Speedster's Gift

BY : Ryswell
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1. Young Love

There was a knock at the front door. Wally West knew it could only mean one thing. 

She was here.

The trip from his bedroom to the main hall downstairs took a half-second. It would have been even less if he hadn’t stopped for a quick check in the bathroom mirror. But he needed to make sure he looked nice. This was an extra-special occasion, after all.

Wally opened his front door, wearing a warm smile and warmer eyes. She stood on his doorstep, impossibly gorgeous. Even in civvies, she was a knockout. Her long, toned legs were nice and snug in a pair of dark blue jeans. A small white tee pulled tight over her chest while leaving more than a sliver of her trim belly exposed. Her long, golden hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. God, he loved the ponytail. And those black boots, too. She wore the hell out of those sexy, heeled boots.

Artemis the Archer. Superheroine named for the Greek goddess of the hunt. 

And she was Kid Flash’s girlfriend. Wally West’s girlfriend. He liked saying it in his head. It reminded him of how astronomically lucky he was, snatching her up for himself.

“Artemis! Glad you could make-”

She didn’t let him finish. On swift feet, she was up in his space. Stepping into his arms, her hands making fists in his shirt, she tugged his head down to meet hers, catching his lips in a deep kiss. A very deep kiss. The kind that made Wally’s head spin.

They stood like that for about half a minute, locked together on his front porch. She let go of his shirt to slide her hands around his neck, cradling his head and keeping his lips mashed against her own. And her tongue… 

God, I love that tongue.

When Artemis finally pulled away, Wally was left dumbstruck, dizzy, and so incredibly hard. And the little nips and licks the blonde peppered across his chin and neck only drove him crazier.

She really is a spitfire, isn’t she?

“Good to see you too, handsome.” Artemis said, smirking. She kept her arms wrapped around his neck as she guided them both inside the house, kicking the door closed behind her. Then she darted forward, tasting the bare skin of his neck. 

“Woah. Someone’s excited.” Wally chuckled, his hands sliding up the back of Artemis’ shirt. His grin widened when he felt no bra-strap. It was a special kind of luck for Wally West to have found a girlfriend who was as horny as he was.

Artemis gave a sigh and untangled herself from her boyfriend’s arms. She was still smirking, wearing that sexy little smile that she knew drove him wild. Crossing her arms under her breasts - which confirmed again her lack of bra - she stood across from Wally, giving him a look.

“And you’re not?” She pressed him, one eyebrow raised. Cocking her hip to the side, she gestured to herself. “You’ve got parents off on vacation, the house all to yourself, and a very available, very willing girlfriend. That doesn’t drive you wild?”

“You always drive me wild, babe.” Wally countered, closing the distance between them. His hands found her waist, his fingers gliding across the soft, warm skin left exposed by her abbreviated shirt. Then they were at her back, tugging her close so that their groins were pressed flush together.

Hm.” Artemis hummed, subtly appreciative of her boyfriend’s sudden aggression. “Good save.”

“It’s what I do.” Wally spoke into her ear, his fingers making themselves at home at the small of her back. “I’m a superhero, remember?”

“Obviously. Who else would run around the city in a mustard-yellow suit?”

“It’s more of an amber-yellow…” Wally insisted for a moment, but quickly reminded himself that there were far more pressing matters at hand. Namely, the very clear needs of his girlfriend. As well as the needs of that thick, throbbing thing he kept smothered away in his jeans. But first, he had to be a good host. He pulled away for a moment to present his house to his most cherished visitor. “Anyway, welcome to Casa West. My humble abode.”

“Nice place.” Artemis tittered into the crook of his neck. She gave another nip with her teeth before soothing it with her lips and tongue. “So… Where do you want to get laid first, stud?”

They barreled through his bedroom door, lips locked and hands roaming. Artemis giggled into Wally’s mouth as she slipped her fingers under the waistband of his jeans - and his boxers, too. She cupped him then, giving him a gentle squeeze as she caught his lower lip between her teeth. 

Wally grunted, dipping his own dirty paws down past Artemis’ slim waist to cup that lovely, heart-shaped ass of hers. The blonde archer had a bit of a possessive streak, Wally had learned since they began officially dating. But it was most fortunate - and delightful - that this personality quirk manifested in the form of gropes, pinches, and hickies. 

Artemis pulled away, still cradling the West family jewels. Her gray eyes wandered, taking in her boyfriend’s room. For a brief moment, Wally felt a jolt of insecurity. Sure, he had cleaned the place up but it was still very much a teen boy’s bedroom.

“Huh. Cleaner than I was expecting.” Artemis pursed her lips. Then her eyes fell upon the arrangement of prints that lined his bedroom wall. She turned to face him, wearing a wry grin and knowing eyes. “Nice posters by the way.”

Wally gave a sheepish grin, noting the row of bikini-clad models that smiled down at the young lovers from the wall above his desk. He had cleaned his room up well enough, but he totally forgot to take down the more provocative wall decorations.

“I could put up a poster of you if you want.” He defended lamely. Wally fought back a wince and slapped on his best charming smile. “I’d like to see you in a bikini.”

Artemis didn’t seem impressed.

“Wally.” She drew her hand from his pants, patting him gently on his chest. The blonde wore a look that was both amused and bemused. “You’re about to see me naked. You have seen me naked. Many times.

It was true. But the prospect of seeing Artemis going natural was a prize that never lost its luster. Getting her into bed was even juicier.

“I know that. I’m just saying.” Wally took his hands from his girlfriend’s supple rear end and began toying with the button of her fly. He gave her a peck on the cheek. Then another on her neck. He mumbled the next words into her ear. “You’ve got a killer beach bod.”

Artemis huffed and gave Wally a playful shove - which was still strong enough to send him sprawling back onto his bed. 

“Hell yeah I do.” The blonde affirmed with a less-than-subtle hint of pride.

The redheaded speedster craned his neck to get a good look of Artemis standing before him, looking down on her prey. It was a fitting look for the Goddess of the Hunt to have, Wally decided. Her hungry eyes locked on him, Artemis grabbed her shirt with both hands and drew it off of her body with a single, upward tug. Wally was delighted to find out he was right - Artemis had chosen not to wear a bra.

Naked from the waist up, Artemis radiated confidence, strength, pride… And lust. She was a vision of beauty and Wally couldn’t help but drink it in. She smiled down at him as she undid the zipper of her jeans, tugging them down and exposing her creamy, toned thighs. The panties went next, white cotton and floral-patterned. Girlier than Wally expected.

But then Artemis was upon him, settling on his lap and straddling his waist. She tugged at the scrunchie holding her hair in a ponytail, letting her golden mane fall across Wally’s face. It formed a curtain around them, blocking the lovebirds out from the rest of the world. It was just the two of them, nobody else.

“Babe, you’re gorgeous.” Wally groaned as his girlfriend’s hands slid under his shirt, feeling up his abs on the way to his firm chest. Her fingers brushed over his nipples as they brought his shirt up over his head. She tossed it away into a far corner, never taking her eyes off her quarry.

“You’re just saying that to get me into bed.” Artemis said, setting her bare ass onto his lap. She gave a small wiggle, grinning down at him as she no doubt felt how hard he was. She gave a toothy smile, her face flushed pink. “Well what are you waiting for, loverboy? Don’t tell me that Kid Flash wants to take things slow.

Wally grinned. His arms coiled around the girl’s waist, drawing her closer. 

“Not a chance, beautiful.”

It was a sensational experience being inside a woman. In the truest sense. Every thrust brough Wally to the peak of sensory overload. The heat that enveloped his manhood, the softness of her body, the wetness of their shared arousal, the tightness of her womanhood closing around him, responding to him, it all joined together to create something that felt truly divine.

In other words: God, did Wally love fucking Artemis. And like any good boyfriend, he made sure to let her know how he felt. Communication was the key to a successful relationship, after all.

“Artemis… You’re amazing… So totally amazing…” Wally murmured between thrusts, burying his face into the woman’s breasts. C-Cups they were, with just the perfect amount of jiggle and bounce. He pressed frantic kisses to each of those delectable swells of flesh, his tongue seeking out a hard nipple to suck into his mouth.

But Artemis was no dead fish. A firebrand like her could never be. Even on her back, she bucked upwards to meet his thrusts, rolling her hips as his cock sank into her slick, hot cunt. She was as grabby as he was, one hand raking fingers through his hair, the other reaching around his waist to grab a handful of firm, speedster glutes. Wally grunted as he felt her nails dig slightly into his asscheeks, but couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride at Artemis’ desperate pushes to drive his cock just a little deeper.

“Y-You’re no slouch either, stud…” She whimpered into his ear. Wally loved to hear her voice like this. So strained to form coherent thoughts as he fucked her out of her mind. A devilish idea entered the speedster’s mind as he peppered kisses along her collarbone and neck. Wally upped the pace of his thrusts, sending his bed rocking on its metal frame. Skin slapped against skin, and his girlfriend’s voice was sent up an octave. “Oh, wow… Oh my God!

“You alright?” Wally teased, slowing his thrusts just a tad.

Fine. I’m fine.” She spoke into his ear, pressing a weak kiss to his temple as her grip on his hair tightened. Wally obeyed, savoring the sensation of the delicious, quick thrusts into such a slick, tight pussy. Heavenly it was, damnable heat and silky softness wrapped around his cock. Artemis’ voice came to his ear again, a low, desperate hiss. “Keep going… Don’t fucking stop…”

“Anything you want, babe.” Wally grunted, planting both hands on the bed for leverage. He moved his hips, bringing them up and down. Their bodies collided together, flesh slapping against flesh. He was fucking her, fast and true. Her cries were the most lovely sounds a guy like Wally could ever hope to hear.

It was a funny thing: When they first met years ago, Wally would have never pegged Arty for the cock-hungry type. But the Emerald Huntress was full of surprises.

What wasn’t a surprise was how quickly their end came upon the both of them. It happened often before, whenever Wally and Artemis chose to lose themselves in each other. Sure, they would always try to draw things out, to wring every last drop of pleasure out of their couplings. But sometimes the allure of a hot and fast fuck was just too juicy to ignore.

“Ohmygod. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod… FUCK!

Wally smirked. It was always a prideful moment for him when Artemis found her peak first. After all, what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn’t make sure his girlfriend felt good? It was a testament to his superhero discipline that he managed to hold out until he felt her clenching around him. He gave a final thrust, a deep thrust, and let his woman carry him away with ecstasy.

“Oh, shit.” Wally’s whole body grew tense, stiff. A burst of sensation, blooming in his gut then shooting further down. It was an eruption, a geyser. A broken dam and a flood of… Well, Artemis could certainly feel it. She had a tell, the way she quivered slightly in his arms. The way she always did whenever he left something behind. Artemis really was a wonderful girlfriend, Wally knew, especially so with her preference for raw lovemaking. “Uh… Fuck… God damn.

A moment passed and so did that all-too-short moment of bliss. Wally drew himself from Artemis with a low grunt and flopped onto the bed beside her. He stared at his bedroom ceiling, nearly seeing stars. His chest rose and fell as he took heavy breaths. Only Artemis could ever make Kid Flash feel breathless, he thought with a lazy grin.

He felt Artemis twist and turn beside him, followed by her arms coiling around his neck. Her lips found his cheek and he felt the flower petals of soft kisses. That had been another surprise for a younger Kid Flash: Artemis preferred the lovey-dovey kind of afterglow. Not that Wally had any complaints.

“Wow…” Her voice came as a low purr. Her soft lips brushed against his neck, trailing upwards to his ear. “You really know how to wear a girl out, Kid Fuck-Machine.”

That got a chuckle out of him. He turned to face her as well, his body shifting so that he could wrap his arms around her hips and pull her closer. Even after fucking her brains out, she was a vision of beauty. Some rogue strands of golden hair stuck to her forehead, slick with sweat, but to Wally she looked even sexier this way. Mostly because he knew he was responsible.

“Kid Fuck-Machine at your service.” He kissed her then, quick and gentle. When he pulled back, he adopted a half-serious expression. “Just don’t call me that in public, babe. People might get the wrong idea.”

Artemis’ brow furrowed as she gave him a look. A moment later, it clicked.

“Oh, God…” She gave a lazy slap against his bare chest. “You know what I meant, sicko.”

“It is nice to be recognized for my talents.” He added, his voice full of mirth.

“And you’ve got plenty.” Artemis spoke with sincerity and a not-so-hidden sliver of lust as she reached down between their bodies to get a handful of Wally West. There was a pause then as she gave a soft squeeze. Her eyes widened some and Wally couldn’t help but grin. Even after being together all this time, this particular aspect of him still got a reaction out of her. “Don’t tell me you’re still hard.”

“Afraid so, babe. Speedster metabolism.” Wally’s grin was a full-blown smile now. Now, Wally West was never the type to brag or boast… But the influence his superpowers had on his sexlife was totally fucking awesome. “It’s a gift and a curse. But mostly a gift. Almost entirely a gift.”

“You don’t need to convince me, stud.” Artemis cooed, her hand gliding across his manhood with slow and gentle strokes. “I’m already converted.”

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