya smiled knowingly, before leaning in slightly more as she asked, "Did it work? Did you get it out of your system?"

Sara gulped softly, closed her eyes and then rested her forehead against Amaya's before admitting, "No. But it's not real."

"It felt pretty real when your head was in between my legs." Amaya smiled softly, "And when I was fucking you up the ass."

With a soft chuckle Sara opened her eyes, pulled back slightly and then pointed out, "Okay, yeah. That was pretty hot. But... I'm trying my damnedest to be a good Captain, and good Captains probably don't sleep with the crew. Besides, sooner or later you have to go back to the 1940s, and I can't come with you."

"You could." Amaya softly corrected.

"I don't want too." Sara admitted, quickly adding, "And I don't want to go back to my time either. Being here, doing this, it gives me purpose. I don't want to lose it, so I'll probably be doing this until I die."

"If you ever stay dead." Amaya quipped, forcing a laugh out of her lover, "And isn't that just a reason to do this? And I'm sure a lot of good Captains slept with their crew. And you're not the first teammate I've slept with. And I'm not asking for your hand in marriage, or even to date. I just wanna have some fun."

There was a brief pause, and then Sara laughed, "I didn't think you'd be the one arguing that if we ever had this conversation."

Amaya smirked, "You thought about this, before Doomworld?"

"Yeah." Sara admitted, "You're hot, and amazing. How could I not?"

"Then what's the problem?" Amaya pushed.

"I, I...I just don't want you to think this can be more than what it can be." Sara argued unconvincingly.

Another brief pause and then Amaya argued, "So we know this relationship has an expiration date. So what? Can't we just live in the moment? Don't we deserve to enjoy it? While we can?"

Sara closed her eyes and leaned into Amaya's touch, the other woman having bought a hand up to stroke her face while talking. She then opened her eyes to see Amaya leaning in slightly, and against her better judgement Sara close the distance between them and kissed Amaya. Which really was just another red flag, because it was just too God damn soft, sweet and loving for Sara's liking. It was completely inappropriate for a casual hook up between two people who'd had a one night stand and barely interacted otherwise. It wasn't enough for Sara to run like she should, but she did try at least one last-ditch effort to stop this.

"Are you sure you want this?" Sara pushed after she broke the kiss, and then when Amaya gave her a look she quickly added, "It's just, I wasn't exactly getting a gay vibe from you before Doomworld."

"Just because I didn't proposition you or spend all my time staring at your ass doesn't mean I wasn't interested." Amaya pointed out flatly, breaking away from Sara and sitting down in the Captain's chair again, "And if I wasn't sure about this I wouldn't have let you into my bed, and I certainly wouldn't have come here. Now stop wasting time and strip for me. Slowly! You know what I like."

Technically Sara knew what Doomworld Amaya liked, which she almost pointed out. But this Amaya had enjoyed everything the other one had liked last time, and Sara knew that Amaya could point that out. So instead she slowly stripped off her clothes, making sure to tease Amaya with her assets, especially her ass. Then once she was standing naked in front of her chair Amaya slowly motioned with her finger and Sara reluctantly turned around nice and slowly so that the other woman could inspect her body. Amaya then silently beckoned Sara forward, the blonde obeying until she was standing right in front of the brunette.

Amaya then ordered, "Bend over."

Sara frowned, "What?"

"You heard." Amaya said firmly, "Like I said, I know what you like. And you have been a very, very bad girl. Walking in on me, then practically jumping me, without permission. Then you have the audacity to act affronted when I try and do the same to you. Hell, this whole thing is your fault. You were in charge when the Legion of Doom got the spear and created Doomworld. Yes, you fixed it, but you still need to be punished for letting it happen in the first place."

There was a brief pause and then Sara lowered her head, "You're right. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, just do as you're told." Amaya said firmly, slapping Sara's naked ass to emphasise her words.

After initially letting out a yelp of pain because of the slap Sara quickly did as she was told, bending over Amaya's knee so her ass was in the perfect position for a spanking. Which of course just bought a fresh batch of false memories flooding back to her, mostly of her giggling in sadistic delight as she quickly and eagerly got into this exact position. Like in all of those memories Sara didn't get what she wanted right away. No, she had to wait, first as Amaya just stared at her butt, and then as the other girl reached down and slowly beginning to slide her hand over it, squeezing and pinching it like a butcher with a piece of meat. It was something Sara would have never allowed a man to get away with, but having a woman doing it was different.

Somehow Sara found this erotic, mostly because Amaya knew just how to torture her right. But more importantly it was a tease, Amaya shamelessly denying Sara what she wanted for several long minutes before finally lifting her hand higher into the air and then bringing it down upon the vulnerable flesh of her bottom. The first smack was surprisingly decent, Sara crying out in a mixture of surprise and delight. But then of course the next slap was a lot more gentle, playful even, and Sara groaned in frustration. Especially because it was another thing right out of her false memories, and the comparisons just continued as the minutes ticked by.

Amaya could have never imagined spanking anyone before Doomworld. Well, at least not for fun. Maybe someday when she was a mother, and her children had done something really, really bad. But to do that to a grown woman, her superior officer... her Captain, God, what had become of her? She used to consider herself a nice, normal girl. Ignoring the whole superhero thing of course. And now? Now she was spanking her female captain's bottom like a naughty child. Then again, Sara had been a very, very bad girl, and there was no doubt in Amaya's mind that the other woman should be punished for her failings, which had bought this whole thing down upon her. Upon them both.

While up until recently she considered herself a nice normal girl Amaya could no longer do that as she had become consumed with inappropriate thoughts about her female superior officer. More to the point she just couldn't stop thinking about Sara's perfect little ass. How round and juicy it was, yet firm and toned. Not truly fat, but having plenty of jiggle when her hand crashed against it. Or her ass. Oh God, Amaya just couldn't stop thinking about spanking it, fucking it and even eating it. Which again, was not twisted fantasies bought on by magic or something, but memories of a dark version of her in another world, which felt as real as any other memories she possessed, overwhelming her until she just couldn't resist doing naughty things to this beautiful woman.

Spanking was arguably not the naughtiest, but in this moment it still felt pretty twisted, and to her shame Amaya loved every single moment of it, but maybe especially the early stages as she greedily groped Sara's ass in between each smack. Although there was definitely something to be said for picking up the pace, because while those pale globes quickly became pink under the force of the gentle spanking they then gradually turned dark red and bruised from the force of the brutal butt beating Amaya started to dish out. Also those juicy cheeks jiggled so becomingly from every blow, but especially during the hard spanking. Most of all, there was how Sara cried out with almost pure joy from the rough assault on her ass, and became so wonderfully wet against Amaya's thigh.

Then again maybe the best thing was that Amaya was doing all this while sitting in the Captain's chair. That whenever she would sit and one of the other chairs behind this one and watch Sara pilot the Waverider to their latest adventure Amaya would get to think back to this moment, and know that Sara would be thinking of it too. Maybe she would even squirm in her chair at the memory of it. No, she would squirm in her chair at the memory of it. Amaya would make sure of that by giving Sara the most brutal butt beating she'd ever received, way more brutal than anything she had given her in Doomworld, which was really saying something. Better yet this could become a regular thing, meaning that Sara would be constantly flying and fighting with a bright red ass underneath her white costume. Although if Amaya got her way it wouldn't be the only reason Sara found it difficult to sit down in the future.

Sara certainly hope that would be the case, because she too was haunted by vivid memories of receiving this kind of wonderful treatment from Amaya, and this time might have been even better because clearly her teammate had something to prove. Well, it was better because it was the real them doing it, not evil versions in a nightmare world, but when the real spanking finally got underway it just seemed wonderfully harder, and Sara loved that. Clearly the other version of Amaya had been holding back on the other version of Sara, either saving her true strength for a treat, or simply denying her because she knew Sara would like it too much.

Whatever the case Sara welcomed the brutal treatment now, not just because a twisted part of her truly liked it, but because she knew she deserved to be punished for letting Doomworld come into existence in the first place. For letting Amaya die there. For that and letting her friends died there. For killing her friends and family, along with many of the naughty things in the dark and evil place. All of it was her fault, and she deserved far worse than being spanked by another woman while in her Captain's chair, in the middle of her ship. Especially as that created a wonderful true memory that she would treasure for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately it ended far sooner then Sara would have liked, but at least Amaya didn't try and gently caress the pain away, or offer up some encouraging words, or God forbid apologise. No, instead she unceremoniously pushed Sara to the floor. The former assassin even landed on her now incredibly sore ass, meaning she embarrassingly let out a loud cry and automatically repositioned herself, rolling over onto her side and then lifting herself up slightly onto her hands and knees. Sara then froze as she looked up at Amaya to see the other woman had a hard to read expression on her face. For a few horrible seconds Sara thought she was going to apologise, but it was better than that. So, so much better.

"Get on your knees." Amaya ordered softly but firmly.

Quickly doing as she was told while struggling to keep the grin off her face Sara soon found herself kneeling in front of Amaya, who looked like a Queen sitting on a throne more than a member of Sara's crew sitting in her chair. Or maybe a goddess, that Sara was eager to worship. She even considered jumping Amaya and tearing off her pants to get to the prize underneath. But no, not until Amaya gave her captain permission to do so. Instead Amaya stood up and slowly stripped off her close, again reminding Sara of a Queen or a goddess, and then again as she sat down in Sara's chair and then just stared at her for a few long seconds.

Then Amaya ordered, "Eat me. Eat my pussy in your fucking chair you little slut! Ooooooh yessssssss, mmmmmm, eat me! Oh Sara, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, just like that! Aaaaaahhhhhhh fuck yeah, you know what I like, so give it to me."

Amaya was quickly proven right. So wonderfully right. Because unsurprisingly she didn't have too give much encouragement to Sara to get her to eat pussy. Hell, she had barely spread her legs and given that all-important order before Sara shot forward and began greedily lapping away at her twat, barely taking the time to give her a long, slow lick initially before settling into a steady rhythm which had Amaya moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure. She also couldn't hide the gratitude in her voice, or on her face, despite doing her best to stay stern faced like her evil doppelgänger, as Sara was just making it impossible to hide just how much she was loving this.

Initially Amaya tried to keep saying naughty words, because she knew how much Sara loved them and more importantly they pushed her captain to eat her pussy even more enthusiastically. Although ultimately that was the reason that she stopped. Well, that and she was struggling to stay coherent. But mostly because it felt good. Maybe even too good. After all, she didn't want to rush something so wonderful, did she? Then again while the Legends were enjoying some downtime right now there could be an emergency at any moment, and being interrupted by one of their teammates or even just by Gideon would be mortifying.

On the other hand a big part of topping Sara was avoiding giving her what she wanted for as long as possible, and if Amaya wanted things between them to work out, and she really, really did, then she was going to need to channel the Doomworld version of her as much as possible, at least when it came to sex. If she could just forget everything else that would be ideal. Besides, even if she would probably deny it Amaya knew that Sara loved to be teased. And if Amaya was being honest, denying Sara was almost as satisfying as cumming. Or at least the pleasure she received just before that. And it certainly made her feel powerful. Then again if she was honest with herself nothing was quite as good as cumming in Sara's hot little mouth.

After a few long minutes of indecision Amaya cried out, "Oh Sara, that feels soooooooo goooooodddddddd ooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk! Mmmmm, so good, oooooooh, too good! Slow down! I'm not ready to cum yet. No, I want to enjoy the feeling of you worshipping me, in your chair. In the captain's chair. Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss, I want to savour having captain Sara Lance eating my pussy in the chair of her ship like the naughty little cunt loving slut she is! Oh yes, lick my clit just like that, mmmmmm, nice and slow. Now back down, ohhhhhhh yessssss, that's it, just like that, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, lick my pussy, fuckkkkkk yessssss, mmmmmm fuck!"

Reluctantly deciding to slow things down Amaya gave that order and Sara obeyed astonishingly quickly. Amaya wished that all of the Legends were this quick to obey their orders while in the field. If they did their success rate would probably be higher. Certainly Amaya had never been more glad of such quick obedience. Sure, it meant a decrease in the overall physical pleasure, but that was made up for by the mental pleasure of ordering this deadly assassin around, and knowing this wonderful experience was going to last longer. Now she just needed to avoid begging to cum, which was a good problem to have, even though it was one which Amaya knew she would inevitably giving to, because Sara's tongue just wouldn't be denied.

Sara actually didn't mind being denied in this case as she loved every moment of eating out Amaya in her chair. Well, as long as she would receive Amaya's girl cum eventually, hopefully followed by some satisfaction of her own. Ideally in the form of another ass fucking. And she was willing to ignore her team, and Gideon, to get it. Because seriously, they had a time machine, so any problem could wait until after Sara got what she wanted. And what she wanted right now was to spend at least the next hour worshipping Amaya's pussy like it deserve to be worshiped. Well, she would have liked to worship her entire body, but there was definitely an upside to skipping a couple of steps, especially after a nice hard spanking.

It could have been harder. Sara had certainly received it in the past, even if she did have conflicting memories on who dished it out. But this spanking had still been very satisfying. Sara's ass still pleasantly ached to prove it, and would be hopefully aching even more when Amaya was truly finished with her. In the meantime Sara very much focused on the yummy treat in front of her, at first frantically licking it and making sure she hit Amaya's clit with every stroke of her tongue, and then slowly lick it and completely avoid the other woman's clit. Both of which got some of the most wonderful sounds out of Amaya, and more importantly got maybe the best pussy cream Sara had ever tasted.

That was really saying something as especially after she had returned from the dead Sara had kind of been a pussy slut, seducing any woman she could just to get the taste of what she was craving. Then of course there was Nyssa's pussy. The pussy which in reality she had spent the most time eating, even if she did have an equally vivid memory of Amaya's pussy being the one she spent years ravenously eating. Plus Nyssa had been her first woman, so it was only natural Sara would be attached to the memory of eating it. But this, this was better. Which Sara wouldn't have thought was possible, but apparently it was. And it was kind of scary because it spoke volumes of just how deep her connection with Amaya was.

Desperately trying to ignore that for the sake of her own sanity, and long-term good of the team and perhaps time itself, Sara considered a little making Amaya feel good. If that meant occasionally going back to touching the other woman's clit, and even lingering on it, just to get an extra loud cry out of Amaya, so be it. Which led to another distraction, namely more pussy cream flowing out of Amaya's cunt and pretty much directly down Sara's throat thanks to the fact that The White Canary spent most of the gentle licking with her lips wrapped around Vixen's entrance. It wasn't enough to take Sara's mind away from her feelings, but she was confident they weren't too far away from a real distraction from that, namely the wonderful moment she would make Amaya cum and get even more tasty juices than what she was now receiving.

Amaya ended up digging her fingernails into the captain's chair, grinding her teeth, and trying to literally think of anything else except the incredible pleasure she was feeling. And more importantly the fact that she could receive even more pleasure if she just said the right words. Which made her want to say it even more, as did the fact that having so much power over this incredibly sexy and deadly woman, her own captain at that, was just ridiculously hot. And oh, she wanted to cum so bad. Especially cum like she knew Sara could make her cum. But she had to wait. She needed to wait. And Amaya was used to obeying difficult orders, even if they caused her pain.

This was easily the best type of pain she'd ever received while obeying orders, and it was easily worth it for a few more precious minutes of having Sara eat her out in the captain's chair. Hell, it would have been worth it just for a few more seconds. Sadly she didn't have the stamina of her Doomworld counterpart, and eventually it all became too much and Amaya had to have more. She had to cum. She had to make Sara make her cum. Oh God, she had to cum in her captain's mouth, and all over her pretty face! And all she could do now is make sure that came across as an order from a dominant top, and not begging from a submissive bottom.

"More!" Amaya whimpered softly, before forcing herself to sound more demanding, "Make me cum you little bitch! Mmmmmm fuck, make me cum all over your face while I'm sitting in your chair! Oh yeah, make me cum nice and hard so whenever I'm sitting behind you all I think about is how you ate my pussy like the dyke slut you are while I was sitting in your chair! Ohhhhhh shit, and how I spanked that juicy little ass of yours while I was sitting there, oooooooh Goooooooooodddddddddd yessssssssss, lick my clit, yesssssss, just like that, mmmmmmm fuck! More! Lick me, ah fuck, more! Make me cum please, make me cum in your hot little mouth! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, yeeeeeeeesssssssss, tongue fuck me and make me cum! Oh Sara! My Captain! Oh fuck! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It took a frustratingly long time after Amaya first ordered it, but eventually Sara shoved her tongue as deep inside her as it would go. Combined with all the build-up and all the good memories that had been echoing in her mind lately, but especially over the last few glorious minutes, it was hardly surprising that Amaya came on the spot. All those things combined with Sara's infamous skills at sexually pleasing women meant it was no surprised that Amaya then was effortlessly pushed over the edge of orgasm over and over again until her mind melted away and she was aware of nothing but the pure ecstasy rocking through her body.

Just before she became a completely incoherent and screaming wreck Amaya wondered why she had thought she could ever stay away from Sara Lance when she knew this was her reward for giving in to temptation? Especially when the reward she was so determined to give the other girl was just as satisfying, albeit in a completely different way. It didn't matter now of course, because Sara Lance was hers. All hers! And nothing would change that. Even if Amaya had to rewrite time itself she would keep Sara Lance as her pussy eating lesbian bitch, that final thought combining with an extra hard thrust to render the poor superhero known as Vixen completely mindless as The White Canary continued to assault her womanhood.

Sara moaned happily when Amaya's cum hit her taste-buds for the first time in what felt like an eternity. In reality it was only a few days since she had last tasted them, and that had been their first and only other time together, but it certainly didn't really matter right now. No, this felt like running into the arms of the person you love when you were reunited after thinking you'd never see them again for a few long days, and if Sara hadn't been so consumed by the moment she would have been very, very worried by such thoughts. Luckily she was too busy pulling her tongue out of Amaya's pussy, wrapping her mouth around the other girl's entrance, and then swallowing every drop of precious liquid that her friend had to offer. And of course, Sara was only just getting started.

The second that first climax was done, and she had swallowed everything Amaya had to give her, Sara shoved her tongue back inside her friend and started fucking her with it, not stopping until she got a mouthful of girl cum. This process was then repeated, however unlike the first time when Amaya's whole body just tensed up this time Vixen started grinding her cunt against The White Canary's face, grabbing onto the back of Sara's head with both hands instead of one so she could more forcefully push her face into her cunt. Sara was too skilled to let that affect her performance at first, but Amaya became increasingly frantic, and there continued to be more cum. Also Sara just loved getting her face covered in cum, especially when she was about to be fucked in return.

Most importantly of all as the top in this scenario it was Amaya's pleasure which took priority here, so Sara happily allowed the other woman to use her face as a fuck pad. She even rubbed her face directly against Amaya's cunt just to give her friend that much more pleasure. Of course she aimed for her clit, at one point just sticking out her tongue and doing her best to make sure that Amaya's clit rubbed against it with every little grind. Then, just as Sara was figuring out the best way to slip a couple of fingers in between her face and Amaya's crotch and then directly into the other girl's pussy, Amaya roughly pulled Sara backwards and away from that yummy treat, leaving them both panting for a few long seconds.

During those few long seconds Sara was worried that Amaya would regress into second-guessing what they were doing, and while that would be the mature thing it would also be cruel given how needy Sara was for some attention. Then Amaya grinned wickedly down at her and slowly lean down and pressing her lips against hers. That kiss was surprisingly sweet and gentle at first, Sara going with it while aching for Amaya to pick up the pace. Then just as she did Amaya pulled back slightly and brushed a stray strand of hair out of Sara's face while giving her this intense look of affection which she never even had in Doomworld, which clearly scared both of them given how quickly Amaya changed the subject.

"So, Captain..." Amaya cleared her throat, "How would you like me to return the favour?"

Sara smirked, "Shouldn't that be your call?"

There was a brief pause and then Amaya close the distance between them and threatened, "If it is, that means I destroy your little butt hole!"

"Goody." Sara grinned, "Do you want me to go get a cock so you can ram my ass?"

"God Sara, you're such a slut." Amaya tried to sound disgusted, but ended up just sounding more amused than anything, "Yes. Bring me a nice big cock and strap it to me. Then you can suck it! Mmmmm, I can't think of a more appropriate way to prepare to butt fuck you than you sucking my dick, especially after you've eaten my pussy."

"I couldn't agree more." Sara beamed, starting to get up.

"No! I want you to crawl on your hands and knees like the little bitch you are." Amaya ordered before further explaining, "And I want you to carry the strap-on back to me in your mouth, like a dog with a bone."

"Yes ma'am." Sara grinned, quickly doing as she was told.

Amaya couldn't help staring at that perfect ass as it slowly wiggled away from her. She just couldn't get over how she was making her Captain, a woman who had more than earned her respect, crawl along the ground like some kind of animal, not once, but twice, the second time with something in her mouth. Something she then slowly strapped around Amaya's waist, Amaya barely lifting her hips to help Sara secure that cock in place. Then after briefly pausing to give Amaya a wicked grin Sara wrapped her lips around the head of that cock and started bobbing her head up and down it. Sucking it in preparation for a butt fucking.

Once again Amaya was flooded with memories of doing this exact thing in Doomworld, except minus the Captain's chair. Well, there was that one time they had snuck into their boss's office, a.k.a. the Mayor's office, and had pretty wild sex all over the place, but as they had gleefully stared at the masks of their friends which they had helped Damien Darhk collected it wasn't a memory Amaya particularly wanted to dwell on. Except for the fact that extremely weird sexual encounter had included Amaya sitting in the Mayor's chair while receiving a long drawn-out blow job from Sara, just before bending her girlfriend over that desk and fucking her up the ass.

Just like that time, and most of the times Sara had sucked her cock, the Captain took her time, particularly with the first few inches before eventually allowing every inch of that big cock to slide into her throat. Then Sara would just keep sucking like it was no issue for her at all, and even look up at Amaya with a look of smug triumph in her eyes. Or just look up for encouragement, Amaya as always happy to give it, first in the form of gently stroking that beautiful blonde hair while leaning back in her chair and just enjoying the amazing sight in front of her. Then Amaya would give Sara the words that she knew she craved, which always made the little cock sucking slut blow her even more enthusiastically.

"Yesssssss, that's it Captain, suck my cock! Suck it good. Oh yeah, suck it you little cock sucker! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, get it nice and ready for your whore ass!" Amaya practically growled with delight, "Ohhhhhh yessssss, suck it good, suck it real good. Yeahhhhhh, take it deep! Take it deep down your throat! Get it nice and wet so I can fuck your slutty little butt. Mmmmm, but I bet you don't even need it. Oh yeah, reach back and shove a finger up your butt! I bet it just slides right in? Yeahhhhh, I bet that slutty little bitch hole is still loose from me pounding it the other day. Mmmmm, or maybe it's just always lose from you being a giant butt slut. Is that it Sara, huh? You been bending over for all those girls you keep sleeping with? Huh? Have you been giving them the hole that's rightfully mine? I guess we'll have to see how loose you are. Until then, just keep sucking my cock bitch! Oooooh yessssss, suck it!"

The second Amaya verbalise that random thought of course Sara reached back and shoved a finger up her ass. Or at least Amaya assumed given the little cry and then moaned that Sara let out. She could be fingering her pussy first in preparation, but knowing her girl Sara probably went straight for her ass hole while barely covering her finger in some escaped pussy juice so she could feel the pain of the penetration. Either way it was hot, and continued to push Amaya to encourage Sara to suck her cock, just like always. Only no. All those other times were false memories. Things that happened to someone else. This was the first time Sara Lance was sucking a cock strapped around her waist, and it was amazing. And Amaya wanted to savour it, especially under these circumstances, but not as badly as she wanted to butt fuck Sara.

Which was why Amaya eventually trailed off her commentary with this, "Yessssss, suck my cock while I'm sitting in your chair. Just like you licked my pussy while I was sitting here. Oh yes Sara, I want you to think back to this next time you're sitting in this chair and remember how you ate my pussy, sucked my dick, and took my big cock up your ass while sitting in this chair! Mmmmm fuck, and I really want you to remember it every other time you sit down too. Oh Sara, I can't wait any longer. I need your ass baby. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhh, get up, turn around and give me that ass! And spread your cheeks! I want you to anally ride me while I'm sitting in your precious Captain’s chair. Oh yes Sara, give me that ass! Oh fuck!"

Sara grinned wickedly, stood up, turned around and slowly lowered herself down onto the cock. To make it more erotic for Amaya and easier for herself Sara spread her cheeks apart with both hands while taking aim, without needing to be asked Amaya holding the dildo firmly in place so they were working together to penetrate The White Canary's butt hole. Also Sara had been gently fingering her ass hole during the blow job. Those things combined meant that Sara's anal ring stretched fairly easily, Sara even crying out with mostly pleasure as it stretched wide enough for the head of Amaya's dick to slide through it and into her welcoming rectum.

She then paused to savour the exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure she was feeling, and being in this position in this place. Then Sara started to lower herself downwards, going slowly as she could to again savour the feelings of this amazing moment. Although she also did it for Amaya's enjoyment, Sara grinning wickedly as she looked back to see her friend staring at her stretched back hole slowly swallowing inch after inch of that big strap-on cock. It was a sight Sara certainly enjoyed in the past whenever she had been the one wearing the dildo, and this was probably better for her rectum, even though it felt like she could drop her full weight downwards and still receive mostly pleasure from the full length of the dick slamming up her slutty little ass.

All of this reminded Sara of being with Nyssa, who had relentlessly used her butt hole for her pleasure, taking Sara's anal cherry and turning her into a complete ass whore. Sara had never been more submissive than those glorious moments she'd had an ass full of Nyssa al Ghul, and oh how she had missed that feeling. Amaya had surprisingly proven herself to be as good a butt fucker as Nyssa, which had to be because of her memories of Doomworld. Those memories were even more vivid than usual right now for Sara, who constantly had to remind herself she used to be Nyssa's anal whore, not Amaya's. Although during this heavenly moment it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that there was a big cock in her ass again, Sara wondering how she'd ever managed to live without it.

With those memories fresh in her mind, and the previous ass fucking she had received from Amaya, Sara cried out mostly in pleasure as she slowly stuffed her rectum with dick, and in what felt like no time at all she was sitting on Amaya's lap with every single inch of that big dick buried within her bowels. Oh yes, Sara had an ass full of dick again. Amaya's dick. She had the full length of Amaya's big dick buried deep inside her slutty little ass while sitting in her Captain's chair. For a minute or two some version of those words echoed in Sara's overwhelmed mind, then she thought she was about to cum as Amaya began whispering those same words in her ear, somehow making her feel like an even bigger butt slut.

Amaya had never found anything so captivating or beautiful as Sara's slutty ass slowly swallowing her cock, her friend providing the perfect view of it thanks to The White Canary continuing to spread her cheeks throughout the anal penetration. The anal penetration of her Captain. Oh God, Amaya was anally penetrating her captain. Again. Oh yes, she had just brutally sodomised her captain because of memories of Doomworld, and she had come here looking to do it again. Come to the command deck to sodomise the Captain of the ship in the Captain's chair, solidifying this obscene affair in a way that neither of them would ever be able to forget. That was going to happen to begin with.

Throughout the anal penetration words like that echoed in Amaya's mind, the poor woman so overwhelmed that she was unable to think coherently, partly because of the thoughts going on in her head but mostly because she found herself staring at Sara's ass hole stretching for her cock. Then Sara's ass finally came to rest on her lap, and Amaya was finally able to tear her eyes away from Sara's ass to admire the rest of her body pressed against her own, the contrast between their skin truly glorious. Then she felt the overwhelming urge to talk dirty again, like she had in Doomworld and the other night, both of which proved that Sara would love a little taunting as much as she would. So that's exactly what she did.

"Mmmmm, oh God Sara, that's 10 inches! That's 10 inches of dick buried in your slutty little butt! Oh fuck Sara, you're such a whore." Amaya softly moaned into her ear, "How does it feel whore? How does it feel to have 10 inches of long, thick dick stretching your slutty little whore ass?"

"It feels good." Sara moaned shamelessly, "Mmmmm, it feels sooooooo goooooddddd, mmmmm, I love your cock in my ass! I love it! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I love sitting on your 10 inches long strap-on dick!"

"In your Captain's chair?" Amaya reminded her, "Mmmmm yesssssss, you love sitting on my lap with 10 inches of long strap-on dick deep in your ass, while I'm sitting in your Captain's chair."

"Yeahhhhhh I do!" Sara grinned wickedly in agreement, relaxing back against Amaya as she continued, "I love it. Mmmmm, I wish it could be this way all the time. Oh yeah Amaya, I want to fly the WaveRider with your dick buried in my ass! I want to sit just like this, with my ass full to bursting with dick, every time I fly this ship, so I can be reminded that while I am the Captain I'm also your fucking ass whore!"

"Oh don't worry Sara, will make sure you remember that." Amaya promised with a grin, "And you can start by riding my big dick. Oooooooh yesssssss Sara, bounce your cute little white booty up and down my dick! Fuckkkkkkkkk, that's so hot. Yeah, keep spreading your cheeks for me. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, show me exactly what kind of whore you are!"

Eager little ass whore that she had proven herself to be Sara started bouncing up and down her lap, again giving Amaya such a wonderful view that she found herself lost in the sight of the blonde's back hole bouncing up and down her cock, her Captain continuing to give her the best possible view as Sara continued spreading her butt cheeks the entire time. Then after who knows how long Amaya wordlessly pushed Sara's hands off of those ass cheeks which gave her an equally spectacular sight, namely that of Sara's juicy butt cheeks jiggling from the force of every thrust, as her superior officer leaned forward slightly to again make sure Amaya got the best possible view of this.

Either way Amaya got to enjoy the contrast of their skin tone as they fucked. That had always been a strange turn on for her, when she couldn't really explain, but was a definite factor when it came to the fact that she'd almost exclusively dated white men in the past, which was weirdly a mark in Sara's favour. But this was so much more thrilling. Oh yes, this was only her second time doing it, but Amaya just couldn't deny it, she preferred being the giver more than she'd ever enjoyed being the receiver. She enjoyed being the top, and surprisingly Sara Lance made the perfect little bottom, a thought which made Amaya smile wickedly as Sara continued to anally ride her.

Sara happily identified herself as a switch to anyone who asked, mostly because she loved making people uncomfortable, or aroused, or both as they thought about what that meant. However Amaya was doing a particularly spectacular job of making an argument that she should abandon that label and class herself as a pure bottom. Or simply Amaya's bitch. Or better yet Amaya's anal loving bitch. Oh yes, Sara loved the thought of that right now. To live for Amaya's cock up her ass, to bend over whenever Amaya wanted, or to get in any position she wanted, to do anything she wanted, to eat her pussy and ass at a moments notice, even if they were on a mission. Oh just to be Amaya's bitch again.

That's what she had been in Doomworld, and that was what she was right now. Oh yes, Amaya had walked into her office like a house on fire and taken total control of her. Spanked her. Made her eat her pussy. Butt fucked her. And wouldn't take no for an answer, steamrolling Sara's half-hearted protests and having her way with her. To be fair calling these protests half-hearted was practically giving them too much credit, because Sara wanted this more badly than she'd wanted anything before, which was why she was perfectly content to bounce up and down for what felt like an eternity, far beyond the point that Sara started craving the kind of mind blowing climax the likes of which only a total top like Amaya Jiwe could give her.

Of course inevitably it became just too much for her, and she shamelessly begged, "Let me cum, ohhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, please Amaya, let me cum! I need to cum! Oooooooh yessssssss, mmmmm, I need to cum with your cock in my ass. Please Amaya, let me cum in my Captain's chair while I'm riding your cock with my butt! Ohhhhhhh please, please, oooooohhhhhhhh please, let me cum!"

"Erm, no." Amaya interrupted, "Mmmmm, sorry Sara, but you'll have to wait until next time I decide to fuck you in your Captain's chair for you to cum."

"But-" Sara began to protest before crying out in pain as Amaya slapped her thigh roughly.

"No buts!" Amaya growled, ignoring the pun as she ordered, "Now get your sexy little ass up and let's go to your office. Mmmmm yes, I wanna butt fuck the Captain of the ship in her office, while she's bent over her fucking desk!"

Letting out a really pathetic sounding whimper Sara did as she was told, slowly getting up onto her feet and allowing the dildo to slide out of her needy little bitch hole. When it came out completely she let out another pathetic whimper, partly because she could feel just how gaped her ass hole was, but mostly because her poor butt felt so empty without Amaya's cock in her ass. Sara then kept pathetically whimpering as she was forced to stumble on shaky legs through her ship and into her office, Amaya following close behind so she could stare at her gaping butt hole. Then as soon as she had the opportunity Sara bent over her desk, spread her cheeks, and shamelessly begged for what it felt like she physically needed.

"Please Amaya, fuck me." Sara whimpered pathetically while spreading her cheeks, then got a lot more graphic and even angry as she thought about just how close she'd been to cumming before being denied, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole like the fuck hole it is! Pound it like a whore's cunt! Slam it until I can never sit right again. Fucking wreck my bitch hole and use it for what it was made for, taking dick! Your dick! Mmmmm, oh fuck Amaya, you asked if I'd been giving what's yours to all those girls I've banged? Well I have. I've been bending over for girls across time and giving them my ass, but I'll stop if you can fuck my ass enough to claim it as yours. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh, make my ass yours Amaya, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, FUCK! GIVE ME THAT COCK, GIVE IT TO ME! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yesssssssss, make that slutty little bitch ass yours Amaya, mmmmm, all yours, FUCKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSS, DESTROY MY BUTT, OH GOD AMAYA! YES, JUST LIKE THAT, RUIN MY ASS, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Thankfully Amaya took pity on Sara pretty quickly, slamming her strap-on as deep as it would go into the blonde's bowels and then started hammering that cock in and out of Sara's butt at an initially brutal pace which just got even harder. Sara tried to keep begging to push Amaya to go even harder, but shortly after the anal penetration Amaya pushed Sara's hands off of her cheeks and really started going to town on her ass, leaving The White Canary completely incoherent. It also caused her to cum over and over again in the kind of powerful climax which left Sara a completely mindless wreck, her body only kept in place by the table and Amaya's strong grip on her hips.

Amaya was struggling against the urge to cum herself, but it was only a matter of time. Especially now that the sound of flesh on flesh was echoing around the room almost as loudly as Sara's screams of pleasure, and her thighs crashed against Sara's juicy cheeks were causing those pale little globes to jiggle like jelly, bombarding Amaya with exquisite sounds and sights that she couldn't possibly resist. Most of all she had her white female Captain bent over in front of her, and even slamming herself back against Amaya's thrusts as she fucked her up the ass. Combined with the thing inside the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising Sara Lance caused her to go over the edge of a powerful climax.

It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, and yet thanks to her vivid memories of Doomworld it was like she had done this a thousand times, allowing Amaya to push through the insane level of ecstasy and continue pleasuring her precious Sara Lance. Oh yes, she continued making the mighty Sara Lance, her female captain, cum over, and over, and over again by relentlessly fucking her up the ass. While Sara was bent over her captain's table no less, the two of them becoming wild animals as they work together to ensure that Sara's ass hole was perhaps literally ruined. Which in that moment was Amaya's actual goal. After all, they had the technology to fix any type of injury, and she wanted Sara to have the humiliation of having to fix her ruined butt hole.

Just before she lost the ability to think for a few long minutes filled with brutal sodomy Amaya found herself wondering how she could ever live without this. Live without Sara Lance as her bitch. And the answer was simple, she couldn't. No, she was going to somehow have to find a way to convince Sara to return to the 40s and become her little white pet. Oh yes, Amaya would maintain the timeline by marrying and having children, but Sara would be her little anal loving fuck pet the entire time, there for her to use in any way she saw fit. But especially as an ass to fuck, because Amaya never wanted to go another day without fucking this ass. Although hopefully before that she would get to sodomise Sara just like this, in her chair and in her office the thought making Amaya grin extra widely as she became truly mindless.

Tragically while both women had a lot of strength, speed and most importantly of all stamina thanks to years of training, and in Amaya's case her totem which she eventually used as an unfair advantage, they had their limits and ultimately had to stop. With the help of her totem, and the fact that Sara had done most of the work in the beginning of the butt fuck, it was the Captain of the ship that climaxed first, Sara literally becoming nothing but an orifice for Amaya's pleasure. Although Amaya collapsed in exhaustion soon afterwards, this time backwards onto Sara's chair instead of on top of her lover. As a result Amaya was quickly rewarded with the sight of her handiwork, which made her grin wickedly and feel bizarrely proud of herself.

After about a minute of getting their breath back Amaya ordered, "Spread your cheeks Captain. Show me just how good I fucked your ass."

Sara grinned wickedly and then did as she was told, shamelessly reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks wide apart. Even without looking she would have known it was unnecessary, but there just so happened to be a full-length mirror behind her, allowing Sara to look over her shoulder and see just how widely gaped her ass hole was. Which have been obvious before, but by spreading her cheeks she was emphasising the gape, and more importantly her submission to Amaya. And pleasing her, Sara happy to see that her friend was just as captivated by the sight as whenever she did this to a girl, Sara making sure Amaya got a good look by holding those cheeks open for several long minutes, which also provide Sara the time she needed to regain her strength for she wanted to do next.

"Can I clean your cock?" Sara asked softly.

"What?" Amaya blinked in surprise, sure she must've heard wrong.

"Can I suck your cock clean?" Sara clarified, "Please? It's covered in yummy ass cream, and it's my fault it's there. So it's only right I should clean it with my whore mouth."

Amaya was stunned into silence for a few long seconds, and then she murmured, "God Sara, you're such a pervert."

"Says the woman who just fucked me up the ass." Sara teased.

"Only because you seduced me in Doomworld." Amaya giggled.

There was then a brief silence, and then unable to stop herself Sara asked, "Is that the only reason?"

More silence, then Amaya softly admitted, "No."

Yet more silence and then Sara asked, "So can I suck your cock or not?"

"Oh, right. Erm, sure." Amaya stammered, and then when Sara raised an eyebrow at her she quickly added, "I mean, suck it you perverted slut! Suck your own ass off of my cock!"

After finally letting go of her cheeks Sara slowly slid off of her desk and turned around, at which point Amaya's dick was directly in her face. She then glanced up at Amaya's face and then hesitated at the surprisingly nervous look on her friend's face. After acting the role of the perfect top it was weird to see Amaya apprehensive, especially when Sara was the one going ass to mouth. Weird, and disappointing. Especially because this was something they did all the time in Doomworld. But maybe that was because it had been away for Evil Amaya to humiliate Evil Sara, and the real Amaya wouldn't think Sara would be into it.

Whatever the case that apprehension thankfully quickly turned to desire as Sara wrapped her lips around the head of that cock and moaned at tasting the deepest part of her slutty ass. Sara closed her eyes to savour the flavour, and kept them close a few seconds later when she started bobbing her head up and down the dick. However she opened them about a minute or so later and was thrilled to see Amaya watching her with glee. Her friend even reached down to gently stroke her hair, started giving her words of encouragement, and just smiled at her in a way which made Sara's heart flutter. Which was a little terrifying, to be honest.

"Oh fuck! Oh yes! Oh Sara. Suck it!" Amaya repeated over and over again for a while, albeit in different orders, then she got more graphic, "Suck that fucking cock you little slut! Oh fuck, suck it! Mmmmmm suck your own ass off my dick! Oh Sara, you're such a nasty little slut. Ohhhhhh yessssss, I can't stop thinking about what a nasty little slut you were for me in Doomworld, but you're even nastier than I thought. Fuck Sara, I remember forcing you to do this. I didn't realise you fucking loved it. But you do, don't you? Yessssss you do, mmmmmm fuck, my Captain is a perverted little slut who loves going ass to mouth more than a professional whore! Oh fuck yes, take it deep! Take it deep down your throat so you can get every drop of your own butt cream and prove what a nasty ass to mouth whore you truly are! Oh fuck! Oh Sara! Ooooooh fuckkkkkkk yesssssss, mmmmm fuck!"

Emboldened by those words Sara eagerly took the strap-on into her throat with practised ease, staring up at Amaya the entire time she was slowly pushing the shaft into her windpipe. When she had the entire length buried in her throat Sara even stayed there for a few long seconds so she could greedily sucked every last drop of her butt cream from it, then she just went back to bobbing up and down, this time on the entire thing. Sadly there was no more ass cream for her to clean, but that's not what this was about any more. No, Sara was once again questioning her submission by giving Amaya a thorough blow job, while her friend was sitting in Sara's other Captain's chair, something sadly Amaya didn't pick up on.

To make up for that Amaya eventually reached down, roughly pulled The White Canary by her away from the cock and then after a few long seconds of being face to face Vixen roughly kissed her, tasting Sara's ass on Sara's lips, and then whispered against those lips, "We're doing this again, right?"

"Definitely." Sara grinned.

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