Episodes Of Minneapolis: Lucy's Truth

BY : JaxRhapsody
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A year before graduating high school people noticed nothing was getting Charlie down, all but Lucy had stopped trying ever since he and Heather seemed to be high school sweethearts. It was Patricia that helped him mostly, when they tried to date, finding out friendship was a far better capacity in which they could tolerate each other. Though trying to make it work  did prompt a change in him Junior year, giving him the strength to ask Heather out. Long withstanding Lucy’s venomous barbs, her steadfast hatred weakened to contempt. Which made it easier for the others to be around her, when she would spend time with them- her near disinterest in Charlie’s ruin, and his unwavering outlook. Often she avoided hanging out with them if he was with Heather.

“You’ve changed Lucy,” Violet told her, while they hung at the mall.

“You used to be a real go-getter, tough, now you just seem depressed,” Patty stated.

“I’m still me, nothings changed.”

“A lot has changed, you’ve changed. Ever since Charlie-”

“Don’t even finish that sentence, Violet,” she snapped, “nothing has to do with him… he doesn’t matter.”

“We know that’s the big reason you’re in the slump you’re in. Does he bother you that much for you to still hate him all these years, to the point his rise cripples you,” Frieda theorized.

“I don’t hate him, and you know nothing,” she spat.

“Then what is it? What’s the problem,” a person asked, unnoticeably sitting at a table next to them asked, “because you’ve never gave any worthwhile reason why you hate my brother. We’re supposed to be your friends.”

“How long have you been there,” Lucy turned.

“We were here first. You girls were just lost in conversation to notice,” Sally sat with Eudora.

“None of this is nothing you all need to be concerned about. Can we talk about something more positive?”

“Lucy…,” Sally grew concerned.

“Please,” she begged.

Later on that night Lucy texted Sally if she was at home alone, she was there with Charlie, Lucy begged her to come over.

“Hey Lucy… what’s so important,” she stood in the doorway.

“Charlie,” her voice trembled.

Sally sat on the couch next to Lucy ready to hear what she had to say.

“I never really hated him, I swear, Sally. I’m aware of my actions, some made more evident with my internship at the therapist office. I’ve just been mad this whole time, and now since that internship; I’ve realized through everything I’ve done, I’ve lost him forever.”

“I don’t think he hates you… not anymore, or like he used to. Why do you think you’ve lost him,” she rubbed Lucy’s thigh.

“Back when we were kids, before you and Linus were born, we were friends. Him, me, and Schroeder. When Linus was born and as he got older, Charlie started being closer friends with him… I was jealous, because we didn’t spend so much time together. I thought maybe it was because I was a girl, until he befriended Marcie and Trisha, and I couldn’t understand how he could be closer friends with them, than me- they’re girls, too,” she took a deep breath.

Sally just waited for her to continue.

“So I started taking my anger out on him, I even got Patty and Violet in on it, especially when I found out she had a crush on him.”

“I never would’ve saw that happening,” Sally thought.

Lucy nodded.

“Is that why you always wanted him to fail?”

“I didn’t at first. I saw how he was with Trisha, and thought he just needed some tough love, I really wanted him to get better at stuff, I really wanted our friendship back. Then he got a crush on Heather, I thought if I said it’d never work, I could drive him back to me. Plus the other girls he managed to date- he always ended up with the cute ones, or chased the cute ones.”

“But he never chased you, right?”

She nodded, trying to fight back the tears, “I made a poor calculation, thinking I could make him jealous by trying to date Schroeder… I didn’t know what I was doing!”

“So why keep it up?”

“I don’t know… I guess it was just habitual by then,” she started crying, “I tried to be some sort of friend  to stay close. But with Violet, Frieda, and Patty it just sort of became a thing.”

Sally hugged her tight, “let it all out.”

Lucy just cried, trying to form words, Sally wiped her tears away.

“I just- I even despised my brother for taking my friend away. I’m the blockhead… I’m the real failure.”

“I wish I could disagree,” she rubbed her back, “maybe somehow he’ll forgive you, you have been kinda nicer, maybe he’ll forgive you and be friends again?”

“I can’t.”

“What? If we explain all this to him, you might have a chance.”

“It’s too late for what I want, what I realized I wanted.”

“To be friends?”

Lucy shook her head.

“Then what do you want,” she consoled her.

Lucy looked her in the eyes, “I want him to love me,” she collapsed in her lap.


Two years later Lucy had grew resolve since that night, but gained an even closer friendship with Sally that night, to the point where she took on a big sister role. Lucy was still close to her other friends, but Sally was something else, she had her back with their secret, that only Linus knew, rebuilding their relationship. Charlie and Heather had broken up a few months ago, and he had thrown himself in to his music, refusing to return to his old childish ways.

“I’m glad to see you’ve held up, Charlie, I admire your strength,” Sally told him one afternoon.

“Yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. I can focus on other things, like our gig tonight. You’re going to be there, right?”

“Of course! Me and Eudora, I think Violet and Patty will be there, too.”


“You’re really over Heather?”

“Yes, Sally! I promise,” he smiled.

“Then why don’t you get back in the dating game?”

“There’s no girls for me in this city.”

“You sure you’re fine- that sounds like the old Charlie,” she glared.

“No old Charlie, I promise,” he held up his hands, “I’ve tried, and the most I’ve ever gotten was laid. Not what I really want, but not a failure either.”

“T.M.I. brother! You should’ve just asked me for help; I know the perfect girl for you… if you’d give her chance. I know it’d make her happy, but it won’t be easy,” she had a sly smile.

“Oh? Who is girl, don’t tell me it’s Eudora?”

“It’s not Eudora, I promise. Now I know you, Charlie, and hear me out; this girl is a wonderful girl, we both hope that you’re capable of returning the same feelings, despite everything.”

“Huh?! Who is this chick, do I know her?”


“Come again?  Did you say Lucy; the girl who tried to make my life fucking hell on earth,” he asked incredulously.

“Sit down big brother… I have a long story from a girl who’s more broken than we thought she was.”

Sally explained that whole night from years ago, that brought her and Lucy closer. Charlie listened intently, knowing she had changed since high school, but still unsure.

“Do you get it now?”

“I get it… I just…”

“Could you love her, Charlie? Can you forgive her and love her? I know she fucked up, but I cannot think of another girl, other than Trisha, who’d be perfect for you… who knows you as well as you know yourself. C’mon, I’m not saying marry her tonight, I’m saying give her a chance,” she begged, “you’ll both be happy, and she hasn’t been happy in a long time.”

Charlie sighed heavy, looking around, “I guess. I would need proof, I know how she used to be and I know she most likely still bares contempt for me.”

“She doesn’t! She’s in love with you!”

Somebody knocked on the door. Sally got an idea.

“That’s her,” she whispered. “Hold on Lucy,” she ran upstairs.

Sally came back down with a football, grabbing Charlie.

“What are you doing, Sally,” Lucy looked confused.

“I’m tired of the rift between my best friend, and my big brother,” she drug both of them to the street, “we’re going to settle this, the only way I know how!”

“Oh no… not this,” Charlie groaned.

“Yes… this,” she gave Lucy the ball, “now you hold it, and you kick it!”

“I won’t be made a fool by my sister and her,” he snapped.

“Take your ass down there and kick that fucking football, so we can fix this, Charlie Brown,” she yelled.

He looked at Lucy, who just stared at the ball.

“I swear Sally,” he gave in, positioning himself.

Lucy sat up for the place kick, wondering why she’s entertaining this farce. Charlie broke off in a sprint, closing in quickly, cursing the both of them, moving in for the kick; it connects, the ball is sent over to the next block, Lucy watches in subtle amazement.

“There,” Sally yelled.

Charlie helped Lucy up, “thanks.”

“See, now can we move on, please?”

“I think I believe you know,” he whispered, walking back in the house.


Lucy was driving Sally to pick up Eudora.

“What was that all about, Sally?!”

“I had to something to prove, that’s all.”

“Prove that he still doesn’t trust me, even after I let him kick it?”

“I just want to fix stuff. You’ve never let him kick it. Ever. Now he can trust you.”


Later on Sally convinced Lucy to go to the bar and hang out with her friends

“I’m not in the mood for this,” Lucy said.

“Stop being so emo! It’s been a while since you’ve hung out with all of us. I get it, but you still gotta live!”

“Right, and this is a cool new place we found… they have live music,” Eudora added.

“Fine, fine… I guess I could use a drink.”

“And a smile, a laugh, a real honest to good one,” Eudora said.


They walk in this small dive bar, meeting Violet, Patty, and Frieda.

“Hey Lucy, how’s it goin girl,” Frieda hugged her.

“Pretty good,” Lucy put her fakest smile on.

“Wait till you hear this band play, I hear they’re not bad,” Patty said.

“Let’s get you a drink,” Violet said.

“Yes, certainly,” Lucy followed.

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