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Disclaimer: Scott Pilgrim and the characters from that series are not owned by me. This work is fan fictional and I absolutely make no profit for writing all of this story, nor is intending to. They belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press.


It's a never-ending struggle to find a purpose or new life, and it's never easy as we grew up. Such as the case for Scott and Ramona. It took place a year after the death of Gideon, and Ramona is free from his control. Even better, their relationship has reached the next level (meaning that they might celebrate something special between themselves). Although, something seems odd between these two lovebirds...

Scott Pilgrim / Ramona Flowers

[It's my first time writing this story, so you're welcome to read this story. If you don't like this, then I suggest you may leave to read something else for different pleasures.]

July 20, 2011

In Toronto, there was a snow falling down the cities and covered most of the streets, as well as freezing the ponds solid, in this quiet town. During the snowfall, there was a park with two swings used by the couple: Scott Pilgrim and his girlfriend, Ramona Flowers.

They're both swinging around happily as there were no more meddlings around them, nor any other enemies they might encounter. Just alone, outside in this cold, cold park.

Scott, who is happy with Ramona around him, begin whistling his love song to her, who smiles and begin singing along with him. 3 minutes later, they finished their love song and kissed each other before she begin to speak.

Ramona: It's sure nice swinging around in this park, stargazing at the sky, and see all the cities around Toronto, Scott.

Scott: Yeah. It's nice out there. Good thing we have jackets that can keep us warm.

Ramona: *chuckle quietly* I enjoy spending time with you, Scott.

Scott: I enjoy spending time with you too, Ramona. You're so beau-

Ramona: Alright, alright...no need to comment about me! *chuckle* Glad we're all alone in this park...

Scott: Yeah...you and me...together...

They both kissed and continue skygazing and swinging around together, unaware that her pants suddenly stretches out and creates a hole due to her bust size as of now.

5 minutes has passed and they begin to go back home via Subspace. Ramona pulls out her bag and they both enter Subspace, floating down on their way home. They both scream in excitement as they both fall through the Subspace.


Scott: AWESOME!!! (Oh no, a panic attack...)

Although during their travel, Scott notice her black pants has a hole in her large ass: it shows the center of her pussy along with her anal, no panties included. He has no idea why she has no panties during their relationship. So, unsurprisingly, he silently freaked out about this and had an erection as a result...

Scott: ...!? (Wait a minute...did her pants suddenly ripped apart!? And it shows her...what!? So hot and thick but...goddammit. I think I might need to tell her when we get home.)

Ramona took notice though, but shrugs it off anyway, possible due to her dirty minds as of now, because today, she might has a surprise for both of them...

And home they went these lovebirds; both Scott and Ramona entered and closed the door behind them, put their jacket away, and begin kissing on their way to the other room. In her couch, they passionately kiss each other for 5 minutes, cuddling. They both begin touching, with Scott feeling her legs with his hand and moving it around smoothly, inside her pants and into her bare ass, as this makes her moan softly, and Ramona feeling her hands down his crotch, only to feel that his bulge in his pants lowers back down. She smiles passionately, seeing her boyfriend feeling nervous about this, most likely due to no condoms, in his opinion.

Ramona: *chuckling quietly* (I love him so much, I'm willing to do anything for him besides my job, I'll be willing to...pleasure...him...)

As they stopped kissing each other, and are still sitting on the couch, Scott spoke out to her.

Scott: Uh...Ramona...there's something I need to talk to during ou-

But before he could finish his sentence, she immediately recognized what Scott had noticed, and had an idea for them.

Ramona: Oh! Ha-Hang on, Scott! I might need to change for a bit. I'll tell you when to enter, okay?

Scott: Wait, Ramona! I-

She then walks into her bedroom and closed it right while Scott is still on the couch. As Ramona begin to lock the door to change, Scott felt like something was odd about her...

Scott: Huh... (I wonder why she smiles seductively at me...?)

He honestly it could've been due to their last fight with Gideon, in which it may have lead to Ramona moving on with him as he is finally out of her head, or perhaps...it's that anniversary day that she's been planning for. Suddenly...

Ramona: Scott! I'm done changing! You can come in now!

Scott: Wait, we forget the te-

Ramona: Don't worry about it! I have something special for both of us!

Scott: ...? (What?)

He was confused about what Ramona just said, but he decided that it wouldn't be harmful to enter the room anyway. So he opened the door, enters her bedroom, and finds something that might have confirmed his discovery minutes earlier...

Scott: What...the...? (Oh...oh boy.)

Scott stood frozen as Ramona was nude in front of him, sitting in their bed, and seeing his bulge inside his pants rise again from earlier. Her nipples erected in excitement for this moment and her vagina is present in between her now shiny thighs. And yet, she still wears her ripped pants for good measure.

Ramona: Scott...I was hoping this may be an apology gift for getting you into trouble 2 years ago. So I'm feeling like...we...could have...like....


Scott: Sex...?

Ramona: Yeah...that. You're really the nice guy I know, and I don't want it any other way. I need a good life that will last forever with anyone I love the most, I need a new family for both of us to live together, alongside our friends and other relatives....I need you, Scott...I...I love you...

Scott smiled at what she have said. It's clear that all went well in the end, even though not everybody is so lucky like them. He feels like this might be the new future for these couple after all...

Scott: ...I...I love you too, Ramona...

Scott then begin to closed the door behind him, locks it, undress completely, and, to her delight surprised, sees his cock erected. He went to her bed with Ramona, begin kissing with her again, and have Ramona begin their sex...

Lemon Starts Here

As he stay down resting over her body, Ramona move over and begin to grab his cock with her hand. Licking her lips in pleasure, she licks the cock slowly like a ice cream for 2 minutes before inserting it fully into her mouth.

Scott: Haaa... (God, she's hot when she does that)

Ramona gives him a wink seductively, before she begin bobbing her head up and down, before spreading her thick ass to Scott's face. As she stopped for a second to speak, her saliva comes out of his cock.

Ramona: Go ahead, Scott. Lick my pussy and my thighs, and make me cum massively like you do!

Scott: Oh...alright then. (Damn that girl is hot. I was right to call her my dream girl...)

Scott did what Ramona told him to do, so he grabbed her large ass, move it closer to his mouth, ripped her pants wide open for further revealing, and begin sticking out his tongue and move it around her thighs and into her pussy while Ramona continues sucking his cock, now in pacing up the speed from before and squeezing his balls softly. She moaned happily as her boyfriend move his tongue inside her pussy, and stick it further into her womb. Scott moans into her pussy as he begin to spank her ass for Ramona to hear, making a "oomph" sound each time he does out of pure excitement. As time go by, saliva started coming out of their genitals, reflecting the moonlight as the lights are still turn on throughout their oral sex.

3 minutes later, Ramona begin twitching as she was about to orgasm, while Scott lick all over her thighs and her pussy, grunting and panting as she is still blowing him, now in a faster pace. He begin to spank her ass harder, making Ramona moan harder in her mouth, pleasuring her even more. Both continue moaning harder as they are reaching their climax and begin panting in pleasure to each other. It wasn't long before they finally let it out.

Ramona orgasms and came in Scott's tongue, still inside her pussy, while he shoot his loads of cum into her mouth, down her throat. They both swallowed their loads from each other, and begin panting hard as they are not done yet here and now. So she raise her head up and face Scott, now blushing on how much he has unload into her, while his cock remain salivated from her mouth.

Ramona: *coughs* Scott...y-you...

Scott: *panting* Your tits, Rammy. I want to see them around m-

Ramona: Don't speak, Scotty...I know...

She begin to expose her breasts to his cock and slid it between her tits. Scott was amazed on how large her tits has been, and now he feels like they're both in heaven, like angels. Ramona suddenly notice her Subspace Bag open from their time in the park and, unexpectedly, she has an idea...

Ramona: Don't move, sweety...

Scott: Huh? (Wait, what's she up to?)

She pull out her bag and they both entered Subspace again. They both landed in the room leaving nothing but a light centered for them. Like a wet dream, only it actually got real.

In Subspace, there's only darkness around the floor this time, and both the couple are still nude. Scott is now sitting in the floor like a normal person, but Ramona is crawling up to him, licking her lips for more fun, and they continue kissing passionately, before he grab her tits, twitch her erect nipples left and right, and move it around like a controller of whatever console he has now since his birthday, all while making her moan quietly while kissing.

Around the circle is where they can both continue having sex, so they both stopped kissing for a minute as they look around the Subspace again before proceeding with the paizuri. Oh, and he noticed the goggles on her head, but shrugs it off because it does nothing to her anyway.

Scott: Woah... (It's awfully quiet in Subspace as before...)

Ramona: Focus on me, Scott... (You're mine...)

And so, she slowly raise her large breasts up and down, sliding around his already salivated cock, pressing it in a tight position, making Scott moan more. Up and down she went for 2 minutes before inserting his cock into her mouth again for further pleasure. Scott groaned at this moment, as this was the gift she talked about since 2010 and can only watch as she keeps pleasuring his cock with her large tits and her mouth.

Scott: *breathing repeatedly* Ramona... *sighing and moaning quietly* (I love her...)

Ramona smiles as she hears her name, as she deepens his cock down her throat, while Scott began fingering her pussy and anal. She gasps as his fingers went further into both holes, digging too much as she pleases her boyfriend. Left and right his fingers goes, as both holes began to get wet from all the desperation, all during her paizuri. 4 minutes pass by, he gasps and pants repeatedly as she hasn't stop sucking his cock while being squeezed by her tits, with saliva still visible in its vein. Feeling the orgasm coming, they both let it out once again.

She cums in his fingers as her pussy can't take much more of the resistant and her anal squirt out also. As for Scott, he lets out another load of seed into her mouth, right before she pull it out of it and let the rest of his cum spill on her breasts, smiling happily as she gets this treat. She swallow some of his seed, licks more off her breasts, and felt relief as she orgasms too. Both Scott and Ramona laid down afterwards, with Ramona panting hardly.

Ramona: *panting* You...were great...but now...I'm riding your cock...right after my assjob...

He is surprised as he heard this and agree that she'll ride him next. So he grabs his cock and begin rubbing her ass up and down, holding on to her, being careful as to not accidently insert it into her anal very early. She moans patiently, as his cock begin to go fast, rubbing her ass in between while spanking it in appreciation. 3 minutes later, he begin panting again as his cock begin to swell between her ass cheeks, until he unload his seeds on her back and on her ass, smearing some semen in each cheeks to look shiny. Ramona sighs passionately as he spank it one more before proceeding with their sex.

Scott: *panting* Now, which hole...? Your anal? Or your pussy?

Ramona: My pussy, Scott. Just breed me as much as you like.

Scott: Okay...here it goes... (Just my luck, gal. You're welcome.)

As he sees his cock still erect again after all this moment, he grabs his cock, grab her ass, ripped the entire pants wider for Scott to feel one of her bare ass cheek, and positions toward her vagina (right where Ramona prefers doggy style) and slid his cock into her pussy lips. She gasps as his cock touches her lips and repeats even louder as he slid his cock into her pussy, (and cervix) ready to be grinded.

Ramona: *breathing roughly* Scott!!

He grabs her large ass closer to his crotch and begin thrusting it further, back and forward his cock slid through as her pussy feels completely wet from his cock while her cum-stained breasts bounces left and right. Ramona keeps panting hard as his cock was large for her pussy to handle, but manages to keep her boyfriend from cumming inside her that quickly. Scott proceeds to keep spanking her ass, receiving a loud gasps from her as she is still enjoying his thrusts. She unexpectedly orgasms during their sex, but that hasn't stop them from still doing vaginal sex.

Scott: *panting* Huh!? Pussy juice!? (Wow...you're really horny today.)

Ramona: *panting and moaning harder* Yeah! Don't stop, Scott, fuck me!

And yet, her shiny ass bounces around his cock as he holds and kept on spanking her non-stop, with both hearing slurpy sounds coming from under. It's only when Scott switches her position to have her sit on top of him and face him. They kissed like crazy as she is still riding his cock. Her breasts now bounces up and down and he can see them when they stopped kissing for air.

Ramona: *painting harder and moaning loudly* Scott...don't....stop!!! (I can't speak my mind out. But I'm loving this.)

Scott suddenly gets turn on her breasts, with her nipples still erected during their sex. He licks one of her nipples before beginning to suck one of her breasts for her milk, and grope the other to squeeze her breast.

Ramona: *screaming in pleasure* SCOTT!! *moaning very loudly*

Scott still has his hand on her shiny ass, spanking it hard as his cock is still sliding through her pussy, eventually reaching into her womb. Thus, Ramona lost her entire mind as she orgasms 10 times, and yet Scott hasn't unload his cum into her. He eventually tore all of her pants left and toss it aside before switching to another position.

Scott: *panting hard* Ramona!!

Still spanking her juicy ass and sucking her breasts, he eventually focus on unloading his cum into her, and pleasing his girlfriend, who is screaming and moaning out loud, over and over...

Ramona: *panting very hard* FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FU- *screaming*

...until now. He came inside her pussy. His excessive amount of cum spills into her womb, with the remaining exploding on her thick thighs. Scott and Ramona are still panting over their sex...

Scott: *panting weakly* Now what?

Ramona: *panting weakly* My anal...my fucking anal... *breathing in relief*

Ramona pull his cock out of her pussy, followed by the trials of cum leaking out of her, proceeds to turn around and present her thick ass, along with her anal, while his cum keeps oozing out of her pussy and into the floor. Scott then inserts his cum-stained cock into her anal and grab her large ass. Thus, they begin to repeat the process with her anal.

Ramona: Hah....too tight... *moaning quietly*

Scott see his cock sliding through her anal and her ass bounces along with it. He really did enjoy his time with her after all. Ramona begin panting in the same manner like he did to her pussy as her anal is stretched out with little bit of blood coming out of her. His cock is still pleasing her, and her boyfriend begin grabbing her erect tits from behind.

Scott: *panting hard* Ramona, I'm gonna c-

Ramona: *panting hard* D-Don't worry about it! I'm not going to stop here!! *moaning loudly*

It's only a matter of time before he came inside her again. Her anal explode some cum around his cock, dripping down to her already-filled pussy, and to the floor, while Ramona orgasms again, squirting down his cock, and yes, it drips down to the floor too.

That hasn't stop them, though, as they continue in the spooning position with his cock back in her anal. He thrusts it harder, making her moan loudly as each thrust touches every organ in her shiny ass.

Ramona: *panting hard* YES!! YES!! MORE!! *moaning hard*

Scott is honestly seduced by her voices as of now, and proceeds to repeatedly cum inside her 4 times. However, he does not know how much he's gonna unload. So yeah, after these amounts, he unloads his seed for the fifth time, with Ramona obviously orgasm because of this. As he pulls out and need a break for air, his seed drips down from her anal, with her ass seemingly spanked a lot that it shows a hand mark from Scott.

Ramona: *Panting and calming down* Haa~.... *chuckling quietly*

Scott: *whispering, breathing hard* You're liking this...?

Ramona: *whispering, breathing hard* Yeah...give me more, my love, you're mine~...

She looks back and smiles at him, spanking her ass for him. They kiss passionately for 2 minutes before, unless fully satisfied, proceeding to do the same sex for who knows how long...

Meanwhile, her cat suddenly woke up and hears them moaning, screaming, and panting, all of which are coming from her Subspace bag. Annoyed and still tired, he jumps off her windows, went to the living room, and sleeps in his tiny bed, hoping to get some sleep without any more noises from her bedroom.

10 minutes has passed, following the missionary, cowgirl (both back and forth), and doggy style, switching to pussy and anal, and doing assjobs for another 4 times, Ramona orgasms for the next 12 times, as both of her holes were now ruined by bukkake, now making squishy and slurpy sounds on its own.

It's only when Scott went and do the spooning with her the fourth time. Ramona pants really, really hard as he still keeps cumming between her anal and her pussy (for the most part), staining all over her thighs, and grabbing and holding her thick ass, feeling the bare skin of his hands.

Ramona: *panting very hard* Scott...Scott...Scott...Scott... *repeating his name while moaning really hard*

His cock finally focus on breeding her, which ultimately means her cunt. He thrusts it deeper into her womb again, hoping to finally end their sex. Their speed fasten, their urges increased, and much more of his seed is building up. Ramona can't hold her mind anymore...she wants kids now.

Ramona: *panting very hard* BREED ME, SCOTT!!! UGGHHHH!!! LET IT O- *screaming in massive pleasure*

He ultimately did... he unload his last amount of seeds into her womb, massively filling her all over her insides. Ramona orgasms for the final time as he spills his semen in her, massively milking his cock, with her large breasts oozing out milk as a result. Scott does not pull out his cock, as he is now fully satified and beyond.

Lemon Ends Here

Ramona: *panting and breathing heavily* Scott... (Phew, it's over)

Scott: *panting and breathing heavily* Yeah...? (Woohoo.)

Ramona: Thank you...

Scott: *nervous chuckling*

They kissed for a minute before they feel like it's time to leave the Subspace. So Scott carry her around while his cock is still inside her pussy. He took the cum-stained ripped pants with them, exited Subspace to go back to her bedroom, and close the bag for good.

Scott: *sigh* What should I do with your pants?

Ramona: Throw it into the dirty laundry, I'll clean it and fix it later when I have the time.

So he did that, and she kissed his cheek for helping her with her pants.

Ramona: Scott?

Scott: What is it?

Ramona: Don't pull out your cock from me. I don't want any of your seeds to leak it out of me anymore.

Scott: Okay. I'm happy that we're back in your room.

Ramona: *chuckling* Yeah.

Both fell down to the bed, turn off the lights, and cover their blankets around them. His cock press deeper within her pussy, receiving a pleasuring sigh from her. But before they can sleep, Ramona speaks into Scott's ear...

Ramona: *whispering* Happy Anniversary Day, Scott. I love you.

Scott: *whispering* Happy Anniversary Day, Ramona, I love you too.

They kissed each other one more time before they begin to sleep, cuddling each other but not before Scott grab her ass with one of his hand, now feeling curvy this time.


Meanwhile, inside her vagina, many semen that Scott unloads to her are reaching to the egg (or ovum). All of them are attempting to fertilize it, but only four sperm cells manage to pass through the egg and, thus, Ramona is impregnated with Scott's children.


After Scott and Ramona made love to each other, she is pregnant with his child (or children as explained above the epilogue paragraph) and they might enjoyed the new future that awaits them. Hell, it's what other people feel and do when they love each other. Other friends and relatives of them are wishing them good luck with their kids, so...who's next?


  • This chapter is loosely based on this link: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4277996, in which it's the plot point in where Scott noticed her pants being ripped apart while on their way home.
  • Ramona never actually behave this way in the comic series and in the movie. Although she did act less like that and is being much more mature in said media before she changed her mind about sex.
  • Despite being non-canon, it did explain what happened and why she act like this after the events, which was one of the possibility that it can occur nevertheless.
  • It's the only story made after 5 years of nothingness, and yet there's only two written for these readers. Wow.

Thanks for reading this, guys! And remember: happy cumming!

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