Episodes Of Minneapolis: Schroder's Mistake

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Much to Schroeder’s annoyance, Lucy is once again pestering him while he tries to play his piano, his ire completely raised at her talk of their future.

“Lucy,” he stopped playing, “why do you keep going on about this same shit… it’s been years and nothings changed.”

“Not yet, but I know in my heart, as much as you like to play coy; you’ll come around,” she smiled.

“No, I don’t think so,” he went back to playing.

“Can’t you just see how well we go together? Famous musician married to a famous psychiatrist, save up money, move out of this town, have two kids, a dog, we could afford to put our kids in private school, doesn’t that sound nice?”

He kept playing, trying hard to ignore her.

“I love you Schroeder, you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a good life for us?”

He slammed his fingers down on the keys, “no, it sounds like a good life for you!”

“But I was just thinking that-”

“You don’t think… that’s your problem. When you do think; you just think of yourself, for your self. I wouldn’t want any of that shit, especially with you,” he leered at her.


“Yes really! Why would I want anything with you, I barely tolerate you, you’re insufferable, the fact you have any friends at all surprises me, because I just cannot see how it would be worth being your friend, other than not incurring your bitchy, vindictive wrath. Drop these delusions! Wake up!”

“I really do love you, why can’t you just see that?”

“I know, I know you do… we all know you do, in your own twisted god damned way. Even if I wanted to love you; do you think I’d give you the time of day what with how you treat my best friends? Oh yeah let me just date the girl who makes Charlie’s life a living hell! I’m surprised you even know what love is!”

“I know what love is,” she started to cry.

“If you did; you’d care about what I want, you’d be more respectful. Barging in here like you own the place, being rude to my friends, pushing your selfish fantasies on me.”

“I’m… sorry.”

“I doubt it,” he laughed, “all you care about is your self.”

“I care about you. I really do love you like nobody else, I wish you could see that. I just want us to be together,” she sniffed, “do you really hate me that bad? I accept that music is first for you, and I’m okay with being second… how can I win your heart?”

Schroeder just rolled his eyes.

“I know you’re mad at me, but I’m just asking for a chance. Prove to you that we’re meant to be.”

“I have a recital to practice for.”

“So you don’t care about me at all, okay,” she stood up, “I’ll do anything, anything to make you happy! If you have the slightest bit of care for me, I hope you’ll see deep down inside; I’m the only girl for you. I’ll leave you alone, now. No more marriage, no more kids, no more coming over… I’ll stay out of your life, until you let me back in.”


“No, I’m a horrible person, remember? I can be better for you, but you can’t even give me one chance to prove myself,” she walked out the door.

Schroeder sighed, looking at the ceiling.


He went back to practicing another hour, before calling it a night, proud of himself, though sure Lucy would just show up tomorrow as per usual her motive. The next day at school, she didn’t even give him a wave, or even speak to him.

“Finally, I think I talked some sense in to your sister.”

“Yeah, I guess you did- she was crying all night.”

“She’ll get over it. It’s for the best  you know how she is.”

After hanging out with everybody after school, he came home, locked the door, looking at his piano with a sigh.

“We’re going to have fun, my friend. We have a recital to practice for,” he plopped on the bench.

He kept checking the door every few minutes to see if Lucy was about to walk in the door with her stolen spare key. She never did. An hour in to practice there was a knock on the door.

“You’re knocking like I don’t know about your key, Lucy,” he yellled.

“It’s Linus,” came from the door.

“Hey, whassup,” Schroeder opened the door, “wanna hang?”

“Not tonight. Lucy had me give this to you,” he handed him her key.

“Oh. Thank you.”

“No problem. Catch ya later,” he left.

“Sure,” he shut the door.

Walking back to his piano, he studied the key, sitting it on a shelf, finishing up his practice.

“Another peaceful practice down,” he went to retire to his room.

The night of his recital, Schroeder saw all of his friends in support of him in the audience, waiting for his turn, Charlie and Linus met him back stage for a moment.

“We just wanted to wish you luck, real quick,” Charlie said.

“Yeah, we know how hard you practiced for this, not that you needed it,” Linus added.

“Thanks guys, practice makes perfect. I’ll be up soon, you should get back to your seats.”

Everybody cheered when he finally walked out on stage, he turned to take a glance at all his friends, before taking the bench. He played marvelously, as expected by everybody. Everybody waited up for him after it was over with.

“You did great tonight,” Sally said.

“Yeah, impressive as always,” Marcie added.

“I managed to stay awake the whole time,” Patricia stated.

“Well thank you,” he chuckled, “is Lucy not here?”

“No, she didn’t come,” Linus answered.

“Oh. She usually likes these things.”

“Not really.”

“That’s weird,” Schroeder looked concerned.

“Never mind her, let’s celebrate your success,” Charlie cheered.


Another week went by and Lucy still hadn’t been by his place, she hadn’t talked to him unless she had to. He’d greet her, and she’d quickly respond and move on, baffling him. Another week goes by and he barely sees her, unless they’re all hanging out together.

“Thanks guys, it’s nice having company here and there while I practice,” Schroeder thanked his friends one day.

“No problem, I enjoy classical music here and there,” Linus said.

“I do enjoy hearing you play,” Marcie agreed.

“Let’s see those magic fingers,” Charlie added.

Schroeder went to play one of Beethoven’s songs as they sat quietly, reaching some of the harder parts, he missed a few notes, and everybody knew it.

“Wow… that’s never happened before,” he chuckled.

“I’ll say,” Charlie said.

“I’ll just try another song,” he went to play another.

“Are you okay, Schroeder,” Marcie asked.

“Yeah… I’m fine… I just don’t know why I can’t get this right.”

He started playing the song again, butchering it worse than the first attempt.

“Maybe you’ve just been over working yourself on the piano,” Charlie suggested.

“Yeah, you might be right, Charlie. I should take a few days off.”

“We were going to head over and meet Trish, and Franklin at the diner from here, you wanna come with,” Linus offered.

“Sure, let’s do that… this isn’t going anywhere,” Schroeder closed the cover.

They went to the diner meeting up with their friends. The usual burgers and sodas for the bunch.

“Man, these are the days, right, hanging with friends… lovers,” Patricia kissed Charlie, “I wish it could never end!”

“These are the best times, we should cherish them before adulthood comes banging on our doors like the tax man,” Linus said.

Just then Lucy and Shermy walked in.

“Hi everybody,” she greeted.

“Hiya Lucy,” Patricia greeted back.

“You doing okay, Charlie,” she asked.

“Been a pretty good day.”

“Good. Keep your head up,” she smiled. “Marcie, thanks for helping me with my homework.”

“Oh anytime, Lucy.”

“You hanging out with us later, Franklin?”

“Sure thing, Luce.”

Schroeder just looked at her.

“Umm.. Lucy,” Schroeder mustered.

The moment she looked his way, Shermy walked up.

“How you guys doing,” Shermy asked.

“Doing good, brother,” Charlie said.

“Babe, I got us a table,” he kissed her.

“I’ll see you guys later… date night,” she walked off.

“…date night,” Schroeder whispered.

“Don’t they make a cute couple,” Patricia asked.

“Almost as cute as us,” Charlie said.

Schroeder didn’t say anything else, all the chatter faded off to white noise.


Few days later Sally walked up to him in school.

“Hey Schroeder,” she smiled.

“How’s it going Sally?”

“Fine. I have a question; there’s a school play coming up, and the teacher wanted me to ask if you’d play for it- she’s been too busy to ask you.”

“I haven’t been able to play the piano in weeks, gonna pass on it.”

“What? You’re the best at it!”

“I don’t know what it is, Sally… every time I sit down and play, nothing comes out right. I’m just going to give it up, I’m sorry.”

“It’s real easy music to play, it’s not as advanced as what you normally play. I have the music with me,” she dug in her backpack, “just give it a shot, okay?”

Schroeder sighed, “I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises,” he took the sheet music.

“You’re the greatest,” she kissed him on the cheek.

Schroeder went to the music room, looking at the upright grand, taunting him. He sat down, placed the music on the stand and attempted to play, for twenty minutes he couldn’t get past the first four lines.

“Fucking bullshit,” he cried out.

He stormed out of the music room, searching for Sally, spotting Charlie in the hallway, walking up to him briskly, freezing when he noticed who he was talking to. Lucy. She raised an eyebrow, making Charlie turn around. With a deep breath he closed the last few feet.

“What’s going on, Schroeder,” he looked concerned.

“Give this sheet music back to your sister… I can’t play it,” he kept his head down, “I… can’t play the piano anymore, I give up.”

Charlie took the music from him, “you give up? What do you mean?”

“I’m done playing the piano,” he fought his tears, running away.

Once Schroeder got in his front door, he threw his backpack on the couch, sat at his own piano and tried to play anything, all the way down to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and basic scales. He just dropped his head on the keys crying, looking up at the ceiling.


Schroeder took a breath looking from the ceiling to the door. He jumped up, running outside, looking for Lucy, she was a few houses down.

“Lucy,” he ran to her, “Lucy wait!”

She turned wiping tears from her eyes, he wrapped his arms around her.

“What is this, Schroeder?”

“I made a terrible mistake! Please don’t go!”

“I thought you didn’t want me in your life?”

“My life would be a nightmare without you in it,” he started crying, “will you come back to me please Lucy? I can’t do this without you, can you be mine again, I can’t stand the thought of somebody else having my Lucy.”

“Your… Lucy?”

“My muse, my love, my… Lucy,” he looked down in her eyes.

“Schroeder, I don’t know what to say.”

“Married, kids, a house with a picket fence, whatever.”

“No… you’re right, all of that was selfish of me. I never once cared or asked what you wanted.”

“But will you come back to me, now and forever?”

“Really? Of course I will!”

His lips crashed in to hers,  catching her by surprise.

“I love you Lucy Van Pelt, I’ve been a damn fool, I really love you.”

“You don’t know how happy you just made me, Schroeder!”

“You going to come back with me?”

“Ye- I would, but I know you really need to practice.”

“I can practice anytime… you’re more important than that piano, you’re special to me.”

She went back with him, and they talked all night. When the night of the recital came, she was there in the front row, she was there to kiss him afterwards, leaving everybody else stunned. They both just smiled, and kissed a little longer the second time.

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