Sunshine In Shadows - A Darkness/Darkchylde Xover

BY : Ariel_Estacado
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective publishers and owners. The Darkness belongs to Top Cow and DarkChylde belongs to Randy Queen.I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


It was a cold autumn night. But it was nothing compared the ice and isolation of her mind. But she was awake now, her bed-mate next to her permanently brain dead thanks to herself, Jackie and Sara. She had only her hospital clothes. She couldn't worry about that now. She had to find help. Help for what she was. Help for what she could become.

She left the hospital through the window on wings of spiderweb, but she was still weak and the wings withered and she fell to the earth, stumbled, skinned her knees, broke her toenails. But she could still look for him.


He was on his own black wings of shadow and bone and skin. He hurried to the hospital. A little critter on his shoulder snickered in his ear and pointed down to the streetlamps below. "Look boss. Down there." Jackie looked down, saw a girl hurrying down the empty street in nothing but blonde hair and a hospital gown.


It was cold, the chill bit into her flesh. It was worse than the ice of her mind, at least there the chill wasn't so painful on her bare skin. She shivered softly, she was weak and, if her wings couldn't last, she doubted anything else would at the moment. She'd been out for far too long, out of what little practice she'd had with her abilities. That could either make her that much more dangerous or useless.


The glass of a shattered bottle that had been laying carelessly on the side walk bit into the bottom of her foot. She hissed delicately at the pain of the cut.


Something was following her. She knew it..a...a demon? She could see it, if she looked up, flying in the night sky. It was coming for her!


Her eyes widened and, despite the weakness within her, managed to form her fingers into icy claws. It would do for now, she just hoped it would last long enough to give her a fighting chance. That hope dwindled as it faded away, she turned again and ran into a dark alleyway in the hopes of loosing it.


He was right, the little darkling on his shoulder was right. It was her. Ariel Chylde.


Jackie, in full black and green and blazing fire yellow darkness armor, descended quicker from the sky, striking into the alley. "Ariel." He landed. "Ariel Chylde..."


His voice was so familiar? Her brows creased softly as she searched her memory. Then it clicked, the voice, the armor. It was no demon, "Jackie?"


His armor receded under a weak back alley lamp. It was indeed Jackie Estacado. His armor was different than in her world. But his suit still looked good. Still white.


She relaxed slightly. "I didn't expect you to come looking for me."


"Why wouldn't I?" He put his hands on his pants pockets. "Healing the mind is one thing. It's only part of it."


She smiled a tiny bit, "I know. I was actually coming to look for you too. This is easier than me aimlessly wandering to try and find you."


"A lot easier." He agreed. He pulled a phone from his inner jacket pocket. "Shall I call us a car? I can have him take us anywhere. A boutique maybe?"


"That would be nice. I don't have any money right now, so we could simply skip the boutique." She crossed her arms over her breasts, no bra and only a thin gown to cover her? Her nipples were showing through the fabric thanks to the cold.


"Consider it a gift." He called a driver and the car came. He held the door open for her and they both got in the back. "How are you feeling?"


“Not too good," she sighed after thanking him.


"But, you're awake. You're alive."


"I am, thanks to you." She looked over at him, "I owe you for that. But, I'm afraid I have a favor to ask of you so it will be some time before I can repay you somehow."


"Oh? And what's that?" He asked slowly.


"I want to learn how to control this, to control my abilities."


"That's why you've come to find me? You think I can help you?" Well, he had once before.


"Yes, I...That's asking too much of you, isn't it?"


"No." He looked into her blue eyes, which were even more beautiful in reality. "It's only, you have a chance for a fresh start. Why not take it?"


"I would like a fresh start but...I don't know how to control my abilities. I'm afraid of what will happen if I try to make a new start without knowing what I'm doing."


"Okay, that's fair."


The driver cleared his throat. "Sir? The boutique." The car stopped, they had arrived.


She glanced out the window. That was far too fancy looking of a place.


He got out of the car and held her door open and offered his hand.


She took it, placing her soft hand in his. She stood up from the seat, feeling rather self conscious with wearing a hospital gown out and about now that her mind wasn't focused on her mission.


"Oh." He shrugged off his suit-jacket, and draped it over her shoulders. At least she was covered. Once her arms were in the sleeves, her buttoned it. Now it was...tolerable.


It was rather big on her, she looked rather adorable in his jacket. "Thank you," she smiled up at him.


He may be a sex addicted mafia hitman prince of darkness, but he knew how to be a gentleman. He held the door to the boutique for her. It was very pastel in here, but white and black and silver too. Everything was high end, from bras, to power suits, to sun dresses.


She'd try to see about sticking with something hopefully cheaper, but even the cheaper items were probably very pricey.


"Thank you for this," she looked up at him with a grateful smile.


She had to get a bra and a pair of panties, so she picked a very simple set, plain white with a slight lace trimming, and she picked out a nice little floral sundress and a sweater to help with the cold chill.


"That's all?" He asked. "You need shoes, too, at least." Jackie himself enjoyed the finer things in life, and that included clothes.


"Ah, right," she flushed slightly. She picked out some white flats and returned back to him.


"This will do for the start." He nodded and they brought it all to the cashier. There was a jewelry display by the register and he picked up a nice suede black leather choker with a silver "A". He put it on the pile of clothes.


She blinked and looked up at him as he paid. "Thank you again." She felt she'd be saying that a lot lately


"You're welcome." He paid, in cash. and the cashier handed Ariel the bag. They went back to the car. She at least had shoes now.


She put on the flats before they left the boutique. She settled in the car beside him.


Even though she'd slept for so long, the quiet and the movement of the car lulled her to doze off. Her head ended up resting against his arm.


A creature crawled from the shadows under the seat and scurried up Jackie's arm, across his shoulders, and brushed a golden hair from Ariel's face. He snickered menacingly. The voice in Jackie's head reminded him "Look. But never touch."


She gave a tiny grumble at the brush of her hair and snuggled her head against his arm. Her brow furrowed as nightmares swirled around her head.


They got to Jackie's mansion, and the darkling poofed to nothing. Jackie took a moment to watch her rest. She really was so beautiful. "Ariel." He whispered. "Ariel. We're here."


"Mm..." she blinked the sleep away, sitting up. She yawned softly, looking out at the mansion. It was huge! "That's your home?"


"For now at least, it's your home too. Living in my world has some perks." He grinned slightly. "Come on in." For a final time he held the doors open for her. The place was huge, and well lit, and spacious. "All the servants have gone to bed it seems."


"I think I can handle being without servants." She smirked slightly.


"We have 24/7 help, even this late." He gestured, and from his shadow came another little gremlin like creature. "Darklings. If you want something, they'll take care of it."


"I should be fine on my own," she looked down at the little creature, "I went this long without servants, I don't want to impose too much."


"It's no imposition. But..." He nodded. If that was how she wanted it. "Shall I show you to your room?"


"Yes please."


He and the darkling walked up the stairs, to an entire wing of the mansion. Then, he took her to a room that was a nice guest bedroom big enough to fit her whole bedroom and living room back ...before...


"There's a private washroom attached through this door." He gestured to the door for the bathroom. "My room is at the top of the stairs, central anteroom."


"Thank you," she looked rather shocked at the size. "Oh...Do you think I could borrow a shirt to sleep in?" She should have thought about pajamas at the store and she really didn't want another night in this hospital gown.


"Oh. Of course. Come to my room I'll grab you something. I...don't usually keep clothes for women around."


"That's alright, I don't need anything fancy to sleep in." She followed him to his room.


His room dwarfed her own. It had it's own firePIT. Not fireplace, fire. PIT. It had a whole lounge area, pool table, one wall was a water sculpture. His bed was actually off to a side room, where he brought her, and to his massive walk in closet. "What would you like?"


It smelled nice in his closet, like cotton and spice. Like Jackie.


Her eyes were wide at how huge his room was. It was like an apartment more so than a bedroom.


She looked at the rows of shirts hung up and just pointed to a simple cotton button up. "That one would work." She purposely breathed mainly through her nose to enjoy the scent that surrounded her, not a noticeable difference thankfully.


He took it off the hanger. "You have good taste. Armani. Egyptian cotton." He handed it to her. The cuffs and collar were starched, and that gave them a weight. The buttons, which she thought were simple, were actually carved from pearl and had a swirling shimmer to them.


"It's amazing," she gently touched one of the buttons, "You have quiet the taste in... everything." She gave him a tiny grin.


"It's important to look your best." He said. "If you're put together, people will think higher of you. You earn more respect."


"That's a good point." She looked up at him again, "Though, I think you could pull off even rags if you really wanted to." She could imagine he'd look good in anything.


He smiled. "Why thank you, Ariel." He escorted her out of his closet and closed it. "Anything else I can do to make you more comfortable?"


"I think that I'll be alright for tonight. Thank you." She stood on her toes to press a kiss to his cheek.


"Do it!" Snarled the Darkness inside him. Turn his head, kiss her. Take her. It has been so long...


But he didn't. He knew he couldn't. So he let her soft full lips touch his strong cheek. "Sleep well, Ariel." He said, looking down at her.


"You too, Jackie." And she left the closet, his room. She changed into the shirt and dozed off in the humongous bed. It was so soft and, one of the few times, she didn't dream. She slept soundly.


Once Jackie had fallen asleep, the darkness emerged from him, acting upon his inner desires. It pulled the sleeping Ariel from bed, carrying her to him. She was laid beside him, one of the horrifying eel like creatures emerged from him and wound around one of her thighs. It hiked up the shirt, revealing the fact she hadn't put on the panties yet


The darkness serpent flicked its tongue out, and just grazed it against her pelvis, below her bellybutton, but not touching her sex. He was a tease.


Jackie murmured in his sleep, the Darkness purring to him. The Darkness was curious what a union between itself and this cursed child would bare.


She sighed softly at the lick, her hand moved and rested on his chest as she curled up against him.


He shifted.

"Jackie..." The Darkness said. "Open your eyes."


He did. And he saw her, still sleeping, a little sigh escaping her. She was so beautiful in the moonlight. Warm and soft and... He noticed the Darkness serpent and banished it, putting an arm over her protectively. Wait. How did she get in his bed?


She snuggled against him, he felt so warm. He made her feel safe, even with the Darkness around him. Her leg draped over his hips.


"Gift wrapped for you..." Said the Darkness. "Feel her in your arms. So soft and warm and alive...So scarred. So magnificent..."


He could feel his body throb with want.


She sighed again, resting her head on his chest. She slowly cracked open her eyes open. She smiled sleepily at him, but it faded when the sleep left her eyes. "Jackie?"


"Ariel..." She was really here, in his arms, in his bed. This wasn't a dream. He wanted to kiss her. Touch her. Have her. But would he die for it? For her?


She sat up slightly, "How did I get here?" She was still draped partially over him. She liked being so close to him though, it was nice.


"I...I don't know." He said. "You...should go back to your bed." But god he didn't want her to.


"Yeah." she sounded reluctant but she slid off of him. "I would offer to make you breakfast but I'm guessing your servants already have that taken care of."


"You need your rest. Sleep in. Sleep the day away if you want." He said. Then he sat up, so she was basically straddling his lap, hazel eyes gazing into big blue ones.


"I've slept long enough," she breathed out, staying on his lap now. She didn't want to move.


"Do it..." The darkness hissed. "Let me see." He said quietly. "Let me see your wings."


"Alright." she didn't want to destroy his nice shirt, she unbuttoned it and slid it down so her boobs were just covered. She closed her eyes, the delicate wings made of spiderwebs spread out behind her.


Beautiful. Like the rest of her. How could this possibly be the stuff of nightmares?


His own wings burst from his back, black and grey and green with a slight writhe and shadowy smoke to them. Their shadow fell over her, blocking out the moonlight from the window.


She fluttered her wings softly. Her hands moved from the shirt, letting it fall so he could see her fairly large breasts. She didn't fight her urge, she shifted up and pressed her plump lips to his. Her hands rested on his shoulders.


He kissed back. He hadn't kissed anyone in a long time. He hadn't _fucked_ anyone in 5 years. He couldn't help it, he grabbed her upper arm in one hand, squeezed a full, perfect breast in another.


She sighed in pleasure against his lips. She deepened the kiss, moving her hands along his strong shoulders and down his chest.


The Darkness could sense she was pure of body, all things considered. Her womanhood was in tact. THAT was very alluring.


She broke the kiss, only to catch her breath, she leaned her forehead against his before kissing him once again.


"Ari-" But she kissed him again and he squeezed her breast. He got so hard under her, his body straining, yearning for her. He banished his wings and practically threw her onto her back, him on top.


Her wings were splayed out beneath her, she looked like an angel despite the beautifully creepy wings she had. She made them fade away, her plump lips parted as she stared up at him. "Jackie.."


"I....I can't." But he kissed her again, and pressed his hips against hers. He wanted her so bad.

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