Sunshine In Shadows - A Darkness/Darkchylde Xover

BY : Ariel_Estacado
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Jackie felt good. Ariel looked amazing. They were dressed and ready to go. He took her to the garage where there were several cars. He chose a nice sleek black one. They drove with the sunroof down. "You have your license, Ariel?"

"Not with me," she didn't have her wallet, in her lapse of thought as she'd hurried from the hospital she'd left everything."

"But you know how to drive." He elaborated.

"Yes, I do."

He grinned. "We'll get you a car today, too."

"Wh-No, No that's fine. I don't need one."

"Don't you want your own freedom?"

"Yes, but, well cars are expensive." She knew he had money, she didn't want to depend too heavily on him.

"Fine." He relented. "You can have any one of the cars in my garage then. No money spent."

She sighed, "Jackie, no. I'll figure out a way to get my own car."

"Alright then." He said quietly. Ariel could probably tell he didn't get it. She didn't know he grew up with nothing, not until the mafia adopted him. Then he had everything. But having nothing left scars. Scars expensive things healed.

"I just don't want to depend on you for everything, it doesn't feel right," she said softly.

He smirked. Jenny couldn't be bought either. She insisted on working hard as a waitress and bar tender. "Okay." He said finally.

She smiled at him, turning in her seat and leaning towards him to press her lips to his.

He kissed back, lasting, but it had to be cut short because he was driving.

They got the fancy shopping district in town. Very expensive, very well to do, put together people. Beautiful people. Jackie walked by her side as Ariel was given free reign

She still felt weird being in such fancy shops, wasn't exactly a normal thing back in her home town. She eventually just stopped looking at the tags to avoid setting every single thing she picked up down.

It was funny, they were basically just slips of cloth priced at hundreds of dollars. But the fabrics, that's where the quality lay.

Eventually she came to him with a small pile of clothes. Some form fitting t-shirts, a couple of nice jeans, another sundress, a pair of nice looking tennis shoes, and some more underwear.

He nodded and paid. He wasn't going to push her. There were still plenty of shops she could explore. "Lunch?" He didn't know about her, but he had worked up an appetite.

"Lunch sounds fantastic." She grinned softly, taking his hand. "What were you thinking of?"

"There's a nice little Italian cafe near here that I like." He suggested.

"Then let's go there,"

He draped his arm over her slender shoulders and they walked to the cafe. He ordered them a bottle of wine, and they each ordered whatever.

"This place is cute," she said, glancing around the classy little cafe. The server brought the wine and two pristine glasses, pouring it for the two and leaving the bottle there for them.

They were out on the patio, outside in the sun. Jackie wanted to enjoy the sun today. "It is." He agreed. "So. Tonight, we'll begin your lessons?"

"Yes, I...Don't want a repeat of what I did to you." She sighed, then smiled a bit, "I'd rather not have to worry while we enjoy ourselves."

"Good idea." He sipped his wine. His gaze lingered on her. And he looked like he was thinking.

"What's on your mind?" She asked after a moment of watching him. She sipped her wine, she was surprised she hadn't been IDed. But she wouldn't question it.

"Just thinking about the first time I saw you." He said. The snow, the blood, the red dress. The wings, the sapphire blue eyes in her then-pale face.

She smiled a bit, her cheeks flushed softly. It was kind of romantic, hearing him say that.

He took a drink. He felt vulnerable for saying that. Vulnerability was dangerous.

She sipped her wine, she was tempted to reach for his hand but never did since their food was set before them.

"Ariel," He seemed suddenly hesitant, as he poked at his tiny, avante garde entree that consisted of maybe five long pasta noodles and one meatball and they called it spaghetti. "I have a question. But I don't like asking it."

"What is it? You can wait to ask it until we're somewhere more private if you'd like?"

"No. No it's fine. You know what I do. Right?"

"No, not really."

"I was taken in by the Franchetti family when I was a kid." He answered. And by family it was pretty clear he meant it in a Godfather sense. "It took a lot of time, but I cleaned it up. United families. They work for me now." There was no need to mention his drug cartel down south. Not right now anyway.

"Oh. I see," it didn't seem to bother her at all. He was a gentleman, a really good guy from what she knew. She wouldn't judge his business practices.

"And you're alright with that?"

"You've been nothing but good to me. No reason for me to judge you cause of your job."

He took a breath. "Thank you, Ariel." he said sincerely. "It means a lot to me you think that."

She smiled softly and reached over the table to take his hand. "You don't need to thank me. I don't think I could ever think badly of you."

She could, if she got to really know his demons. "Hope you never do."

They enjoyed their lunch, and their wine, he ordered another bottle, and split it between them. Finally he asked "Sure you don't want a car?"

She gave him a tiny grin, "Just looking for an excuse to go car shopping aren't you?"

"That might be a small part of it. But I just want what's best for you, Ariel." He lifted his wine glass. "I want to give you the world."

Her cheeks flushed softly, the way she gazed at him made it clear she wanted nothing more than to kiss him. A shame a table and food kept her from doing that. "If I can do the same for you, I will." She smiled, "I want to make you happy."

"Just keep being your warm, sunny self." He touched his glass to hers and took a drink. They enjoyed the rest of the day. Watched the sunset in his car on a cliff, backlighting the city. The Darkness was gaining power as she leaned against him as they watched the sun.

"It's been a long time since I enjoyed myself this much," she sighed, her head resting on his arm as the watched the sun disappear slowly behind the horizon.

He kissed her head. The stars were out now. "Ready to go back?" He asked quietly. "Get to work?"

"Yeah, I think I am." She sighed, smiling. It was nice to have someone who understood, who she didn't have to be afraid that they would simply die because of the creatures or her.

He started the car and headed back to his mansion. "I have a gym. We can work there. Or outside. What do you want?"

"Outside, I don't want to end up destroying your gym if something goes wrong."

"Alright." He took her to the back yard, which was several acres.

He walked to face her. "...So." He began. "Tell me what it feels like.”

"The nightmares or the changes?"

"Both. Either. Our abilities are similar but they're not the same. Which means you need to describe anything you can about your powers to me."

She sighed softly, giving a small nod. "It's painful usually when I change, I don't know how I didn't notice the change until it was too later earlier. It feels like everything snaps and breaks inside before my skin peels away."

He smirked a little. "The pleasure was stronger than the pain."

He took a step towards her, and he fell into shadow. She saw his eyes glow, his armor slide across his body. "Close your eyes." He said.

"It was," she agreed softly. Her eyes closed after enjoying the dark almost ethereal look.

He slowly walked around her, until he was behind her. "If you're anything like feel the power inside you. All the time. Whispering in your mind. Writhing around inside you."

"I do..." she said softly. It was there, she could feel it though at the moment it was a faint feeling

He put a hand on her chest, over her heart. "Here?"

She gave a small nod "Yeah." Her heart fluttered a tiny bit because of his touch, that seemed to increase the feel of the nightmares within her though.

She knew it was Jackie's hand, but it was cold, metallic. The armor. "But you know deep inside...that you control it. It. Needs you. To function. You are its gateway. Without you it's nothing. And that is why you are stronger than it."

"How do I keep it under control? Even knowing that..." she sighed

"It's not easy at first. But you are stronger than it." His other hand went to her upper arm, then slowly slid down it. "Feel it, seeping through your veins. Down your arm..." He took her wrist, lifted her hand. "Tell it to change. But it doesn't hurt. Take the pain and transform it into what you want it to be. Pain is a nightmare. You control nightmares."

She took a breath, willing the change solely on that arm. She focused on making it not painful, taking the change willingly. Long claws split through her skin and grew, scales and spikes tore away skin up to her elbow.

"Now, open your eyes." He whispered in her ear.

She opened her eyes, looking up at his glowing ones. She then looked down at her arm, blinking before she smiled a little bit. She'd done it!

"See?" He said softly. "Now. Do it with the other one."

She closed her eyes, focusing and she opened her eyes after the other clawed arm split through the skin.

He wrapped his arms around her belly and kissed her neck. "Show me what else you can do, babe."

She reached her arms behind her to hold him. "Oh, I will." She split open her back to spread some bat like wings. It didn't hurt! That was an accomplishment in itself.

He tightened his embrace on her. "Christ, morning can't come soon enough."

"Why? You wanna have fun while I have my wings?" She grinned softly.

"Your progress is a turn on."

"Really?" She gave a soft laugh, "Well, I'll be sure to make a lot of progress soon then."

He kissed her neck. "I think that's enough for tonight. Ready for bed?"

"Yeah," she turned around to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. "The sooner we sleep, the sooner the sun comes out."

"Yeah." He kissed back, holding her close, tight, under her wings. He couldn't, but he wanted to press into her, grind into her, fuck her. He broke the kiss. "Gonna join me? Or you want to go to your room?"

"I'll join you." She leaned her head on his chest. She wanted to stay close to him and morning would be here soon enough. She wanted to be curled up against him when the sun came through.

He gave her one final kiss and then parted. "Now., turn yourself normal. Because nightmares are only as real as you let them be."

She gave a nod, closing her eyes. The nightmares were clearly reluctant to give up its chance to be in the open, but Ariel continued to concentrate and will It away. Slowly her skin hid the nightmares away, the wings disappeared. She was normal once again.

He gave her an approving smile. "C'mon." He took her hand and lead her into the mansion, and into his bedroom. Their bedroom? He stripped down and got into his sweatpants, unashamed of being nude around her.

Ariel admired him as he changed, her cheeks a soft pink. He was the image of perfection, especially without clothes on. She slipped off her sundress and unstrapped her bra. She grabbed the discarded shirt she'd worn last night and slipped it on. She may have purposefully forgotten pajamas because she liked wearing his shirt to sleep. It smelt like him, even if she was sleeping beside him she still liked having it.

Morning came, and he turned and looked at her. The sun was out but he slipped out of bed and pulled open the window shades to let the sun fall on her. He got back in bed, laying on top of the covers. He kissed her.

The sun made her blonde hair seem to glow, the way it was splayed out looked almost like a halo. She murmured softly, snuggling against him once he was back in bed. She may have been riddled with nightmares all night, but being like this was too comfy.

"...Ariel...?" He whispered in her ear. "Wake up babe. It's morning."

She slowly cracked her eyes open, looking up at him. "...Mornin'..." she smiled sleepily, draping an arm over his chest.

"Pleasant dreams?" He hoped so.

"Not really, but," she rolled over, laying on top of him. She sat up, straddling him as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, "Being next to you made a lot easier to sleep through them."

He smirked and pulled her down to kiss. He cupped her ass. They enjoyed the morning.

Several times, in several ways.

When it was over, he headed toward the bathroom. "I have a dinner meeting tonight. Business. Want to join me?"

"Yeah," she stretched out on the bed, sighing contentedly. She'd loved every second of their morning together, she'd have to shower to get the mess coating her off.

"Glad to hear it. We have to be there by 8." Then he vanished into the shower.

She smiled a bit, relaxing as she waited for her turn. She wanted to join him in the shower but no sun would touch them there.

He wanted it too, but he worried about the same thing. He was relieved when she never peeked into the shower. He came out shortly, clean, wet, and smelling nice. When he saw her, he blinked. "Oh. I figured you were going to use the shower in your room. Not that I mind."

"I was comfortable," she gave a soft grin, standing up. She gave him a kiss, running her hands along his still damp body.

He kissed back. "I want you to look like the most beautiful woman in the room tonight." He kissed her forehead. "Not that it'll be difficult."

"You're too sweet, Jackie," she smiled, her cheeks flushed. "I'll wear one of the sundresses I got yesterday."

"Alright. Go get ready."

She kissed him again before letting go of him and heading for the shower.

When it was time to get ready, Ariel headed for her room. Two dress forms waited for her, both wearing red dresses. One was a red dress similar to the one she wore in her nightmares when they first met, but without the tears or the spiderweb flair and it had only one slit up to the hip, unlike up both hips. The other was an exact replica of the dress in her nightmares. On her bed were three jewelry boxes as well.

She was tempted to wear the nightmare one but opted for the toned down red dress. She stepped into her bathroom to fix her hair. She didn't have any makeup, not that she needed it, so she just dried her hair and let it flow around her shoulders.

In the jewelry boxes was one diamond cuff, the other a diamond tennis bracelet, and in the third, a diamond choker with a little spattering of chips of ruby at the throat.

She wasn't sure if she was supposed to wear all of them, so she put on the choker and the cuff and left the tennis bracket there. She found some black heels sitting in front of the closet, she slipped those on and stepped out of the bedroom.

Jackie was ready, in a black suit with a red tie and red cuff links, just slightly matching her, but not too much. He stared at her. "You look unbelievable."

"And you look handsome. But you always do," she gently grabbed him by the tie to pull him into a kiss. She fixed it back into place after breaking the kiss.

"We're lucky it's getting dark, otherwise I'd suggest staying in and enjoying ourselves in other ways." His finger slid up her exposed thigh.

"I wouldn't object to that, it will sadly have to wait until morning." She shivered at the touch. And a thought popped into her head. "Tomorrow night, I want to test something out."

"Tomorrow night? Alright. Mind telling me?"

"You know those UV bulbs? Basically artificial sunlight, right? Maybe we could see if it acts like sunlight for you."

"Hmm, worth a try. Even lightbulbs annoy the darkness. So, best of both worlds, maybe?"

"Maybe." She kissed him again, "if it works, we can replace all the bulbs in the bedroom. We would never have to wait again."

Well, it was official, she was the smartest blonde he ever met. "I like your thinking. But, shall we?"

"We shall." She took his hand, following him to the car.

They arrived at the restaurant and joined two bald men at a table. Each had a woman with him and both were very sharply dressed in suits. One man was heavy set.

"You seem to have an angel on your shoulder, Mister Estacado." Said the bigger man.

"Ariel, I'd like you to meet my associates, Lex Luthor, and Wilson Fisk. Fisk, Luthor, may I present, miss Chylde."

"A pleasure to meet you," a pretty smile on her face as she spoke. She was a perfect piece of arm candy, prettier than both the girls Luthor and Fisk had brought along.

Jackie pulled her chair out for her. "Now, what did we miss?"

"I was just telling Fisk," Luthor began, "That using Metropolis as a base of operations isn't the wisest move."

"Superman," Jackie nodded. "Since Batman took down Falcone, I've had no interest in dealing with the metahumans."

"They do make our job harder." Luthor nodded. "Which is why I'm running for Govenor."

She blinked, she'd never thought she'd hear about the heroes other than the news. But she figured they were up to illegal acts, her only hope was that Jackie didn't get caught somehow.

She remained silent, she probably shouldn't talk and she didn't exactly have anything useful to say.

"Excuse me?" Jackie raised a brow.

"You heard me. And My platform consists of making these super powered freaks register themselves."

Fisk looked dubious, but interested.

Luthor turned his eyes to Ariel. "I trust I have your vote, my dear?"

After a quick glance at Jackie, she spoke, "I don't see why not," her full lips curved into a smile. She figured it'd be best to be agreeable, she didn't know how these things went but she wasn't going to cause Jackie trouble.

"See?" Luthor said. "Your woman likes it. She's smart. I trust I can count on a generous campaign donation from the Estacado estate?"

Jackie picked up his wine glass and swished it around, "Maybe. If." He smirked. "If you can get Bruce Wayne to donate, I'll match it." He sipped. Everyone at the table knew Wayne hated Luthor. "You'll have your work cut out for you. I hear his childhood friend Harvey Dent is running for office, too. Wayne loyalties run deep."

Ariel could tell Jackie was enjoying this.

Ariel gave a very tiny smirk. It was interesting to see him like this. Plus she just loved his smirk, it made her want morning to come sooner.

She took a sip of her wine.

There was a loud crash behind them, a dark figure flew through the window and crashed on to the table of an unsuspecting family. Batman struggled to stand up as Bane soon came barreling through, crushing the wall around the window. Two of the customers nearest the window were crushed beneath him.

Ariel stared in shock, she cringed softly as her skin began to split on her fingers. The nightmares were becoming defensive.

Jackie put a hand on hers and squeezed. It'd be ok. He stood up, kicked the table over and pulled Ariel down to hide behind it. He pulled out a gun, but didn't fire. He had tangled with the Bat before. It was annoying. Bringing a gun into it would just make it more annoying. "Ariel. Get to the car. You shouldn't be here."

"But Jackie-" She didn't want to just go without him.

"Please! Just go, Ariel. I'll be fine. You'll be okay." But he saw the fear in her blue eyes. If she left him, would she ever see him again. "Hell." He grabbed her hand and vaulted from the table, pulling her after him. Fisk was firing at Bane, Luthor was atop his woman, using his body to sheild her from the chaos and glowering at the two super powered being fighting. Jackie jumped over the corpse of Fisk's female friend. But Ariel didn't see her and tripped.

Ariel's hand left his, her claws burst forth and tore her skin away up to her elbows. They kept her from hurting herself as the claws touched the ground. She vaulted after Jackie, ignoring the corpse.

He spun and stared through the dust looking for her. "ARIEL!" He called out for her. He looked through the dust, saw a shadow. But then Batman jumped over him, swung, and punched Fisk in the jaw. Jackie sneered. He couldn't be seen as weak in front of his business associates. Then he'd become a target.

Something was pounding near Ariel. Footsteps. Bane was rushing toward her!

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