Episodes Of Minneapolis: Ballad Of Charlie & Lucy

BY : JaxRhapsody
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Since losing Snoopy in middle school, Charlie became a changed teenager. Slowly this evolution took place, back then he was the worst he ever had been, despite the fact the dog hardly respected him enough, to remember his name, he was still his. Lucy had been at the brink of her onslaught, doing her best to see how low he’d go. It was so easy for her, just ready to see how far in the deep end, she could push him, until his parents, and the school stepped in, her parents having sent her away. Soon getting his license and receiving an old eighties LTD Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Patricia begged him to do work on it, with a shrug, she took the keys and did what she wanted, though her plans forced him to learn how to drive a manual, a few complaints and a shrug, he grew to love the car, he’s currently driving to school in.

Pulling in the parking lot, taking the last few drags of a cigarette before going in. Somebody walked up beside him, it was Linus, Charlie looked over, cigarette just hanging out his mouth, with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey Charlie, you see I got it?”

“Oh yeah? The foxbody over there?”


“Oh you got it, awesome, man.”

“I wish Roy wouldn’t sell our classmates cigarettes, we’re too young, not too mention they’re bad for you,” Linus preached.

“Yeah, but he won’t though, which is cool with me.”

“Sometimes you’re impossible, man.”

“Yeah… sometimes,” he gave a goofy, yet smug grin, flicking the butt, walking in the door.

“Also umm… not to be alarmed, but Lucy’s back.”

“Alright, guess I’ll see her in the hallways again, has she changed any at all, still that fussbudget,” he faced Linus.

“I hope so, she seemed calmer over the phone, but time will tell, once she gets reacustomed.”

“It’s whatever,” he shrugged, “whatever happens, happens. Catch ya later, right?”

“Catch ya later,” he fistbumped.

Linus grinned, watching Charlie lumber away with that devil may care swagger, hands in his pockets.


“Hiya Chuck!”

“Trish… Marcie, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, pretty good, ‘ol boy!”

“I heard Lucy’s back, you girls seen her?”

“No we haven’t, Charles.”

“So you gonna sign up for baseball this year?”

“I don’t know about that,” he ran a hand through his brown hair.

“C’mon man, I need you on the team, let’s see if you still got it!”

“Yeah… I have been bored lately, could use a bit of action. Show me the way,” he smiled.

“Over here! Ya know; this new outlook you have might improve your game, though I bet I could still strike you out!”

“Only time will tell, Trish.”

They walked over to the table where Charlie signed up.

“You really want to play baseball? Aren’t you that slacker kid,” the coach asked.

“That’s me coach; the slacker kid.”

“Hey now coach, Chuck here is a good player, we both used to manage teams when we were kids,” Patricia defended him.

“He doesn’t seem to be able to manage getting the wrinkles out of his shirt,” he laughed.

“Who irons flannel,” he looked at Marcie, who just giggled.

“What position did you play, Mr. Baseball Manager?”

“Pitcher,” he had that smug smile again.

“This I gotta see. Tryouts are tomorrow, slacker kid.”

“I’ll be there in my unironed flannel shirt,” he waved, walking away.

“I can’t wait to run that kid off the field.”

“He’s not a slacker… he’s just like… aloof, right Marcie?”

“Something like that, Sir.”

“Will you stop calling me that,” she growled walking away.

“I’m trying not to.”

“Call me Trish, or something!”

“Duly noted, Sir.”

Patricia screamed in her hands.


Charlie’s in class balancing and playing with his ink pen, listening to the lecture, Violet keeps catching the pen flying around in her peripheral.

“Will you stop, it’s distracting. Why are you such a loser.”

He just shrugged while rolling it between his fingers, she goes to knock it out of his hand, he tossed it right before, balancing the tip on his finger, with a look of amazement.

“Failure face jerkwad.”


“You’re a dick, you know that?”

“That too.”

“Why do I even try anymore?”

“Beats me,” he sighed.

“That’s why Lucy’s back, we’ll have you back in your place in no time,” she hissed.

“Yeah, I heard. I’m kinda curious to what she’s like now, you know how Linus can be all cryptic sometimes… oh, I’m sorry ma’am, Violet just needed a bit of help,” he smiled soft.


“Who is that guy Franklin is talking to over there, Frieda… he’s kinda cute,” Lucy asked.


“That guy, in the button down, Otep shirt, black baggy jeans, leaning on the locker.”

Frieda started laughing, “that’s Charlie Brown.”

“Stop laughing. No it’s not!”

“Yes he is,” Frieda kept laughing.

“I don’t believe you, I’m going over there!”

“Okay,” she followed.

“Yeah… Trish convinced me to try out for baseball. You still on the team, or doing basketball still?”

“Hi Charlie,” Frieda walked over with Lucy.

“Hey Fr- well as I live and breath, is that Lucille,” he straightened up, “welcome back to Minneapolis,” he gave a smug smile.

Lucy was speechless.

“I told you, he was Charlie Brown,” Frieda laughed.

“Good ‘ol whishy-washy, Charlie Brown… at your service, Lucy,” he bowed with a goofy smile.

“Oh stop that, Charlie,” Frieda laughed.

“Charlie,” she shook her head, “yeah, well I’m back for good, loser.”

“You look very pretty, Lucy.”

“Don’t you butter me up, you blockhead bastard,” she wagged a finger.

“So you’ve returned to be my foil and make sure I don’t get too happy, or hopefull,” he leaned back on the locker.

“Business as usual,” she huffed.

“You just said he was cute,” Frieda blurted.

“Frieda, I swear to god!”

“I can’t even get a thank you for calling you pretty,” he had a smug smile.

She rolled her eyes.

“Well,” he sighed, “thank you for the compliment. Oh! If you want to get the ball rolling; I have to try out for baseball tomorrow… could be a spectacular failure… we never know… oh wait, we know, don’t we Lucy,” he winked, “let’s go, Franklin, I guess.”

“Welcome back, Lucy,” Franklin left with Charlie.

Lucy and Frieda watch Charlie swagger away.

“You know he’s not the same guy from before you left.”

“You girls haven’t been keeping him down in the dumps?”

“He just shrugs it off, Lucy. He might look like he’s still depressed, hopeless, but he’s not. He reminds me of somebody… but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“He has to be the same guy, what happen, did he finally date that Heather Wold, or something?”

“No. He just… he’s changed. I think it’s an anime character. Are you going to watch him tryout tomorrow?”

“And catch him somehow epically fail, hell yes I’m going.”

“Ya know… I think he’s cute, too.”

“Stop it, Frieda.”

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