Size Matters

BY : NatMar
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The thick, leather straps pulled his wrists and ankles in opposite directions, stretching out his body.  However the surface that he was laying on seemed surprisingly soft and comfortable.  It was obvious that he was on a bed.  In addition, the feathery cushion allowed him to feel the weight of a body as it nuzzled at his side.  One shapely leg lay draped across his thigh while a clawed finger traced designs across his chest… It was Selina Kyle.  Catwoman!

Batman opened his eyes to see the villainess staring back at him; her eyes dreamily relaxed as her glistening lips curled into a gentle grin.  Her chin rested on the palm of her remaining hand, while her elbow was planted on a pillow next to his armpit.

“See Batman,” she said without any preamble.  “See how nice it can be to wake up next to me?”

“Your vile temptations have no effect on me, Catwoman.  Let me go immediately!” the caped crusader snarled.

“No effect, huh?” Catwoman’s smile widened as she looked down at the lower half of his body.  “I’m not sure all of you agrees with that statement.”  That was when Batman realized that he had been stripped from the waist down.  Even his shirt had been pushed into a bunch over his chest.

“You indecent perversion!” He gasped.  “You have gone too far this time!!!”

“Oh I haven’t gone far enough yet,” Selina said as her hand traced its way down his belly to his already erect penis.  “I’m through playing sweet and innocent, Batman.  If you won’t give me what I want, I’m going to take it once and for all.  After tonight we’ll be together forever.”

“You know why that will never happen, Catwoman,” Batman gasped and jumped as her hand began to playfully caress his genitals.

“Yes, I know,” she huffed.  “You continually refuse to help me kill Robin.  And now you also have Batgirl getting in the way.  But this time you ARE going to help me.  You’re going to help me kill them both.”

“No amount of temptation will persuade me to betray my associates,” Bruce Wayne’s jaw remained rigid under the cowl, but his breath was catching as her gloved hand pumped his firm shaft.  It was obvious that she had been teasing him for some time before he regained consciousness.  His erection already ached with a need for release.

“That’s what you think, Batman,” the feline felon let go of him and stretched across the bed, her lycra covered breasts brushing over his genitals as she reached over the edge.  When she sat back up, she held a large, plastic container with air holes poked in the lid.  Inside, a miniaturized Robin and Batgirl braced themselves against the sway of the cage.  They appeared perfectly healthy except for their diminutive size.  Each one was just under eight inches tall.

Catwoman placed the cage on Batman’s tight abs so he had a good view of both of them.  As he watched helplessly, she dexterously reached in and plucked out Robin; quickly closing the lid to keep Batgirl from escaping.

“Aren’t they cute?” she said as she held the squirming Boy Wonder over his mentor.  Her grip pinned his arms to his side, but his legs kicked at the air futilely.  With her free hand she began poking and prodding at the tiny eighteen year old.

“For all that is decent, Catwoman, return them to normal and release them,” Batman begged.

“No!” Catwoman snapped.  “You will never be with me as long as they live.  But if you help me kill them, then you will be a criminal and will have no choice but to join me in a life of crime!”

“I would never do such a thing,” Batman stated firmly.

“We’ll see,” Catwoman dismissed him as she turned back to her doll sized Toy Wonder.  She grinned lecherously.  Using the claw of her free hand, she carefully cut his belt and the bindings of his red doublet, gently spreading it open.  Then she delicately sliced open the green T-shirt that he wore under it and peeled that back over his shoulders to reveal his firm, young pectoral muscles and chiseled abs.  Her grin turned into a wide smile as she traced the lines of his torso.  Then she hooked the waistband of his green shorts and pulled them down his kicking legs.  Despite his athletic form, the strength of one finger was enough to overwhelm his miniaturized physique.  His tiny shoes flew off as well.

“Mmm, very nice,” she admired the teenaged hero.  His still pubescent genitals dangled in the open air.  Although quite tiny in his current state, Dick Grayson was as generously endowed for his proportions as his full sized millionaire mentor.  Selina gleefully rubbed the fleshy part of her finger against his pelvis causing his teenaged hormones to kick in and his tiny cock to rise to an erection.

With a giggle, she lifted him to her face and closely scrutinized the athletic young man.  He tried to look away, turning bright red as her gigantic finger continued to arouse him.  Finally she stuck out her tongue and lapped it against him, covering the majority of the front of his body.  The rough, wet flesh dragged up from his knees to his face, rubbing roughly against his throbbing prick and tickling his balls.  Once it pulled away, it left him coated in a dripping layer of saliva.

“So tasty,” her towering face grinned at him.  “I’m really going to enjoy you.”

With her free hand, the grinning villainess pulled some thread from a nearby table and used it to lasso the boy wonder’s feet.  Then she wrapped the string around his legs and continued to twist the cord up and around his body, pinning his arms behind his back, until he was completely bound in the thin line.  She was careful to leave his shirt open and his bare penis bobbing in front of him through the encircling strands.  Although the thread seemed frail, in Robin’s miniaturized form, it had the effectiveness of solid rope. 

Satisfied with her work, Selina laid the captive sidekick on his mentor’s chest, resting against the bunched up Bat Logo of his shirt.  Now they were both facing the plastic cage holding Batgirl.  At the same time, the trapped heroine couldn’t help staring back at them, mesmerized by the Boy Wonder’s erection while Batman’s towering cock bobbed behind her like the trunk of a tree.

“Now it’s your turn, Batgirl,” Selina purred down into the cage.  The tiny heroine yelled some kind of threat, but her small voice couldn’t be herd through the plastic box.   “I want you to perform a nice sexy striptease for your male counterparts.”  A look of shock crossed Batgirl’s face before she crossed her arms and shook her head defiantly.

A shadow fell over the cage as Catwoman lifted her arm to the far side of the container and lowered her clawed fingers over Batman’s twitching erection.  Her other hand lowed a pair of cuticle scissors to wrap threateningly around Robin’s genitals.

“If you don’t, I will remove the parts of Batman and the Boy Wonder that make them a man and boy,” the villainess tightened her razor sharp claws dangerously close to the hero’s most sensitive organ and slowly began closing the scissors.

“Don’t do it, Batgirl.  Don’t give in,” Batman said stoically, but it was clear that there was some fear in his voice.  Robin also shook his head, trying to remain brave.

“I’m not playing around Batgirl!  If you don’t do what I say, I’ll rip ‘em both off and mount them as a trophy on my wall,” Selina snarled.  “And you better make it good!”

With nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, the captive heroine nodded grimly.  Reluctantly she began swaying and slowly started to dance.  Somewhere music began to play and Barbara began to smoothly match her movements to the beat.  With graceful gestures, she slowly pealed her scalloped gloves off her arms and tossed them aside one by one.  Then she pointed her toes as she bent to loosen and slide each of her high heeled boots off her feet.  Next came the belt, which she unsnapped and delicately pulled around to snake across her sensuous hips as they twisted enticingly.

The music began to swell as the heroine turned her back to her captive audience.  Part of her couldn’t help getting into the thrill of the performance.  Slowly her elbows raised, drawing her cape up to tauntingly reveal just the bottom of the swaying orbs of her shapely butt cheeks.  The movement seemed to dare anyone not to be mesmerized by its shapely perfection.  But soon the elbows dropped, once again, lowering the cape like a curtain.  Then the shapely figure bent forward, pushing her purple, one piece suit down her ankles to the floor.  Her still swaying butt pushed against the cape teasing the now naked form that lay underneath as she stepped out of the clothes. 

After a moment of this provocation, Batgirl stood up and looked tauntingly over her shoulder.   Beautiful bare legs protruded from the bottom of the cape, which continued to wave with the movement of her shoulders.  Every one of her gestures teased at the nudity that was hidden just beyond the silky layer of cloth.

With a wink, the masked maiden’s hands raised to her neck and she carefully unhooked the cape.  Then she dropped it just a few inches to reveal only her bare shoulders, nothing more.  Suddenly, the heroine spun around, twirling the cape like a matador, giving only a split second glimpse of her naked flesh before once again holding the draped cape in front of her bare form, this time looking directly into the eager eyes of her audience.  Even the normally unflappable Batman and Robin couldn’t look away at her incredible performance.

Finally the music came to a close and Batgirl realized that she couldn’t stall any longer.  With a sigh, she tore aside her cape, revealing her nude body.  Her legs stood apart with one hip cocked heroically as she planted her fists defiantly at her waist.  She wore nothing except her cowl and red wig.  Although she didn’t reveal any reaction, Barbara Gordon was relieved that she had always shaved her pubic hair, for exactly this kind of contingency.  If Batgirl was ever stripped, or forced to strip, that detail would not reveal that she wasn’t a real red head.

There was a moment of stunned awe at what had just been witnessed.  But just as Barbara Gordon began to fully grasp what she had just done in front of the male heroes, as well as their arch nemesis, Catwoman’s clawed hand shot into the cage and snatched the Barbie sized heroine, knocking the empty container to the floor.  Like Robin, Batgirl kicked hopelessly at the empty air as the gloved had held her firmly.  Once again Selina raised the finger of her remaining hand to play with her toy.  She flicked Barbara’s naked breasts and tickled her exposed vagina while she squirmed in Selina’s grip.

“Oh yeah,” Catwoman purred.  “You’re feisty.  This is going to be fun.”  The villainess flipped the masked damsel upside down and once again grabbed the thread.  But instead of tying her like she did Robin, she slapped the miniaturized woman against the front of Batman’s erect penis and yanked her tiny arms behind the thick girth, wrenching her shoulders.  After tying her wrists together, she also pulled the heroine’s legs back around and secured them behind the expansive shaft.  The final positioning had her cowled head dangling just above Batman’s scrotum while her exposed pussy pointed upwards towards the enormous penis head that towered above her.

One of Barbara Gordon’s most private, intimate secrets was that she really had a deeply erotic fetish for bondage and torture.  To be honest, tales of the perils that regularly faced Batman and Robin had been a prime motivating factor in her adopting her Batgirl persona.  But this was unlike anything she had ever experience.  She had been stripped naked and tied to her idol’s nearly eleven inch penis, which towered over her like a redwood tree.  Its fleshy warmth could be felt through her back, and his musky scent overwhelmed her.  Despite the danger, she couldn’t prevent herself from experiencing a thrill that sent a wave of pussy dampening arousal through her body.

“Now it’s my turn to keep those dicks hard,” Catwoman said as she slipped the zipper of her cat suit down to her navel, revealing her cleavage and taut stomach.  As the tight fabric was released, her large breasts pushed forward and popped free before bouncing into their natural position.  After tugging off her gloves and boots, Selina bent at the waist and giggled as she let her full tits sway just inches over the bound dynamic duo, tauntingly just beyond their reach.  As they stared at the hypnotic orbs, she slid her tight outfit over her hips and down her legs.  Then she stood up and admired the effect she was having on the captive men.

Despite her arousal, Batgirl knew that they all had to escape.  So while Catwoman was distracted with her own striptease.  Barbara pulled at her bonds as hard as she could.  There was some give, but she just wasn’t quite strong enough to break the ropes.  She wiggled and writhed, unconsciously rubbing her naked butt against the most sensitive spot on the Dark Knight’s penis, right below the opening of the urethra.  The struggle caused his erection to bob with the squirming weight of the tiny captive.  Selina smiled as Bruce let out a moan that he could no longer restrain.

“Do you like that, Big Boy?” Selina reached between Bruce’s legs and gently cupped his scrotum, letting his testicles run over her fingers right in front of Batgirl’s face.  Batman’s breathing quickened.  The single drop of precum that oozed from the tip of his cock wasn’t much, but once it gained enough mass to drip down the shaft and splash into her, it was plenty to coat Batgirl’s hungry pussy and inner thighs with thick gooey cream.

“I think that’s enough teasing for now,” Catwoman grinned as she removed her hand.  “I want you to save up for the main event.”  The villainess then picked Robin back up and once again scrutinized him closely.

“Poor little boy has such a hard on.  That must be really uncomfortable,” Selina said with no real sympathy.  Grabbing the boy wonder’s shoulders, she lifted him above her.  Then she tilted her head back and opened her mouth before lowering him into it.  She wrapped her lips around his torso while letting her tongue roll across his struggling form inside her mouth.  After a moment of this teasing, she pulled him out by the shoulders, dragging her sucking lips along his body and leaving him completely covered in her saliva.

Then she lifted one leg and placed her foot on the opposite side of Batman’s cowled head, giving him a direct view into her glistening, wet vagina.  Making a show of it, she lowered Robin, making sure that the Caped Crusader had a perfect line of sight as she pointed his sidekick’s feet at her slit and began carefully sliding his bound body into her cunt.

“I bet you’ve figured it out by now, Batman.  I am going to fuck your little bat brains out and together you and I are going to pound your tiny friends to a squishy pulp.”  She rubbed Robin’s tiny head as it poked out of her labia, right next to her clitoris.  “The only question is going to be how they die.  Will they suffocate in my pussy?  Be crushed by your cock?  Or drown in our cum?  However it happens, we’ll both be responsible for their murder and you’ll be forced to become a criminal with me.”

“No!  You’re a disgusting degenerate!” Batman tried to sound tough, but his voice cracked with terror.

“Your mouth says ‘no’, but your boner says ‘yes’, Batman,” Catwoman laughed and brought her other foot onto the bed to stand straddled over him.  She continued to hold the squirming Boy Wonder in place as she playfully fingered her slippery pussy lips. 

Unfortunately the look of hate in the Dark Knight’s eyes was a bit overwhelming, so she spun around and turned her back to him.  She knew that he’d come around once they were done.  Then Selina slowly squatted down towards the rigid shaft that Batgirl was tied to.  Riding him reverse cowgirl would, not only give him a perfect view of her ass as she bounced up and down on his hard-on, but it would also allow her to play with his balls as they fucked the teenaged heroes to death.  Thus making it as pleasant of an experience as possible.

Dick Grayson had to tilt his head back to gasp air from the opening of Catwoman’s vagina.  Her natural lubrication and feminine odors were washing over him as the soft, pink flesh held him tightly.  Robin couldn’t help having flashbacks to the time he had been swallowed by a giant clam.  But this time looked even more hopeless as he watched the enormous head of Bruce’s dick quickly approaching him like a Mack truck.  And beyond it, just past her wide spread legs, he saw Batgirl’s tiny face lift to look up at him in horror.

When it came, the pressure was intense.  The shaft of flesh spread apart Selina’s pussy lips and plowed inside, pushing the boy wonder deeper and compressing him back against the vaginal wall.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Batgirl’s body then ran hard over his face and slid down his body.  Fortunately the musky lubrication generated by Catwoman’s arousal drenched both of their bodies, preventing their bare skin from being torn by friction as they were compressed together.  The force was still enough to shove Robin’s breath out of his lungs and he felt his bones crushed to the edge of breaking.  Suddenly Batgirl’s face was pressed hard against his own.

“Oh their struggling is driving me wild!” Catwoman purred and paused as the initial penetration was complete.  She moaned and ground down harder as she savored the feeling of the enormous phallus, as well as the bodies of the two squirming young crime fighters, completely filling her.  But she couldn’t take it for long before she pulled up to prepare for the next exquisite insertion.

Batgirl and Robin were able to exchange eye contact for only a moment before her body began to be dragged away from his.  As soon as her spread crotch cleared his face, Robin was slapped against the solid head of Batman’s dick before it too slid above him.  As it did, a splash of thick feminine lubrication spattered into the Boy Wonder, causing him to sputter and swallow some before he had to take advantage of the only moment he had to grab a breath before the next thrust began.

Batgirl also gasped for air as she emerged back into the light of the room.  That initial penetration had been brutal.  It was obvious that she and Robin would not survive once the pace picked up to full speed.  Robin was bound with too much of the thick string to be able to help.  Barbara realized that she had to be the one to break free, but she also knew that she didn’t have the strength.  Then she heard Catwoman moan as she prepared to lower herself for the next thrust.

‘Of course!’  Barbara thought.  ‘Endorphins!  They just might give me the extra strength I need to break these bonds.’  She looked up past her body to see the enormous vagina once again lowering to engulf Batman’s cock.  The captive heroine was already aroused, she just needed to fan those fires into a full orgasm before Catwoman drove Batman to one.

The crush of the shaft against the fleshy canal began again as Barbara entered Catwoman’s cunt.  But instead of the pain, Batgirl tried to focus on the erotic sensations as Robin’s face was forcibly pushed into her own pussy, then up her stomach, between her breasts and for only a moment he was looking helplessly into her face, the tip of his own erection poked teasingly at her own wet slit.

And the moment was over as she was pulled back out and the Boy Wonder slid back down the length of her naked body.  Barbara realized, if she was going to climax, she was going to need his help.  But they wouldn’t have much of a chance to communicate in their brief moment of contact.

The next thrust came quicker and harder.  The pressure was intense as Catwoman ground her cunt against Batman’s cock.  Once again, after slamming together, the teen’s faces met for only a moment.

“Fuck,” Batgirl blurted out quickly before she was pulled away from Robin.  She couldn’t tell if he recognized it as a message or simply took it as an unladylike expression of their dire situation.  She had barely gasped another lungful of air before she was once again being thrust into the tight confines of Catwoman’s slit.

“Me,” Batgirl gasped as she once again lined up with Robin and felt his body pressed against hers.  There was no pause this time as Catwoman began to pick up her stride, slamming down on Batman’s cock with long hard strokes while she petted his testicles between both of their legs.

This time, when Batgirl slid down Robin’s body, he tilted his pelvis forward.  So instead of the head of his dick only teasing her labia, the thick shaft sunk deep into the captive heroine’s pussy.  Batgirl gasped at suddenly being filled with the young man’s meat.  But it only lasted a moment before she was once again pulled back, away from the welcome penetration.  Fortunately it didn’t take long before they were once again thrust together and his cock again quickly plowed into her eager entrance.

Faster and faster they began to crash together in their tight confines, Barbara’s pussy slamming down harder and harder onto Robin’s thick cock with every stroke.  She did her best to ignore the pain of the violent crushing of their bodies.  Instead focusing on the erotic stimulation being experienced by the long strokes of their slippery bodies caressing each other’s entire lengths.

She still didn’t know if Robin was aware of the plan, or if he only saw their coupling as a final request.  But at this point Batgirl didn’t care, she had worked herself into a frenzy of need.  And the Boy Wonder was doing everything he could to provide her the satisfaction she craved.  With each pounding thrust, he had started licking and kissing her pussy and tits as they slid over his face, before and after each crushing slap of their genitals.

But Batgirl could feel Batman’s cock throbbing behind her as well as his semen slowly creeping up the tract that pressed into her back.  Even Catwoman’s vaginal walls were beginning to quiver and both of the teens were being coated with more and more of her juices.  It wasn’t going to be long before the Caped Crusader lost control, drowning them both inside the tight canal.  It was becoming apparent that the sporadic, if violent fucking from Robin wasn’t going to be enough for Batgirl.  She needed him deeper, harder and performing at their own rhythm.

Barbara continued to be pressed down against Robin, fiercer and faster with every thrust.  When suddenly, as she slid down hard against his body, just as his penis plowed deeply into her wet slit, the bound heroine felt the Boy Wonder bite hard at her left tit.  Barbara let out a scream, muffled by the damp flesh that enveloped them both.  The pain didn’t compare to the bone bruising concussions that they had been subjected to.  Instead, the sudden snap of his teeth was sharp, focused and incredibly erotic.  Her yell had been a reaction to a jolt of intensely arousing stimulation that shot through her with the torturing sting in her breast. Barbara screamed again, but her body quivered.  

Trying not to break her skin, while still maintaining his firm oral grip on the mouthful of mammary flesh, Robin kept a tight hold on her breast with his teeth.  As he did, her rock hard nipple stabbed at the back of his throat.  But this time, as she began to pull away, his strong sucking grasp pulled hard at her ample chest and his slick body pulled along with hers.  Not only had he unconsciously triggered his partner’s secret masochistic kink, this allowed Dick Grayson to arch his back and continue to thrust his long dick hard into the heroine’s cunt without being separated as they both now rode Batman’s cock.

With a quickening pace, Catwoman’s toned glutes smacked loudly against Batman’s tight stomach with each bouncing stroke.  Over the slap of flesh, Bruce heard a tiny scream.  Part of him knew it had to be a cry of pain, but in his aroused state, he couldn’t help hearing it as pleasure.  All he could do was grit his teeth and try to put off the inevitable as long as possible.  Unfortunately he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

With Robin’s painful clamp on her tit, the pair of teens slid together back and forth, desperately rutting inside of the action of Batman and Catwoman’s also frantic fucking.  Unable to hold back any more, Bruce moaned.  His back arched and his muscles tensed. 

Selina felt his balls tighten as he began to cum. 

Hearing the roaring orgasm of her giant mentor was the final straw for Batgirl.  With powerful contractions, she cried out with her own quivering orgasm.  Her body tensed and stretched with an uncontrollable power that snapped the threads confining her.  She instantly whipped her arms around Robin and pulled at the knots that bound him, while still hungrily grinded her pussy onto his dick. 

At the same time, Batman lost all control, lifting his hips and driving his shaft deep and hard into Catwoman. 

The feel of Batgirl’s embrace and her quivering pussy on his cock was too much for Robin and he ejaculated into her, moaning around the mouthful of her breast; just as their tight, fleshy prison was suddenly flooded with Batman’s thick creamy sperm.

Selina Kyle felt her lover ejaculate inside of her and she squealed as the throbbing penis exploded, filling her with his cream.  She tightly squeezed her vaginal muscles against the huge shaft and pressed herself down hard against the hero’s thrusting pelvis, filling her completely with his masculine appendage as well as the teenaged couple.  She contracted and moaned as her body quivered, experiencing her own teeth rattling orgasm.

Selina paused to catch her breath as her muscles continued to shake with aftershocks.  Slowly she sat up and looked down to see a tiny trickle of creamy fluid drip out of her cunt and ooze down Batman’s ball sack.  She took a moment to analyze her sensations and realized that she could no longer feel any movement from the tiny bodies that also filled her cunt.  They were still there, but they had stopped struggling.  Which meant that they had to be dead.  Batman had helped kill them, meaning that he was now hers as well.  She finally had the man that she had always wanted. 

With a satisfied moan, she rolled her hips and basked in the afterglow of her pleasure; enjoying the sensation of the large cock grinding the teenaged bodies inside of her.  Selina sat there, savoring it.  She never wanted this moment to end.  She had won in every possible way.  All she wanted was to stay there, for hours… or days… Just to feeling the enormous dick inside of her.  The dick that now belonged to her for all…

Suddenly a pair of strong hands snapped around her throat, violently yanked her backwards.  Batman’s own endorphin release had also given him the strength to break free.  Selina choked as she fell back across the Dark Knight’s chest.  He pulled her up, dragging her pussy off of his cock, which snapped up as it was released. 

A flood of semen and vaginal juices poured out of the villain’s cunt releasing a battered and bruised Robin and Batgirl among the deluge.  Drenched with the liquid results of the adult’s lovemaking, the teen couple slid limply down the Dark Knight’s softening shaft and tumbled across his scrotum, his muscular thighs towering to either side. 

As the couple settled, they each grabbed an enormous testicle to steady themselves while they gasped for breath.   After a moment, they shared a look and began laughing as they realized that they had somehow, miraculously survived.  Rolling towards each other, they threw their arms around each other’s sticky naked body and embraced, grateful to be alive and thankful that Selina Kyle wasn’t as tight as she gave herself credit for.

“You better be able to return them to their original size,” Batman snarled into Catwoman’s ear.  She tried to choke out a reply before he relaxed his grip on her neck.

“I take it you’re not interested in seconds?” the feline villainess’ voice

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