Power Girl: Digging Deep.

BY : Nickamano
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Power Girl: Digging Deep.

By Nickamano.

MF. Nc. Xeno. Oral. Anal. Tit fucking. Abuse. Dom. Humil. Viol. MiCD. COMPLETE.


Karen Starr, highly intelligent and skilled CEO, as well as blonde and stunningly beautiful; sat behind the desk in her office, looking over yet another proposed research project. Her R&D division tended to get very excited about these ideas and were constantly begging her for additional financial allocations. Of course, there wasn’t enough money in the world to research everything, so she took it on herself to pick and choose which projects seemed to show the most promise.

Kryptonian bombshell Kara Zor-L, relaxed back in the plush office chair, allowing her human alter-ego full control of the reins. At the same time, she kept one preternatural ear on the world that existed outside the window. The window was one of the upper most in the skyscraper that housed Starrware Industries offices. Kara listened out for emergency service-band radios, televisions tuned to news-channels, even phone conversations, hoping for something interesting that could get her off her ass and out of the office for a while.

Kara enjoyed living as Karen Starr, and Karen Starr enjoyed being Power Girl, whenever the chance came up. However, with so many superheroes in existence and most of them living and working in North America, it was almost a fight to get to be Power Girl. And she had found herself more and more often exercising her desire to help humanity into the Starrware Industries side of her life, Karen's side. And that was fine, she enjoyed it and it gave her felling of fulfilment and positivity. It just wasn't as much fun as beating on superpowered criminals. 

Karen liked her company and she also liked that she was not the average CEO and yet still ran a successful and profitable company. She had developed a reputation as a boss who treated her employees well, and propagated an environment of smart working, and enjoyable projects that kept her staff interested and excited. And everyone enjoyed working for her company with Karen as their head honcho. She knew they did because her Kryptonian sense of hearing allowed her to listen in on their conversations, and even their restroom whispering. Illicit as that may be, she did her best not to take advantage of her ability. She was hard working sure but she was also careful, conscientious and decidedly ethical in her business practices, in a world where ethics were definitely a disadvantage to money making. It was an unavoidable part of her personality and her upbringing, and she was proud to make that effort.

She had started from the point of view that making a profit was not to be the be-all-and-end-all of business. Instead, creating the best product at the most reasonable price was to be her be-all-and-end-all. If the product was good it would sell and then the profit would come in. Then she would take that profit and funnel it back into the company, be it a smaller amount than taking an unethical approach would have given her, but it was profit she could be happy with and proud of. The profit was first used to improve conditions and wages for her employees, which encouraged their loyalty to the company and to doing their best to improve their products more and more. Therefore, the name Starrware quickly became a stamp of quality-control at a reasonable price that everyone at the company could be proud of, and purchasers could be assured offered quality and reliability.

Kara's problem was that she wasn't like Kal El, her cousin by-way-of-inter-dimensionality. Many of the other superheroes referred to Kal El, respectfully, as the ‘boy-scout’ and she understood it completely. In fact, she kind of admired him for it. But it wasn't her. She could play the girl-scout as Karen, but Kara was definitely no goodie-two-shoes. And that was partially why she chose to avoid the connection to the Superman family, and of course its Kryptonian symbol of hope. Oh, and of course, she enjoyed the attention that having her startling cleavage on open display, enabled by her choice of symbol-free superhero costume. 

For Karen, Kara's Kryptonian powers did surreptitiously help her in business terms. She had got the idea one evening while watching the movie ‘Highlander’ and one of the final scenes suggested a way of using her superhearing to help her departments solve problems for each other. Christopher Lambert’s Connor MacLeod explaining The Prize to Roxanne Hart’s Brenda Wyatt:

- It’s like a whirlwind in my head. But if I concentrate, I know what people are thinking all over the world. Presidents, diplomats, scientists, I can help them understand each other. -

So, she picked up on ideas one department was having that she realised could help to solve problems another department was struggling with. Of course, Karen’s own computer expertise came in handy here as well as Kara’s ability. Then she would put both departments in a room together and guide the conversations in the right way to have the departments reveal solutions to problems without anyone really realising what she was doing.

However, right at the moment, her department heads were all great people who knew their jobs and there was very little that required her personal input. Which was why, right at this moment, she was sitting behind her desk, essentially twiddling her thumbs, trying to see potential issues in this latest R&D proposal.


Everything occurred at once, snatched up by her preternatural hearing, distant but clear. A localised increase in air-pressure. Screaming. A tiny shake in the earth. An explosion. People tapping on cell phones, fingers shaking and erratic, heart beats faster than normal, the sharp tang of fear spiking brain chemistry. Then the calls coming through to the emergency services.

  "Excellent! Finally, something to sink my teeth into!"

Karen got to her feet, careful in her excitement, not to shove her chair straight through the wall behind her. She tossed the itchy, long honey-blonde wig into a desk drawer and while she shook her natural shorter and paler golden-blonde bob into shape while flicking open the press-stud fastening blouse and the constricting, figure concealing sports-bra beneath, unleashing her shockingly curvaceous H-cup figure and the enticingly fun cleavage-window that the media seemed so obsessed with.

Kara clipped on her ‘old glory red’ cape and then stripped off her loose pinstripe trousers to reveal the rest of her costume, bare legs and knee-length blue boots. She flicked on the desk intercom connecting her to the delightful young PA in the outer office.

  “Nancy.” Karen said, putting on a bored-sounding voice. “It's Friday afternoon, I'm the boss and I'm knocking off early. Anyone else wants to go now too, that's fine with me. Put the word out, will you?”

Kara was already pulling on her ‘old glory blue’ gauntlets when the amused response came over the intercom.

  “Okay Miss Starr. I'll put the word out. Enjoy your evening.”

Now shifting into superspeed mode, she shut off the intercom, closed her laptop, eyed the office door to make sure it was locked as she always did, and then hit her private elevator’s button. It would show Nancy that she was indeed descending to the private underground carpark where her small electric scooter was parked.

Finally ready, Power Girl hauled ass over to the open window, running her hands through her blonde bob one last time, then threw herself out of the window and took off - faster than a projectile from a railgun, once she was far enough away from office windows so as not to shatter them all, of course.

Kara only realised when she was thirty seconds out, that it was actually only Thursday.


She could smell the smoke, hear the dry crackling roar of flames, the staccato hiss of falling concrete, steel and glass as it crumbled. And then she heard the distinctive inhuman dual heartbeat. The racing of too-thick blood rushing through too-fat veins. The low hum of energy running through muscles. Then came a low laugh, and a responsive groan from a separate source.

Kara landed on top of a mid-sized skyscraper just above the epicentre of the incident. The abruptness of her landing caused the off-beat bounce of her bosom to thrust upward violently, her large breasts not quite slapping her under the chin. And she mildly considered a better kind of bra might be in order. The sports-bra she wore as Karen, though she would still require the centre cut away so as not to spoil her cleavage window - it didn't do to show off one’s underwear through one’s costume, unless it was damned obvious that it was done deliberately, like combining hipster jeans with a bejewelled thong. Then again, she could just forego the cleavage window. But then again, why cave into media demands? There was nothing they could do to force her to concede to they felt was right. She was her own woman and made her own decisions about how she expressed herself.

Snapping her attention back to the here and now, she looked down over the edge of the flat roof, using her Kryptonian vision to see what was going on. It was easy enough to understand the epicentre.  An old church had been demolished. And from what essentially resembled a meteor strike. Or a missile impact. The roof, the rear wall and most of both sides of the church had fallen in on themselves, and barely half of the front wall with its main entrance was still standing. The pinnacle of the toppled steeple was sticking up from the pile of rubble in the centre of what had been the church, half concealed in a slow-rising cloud of dust and debris.

Casually flicking her alluring, deliberately unkempt styled hair out of her huge sapphire eyes, Kara spotted fire fighters and an ambulance were just pulling up on the street opposite. Which was startlingly quick, until she noticed their station was literally a block to the north.

The great cloud of dust and grime, a good hundred metres across and half that in height, was obscuring much of the area closest to the impact crater, though her Kryptonian vision made the cloud as clear as glass. Kara could see four people still inside the ruin of the church, but none of them showed any signs of life, all crushed to pulped jelly beneath the collapsed roof and fallen-in walls. There were a number of walking wounded outside who the paramedics were already running toward, through that great cloud of brick dust. Two police cruisers had just blocked either end of the main thoroughfare. And the four cops, having abandoned their vehicles, were trying to keep the public from getting too close. Though, as ever, the bystanders were milling about and rubber-necking, putting themselves in harm’s way.

And then she spotted a metahuman running through the cloud. He was heading for the collapsed entrance of the ruined church. From the same entrance that, right before Kara’s eyes, a bulky figure was emerging from within. The metahuman, a blur of bright vermillion, suddenly became nothing but an aftereffect, a shockwave of dancing arcs of blue-white lightning. And as Kara watched, the bulky figure was abruptly launched into the air.

So, The Flash had got there first huh? Typical that another hero would have all the fun.

However, Kara took a closer look and quickly realised that the bulky figure hadn't been launched at all, but had leapt. It appeared to have some kind of apparatus fastened across its broad, black shoulders, apparatus that was firing streaks of emerald plasma down at the ground. Kara realised suddenly that the plasma wasn't hitting the ground at all. A sudden, distant wheezing-groan caught in her ears, and then the body of The Flash reappeared, crashing into the ground as a crater opened up beneath him.


Kara flew into action, stepping off the roof and instantly breaking the sound barrier, this time she was in too much of a hurry to 'give a shit about glass'. And as she hit Mach six in the first half-second of her descent, the skyscraper's windows erupted in a shockwave behind her. The air pressure blowing out the glass and then as it was forced to fill in the space behind the shapely Kryptonian, it was sucked into the void and followed her down like some kind of glittery, crystalline slip-stream.

In the time it took Kara to slam her extended fist into the bulky figure's skull, she took in the form of this new villain. It was not someone she had come across before and offered the vaguest impression of a great ape. Humanoid, with recognisable head, torso and limbs, it was closer to some kind of giant Silverback gorilla than a human. Huge shoulders, bigger than bowling balls, gave way to elongated arms thicker than tree trunks that reached the thing’s knees. His legs were shorter though they appeared stockier, utterly bulging with muscle. He had a human-like face, though a little more Neanderthal, resembling a man whose skull had already been crushed from the top down; the facial features were all there but pressed together. And the top of his head, either hair or skull, made it look like he was wearing a flat cap - the jutting brow an actual ridge that pushed forward over the eyes. The brutish ape-man seemed to be covered in black fur, except for the chest, abdomen, face and palms of the hands. However, as she closed in, Kara realised that it was actually clothing, some two-tone tan and black leather-like fabric.

As she had seen already, across its shoulders was the apparatus that held some kind of plasma cannon on an automatic gimble. And the auto-turret was already swinging up and around to get a bead on her, but it had no chance because Kara felt her clenched fist within the blue leather gauntlet connecting with the brute's skull at the exact same moment the muzzle centred on her.

Unfortunately, her punch proved a glancing blow because the brute performed an impossible counter-measure, somehow dodging Kara's aim at the last moment, so her fist slid down the side of his skull rather than pile-driving straight into it.

She hit the ground, slowing her velocity at the last split-second so her landing only produced a crater three feet deep, instead of the half-mile it probably would have.

It was only then that she recognised how much her hand was hurting. She glanced into the structure of her flesh and bones with her X-ray vision and found nothing broken. Though the sensation of that hot dull throbbing momentarily took her back to her home-Earth. Raised and trained by Lois and Kal-L, she remembered landing a number of full-power punches on his hard Kryptonian body and feeling that same pounding pain as a result.

  “That's what humans feel when they hit each other.” He had told her, while she grimaced and tried to shake the throbbing pain from her fingers, knuckles and wrist.

Kara, quickly used her Kryptonian senses to check on The Flash. He turned out to be unconscious and had what she guessed to be first-degree burns to a large part of his torso, but had a strong and steady heartbeat. He would need medical treatment but he would be okay where he was for a while. It would be more prudent to deal with this… whatever-it-was, first.

She rose to her full near six-feet and then stepped up out of her crater, blowing away the cloud of dust as she ascended. The brute was kneeling on the ground, a hand to the side of his temple, shaking his head, a fast-whipping motion, as though to clear stars from his vision. But other than that, he didn't seem much affected.

  “You should be a pancake.” She said cocking an eyebrow and standing a couple of metres from the brute with her hands on her hips.

  “Hell, you punch like a mule.” The brute grunted, in English, though it had an unrecognisably foreign intonation.

  “The saying's 'kick like a mile' but yeah, that was a punch so, I'll give it you.”


  “Never mind. So, are you gonna give up and fly back to... Wherever you come from? Or do I have to hit you some more first?”

  “I ain't going nowhere. I have a job...” The brute said.

Then he abruptly looked up and his eyes locked on the figure of Power Girl standing before him, and widened. It exactly resembled the way Kara’s eyes widened when someone brought her an unexpected gift. Usually Ice-cream.

  “Holy crap! Get a load of you!”   

She patiently watched his eyes do the thing that men's eyes do when they see her. The slow up and down. Catching sight of her breasts first and foremost. Obviously. Then pausing there before being dragged upward to her face, a second pause there and then a slow and deliberate down and up over the rest of her figure, taking in her awesome attributes one at a time. As if she was some kind of mathematical equation that added up to: 'Bombshell'.

The down and up more often than not featured more than one pause over her breasts, for another taste of the creamy divine. Noticing the Ice cream analogy reasserting itself, Kara decided to allow herself a creamy treat after this thing was dealt with. 

  “Yeah, yeah... I'm gorgeous and stacked, heard it all before. So, just to clarify, you're choosing the fun way over the easy way?”

He didn't seem to have heard her and was still staring. Not much of a shock, in fact a usual response in Kara's experience. She watched his eyes again, trying not to roll her own in impatient dismay. He was still an unknown commodity and if she lowered her guard, he might do something unexpected, even get the drop on her, somehow. So she just kept still, hands on broad hips, long muscular legs spread apart, crimson cape and blonde bob lifted by the late afternoon breeze.

She was distinctly aware of the civilians in the area, keeping their distance. But not by far enough, as usual. There was the always present sub-aural hum of active cell phones, the click of video capture or phone cameras doing their magic, but she kept her attention on the brute, just as his attention was held wholly by her.

His eyes, frighteningly Human-looking and a cold emerald, widened the more he took in her gravity defying curves and robust though feminine musculature. He paused at her crotch, the white, one-piece high-hipped leotard and Kara wondered if she had camel toe going on, the seat of her outfit was certainly riding up between her solid, infinitely perky butt cheeks, but she wasn't about to adjust that right now. No matter how much she wanted to.

As the brute's eyes travelled upward, she could almost see them turn inward toward each other as his view flowed over the bulging muscles of her thighs, the crescent of her hips, to her twenty-something-inch waist and then back out over her abdominals and the hourglass curve of her ribs to the overt perky jut of her ginormous bosom and that eye-catching cleavage window.     

  “I... Damn girl!”

Finally, his eyes locked onto hers, but not before taking in full cherub-bow lips, which she was determinedly keeping in a derisive sneer even though she had the urge to smile, and then snidely point out how pretty her nose and baby blues were as well.

  “Damn ‘Power Girl’. So, I'm gonna hit you some more now...”

With a grin she dropped her hands from her hips, skipped forward in a supersonic blur and drove her fist straight into his broad, powerful chest. He didn't even flinch, his torso jerking back a couple of inches at the most, though he did let out a haggard, exerted breath.

Kara's eyes went wide in shock. Any human would have had a hole right through his chest, ninety percent of metahumans would be equally dead or over in another State somewhere. But this guy took her punch as well as her cousin could. Her confidence dropped even as a false mask of bravado locked firmly in place and followed with an immediate roundhouse punch to the side of his skull.  

This time he ducked under it. Kara took advantage, grabbed the plasma cannon apparatus that was locked across his bodybuilder shoulders and tore it off. The remainder of the harness encircling his upper torso fell away as a result, but the brute didn't seem in the least bit perturbed. Even when she folded the weapon in two and then crushed it almost flat.

  “I'm looking for Kal El, he goes by 'Superman'. So I'm told.”

She went for a low kick to his knee joint but he simply leaned into the point of impact and took it, turning so her foot struck the kneecap full on. Kara's lower shin went numb and she had to force herself not to reach down and rub feeling back into it.

Breathing a little heavier, she went for a three-punch combo to his throat, solar plexus and groin but he dodged the first, blocked the second, and took the third with little more than an intake of breath.

  “I know who he is, I'm his cousin. He's on vacation for a while, so you've got me.”

She knew Kal El was actually in the bottle city of Kandor, overseeing some kind of political disturbance which he expected would last five or six Earth days, Kandor time working differently of course.

Her response to the brute was deliberately casual, conversational but she was caught by him, feeling increasingly disturbed and even a little frightened. And uncomfortable - that low groin punch, she'd felt his hardness there, solid as concrete even against her preternatural strength, and as thick as her forearm. And he'd just taken it, a little grunt in the back of his throat but essentially nothing.

  "I take it you're Kryptonian too then." He said.

His breath might have been a little harder, a little faster, but Kara herself was breathing heavily and sweating. Though out of increasing fear, rather than tiredness and exertion.

  “Yeah. Like I said, I'm Kal El’s cousin. Don't you listen?”

She paused then, trying to control her breath and watching for an attack, but he was just defending himself. She watched him, watched his eyes. However, his eyes seemed glued deep inside her cleavage window. So, she slowly slid closer using his obvious natural desire for her body to close the distance between them, thinking maybe grappling would be the way to go. A good head lock and then choke him out, maybe.

   “Where is he?”

She looked up at him but his eyes were still ogling her on display cleavage.

  “On vacation, like I just said!” She snapped.

She was actually getting annoyed by his blatant ogling, which was pretty unheard of for Kara, being as used to it as she was. Being ogled was as common for Kara as breathing. But this guy, it was somehow demeaning, as though he wasn’t taking her seriously as a danger to him.

Skipping forward again, she feinted a punch and then whipped one arm around his arm, that had shot up to protect himself. She used her arm grapple to deflect a possible counterattack, while her other hand went up across his throat to drive him backward and down over her knee and pin him into position, locking him in an armbar-choke.

Either taking advantage of the position or as an actual attempt to distract Power Girl, the brute twisted suddenly in her embrace, slippery as an eel, and darted one hand straight into her cleavage window, wriggling his fingers hurriedly beneath the plain uplifting bra she wore beneath her costume and cupping one large simian-like handful of her huge, perky breast.

He groaned at the feel of that succulent orb, squeezing hard, and Kara felt her nipple instantly engorging against his gloved palm. She growled in annoyance, shook her torso to try and dislodge his assaulting grope but he squeezed harder and laughed. So, ignoring the inhuman groping, Kara instead tightened her chokehold, squeezing his throat brutally between her solid bulging triceps and powerful thigh muscle. All the brute did was drive his chin down against her bicep and tense the muscles in his jaw and neck, creating a tiny channel that allowed him his suck air into his lungs.

Locked in a stalemate, Kara snarled with frustration and disgust.

   “Damnit! Why isn't this doing you more harm?!”

The brute laughed again, obviously enjoying the full on continued and fierce molestation of her breast.

  “I'm part Kryptonian myself, part Apokoliptan too. I'm all kinds’a badass girlie.”

  “It's Power Girlie!” Kara snapped.

She redoubled her efforts with the chokehold while using her free hand to pummel his face and abdominals with heavy, hip-twisting punches. He made grunting noises and a tiny trickle of maroon blood came from his nose, but it was not the consequence she was hoping for.

He reacted with a slightly choked though obviously amused laugh while the hand beneath her bra reached up and purposefully, playfully, tweaked and rolled her stiff nipple.

  “Don't think I've come across a more beautiful humanoid woman before. You really are a knockout.”

  “You think I care about your opinion?”

Her hissed response turned into a wince at the mildly sadistic way he was pulling and pinching the firm bud at the peak of her breast.

  “Of course not...”

And then he shunted his hips forward so he could grind that steel hard shaft of engorged procreative muscle against her taut and athletic bubble butt.

Confirming the chokehold was having no effect on the brute, beyond giving him the opportunity to sexually assault her at his leisure and having had more than enough of that, Kara abruptly gave up on her grapple and shoved him away, slapping his hand out of her cleavage window, though she felt a slight tearing of her costume as his hand was jerked free.

Kara stumbled back, caught her breath, rose to her full height and stared the brute down. She was acutely aware that he had not yet shown much in the way of offense attacks.

  “So, when's he gonna be back? Is this a long-weekend thing or a fortnight of sun, sea and sand?”

  “I dunno, a week maybe?” She snapped.

Kara was panting even more heavily now and frustratingly aware of what it would be doing for this brute's perspective. His bulging, cleavage-locked eyes said it all.

She launched herself forward and tried a blurringly fast combination of full-power punches again, even threw in another kick to his hefty looking balls.

His reproductive organs were pressing visibly forward, solid and huge against his second-skin outfit and it was disturbing Kara no end. The balls were big like a couple of California oranges while the forearm-length shaft seemed to have a figure-of-eight cross-section and sported a banana curve and a broad though blunt tip.

Her punches were either blocked, absorbed or easily avoided. The balls of her booted feet struck the alien's genitals, a mashing of cock-shaft root and testes. And yet other than a little grunt and slight wobbling of the knees, his reaction was one of further genital growth and an impassioned grin.

  "You can do that all day, hot stuff!" He grunted.

Kara tore her eyes away, trying to control her increasing desperation and panic.

  “Don't ask me where he is!” She snapped, barely in control of her voice or her temper.

She was vainly trying to find ways to get him to let something useful slip, to search for some kind of way in or weakness through information or action, but he was cool as a cucumber and enjoying himself far too much.

  “No need. If it's only gonna be a week, I can wait... And I'll have you to pass the time with.”

  “Bastard!” She screeched, losing her snide-based cocky defence completely.

Kara went all out then, she hit him with her cold-breath but his costume seemed to protect him. She grappled him again, ignoring his immediately and gleeful groping of her breasts and ass cheeks as she tried to lift him off the ground. Her intention to fly him up beyond the atmosphere, let the vacuum of space take care of him or failing that, throw him into the sun. But she couldn't even lift him off the ground. She didn't know why but he was anchored there.

  “Counter-gravity.” He explained casually. “The harder you try, the more effort you put in, the more gravitational force you're trying to lift. A trick we grabbed from the Coluan. It'd be easier to move the planet out from under me.”

Exhausted from her efforts and frustrated by the feel of his hands mauling her breasts and ass, Kara gave in, relaxed her grip and the bunched muscles in her thighs and calves.

His hands felt like they were all over her. Torn seams in her one-piece around the cleavage window, had allowed easier access for the brute and her strenuous efforts had shuffled her breasts around so much that they were effectively popped out of her bra and now the underwear support was shoved down and crushed beneath her breasts, her nipples poking against her outfit. So, for the brute to get his hands on her bared erogenous flesh was easy and effortless. And of course, the gusset of her one-piece had long since pushed up between her buttocks so he could slide his exploring fingers firmly up between her buttocks and stroke at the scalding mound of her split peach, as though there was nothing between her flesh and his. 

  “Let go of me!”

  “Why? I'm having fun here!”

  “Well, I'm not!”

  “Hey, you came to me...”

However, he surprisingly released her from his sexualised embrace, smiling still. Kara tried to snatch hold of her self-composure. It wasn't easy.

   “Why're you after Superman anyway?” She asked.

She didn’t really care, she was trying to distract him and buy herself time enough to get a hold of herself, calm her rattled nerves and slow her too-fast heartrate.

  “Dunno.” He shrugged. “It's a hit. Bought and paid for. Why doesn't concern me. Now then, enough chat. I'll give you one last chance, girl.”   

Enraged and frightened by her increasing sense of helplessness, Kara skipped back a couple of metres and then let him have it with her heat-vision. She slammed him with a full on, full-power blast straight in his face. But the brute merely shut his eyes against the sun-bright glare and lowered his head a little, bracing himself against the kinetic impact as well as the laser-like focussed plasma burn. 

Kara? This is Oracle. I’ve been monitoring…

The signal was coming through one of Wayne tech’s secret devices. It was concealed in a small stud earring Kara was wearing and transferred communications into her eardrum via tiny vibrations through the device, undetectable and supposedly untraceable. Kara could send her thoughts into the air in response as microwaves and at a frequency Oracle knew to be monitoring, it had taken some practice to master. The specialised computers the ex-Batgirl used in the Clocktower were equipped to translate the microwave transmissions into text-based messages. 

Oracle? Shut up and listen! This guy’s too tough. Don’t let anyone else near here. Not Bruce, not even the other me. Got it? Only Billy or Diana.

They are both on their way. But Billy’s in France and Diana’s with her people. It’s gonna take them at least a half hour to reach you.

  “Ya'll done?” He asked after she had finished with her failed attempt.

A few tendrils of smoke rose from his singed brows and jawline whiskers but, other than a hint of blackened sootiness on his tanned skin, that was all.

  “What the hell are you?!” She snarled, hoping the anger she put into the words would mask the fear and desperation she was truly feeling.

It was a rare and unusual situation for Kara to find herself in. The majority of opponents she fought were human or of equivalent strength, and the biggest challenge was to effectively curb her physicality so she could subdue them without causing actual harm. So, the few times she did come came across a challenge, she tended to feel a burgeoning anxiety. The other Kara and the Kal of this Earth might see this as a challenge, an opportunity to test their mettle and stretch their abilities, but it scared Kara, though she made certain never to show that fear.

I can handle him. I just don’t want anyone else getting too close. He too dangerous.

Roger. Good Luck. Oracle out.

  “I’m a construction.”

The brute shrugged then began to explain himself casually.

  “My bodies are grown from the spliced DNA of different species. Whatever’s best suited to each mission I’m given. My mind’s then injected into the body.”

He threw his arms out and glanced down, indicating himself.

  “I like to use plasma weapons, even blades at times but I don’t need them, as you see.”

All Kara could see was the strength within that simian-like body and the size and shape of the engorged, threatening genitals. She knew what was coming.

  “You're done teasing, little knockout?” He said, one hand idly rubbing his bulging crotch as he took a step toward her.

Before she knew it, a plea had formed on the tip of Kara's full lips and she savagely bit it back with a sudden self-loathing. Her fear was taking over. She had hardly ever felt this way before. He carried on talking and took another step toward her. She took a faltering step back, aware of how big her eyes were, how her face must look terror-stricken to him. That he must know he had her beaten.

  “Like I said, you can keep me entertained while I wait for your Superman to reappear. I'm sure you'll prove more than enough of a distraction, the time's gonna fly by. Which I’m sure will be a real shame.”

  “Stay away from me.” She had intended it to sound like a threat but it came out shaky, more like a whimper.

  “No.” He said and took another step toward her.

   “I wanna see what you have on offer.” He said, taking another step toward her. “How about you take that off? It’s pretty ruined now anyway.”

  “No.” She took a step back.

  “I told you, you're done teasing.”

Suddenly he was nose to nose with her. One huge gorilla arm locked around her back, the paw filled with a fistful of her short red cape. The other hand bunched into a fist the size of a car battery which he slammed hard into her gut.

The air evacuated from Kara's lungs, her diaphragm spasmed and her muscles buckled and drew in on themselves, blood pumping beneath the skin. She doubled over, brain screaming with pain and a lack of oxygen. The brute's hand gripping her cape remained in place and Kara found the fabric and the stylish plaited gold rope connecting it to her shoulder was suddenly tight against her throat, her own one-hundred and sixty pounds of power and muscle choking her. But it was only for a moment, the brute gave a sudden jerk and like an overfilled paper sack the bottom fell out, spilling the contents, the bottom being the cape's fabric and the contents being Kara's incredible body.

   “Now then, take that leotard thing off, and the gloves and... actually leave the boots on. But take the rest off.”

  “P... Please...”

It slipped out, that plea. And Kara's humiliation and defeat folded around her, black and heavy, like The Batman's cloak.

  “Do you want me to hit you again?”

  “Please... I can't... I... p... please....”

  “I like the way you're squirming, but I won't ask you another time. Take it off.”

What he said was still low and light, practically conversational, but all semblance of amusement and mildness was gone from his expression.

  “Okay...” She sobbed then, actually weeping a tear.

Kara’s hands shook as she sat on her ass in the rubble of the church and slowly pulled off her gauntlets. Then she grabbed the turtleneck of her one-piece and ripped it to the upper edge of her cleavage window. The weight of her immense bosom forced the fabric to bow and any support that kept her breasts in check was lost. The newly formed flaps of white material folded down over the tops of the orbs of her beautiful breasts but their weight forced the fabric to surrender its hold on her. And her breasts, not quite popping out of her top, spread and settled into their natural position, surprisingly high and supremely pert on her upper chest. The perky tits of a young teen on the body of a woman approaching her thirties.

Of course, they were unveiled completely when she took hold of the bottom of the ruined cleavage window and tore through the rest of the one-piece. The tear darted southward unevenly toward one hip and for a moment the halved front sagged, still concealing nipples and areolae but showing off the shapely hills and valleys of her abdominals, then the gusset flapped down and her shaved pubis was unveiled, succulent pink lips of her vulva plain to see.

Head bowing, cheeks flushing the colour of her cape, Kara shrugged off the fabric that still clung to her flesh through her fear-sweat. She pulled it clear and tossed it, followed it with her half-ruined bra. Her ears were filled for a moment with the hum and snap of civilian phone cameras and even the film cameras of a couple of news helicopters circling overhead.

  “Beautiful.” The brute groaned as he stood over her, staring. “Sublime.”

  “Stand up now, hot stuff. Give us a little three-sixty. I haven't seen your ass yet.”

She did so. Shame and fear now eating away at the rage and revulsion, at what little inkling of determination or resistance she had been holding onto. She was his. She knew that she would do everything he demanded of her. She might as well be some weak human girl, not a powerful Kryptonian superhero.

  “Oh, fuck damn! That thing's chiselled out of fucking marble. Talk about tight and taut, bet you could bounce a coin off that!”

Kara knew she had a great ass but, of course, it was always overshadowed by the size and pertness of her succulent tits. But any time a man had got close enough, he had never failed to groan and mutter breathless compliments over the firm pertness of the perfect orbs of her athletic, little bubble butt. And now this brutish monster-gorilla-thing was offering the very same compliments, but they were only hurting her more and more, humiliating and intimating the kinds of horrors he may have in store for her.

  “Nice... Perfect. Now, come here.”

She couldn't stop shivering, couldn't hold back the quiet tears as she closed the distance between them. She couldn't help but feel horrified and, really for the first time, truly objectified by a man's hungry gaze.

She had always been proud of her body and felt the power its delights developed in people who ogled her, even worshipped her perfect figure. It was always a compliment, even the lewd and crass comments. She was simply above it. And of course, she was far more than just a gorgeous woman with an impossibly perfect figure. She absolutely had a brain and a personality and intelligence, but those elements weren't physically recognisable, to see those more important parts of her, people had to get to know her and she was very careful who she allowed to get that close to her. Both in the civilian and the metahuman worlds.

She was worthy of being loved both inwardly and outwardly. The outside, the physical Kara was easy but to love of course, but both the inside and outside of Kara Zor-L combined were worth loving. But only by those who really proved themselves worthy, and those people were few and far between. In her experience they were either only interested in her physically or all too soon revealed themselves to be threatened by her intelligence, her wisdom and her independence.  

But this, this invader, this brutish monster had somehow stripped away her confidence. Her pride in herself had left her. He had left her shivering and terrified. She was nothing more than a body to be assaulted, to be used for his pleasure. And in that moment, shuffling toward him as though towards her personal gallows, it was truly how she felt.

She had no defence. She had been reverted literally, to nothing but a vessel for giving pleasure to others. A sexual object, and that brute owned her completely. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that she would do everything and anything he desired, for as long as he made demands of her.

And, of course, the world would watch it, every degrading, painful moment would be recorded, every millisecond of it plastered all over the internet. Blurred-out clips on every social media platform, shared trillions of times over. Live news broadcasts on every possible channel in every possible country, repeated over and over. And then within minutes it would be up on every porn site there was, it would be there for everyone to digest in full 4k, 8k, 16k high-resolution.

Worst of all, was that there was nothing Kara could do about it. She was completely helpless now it felt like, and for the first time in her life. For the first time, she was utterly dependant on Superman to come and rescue her. And that made her feel even more of a failure.

Kara, Oracle again. Bruce is nearby. He’s agreed to steer clear and let you take the, whatever he is down, but he wanted to let you know, he’ll take care of all those cameras for you. He’s gonna set off a small yield EMP bomb that should do the…

Fine! Kara out!

She felt small relief. Bruce would take care of her public humiliation. But she would still have to go through the suffering this brute thing had in store for her.  And then she realised that all the while she had been engaged in two separate conversations - while focussing on Oracle, she had been pleading again, even as she had been lost in her own miserable thoughts and realisations.

  “Please... Please...”

  “I love your squirming.” He said with a smile. “Do as I tell you and you'll survive this. This is just until Kal El gets here and I kill him...”

He paused for a moment, thinking.  

  “Unless you're too good to leave behind... I could take you back to my planet. It has a red sun; you could be my slave for eternity.”

 Kara baulked, her body wracked with suddenly terrorised shivers, tears of panic streaming down her cheeks.

  “That's a joke. Once I go home, I'm removed from this body and am living back in the Sea-of-Experience again.”

Grinning, he reached out with both hands and took her by the upper arms, Kara gasped at the strength and control she felt in that grip. She shivered and whimpered as he slowly pulled her body up against his.

  “Now. A kiss, little bombshell." He grunted. "And make it good. Kiss me like I'm the guy you love the most in this whole multiverse. The guy that makes your cunt throb and gush like there's no tomorrow.”

She eyed him for a split second, bit back a defeated sob and then pursed her plush, pink-rouge lips and tilted her head to one side.

  “Just so you know, there'll be punishments if I don't think you're making enough of an effort. And they'll hurt, pain like you've never felt, so I'd give it my all if I were you.”

  “I will...” She whimpered, barely holding it together. “You don't need to threaten me, I'll do what you want.”


“No.” Kara thought to herself. Somehow suddenly, snatching onto the last vestige of inner strength - her sense of stubbornness.

“No. I'm not being taken down this way. There is a way. There's always a way. I just need to think of it. I'm Kryptonian. I'm almost certainly the most powerful woman on this planet, except maybe for Diana on a good day. But I need time, time to think. I need to find a way to quieten my mind and think, I can't do it when I'm terrified and being forced to submit to a protracted sexual assault. I need somehow to separate myself from it, so I can think of a way to get this guy once and for all.”

And almost immediately the answer came to her. Karen. Karen Starr. Kara quite often pictured herself as two different people, and she could project two different personalities, alter egos who were both themselves and Power Girl as well. It was a big part the success of her disguise as Karen Starr.

Karen was in every way a character that Kara portrayed, she embodied Karen, became Karen completely. It was in every meaningful way a method performance. She had created Karen from the ground up, from the inside out. Created her personality, learned her interests and developed her skills. Learned all there was to learn. She had created Karen's look, her body shape, which was different to Kara's, her darker blonde hair, the way she spoke and acted, the way she did her make up, the way she held herself physically and the way interacted with others.

Karen would accommodate this brute. Karen would be subjugated, assaulted, raped. Whatever the brute did, he would do to Karen. And that would enable Kara to settle back calmly, deep in her own safe place. Encircled in the memories of her own home with her own parents back on her own Krypton, she would think of a way to defeat this alien assassin. And she would do it all on her own without anyone's help. Without Superman to bail her out. She, Kara, would do it while Karen went through all the suffering.


Of course, the brute didn't notice any change in the incredible naked, blonde Kryptonian. Kara made sure of it, his lust would be distracting him and his taking possession of her busty body would blind him to any small changes to her mannerisms and posture.

Embracing the relatively more demure and subjugate-able personality of the Human computer programmer and business woman, she tentatively went along with the brute as he pulled her firmly against his hard, hot body.

Shivering in fear and sobbing quietly, though too afraid to do anything except what this alien assassin wanted, Karen leaned in close. He suddenly grabbed her by the throat, squeezing and giving her a predatory grin, he then opened his wide slit of a mouth and waited.

  “Kiss me!” He said again.

Karen, recognised that he was forcing her to make the move. That she was the one who had to initiate this erotic and intimate connection of their two bodies in a horrid mockery of loving physical intimacy. However, she was far too afraid of what he would do to her if she didn't obey his every command and whim. So, feeling numb and at the same time inwardly distraught, she pursed her plump lips and tilted her head. Leaning forward, she searched out his thin, black lipped mouth with hers.

She couldn't control the shakes, even as his arms encircled her muscular frame and squeezed her against his torso, in a bone-creaking, breath-voiding embrace. He actually lifted her off the ground as their lips touched.

He surprised her actually, starting with little brushes of lip against lip before moving into a deeper kiss, mouths soon working voraciously together, playing, mouthing in unison. Lips mashed hotly together, brazen and unapologetic.

His gloved hand slid down from across her broad shoulders, caressing the delicate, bunched muscles of her shapely back, the smooth concave of her waist, down to the twin, steel, perfect orbs of her butt. He gripped one nude buttock tightly, long fingers stretching right into her ass cleavage. There, he hefted her weight with that one hand, supporting her as though she was on a swing-seat.

  "Now, give me your tongue." The brute grunted, drawing back from the kiss long enough to voice his command.

Karen sobbed as he pressed her mouth onto his for a second time. But again, she did as she was told, parting her lips against his and this time pressing her sweet tongue into his mouth. He leaned back a little more, lifting her with that ass-grip to keep her pressed against him, her own weight helping to maintain the pressure. Karen was intimately aware of her naked breasts crushed fiercely against his broad, hard chest.

Her tongue dipped delicately inward and she gasped in shock as she found his teeth. She had expected the huge molars, incisors and canines of a great ape, however, against her probing tongue they felt soft and pliant. In two rows like a human's, but they felt more like the tendrils of a holothurian. She pushed on into the alien mouth, while their docked lips mashed and continued to play.

His other hand had snagged a grip of the back of her neck, holding her face against his. Though, now they were fully engaged, he let go and instead slid his long palm down her shoulder blade and then around following the flow of her ribs until his hand was pressed against the bulging side of her half-crushed breast. He pushed inward with his fingers, insinuating himself in the middle of the sandwich of their bodies until his palm covered the full, infinitely soft heat of one huge orb. Once he had hold of that delectable teardrop he squeezed cruelly, kneading her softness in his rising excitement and enjoying the feel of her hardened nipple poking into the surprisingly soft flesh of his palm.

Of course, there was nothing Karen could do but take it all. She moaned and whimpered into his open mouth, expressing her discomfort, but of course he took no notice. She existed exclusively for his pleasure and what she experienced as a result of that was irrelevant, as far as he was concerned.

As she continued to probe his mouth with her tongue, she felt some of those soft, sea-cucumber tendrils grow longer and then encircle her tongue, stroking and caressing and then pulling at it gently. Gasping with horror, she instinctively tried to pull back but the creature kept a tight grip and then his own tongue came forward. It was slit at the end into a thick fork and much longer than a human’s or Kryptonian’s. Unable to do anything, she just mouthed with her plush, soft lips and tried to move her tongue around against the masses of tendrils now gripping and tickling it while his own tongue lodged itself deep into her mouth, probing and flicking to begin with.

However, those two vile prong tips soon pushed toward the back of her throat and one encircled and teased her uvula, making her gag uncomfortably, while the other slicked around her tonsils and the entrance to her oesophagus, making her gag even more while her incessantly building saliva went into overdrive. The creature, its arms tight around her body, lifted and pulled her over him so her face was above his. And, as it trickled unhindered from her forced open mouth, he drank in her overdeveloping drool like it was nectar. Karen sobbed and moaned into his mouth, simultaneously disgusted, shocked and helpless.

Eventually he ended the kiss, releasing her tongue and then lowered her back to the ground. Letting go of his impressive grasp of her singular buttock, he slid that hand around and onto her free tit, one huge succulent orb gripped firmly in each simian paw. While he looked down at their flushed perfection and groped and mauled them to his hearts’ content.


  “I get the feeling you’re distracted, maybe all these humans watching us is making you feel self-conscious and stopping you from giving it your all.” The alien grunted.

He looked around at the twenty and more people in a loose semicircle, though keeping their distance. Almost every one of them was watching through the screen of their cell phone. Karen hadn’t realised that she had been reacting to the civilians at all, but she must have.

  “Don’t suppose I can blame you. Shame you wrecked my plasma cannons. I could have just vaporised the lot of them.”

He sighed wistfully and then put his attention back on Karen. Reaching forward he grabbed her by the upper arm and hauled her along after him toward the entrance of the partially demolished church.

  “C’mon. Let’s find somewhere a bit more comfortable, where you can really concentrate on pleasing me.”

He took her into the rubble of the church foyer which was a mangled trash pile of heaped bricks and mortar, glass fragments, both stained and clear, broken pieces of carved and stained timber and a number of scattered pews and hassocks. The creature assassin grabbed a couple of the pews, stacked them and lodged them against the piled rubble then kicked a hassock over.

  “Sit that sweet ass down on this cushion thing and put your back to the bench.”

Karen didn’t hesitate to follow his instruction.

  “Time to get this moving. Onward and upward.”

Looking down, he tapped and then mimed a vertical swipe over his crotch and a piece of his uniform vanished which allowed his large alien appendage to swing down into position. It looked a little like two John Holmes sized cocks that had been fused together side by side at the root and beneath the crown. The heavy purple glans was big as a duck egg and had a broad flange with nodules running around its circumference and a urethra mouth that Karen could easily slip her little finger inside.

The actual shaft was wide because it resembled two cocks lying alongside each other within a single bulging, and veined foreskin. The shaft’s centre line dipped inward into a furrow, like two fingers pressed together. The scrotum beneath looked pretty normal, though the multiple balls inside the sack were each easily the size of golf balls and there was a lot of them, creating that ‘California orange’ impression.

  “Get your mouth around this, little bombshell.” The assassin said.

He shuffled forward until he was standing over her reclining body, with his shins pressing against her shoulders, his erection bobbing over her upturned face.

Karen was sitting on the little padded kneeler, her shoulders against the pew, arms spread out across the seat and her head arched back under that alien obelisk, while her still booted feet were braced against the gritty, grime coated floor of the ruined church.

The brute put a hand to the root of his bulging cock and pushed the underside down to her face. Karen obediently opened her mouth and laid a couple of full lipped kisses onto his frenulum, at the base of the fat crown. The alien worked his hips playfully back and forth over her face, sliding its cock across her lush lips, allowing her to lap at the underside with her tongue. Though it only lasted for a half dozen thrusts.

Before she was anywhere near prepared, the alien slid backward until its broad crown was against her open mouth and then pushed down once again with the guiding fingers, slipping the tip of the blunt glans past her lips and into her mouth. Then one hand slipped around the back of her lush blonde bob to grasp a handful of the back of her head while the other hand reached down between their bodies and took a firm grasp of one of her immense tits. He started to thrust in and out and all too soon Karen found her lips stretching more and more around the figure-of-eight girth, the assassin pulling her face onto the shaft while his other hand kneaded and mauled on her big perky bosom with abandon.

He started groaning, little continual moans at the feel of the damp heat encompassing his cock and the way her talented tongue immediately started to ply its expertise to his tingling flesh, pleasuring every inch that was inside her mouth. Kara started gasping in the back of her throat, little groans of exertion as she tried to time her inhales with his retracting shaft. And she immediately felt the sudden further solidifying of the weird shaped cock as it plunged in and out of her mouth, as though the noises she was making were actively adding to his pleasure.

He filled her mouth a dozen times, scraping the knobbly flange against the roof and sides of her mouth, while her tongue laved across and around the underside and, teasing the apparently sensitive central groove which was both in the upper- and undersides of the alien erection. Throughout the rapid face-fucking, the assassin kept one hand constantly assaulting Karen’s huge breasts. With the elongated arms, his hands found themselves in the perfect position to grope, squeeze and knead her gargantuan assets to his heart’s content. He did just that, of course, shifting his grasp from one giant orb to the other, spreading his palm and fingers wide so he could grab her entire naked bosom in one horny assault.

As he was tugging and twisting her nipples between vicing fingers, the alien brute drove even deeper into Karen’s mouth, leaning further over while pulling her head backward to straighten out her throat before plunging that thick inhuman cock balls deep. He even released his grip of her hair in order to slide his hand around her throat and feel it bulge around his solid, distended meat.

Of course, Karen gagged horribly, her screwed shut eyes leaking fat tears of exertion and increasing despair as her airway was utterly blocked and her oesophagus stretched and plundered as deeply and brutally as it could be. The assassin kept her impaled fully on his meat for minutes at a time, ploughing back and forth, using only a couple of inches and relying on the sensitive pleasure centres throughout the bloated glans, keeping it deep in her tight throat while she choked and turned redder and redder.

She realised of course, that he must know that Kryptonians didn’t need to breathe, strictly speaking, and therefore she could take this kind of brutal abuse indefinitely. Though within her mindset as Karen Starr, the inability to breathe due to the cock lodged in her throat was torturous, a symptom of the method acting she applied to realise the personality of very human CEO.

Fortunately for Karen, the creature wasn’t able to take this kind of pleasure indefinitely. And apparently, he didn’t want to blow his load too quickly. He tensed and started groaning and she could easily sense the further tightening and solidifying of his cock, her tongue suddenly pressed down and her jaw creaking with the exertion as his cock stiffened and stretched, seconds from orgasm.

With a disgruntled roar he hauled himself out of her face, bringing a sudden projectile torrent of saliva and precum out with it as though his cock was a plunger. The thick splatter landed like a tossed bucketload all over Karen’s naked torso, a hefty gluttonous streak from chin to pubis. If he had been paying attention, the way it washed over her immense breasts would have been a sight to behold. However, he was intent on holding back his imminent orgasm, pinching the root of his shaft, the two parallel, banana-shaped tubes now resembling a carjack or a matching pair of parentheses. With a gap between the shafts Karen could slip her fingers between. No wonder her lips and jaw ached so much. Only her Kryptonian physiology had allowed her to take that thing down her throat. Any human would have suffered horrifically shredded lips and a dislocated jaw.

He glanced down at her, his eyes roving her slick naked body, typically never ascending as far as her face and it made Karen curse inside, though it was a long way from a unique experience for her - eye-to-tit contact compared to eye-to-eye contact, and she wondered what the ratio would be... A dozen to one? A hundred to one?

He made a gesture, a circular flick of one hand which snapped Karen out of her thoughts. He apparently had control of his climax again and was demanding something different.

  “Come on. Hands and knees. You know what this means!”

His complaint illustrated by a repetition of the hand gesture. Karen sighed and rolled herself over onto her knees on the hassock, pulling a second over for her hands her weight pressing down into the sponge filling of the mock-felt covered cushions as she obediently offered her ass to him. Her stiffened nipples mere inches from the puffed-up edge of a cushion. 

  “That is one perfect butt. Rounded and full, but perky and not too big. Lovely.” He said. “Reach back and spread your cheeks.”

  “Hang on… Please… you’re too… It won’t… Please!”

  “Nonsense… It’ll fit.”

Karen felt the glans, now bloated to apple-size, pressuring her anal sphincter and she forced herself to relax, knowing there were no other options for her. The brute took a couple seconds of concentrated, fierce exertion to convince her anal ring to spread through sheer physical pressure, aided by the thick film of her saliva. Karen gritted her teeth, drool still spilling from her puffy lips and let out a long stress-easing groan from the back of her throat. An automatic response to the attempted forced invasion of his alien penis. The swollen, gut-rending crown suddenly popped into her smouldering bowels with a wet squelch, and Karen found herself abruptly engulfed in a razor sharp, searing-hot agony.

  “Ahhhh!” She squealed. “Mother fucker! Damn that really hurts!”

His response was pleasure hued and utterly unconcerned, almost amused.

  “I expect so. My tool stretches wider the more turned on I get. And you have me soooo turned on, little bombshell.”

He gripped her hips tightly, elongated and faintly simian fingers and thumbs meeting at her navel and spine respectively, forming a huge gripping manacle to hold her steady as he squeezed the remainder of his length into her already churning guts, until the crown found her sigmoid and forced the entryway to widen, rearranging her insides and sending fresh lances of agony sparking upward through her body into her half-numbed brain. She tried to hold back a second wail of pain and exertion but it burst from her slick lips unbidden.

She could feel those two parallel limbs of phallic meat like a pair of arms filling her rectum, stretching her chute left and right while the thick glans butted insistently against the entrance to her intestinal tract.

  “No need to make such a fuss, little whore. We both know that you can take it. Self-proclaimed Power Girl... Now then, back to the fun!”


It turned out that the brute hadn’t forced all that much self-control back over his building climax, because the furious, pummelling anal assault didn’t last very long. After a couple of hundred full-power thrusts, that had Karen slammed halfway through the pews and piled concrete surrounding them, he snarled his frustration and yanked himself out of her half-destroyed, gaping ass.

She knew that, in a matter of seconds, both the tightness and elasticity of her hammered and misshapen rectal muscles would pull themselves back to their natural state, Kryptonian resilience and healing, but until then she was a gaping mess, bordering on prolapsed. And the dull hot throbbing pain was almost unbearable. As bad as anything she had experienced physically.

Of course, her true weakness had always been psychological suffering rather than physical pain. The lack of true connection to anyone on this planet, and its people. The loneliness that came with it. The confusion and constant misinformation surrounding her history and lineage, of not belonging. And of being dimensional copy of another Kryptonian who also shared this Earth, essentially surplus to requirements. While at the same time feeling constantly responsible for humans and guilty for having all these powers and never being able to do enough to help the native populous; more often than not against their own failings and inadequacies as a species. Compared to all that, the physical pain of a deliberately belligerent alien ass rape was nothing she couldn’t manage.

While she lay there, half slumped over, her huge breasts squashed between her ribs and the cushion beneath her, Karen looked back over her shoulder at the alien who, again, was pinching furiously on the root of his erection obviously trying to regain control of his burgeoning orgasm again. It was a strangely familiar expression, rather human in a way. And for a brief moment he appeared to Karen like a man dressed up in Hollywood monster make-up. The costume and make-up not quite concealing the human eyes and mannerisms beneath. It momentarily weakened him in her eyes. 

  “Can't you let me ride you?” She asked. “I can use my super-speed. And I have fantastic control of my Kegel muscles. You’ll love it. I promise.”

  “Hmmm… Shouldn't that be ‘power-speed’ Power Girl?”

  “Shut up.” Karen pouted.

The assassin laughed. But shrugged and then essentially shoved Karen out of the way and lay down across the prayer pads, nodding his head to authorise her to put herself onto his lap and get to fucking. She clambered over to him, hurriedly straddling his narrow powerful hips.

Suddenly animated, she realised it might come across as out of character so she had to haul back her excitement unless it made him suspicious.

  “No.” He said suddenly. “Face the other way. I want to watch your ass as you bounce on my monster.”

   “Can't I face this way?”

  “Turn around.”

She did so, her disappointment showing through the slow, reluctant movements as she rotated herself until she sat facing his hugely meaty legs.

  “Don't you want to play with my tits, though?” She said, one last attempt. “You know you do…”

  “Now that you mention it...”

The overly long arms allowed the creature to reach up and cup her huge breasts without lifting himself from the horizontal. Making his point, he cupped and hefted her tits from beneath, filling his hands with the huge teardrops of delicious, silky-smooth perfection. He squeezed and bounced those firm gelatinous orbs, before returning to his favourite pastime of pinching, rolling and pulling at her engorged nipples. Karen gazed back at him, half pleading.

  “But I could bury your face in them…”

  “All in good time. After all, we have all week, don't we?”

  “You could motorboat me. All the guys seem to like doing that. Besides, you haven't even sucked on my nipples properly yet.”

  “You're starting to sound like a slut... Are you actually getting into it?”

  “Shut up.”

  “Can I at least lube it up again? Having it up my ass will have taken all the saliva off it and it might surprise you to hear you haven’t got me very wet down there.” 

The assassin laughed. Then gave her a light shove between the shoulder blades. Karen took it as an authorisation to get her mouth back on him again. And she did, sliding herself back and leaning forward into an impromptu ‘sixty-nine’ then getting her plush lips back onto his meat. She used her tongue and, allowing as much saliva to flow from between her full lips as she could, she ladled it over his weird shaped reproductive organ. Licking was the best way to lubricate him but she did stretch her lips around the upper half of his glans and allow her drool to flow over the shaft.

While she was busy, she could feel him idly probing between her delectable buttocks, fingertips caressing the finally tightened sphincter ring, then her tender perinium and her barely swollen vulva.  The forked tongue came out and licked at her pussy lips, causing them to swell a little more, the labia pouting forth. He penetrated her and lapped at her g-spot, making her juices start to flow and then the forked tip emerged and attacked her clitoris, peeking out from beneath its delicate blushing pink hood. His ministrations had Karen’s thighs trembling in less than a minute and she squirmed as pulses of unwanted pleasure began to cascade throughout her pubis.

  “That’s enough, don’t you think?”

He laid a light slap on the top of one buttock and then a second, Karen took it as the assassin urging her to follow his original instruction. She had no choice but to grab that diamond-shaped-carjack alien-dick and lift herself, put her pussy over that huge dense glans and then push herself painfully down onto it. Her body weight and gravity pressured it deeper into her a slow inch at a time, forcing her lips to stretch around that huge helmet and then her vaginal muscles, making way to accommodate its unique alien shape. She had never experienced anything like it before. And given the opportunity she would never like to experience it a second time. She just needed the opportunity to present itself. She needed to be facing him.

  “That’s good.” He panted. “But go twice as hard and three times as fast.”

Karen followed his instruction as best as she could.

Twenty minutes of this and he was getting close again. Karen recognised it, and she was racking her brains trying to think of a way of getting them into a better position.

She rocked her hips back and forth and in tight circles, when she wasn’t bouncing her ass up and down on his rock hard and unforgiving pelvis. She craned her neck and looked back at him. He was still cupping and hefting her huge tits in both hands but for the last few minutes had been satisfied with merely cupping and jiggling them, with moments of squeezing and kneading now and then.

  “You going to shoot your shit inside me?” She asked, breathlessly.

She stared back at him but his eyes were locked onto her sweet sweat-filmed ass, gorging himself on the view. His mouth was open, his forked tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth like a dog. Finally recognising her question, he frowned thoughtfully. For a long time, he didn’t answer instead merely appearing to enjoy her fast and frenetic riding pace. But then he finally sucked his tongue back behind his soft, prehensile teeth and grinned.

  “Erm… Yeah… why not? I think I will.”

  “You aren’t going to get me pregnant though, are you?”

She tried to make it casual, but even as she was voicing the words the actual possibility formed acutely in Karen’s mind, and she was filled with vile images of a tiny version of this hybrid alien monster. Of her with an obscenely bloated belly, of her agonisingly pushing her unwanted child out of her. Of it suckling on her, with that freakish alien tongue and those horrible sea cucumber teeth. She shivered in cold dread.

  “Hmmmm… I don’t really know for sure. My DNA is partly Kryptonian, and there might be enough to take. Be interesting to find out wouldn’t it!”

His grin and the gushing exhilaration behind his words hit Karen like an arctic shower and a powerful shiver wriggled uncomfortably down her arched spine.

  “But first you’ve got to make me cum.” He added.

Karen drew her attention back to fucking the alien brute. She shifted her centre of gravity so she could increase the speed and voracity of fucking herself on that bowed, stretching alien phallus. She was halfway numb so the fucking wasn’t particularly hurting anymore and she was well lubricated, even making her own slow ascent toward orgasm.

She couldn’t tell how wide that twin-shaft had expanded outward, but she was acutely aware of its jutting ‘elbows’ rubbing up and down her inner walls with a disconcerting and overwhelming intimacy and she was still aware of the thick and heavy glans thumping over and over into her cervix. She was glad that her pussy had obeyed the natural inclination when there was a cock stuffed up it and started to flow with her juices. She didn’t think she would actually reach her own climax; in fact, she had no wish to. However, the lubrication was splashing out of her, coating her own buttocks and thighs as well as the alien’s crotch, and it was doing a lot to alleviate what would no doubt have been a much more painful and insufferable experience otherwise. The forced fucking continued and Karen pushed herself to pump him faster and faster.


   “Roll over onto your back now, slut.” He groaned. “I want to watch these incredible tits bounce around while I dump my load into you.”

With a sigh of relief, however short term, Karen pulled herself off his engorged cock. Gawped at the shaping of it, wondering how she had been able to fit the infernal thing inside her, while the assassin got up and made room for her to lie back on the hassocks they were using as a mattress. Then he lay down on top of her and shoved his hefty glans back inside her. With plenty of exerted grunting from him and Lamaze-worthy deep breathing and leg spreading from her, he managed to work his ridiculous, distended meat balls-deep inside her once again.

The creature braced his feet on the wooden planks of the church flooring, planted his hands on either side of her shoulders while Karen threw her arms up above her head, her legs spread practically into a splits.

The minute he started to thrust, hard and deep, pummelling her Karen aggrandised her own reactive motions with little gyrations of her hips. The deliberate flaunting of the movement of her torso, of course, got her huge natural breasts rocking and rolling all over her chest, swinging in opposing circles from midriff out to the outer curves of her ribcage, to slapping her under the chin and then slapping together as the paths of their opposing circles intersected. Karen continued to orchestrate that luscious view for a couple of minutes.

  “Hey, assassin.” Karen gasped, breathy and guttural and wanton.


  “Look at me.” She pleaded.

His eyes reluctantly roved up from his open adoration of her massive rolling breasts and momentarily locked onto her huge crystal blues. Immediately, Kara Zor-L opened her eyes wide and in the same instant they flashed from crystal blue to solar-flare red as the preternatural Kryptonian unleashed the full power of her heat-vision directly into the alien’s eyeballs.

His eyelids and then eyeballs flash-fried instantly and he screamed his lungs out as his sockets were engulfed in blood red flame. Kara grabbed his skull in both hands to hold him still as she maintained the twin beams of solar radiation and then intensified their power even more. She concentrated the photo-nucleic plasma so that, in a combination of kinetic force and directed radiation, she punched through the rear of his eye sockets, replacing the optic nerves with nuclear fire which swept on into his unprotected brain.

The flash-melting of his frontal and parietal lobes or their alien equivalent, took a full five seconds of concentrated solar radiation blasting, but he had been dead three seconds earlier than that, as Kara’s heat-vision severed, irradiated and then liquified his cerebellum and top of his spinal column.

She kept the blast going until it burst magnificently out of the back of his skull and then reverted her vision to normal as the charred and ruined head essentially collapsed in on itself, a blackened smoking husk.


  “Dayum... Had to dig deep for that bastard.” She sighed, happy and relieved. “Got him though.”

Exhausted and sore all over, Kara struggled to pull her naked self out from under the more or less headless monstrosity. She finally managed it, tossing him aside like yesterday’s trash. And then, looking up through the mostly missing church roof, she erupted skyward as a pale pink and golden blonde blur high into the early evening sky.

Now she just had to figure how to get back to her apartment and inside without clothes, and without being spotted by anyone.

Had she left the skylight window open a little?

She hoped so.


The End.

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