Flash and Giganta Runs Wild 2: The Big Show

BY : LilMancub12
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Disclaimer: As always, Justice League and DCAU belongs WB and DC. I make no money from this story. If things go well, a third entry is considered and a spinoff with Superman and Maxima.

                Surprise, motherfuckers! It is your awesome narrator coming at you with a  sequel to our favorite speedster and giantess’s escapades. This time, Giganta is going to give Flash a big bad show tonight. Are y’all ready for this?

Killer Frost: What the fuck? Not you again! Show your face!

                I’m afraid I can’t do that, Frosty. This is Flash and Giganta Runs Wild, not the Killer Frost Show. Now get lost so I can get on with the story already. I  got my cameras ready at Giganta’s place without her knowing.

Killer Frost: What the fuck? You did what? When I tell Doris and Flash about this, we’re going to kick your sorry ass!

                Don’t look at me,  Ice  Queen. I don’t run the production for Warner Bros. does.  Take it up with them for I’m just a disembodied voice narrating the story. Hell the first installment’s on DVD and it’s a fucking hit.
Killer Frost: You’re fucked in the head! You, WB and DC for doing this sort of thing!

                I don’t care,  Ice queen. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get on with the show. If you be a good girl, I’ll have WB put you in Flash and Giganta  Runs Wild 3 once the sequel sells like hotcakes.

Killer Frost: Oh fuck this! But you better keep your end of the bargain!

                Now that the ice broad is out of the picture, we head over to our favorite speedster as he did his patrol around the city of Central City. Apparently, assholes Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master were up to no good but the scarlet speedster managed to beat the hell out of them and hung them by their draws for the cops to get them. Other than that, Central City was peaceful as the speedster got into a good run around town. Soon after that, a phone beeped in revealing to be Giganta texting him to come over to her place for more fun since she missed him after our speedster had to help Superman, John Stewart, Batman and Captain Atom deal with a crazed nuclear robot monster terrorizing the city.

“Looks like my big girl wants her Flashy. Well here I come.”, Flash said with a grin as he sped to wherever his large princess could be at. Oh yes. Our scarlet buddy is about to boost ratings, man. Let’s get it!

--A The Beach—

                The Flash ran all the way to the beach where it’s private and better yet, the sun  was setting as the speedster chuckled knowing who would be there. The giantess Giganta wore her leopard printed bikini for this occasion as she waited for her speedy boyfriend to get here. She sighed as she pleasured herself while waiting on him.

“Mmmm. I hope my Flashy can get here soon. How I  miss him when he had to stop some bozo robot from tearing the city. I could’ve turned that thing into scrap metal and then I’ll keep Flashy all to myself.”, Giganta said with a giggle as she rubbed her puss. She perked up when she heard a whoosh sound indicating Flash was here. Her eyes beamed as the speedster appeared in front of her.

“You rang?”, Flash said with a sly smirk as Giganta ran and tackled the speedster in a glomp. Damn Flash! That big girl really did miss you this badly. I wonder how Maxima feels when hungry for a  certain Kryptonian. Oh hell. We’ll get to them once I’m done with this sequel, dammit!

“Flashy! You came back! Glad you’re safe!”, the giantess said with love in her eyes. Flash was gasping for air as the beautiful giantess hug him some more.
“Uh, Honey Bunny? Good to see you too but I can’t breathe!”, Flash said with a strain as Giganta gasped seeing Flash wheezing and released him to get some air. She rubbed him down making him feel better.

“Sorry, my Flashy. A rubdown would make you feel better.”, Giganta said with a smile. Flash smiled with his eyes closed as his big princess rubbed him down.
“If were to die from a hug like that, I’d be a happy man.”, Flash thought to himself as Giganta rubbed him down. Flash, if you died right now then it wouldn’t be a Flash and Giganta 2 or a 3 now would it?

                After the ginger giant rubbed Flash, the pair got on the towel Flash pulled from his ring and cuddled watching the sunset with reddish-orange hues light the sky. Giganta loved the colors of the sky and puts her arm around her “Flashy” as she used her other hand to rub on him.
“It’s beautiful.”, Giganta said as Flash looked up at his lover with a smile.

“Not as beautiful as you.”, Flash said as Giganta giggled.
“Aw, Flashy. You’re so cheesy.”, the giantess said giggling still as Flash grinned.
“Dangerously cheesy.”, Flash said with a grin as Giganta laughed. Dude, did you take that from Chester Cheetah? I think he’d called my phone and wants a word with you.

“Oh Flashy. You are humorous.”, Giganta said as the duo watch the sunset go down. While the sun went down, Giganta pulled a picnic basket out of her bag containing fruits, donuts, sandwiches and other picnic things. Flash and Giganta looked at each other and fed each other the fruit.

                Giganta pulls out strawberries and gave it to the speedster as he opened his mouth and ate it up. He then gave Giganta some peaches and the giantess ate it seductively and moaned emphasizing the arousal. Each fruit from the basket including the banana saved for Giganta were exchanged as both were enjoying being fed by one another. Glad Flash didn’t pull a Peter Griffin and shoved a whole watermelon in Giganta’s mouth. Now that would earn him a giantess style ass beating of a lifetime.

“Now’s time for donuts.”, Giganta purred as Flash smirked.

“Or go nuts.”, he said with a pun with Giganta giggling. They got started on the donut box doing the same thing as some of the filling went on Flash and Giganta’s faces.
“Oh, let me get that for you, Flashy.”, Giganta cooed as she went to the speedster’s face and licked the filling off his face. Flash grinned and did the same to Giganta as both loved the flavor.

“You taste pretty good.”, Flash said as Giganta smiled.

“So do you, Flashy. Just like bananas.”, Giganta said huskily as Flash grinned. This gave Flash an idea as he pulled out some honey and smirked at Giganta. The giantess looked at Flash confused as she wondered about the honey.

“Uh, Flashy? What are you doing with that honey?”, the giantess said as Flash slathered it all over the giant’s body. The giantess squealed as the sticky stuff was all over her body. Don’t worry for Flash had her take off her bikini first. Once all the honey was on the giant, she smirked and stripped Wally of his costume.

“Now it’s your turn, Flashy.”, she said in a singsong as she pulls out strawberry sauce and slabbed it on Flash good enough for the fun to really begin. The speedster played a song called My Chick Bad by Ludacris before the real fun began.

                The pair tasted each other by kissing and licking each other loving the strawberry and honey flavors as they moaned. Flash sniffed his woman’s stomach and loved the womanly scent mixed with honey as he gave her a hickey from head to her toes. Speaking of that, he skipped the song to Fantasy by Ludacris and Trina as he did so. Giganta got frisky with it and gave the speedster some hickeys on his chest, shoulders,, neck and back. It went on a little while until the giantess smirked.

“Flashy, I want you to fuck me hard up my ass like there’s no tomorrow!”, Giganta said huskily as she moaned with her puss soaking wet. Flash’s dick grew fast as the giantess bent over but also grew to giant size to make it more of a challenge. Well! Well it’s the big show! Oh! Well it’s a big bad show tonight! Oh!

“Oh yes! Push it, Flashy! Push it real good!”, Giganta bellowed as her voice echoed throughout the block as Flash fucked her asshole out. The speedster vibrated himself making the experience more satisfying as he and Giganta moaned. Unaware to the two sex crazed maniacs, Superman and Batman heard the bellows and moans  as Billy Badson aka Shazam had to get his ears covered by Wonder Woman and Lois Lane.
“It’s Giganta! What’s she doing this time?”, Superman said as the others heard what was going on for Flash accidentally left his commlink on to Batman’s channel hence why Billy had to get his ears covered. The dark knight growled as Superman and Wonder Woman didn’t like where that’s heading.

“That Flash! I need to straighten him up for having us hear him and Giganta get some!”, Batman said with a growl as Lois and Wonder Woman calmed the dark knight down while Superman turned off the communicator. Still, Billy had to get his ears covered for the bellowing from Giganta’s orgasmic cries traveled a couple miles.

“let’s get Billy back to the Watchtower before Batman decides to kill Wally.”, Superman said as the Leaguers and Lois beamed back to the Watchtower.

                Back with Giganta and Flash, the speedster raw dogged the giantesses ass like there’s no tomorrow as the giantess squeal and moaned. Flash loved the scent of her ass as he licked it loving the taste of woman juices. He then vibrated all the way into her asshole giving Giganta the best pleasure. Geez, Flash. You’re going to need a shower after going up her asshole like that. Oh and Batman’s going to get you when you come back to the Watchtower.

“Oh yes!  That’s it, Flashy!  Give it to me! “, she howled still in her giant size as Flash smirked. He then went to her puss and did a BJ and then a Handjob stimulating her womanhood. He licked it tasting the woman juices as the giantess moaned with pleasure. The speedster loved the aroma of Giganta’s cave as it smelled pleasant. He continued on doing this until Giganta giggled and picks him up to lick him. She smiled and cleaned him up with her tongue as Flash loved it as the pink appendage lapped him up until the next thing was about to go down as she shrank to her 8ft self.
“Looks like I got a donkey punch.”, Flash said as Giganta got on all fours and the speedster pumped and punched her back but due to Giganta being very durable, it didn’t seem to show a problem. Flash pumped and punched as Giganta yelped loving the pleasure as the speedster got rough. The pair enjoyed the position with Giganta screaming with ecstasy. The redheads went nuts in the donkey punch variant for a while until they decided to do something else.

“Time to party on the sand!”, Flash said as Beach Blanket Bongout by JFA played as the two got crazy on the liquor. Oh fucking shit. A speedster and giantess wasted doesn’t sound good at all.

                Right I was as Giganta grew a bit with Flash grinding on his woman with the pair yelling and moaning kissing each other. They wrestled on the sand  as the poor sea creatures being the turtles tried to get away from the maniacs. They went primal at this point by wrestling, kissing, biting and humping tearing the beach strip to hell with chairs knocked  down, surfboards flown from every direction and lifeguard posts toppled over by the big girl.

“YEEEES!”, Giganta yelled in delight as the two made out into the ocean. They tossed and turned making huge splashes as many sea animals try to avoid them or else get crushed. They then stood back up as Giganta smirked looking at Flash as both were soaking wet. She had a good but nasty idea in mind. What the hell is she planning to do? Whatever it is, it’s a rating boost, baby!

“Hey Flashy. Ever got marked?”, Giganta cooed as Flash got confused.

“Uh, yeahh. Hickeys.”, Flash said with a raised eyebrow but Giganta waved her hand.

“No. Not that kind of mark. This kind of mark.”, she said as she demonstrated by raising her leg up with Flash now getting the picture. His eyes widened as he now realized what Giganta meant. Water sport, man. Water sport.

“You mean like pissing on me? Now I’m curious.”, Flash said as Giganta smiled as she grew in size being giant sized again.
“Get ready for your golden shower,, Flashy.”, Giganta said as she got near Flash and raised her giant leg for the speedster to take in the “lemonade”. Oh my gosh! She’s gonna piss on you! And it does smell like lemonade.

“Oh shit.”, Flash said as Giganta turned to Flash looking at him seductively smiling as waterfall sized piss rained down on Flash and the surrounding area of the beach. He enjoyed the aroma of the urine Giganta held in as it soaked him up from hhead to toe. After all  the piss left her system, Giganta giggled and felt proud of the golden shower.

“Damn. It does smell like lemonade. I don’t have to take a bath.”, Flash said as Giganta giggled. Uh, Flash? You do realize you need  to take a shower because many of your Leaguers would get sick smelling you.

“Glad you liked it now that I marked you. That means no other woman can come anywhere near my Flashy since I’m the alpha bitch.”, Giganta boasted as Flashy scratched his head but soon got the message since he’s obviously alpha male.

“Ph yeah. What else do you have in mind?”, Flash said as Giganta licked her lips at Flash’s member. She got to Flash and had him lay on his back. She then rubbed his dick while saying “Red Rocket” over and over. The speedster understood the reference as he loved it. Soon, Flash’s “milk” shot at Giganta’s  open mouth as the giantess gulped it down loving the taste. The speedster laughed in which Giganta got amused.

“I take that you loved the game.”, Giganta said sultry like as Flash nodded. She then did Red Rocket again and Flash’s dick shot more “milk” onto Giganta’s face as she tasted it licking her lips.
The couple decided  to do the main event being that they go all out on a sex crazed roller coaster by starting off kissing and biting standing up. Their tongues danced in their mouths for dominance as they moaned and growled huskily. They then humped with Giganta laying on her back on the pissed soaked sand with Flash kissing her and pumped hard into her G-Spot. She grew into giant form again and Flash pumped harder and deeper the best he could as Giganta screamed in ecstasy. They then switched with Flash on his back with Giganta reverse cowgirling him as they look into each other’s eyes. She bounced up and down as Flash loved the squashing his massive girlfriend is doing to him. Damn, man! You guys are tearing the beach apart.

                They soon switched to doggy style as Flash loved GIganta’s colossal form as he stuck his head into her asshole and vibrated. The giantess loved the encore as she moaned and purred. Flash then rubbed his woman’s ass cheeks and bit them making the big girl jiggle and yelp. Flash smirked as he did it some more.

“Gosh, I’m in Heaven!”, Flash said with a shit eating grin. Flash, you lucky bastard!

“I bet you are.”, Giganta giggled.

                Soon, Flash moved onto the giant’s boobs and rubbed on them licking them. He bit on the nipples making the giantess yelp in pleasure. Flash then bounced on them like trampolines doing somersaults and flips. Dude, you need a gold medal for that.

                Soon the climax was near as Flash had his dick into the giant’s puss. He pumped harder as he tensed but Giganta tensed also as her juices were ready to spray.

“Babe, I’m ready to blast away!”, Flash said with a groan.

“Me too, Flashy!”, Giganta said as the climax began.

“FLASHY!” “GIGAAAA!”, the pair yelled out so loud that the people sleeping groaned and looked out the window and shrieked. The pair then spooned each other as both got their stuff and Flash decided to beam both of them to the giantess’s place with a device Batman lent to him.
“Glad Bats gave me this.”, Flash said with Giganta still spooning him as they teleported to Giganta’s bedroom. Damn. The news will be all over this.

---At The Watchtower: Next Day—

                The Leaguers watched the news as the reporters went to the beach where Giganta and Flash made nookie at. The Leaguers being GL John Stewart, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Bwana Beast, Zatanna, Vixen were shocked while Superman, Wonder Woman and especially Batman weren’t at all. The dark knight growled at Flash while Jonn shook his head at the speedster.

“I knew it was you and Giganta that trashed the beach!  And you had me listen to your little escapade last night on the communicator! What do you have to say for yourself?”, Batman said wanting an answer.

“What makes you say that other than you hearing us?”, Flash said.

“Giant female screams gave it way for miles and the fact sand and urine the size of waterfalls says it all.”, Batman growled. Billy got confused as Superman looked at Shazam.

“It’s best that you don’t know.”, Superman said as Billy nodded. While Batman gave Flash a hard lecture, Booster Gold showed Wonder Woman a DVD being Flash and Giganta Runs Wild 1 and 2.
“Booster? Where did you get thois?”, Wonder Woman asked as Booster said with pride.

“I got it from a merchant. He said he created a series based on Flashy as Giganta calls him and herself in their lovemaking. I’m putting it on in the theater room so everyone can see it. In fact, the guy said he’s making a third entry and releasing a spinoff featuring Supes and Maxima and Talia and Batsy.”, the guy said as Diana frowned into slits.

Superman got into a panic as the Kryptonian ran to find the merchant. Uh-oh. I gotta run.

                And so, the League watched both DVDs Booster played and all looked at Flash like he’s nuts. Billy wasn’t in the theater room for Wonder Woman had him sit in Jonn’s room. Green Lantern and Green Arrow had smirks, Wonder Woman and Superman groaned due to the fact that the beach or part of it will be closed off until the area is cleaned up.The whole league had Flash put his commlink up next time he and Giga did it again. Now I need some shuteye.

Killer Frost: Ok. Now you gone too far! You’re selling the DVDs to the Justice League!  I’m really telling Doris! Besides, your name’s all over the cover!
                Cpme now, Frosty. Remember our deal, you, Talla and Giganta are doing something for Halloween for Flash soon in F&GRW3: The Freaks Come Out At Night. Don’t ruin it for your co-stars. Think of the ratings.

Killer Frost: Fine! But you better stay to your word!
                Trust me, babe! What Lobo says, I always stick to my word. Now can you please let me get some sleep? I got a big day tomorrow with developing a spinoff.

Killer Frost: Another smut film I bet.

                Whatever, Ice Princess. Now to get some much needed sleep. Hope you guys enjoyed it for I sure did. See y’all in the next one.

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