Episodes Of Minneapolis: Summer Love

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Dear Pen Pal,

Quite the summer it was, the Summer that changed everything. I Snoopy Brown witnessed it all, well not all, but I did have a few little birds to tell me what I hadn’t known. I am a very busy dog  after all. It started a few weeks in; before that, everything was the same as it always had been; that big-headed kid, my owner, shambling around all depressed as usual, one would think the one definite chance a year to live like myself- to a degree, would make anybody thrilled. That boy must not be happy unless he’s worrying about something, and he finds no joy in it. He’s gotten better, with who his rock is. Might as well get to it.

He had been spending time with his various friends, nothing out of the ordinary; baseball,  hanging at the park, everything they were used to, but as kids grow to teenagers  things change some. Much to his enjoyment, Lucy was spending more time with her friends. This seemingly, obviously helped Charlie cope with the long Summer. With conflicting schedules, and various absent members on the teams, baseball slowly faded away to more growing up interest. Charlie and Peppermint Patty agreed to disband the teams, he was perfectly fine with it, though the young lady filled with sportsmanship had to lie to herself, he reassured her, they could do other sports that don’t need teams. Often he hung out with Linus, they would sit and discuss his woes, and the woes of the world, sometimes all three of them together. The crew got together when they could. Until Linus reunited with an old flame, leaving Charlie and Peppermint Patty to fend for themselves, when Marcie wasn’t around.

They spent a lot of time together, sometimes Sally would join when she wasn’t with Eudora, it took her some getting used to her Sweet Babboon- excuse me; Babboo was with another woman, despite the face he wasn’t hers, and never had been.  One night they had been by themselves all day, talking as they do, she had gotten upset, certain insecurities just can’t be hid with bravado, I should know; I’m pretty tough myself, but I don’t stand a chance against ‘ol World War II next door. I think she might’ve been on her period, the world famous doctor checked her out, before she tried to deck him out. Nevertheless, she opened up to him, he admitted he thought something was going on since Valentines Day, quite the observant kid, took him long enough. Truly, despite it all, nobody has been in his corner more than she has. Record has it, they made out for thirty minutes or so, initiated by her, as he apologized, and put himself down, profusely. No more of that, dear owner; you are loved, Charlie Brown.

We bring you to the pianist. Between baseball games, piano playing, he found time to hang out with the rest of them, which was difficult when he was trying to avoid Lucy.  He’d tag along with Linus, Peppermint Patty and… what was his name again? My owner? Ah yes; Charlie.  Word in the trees was he was also getting in to other music genres, good for him. There were also some contest he needed to prepare for, and a few paid gigs, which kept him from playing baseball. He and Violet were two voices of reason backing Charlie in just ending the whole thing. The world had gotten a bit bigger since they were kids. He still found time to spend with Charlie, when people were too busy. He had gotten more used to Peppermint Patty, spending so much time with her, Charlie, and whomever, if any joined. Schroeder was elated when Lucy wasn’t coming around much, he could get so much more work done without her barging in and distracting him. It was heaven, until it wasn’t. She was too busy with her friends.

Word in the trees said he spent hours just sitting at his piano trying to play anything, Sometimes Charlie would stop by, and it wasn’t that bad, I suspect the kid was in denial. Often he’d sit there, stare at the keys, stare at the door, look out the window, to see if she was walking up. There was no way he could play for anybody, or any amount of money, without her. One day he knew he had to tell somebody. At the wall, he talked to Charlie and Linus, who quickly sorted him out. He tagged along with Charlie and Peppermint Patty on what was supposed to be a date, finding Lucy with Violet, that other red-headed girl, that thinks I give a damn about chasing rabbits- those guys have a good poker night, that I don’t want to ruin. He was afraid she was no longer interested in him. After some negotiations; she was willing to take it slow, live in the now, so to speak. He kissed her with great passion, declaring he loved her. Now she sat next to him on the piano, she listened more than speak, she appreciated the chance she was given. Charlie thanked him, for she would be nicer to her boyfriends best friend.

Baseball was not Linus favorite thing to do, especially when it was always losing, but he was ever faithful to his friends, especially Charlie. A few games had to be canceled because others had more important things to do, when Charlie decided it would be best just to be done with it, acted as mediator to Peppermint Patty’s protest. He was just as okay hanging out with them musing about the world, or watching tv. Thankful that in some ways, Peppermint Patty had calmed down some, so she was easier to hang with. Linus did his best to remain stoic, or at least not laugh, as his dense friend misses all of her flirting, if you could call it that. I love you, and I want to be your girlfriend, in all the wrong words. He and Marcie would just share their quiet look of obviousness.

Eventually, he’d receive a phone call from Lydia; his exgirlfriend, who wanted to rekindle the flame they had. Much like Charlie; no girl was that interested in him either, even after he got rid of that blanket. He was ready to try again. So a few times on the phone, they started dating, which helped give him something to do, when Charlie was on dates. Here and there he would hang out with Schroeder, regardless of what happened, it was nice having Lucy out of his hair. There was peace. He had a bit more time to spend with her, after he convinced that his sister was surely more than a muse, and Schroeder was indeed in love with her. One of his best times with Lucy is when they would hang out with the two as Schroeder played his piano. Plus he was eventually free of Sally, once things were official with Lydia. Though all this came crashing down when she cancelled a date they were going to have with Charlie and Peppermint Patty. He was hurt, and didn’t want to bother Charlie about it. He sat by the old wall in misery, until Sally came by, explaining it all to her, she felt his hurt, promptly walking away, returning with the blanket, he thought was gone. She expressed great detail how she was in his corner all these years, that she didn’t have selfish, or self-indulgent ideas like Lucy. He stared at the blanket for a few seconds, as she walked away  utilizing an old skill; catching her with it, like Indiana Jones, pulling her to him, using a new trick, planted a kiss right on her lips, while dipping her with the blanket. He folded the blanket neatly, leaving it on the wall, took her hand, and offered to take her on a date.

Ah, young love. Little did they know, that these choices brought them all back together, let them grow in ways they probably never would. It had to be the right time, to make it all work.  I noticed a change in all of them; Charlie has gotten better with his depression, and standing up for himself, we know it takes a strong man to date Peppermint Patty. Sally matured out of that annoying, selfish, brat phrase. Lucy learned to care about other people, Linus and Schroeder learned to take a chance and accept the unconditional love that was right there the whole time. Beautiful, isn’t it? Like Peanuts finally coming out of there shells, brand new versions of these same kids. All because they took the shot. I can imagine them being high school sweethearts. So if you wondered why my owner hasn’t mailed you in a while; I figured I’d do him a solid, and clue you in. Knowing him like I do, it’s probably a reprieve for you. Now if you’ll excuse me; I’m going to take the shot and try to get in Violets party with the rest of them. Even Charlie.


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