Wonder Woman & Power Girl

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“We make a pretty good team,” Wonder Woman smiled and nodded as she looked at Power Girl.

“Thanks. Always glad to help,” Power Girl grinned as she picked up Diana’s lasso from the ground and extended it to her. “Don’t forget this,” she chuckled, “Not sure what we would have done without it.”

“I’m sure we would have managed,” Wonder Woman shrugged, still smiling as she gripped the lasso from the woman. “So, where are you off to now?”

“To masturbate while thinking of you,” Power Girl said with no hesitation while still holding the lasso.

Diana blinked, calmly taking the lasso as a little grin crept over her lips.

Karen’s face turned absolutely scarlet, her eyes widening from shock of what she had just admitted to. Her first thought was to simply fly away and never mention this again, but Wonder Woman sensed the blonde’s impending escape and grabbed her by the wrist.

“Why masturbate to me when you can have sex with me instead?” Diana, still looking as calm as ever, replied.

This didn’t make things any less awkward for Power Girl. “Excuse me?” She blinked and arched a brow.

“We should just have sex,” Diana stated again.

“Oh, uh,” Even though her true feelings had been stated, Power Girl still had issues being as forward as the Amazon.

Wonder Woman’s eye narrowed as she grew tired of the games. “What would you like to do with me, sexually?” Diana tossed the lasso at Karen, which she reflexively caught.

“I want you to smother me with your ass and not let up until you cum all over my face,” the blonde replied, much to her horror, as she tossed the lasso to the ground.

“Then we’ll do that,” the brunette smirked.

With a sudden push, she shoved Power Girl to the ground and immediately straddled her waist. The blonde was confused as she looked into Diana’s eyes, especially as the Amazon gripped either side of the front of her outfit and ripped it open to fully expose her chest. The brunette cupped each breast, squeezing them together and giving them a slight jiggle of appraisal before letting go.

“You display so much skin,” Diana said. “Is it a distraction, or because you’re secretly a whore?” Power Girl didn’t answer, but she also didn’t resist. Wonder Woman smiled as she pinched the blonde’s nipple, roughly tugging at the sensitive flesh. “I already know what you want. I’m not going to resort to using my lasso every time I want an honest answer from you.”

Diana smirked as she let go of Power Girl’s nipple before standing up. Still standing over the blonde, she unbuckled her belt and tossed it aside. Her bodice was the next to go, exposing her perfectly sculpted torso and gravity defying breasts. The brunette stood there with her hands on her hips, posing for Power Girl and allowing her to take in every detail and truly commit this moment to memory. Finally, her skirt and panties were discarded, leaving her completely nude. There wasn’t a bit of her body that wasn’t perfect, from her thick, muscled thighs, or the slightest hint of a v-shape of her abs pointing to her bald pussy.

Power Girl nibbled her bottom lip, absolutely loving the view. Wonder Woman turned around, letting the blonde stare at her tight, round ass before she knelt down with her knees on either side of Power Girl’s head. Diana’s hands rested against Karen’s massive tits, squeezing the soft flesh as she pushed her ass against the blonde’s face. Wonder Woman pressed down with all of her power and weight, smashing her pussy and ass against the other hero.

“I think you know what to do now,” Diana smiled, wiggling her hips from side to side.

Karen groaned against the brunette’s pussy as she lovingly licked and lapped her dripping sex. The Amazon’s body was a work of art, and her juices tasted like the sweetest, most impossible fruit. It only made Power Girl more ravenous as she licked and sucked down every last drop of Diana’s arousal.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes, finding the other woman’s submission so relaxing. The way her tongue moved up and down her slit was exactly what she needed after a stressful battle. She ground her pussy against the blonde’s face while she toyed with the woman’s tits, pinching and tugging Karen’s nipples again.

“You would be very popular on Themyscira. Such a talented tongue, and such skilled breath control. I bet you could eat Amazon pussy all day, couldn’t you?” Diana taunted. “Such a wonderful time—but I require more from my partners…”

Diana shifted down a bit, moving so Power Girl’s tongue pressed right against the brunette’s tight, little asshole. Karen knew exactly what to do. Her tongue swirled around the rim of the other woman’s asshole, covering it with her saliva before pressing her lips to the Amazon’s pucker. Lovingly, she made out with Wonder Woman’s ass while her tongue pushed against the tight ring of muscle, begging for entrance. No mortal lover could have ever penetrated the Amazon princess’ anus, considering how difficult it was for Power Girl.

Power Girl finally grabbed Wonder Woman’s rear, squeezing her tight, muscled cheeks and spreading them wide. With enough pressure and lubrication from her spit, Karen’s tongue finally pushed into Diana’s ass, causing the woman to gasp unexpectedly from the penetration. The blonde’s tongue swirled around the inside of the Amazon’s asshole while plunging in again and again.

Wonder Woman groaned as she began bouncing against the blonde’s face. She was so close to climaxing. The brunette moved one hand away from Power Girl’s breasts, quickly placing the fingers at her clit and moving her middle and ring fingers back and forth over her clit. Her pussy dripped with arousal, her juices trailing down onto Karen’s chin and neck. With the combination of Power Girl’s tongue deep in her ass, and her own fingers moving at near sonic speed over her own clit, she finally climaxed.

And she came hard. With the cry of a warrior in battle, Diana plunged the two fingers into her cunt, pumping them in and out while juices streamed from her wet, dripping pussy. She pushed her ass back against the blonde’s face, reveling in the way the Kryptonian’s tongue speared into her ass without stopping.

Breathing heavily, she kept pumping her fingers a few more times to savor the afterglow of her climax before lifting her ass off Power Girl’s face.

“Wonderful,” Diana gasped as she looked down to the blonde.

Her hair was a mess, femme cum covered her mouth, chin, and neck, and her costume was still ruined on the front. She sat up with a dumb, eager grin.

“I suppose you still haven’t cum yet,” Wonder Woman sighed, somewhat begrudgingly kneeling next to the blonde. “Judging by your previous devotion to my rear, you probably aren’t the type that’s into soft, snuggly pillows and gentle caresses to get you off. But that’s fine. I think I have something perfect for you.”

Power Girl grinned, ready for whatever was to come. Well, she thought she was, anyway. Diana quickly grabbed the blonde in a headlock as she eased behind her, both legs wrapping around Karen’s waist. The Kryptonian’s eyes went wide as she felt the woman’s tight embrace. Diana moved her feet between Power Girl’s thighs and forcibly spread them wide. Her free hand slid over the blonde’s chest, pinching Karen’s nipple before moving lower and grabbing the crotch of her costume. With a quick yank, the fabric gave way, exposing her wet cunt to any that might be watching. With the same speed as she’d used on herself, her middle and ring fingers found Karen’s clit, and she moved them back and forth in a blur that caused Karen’s eyes to flicker.

In a matter of moments, Power Girl climaxed, her wetness squirting from her super-powered cunt as her muscles clenched. Karen groaned in pleasure, but noticed the Amazon hadn’t stopped or slowed down at all. Her fingers still worked the blonde’s gushing pussy, paying so much attention to her hard, aching clit. She was still enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm to some extent, except she was far too sensitive. She tried to pull away, but Diana’s grip around her neck held tight.

“Oh no,” Wonder Woman nibbled her bottom lip, “I’m going to make this worth your time. Something you’ll never forget…”

Karen wasn’t sure she was down for what was happening, but she didn’t have any say in the matter as her second orgasm suddenly crashed down upon her. The blonde’s body tensed and a soft, extended groan poured from her lips. And still, Wonder Woman’s fingers persisted. A third orgasm was quickly followed up with a fourth, and Power Girl was actively trying to pry her way out of Diana’s hold. Again and again, Karen was forced to cum until her body went limp in the Amazon’s arms.

Wonder Woman, with a smile on her lips, finally released the sweating, oversexed blonde. She licked her dripping fingers as she looked down upon the exhausted Kryptonian. Placing a little kiss upon the side of her head, she ran her fingers through Karen’s hair before starting to dress herself again.

“Wait,” Power Girl groaned.

“You’re in no shape to continue. Save your strength for next time,” Diana said while adjusting her skirt back in place.

The blonde hero grabbed the lasso, clutching it as tight as possible while looking into Wonder Woman’s eyes. “I want it again… more than anything else in the world. I can take it…”

The brunette smirked and gave a little shrug before unclasping the skirt and letting it fall to the ground again. “If you say so…”

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